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In direct violation of the Republic Act No 8485 (also known as the Animal Welfare Act of 1998) which prohibits horse fights and the maltreatment of horses, individuals in the Philippines continue to torture these beautiful creatures through the brutal and barbaric practice of horse fighting. In well-publicized derbies throughout the island country, a mare in heat is introduced to two stallions who then fight for the right to breed with her. The battle continues until one of the stallions retreats or dies. Many mares end up as collateral damage during the fight while hundreds of "winning" stallions die in the days following from severe internal injuries left untreated.

Anyone engaged in horse-fighting can be imprisoned for six months to two years and fined P30,000 to P100,000 ($676-$2,200), depending on whether or not the horse dies. And yet, horse fighting continues. Why? That is a complicated question, though one reason rises above the others: greed. Horse owners, promoters, sponsors, betters, and even government officials walk away from the fights with plenty of blood money. It is disgusting and inhumane. Horse fighting needs to stop now.

Tell Dr. Danilo Costa, the head of the Philippine Animal Welfare Division, it's time to hold those involved in horse fighting accountable for their illegal acts!

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Dear Dr. Danilo Costa,

Horses in the Philippines are suffering tortuous deaths at the hands of your citizens. I implore you to act on behalf of these innocent creatures and effectively enforce the Animal Welfare Act of 1998, which prohibits horse fights and the maltreatment of horses.

Enacted by the will of the People of the Philippines, the act states the following: “It shall be unlawful for any person to torture any animal, to neglect to provide adequate care, sustenance of shelter, or maltreat any animal or to subject any dog or horse to dogfights or horsefights, kill or cause or procure to be tortured or deprived of adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreat or use the same in research or experiments not expressly authorized by the Committee on Animal Welfare.”

If the humane treatment of animals is so important to your country that a law was put into place to protect them, why are those who continue to illegally fight horses not being brought to justice? I urge you to recommit yourself to protecting horses by putting an end to this barbaric and illegal activity once and for all. Human greed must no longer dictate the future for horses in the Philippines.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Jan 18, 2018 Lois McElwee
Jan 15, 2018 KAREN b
Jan 14, 2018 Sieglinda Preez
Jan 13, 2018 Sheri Nolen
Jan 13, 2018 Cathy Saunders
Jan 11, 2018 Sandra Tucker
Jan 11, 2018 Lynn Gaudette
Jan 9, 2018 Barbara Frolik
Jan 9, 2018 Beth Hukill
Jan 9, 2018 Linda Gruber I never knew about this. Now that I do I can't begin to understand how this is thought of as entertainment. What is wrong with people?!
Jan 7, 2018 megan sammy
Jan 6, 2018 Jessie Bowen
Jan 6, 2018 Davina Lee
Jan 5, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 4, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 4, 2018 Stacey Cannon
Jan 4, 2018 Paula Lall
Jan 4, 2018 H. M. Sustaita
Jan 4, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 2, 2018 Chinanan Khurasee
Dec 30, 2017 Janice Vakili
Dec 27, 2017 Linda Diers
Dec 25, 2017 (Name not displayed) Please help the animals who cannot help themselves
Dec 23, 2017 Annie Hatzakorzian
Dec 23, 2017 Margie Hancock
Dec 21, 2017 T.J. Pitts
Dec 21, 2017 carol hall
Dec 20, 2017 Lynda Brown
Dec 20, 2017 Melanie Brents
Dec 18, 2017 Tracy Arcure
Dec 16, 2017 Ms. Jonnie Allert
Dec 16, 2017 Helen Auzins
Dec 16, 2017 Dragana Stajic
Dec 15, 2017 Donna Brock
Dec 15, 2017 Nico Dabajo
Dec 12, 2017 Kelli Kristan
Dec 11, 2017 Mariam Trubitsyn
Dec 11, 2017 Erica Connolly
Dec 9, 2017 Irene Gratacos
Dec 3, 2017 Rebecca Harper
Dec 3, 2017 Eileen Kulp You people are really SICK!! and vile. How can you allow this to continue? Have you nothing better to do with your time, than to watch 2 animals fight to the death? Why don't you think of something to help your country better itself and it's people?
Dec 1, 2017 Frank Catania
Nov 29, 2017 doris gonen
Nov 28, 2017 dolores kitney
Nov 28, 2017 Michalla Mitchell
Nov 27, 2017 Vianna Hastie
Nov 27, 2017 tara thomas
Nov 25, 2017 Lisa Framiglio What is wrong with people? Can't you get enough entertainment from video games, television, etc.?
Nov 22, 2017 Kristel Soles

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