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14,873 signatures sent on 08/3. Please continue to support this important cause by signing if you haven't already. Thank you!
Goal: 75,000 Progress: 66,747
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Greyhounds are loving creatures and great pets, but unfortunately, they are regarded as mere money-making machines in the racing world. Thousands of these animals face a lifetime of cruelty. Many are mistreated every year in order to be profitable at the racetracks, and then simply "discarded" after they can no longer race.

Ask your Governor to introduce legislation banning greyhound racing. Sign the petition and tell a friend.

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Dear Governor,

As one of your voting constituency, I urge you to introduce legislation banning greyhound racing. These gentle animals go through cruel treatment in the racing world -- beatings, malnourishment, injury, and confinement are a few examples. Once they are no longer suitable for racing, thousands of greyhounds are killed every year in the most inhumane manner. Those who are fortunate enough to be sent to adoption agencies far outnumber the people who can accept them into loving homes, and a large number are euthanized.

This deplorable treatment needs to stop. Entertainment and profit should never be permitted to take precedence over the welfare of these beautiful creatures. Help end the vicious, unethical cycle of cruelty and death that greyhound racing produces.

Petition Signatures

Nov 27, 2014 Beverly Schwarz shame how we take care of these animals. they no nothing but a cage and a race track and if they don't do well then they are discarded like trash. this should be outlawed. This is all about men making money
Nov 27, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 27, 2014 Allison Kehoe
Nov 27, 2014 chaz berlusconi
Nov 26, 2014 Sheila Dalton
Nov 26, 2014 Lori Denman End dog racing now. It is cruel !
Nov 26, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 26, 2014 Corinne Miler
Nov 26, 2014 Lisa Pearce
Nov 26, 2014 Camie Rodgers
Nov 26, 2014 Jo Meyers
Nov 26, 2014 Valerie Lerman
Nov 26, 2014 Elizabeth Christian
Nov 26, 2014 Kristy Russell
Nov 26, 2014 (Name not displayed) Racing, as well as other "use" of animals for the entertainment of humans needs to stop now.
Nov 26, 2014 joe Liper
Nov 26, 2014 Marie Sillery
Nov 26, 2014 Jenilee Samuels
Nov 26, 2014 Alan Long
Nov 26, 2014 di joyce
Nov 26, 2014 Tonisha Webb
Nov 26, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 26, 2014 maria sharpe
Nov 26, 2014 Wendy Gilbert I have adopted 4 of these great dogs!!! They are loving animals. Pease stop!!
Nov 26, 2014 susan koeppl Animals have no defense against such sick treatment. anyone that mistreats an animal should have the same treatment done to them and see how they feel. People really are sick and cruel. God has the final judgment to those sick people.
Nov 26, 2014 Kathy Anderson
Nov 26, 2014 Jenny DeRosier
Nov 26, 2014 Kathleen Backus
Nov 26, 2014 Anna Alberghini
Nov 26, 2014 Debbie Smith
Nov 26, 2014 Dana Belt
Nov 26, 2014 Maria Sacco
Nov 26, 2014 Jeff Kranzler
Nov 25, 2014 Rebecca Mogel
Nov 25, 2014 Amanisha Mead
Nov 25, 2014 Angela mills
Nov 24, 2014 Tanisha Braziel
Nov 24, 2014 Vicenza Harbert
Nov 24, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 23, 2014 Drew Powers This unnecessary HORROR must end NOW!
Nov 23, 2014 Debbie Deering We adopted a beautiful fawn boy in February & he is such a loving greyhound.
Nov 23, 2014 FAYE SANTOS
Nov 23, 2014 Lorraine Suter
Nov 23, 2014 Dawn Purney
Nov 23, 2014 Christeen Anderson
Nov 23, 2014 Debra DeMattei This is so unnecessary! Please stop this inhumane practice! Thank You! God Bless! Angels Too!
Nov 23, 2014 Sharon Dembinski Please stop this abuse. Let the people who are racing them go out and get a job and work like most of us. Don't use and abuse the animals. You can stop this. Thank you.
Nov 23, 2014 Susan Brouwer I have seen retired racing dogs. They appear very unhappy and used up. It's very sad that people want to profit from animal abuse like the puppy mills. People suck!!
Nov 23, 2014 Sherry Hurka
Nov 23, 2014 Carol Bollin

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