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Goal: 35,000 Progress: 32,074
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

In Moscow, the Zapashny Brothers' Circus is one of the main attractions. Close to 20,000 people per week come to the circus to delight in human acrobatics, tricks, and amazing animal feats. To an outsider, it may seem like the happiest place on earth.

For the animals, however, it is not so. Animals that otherwise belong in the wild — like elephants, tigers, and lions — are captured, kept in sub-par living conditions, and then forced with whips to perform stunts every night. They are then led back to their cages where they have minimal room to stretch or move around.

Russia does not have any federal animal cruelty laws, and that's why we need to come to the rescue of these poor circus animals. Write to the Russian Ministry of Culture asking them to enact federal anti-animal cruelty regulations so performing animals don't suffer further complications due to inadequate living arrangements.

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Dear Minister Vladimir Medinsky:

As a dedicated animal advocate, I am deeply concerned about the welfare of performing animals in Russia. Circuses are popular attractions in your country, and that's why it's so important that you enact federal laws that prohibit animal cruelty of any kind.

The Zapashny Brothers' Circus is just one example of the inhumanity some performing animals are experiencing. The handlers use whips and sticks to force the animals into action, and when the show's over the animals return to small cages where they have little room to move. It's a traumatizing environment for otherwise wild animals, such as elephants, lions, and tigers.

Please work to develop more strenuous animal welfare regulations to provide your performing animals with basic, livable standards while in captivity.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Feb 27, 2015 Kathleen Jackson
Feb 26, 2015 Chris Pope
Feb 26, 2015 Alexandra Ayala please have a heart. show some compassion, they're animals who deserve to be free not profit, not entertainment, what is wrong with you people seriously?! have you no heart. you can tell a lot about a mans heart by his treatment of animals...
Feb 26, 2015 Ben Sadler
Feb 26, 2015 Rochelle Phillips
Feb 26, 2015 Kathryn McDowell
Feb 26, 2015 c c
Feb 26, 2015 jean hopkins
Feb 26, 2015 Adriana Jaeger
Feb 26, 2015 Päivi Kouhi
Feb 26, 2015 Alexandre Pereira
Feb 26, 2015 Ronald Bach
Feb 26, 2015 Isabella Ondei
Feb 25, 2015 maureen mccoy
Feb 25, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 25, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 25, 2015 Herbert Erdmenger
Feb 25, 2015 Janet Staten
Feb 25, 2015 Johnny Czerwinski
Feb 25, 2015 Susana Rodriguez this is the reason why I stopped going to the circus, they are cruel to the animals that feed them..
Feb 25, 2015 Michelle Sanders
Feb 25, 2015 Zana Midmore
Feb 25, 2015 Tamilyn Simard
Feb 25, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 25, 2015 Diane Wells
Feb 25, 2015 Christina Williams Please stop the inhumane treatment.
Feb 25, 2015 Rachael Kitterman
Feb 25, 2015 Ian Bonner
Feb 25, 2015 Terri Kerns
Feb 25, 2015 Janis Aitken
Feb 25, 2015 Shirley Callaghan
Feb 25, 2015 Alexis Beasley
Feb 24, 2015 Cindy Bachicha
Feb 24, 2015 Crystal Duvall Please don't abuse animals because they are just animals. They suffer enough so long. let them be happy. people in the world are sad to see your abusing animals and they try to tell you not to yell at them & not abuse them anymore.
Feb 24, 2015 Tina Music Let's not lose our humanity for entertainment purposes.
Feb 24, 2015 Grace Di Mauro
Feb 23, 2015 Birgitt Böhm URGENT!!!!
Feb 23, 2015 Jen Lowell
Feb 23, 2015 Karen Drum
Feb 23, 2015 Angélique Hertig
Feb 23, 2015 Ariana Stefan
Feb 23, 2015 Chloe walker
Feb 22, 2015 Irene Pike
Feb 22, 2015 Betty Blackburn
Feb 22, 2015 Maritsa Diaz
Feb 22, 2015 chester wint
Feb 22, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 22, 2015 Shelly Hall Animals should not be tortured and used as amusement
Feb 22, 2015 BOB VALLAS
Feb 22, 2015 vicki Tobin

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