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Imagine there are only 400 human beings left on Earth. It's a startling image. When put into perspective, it's easy to see why the plight of the 400 right whales still living is so dire.

North Atlantic right whales spend their lives between the Gulf of Maine and off the coasts of Georgia and Florida. But because this channel is also a popular area for shipping commerce, ships and right whales have found it increasingly unyielding to coexist peacefully.

In fact, ship strikes can account for a considerable portion of right whale deaths in the past years. In 2008, speed limits were put in place so that deaths would be less likely to occur due to reckless endangerment. Despite the downturn in right whale deaths, these speed limits are set to expire in December 2013.

Write to the National Marine Fisheries Service asking that the speed limits are kept until the right whale has replenished its population and is no longer endangered.

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Dear National Marine Fisheries Service:

As the agency responsible for "the stewardship of the nation's living marine resources and their habitat," you have the power to save the North Atlantic Right Whale from further endangerment and eventually, extinction.

As you know, there are only about 400 right whales in existence right now. Much of the depletion of this precious species can be attributed to human interference — in fact more than three deaths in 2011 were as a result of shipping strikes. It's an alarming figure, but the fact that humans have much to do with this plight is also encouraging; we can do something about it.

In 2008, ship speed limits were imposed for the breeding grounds which right whales call home. But these limits are set to expire in December 2013 — no doubt too soon for the right whale to replenish its population.

Please extend the ship speed limits until the right whale has once again reached healthy numbers. Don't allow your agency to be responsible for the extinction of this beautiful species.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Apr 16, 2014 Margaret Conti
Apr 16, 2014 Kristy Elam Lindberg
Apr 16, 2014 cati glasser
Apr 16, 2014 Marina Sepulveda
Apr 16, 2014 Felicia Frestan
Apr 16, 2014 Pilar Sarmiento
Apr 16, 2014 Matthias Haess
Apr 16, 2014 Marietta Baranowska
Apr 16, 2014 Catherine Phipps
Apr 16, 2014 Ola Almazova
Apr 16, 2014 Adrian Lay
Apr 16, 2014 Johanna de Bruin
Apr 14, 2014 Nike Henriksson
Apr 14, 2014 Svetlana Demireva
Apr 14, 2014 Cristiane LC ʚïɞ ¡¡¡ No podemos exigir q ames a los animales pero si q los respetes ... Amooo ;-) Guauuu !!! ʚïɞ
Apr 13, 2014 Arlene Fullaway
Apr 13, 2014 Betty Kowall
Apr 12, 2014 Beverly Schramm
Apr 12, 2014 Tina Moirao
Apr 12, 2014 M Busch
Apr 12, 2014 CYNDI SALINAS
Apr 12, 2014 Isabelle Pritchett
Apr 12, 2014 Mie Otani
Apr 11, 2014 eileen bosch
Apr 11, 2014 Melissa Bostic
Apr 11, 2014 Susanne Krasovich
Apr 11, 2014 Kristin Churray
Apr 11, 2014 Heather Morava
Apr 11, 2014 Pauline Berg
Apr 11, 2014 Joris Hines
Apr 11, 2014 Martina Bioenergy Please honour the whales right to live! Please give them the time the need and keep the speed limits in check! Thank you!
Apr 11, 2014 Brenda Lee There are already so many threats these magnificent creatures face! This is such a small sacrifice to make to save a species. Please extend the ship speed limits!
Apr 10, 2014 Darlene hobson
Apr 9, 2014 Rosa Arsiaga
Apr 9, 2014 Mary Stirrup
Apr 7, 2014 Anna Dahlberg
Apr 7, 2014 Amalia Lelo de Larrea
Apr 7, 2014 Lynn Wells
Apr 7, 2014 Joanne Story
Apr 7, 2014 CHRIS DAVIS
Apr 7, 2014 Bonnie McAllister
Apr 7, 2014 Renate Goth
Apr 7, 2014 Doris Volmar
Apr 7, 2014 rita petri
Apr 7, 2014 Marie Sixtova
Apr 6, 2014 Kerry Avenell
Apr 6, 2014 David Lee

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