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10/25/2012: In response to over 30,000 signatures collected here, the Prime Minister's office responded with a letter acknowledging the disgraceful treatment of los galgos and current measures to stop it. A full translation is available under the more info section. In the meantime, let's continue demanding stricter enforcement of existing statutes as well as new laws addressing this dilemma.
Goal: 75,000 Progress: 65,167
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Greyhounds are loving animals and make great pets, but unfortunately they are regarded as mere money-making machines in the hunting world. The Spanish greyhound is an ancient breed of dog that is widely used as a hunting companion during Spain's hunting season. However, at the end of the hunting seasons, the dogs are discarded like garbage.

If you walk along the streets of certain Spanish towns at the end of the hunting season, you will see skinny and starving dogs hoping to find scraps of food outside restaurants or lying on the sidewalk while people simply walk by unaffected.

During their short lifetimes these dogs are treated solely as property and do not receive human contact. When it's time to get rid of them, the hunters simply let them free to fend for themselves, or worse, hang them. They often watch for entertainment.

Call on Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to strengthen the country's animal protection laws.

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Dear Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy:

I urge you to introduce tighter legislation banning the torture of animals.

Spanish greyhounds are being used for hunting during the Spanish hunting season, but when the season ends, these dogs are discarded like trash. Whether they're set free to fend for themselves, thrown down wells, or hung from trees, there is no reprieve in the life of a Spanish greyhound.

These gentle animals crave human attention; they are calm and friendly and make great family pets. There is no reason they can't be adopted into good families following the hunting season.

I urge you to strengthen your animal protection laws as this unspeakable inhumanity must stop now.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Dec 20, 2014 anna halkaids
Dec 19, 2014 Cindy Guevin
Dec 19, 2014 Laura Tysinger
Dec 19, 2014 Alice Neuman
Dec 19, 2014 Shielah Blalock
Dec 19, 2014 carole hagen
Dec 19, 2014 terri lombardi
Dec 19, 2014 Shannon Blair
Dec 18, 2014 Nazarov Oleg
Dec 18, 2014 Renee Calpin PLEASE STOP this cruelty to precious dogs!!!
Dec 18, 2014 Tess Dunlap
Dec 18, 2014 Milada Ladiova
Dec 18, 2014 Valerie Stains
Dec 18, 2014 Christie Keiser
Dec 18, 2014 Carol Agnew
Dec 18, 2014 mitzi branvold
Dec 18, 2014 Dawn Lorenzen
Dec 18, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Dec 18, 2014 Leslie Hudson
Dec 18, 2014 Paschalia Keskinidou
Dec 18, 2014 sheila mahoney
Dec 17, 2014 olga grischenko
Dec 17, 2014 Барбара Меновщикова
Dec 17, 2014 karena McCormick
Dec 17, 2014 elizabeth madanelo
Dec 17, 2014 Khush Mungar
Dec 17, 2014 vlad ostafiychuk
Dec 17, 2014 Юлия Подзолкова
Dec 17, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Dec 17, 2014 Светлана Иванова
Dec 17, 2014 Olga Nikiforova
Dec 17, 2014 William Bridge
Dec 17, 2014 Donna Chicone
Dec 17, 2014 Cathy Wilmot
Dec 17, 2014 emanuela truzzi
Dec 17, 2014 Judy Clancy Halt these games being played to kill innocent animals. Perhaps you should put people out there for your fun v. these dogs or for that matter any animal. They feel, have emotions just as you do. Halt this Abuse and Cruelty. Have you not ethics?
Dec 17, 2014 Allan Rosenblum
Dec 17, 2014 Rebekah bedford
Dec 17, 2014 Denise Nash
Dec 16, 2014 Susan Pulkowski The people who do this are barbaric.
Dec 16, 2014 Nichole Lapham Really. Hang a dog for entertainment. Hang yourself or your family member and see how entertaining it is. Sick people.
Dec 15, 2014 Deanna Gentle
Dec 15, 2014 chantel silvain
Dec 15, 2014 Darlene Skura
Dec 15, 2014 Sandra Dodge
Dec 15, 2014 Evelyn Reynolds
Dec 15, 2014 Katia Keresztes "We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and we have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form." - William Ralph Inge
Dec 15, 2014 Cassie Randles
Dec 15, 2014 Lyn Short
Dec 14, 2014 larry grunspan

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