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Goal: 25,000 Progress: 18,676
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Spider monkeys are one of the most interesting and intelligent animals in the animal kingdom. They're agile creatures, and rely on their long limbs and tail for climbing and balance.

In Central America, though, spider monkeys are in great danger. Human interference poses the greatest threat to these animals, as hunting of their species and logging whittle down the population day by day. Baby spider monkeys are stolen from the mothers and sold on the black market, while the mothers are killed.

Please sign the petition asking the Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature to find a solution to the impending spider monkey extinction.

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Dear Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN):

I am writing to address the impending extinction of spider monkeys in Central America if nothing is done to stop the killing of the species.

Human intervention is largely to blame for the peril of the spider monkeys; deforestation and developments systematically obliterate monkey habitat and hunting decimates their species. Mothers and children are also taken, and the babies are sold on the black market while the mothers are killed.

If this continues, the spider monkey will soon face extinction. Please do all you can to ensure a better future for the Central American spider monkeys!

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Oct 31, 2014 gina rueck
Oct 31, 2014 Jennifer Leonard
Oct 31, 2014 Kathy Aprile
Oct 31, 2014 Judy Tittle
Oct 31, 2014 Rebecca Gentry
Oct 31, 2014 Morgan Boots
Oct 30, 2014 cindy hatfield
Oct 30, 2014 Shannon Blea
Oct 30, 2014 Sieglinda Du Preez
Oct 29, 2014 anne pham-sacilotto
Oct 29, 2014 Eileen Bower
Oct 29, 2014 Marianne de Zwart We need to protect precious animals like the spider monkeys. So many animals are extincted during the last century. That has to be stopped.
Oct 28, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 28, 2014 MICHELE ALDAO
Oct 28, 2014 Robin Sellers
Oct 28, 2014 gabi blau
Oct 27, 2014 Sheena Warren
Oct 27, 2014 Gunn Flobergseter
Oct 27, 2014 Alexandra D'cruz
Oct 27, 2014 Robin Longenbach
Oct 27, 2014 Perri Sussman
Oct 26, 2014 kris w
Oct 26, 2014 Meghan Soukup
Oct 25, 2014 brenda rister
Oct 24, 2014 Susannah Martin
Oct 24, 2014 donna crescioli
Oct 24, 2014 Fran Guille-Wadey
Oct 24, 2014 Sandy Norris
Oct 24, 2014 karen Turco
Oct 24, 2014 Carol Hoke
Oct 24, 2014 Michelle Gohier
Oct 23, 2014 Nina Røstad
Oct 23, 2014 Toni Peters
Oct 23, 2014 Amanda Davis
Oct 23, 2014 Christina Michael
Oct 23, 2014 Judy Hayne
Oct 22, 2014 Mike Patterson
Oct 22, 2014 marina castro
Oct 22, 2014 Katarina Axelsson
Oct 22, 2014 Kim Smith
Oct 22, 2014 Chris Weststrate
Oct 22, 2014 Frances Lepori
Oct 22, 2014 Angelika Kempter
Oct 21, 2014 Raquel Candanedo-Luciano
Oct 21, 2014 elisa rico
Oct 20, 2014 Monica Antonio
Oct 20, 2014 Sophie Miranda
Oct 20, 2014 Meghan Trew
Oct 20, 2014 Monica Trevino
Oct 20, 2014 susan jacob

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