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Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

It wasn't all that long ago that online retail giant Amazon was in hot water for its sale of whale products from Japan. Now, Yahoo! is under fire for doing the exact same thing.

Yahoo! Japan features products like whale jerky, bacon, and canned whale meat from endangered whale species. Yahoo! has banned the sale of endangered animal products from its other sites, but continues to profit from the sale of whale commodities on its Japanese site. Many of the products come from species of whales that are protected by the International Whaling Commission — regulations that Yahoo! is blatantly shirking.

As one of the Internet's most prominent corporations, Yahoo! should know better than to sell products that are harmful to any animal species. Tell Yahoo!'s CEO Ross Levinsohn to obey the international moratorium and to stop selling endangered animal products immediately.

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Dear Ross Levinsohn:

I was really disappointed to learn that one of the most trusted online web portals is engaging in selling endangered animal products.

I recently discovered that Yahoo!'s Japan site is selling all kinds of products from endangered whales, including jerky, bacon, and canned whale meat. Despite the fact that there is a moratorium on commercial whaling set forth by the International Whaling Commission, Yahoo! continues to act above the law and sell these products for its own profit.

Amazon recently faced sharp public criticism for doing the exact same thing; Amazon quickly pulled these products and no longer offers them.

Yahoo! needs to do the same. Please discontinue the sale of illegal whale products on your site.

Petition Signatures

Jan 30, 2015 Christie Boudreaux
Jan 30, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 30, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 30, 2015 Sally Clayton Whales are intelligent, sensitive creatures. Please stop catering to the Japanese cruel thirst for sea mammal products.
Jan 30, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 30, 2015 debbie castaneda
Jan 30, 2015 Virginia Mason
Jan 30, 2015 Wendy Simpson
Jan 30, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 30, 2015 Delaney Nickerson-Haines
Jan 29, 2015 Anna Mondanelli
Jan 29, 2015 Amber Sims
Jan 29, 2015 Frank Vaio
Jan 29, 2015 Bruce Ross Stop this.
Jan 29, 2015 Anna Maria Bindi
Jan 29, 2015 Sonya Nel
Jan 28, 2015 Elizabeth O'Connor
Jan 28, 2015 Laurie Fisher
Jan 28, 2015 James Carrell
Jan 28, 2015 Christina Agtarap Yahoo shouldn't be supporting such barbaric acts.
Jan 28, 2015 Yasemin Açıkgün
Jan 28, 2015 Judy Collins
Jan 28, 2015 Nazareth Chisholm Selling whale is totally gross.
Jan 28, 2015 Kathie Kern
Jan 28, 2015 Aase Sømme
Jan 28, 2015 Roberta Sato
Jan 28, 2015 Linda Elgin
Jan 28, 2015 cynmae hester
Jan 28, 2015 Julie Robinson
Jan 28, 2015 Justin Dengler
Jan 28, 2015 Charlene Moody
Jan 28, 2015 Sharon Weidensaul Shame
Jan 27, 2015 DONNELL Brake
Jan 27, 2015 Judie Mackie
Jan 27, 2015 Debra Cassiero
Jan 27, 2015 Linda Ellerton
Jan 26, 2015 Tammy Gooding If Amazon can do it! Yahoo can too. No more online shopping for me from Yahoo as long as this continues.
Jan 26, 2015 Pelivia Vaipua
Jan 25, 2015 Janina Grage
Jan 25, 2015 Patricia Fuentes
Jan 25, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 25, 2015 linda tibbets
Jan 25, 2015 Lenise Mitchell
Jan 24, 2015 Stacey McCurley
Jan 24, 2015 Nancy Billings
Jan 24, 2015 Angela Vitale
Jan 23, 2015 Tara Shaw
Jan 23, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 23, 2015 hannah wilson
Jan 22, 2015 (Name not displayed)

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