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It wasn't all that long ago that online retail giant Amazon was in hot water for its sale of whale products from Japan. Now, Yahoo! is under fire for doing the exact same thing.

Yahoo! Japan features products like whale jerky, bacon, and canned whale meat from endangered whale species. Yahoo! has banned the sale of endangered animal products from its other sites, but continues to profit from the sale of whale commodities on its Japanese site. Many of the products come from species of whales that are protected by the International Whaling Commission — regulations that Yahoo! is blatantly shirking.

As one of the Internet's most prominent corporations, Yahoo! should know better than to sell products that are harmful to any animal species. Tell Yahoo!'s CEO Ross Levinsohn to obey the international moratorium and to stop selling endangered animal products immediately.

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Dear Ross Levinsohn:

I was really disappointed to learn that one of the most trusted online web portals is engaging in selling endangered animal products.

I recently discovered that Yahoo!'s Japan site is selling all kinds of products from endangered whales, including jerky, bacon, and canned whale meat. Despite the fact that there is a moratorium on commercial whaling set forth by the International Whaling Commission, Yahoo! continues to act above the law and sell these products for its own profit.

Amazon recently faced sharp public criticism for doing the exact same thing; Amazon quickly pulled these products and no longer offers them.

Yahoo! needs to do the same. Please discontinue the sale of illegal whale products on your site.

Petition Signatures

Sep 19, 2017 Susan Walsh
Sep 18, 2017 Stephanie Ayan
Sep 17, 2017 Meghan Croyts
Sep 17, 2017 PJ Chambers
Sep 17, 2017 Ona Youmans
Sep 15, 2017 Brian Faust
Sep 15, 2017 Darja Kadenšek
Sep 15, 2017 harpreet suri
Sep 14, 2017 Lin Oliver
Sep 14, 2017 Henna Palenius
Sep 14, 2017 Deborah Moore
Sep 14, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Sep 13, 2017 April Burchardt
Sep 13, 2017 Anna Duplant
Sep 13, 2017 Anna Krohn
Sep 13, 2017 Gillian Lee
Sep 13, 2017 Barbara Dincau
Sep 13, 2017 yvonne FOURGOUS
Sep 11, 2017 Ilse DePriest
Sep 11, 2017 Rhonda Simonetti Come on yahoo get with the times .. This is not acceptable
Sep 11, 2017 cali cheshelski
Sep 11, 2017 drue cali
Sep 9, 2017 Eleni Panagiotidou
Sep 8, 2017 Denise Pinto
Sep 7, 2017 Setsuko Yamamoto
Sep 6, 2017 Mara Mandell
Sep 6, 2017 Rene Succa-Ruston
Sep 6, 2017 Diana Martins
Sep 6, 2017 Dawn Carter
Sep 6, 2017 Jill Osment
Sep 6, 2017 William Cope
Sep 6, 2017 Susan Purcell
Sep 5, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Sep 4, 2017 Morgan Macconaugha-Snyder
Sep 4, 2017 Janna Ellsworth
Sep 3, 2017 Nan Thurgate
Sep 3, 2017 Carolyn Adams
Sep 2, 2017 Becky Holdford
Sep 2, 2017 mason Payne
Sep 2, 2017 Linda Payne
Sep 2, 2017 Yumiko Starr
Sep 1, 2017 Catherine D.
Aug 31, 2017 Nina Carey
Aug 30, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Aug 28, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Aug 27, 2017 Julie Henderson
Aug 27, 2017 Martin Henz
Aug 27, 2017 Melissa Morris Seriously, you obviously know better!
Aug 25, 2017 Bonnie Palmer

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