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In June 2014, The Animal Rescue Site received a disappointing letter from YouTube in response to our request to ban dog fighting videos. Rather than agree to remove them, YouTube merely reiterated their flagging policy, and did nothing to acknowledge the harm these videos are causing. Your signatures are more important than ever -- help us tell YouTube that we won’t take no for an answer!
Goal: 150,000 Progress: 118,170
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Dog fighting, in and of itself is a heinous crime. What may be surprising to find out, however, is that others are encouraging dog fighting by offering instructional videos about the activity. YouTube.com, the world's largest video sharing website, features videos depicting dog fights and material related to it.

Dog fighting is an abhorrent "sport" in which owners pit two dogs against each other in the ring and have them fight until one collapses or dies. The other dog is most often injured as well.

YouTube should not allow these videos to be featured anywhere on the site as they only promote violence and carnage.

Write to YouTube's CEO asking her to prohibit these videos and stand up for dogs!

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Dear Susan Wojcicki:

Dog fighting is a heinous activity in which two dogs are pitted against each other and are made to fight to the death. It's a bloody sport where no one wins.

These fights depict excessive violence, cause great harm to the animals involved, and break the law in all fifty US states in addition to many countries around the world. By these measures, such videos violate your community guidelines regarding "animal abuse", "graphic or gratuitous violence", "intent to shock or disgust", and "encouraging dangerous, illegal activities".

Despite these safeguards, dog fighting videos persist on your video sharing site. With the resources dedicated to the removal of copyrighted content, these sensational and gruesome videos stand out, lending an air of culpability in propagating this unlawful and immoral practice.

Though you will not comment on the removal of individual videos, the continued presence of this particular category demands a review of your policies and procedures for the handling and reviewing of flagged content. As a good first step, your Community Guidelines might explicitly prohibit the presence of dog fighting videos under your "helpful examples and tips."

Please take down all dog fighting videos and do your part for the humane treatment of dogs everywhere.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Sep 29, 2014 Dominique Dutton
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed) Please please stop dog fighting its sick and cruel x
Sep 29, 2014 Petko Stoyanov This is one of the most disgusting things in this world, therefore it has to be banned, removed, and the people responsible for it should go to jail!
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 Mary Schweizer
Sep 29, 2014 maggie miller
Sep 29, 2014 Natalie Lallatin
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed) are we still saying to fight dogs is something humans should do...NO NO NO..would you like a dog to use you to fight?
Sep 29, 2014 Sandeep Nair
Sep 29, 2014 Julie Cegiel
Sep 29, 2014 Natalie Dixon Lets end this evilness now !
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 tracey simpson the practice of dog fighting is barbaric and those that find this "entertainment" need psychological help and those that wish to watch it are just as bad.It must be stopped,it is legally and morally wrong.
Sep 29, 2014 Selena Collins
Sep 29, 2014 Tami Overton Dog fighting is for the ignorant lazy people who have nothing but hate in their hearts! People who watch it are equally ignorant lazy people!
Sep 29, 2014 Lori Hicks
Sep 29, 2014 connie murphy Don't turn your Dog into a fighter! !
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 Stalin Halder Stop Dog Fighting !
Sep 29, 2014 jenny lloyd No more dog fighting!
Sep 29, 2014 amanda roberts
Sep 29, 2014 Danielle Lemmens
Sep 29, 2014 petra dierks ik hoop dat het echt stopt
Sep 29, 2014 Joana Cardoso
Sep 29, 2014 Lesley-Anne Mcsporran As an animal lover I feel this is very upsetting to see and hear of dogs forced to tear each other to shreds. This is also encouraging others to get into this brutal game. Please remove and help prevent further cases. Thank you.
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed) Vídeos of dogs should be prohibited everywhere on The int !!!!!!
Sep 29, 2014 sanjila joshi
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 Susie Parr PLEASE stop this barbaric practice.
Sep 29, 2014 Audra Hollar Dogs are better than most people. Why would you hurt them?
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 Sharon Young
Sep 29, 2014 Fonda Shelton
Sep 29, 2014 lina sazmand
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed) Why are humans so cruel! Dogs are our friends why do you want to see them hurt when all they want is to be loved and cared for and be with humans! Why be so cruel!
Sep 29, 2014 Daria Hemeş
Sep 29, 2014 Amie Webb
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 oralia orozco
Sep 29, 2014 Beatrice Versavel
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed) How cruel!!!! We do not want to advertise such a moronic activity.
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 nicola pentland
Sep 29, 2014 Tina Gjermand
Sep 29, 2014 Kirsty Cowley Severe punishment needed for all who participate including spectators.
Sep 29, 2014 Bambi Liggett
Sep 29, 2014 Brogan Lee
Sep 29, 2014 Tracey Newell These dogs deserve better - give them love and attention - I bloody hate dog fighting stamp it out NOW
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 Michell Jacobs

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