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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 11,860
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More and more cases of "convenience euthanasia" are being brought to veterinarians across the country. These animals are fit, and in no danger, but their families are asking for them to be put down.

The reasons people ask for convenience euthanasia range from "he got too big," to "she sheds too much," or even, "we just don’t enjoy them as much as we used to." People also cite the high cost of veterinary care as a reason to put an animal down, or the difficulty of finding it a new home. What is most shocking is that there is no law or regulation that prevents vets from euthanizing a healthy pet simply at the owner's request.

Some vets refuse to perform convenience euthanasia, but many are willing to euthanize by request, and that is something that can be stopped. Like all medical doctors, veterinarians are required to obtain certification from their state to practice. By encouraging states to refuse licenses to vets that willingly euthanize healthy animals, we can save countless lives!

Let's make convenience euthanasia a thing of the past by asking the American Association of Veterinary State Boards to help change state policies for licensing veterinarians. Sign below to help make sure pets are protected!

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To President-Elect of the AAVSB, Vito DelVento, DVM,

More and more people are visiting their veterinarian to have their healthy animal put down for no other reason than their own convenience. The reasons range from complaints about the costs of having a pet, the pet shedding more than they like, or even the difficulties that arise when moving with a pet.

The practice of "convenience euthanasia" is not only abhorrent, but it goes against every value that the AAVSB stands for. A pet is not a piece of furniture, or a conversation piece - something to be discarded when they no longer fill a void. Allowing families to bring in a healthy pet to be put down simply because they are tired of it, or don’t want to take care of it anymore is horrifying, and any veterinarian dedicated to helping animals should be equally appalled at the idea. Yet, because there's nothing saying that a veterinarian cannot, or should not, perform convenience euthanasia, pets continue to be treated as such.

The AAVSB is in a unique position to help shape how states view veterinary medicine, and what criteria they use to certify their vets. As the primary source for the veterinary regulatory community, your voice resonates into every veterinary office. By joining in the fight against this barbaric and unnecessary procedure, thousands of animals can be saved.

By standing up and decrying this practice, and encouraging veterinary boards around the country to raise their standards, you will make a difference to all of us, animals and humans alike.


Petition Signatures

Mar 18, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Mar 18, 2018 Brent Pennell
Mar 18, 2018 Mike Dollard
Mar 18, 2018 Kay Schwarz
Mar 17, 2018 Neil Hahn
Mar 17, 2018 R van strien
Mar 17, 2018 Vittorio Renda
Mar 17, 2018 Julie Strong
Mar 17, 2018 Marsha Williams
Mar 17, 2018 Suzanne Lenhart
Mar 17, 2018 John Moszyk
Mar 17, 2018 Roswitha Marcuzzi
Mar 17, 2018 Sharon Mylott
Mar 17, 2018 Diane Hagen
Mar 16, 2018 Stacey Crook
Mar 16, 2018 Judith Carlson This is so heartbreaking - I don't even know what to say.
Mar 16, 2018 Angie Lambert
Mar 16, 2018 Susan Hodgson
Mar 15, 2018 Ankea Kkoutas
Mar 15, 2018 Angela Danzik
Mar 15, 2018 Sharon McCarson
Mar 15, 2018 Victoria Haines
Mar 15, 2018 Carolyn Anderson
Mar 15, 2018 Kathy Colbert If there is nothing wrong with the animal other than that they have become an "inconvenience" to people, there is no reason for them to be murdered! Stop killing healthy animals! Don't vets have to take the hypocratic oath to save lives, not take lives?!
Mar 15, 2018 DanutaIts Baziuk It's disgusting that a vet would kill a healthy animal.But so many of these vets don't care they just see $$$$
Mar 15, 2018 Robin Shirley
Mar 15, 2018 Shelly Peddicord
Mar 15, 2018 hEATHER Knowles
Mar 15, 2018 Kay Roberts
Mar 15, 2018 Margaret McGullam
Mar 15, 2018 CRISTINA OLIVA End The Horrific Practice Of Convenience Euthanasia! Healthy, loving pets are being put down by request simply because their existence is no longer convenient. Help end this now!STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
Mar 15, 2018 Edward Jepson Such inhumanity toward animals threatens us all.
Mar 15, 2018 michele gangemi
Mar 15, 2018 Sheila Dempsey
Mar 15, 2018 Kristi Weber
Mar 11, 2018 Lina Guerrero
Mar 11, 2018 Pat Lowenberg
Mar 11, 2018 Carmela Fortier Every animal deserves to live! Let’s make a difference
Mar 11, 2018 Kalliope M.
Mar 11, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Mar 11, 2018 Ann Conney
Mar 11, 2018 Ron Laupheimer
Mar 10, 2018 Lynn Laupheimer Some people shouldn't have pets.
Mar 10, 2018 Andrea Howard
Mar 10, 2018 Alicia Orr
Mar 10, 2018 Sharon Bailey
Mar 10, 2018 Pamela Blacklidge
Mar 10, 2018 Pat Padilla
Mar 9, 2018 Tracey Wilson Shame on the people who do this, and even more shame to vets that follow this practice. First, do no harm.
Mar 9, 2018 Christina Giometti Cunha

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