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Homeowners across the United States are being targeted by insurance companies solely based on the breed of dog they own. Insurance companies label some dog breeds as “dangerous,” resulting in higher premiums, inferior policies, or denial of coverage altogether. This practice needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.

U.S. insurance companies can question homeowners on whether they own a certain breed of dog, and can charge more for a policy or require additional paperwork depending on the answer. This practice, known as “breed profiling,” is outlawed in some states, like Michigan and Pennsylvania, but in most states the insurance companies can outright "blacklist" policy holders for owning certain dog breeds.

It’s not just the homeowners who suffer, either. The higher premiums and lower coverage make those breeds less likely to be adopted, leaving them to languish in shelters.

Policy standards when it comes to dog breeds vary from company to company and differ by state. Some companies simply charge more in premiums for owners of a “dangerous” dog breed, while others deny coverage outright. This is not the case with all insurance companies, however. State Farm and others look at a dog’s bite history, not their breed, when calculating factors like risk, coverage, and cost.

Breed bans have been proven to be extremely ineffective, and are not based on scientific data. Dogs should be evaluated based on individual temperament, not only on their breeds. Insurance companies shouldn't be allowed to discriminate against home owners who have a dog of a "dangerous" breed. That's why a nationwide ban on breed profiling needs to be put into effect by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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To the National Association of Insurance Commissioners,

Homeowners should not be discriminated against and punished simply for owning any particular breed of dog, regardless of the dog’s temperament, sociability, and personal history. Breed profiling is an irrational practice that only hurts homeowners and dogs all across the United States.

Recognizing that standards and policies differ between companies, and state regulations differing as well, I ask you put into effect a nationwide ban on breed specific policies, or “breed profiling,” in relation to dog ownership and homeowners insurance.

I join with organizations including the American Bar Association, American Kennel Club, American Veterinary Medical Association, National Canine Research Council, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, among others, who recognize that any housing or insurance policy regarding a dog should look at the dog’s behavior instead of breed.

Well-trained, socialized pets of all breeds should be allowed to be owned without the threat of penalty from insurance companies in the United States.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners, you can end breed profiling in homeowners insurance policies and create breed-neutral standards that are based on evidence, not fear. Homeowners and all breeds of dogs deserve better than what is currently taking place.


Petition Signatures

Jul 22, 2018 cindy bernard STOP this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 21, 2018 Stephanie Appleton
Jul 21, 2018 Cecile Nurit
Jul 21, 2018 mariana schuman
Jul 20, 2018 karen reedy
Jul 19, 2018 Diane Myers
Jul 19, 2018 L R
Jul 19, 2018 Octavia Salerno
Jul 19, 2018 Carol Liles
Jul 19, 2018 Lola Schiefelbein
Jul 19, 2018 Summer Patterson
Jul 18, 2018 jmeterFirstName741568364204292 jmetetlastName829481474941279 jmeterComment4145
Jul 18, 2018 jmeterFirstName254353590238554 jmetetlastName597616934909557 jmeterComment3012
Jul 18, 2018 jmeterFirstName676119189615196 jmetetlastName724491251218407 jmeterComment2451
Jul 18, 2018 Erin Johnson
Jul 18, 2018 Laurent Belotti
Jul 17, 2018 Lena Bradel
Jul 17, 2018 LINDA FANCHER
Jul 17, 2018 emma rugari
Jul 17, 2018 Diane Tabbott
Jul 17, 2018 Candice C
Jul 17, 2018 Sahsha States
Jul 17, 2018 Joyce Frievalt This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. It's completely evil.
Jul 17, 2018 Shirley Dilbeck
Jul 17, 2018 Cynthia Elsensohn
Jul 17, 2018 Jean Diamond
Jul 17, 2018 erin craig
Jul 17, 2018 Vittorio Renda
Jul 17, 2018 Deborah Salivar-Keene
Jul 17, 2018 Beverly Schwarz
Jul 17, 2018 Amy Pfaffman
Jul 17, 2018 susan barta
Jul 17, 2018 Laura McGhie This is just ANOTHER EXCUSE FOR THE GREEDY SUBHUMAN METHODS BY INSURANCE COMPANIES TO KEEP MORE REVENUE COMING IN. I am appalled at our US government for looking the other way. BUT, WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!!
Jul 17, 2018 Alana Kaplan
Jul 17, 2018 Kirsten Van Heurck
Jul 17, 2018 Karen Scarlet
Jul 17, 2018 Sarah Von Beanz
Jul 16, 2018 kristel Van Heurck
Jul 16, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 16, 2018 Katherine Tuttle
Jul 15, 2018 Cindy Reed
Jul 14, 2018 Jeffrey Diehl
Jul 13, 2018 Glenys Rawdon
Jul 13, 2018 Juliana Wagner
Jul 12, 2018 mary blanford
Jul 11, 2018 Barbara McNeil
Jul 7, 2018 Lillian Kraemer

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