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As summer temperatures rise, so do the number of beloved pets lost to vehicular heat stroke. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), that number reaches the hundreds every year.

This isn't surprising considering that even on a 70-degree day, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise to almost 100ΒΊ F in just 20 minutes — less time than it takes for a grocery store run. That's dangerously hot by any standard, but especially for dogs, who lack the sweat glands we humans have to regulate body temperature.

Most tragically, nearly all of these incidents happen by accident due to simple misjudgments of time or weather.

But recent "Right to Rescue" laws in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Florida, and Ohio are creating a safety net. In these states, concerned bystanders can now forcefully break into locked vehicles to free trapped dogs (and kids) without facing civil liability. We think it's high time the rest of the country followed suit!

You can't put a price on a precious life, and no one should hesitate to save one for fear of being sued. Sign below to urge the USDA to give us the right to rescue endangered pets!

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Dear U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal Care,

As concerned pet parents, we are horrified to see continued reports of innocent pet deaths due to vehicular heat stroke. Not only are these tragic deaths completely avoidable, they're also largely inadvertent, results of owners' simple misjudgment of time or temperature.

Recent "Right to Rescue" laws in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Florida, and Ohio give good Samaritans the right to forcefully free trapped dogs (and kids) from parked cars without facing civil liability, and we want to see this privilege extended nationally.

We propose an amendment to the Animal Welfare Act whereby concerned bystanders can break into enclosed vehicles to free trapped pets without the risk of financial liability.

No one wants to see innocent pets die, and no one should hesitate to save one for fear of being sued. We urge you to take action on this issue now, before even more innocent lives are lost.


Petition Signatures

Apr 25, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 25, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 25, 2018 Kylie Wright
Apr 24, 2018 Nancy Shepherd
Apr 24, 2018 Kim Branham
Apr 24, 2018 Mary Heifner
Apr 24, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 24, 2018 Jolie Suzanne
Apr 24, 2018 Elaine Koenig
Apr 24, 2018 Marion Barbour
Apr 24, 2018 Esther Buchanan
Apr 24, 2018 Mary Campbell Please give us all the right to rescue pets in danger. Thank you.
Apr 24, 2018 Brittany Auernig
Apr 23, 2018 Jennie Botterbusch
Apr 23, 2018 Drema Schelm
Apr 23, 2018 Joyce Owens Please make sure you have a leash or rope to restrain the dog once rescued. Them running away won’t help.
Apr 23, 2018 Glenda Coker
Apr 23, 2018 Jacqueline Gary
Apr 23, 2018 Jenny Quijada
Apr 23, 2018 Amber McClain
Apr 23, 2018 Lisa Kutzer Animals are beings, just like humans are. They feel pain just like us!
Apr 23, 2018 Andrea Holden
Apr 23, 2018 Evelyne DOMPMARTIN-DERI
Apr 23, 2018 Amy Gibson
Apr 23, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 23, 2018 sandra barker
Apr 23, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 23, 2018 Debi Dowd I will go ahead and break a window or whatever it takes to save a child, or pets left in the heat even if this doesn't pass! Theses are innocent unconditional trusting children and animals that should suffer a needless slow death over ones neglect.It murd
Apr 22, 2018 Michele Jacobson
Apr 22, 2018 Diane Deminico
Apr 22, 2018 Molly Matus
Apr 22, 2018 Rebecca Gagliano
Apr 22, 2018 suzanne caruso
Apr 22, 2018 Marlene Butterfield
Apr 22, 2018 Debra Hodge Stoptreating animals like that
Apr 22, 2018 Deborah Long If a life can be saved no matter if it's human or animal, then if needs to be save.
Apr 22, 2018 Jessica Linnehan
Apr 22, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 22, 2018 Melissa Florido
Apr 22, 2018 Mary Ann Crain
Apr 21, 2018 Ericka alvarez 😭😭😭😭😭😝😘🐢😘🐢😘🐢😘
Apr 21, 2018 Wendy Gains
Apr 21, 2018 Patty Audrain
Apr 21, 2018 Debra Rodriguez Let the punishment fit the crime and let the abuser feel what the abuse have felt
Apr 21, 2018 (Name not displayed) Love animals so much. It's horrendous what some people do to them. Soooo sad !!!
Apr 21, 2018 Virginia Sherman
Apr 21, 2018 Deniz Macleod
Apr 21, 2018 (Name not displayed) I have a rescue dog she is a pitt and she is the best dog I ever had
Apr 20, 2018 Beverly Robertson If the owner leaves a precious animal in a heated car with no windows for air he or she doesn't deserve any Animal !!! And anybody that doesn't rescue this animal is just as bad make it legal for anybody to break in an rescue any Animal!
Apr 20, 2018 Rosanne Rienhardt

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