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A new ban on selling dog meat at restaurants, street vendors and markets at China's Yulin dog meat festival will go into effect on June 15, just one week before the festival is set to start. What remains unclear is if the ban is temporary or if officials will be able to enforce the ban. Sign now to show your support for a permanent end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival!
Goal: 45,000 Progress: 11,306
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

For more than twenty years, summer in Yulin, China has meant the slaughter of tens of thousands of dogs in the most disgusting and brutal ways imaginable. They are stolen from the streets — even from people's homes — and then crammed into such small cages that many dogs die before even arriving in Yulin. Those that make it face being beaten to death, boiled alive, and tortured for days.

Thankfully, there are steps being taken by lawmakers in the United States to end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

The bill being proposed, HR 30 of the 115th Congress, would officially condemn the festival as a “spectacle of extreme animal cruelty,” while also recognizing the public health risk the festival presents. Currently, HR 30 is being reviewed by Members of the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific.

Sign below to tell Congress to sign HR 30 into law, and help put an end to this cruel and barbaric festival!

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Dear Members of the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific,

Every year, tens of thousands of dogs are picked off the streets or stolen from yards, crammed into crates, and taken to be horrifically slaughtered during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. Not only is the festival a tableau of the worst animal cruelty you'll see, it poses a massive public health risk.

The festival has been gaining more notoriety and has brought out scores of animal rescue groups to China to save what dogs they can. As pressure grows, China is being forced to acknowledge the festival, but that is only the first step to permanently ending the cruel treatment of innocent creatures.

Bill HR 30 of the 115th Congress is currently being reviewed by your subcommittee. By accepting HR 30, and advocating for its passage, you will be helping to end the barbaric treatment of these dogs, and help reduce a massive threat to public safety! Help pass HR 30 before more lives are lost.


Petition Signatures

Nov 17, 2017 Pavlina Boruvkova
Nov 17, 2017 Anna Maria Sergi
Nov 17, 2017 Eileen Duppstadt
Nov 17, 2017 Jeanette Desmond
Nov 17, 2017 Monika Barron
Nov 17, 2017 S G
Nov 17, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 17, 2017 Andrea Eisenberg
Nov 17, 2017 Patty Bracey
Nov 16, 2017 Dawn Chamberlain
Nov 16, 2017 kay buhler
Nov 16, 2017 Danielle Stidham
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 Heather Harvey How awful. No animal deserves this kind of treatment.
Nov 16, 2017 Janis Ciofalo
Nov 16, 2017 Elena Bollati di Saint Pierre
Nov 16, 2017 Carmen Rico
Nov 16, 2017 Snezana Trkulja
Nov 16, 2017 Sandra Herrera
Nov 16, 2017 Rick Vaccaro PLEASE STOP THIS NOW ....
Nov 16, 2017 Barbara Caskey
Nov 16, 2017 Mindy Schech
Nov 16, 2017 Carleen Rosenau
Nov 16, 2017 Jenny Jozwiak Dog are our friends, family and companions NOT DINNER!!! What is WRONG with you people???!! There is a special place in hell for anyone who kills or abuses any animal!! They have a right to exist and thrive on this planet TOO!
Nov 16, 2017 Becca Polka
Nov 16, 2017 Bettina Bowers
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 Angelique Trent
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 Patricia Flynn-Williams
Nov 15, 2017 jeannie l
Nov 15, 2017 Susan Smith
Nov 15, 2017 elaine scarpelli
Nov 15, 2017 Elsa Echegaray
Nov 15, 2017 Sophie Dahavarian
Nov 15, 2017 Wanda Garrett
Nov 15, 2017 Joan Yanicke
Nov 15, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 15, 2017 karen pepe
Nov 15, 2017 Beverly DeRuby
Nov 15, 2017 Maria Fourie
Nov 15, 2017 Marina Nemeth
Nov 15, 2017 Sina Drews
Nov 14, 2017 Kaitlin McGonigle
Nov 14, 2017 richard nelson Please stop right now
Nov 14, 2017 Patricia Eno
Nov 14, 2017 Julie Berberi
Nov 14, 2017 (Name not displayed) Your people are the lowest form of human life!! The perpetrators should be treated in exactly the same manner - tortured, skinned alive and killed NOW that would be justice!!
Nov 14, 2017 eva dru

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