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A Food Bank For Shelters

Supporting animal rescue organizations across America every day.

Cute Rottie - Will Give Wet Kisses For Food!

Rescue Bank was born out of need. Hurricane Katrina blasted though the Gulf coast in August of 2005, wreaking devastation on communities and destroying homes. In the great storm's aftermath, Elizabeth Asher and John Kane saw a problem: the rescue community was under a tremendous strain because of the damage the storm left in its wake. Shelters, rescue organizations, and foster groups were filled to overflowing with displaced pets.

The next year, after helping on-site in New Orleans, the duo came up with an innovative new way to help take some of the burden off shelters. Taking food banks as their model, they created Rescue Bank. This hardworking behind-the-scenes organization takes major donations of pet food that would otherwise be discarded by manufacturers due to color inconsistencies, labelling updates, or overproduction. The food is collected and stored, transportation is organized and paid for, and then it is distributed to eligible rescue organizations.

The effect is incredible. With less need to pour funds into providing food, suddenly these wonderful organizations can focus on the other areas of care. Housing, daily maintenance, veterinary care, and specialized needs become that much more attainable when the budget for them is increased. The result is better quality of life for rescued pets and a larger number of animals that can be helped.

Today, Rescue Bank and work together to facillitate the transport and delivery of donated goods to rescue organizations across America. Millions of pounds of nutritious pet food arrive at rescue organizations in need each year. But the program isn't free - the time and effort needed, the cost of storage and freight, and the organization of delivery to locations across the country all require resources to continue.

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