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Not what we wanted: Our monsters Jinx and Minx

While expecting our first child my husband fell in love with a stray dog. Rosie was exactly what he needed after leaving his family and life in the UK 2 years ago. We already had 2 cats, but Rosie struggled with them. She never tried to hurt them but being a hound she wanted to tree them! We were living with my parents so when we purchased the house next door the cats happily stayed with them. One adored my dad and the other had bonded to their dog. While desperately missing the cats my husband suggested we adopt a kitten to train Rosie since kittens tend to be stupidly fearless. I reluctantly agreed; I really just wanted our ginger boys.

When I called our local rescue we just wanted one tame male kitten, but they were struggling to foster two small feral kittens. We adopted them sight unseen. They dropped off monsters instead, albeit tiny ones; a brother and sister that had been found under a house. They would hiss, scratch, and bite given half a chance. Flash forward 6 months they are still crazy but extremely affectionate. Neither have a polite bone in their bodies; stealing anything they can, from food to baby toys and binkies. Nothing is out of reach or safe from these two. When they want love they frequently and forcibly demand it. They follow us everywhere; you can't even take a shower without their company. They come when someone calls monsters and are best friends with Rosie. Jinx is pure silky black, large, and laid back. He’s yet to meet someone (human or animal) he doesn't like, and he adores our infant daughter. He wants to “help” with everything. Minx is affectionately called Moo for her tendency to graze; she’ll eat anything. She's a tiny torbie; very gentle and loving but feisty. She is the queen of the house.We still miss our ginger boys but they come visit and are never far away. The monsters weren't what we wanted but exactly what we needed. We're so happy they came to us.

Hines, OR

The kitten who saved me.

I had recently lost my cat to the bob cat tick disease and was heartbroken. My next door neighbors knew that I had another cat that was black and white and called me to tell me that they thought she was at their house. So I went next door and saw a cat that wasn't mine, But he was so precious so I took him. I named him Alex. He followed me everywhere and even fell asleep when I gave him a bath. I finally took him to the vet to get checked out and he tested positive for feline leukemia. I once again had my heart broken. While I had been waiting for those devastating results there was a lady that had a picnic basket. Inside the basic was a little black kitten with the cutest nose. Before I left the receptionist gave me the name and number of the lady with the kitten. I let a few days pass and I couldn't stop thinking about that kitten. So I called her up and went to her house and my little kitten was hiding in the wall. I got down on the floor and reached my hand in the wall and pulled him out. It was instant love. My broken heart had been healed. I believe that out of all the heartbreak I went through it was meant for me to be his mom. Now he is my best friend and cant wait for my husband and I to get home every day.

Murfreesboro, TN

A gift in the street

I always had many pets, since I was born. I had iguanas, dogs, cats, bunnies... So when I moved from my mother's house to my grandparents' house, it was very difficult to me to deal with the fact that I didn't have pets anymore. I was 9 years old at the time. One night I was walking back home and I saw a kitty in front of my door. She was so small! When my grandmother saw her, her heart melt too and we decided to keep her. She was so sick we thought she wouldn't survive long - even the veterinary told us the chances were slim. She was so skinny that you could see her bones perfectly through her skin, she was also too weak and young, but we did all we could anyway. And she was a brave and strong girl! She survived and became a healthy happy kitty. We were both children when I first got her. After 11 years, I got other stray cats, but she's still the one that is more attached to me. She follows me everywhere, sleeps with me and makes me smile everyday. She's 14.5 lbs now, a chubby lazy cat! I can't imagine these past years without her. There's no happiness like growing up with your best friend around! She still is and will always be my baby, the little precious gift I found in the street.

Isabela Altafim
Bauru, Brazil

Jack, the wild child

I always considered myself a 'dog-person' and knew nothing about cats, but one day I heard about a little feral kitten whos mother died. I instantly clicked and felt like I have to help this baby. The plan was that I'll raise him until he is strong enough to be given away to my boyfriends grandpa who lived in the countryside. Got all the supplies, books to learn about cats and brought the little whiny thing home. He was 4 weeks old and just hungry all the time, had to feed him in about every hour. As the days past we fell in love with him (even though he always gets himself into trouble) and decided to keep him. Over 6 months passed and he's grown up to be an energetic teenager with a huge appetite, who is very-very naughty but also funny and flattering, who'll always be loved and taken care of.

Gyöngyös, Hungary

A Meeting of Fate

This is Viper. While she passed away 2 years ago, she remains one of the best animals I've ever had the pleasure to know. This beautiful girl graced my life when she was already 6 years old. I lived out in the country and one extremely cold winter evening, she showed up on my door step. She seemed to know people and was acting like she desperately wanted inside. My heart melted for her and I let her in. She was very hungry so I fed her and gave her water. She then proceeded to spend the rest of the night cuddled on the couch letting me brush all of the little burrs out of her fur.

What makes Viper's story so surprising to me, is that I actually found her owners. She had an ear tattoo and I made a bunch of calls and managed to track down her original owners. It turns out, they'd been forced to move into the city and had to give her up because she wasn't coping well with the traffic and noise and small spaces. They had rehomed her to a different family, but she was a shy cat and they'd had a bunch of rambunctious boys. She had ran away within 2 weeks.

My surprising little girl had traveled almost 40 miles to reach my doorstep. Her original owners came to my house to take her back and it was only then that I learned her story. They lamented to me that now they'd have to find a new home for her. What could I do, but offer my own home to her? It seemed fate to me that she had traveled so far in the middle of winter to end up in my house. They cried to leave her again, but knew that she'd found a loving home.

She was one of the sweetest, most cuddliest, most capable, and biggest hearted cats I've ever known and I count the short ten years I was able to share her love a pure blessing.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Mrs. Ethel P. Zabladowski and the Troublesome Kitten

I have always been a black cat lover, so I was thrilled when my dad came home one day with a little black cat he'd agreed to take from a friend moving into an apartment that wasn't pet friendly. We figured it would take her some time to warm up to the family, but after living with us 4 years, she was rarely interacted with our family, and never came near me, in part because of our older cat, who claimed as hers.

When I finally moved off campus toward the end of college, I decided to take the little cat, since named Mrs. Zabladowski (she wasn't on a first name basis with any of us) with me. I expected our friendship to develop over months, so I was shocked when our first night together, she was all over me, purring and giving head butts. She has been my baby ever since, although she continued to be very nervous and timid.

Two years later I started grad school, which meant a LOT of studying. I could tell Ethel was lonely. I decided it was time to expand our family. One saturday, I ran to Petco to grab some supplies when a young black kitten caught my eye. I picked him up and he snuggled into me. It was love at first site!

When I brought him home, I quickly discovered this kitten was not the calm, quiet boy he had seemed to be. He quickly earned the name Houdini, after breaking out of my apartment. Ethel did not approve at first, immediately cornered him and growled. He responded by looking at her with confusion and I knew I'd found the right boy. Since then, Ethel has come into her own, striding around the house with a new found sense of confidence and purpose. She may act like she hates him, but when she thinks we're not looking, enjoys playing with him and observing his antics. He is amazing, funny, and loving cat in his own right. I'm so lucky to have them both!

Manhattan, KS


My fiance had recently lost her dog, Nikki, whom I loved and cared for like a daughter; she was a rescue who had been abused in EVERY way possible. Nikki was hit by a car when my fiance and I were out on September 9, 2013. We were devastated, we only had her for three months and she was three years old. We still mourn and have break downs about her to this day. But just a short week after, I saw on Kijiji an ad for a 7 year old Australian/Collie mix, he was free. I contacted the owner, and they immediately set up a time to meet me. I met him on a Tuesday in September, it was the day that I would never forget. He looked terrible, underweight, clumps of hair clipped out everywhere, his teeth were yellow stained, but he was still energetic. I took him that day and asked the owner for all his vet files. But, they never responded and I had never heard from them again, not even now. Buddy had surgery to remove a tooth that had grown into his jaw this January, and just October 29th, he had a pacemaker put in. His heart was only beating 20-42 bpm. We had to wait a week for the surgery, but they told us he could pass at any moment from heart failure. My mom and I were devastated, we cried and held onto each other. I tried to be a "man". The surgery cost 4,000 dollars, but now he is healthy again and the pace maker beats 98% of the time for him. He will go when he needs to go now. I realized that the owners knew that Buddy was costly, so they gave him away for free, I am glad they did. He wouldn't have lived another month if we didn't do the surgery and if he was with them, he would be dead. I am happy I got Buddy, he hasn't ever been this happy. I will never regret bringing Buddy home to the family.

Jensen Black
Orangeville, ON, Canada

Our Timmy Cat

My Husband and I recently got Timmy. He is three years old and had been at the humane society for over a month (which was a very short time compared to some of the cats.) My husband and I moved into our new house about 1 month ago. My whole life I have had a cat and after spending a few days home alone while my husband was at work I couldn't stand it any more. We had spent almost 2.5 hours at the humane society petting playing and asking about the cats at the shelter. It was so hard to make a decision they had over 50 cats to chose. My husband sat down and Timmy instantly came and laid in his lap. He purred loudly and seemed very excited to be paid attention too. We decided Timmy was ours and brought him home. The very first thing he did was hide behind microwave slowly he became more comfortable. He is very playful and often acts more like a dog following me or my husband through out the house. He loves being held and if he you are standing and he things that you not paying enough attention to him he will climb up your leg for attention. He likes to pounce on your feet under the cover. He has been so great and he is already hissing at one of the outdoor cats in the neighborhood. He is so sweet and kind it hurts to know this kitty was out on the street for who knows how long. He is a perfect addition to our home and fits in perfectly. I hate going to work leaving him at home. I can't imagine not having him. My favorite part of the day is coming home and petting him as he sits in my lap.

Fairmont, WV

The Kitten Who Chose Me

Loki was a kitten who was found in a hoarders house, he had a severe upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis and feline pneumonia. He was five weeks old, and slated to be put down. I worked at the Nebraska Humane Society and the minute I walked into the room he was in with his fellow hoarded cats, he screamed at me, while the rest were quiet. I threw a stink about his condition, and refused to let him be put down. I fostered him since he was 4 weeks old, and he ended up being healthy as a horse. He is now a year old, and with some deformities (he is missing his bottom canine teeth and has a lazy eye), he is the most wild and crazy, loving and playful Maine Coon kitten out there. At a healthy 10 lbs. he has never been sick again. The thing is, I have an autistic son, and Loki is in love with him. I couldn't have been picked by a sweeter cat. Never give up, that is his motto, and I will never give up on him. Thank you for letting me post this.

Jessica McLain
Bellevue, NE

Snow babies

My friend is known for her reputation as being a "cat whisperer", and she had made a feral cat shelter for her little visitors in her backyard in 2013. That year, the winter here in Denver was especially long and hard and that shelter proved to be life saving. Even though the shelter was just a trash can with insulation, a little, stray, female calico made her home in there and survived two snow storms.

One day, when my friend was checking on the shelter, she saw a tiny kitten wandering out around the entrance of the trash can and she called me to say she needed my help. When I got to her house, we came up with a plan on how to separate the mama from the babies so we could get everyone inside safely and check out the situation. It was much easier than anticipated, and she lured the mama into a carrier and then we hustled the trash can inside and put everyone into her guest bedroom.

The mama cat (later named Cleo) was not upset at all by this maneuver mostly because my friend had developed a relationship with her and Cleo felt safe. So, with Cleo's permission and under her watchful eye, we pulled out the insulation to find 3 kittens. Much to our relief, there was no evidence of more kittens or any deaths. Somehow, these babies survived below freezing temps for weeks in the shelter my friend had built! We estimated them to be about 2 or 3 weeks old when we found them based on their eye color and size.

I had been looking for a buddy for my young adult male cat (Puddin), and this was fate. One little kitten out of the bunch had a tiny pink nose and won my heart right away. I named him Goo. When Goo was ready to come home, Puddin fell in love also, and the two are now eternally bonded. Goo still has a feral streak, but as he is getting older it is getting better. He is now 1.5 years old!

Denver, CO
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