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My Little Ladies

My story begins April 2009. We had just purchased a new home and brought 1 kitty with us, my T.J. At the time the previous owners were going to take their cat to the Spca because she coudlnt go with them to the new home. We told them to leave her with us. She was beautiful and worm infested. A few vet visits later Cleo was a healthy girl. We lost both T.J. and Cleo that following year due to age and an illness we missed. Our house was empty. A friend had 2 litters of kittens at the same time and we went to see! Thats when we saw her, our Noodle. She had the cutest chunky wigglie butt there! All white with a striped mask, tail and just 1 spot on her side. She came home with us soon there after. She loves to snuggle! But you cant just have 1 kitty, she needed a friend. At the loal SPCA we saw her, a scrawny little black and white girl staring at me through the cage. I couldnt get her out of my mind. I had vowed that if there were sisters there we would take them home so they wouldnt be separated. So in line I waited to fill our the paperwoork. That little black and white one still on my mind. I asked my husband to go see if she was still there (another lady was looking at her) and she was! He ran back and put the sisters paperwork back and got the little one. (the sisters were adopted that day too!) Alex, as she was named, was coming home with us! She was amazing from the start. We changed her name to Herbie, after Herbie the Love Bug. My girls are true sisters, they fight, they love, they snuggle. M Herbie loves to play fetch and Noodle loves to lounge! They are truely bonded after 7 years together. My Little Ladies are my light and my sunshine, they love us unconditionally and are spolied rotten. We wouldnt have it any other way!

Millsboro, DE

(Video) A Must-See: The Lonely Steer Who Found Love and Lots to Eat

Good morning,

To give your day—and mood—a feel-good boost, check out the story of Isaac, an emaciated steer who was sprung in the nick of time from a filthy hoarding facility in Florida that posed as an animal rescue and whose owners were charged with cruelty to animals. As this new PETA video ( released today shows, Isaac went from a thin, lonely fellow to a healthy, happy lad who uses his playful personality to win over everyone—staff and animal residents alike—at his new home at Farm Sanctuary in upstate New York.

Isaac's sweet nature hides a miserable past: As PETA revealed in its investigation ( of Darlynn's Darlins Rescue Ranch, Inc.—the sham sanctuary that purchased him when he was just a calf—he was frequently left without water, rarely fed, and kept in isolation for much of his life, despite his need, as a herd animal, for companionship. Just skin and bones, he was suffering from pneumonia and a very upset stomach—and he was lonely.

Authorities acted quickly on PETA's evidence to ensure the rescue of Isaac and some 200 other neglected animals from Darlynn's Darlins, and today, he's in clover. He's almost never alone: He's surrounded by a team of caring Farm Sanctuary workers and lots of goat, sheep, and alpaca pals. Bales of fresh hay keep his energy up, and his ribs no longer threaten to pierce his skin.

PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that "animals are not ours to abuse in any way"—has posted more details about Isaac's rescue here (, and I'd be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Many thanks.

Washington, DC

Pearl My Girl

This is my Pearl girl. We’ve been together since mid-2014. Before her, two kitties kept me company, but both passed within months of each other very unexpectedly. Two weeks after the second girl passed, coming home from a job I decided to stop at a pet store that often has rescue animals on display. Pearl was by herself, 8 years old, kind of shabby looking and had a reduced adoption fee to encourage someone to adopt her. I was able to hold her. She was not a cuddler and didn’t seem terribly interested, but I fell for her. She had cloudy eyes and moved cautiously. It was obvious that she needed a home that would be safe and reassuring for her. Since I live alone with no other pets, she would have no competition.

A few days later the adoption was complete and she came home. She not only has vision problems, probably due to feline herpes affecting her corneas, but she doesn’t always respond to sound and walks as if she’s been injured in her back end. Since the humane society received her as a stray, no real history is known for her. She has irritable bowel, and so gets premium food, probiotics and other supplements to build her health. She has made drastic improvements in our time together, but the most exciting has been in the recent several months. She’s learning to play and can sometimes be enticed to do so. Just a couple of months ago she started switching her tail the way cats do when lounging and looking like they rule. A couple of weeks ago as I hugged her, I heard the faintest of purrs.

She seems to know she’s loved and is happy. Adopt an older pet. They’ll love you every bit as much!

Springvale, ME

Miss Minnie

My veterinarian wife was checking on puppies and kittens at a local pet store at the time back in 2005 when I happened to be walking in to the same store for something and she said I want you to come and look at something. She came out from a back room with a six week old black kitten that had been born with a deformed back leg and handed it to me. I was not a cat person, however, once I was holding this black kitten that looked up at me and I looked at it, it was a done deal. We had to amputate the remainder of the leg, so Minnie became my three-legged baby girl and taught me over the past twelve years that cats DO have personalities and aren't just aloof. She "talked", played fetch, was my constant companion with whatever I was doing, and was very well-behaved. I was totally devastated to find out that she had kidney disease after having a brief illness that came out of nowhere as we had no other signs to tell us anything was wrong. After discussing everything with my wife and her colleagues, I made the heartbreaking decision to send her to the Rainbow Bridge after just twelve years of devoted companionship. Miss Minnie will always live on in my heart as I think of her daily. Rest well my baby girl, until we meet again.

Mike J
Frankfort, IL

Thanksgiving Kitten

I was a dog person.

It was Thanksgiving of 2014 my extended family had just finished dinner when my son heard the sound of a cat meowing coming from the heat run in the living room/dining room. The grandchildren were gathered around it trying to pull the cover off so that they could save the kitty.

Flashlight in hand I went down to the basement garage and discovered 2 huge eyes staring down at me from the wall separating the 2-stall garage. It was one of the feral kittens from under the deck next door. I put out turkey and arranged some wood so that he could return to his family. The next day my son heard the meowing again from the garage. He had not left.

I talked to a friend that belonged to a TNR group and she lent me a safe trap. I successfully trapped him and brought him inside. It took months of gentle care to get him to trust me enough to pet him. He is now my best buddy. I named him Yanjing because in Chinese it means eyes.

I have gone on to trap, neuter, and return and immunize his family. I have also added his sister’s two babies Twilight and Moonlight to my home. Sunnyspots gave birth to 6 babies in a trap in my basement; two were adopted by my son and his family, and 2 by a dear friend.

I have winter housing and a feeding station for Yanjing’s two brothers Houdini and FuzzyWuzzy, and the newest addition Floyd. I miss the others that have come and gone Miss Molly (Mom), Sunnyspots (sister), Midnight (Dad), and Black-n-white. It is heartbreaking to not know the end of their stories. I now chip them when I trap and update their immunizations.

Traverse City, MI


An elderly neighbor's cat got pregnant before he had a chance to spay her. She had 5 kittens: 3 black and 2 gray. I knew no one would want the black ones, or if they were given to a shelter, their chances for adoption were slim. So I took all 3 of them. This photo was taken the day I brought them home. Now 6 months later they are so big that they each have their own bed, plus their own condo. Remember: adopt or rescue, don't shop.

bushkill, PA

My Gracie

I lost my beloved Ally (17 years young) last year and was heartbroken. I searched forever online until I came across Gracie (she was called Marcy originally). I knew the moment I saw her that she was already in my heart. She was trucked up to me from Kentucky and I had an hour's drive to get her. I couldn't wait! Once we got home, I could see she had a rough start in life; nipping ankles and going after anything that moved too fast. She is now remarkable, beautiful, and showed me how to smile again. I love her to the moon and back! We saved each other!

Parkville, MD

Healing Heeler

It was July 2012 and we had just lost our beloved Katie, a wonderful shepherd/husky mix we adopted from the CNYSPCA. Of course, we started looking on Petfinder and found a dog pictured that was at the Humane Society of Rome which seemed to fit the bill - larger adult that is good with cats. When we got there, we met him and he was a nice dog...however...he had issues with other male dogs, and our neighbor's goofy male lab was a constant visitor to our place. (Note - he got a great home) So we asked if they had another cat-friendly dog there, and two of the workers simultaneously said, "Lacey!" We met her, took her for a walk, and picked her up the next day after all the paperwork was finalized - the only thing we knew about her was that she was turned in because "she needed more room to run" - we have 150 acres, live in a very rural area, and run/hike/snowshoe/ski daily so that was a no-brainer. What we weren't prepared for was her incredible intelligence and love of learning and play - we never had a heeler before, but we soon learned that was a core trait for them. We've had her 5 years now, and she's still learning new skills...and has managed to train us pretty well, too :-) Adopt a shelter animal - the benefits will improve your life...physically, mentally and emotionally!

Bev & Dave
Williamstown, NY


On an early Sunday morning when my daughter and I were already out trying to find a stray mama dog who had recently given birth on the college campus where we both work, we received a call from a friend, asking us to come get a small dog she had rescued the night before. It was freaking out her three older and much larger Rotties, who weren't really sure what it was! So we headed to her house to find a very small white Chihuahua, in pretty bad shape. She had already taken him to an overnight vet to start flea and tick treatment and on our way home, my daughter pulled over 20 dead ticks off him. We took him to our vet right away and while he amazingly didn't have any tick-borne diseases, he was underweight, had a cherry eye, and of course hadn't been neutered. Our friend and I agreed to share the costs and then move him along to a Chihuahua rescue. But then...

As Walter recovered, our 3-year-old great-niece who lived with us fell in love with him and he with her. One by one everyone else became captivated, and then we learned that Chichis are, with pitbulls, the most euthanized dogs in the country. Finally I gave in and allowed him to completely conquer me, a woman who loves big dogs, not those little yappy excuses for dogs. He became mine and I am head over heels. I did insist on taking him through a training course, because I didn't feel competent to train him on my own because of his size, but I was determined he is a dog, not a toy. I am convinced if all owners of small dogs, especially Chihuahuas, did so, there would be far fewer Chichis in shelters.

His full name is Walter Manning (for the greatest quarterback ever), because all dogs live lives big enough for two names. I've learned that physical size is no indicator of the size of a dog's heart and soul.

Monrovia, IN

The Tale of Two Siamese

This is the story of how Gus and Gloria found their forever home.

A few days before Christmas in 2014, John (my husband) was loading up his truck to head over to his parent's home. He noticed a little white fluffball at his feet and reached down to pet it before heading on his way. He later returned to try to find the little kitten, but was unsuccessful. He returned back to his parent's house to find that little kitten sitting in the driveway waiting for him! Gus had climbed up into John's truck and hitched a ride! He was greasy and dirty but cleaned up well with a bath and a bow. He has a big personality and enjoys long naps and the finer things in life. We believe that while we are at work, he lounges around smoking cigars and drinking scotch.

Gloria found us on July 4, 2017. John and I were once again headed to his parent's house to celebrate a holiday. This time it was dark and I was driving. We saw a pair of glowing eyes on the side of the road and realized it was a cat! Since we were in the middle of the country side, we quickly pulled over and John jumped out to investigate. We picked up this little girl and once we saw she was Siamese, it felt like she was meant to come home with us. I took her to the vet the next day and learned she weighed less than 1 pound, had bruises, road rash, infected eyes, a cough, and nerve damage in her front left leg. The vet believes that she was possibly tossed out of a car window. She is now almost 5 pounds and all medical issues have healed perfectly! She is still a little shy but brings such a bright and happy zest for her renewed life.

Together, we have Gus and Gloria and so much love!

Lebanon, TN
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