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Snow Day Kitty

I was in my sophomore year of high school, and it had been a couple of years since the family cat had passed away. I had been wanting another kitty for a long time, but it wasn't really my choice, so we just went without one. One day, school closed for low temperatures and snow, but it was hardly dangerous outside, so my mother and I went out to the pet store to buy a dog bed for our weimaraner. I went to the adoption center as I usually do (this is Petsmart, so they were rescue cats) and a little Siamese cat with white feet caught my attention immediately. She was the most beautiful cat I’d ever seen, and her white feet made her look like she was wearing snowshoes. She was rubbing against the cage and purring, and would even kiss my fingers when I poked them through the bars. Those big blue eyes must have been pretty irresistible, because a talk with my mom and a phone call to my father later and she was mine. She’s been the best cat anyone could ever imagine.

I'm in my senior year of college now and after three years apart I was able to have her with me for this school year. She follows me from room to room, where she curls up next me or plays with my hair. When I'm stressed out or depressed she’s always there to give me little kisses and hugs, and it’s all because of that one blustery Tuesday when I got out of school. I love you Keeley, you’re my little snowshoe princess, and I’ll always be here for you.

Columbus, OH

Reaching Out For A New Freind

My husband and I one day decided to visit our local shelter just to see the cats. We originally was just going to visit and we were looking from cage to cage. One we passed had a older cat and she seemed friendly but the one across from her was a young cat who had these amazing blue eyes and was reaching out to us. All the other cats didnt seem to care if we were there but he did. Lefty was wanting to play and would meow until we return to him. We decided he will be coming home with us. The lady asked if we were sure since he was labeled as aggressive. We told her yes we want to take him home. That day we take him to the vet for his rabies shot as required by the shelter and took him home.

We found out he was a lynx point Siamese and was de-clawed. First week he was yowling but was told its part of the breed. He decided to play attack us when we pass him so a new name was in order since lefty didnt seem to fit him. We renamed him Stryker. After he settled down a bit he would not leave my side and was very protective of me and the baby I was carrying. He even bit my husband on the butt once because he thought he was hurting me. Once the baby was born and we brought her home Stryker instantly went over to her and sniffed around then settled down next to her. He became her guard cat from the day we brought our daughter home and still 4 years later is her cat. She is the only one who can slobber over him, lay on him, or even tug the tail and he would still purr. My youngest he likes but not as tolerant with her. I think from the beginning Stryker knew Diana was special (she is autistic) and thats why he reached out. We believe he adopted us and not the other way around.

Garland, TX

Our two goofballs.

At the time we had just one cat, a beloved tortie named Charlotte who has since gone to the Bridge. However, a former tenant of an apartment my sis-in-law rented out had a cat who he abandoned when he was evicted (after neglecting her beforehand) and we took her in. Sadly, she and Charlotte REALLY did not get along-- but we found out Jane Grey (as we named her) was expecting! So we continued to care for her and just kept them apart, as she was otherwise a wonderfully sweet lady. Fast forward several weeks and Lady Jane gave birth to five healthy kittens, who we continued to care for and play with through those weeks of life they needed with their mom. Eventually they were old enough to adopt out and a friend took two, we kept two, and Jane went with the last to a good SPCA shelter where they found homes (I followed up on them later).

Charlotte still did not like the kittens, but there was no fur flying at least; she was just a cranky lady who tolerated their presence begrudgingly. We ended up naming them Nova (orange girl) and Tosh (white/grey boy) after characters from the videogame Starcraft II which had come out a month after they were born. The kittens are now nearly five years old and large (15 and 17 lb), wonderfully affectionate lumps of feline love. Life would be so much more dull without this marvelous pair!

Ottawa, ON, Canada

The cats of "Wuthering Heights"

I've had the pleasure of being adopted by four cats, all of whom are named after characters in Bronte's novel, "Wuthering Heights." I didn't plan it that way, but neither did I plan to have four cats!

It all started when I went to the shelter to adopt a cat. First, a pretty black tuxedo female walked straight up to me and curled up in my jacket. I'd been picked. Then I noticed a scary looking black male with battered ears watching me. I decided to take them both. After we got home that first day, the male let me know he didn't like change. Affectionate at first, he pooped on my bed as soon as I left him alone. Right away, I thought of Heathcliff, the charming rogue in the novel. If he was Heathcliff, she had to be Cathy. We all settled down together (and he never pooped in my bed again).

That fall, a feral orange tom began visiting daily. Little more than a kitten, he was obsessed with Cathy. She, however, wasn't at all impressed. She screamed at him through the window. Still he came. I named him Hareton, after the wild boy in the novel, tamed by his love for Cathy. Clearly he needed a home so I took him in, with misgivings given Cathy's hostility. It took a year to tame him and almost that long for her to stop hissing at him.

Then, a small gray tuxedo male showed up in the middle of winter. I was running out of names! Finally, I chose Edgar. The poor boy obviously was abused, and was terrified of people. With months of gentle coaxing, he finally opened up. Once he did, he quickly gained confidence. I think he must have been well-loved as a kitten to bounce back so well.

Heathcliff is clearly in charge, as befits his name. Far from being a rogue, he is very loving and gives me kisses when I hold him. Cathy is smart, mischievous and affectionate. Hareton is now a lap cat and Edgar never leaves my side.

Lunenburg, MA

Mr. Missy

When I was little I was going through a tough year at school. Unknown to my mom my dad went out and got the "calmest" kitten he could find. This cat was so dark that it took me forever to notice it while it slept on our black couch. As we tried to come up with a good name he woke up and started to play around and was one of the most rowdiest animals we have ever seen. So we named him Mischief, Missy for short. (later finding out she was a he and now Mr Missy.) for the fact he fooled my dad into thinking he got a sweet nice and calm kitten. This cat played tag with me in my home. He would sleep with me and come to me as I walked in the door from school every day. as the years went on he did some of the funniest things like tore threw a bag of flour and spread it all over my grandma's house. jumped on the fridge and got into a box of twinkies that we up there. He didn't eat the twinkies themselves only the cream filling inside them. Looked like a rabid cat with white foam all over his face.

Mr. Missy went through move to another state with me, one really nasty divorce, and a newer marriage that was never to last. he was there through it all and would meow at me when I was sad and lonely. Only a year ago I had to put him down while I was at work because he got too sick. I miss my little man. I love you and miss you! I really wished I could have been there with you and held you and told you goodbye.

Jessica Craig
Phoenix, AZ

A September Chance.

Last year on September 6th 2014 I went riding with my mom and her co-worker. We stopped at the stop sign at the end of our street and I heard a kitten crying. My mom and her co-worker insisted we leave it be, but I wouldn't take no for an answer. So on the way back, we stopped to look for the kitten that was crying. I scooped her up and held her in my arms and petted her and loved on her. When we got home, I got her some food to eat and some fresh water. Once she had a full tummy I picked her up, sat in our rocking recliner and she fell asleep, purring. After a while we named her Chance, and ever since then she has been with us, and following me around all over the place, meowing when she can't get to me. I may not have rescued her from a shelter, but to me it was a life saved, because if we would have left her she would have drowned the next day from rain. Not once do I regret rescuing this little angel, she has done wonders for my disabled father and stressed mother. She is part of our family now, and we can't imagine life without her. We gave her a second chance at life, and a better future to look forward to.

Vidalia, GA

The Alley Cat

I first met my Alley in the alley behind my building (hence his name). He was one of the stray cats in that alley. Instead of running away and hiding as all other stray cats would do when they see humans, Alley rolled on his back and showed me his belly and opened his arms. I played with him a bit. He followed me till the end of the alley and wouldn't let me leave.

I was worried about him because he's too friendly to humans, which is very dangerous in this city. The lady who cleans the garbage at the back alley told me that he was new here, apparently abandoned by somebody.

I started to go to the back alley every day to visit him. Every time he'd jump out from wherever he was hiding to play with me, and he'd follow me, stand in my way, scratch my pants, step on my feet, and scream loud to try to stop me from leaving. This continued for a couple of weeks.

Finally, I decided to take him home. One day, I went to the back alley with a cat carrier. He jumped inside right away...

Yu Yu
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dinah stole our hearts

My husband and I have two male cats, Mclovin and Dennis. We have had Mclovin for seven years and took Dennis in almost three years ago from my sister. They both get along great but I still wanted to get a girl cat and my husband thought I was crazy so it did not happen, initially. One evening, my husband saw a beautiful calico kitten sitting outside our back door. The first few nights she would run away when he would open the door so we decided to put food out for her. One evening, my husband went outside when she was there and she ran up to him and wouldn't leave his side. He put her in the garage for the evening since he thought she may be a run away. I met her the next morning and she ran up to me and gave me a big hug. My love for her began that morning. We put up signs around the neighborhood, went on local websites to say we found her, and during this time, she started to steal our hearts more. No one claimed the sweet little calico so we decided to integrate her into our family. We named her Dinah and now she is great friends with Mclovin and Dennis. She chose our backyard and us and we are so lucky she did.

Ali Brandt
Tempe, AZ

Maya, My Maya

In May of last year, I rescued two four week old kittens and saved their lives, and got to keep one. I had my precious little Soxy Boy until January 12, 2015, when someone saw fit to murder him and leave him for us to find. I was devastated, but concentrated on loving his sister, who was even more hurt because now she lost her playmate and brother.

There was a stray hanging around, a pretty little tortoiseshell queen named Maya that the neighbor tried to adopt. But he wouldn't feed her and more often than not would kick her out. I bought a bag and bowl specifically for her and fed her. After a while she learned that my mother's was the place to go to get food. She'd scratch to get in, eat, then scratch to be let out. Suddenly she started to thicken and come in an astonishing amount to eat, and it hit us that this little kitty was pregnant. I leapt at the opportunity. I could get another kitten!

On the 22 of March, 2015, my mother and I had a falling out. Fearing for Maya's life, I bought her what she'd need immediately and drove up to get her that night. It wasn't easy to get her in the crate, and the drive scared her. She happily lounges around in my room now, eating fine delicacies such as bits of shrimp, tuna, steak, cooked veggies, and the occasional half-can of wet food, choosing between three different beds set up at highly-frequented areas, and day-dreaming about catching all the fish she watches in my tanks, getting ready to have a litter of kittens.

Sox showed me that having a kitty companion is incredibly rewarding, and Maya is only supporting it. I've had her a week now and she's stuck to my side like glue, greets me whenever I come in, and offers her soft, furry shoulder to cry on whenever I need it. I'm still getting a kitten when her litter is born, but I'm very glad I got her as well.

Citrus Heights, CA


So, this is my best friend and her name is Kitty! During the month of February (2014) I went to go look at this random house with my grandma (The house I live in now). I went looking through all the rooms, but one of the rooms I went to had a bathroom in it. When I entered the room, something just told me to go look outside the bathroom window. When I did I saw this beautiful calico cat just laying in the woods. Something sent this weird feeling down my back when I turned and left the bathroom. So, later that month we finally got moved in and it started snowing like crazy. I was in the living room and as I was sitting on the couch, I looked outside our back door and there she was standing outside the window while getting snowed on. I felt so bad for her and finally convinced my grandma to let her come in. On May 19, 2014 she had 5 little kittens. I could only keep one and I had to give the others away! Ever since I found Kitty I knew she was meant to be with me and she has changed my life soooo much. She has given me soo many memories even though she is a cat, for example; the time she tried giving birth on my bed! -.- I love her sooo much and I will never let her go.

Galax, VA
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