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Ozzy the "hitch-hiker"

It was a random summer Sunday, and myself and my then boyfriend decided to stop in at his dads house for a bit. On our way, his dad called us. On the other end of the line he began to tell us that, on his way to the thrift shop he pulled over because he saw a black thing moving on the side of the road. He didn't know if it was a bird or a cat, or some other animal until he got out of his car and began calling to it... Instantly the tiniest black kitten's ears perked up and came running right to him, as if he knew he was going to be in good hands. His eyes were gooped shut and his nose completely covered in booger goo, so bad that it was crusted into a thick layer that would later form a small scar on his lip.

My boyfriend and I had no intention on adopting another cat, as we already had 2 at home, but once I saw this precious little angel, I just fell in love! For being in such a horrible condition, this tiny kitten had more personality than most people I know. We took the little guy to the vet the next day where they gave him medication, shots, and got rid of the ear mites and fleas. He informed us that had we found him any later, he surely would have died. He got very sick with an upper respiratory condition 2 more times as he continued to heal. I bathed him, wiped his nose and played with him for hours and hours, everyday while I was off that summer, and the bond we formed can't possibly be put into words.

I'll never know what kind of ordeal he went through before being found, but I am so very thankful that he is now my absolute best friend, companion, and has been there for me for so many ups and downs, break-ups, job changes, loss and love. I saved him, while he saves me every day.

Stacie Ermis
West Allis, WI

I Got Lucky

About 3 years ago, my friend and I were out investigating places to take our horses to trail ride. On a whim we turned down a dirt road in the Ozark National Forest, then on another whim I said "Let's go check out the campground". We drove up to the empty campground and saw the saddest little skinny pup laying there. He raised his head up, barely got up and wagged his tail. Then he laid back down I'm sure thinking we weren't going to help him either. He had an eye injury and was starved almost to death.

I looked at my friend and said "I'm taking that dog with us". I already had 4 at the time but I couldn't leave him behind. I took him home, fed him and he went soundly asleep on the bathroom rug....with that I welcomed "Lucky" into my pack.

He is the sweetest dog and makes new friends everywhere he goes. He is a canine ambassador for the campus Humane Society, has visited nursing homes and has his very own geocaching trackable ID. He is my constant companion and I feel "Lucky" to have to that turn into the campground that day

Debra Burris
Atkins, AR

Poopy Scooby , my doggy Son

I have always loved dogs and cats ,but my youngest daughter is severely autistic and so we thought it was not such a good idea.I was on Craigslist one day and there was this boy, the ad said he was a two year old German Shepard/ wired haired Dachsund mix.. The lady who had found him said he was beaten , tied to a fence at a gas station and left to die.

Well of course my daughter and I went to go see him. He was so gentle with my girl I thought he might end up being her service dog. But for some reason he bonded himself to me. He was so abused he still had scabs after a month of this lady taking care of him he did not know what grass was , he did not know about toys and he had never seen a dog cookie. I knew that no one was ever going to love this dog if I did not take him. He sleeps in my bed in the daytime and follows me everywhere , and my fiance says that when I leave the house he sits at the window and just waits for me to get home. We renamed him Scooby...but after a few accidents we mostly just call him Poopy... he has now can play and run in grass and loves to just hang out on the couch and chill.

This is HIS chair , no one else is allowed to sit in it, he got a new red collar and a HUGE box of dog cookies that are bone shaped....and has learned to shake hands for bones. He is sweet and gentle and funny and worships his mommy. I love my Poopy Scooby my furry son , my forever doggy....

Geniver M Williams
San Francisco, AL

Everything is Peachy Now

Several years ago, my husband and I adopted a 5 year mini poodle from Fuzzy Friends Rescue in Waco, TX. "Prince" had been an unclaimed stray. This year we felt that we could afford to adopt a second dog, a dog who would keep Prince company. Fuzzy Friends told us about Peaches, another mini poodle, who also had been an unclaimed stray and who had been found running along a roadside with severely matted hair. Peaches was heartworm positive and had been at the rescue for four months. I think her health history scared adopters off. We adopted her and took her home. She was 2 years old and not housetrained, leash trained, or used to being inside. The first time she saw the television, she barked at it and ran down the hall in a panic. But with patience and love she grew into the happiest poodle you will ever meet. Peaches, now named "Peachy", was one of the smartest dogs at obedience school. Her undocked tail waves constantly, her heartworms are gone, and her face always has a smile. Our whole family-- including Prince-- loves our silly, sweet, bubbly Peachy!

Lampasas, TX

Who rescued who?

Bear, my black lab passed away after 16 years. I was heart broken. I cried for seven months. I was beside myself. My boyfriend said we have to get you another dog. I said no I wasn't ready. He said well lets just go look. We went to an adoption event, but all the dogs were larger. I had heard smaller dogs live longer , and I wasn't ready to loose another dog for years to come. SO I sat on the floor like a child and cried.The woman asked what I was looking for, and I told her a small dog. She had just come from a shelter and said she saw the cutest little guy there. I just wanted to go home, but my boyfriend insisted we go look. Once there all the dogs came to greet me. I have a difficult time with that, always want to take them all home. Then there he was, the little cutie. They took he and I to a back room to see how we got along. I was determined not to take him home. He danced around the floor, sat in front of me and looked me in the eye. I held steadfast, still determined. Then he jumped into my lap and put his nose on mine and stared at me in the eye, that's when I looked around at my boyfriend and nodded yes! That was four years ago, I still miss my Bear every day, but Spencer rescued me from my grief. I love my little baby boy so much, and he loves his momma! <3

Brockport, NY

Dracula isn't the only one with a love bite

After losing my calico Sassy, after having her for 16 years. I didn't want another cat. But then I got married, the marriage was doomed from the start and I got lonely. One day while at work someone dumped a kitten; I found her, pick her up, and brought her home. But my husband (at the time) refused to allow me to keep her. He demanded that I find her a new place to live or take her to the pound. So I took the kitten which I named Mary Todd (because she was found at the Lincoln Tomb), to the local pound. I was a little broken hearted to give her up but she found a home pretty quickly. Soon after I convinced my husband to allow me to get another cat. We went to the APL, I had been browsing their website and found a calico cat that interested me. When we arrived at the APL they showed me the calico that I had been looking at, but she didn't respond to me. There was another cat in a cage a few doors down that was a tortoise shell and I wanted to see her. When they opened the cage and I stuck my hand in, she immediately bit me. Not a hard bite, but a gentle love bite. I immediately decided that she had to be mine. We were writing out the adoption papers and I found out that she had been dumped twice and somehow found her way back to the APL. Her name was Unique, but it was quickly changed to Meow Meow. They estimated her age to be about three years old. Now it has been three years, Meow Meow and I are on our own and away from the now ex-husband. She is ornery, but perfect. So smart and loving. And now spoiled as can be. I still miss Sassy, and sometimes cry for her even though it's been five years now. But Meow Meow helps me wake up in the mornings and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Springfield, IL

My little Bee!

It was a late Summer night last year when my mom and I went to the car to get drinks from the gas station. We had come to our car and a small cat raced from beneath it, visibly spooked at the idea of humans being so close. I saw the calico had a collar and assumed she was a kitten for being so small. I gave it a chance and she raced through the fence.

The next day I was headed down to a concert with a friend, boarding at his Aunt and Uncle's while we went to see the show. My mom, the second day I was down there sent a text with the words, "You will never believe what happened." Worried, I asked what occurred and was sent a picture of the same kitten we spied the other day curled tight on the sill of the bathroom sink. Mom said she just waltzed in from the back porch and made herself at home. My mom had originally said 'no' to me rescuing the cat, but after seeing the stage that she was in, nearly dead, we couldn't turn her away.

We named her Sookie Bee shortly before we took her to the vet. Susanne Beatrice in full. We jokingly called her our little 'gangster' kitty, because she came from the streets. Luckily a visit to the vet proved she had no worms or pests. It was only the fight to encourage her health now. Pound after pound the tiny kitten packed on. Still slim, still small, but well fed and always hungry for more. Being that her food was a special diet we were careful to watch her weight and keep her little body the picture of health.

We had her for a few months until a sudden turn of events meant we had to give her to a new home. The new apartment doesn't allow pets otherwise I would have gladly taken her with me. She is in a friend's home, well fed and adored by their little boy. I'll love my Sookie always!

Fenton, MI

over wormed kitten

One day while taking my girlfriend back from an eye appoinment, I was coming up on the pet store where she got my first cat-I felt that something was wrong and crossed three lanes of traffic to get to the store. When i walked in, I heard loud screams from the back and went to see-there i saw him a cute grey tabby shaking and wailing, I asked what happened and the owner said one of her employees had over wormed him and he was very sick. I took him to my vet and he told me not to get attached, that he would probably die. I said to the vet -if he was to live, what would I have to do. Well he said keep him hydrated with an eye dropper arround the clock. I did and in one week, he gained 4 ounces and back to the vet-he could not believe it and said to me-you are a real animal person--well Now he is 19 lbs of loving joy and is glued to my hip!!! LOL his name is HEMI after my favorite engine. i cannot imagine life without him.

robert urban
St. Helens, OR

Feral no More

Tillis is his name…he was feral, only spoke cat, almost hairless, and thin, 3 months old and only 1 ½ pounds. It was September and nights were getting cold, so a nice warm place to sleep was the first step along with some canned cat food. After three days he let me hold him, the next day he was off to the vet. She would only worm him and treat for fleas “IF he makes it bring him back in three months.” He made it, three months later Tillis weighed 5 pounds and sported a coat of long silky grey fur. He is seven now and more loved than the day he arrived.

McMinnville, OR

Unadoptable Quirkiness

One day I noticed two feral cats fighting. One was a very large tomcat and the other a tiny calico that I thought was a kitten. I immediately broke up the fight and the tomcat ran off.

The calico was lying on the ground in shock. I very quietly spoke to her she began to relax got up and walked away. After that moment she realized that I would protect her so whenever I was outside she would scavenge for food and follow me around from a distance. My friend noticed the cat following me and as a joke I said she is going to be my new cat. I was in the middle of my getting my MFA and already I have Pheobee my 14yearold rescue cat that was deemed unadoptable and I was too busy to rehabilitate another cat.

I found out that the calico was living in an abandoned house and to my surprise had 4 kittens. One night the calico came up to my friend and I meowing really loudly. She was in bad shape and asking for help. I broke down and began to feed her and instantly she trusted me. Within a day she moved her kittens into my yard. We found a no kill animal shelter that was able to find her kittens good homes but they would not take her because she was feral.

My friend named her Neepos and she is great and quirky! In the middle of working on my thesis Neepos brought me a piece of fried chicken she found somewhere outside and dropped it on my laptop while I was typing. I guess it was her way of saying don’t forget to eat while your working and thank you for saving me!

How can you not love that?!

Detroit, MI
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