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Have a plan for my future!

All pet owners should plan in advance– for your pet’s possible future without you.

I learned this from Tyler when I found him at my local humane society. He was there because his former owner (who had him since birth– for 9 years!) had gone into a nursing home. No one had a better idea for the poor guy’s next move than sending him to the shelter!

I am so glad I found him. He is very bright, affectionate, and incredibly loyal, following me everywhere (even when he is nearly falling asleep needing a nap!). It’s sad that this wonderful guy had to take his chances as a rescue cat. I think he was seriously depressed for about a year after I adopted him, and even now, he has moods when I imagine he thinks of earlier times, better and worse.

I have prepared a power of attorney form for the care of my cats. I’ve discussed it with family, friends, and my vet. We are all on the same page when it comes to their future if I cannot care for them.

You would do the same for your pets, wouldn’t you? You can probably find your state’s power of attorney or similar form on the internet, and you can probably complete it without an attorney. Just talk to your vet, family, and friends– make sure they have a copy of your written requests and plan. These precious lives are in our care, and we owe it to them to look out for their future even if we cannot share it.

Lois R
St Paul, MN


My boyfriend and I had recently moved, and I had to leave the rescue group I worked with. I had called the shelter to see if they worked with any groups, but they only allowed volunteers to work there. On one of our days off together, we agreed to go volunteer at the shelter but not bring any animals home. We went in and asked to volunteer.

We looked at all the dogs but did't even notice the small cat room. We got a few dogs out to go on walks and talked to a few other volunteers who mentioned the cat room. We walked in to look and play with the cats. They were all excited to see people, but one just sat at the front of the cage and stared at us. We walked over to him, and he put a paw on up to the cage. After a little debating, we decided to bring one home despite already having other cats. Since I chose the last cat, I left the room and let my boyfriend chose this one. When I came back in, I was heart broken that he didn't chose the quiet cat. He chose the one beside it, so we told the ladies at the front desk that we were going to be back with money. She gave us the look of doubt because I'm sure she hears it all the time.

When we came back, They told us to go get our cat. When we re-entered the room, my boyfriend changed his mind and got our Carter, which was supposed to be a stray girl cat. When we took him to the vet, he was declawed, neutered, and a boy. It didn't matter though. He ended up being a blessing to all of us.

Huntington, WV

Zipporah the Foundling

One Friday night we answered a knock on our front door to find our neighbors standing there with a small gray kitten in a cage. They had rescued the little foundling because her "owner" intended to shoot her; he couldn't care for more feral cats.

We already had 5 kitties inside, but who could turn away such a sweet face? Zipporah has been the most delightful kitten we've ever had. We call her Catzilla, because this adorable little being gets her tiny self up on her hind legs and lunges at the other cats, who grab her and playfully wrestle her into submission. Invariably I'll wake up with Zipporah and a couple other cats racing across the bed. She is absolutely delightful; we can't imagine life without her.

Susan Barrow
Mina, NV

Wilma...the hurricane kitty

Three day after Hurricane Wilma I was sitting on my deck speaking with my insurance company. I looked towards my back fence and there sat a tiny, dirty, wet baby kitty. After I finished the call I went inside to get some roasted chicken and water for her. I slowly approached her and sat the bowls about 3' ft from her. She instantly went to the bowls and ate it all. I got the bowls and refilled them. This time I walked right up to her and put the bowl down. She ate it all again and seemed to smile up at me and then went on her way. I thought I'd never see her again but the next morning she was in the same spot. I got some chicken & water for her and again she ate it all. She let me pet her and I told her if she was here tomorrow I'd have real kitty food for her. The next morning she was at the door waiting and when I opened it she walked in, sat down & patiently waited for her breakfast. Within days she was coming & going in the house & I was calling her Wilma Kitty. Two weeks later she was sitting at the door with a gift - another kitty! This kitty was more timid and much skinnier than Wilma but followed Wilma's every move. I named her Betty Boop. In no time both kitties had moved in. A trip to the vet was in order and both were healthy & about 3 months old and were probably sisters. Three years & another storm later a hurt, sick Siamese kitty was found in my office bldg. After a stay at the vets, he came home with me much to the dismay of the girls. They eventually worked at their differences even though he still drives the girls crazy. That was over 9 yrs. ago and the wonderful journey with my hurricane kitties continues today. The hurricane kitties rule my home and heart!

Key West, FL

Animal Rescue Site rescued me!

I have to post this. It is a story of something bigger than us. I lost 2 rescued cats in the last week--Jack to a suspected snake bite and Turtle to cancer. A really rough week as other sad things are happening in my life too. During the week I also ordered several things from this site including the shirt with the logo "Rescued is my favorite breed" on it. Yesterday--the Winter Solstice--my package arrived including the shirt. The itemized shipping list said it was the shirt I ordered. But it was not---it was the Angel wings shirt with a paw print in the middle. I did not realize this at first and tried on the shirt and LOVED the fit. Then I noticed the logo was not what I thought it should be!!!! And it wasn't but it was...it was exactly what I needed although it was not what I had ordered. I have had the shirt hanging where I can see it all night and I am amazed at how much that shirt says to me and am so thankful for the human hand that put the wrong shirt in that package. And I am convinced that a higher something also had a hand in this. I will order the other shirt at a later day (One way I do my advocacy is through my clothing ) but I will keep this shirt and wear it today and most of this week. Thank you packing person for rescuing me and for unknowingly giving me the greatest gift you could right now.

Christina Risley-Curtiss
Phoenix, AZ

Aslan, My Lion Kitten

It was the summer of 2012 and I sat in the living room of my apartment watching The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I had been thinking of getting another cat or kitten for a while. I already had a a 5 year old multicolored female I called Cassie. I remember thinking I wanted one I could name Aslan after the lion in the movie. I went onto our local shelter's website and began to look at the cats that were available for adoption. None of the older cats (the youngest of which was only 1) really caught my eye so I clicked on kitten link. I was in luck. One of the older cats had just had a litter of three six weeks earlier. A multicolored female and two grey males. The shelter named them Eva, Ethan, and Evan. As I looked through their pictures several times I began to fall in love with the longer haired grey male they had named Evan. He was definitely not the color of a lion, but the length of his fur made him look like a little grey lion. He was perfect! The following day I went to the shelter to fill out his adoption papers. While I waited for the shelter to call me to say I could come and get him I learned that Aslan was actually the Turkish word for lion. On July 18th I got the call I had been waiting for. I could come and get my Asi and take him home. I took him to the vet the following Monday and despite a mild eye infection he was a perfectly healthy 1 pound kitten. The Infection cleared up in a week and never returned. (The vet had said it might.) The other 2 kittens got forever homes too. Including the shorter haired male. Two weeks after I became Aslan's forever mom, Ethan got his own forever home..... With my sister!

Tammy Kaiser
merrill, WI

Saying Goodbye

On December 18, 2014 my family said goodbye to a beloved family member, our 19 year old Siamese Nala. Nala was born in April of 1995 to my aunt’s cat Sasha. My cousin adopted and named her, and gave her a loving home until May of 1999, when her house couldn’t care for her any longer, so my parents brought her and another cat Sammy into our home. I was 7 at the time. She was a sassy little queen and she knew that first day in the door that she would own our home. Even as we brought a few more cats in our home and lost a few, Nala was a beautiful and prissy constant in our lives. She loved to play and loved the outdoors and climbing in trees. For the last 15 years I have grown up as she has grown old. It was really hard to say goodbye to her, but I am happy to know that she is not in pain and I know she running and climbing to her hearts content again.

Sam Steelman
Lubbock, TX

Miss Tortitude

This little Calico/Tortie had been abandoned or dumped in my condo complex. For about a month, she was wandering the property, exploring each stairwell and talking up a storm to everyone. She wouldn't allow anyone else to get too close to her, but she would follow me right up to my front door and allow me to pet her and pick her up. I had checked with many of the neighbors and no one knew where she came from or if she belonged to anyone.

We were having a very cold snap with temperatures in the teens and I couldn't imagine this poor kitty being outside in the cold. She was also getting very scraggly looking and was getting skinnier each day even though I would leave a little food out for her. I decided to bring her in for the night to the displeasure of my two boys (brothers from the same litter) who were 4 years old at the time. Little kitty got put up in the bathroom for the night on 12/29/11, 4 years to the day that I brought my other two home (had to have been fate). Next day she was taken to the vet to get checked out. She had no microchip and was only 6 pounds. All the no kill shelters were full and after two days in my house, she had my heart. She had clearly seen the word "sucker" on my forehead.

Flash forward 3 years and Charlie is now a healthy 12 pounds. She's the queen of the house, has a horrible raspy meow/screech and still doesn't get along with one of the boys. Things have definitely been challenging, especially with two not getting along and there have been may issues resulting from that, but, I wouldn't change a thing. Still to this day I don't understand how anyone could leave behind, dump or abandon such a sweet kitty let alone any animal. I love her and am happy that she's a part of the family. I think I'm now officially considered a crazy cat lady!

Christine Jacobson
Everett, WA

Dobie, my rescue

I just lost both my dogs to cancer. I didn't think I was ready for another dog when my sister told me about an adoption event in our city. I said we could go "just to look". Well, after looking at all the dogs, I kept going back to the Doberman. There was something about him. I saw a goodness in him, and he was playful and friendly, being only a year old. I took him for a walk and he was so friendly with people and other dogs that I knew he was the one for me and I for him. The volunteers there were very supportive and I took him home that same day. He has wrapped his big paws around my heart and I know we will be best friends forever!

Keith Dugas
Huntsville, AL

All grown up

It was trash day in my area and as I walked down my drive with my last bag,I saw a taped box sitting next to my cans.As I got closer I could hear frantic scratching and meowing.I opened it as fast as I could and out popped momma and inside were her 5 babies,maybe just hours old.I brought them in,set her up in a tote and prayed for the best.She was weak and frightened,but after awhile,she knew she was safe.I eventually found homes for 3 of the kittens.Taz(in the pic) refused to be adopted.We tried 2 times and each time,he cried for hours and was returned to me.His brother Big Mac was afraid of everything, so we knew he would stay with us.Taz has always been my snuggler.When my late husband died,he didnt leave my side for days and allowed me to cry many tears in his fur.He would lick my cheek,stare into my eyes as if to say "You were there for me,I am here for you now." We like to think we choose our pets and they let us think that.I am grateful I made that last trip out or I would never have seen them and I would have never met my Taz!

Canton, OH
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