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My Baby Girl Rescued Me.

It was early Spring and I was having a lot of medical problems. I was having seizures 3 to 4 times a week. I had an aid who came in 2 hours a day to help me with house work and daily living tasks and I have many friends but I was still lonely. I longed for a furry companion. I was looking at the adoption web site when I came along Peggy. I feel in love. But it was a 45 minute drive to get to her and I do not drive. On March 23 2014 my aid Allie got up early on her day off and drove to where Peggy was and got her for me as a surprise. I did not like her name so I changed it to Baby Girl and she answered to it right away. Something magical happened when she came in my life. My seizures went away. My doctor said" if he knew getting me a cat would cure me he would have given me one of his cats long ago ".Baby Girl loves to snuggle and sleeps with me every night, I did not rescue her she rescued me.

Paula Block
Schenectady, NY

My Halloween Hurricane Baby

This is Gretel, who is celebrating her 2nd birthday. Gretel was born as Superstorm Sandy hit the Jersey shore, in a town that was flooded and damaged by the storm. Shelter workers found her and her brother outside and were able to bring them to safety. She proved to be very difficult in her first foster home, and while her brother Hansel got adopted as soon as he was old enough, Gretel came to me for further behavior work.

I have fostered many, many kittens, most of whom were born to feral cats. Gretel was one of my most difficult cases. Eventually, after many weeks, I decided the time had come for her to find her forever home. She was friendly and becoming more outgoing every day. Usually I don't get attached to my fosters, but there was a special bond between me and Gretel. I cried so much when I brought her to the adoption center. I told myself she was better off finding her own loving home, and I would have more time to work with other "problem kitties". However, I then found out that she was not doing well at the adoption center. She refused to eat and hissed at anyone who walked past her cage. I knew she would have a hard time getting adopted.

A few days after dropping her off (which were filled with many tears), I officially adopted her and brought her home. Though we already had two cats and a dog, she has made a wonderful addition. She is feisty, playful, confident, and has a bit more of a wild side than our other two. But that is what makes her my little hurricane baby.

Toms River, NJ

They always know when you need them

It was June of 2010. I had just lost my beloved cat of 16 years a week earlier. Losing Tiger had been tough on me since she had been with me over half my life to that point. But I knew that my other cat, Bowie, needed someone with him during the day so he wouldn't be lonely. He is a sensitive cat and needs someone around. So I started searching rescues and shelters sooner than I would have probably liked. But there wasn't a cat that really clicked with me as "the one."

Then, a week to the day since I lost Tiger, my coworker called me to ask a question for something he was doing at the office. While on the phone, he suddenly said "hey, there's a kitten out here." It wasn't surprising, since we have houses around the office that let their cats roam. Several people in the past have taken kittens home from the office parking lot. This time, it was apparently my turn. I told my coworker that if they could catch the kitten, I would take him. That night, I brought home a tiny little 7 week old ball of black fluff. He was a bit skinny and wormy, but a little bit of TLC and he was well on his way to being the hellion he was meant to be.

Sable is now going on 5 years old and is simultaneously the smartest and the weirdest cat I have ever known. He has opened the pantry on numerous occasions. The things he has eaten include Ramen noodles, an entire sleeve of saltine crackers, a box of hot chocolate mix, bread, marshmallows and more. He often steals my food right out from under me and will take off your finger to get a french fry. He loves to lick up contact solution and will regularly bury himself under blankets to sleep. He even climbs into pillowcases with a pillow!

As strange as he is, he gave me the outlet I needed after losing Tiger. It's hard not to love him for his quirks.

Kim Abbott
Barnesville, GA

Unexpected Love

Three years ago I received a text from my then husband stating that he found a kitten in a car where he worked at a parking lot. He said it was an older kitten and it was up inside the underside of someones car in the lot crying. With no intentions of taking in another cat having 3 already I went down to his job with some food to help coax it out. When I arrived two police officers had just given up trying to get the kitten to come out on it's own. Without actually climbing under the car I wasn't getting it out. After about an hour the women who owned the car came out and saw me laying next to her car on the ground. I explained to her what was going on and she agreed to stay until the cat was removed not wanting to hurt it. About 20 minutes later a young man and his girlfriend came by and he volunteered to go under the car and pull it out. And he did and it got away and climbed into another. Eventually the kitten was out of the car and handed to me. He was younger than we thought still having blue eyes and very tiny. He cuddled into my neck and tried to purr. At that moment I was done for. I asked the young man his name and he told me "Nick". So the kittens name was then Nicholas. He was covered in motor oil and had a burn on his lip that you can see in the top pictures. That burn healed and today he is a plump house cat who hopefully has no bad memories of ever being on the streets. We call him Nicky and he is the most lovable cat I have ever had, even loving his belly rubbed. His favorite place to hang out is the bathtub since he outgrew the bathroom sink and his best friend is my 1 year old pit bull/pug mix. I can't imagine my days without his furry face.

Watervliet, NY

Miss Mera

My boyfriend had been wanting a cat for awhile after I got my kitten. I took it upon myself to look for the best cat for our small family.

I went to the local shelter and visited all sorts of cats and none of them were as inviting as I had hoped. I walked into a room where there were cats in cages.All I could hear was this one meowing away and rubbing herself against the door to the cage. When I put my hand on the cage, I saw that she was 13 years old. She was just he rubbing herself against the cage and that's when I knew she was the one. The staff came over and told me her story. She had been abandon by her family after her owner died. They didn't have the means to take care of her because she had Hyperthiroidism. (That explained why she was so thin). The lady continued to tell me that many staff members wanted to adopt her but couldn't because of certain situations. At that shelter they don't normally do cat surgeries, but after the staff all pitched in to get one of her Thiroid glands taken out, they couldn't say no. The staff didn't want to see her suffer anymore and wanted a family to take her home without worry of any medical conditions. When I heard the love they had for her I knew she had to come home with me that day. When I brought her home, it was like it had been her home her whole life. My moms cat, my kitten and my big lab paid her no mind and knew she was apart of our pack.

She may not cuddle with our cats or my dog, or really want them anywhere near her, she is still by far the best thing to ever happen to us. She gained a healthy 7 pounds since we've had her. And as for my boyfriend's allergy, it hardly ever affects him. They are quite the duo. A match made in heaven

Denver, CO

Maple the Tripaw

Back in early 2013 I was still working at the local animal hospital, tending to the hospital and boarding animals, cleaning, and feeding them. While upstairs taking care of the injured and sick animals, I made it a point to not get too attached to any of them, I couldn't afford to. When I first met Maple, she was recently hit by a car, dragging around a broken leg beneath a cast, she still had four legs. However, her old owners didn't take care of her properly when they brought her home and within a week she was back. The owners signed her over to the hospital and were out of her life. As a result of their negligence in taking proper care of her cast, Maple was forced to lose her leg. During the entire procedure and recovery, she never once scratched or bit anyone. In her eyes, all people were kind and good, and she knew that they were there to help her.

After recovering, she was brought downstairs to the boarding kennel, spending her days in a cage, her stitches eventually turning into a healed scar and then into a fuzzy nub. Over the weeks that followed her recovery, I couldn't believe how sweet of a cat she was. She was one of a kind. She didn't care if she was missing a leg, she was just happy to have any attention she could. Still living with my parents, I knew adopting her would be out of the question. We already had a dog and another cat...but after weeks and weeks of falling in love with the little cat and showing my mother pictures of her (And even introducing them!), she finally caved. Maple now lives with me, happily hopping along and meowing for me every time I get home. My family calls her our "Cat dog" since she acts like a dog rather than a cat. She's become my baby and she will never have to worry about being left behind or neglected again.

Pomfret Center, CT

My Fair Verona

When I moved out of the dorms to an apartment for my junior year of college, I tried to take our old family cat with me. I was devastated when she started going outside the litterbox and the vet recommended returning her to familiar settings. She was happier at home with my parents, so there was nothing I could do but donate her food and litter to the local shelter. I didn't want to feel like I was replacing my first cat, so I almost didn't even go look in the cages, but there was one high pitched and sad squealing that caught my ear. I turned the corner and there was a worker trying to talk through the bars to soothe a small, all white kitten with big blue eyes.

Those blue eyes made eye contact with mine and the squealing meow instantly stopped.

The worker thought she might be deaf because many all white blue eyed cats are. She also had a UTI and needed special wet food and medicine to prevent further infection. She wasn't cheap because she was still a "kitten" by age, though she was older than every other kitten there. I didn't care. I knew, the moment she saw me and calmed down, that I had to have her. Because when I saw her, I calmed down too.

I named her after the one city I wanted to see and hadn't made it to during my study abroad adventures in Italy: Verona. "My fair Verona" still squeals loudly at times, but now it's because she wants treats or attention. She knows all she has to do is squeal and I'll come running, because since I found her that way as a kitten, that's exactly what I've done.

Jamie Dimacchia
Cleveland, OH

Bella Bella Bella!

I received another message asking if I could take in a cat. I had recently stopped fostering in order to focus my attention on my own animals. I hesitantly said yes knowing this was a dire situation. Bella had been adopted but less than a month after her adoption her owner relapsed on drugs and abandoned her in the apartment. When I received this message, they had just gotten permission to go into the apartment and get her out. She's a very shy cat but they managed to catch her and get her to me. When she arrived I had every intention to return her to the rescue she was adopted from. However, in less than a day Bella stole my heart! She hid under the bed but if I put my hand by her she willingly accepted pets. By the end of the day, I could walk into the room and say, "Bella Bella Bella!" and she would scurry toward my hand for some attention. She moved up in her world when I hung shelves for her so she could safely move around the room without fear. She loves looking out the windows as the resident watch-cat. I cannot sleep with my hands out from under the covers without feeling nudges for affection. She's often found sleeping in the dogs bed and has learned to tolerate the dog that owns it. She snuggles with me every night and doesn't even resemble that scared shy cat that I met when she appeared at my door.

St Paul, MN

Save One, Get Two 'Free'

Our two beloved cats aged 14 and 15 died within two months of each other, and I was devastated. We went to the local cat shelter where my son found a stunning one year old female named 'Saffron'. I wasn't keen to take her home because she was so beautiful - the beautiful cats got re-homed very quickly, and I wanted a cat who chose us, rather than the other way around. But my son insisted, so I went into her enclosure for a cuddle, and was shocked to realise she was heavily pregnant. I asked one of the volunteers why she was up for adoption, to be told that there had been a mistake and they hadn't realised she was pregnant. The volunteer casually mentioned that she would have to be spayed (which would kill her kittens).

I was not going to let that happen, so I asked to foster her and her kittens. I whispered in her ear that I was going to take her home with me, and when I came back to pick her up after she'd been vet-checked, she heard my voice in the hallway, and launched herself from the chair she was sitting on and into the cat carrier in two bounds. Once home, she stepped out of the carrier and walked happily around with her tail up, then rolling all over the floor. She knew she was home, and she wouldn't stop kissing us. She would also only answer to 'Puddy'. 1O days after Puddy came home, she gave birth to 4 kittens. One kitten was still-born, and the runt of the litter had a collapsed lung, liver and kidney damage, and although I tried so hard to keep him alive, he died in my arms at 4 weeks old.

First born 'Meg', the dark ginger Alpha cat, found a home with my ex-husband, and I kept Puddy and 'Punky', the big mumma's boy, with me. Puddy, now 4, is one of those extra-special cats and I love her dearly. My son has both Meg and Punky to love in separate houses :-)

Liz Campbell
Kingston, Australia

You don't pick cats, they pick you!!!

While at the shelter searching for our lost cat, my wife and I spotted this blue eyed beauty in a cage. I took her out and held her for a minute and handed her to my wife Lana. She began purring immediately, and when my wife went to place her back in her cage, Sassy immediately jumped right back into my wife's arms. Sassy was going to her new forever home!!!

Benji Rodgers
Cherokee Village, AR
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