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The Impulse Adoption

I work at an Emergency Veterinary Clinic, so quite frequently I see sad situations of owners not being able to afford their pet's vet bills or the prognosis being so poor to the point that owners have decided to euthanize over treat. I always want to help but I never knew about being able to adopt until I came across Mose (Louis at the time).

It was a Saturday and I was scheduled for Reception from 8a-3p. I came in and the Overnight doctor told me about a 1 year old orange tabby in Treatment who might be euthanized. She had hinted at adopting him but I did not take her seriously for a bit. When I saw him, however, I immediately fell in love. In one of the kennels was the cutest orange tabby I've seen. He had that Garfield sort of look about him, and he was such a sweet boy. Despite the Femoral fracture that he had he was purring and rubbing up against my hand when I pet him.

The owners of Mose decided to come in to visit and make final decisions. The options were either to go through with the pin surgery, amputate the leg, or euthanize. The owners could not afford the pin surgery, and they did not want him to have 3 legs, so they were leaning more toward euthanasia. The morning doctor then brought me back to the treatment area, and asked if I was serious about adopting him. I automatically said yes, even though I hadn't thought it through completely. I had just impulse adopted a cat.

However, it was the best choice I had ever made. The owner of the business helped me out with any financial issues I might have had and the surgery went amazingly well! My parents were a little freaked out at first but now love him. He's the friendliest cat I've ever known, and the best orange tabby a girl could ask for. I think he moreover adopted me, and It's a choice I'll never regret.

Sadie Eilis
Groton, CT

Tiger Lily

I wanted to send a message about my daughter, Anna, and her little Tiger Lily. Anna was 'fostering' kittens, which in my opinion was just a euphemism for shopping, when she first met Tiger Lily. As a family, we have always taken in stray cats, and loved them dearly. Anna had graduated from college, and brought her ginger tabby, Raio, from Italy with her when she relocated to Orlando. Imagine my surprise when I went to visit at Christmas in 2012 and found her with tiny Tiger Lily. The very first time Anna laid eyes on her, she burst in to tears because she was so affected by this tiny ball of fur. And I knew that when she introduced me to this baby kitty (already named!) she was going to be a permanent addition. So she began by "fostering" Tiger Lily (who was still too small to be adopted). It soon became apparent that soon Anna was going to be her parent. Little Tiger Lily was doing poorly and was suddenly very sick with a respiratory infection. And while the shelter was willing to pay some of her necessary medical expenses, they could not take on the entire treatment. So Anna jumped in, adopted her, and proceeded to save her life. On Christmas morning, she had to rush her to the emergency vet (again) because she continued to do so poorly and I was trying to prepare Anna that she might be too small to fight through it. But with Anna’s love and fierce determination, she pulled Tiger Lily through it all. The picture is of Tiger Lily with her big brother Raio. They are spoiled and well taken care of. I can honestly say that Anna saved Tiger Lily’s life. She could not have pulled through without Anna because Anna was not going to give up. These cats have won the lottery. As with all the cats featured, they were saved. But the reality is they were saving us too!

Orlando, FL

Cheynee and Bastet

After moving away from my parents, I was looking to get myself a cat (or two). I was going to try and get a pair of older cats, but instead ended up looking at kittens.

There was one house I went to that infuriated me. Five four-week old kittens were living under a sheet of iron at the mercy of two great big labradors - apparently one kitten had already been lost to their "playing". The mother was a beautiful calico, however she wasn't allowed inside as the mans wife hated cats - and it was "too expensive" to have her spayed so she'd stop having litters! However, I couldn't stop myself from falling in love with two of the kittens - a boisterous calico and a timid black and white boy. The day came to pick them up (at five weeks old, I couldn't convince the man to keep them any longer) and we nearly lost the black and white boy to the labradors. We quickly put the pair into the carrier (I cried, thinking of those poor kittens being snatched away from their mother), where they became Cheynee the Princess and Bastet the Black and White Boofhead.

They haven't suffered much for leaving their mother so early, Cheynee loves watching a football game and Bastet thinks feet are a great delicacy - and both are desexed for their own good. The other kittens found good homes too, and I'm so glad I rescued my babies - I just wish I could have convinced the man to have their mother fixed for her own good!

Brisbane, Australia

A Happy Ex-Camper

My rescue Holly had a tough start in life. Someone abandoned her at a campground in rural southern Missouri, with no shelter and nothing to eat. There were dogs in the area that were known to kill cats, so she didn't stand much of a chance of survival. A friend of mine who camped there became concerned about her, so he enticed her into a cage and brought her home for me to adopt. She was young, but emaciated and plagued by parasites. Our first stop was the vet, who treated her for a rare case of lungworm -- a parasite outdoor cats pick up when they're forced to eat slugs and snails to survive.

Now, Holly is a sweet, loving and healthy indoor pet, well loved and cared for. She shares my apartment with my other two cats, and seems perfectly happy not to be "living off the land" anymore. She's a great example of the wonderful pets that rescues make.

Julie J.
Saint Louis, MO

Nikki, The Kitty that Chose Us

Growing up we always had cats. When I was around age 11 we had two males, Marty and Doc, that ruled the neighborhood. They didn't let other cats come near our house. One day we had the front door open and the most beautiful little tortoiseshell kitty I had ever seen walked into our house like she owned the place. The boys weren't perfect, but they didn't chase her off. She only came to kitty at first, but I found she would respond to Nikki since it was close. After looking for an owner we came to the conclusion that she was most likely dropped off. We tried to foster her, but she ended up becoming my Christmas present that year. Nikki was the reason that I began a long, ongoing relationship with our local humane society that turned into 15+ years of volunteer work.

Throughout our lives, Nikki was my family's little girl. She held the feisty attitude many torties do, often telling us who was boss. Whoever I or my brother was dating often held her affection, but also had to deal with her being our jealous little kitty. Nikki helped us through my parents' divorce and many tragic deaths. She was a true blessing to not just me, but to my family. As she aged health issues came along. We had to have her thyroid removed, treat her kidneys, etc. Sadly, a few weeks ago my little kitty stopped eating and behaving the same. After performing x-rays on her chest a mass was found. We decided the most humane thing to do was to put her to rest. One day we will meet at the rainbow bridge, share some loves, and we can thank her for everything. R.I.P. Nikki Kitty. We love you.

Amanda Anderson
Pocatello, ID


I found him on the street ( literally). I almost rolled over him. When I saw a tiny little thing trying to cross the street I stopped my car to see what was that, and there was a frightened little kitten. I took him with me and brought him to my home. I named him Tigre (in Spanish) because he looks like one. At first he was shy and use to hide so much but gradually he began to trust us and started playing with my dog, my cat and my daughter. I brought him to the vet and they told me he has FIV, but I didn't care and of course I was my cat already and I kept him. 4 months have passed since the day I found him and now he is a healthy and playful cat,that enjoys playing with the dog and with my baby girl. I am so glad he found his forever home along with my other 2 pets.

Pawtucket, RI

She waited for us

On a Saturday in 2011, my girls and I walked into PetsMart to purchase dog food for our chihuahua, Brutus (black/white). A local rescue was there doing an adoption event. I noticed a lot of bigger dogs full of life and of course gave a pet or two to each one! Then I saw a head pop up from under the cover of the blanket on the table. Flicker, a small, thin, and frail tan colored pup (chihuahua mix) looked up at me with sad eyes. As I picked her up, she melted in my arms. We weren't in the market for another dog, so I told the company that if she didn't find a home that day, she was meant to be ours and we would adopt her the next day.

That was a very long night for our family. I frowned at the thought of her being in a shelter another night, frightened and scared. I knew I should have just taken her home that day. Sunday couldn't come fast enough. As we walked into PetsMart, she saw us first and she must have known we were there for her. She started wagging her tail and was so excited!

Upon learning her history, we found out she was a parvo puppy and only 1 of 2 who survived from an entire litter of 5. She weighted only 5.5 pounds and every ounce of energy she put out made her tire quickly. We took her home where our other pup, Brutus, welcomed her with a ton of love and attention!

Today, Flicker has doubled her weight to all of 11 pounds, is so strong and active, and such a smart and outgoing pup who loves everyone! Looking at her now, one would never believe her background. We wouldn't trade her for anything and cannot imagine life without her! She is definitely the attention-craver type and can be so sneaky, but we love her spunk! She continues to amaze me and I love every minute with both of my dogs! I'm so glad she waited for us.

Robyn McCrary
Millstadt, IL

Starting a new life with Max

Max came to us after a neighbor saw him under a utility trailer next door to our new house. He was covered in ticks and fleas and the Vet said he might not have lasted another night or two. The Vet cleaned him up and treated him. We figure he was about 8 weeks old. The Vet was not able to keep him overnight and asked us if we would keep him until they could find a home for him. We already had a rescued Chow-Shepard mix and did not really want another dog but agreed to take him in until a home could be found. A few days later we had not heard from the Vet and I told my wife to send me an email at work with his picture. I told her I would see if someone wanted him. That is when she told me no and it was at that moment I knew he was ours. Over the years he has had issues with mild seizures and with the Vet's help, they were controlled and stopped. This past Friday 12 Sep 2014, he passed away. An MRI showed tumor on his spine that bled into his brain. He was in for treatment and did not make it. He provided 11+ years of love to us and us to him. He will be missed!

Dale Ellis
Spencer, OK

Magical Murdock

Murdock was brought to the Sonoma Humane Society as a stray when he was only a few weeks old. He had a chronic infection in both eyes that had caused them to rupture. I took him home with me to take care of him, and he never left.

I didn't plan on keeping him while I was fostering him, but we went through so much and were very attached to each other by the time he was finally fully recovered. He was really sick for a long time, and almost didn't survive his first surgery. He had to have a blood transfusion, and was hospitalized in an oxygen chamber.

Even while going through his trials, Magical Murdock has grown into a very loving and happy cat. His positive attitude and sweet disposition steal the hearts of many. He continues to thrive and doesn't let his disability slow him down. He's a true inspiration, not to mention the most amazing cat I've ever known!

Anna Hill-Hessler
Santa Rosa, CA

Boy, a cat, a friend, and a savior.

On a hot August evening, I received a late birthday gift that I’ll remember forever. A neighborhood stray decided that our porch was the best place for her to deliver four fuzzy kittens. But one of her kittens just wasn’t normal. While the rest were black and white, one was gigantic and orange. I remember mom calling for me to get a pair of gloves so she could help a mother stray deliver this big pumpkin of a kitten. This kitten became my best friend. We weren’t supposed to keep any of the kittens, but we were already attached. That orange kitten was stuck to me and I was stuck to him. I called him Baby Boy and he was everything.

I dressed him up, drove him in strollers, and loved him. We took him with us when we moved, but I was a teenager by then. Like many teenagers I went through many phases. For a while I would yell at Boy to leave me alone when I was angry or depressed. I had a lot of problems growing up as far as accepting who I am. But I wish I wouldn’t have taken his love for granted.

This year…the same month he was born, he had to be put down. I watched him die just like I watched him be born. It tore me apart. We lost Boy to Feline Leukemia. If only we knew when he was younger that he had it. I pray that everyone gets their babies tested and vaccinated for this painful condition; it can ruin your cat’s life as well as your own.

Dear Boy, You were my big brother, my best friend, and the best cat I could have ever asked for. We miss you and I wish I could have been a better little sister and knew what was wrong. Thank you for being there when no one else would and letting me soak your beautiful corn gold hair with my tears.

Copperas Cove, TX
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