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Rejected Kitten

My husband and I were at my mother-in-laws house for the holiday's. When we got to her house we noticed that she had a new fluff ball of a kitten. She told us that she found this little guy on her way home. Later that night she told us how she actually found him.

On her way home she noticed the car in front of her seeming suspicious. She slowed down to allow then to get way ahead of her. She noticed that they stopped on the side of the road, near one of the creaks that connects to the lake. Then noticed them throwing something out the window and then speed off. She stopped to see what they threw out. When she got out of her car, she heard little meows and saw little white head popping up from the tall grass. She took this kitten, that was just tossed out, home with her.

As we were leaving to go home she asked us if we would like to take the kitten, because she already had to many animals to take care of. We agreed, and we've had little FizGig ever since then. He's a big lap cat and loves belly rubs. I can't see why someone would want to get rid of such a loveable little cat like that. But then again because of that he was able to find his forever home.

Avon, IN

Buddy Bud

My little guy was brought into the local shelter only weighing three (3) pounds in the late fall of 2009. He was from a litter of four (4) pups who had been abandoned by their mom. These little ones were creeping onto a neighbor's property; since he had hunting dogs, he thought it would be best to take them to the local shelter with the hopes they'd find a 'forever' home. I frequently visit our local shelter and since my two (2) dogs were seniors with failing health, I was looking to see if I could find another friend who would need a new,loving home. We met on a cold December day - the little guy's name was Elvis and he was very playful. The attendant told me to 'take him', but with two (2) ailing seniors, I knew I'd never be able to incorporate caring for a puppy- my hands were definitely full with feedings and administering medications. Months passed, as did my senior babies, and Elvis was still there at the shelter, only by the time April came, he was 25 lbs. and still very shy.....wouldn't make eye contact. I knew his days were numbered. My husband wasn't in favor of adopting, but I was completely, as I firmly believe that all of God's precious creatures deserve a chance in life.....all deserve to be loved and cared for. Elvis became a member of our family on April 15, 2010 and his name was changed to "Buddy", because he is definitely my "Buddy!" The years have passed and our bond is very strong....there's love everyday and when he sees me, those legs run, that tail wags, and there's the biggest grin from ear to ear. I thank God every day for bringing us together, and most of all, I pray that He blessed us with many years to come.

To all those who adopt, God bless you; to all who donate to local shelters and/or animal welfare organizations, please continue. We are their voice. Blessings to all.

Brightwood, VA

For the love of Liberty Belle

On the day of 9/11 a friend knew I was looking for a 4 legged friend. Some one had dumped her off on the road at a busy hwy intersection, so she picked her up and asked if I would like to have her. It was love at first sight. I could not believe that someone could just drop her off. She was only a puppy and beautiful blue eyes. She was my constant companion. We would hike, swim, fish, camp etc. always by my side. We spent many years together. She was my "Baby". When she became ill, I tried everything to save her, but it was her time to go. We tried for over a month to no avail. Then on May 1, 2014 I had to let her go, so I had written this in her memory. (she would have been 13yrs around July 4th)

" Today was one of the hardest days of my life. Had to say goodbye to my constant companion and best friend of almost 13 years. My Liberty Belle has always been there for me through thick and thin with the devotion and unconditional Love that only a Dog can bring into ones life. I got to be with her for the last 3 1/2 hours before final kisses and goodbyes just after 6:00pm this evening. I know she is not in pain any more, and has gone to be with our Creator

Much Love to you my Blessed Baby Girl. May the Great Spirit always walk beside you in the other world. You will be greatly missed and always, always in my heart and memories forever."

Connie Kelley
Selma, OR

Sickly bottle baby

I work in a shelter - in May 2008 a litter of kittens was found abandoned in a basket and brought to us. The kittens' eyes were just opening and they needed a bottle and a foster home. Back then we didn't have any staff members who were able to take on bottle babies and while I had never done it before, I decided to give it a try. All of the kittens in the litter were clean, fat and healthy - except one, who was much smaller and barely had any hair. This was my Scrawny.

I got some advice about bottle babies and took them home. I did so many things wrong - remember, I didn't know what I was doing!! But they all made it and reached their milestones. Except Scrawny. He was plagued with constant health problems including URI, inappetence, severe constipation and then diarrhea and slow growth and while his siblings all returned to the shelter, were altered and then adopted, Scrawny stayed with me.

Despite his health problems he had the most amazing will to live, to persevere and he was so loving to everyone that he met - other cats, dogs (BIG dogs too, which he didn't know anything about) and all people. He came with me to work often and to multiple vets as we were trying to figure out his tummy issues. It took a very long time to figure out the winning combination of medication and LID food that cured his issue. He was finally neutered and I adopted him. While he was a very funny looking baby, he grew into an exceedingly handsome cat. I always told him that he had Paul Newman eyes.

I lost my Scrawny very suddenly when he was 3 from a heart attack. I miss him everyday but I am thankful for the time we had even though it was far too short. I still foster bottle babies regularly and have adopted a few :) But he was my first, very special and brave little guy.

Brittany Gardner
Albany, OR


In 2002, I went the the local shelter to find a friend. After having several dogs brought out to me, they brought out a puppy who immediately rolled on her back and peed. The Officer said "someone has been mean to her". From that moment on, Reagan (the larger dog close in picture) adopted me, and has been my best friend since.

In 2012, Reagan and I went to a local Vet for an "open house" carnival day. As we walked around, a nurse from the clinic (she knew us because Reagan has been there through the years) walked up and said "Sir, meet this baby, she only has use of 3 legs". She continued, "she was found crying in a field after being hit by a car and left to suffer". She continued, "we are having trouble adopting her out because she can't go on long walks and families want that". I said "if she does not find a home in a couple of days, call me". Well the next day, I went in to pick up meds for Reagan, and as I turned around, there the puppy was. I said "no luck" , and the nurse responded "no Sir". Well, after her checkup was complete, Nancy decided to adopt Reagan and I, and our world has never been better.

These puppies changed my life, loved me more than anything else, and look at me like I am perfect. As I type this, the idea of not having either of these puppies in my life, brings tears to my eyes. If you have never loved a puppy, try it. The unconditional love YOU will receive every single day, makes the day you met that puppy a great moment in life.

Please allow yourself this joy in life, and head to your nearest SPCA as soon as possible, YOUR best friend is waiting.

Thank You

John Harrist

John Harrist
Pearland, TX

The best wedding gift

My husband and I were married just 2 days when we found our sweet little girl. It was a sunny day so my husband went out to mow the lawn and as he pulled the mower from the garage he heard rustling in a bush close by. We lived in an area known to have a lot of snakes so he used a rake handle and smacked the top of the bush. What came shyly out from under it surprised us both. It was a tiny calico kitten, she was very small and we could see all her ribs. We instantly fell in love, took her into the house and fed her some food. The next day we took her into the local vet and found out she was barely 5 weeks old. They also told us that they had seen 4 others like her recently and that someone had been dropping the kittens in different parts of town. She has been with us 5 years now and has been the greatest blessing. Since then we have adopted 3 more strays and she couldn't be happier to have such a big loving family.

Rupert, ID

Mr. Andy!

I had recently lost a beloved cat, and started thinking my remaining cat might want a buddy. I wasn't sure if she might be enjoying getting all the attention though.

I finally went onto a local shelter's website and saw this picture. His name was "Buttons" at the time. I was in love! But I still wan't sure if my other kitty wanted another cat around, so I waited. I told myself that if Buttons was still there in a week, and Olive seemed like she might be getting lonely, I would go get Buttons.

He was still there after a week (phew!), so I went over to meet him. I also learned more about his story. He had been homeless in the city and one of their volunteers had been feeding him and trying to catch him so she could bring him to the shelter. It took her a year! He was just really hard to catch. She would put out a trap with a towel in it, with some food on it. He would pull the towel out and eat the food!

Well, she finally managed to get him to the shelter, where he was adopted. She knew some people who worked with the man who adopted Buttons, and it turned out he was bragging about abusing him! It took the shelter three months to get Buttons back. Then he stayed another year in the shelter before I adopted him. They treated him nicely at the shelter, but he was still really stressed. He had a bald spot on his tail from nervously pulling his fur out.

I kept him in a separate room from my other cat for about three days until he escaped, and when she saw him it didn't faze her at all! So I let him have the run of my house after that.

He is such a wonderful kitty. So gentle and fluffy! He is still very skittish, but that's understandable. I named him Andy after Raggedy Andy because he sort of flops when he sits down. I love my Mister Andy!


My little mop-top

I'd been looking for a dog for over a year as we'd always had dogs when I lived at my parents and I was now able to have the time to devote to one. Went to the local RSPCA and saw this little tyke. His fur was so long and dirty, you couldn't see his eyes - he looked like a dirty mop. The vet couldn't find his ear canal & they had to knock him out to cut his fur. The second I saw him I wanted to take him home. I had to wait a week for him to be assessed before they would even consider letting me meet him. After a week of begging phone calls to the shelter I got told that someone else wanted him. This resulted in me taking half a days holiday to get to the shelter (he still hadn't been assessed) and trying to convince the staff to let me have first refusal. I got a phone call that day and was told if I could get there first thing the next morning he could be mine. The only problem was when I got there the first people in the queue were the other couple that wanted him. Luckily the girl dealing with them saw me and remembered her promise. Bailey became mine.

He loves sitting on the windowsill watching the world go by (and so he can see me come home). He's so happy to be with and loves having a snuggle. He's also the best tempered dog who even copes with my nephew playing with him. Given that I'd only had Bailey a month before my nephew arrived of all the dogs he was the one we were most concerned about coping with a baby. We shouldn't have doubted him he's brilliant with James. The 2 of them play together for ages.

His pic has even been on a Dogs Trust van going round Africa for Rabies!

I'd be lost without him.

Stourbridge, United Kingdom

My Bella

I rescued Bella from the Humane Society in the town where we live...she was a little over a year old when we got her and she only weighed 28 pounds...you could count her ribs (as you see in the picture). She had been terribly abused, she would cower in the corner and not look at you. She would have accidents on the floor if you even spoke loudly in the house...she was TERRIFIED of men...my husband had to work hard to gain her trust...but in the two years we have had this precious girl she has come so far. She loves her daddy and curls up on the bed with him now!! I have a little chug that was a rescue as well, ...she slept in a bed by his crate from the very first night in our home and they are the best of friends...as long as he is around she is learning that she can trust people. She as you can see has gained some pounds and is the big beauty she should be. She is still not sure of strangers but is coming around...I am so thankful that I saw the picture of her and was able to save her...she has been such a blessing to our home!! Adding a rescue to you're home will bring more love and blessings that you can ever imagine!!!!!!!

Auburn, AL

I didn't want a dog. Until...

I started volunteering at the local dog shelter with no idea I'd become a proud dog mom. I just happened to have some spare time and thought it'd be a good idea to spend it surrounded by animals in need, trying to "give forward", as they say.

Shelter dogs don't bark, they scream. They cry so loud you can hear them from far away, as I recall driving away from the shelter with that horrible sound still clear in my ears.

Then one day I met him. He didn't bark nor cried. He was giving up. A four-year old pit mix with no hope. He was well educated, could sit and give his paw but his eyes were so sad, they broke my heart. I couldn't understand how such a well behaved dog was homeless and, to add to my concerns, he had already spent 21 months in the shelter as "people don't like pit bulls and stuff..."

I went back home that night and cried out loud, my then-fiancé trying to comfort me, still unaware of the plan unfolding in my mind... I knew I'd take Chopin - now Gancio - home. No matter what...

We have two cats and my biggest fear was his incompatibility with them as he wasn't a pup anymore and definitely mixed with a hunting dog. Not the ideal scenario! However, they tested his cat-friendliness at the shelter and he passed it with flying colours.

It didn't take me long to convince my fiancé to join me at the shelter and meet Gancio and we took him home straight away. His eyes looking out of the car window and wondering what was going to be of him, after almost 2 years in a cage.

Once home, he showed a level of maturity beyond my comprehension and never once had a fight with my senior cats, who still look at him suspiciously but don't mind stealing his bed from time to time.

Adopting was one of the best moves of my life and I'd do it again, a million time...

Ari N.
Rome, Italy
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