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Sometimes fate just intervenes...

My boyfriend and I are like magnets for rescue animals. We have chosen to open up or hearts and home to helping out animals that don't have anywhere else to be. About 6 months ago we fostered a kitten. I found her a great forever home with a friend from work and on a Saturday morning and made the hour long trip. We had made plans to go to an auction afterwards and set off to spend the rest of the day doing whatever we wanted. After changing our minds about the auction we ended up by my boyfriend's parents house. A spur of the moment decision by my boyfriend we detoured even further stopping off for iced coffee at a busy gas station. As fate would have it we were almost ready to leave when he leaned on the counter knocking over a display full of menus catching the attention of a store employee. She recognized him from when he used to work at the pet store nearby. It turns out just minutes before we got there, someone had shown up and thrown a kitten out of the car right there in the parking lot. It was near very hot out and they had just put him outside. Myself and the store employee could not find him immediately and I began to worry. Moments later I looked down and in the bushes was the most beautiful Russian Blue I'd ever seen. He was about 8 months old and very calm. After taking him home without a carrier he rode all the way home on my lap and never made a sound. I initially intended to find him another home.. but too many things happened to have us find him and he fit right in. I named him Sergei.

Christa Mann
Spring Hill, FL

Little Miss Trouble

My brother called me to tell me a friend of his had found a kitten in the street and couldn't keep it. He asked if I could take it in. I hadn't planned on getting a kitten until my older cat had passed (she had terminal cancer at the time), but I agreed to take her. When she came to me she fit in my hand and still had her blue kitten eyes. We took her to the vet to check her out and she was so starving she tried to suckle on my mom's older cat (who was not too pleased about that). We got her some cans of kitten food and fed her with a tongue depressor. She quickly grew into a feisty little girl. I named her Little Miss Trouble, and she was! She liked to attack people randomly, biting and scratching. I knew it was because she had not been properly socialized. Once my older cat passed away, I new she needed a friend to play with and so I adopted Little Miss Naughty and they became the best of friends. Six years later they still groom one another and run around the house playing together.

Kelley Morrissey
Chicago, IL

My Saviour

I was just 18 years old. My best friend (Karen) and I just got our first apartment on our own. Karen and I had both grown up with cat/dog loving parents. We also loved animals of all types. We would walk to Pet-co on Saturdays just to play with the rescues, since we did not have the money to adopt a baby for ourselves.

A few months in my new apartment my friend Amanda called me, and ask me to come over.. She brought in and showed me a sad kitten who was very sick, and injured. We did not think he would make it. She went on to tell me that his name was Alexander (which two weeks later I changed to Zeek.) He was not breathing well and looked like he had been purposely hurt. She took care of him until he was 6 weeks old. She called me a few weeks later and ask me if i wanted a kitten.

I told her I always wanted a kitten, but my lease said no. She than ask me if I would just watch him over night "just to make up my mind for sure." Well he came over in his carrier, he walked strait to me out of his carrier.. HE HAD TO BE MINE!!! He was such a funny cat he loved to love and play. No one is a stranger to this cat, despite his hard past. After buying toys every paycheck, getting his shots, and getting him fixed he is the most spoiled cat I know. He follows me everywhere. He even follows me to the bathroom and sits on the side of the tub when I am bathing. Now, years later I cannot imagine living without him. He is my everything. He saved me!

Brittany Nicole McGee
Cookeville, TN

Sometimes they just need...

... to be loved. She was in a family where they'd always leave her outside with their other dog. They wanted to give her away and we took her. It took her weeks to let us approach her without growling and shaking like a leaf, she'd hide under the table and look at us with fear in her eyes. The vet guessed she was a year and a half old - she'd been imported from Eastern Europe and kept a trauma from that trip. Our guess is that her previous owner beat her, and that she'd had a traumatic experience with an older man because she would hide and grunt when men would come closer to her - especially my grandfathers. Now, after a few years, she has become an incredibly loving dog, always up for a walk, always asking for caresses, always playing with me and she's not afraid all the time anymore, she even accepts my grandfathers' touch now. She's overly attached to us, she's terrified of abandonment, and sometimes she gets sad for no reason, but I know she is so much better now than she'd ever have been with her previous owners ! She'll never be totally confident, but at least now, she has a family that cares.

Floriane S.
Liège, Belgium

Blue Ivy

The day that my blue princess Ivy came into my life, the 29th of January 2014 is unfortunately a day I will never forget. What was supposed to be joyous occasion turned out to be one of the hardest days in my life. At the young age of 22 I had to come to terms with the passing away of my dad just two weeks after his sixty-sixth birthday.

After his passing, the depression kicked in, to exhausted to do anything.... but every time I felt like everything was becoming to much, there she was, looking at me with that little face as if to say that everything was going to be okay. Even though I got a lot of help of my family, Ivy has a lot to do with me getting better. I made a promise to her to take care of her and that's what I did. Feeding, playing, cuddling sessions and even cleaning the litter box took my mind off of it for little while. I couldn't be more grateful to have my feline best friend by my side

Now eight months later, it's slowly starting to get better and Ivy is still faithfully by my side. Now almost a beautiful one year old Oriental Shorthair, she's loving life as one of the most spoiled little kitties on the planet.

I couldn't be more grateful to have my little sunshine in my life.

Sabrina M
Wespelaar, Belgium

Good-bye, Meadow. Hello, Meena.

In 2009, I lost my precious tuxedo kitty, Meadow, very suddenly to a seizure when she was only 13 years old. Meadow had been present for my fifth birthday, so she was a huge part of my life growing up. She had the most adorable trill and would always come to me when I called her. I still miss her to this very day.

Meadow used to sleep in a pile of blankets under the window sill where I left my alarm clock. My morning routine was pretty solid: Alarm goes off, I stand up to hit snooze, I lean over to pet my cat, I go back to bed for 10 minutes. Rinse and repeat a few times before finally getting up for real. You can only imagine the way my heart shattered the morning after she died, when I reached down in my half-sleeping state only to find an empty pile of blankets.

I only managed for two weeks before I started looking for another cat to fill the void Meadow left behind. I believe it's fate that lead me to find Meena (pictured) a month later.

I was a regular customer at a certain sandwich shop near my home, and frequented there for lunch. As I was eating there one day, I happened to overhear an employee mention to another customer how she needed to get rid of one of her cats because she couldn't afford to keep all three. I basically rudely barged into the conversation, blurting that I was looking for a cat and that I was interested.

24 hours later, Meena was coming home with me. She is the most perfect, sweet, adorable lap kitty I could have hoped for. She isn't very bright, but at least she is mine, and I love her.

Austin, TX

The second choice was the better choice

I was cat free for the first time in years, there was a cat living at my house but she wasn't mine and she made sure I knew it. It had been several months since I said good by to my Shangri-La cat (I like to name my pets after places, real or fictional) .

I went to the SPCA and only one cat caught my attention. He reminded me of my old Himalayan cat, Sahara. He was not housed with the other cats and there was a sign posted, CANNOT BE ADOPTED WITH OTHER CATS.

I was so mad at that cat who did not like me and was not mine because she prevented me from getting the cat I wanted.

They had several black cats in the cat room and I planned to return and pick one if I did not find a cat after I checked a few rescue places. I love black cats and cannot understand why they are so hard to adopt. My Shangri-la was a black cat.

The first rescue places was temporarily housing their animals at their thrift store they also operated. Some of the animals were in foster homes because they were in the process of building a new facility but they had three cats.

I asked to see the long haired one. He was not the one for me. I had large dogs and when he saw their dogs he freaked.

I asked to see the tuxedo cat. The guy picked him up and the cat hugged him. I immediately fell in love with him and took him home. Now I receive all his hugs. We bonded instantly. It took a minute for him to come around to the others in the house. Turns out he was a thief, he would come into my room snatch a stuffie and walk out not run, he was too cheeky for that

He eventually gave up his thieving ways but still is cheeky. It has been ten years and the second choice was definitely the better choice, his name is Singapore.

Karen Hill
Lexington, SC

Meeting Mama Meow

In 2002, my daughter and I noticed a very small, thin cat in our yard. Feral and frightened, she wouldn’t let us near to feed her, let alone pet. One of her ears was misshaped and it soon became apparent she was pregnant.

We wanted to help her, afraid she would end up a fatality in the busy road nearby. Realizing it would take time and patience, we put food and water at the end of our drive daily, watching from a distance while she warily ate. We gradually shortening the distance between us and spoke softly talk to her.

Winter approaching, we fixed a sheltered box in our carport. Each day, when we’d go outside, she hurried from the box to eat at the end of the drive.

Finally, our efforts paid off and we were able to pet her though not pick her up. She gave birth to 5 kittens in the sheltered box and did not mind if we sat quietly watching her nurse her babies.

It was getting colder and neighborhood cats started hanging around. Afraid for their safety, we decided on a drastic move. Scooping up kittens in each hand, we took them indoors. Mama, must have known we were trying to help and surprisingly allowed me to scoop her into my arms and take her to her babies. Finally we could give them the care needed and found homes for the kittens except two, which we kept along with Mama. We are so happy were able to meet and rescue Mama Meow!

L. Peck
salt lake city, UT

She Rescued Me

It was hurricane season, and Ike had hit the coast of Galveston, Texas. As a result, many stray dogs and cats had to be evacuated and caused much overcrowding in various shelters along the south Texas area. It had only been by a small stroke of luck that day that my dad, knowing I'd be grief stricken with the approaching passing of my 17 year old cat, looked on the Austin Humane Society website to see if a kitten would help to ease my feelings. Upon first sight, I saw the most happy, beautiful, big-eared ball of fuzz ever. We took the trek to see if she would be a good addition to the family.

At 4 months, she was listless, with a dull coat, and little response. I had my doubts. But there was something about her. The staff was worried about the spaying surgery she would have to undergo because she could not reach the two pound minimum required. But they tried hard, and once she did, they allowed me to take her home the day of surgery in case she had complications. The minute she burst out the box into my room, she made circles around the bed, ran up the mattress and planted a kiss on my lips! She knew she was home at last and loved it! I opened a can of food and she ate, and ate. Turns out her only issue was worms and ear mites.

These days she's healthy and glowing. She follows me everywhere and we're two peas in a pod. She keeps me in check and always helps me when I'm down. I'd dare call her a service cat. Every night she sleeps by my side, every day she stands guard. I love her so much!

Lora O'Reilly
Bastrop, TX

Our Walmart Rescue Kitten, Muffins.

One rainy day after work, I had to go to Walmart for a few things. While passing by all the mulch bags stacked on top of the wooden crates, I heard a tiny "meow" so I stood there trying to hear it over the rain and I knew there was a kitten underneath the crate. So I go inside to get one of the workers and ask if they can move the big bags of mulch because I can hear a kitten crying underneath, but the worker says that's just a cat that lives at that Walmart. But I know it was kitten and I was not going to let her stay there crying. I called my husband so he can come help me find the kitten, and when he got there he started moving all the big bags of mulch and out of nowhere a tiny gray kitten runs underneath another wooden crate! But before she can run under another crate, I caught her! She was so tiny! I took her home and was prepared to give her away to a friend since we already have another cat, but we fell in love with her and decided to keep her. We named her Muffins and she has such a beautiful gray coat. Plus she gets along great with our other cat! And over a year later, she is spayed, vaccinated, and loves to play with our tuxedo cat. I am so blessed to have found her!

Odalys C. Lazo
Charlotte, NC
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