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Everyone rescued everyone!

In the beginning of August 2014 my Kaleigh passed away at the age of 14 after a brief but horrible struggle with cancer. We were all sad and in mourning, but I was devastated. Our home was missing not just my little girl, but the energy that a cat can provide. Even our pup was feeling it, so we decided to go to the SPCA and adopt a cat or possibly two.

At the SPCA we worked with a great guy named Dave, described our current situation and that we had a dog, and told him we were looking for two cats that were different ages and if possible were an established pair. I had always figured we'd get a younger pair, but he mentioned that he had an adult, mother/son pair who had arrived a couple of weeks earlier. Rosie was about 6 or 7, and Jude was 4 or 5, and after a brief intro in a quieter room, they were coming home with us; they just seemed so friendly and patient and curious, but maybe a little lost, they weren't thriving in all the chaos. Our daughter was in love with the fact that Rosie was Jude's mama, and I figured we could all help each other.

It's been 8 months, and they are such a vital, warm part of our family and they helped me through my grief more than probably anything or anyone could have. Jude is my goofy, sweet little boy who loves cuddles, and Rosie is my tough, sweet, mama cat who asks for hugs and shares my husband's chair with him. They love my daughter and are so patient with her. They're curious, affectionate and sweet, and I am so grateful we found them. We all lucked out that day.

Media, PA

Grace the Little Princess

I had gone down to our local big city animal shelter several years ago to pick up a mama cat and her four, week-old kittens that I had agreed to foster for a local rescue organization. While I was there waiting for the young family to be brought up, I asked about a kitten that I had seen the previous day on a Facebook page devoted to sharing “code red” animals that were in danger of being put to sleep. The kitten’s post didn’t include much information about her and hadn’t solicited much interest from other people. The tech that was helping me looked in her computer but couldn’t find any information, so she left the room to search for the kitten and then came back when she couldn’t find her. Another tech had entered the room so we asked her if she knew anything about the missing kitten. The second tech put her head down and waved her hand away in another direction. The tech that was helping me darted out of the room and soon brought in a cage with a pitiful tortishell kitten that was soaked in her own urine and diarrhea. She explained to me that she had had to retrieve the kitten from the euthanasia room. “Do you want to take her?” she asked me with pleading eyes. “Yes” I said.

Other than being thin and her digestive issues which we got under control, she was perfectly healthy. Her name “Grace” fits her perfectly: “mercy, clemency, pardon, favor or goodwill, elegance or beauty of form.” She is my funny girl and purrs louder than any of the other cats in the household, and she was meant to be saved and loved.

Pam Spillman
Sanger, TX

She was meant to be ours she just had a detour along the way!

After losing our 13 year old male Dalmatian to a seizure, we needed to fill our empty home with happiness again and wanted to rescue a female Dalmatian. After weeks of searching the internet, a friend was volunteering at the Humane Society when a little female Dalmatian was brought in and she called me. I immediately went to adopt her and was advised she was quarantined for kennel cough. I called every day to see if she had been released. The day finally came and I adopted her on the spot. She was approx. nine mos. old at the time. She is absolutely the sweetest most precious dog I have ever owned. Since we don’t have children she is our baby girl and completed our family perfectly. She was meant to be ours. She just had a detour along the way. Now at the age of 12, she has the beginning stages of kidney failure. We don’t know how much longer we will have her but I thank God every day for my baby Daisy and the unconditional love and joy she has brought to both me and my husband.

Saint Johns, FL


In the spring of 1999 I went to the local SPCA in Pennsylvania to look at the kittens, still undecided if I was actually going to adopt one. They had a big enclosed play area in the middle of the room with lots of cute kittens playing and rolling around, but this one little guy sitting in the corner caught my eye. He was a black, brown and white tiger with stripes on his back & spots on his belly. The staff said he'd come in with his 2 siblings (including his sister who was orange with big black spots). They were only 5 weeks old and too young to go home yet, so I decided to take some time to think about it and perhaps come back another day. As I walked out of the room, he sat there with this forlorn look on his face as if to say "Are you coming back for me??". That night I couldn't stop thinking about that sweet little ball of fur, so I went in the next day and told them I'd be adopting him. Over the years we've been so blessed by all the joy he's brought us. He loves chasing tennis balls, plastic that crinkles, catnip, snuggling with anyone who has a soft blanket and long afternoon naps in the warm sunshine. He's definitely used a few of his 9 lives doing crazy things over the years, but is still healthy and going strong! He's also very vocal with his meowing and howling, always making sure we know what he's thinking. Today is his sweet 16th birthday & we're looking forward to many more years with this loveable guy! Happy birthday, Baxter!

Pennsburg, PA

The Christmas Kitty

It was an unusually warm December day when I met her outside on my patio. I thought she had a home until my neighbor told me otherwise. He said he'd seen a van stop on our busy road. Someone opened the van door, tossed out this beautiful calico girl BY HER TAIL and drove off! My neighbor tried to chase after the van and get the license number but they sped off too fast. He'd been feeding the kitty since then but really needed to find her a home and asked if I could take her. I wanted to help but didn't think I could do it; I already had cats and worried how everyone would get along. It broke my heart but I said "no".

Later that night I was in my living room watching TV when the kitty showed up at my patio door. She looked right at me as if to say, "Mama, I'm home!" I felt like she belonged here so I let her in. It was a week before Christmas so I named her "Noel". She was about seven months old and eventually settled in perfectly with the rest of the family. It was as if she was truly meant to be here.

Over the years Noel became known for her extremely loud purr and love of stealing my pillow every night. She acted like she owned the place and in a way she did. Noel certainly owned my heart and the hearts of everyone who met her. She was one of the sweetest, funniest cats I've ever known. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to her a few weeks ago when she left this world shortly before her 14th birthday. I carry her in my heart and am so grateful for every day we had together.

Stacie P.
Conyers, GA

Everyone felt sorry for him, but no one wanted him...

I already have four cats and my husband and I had no interest in adopting another. But we always visited the rescue kittens at Petsmart when doing our cat food shopping. We saw this orange kitten in Dec. Cute as can be, he was around eight weeks old and had CH (cerebellar hypoplasia). He weebled and wobbled around Petsmart but was outgoing and friendly and I figured he would be adopted quickly. Over the next month, I kept seeing the kitten at Petsmart and kept thinking, "he's still a kitten, he's cute, he'll get adopted". Then life intervened and I didn't shop at Petsmart for a few months.

Fast forward to March 2015. My husband and I went into Petsmart to get food and supplies and I saw this cat up for adoption. Orange, crouched, huddled in the corner of his cage, he looked unapproachable. I walked up and asked, "that isn't the CH kitty, is it?" I was told yes. No one had adopted him and he was starting to cave to the stress. He growled and hissed at us as we reached out and the volunteer had fresh scratches. I asked how old he was and she told me 7 months. I was amazed. How had no one taken this cute little kitten home? She said, "Everyone feels sorry for him, but no one wants him."

My husband and I looked at each other. He sighed and said, "we don't want five cats." I said, "I know." We looked at each other a bit longer and then filled out the application and brought him home. The first 48 hours, he hissed and growled at all of us. But then, he realized he was home. He hasn't hissed or growled since. He falls over a lot, but he is special and sweet and loving. He provides us with a reminder of resilience and strength. He purrs all the time. He is our little Peanut and we love him to pieces!

North Bergen, NJ

Pounce gets an A

I donate paper towels, peanut butter, and bleach to our local no kill shelter called Animal House. About 1 year ago while down there one weekend I checked out the residents both dog and cat and saw a few kitties that really caught my eye. I had been thinking about adopting another member of the family but did not make a decision that day. I checked online and made a list of the kitties I wanted to meet and went back 2 days later. I decided to start alphabetically so they brought out a young grey and white fellow named Astro. As I was sitting down the first thing Astro did was hop up into my lap, and then lay his head on my shoulder and started purring. Needless to say after meeting Astro I was sold and did not go any further on my list then the "A"'s. Astro adopted me that day, I just filled out the paperwork. He is the youngest in our pride but has a great big brother to play with in Tucker and 2 sisters that remind him that they have seniority. He loves to play and wrestle with Tucker and sometimes plays tag with Callie. They also love sitting at the window and watching CaTv. With his rambunctious nature Astro now goes by the name of Ser Pounce but he and I are both glad I started my search that day with the "A"'s.

Marc Board

The story about my Vlekkie/Spotty

On a November morning i went to work as always.

Later that day while working my boss his wife came to me and asked why we had a kitten in the garden.

It was a closed garden with about 50 homes connecting to it...and yes, there she was...

Shivering from the cold she walked up to me and started to meow...

I build her a small shelter, put a big towel in it and put some water and food next to it.

The food was eaten in no time and she layed down in the shelter i had build.

As the days passed, i asken almost everyone around the shop if they had lost a cat/kitty...no one admitted they had lost her.

I guess somebody probably got fed up with her and just threw her out like a piece of garbage...

The days passed, it got colder and colder, as on 5 December it started to snow and freeze.

I couldn't bare thinking of her being in the cold outside, so i went back to the shop with a bench and took her home.

The next day i went to the vet to check her and told her the story.

She told me Spot was nearly one year old and that normally i had to bring her to the shelter as a missing cat.

But her knowing we already had cats before, she told me to contact the animal protection and tell them my story.

So i did...i had to keep her for 3 weeks and if no one responded her missing, i could keep her.

Weeks went by and no one responded.

In January i went back to the vet to get her checked, get her shots and chipped.

Now, more than 8 years later we are inseparable as she is my bff(best friend forever).

When i come home from work, she waits for me at the window till i come in.

She gives me so much joy, love and comfort...i don't know how my live should be without her.

I'm hoping she will never leave my side!

Mike Catoire
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Most Obnoxious / Best Decision I've Ever Made

In my early twenties, newly independent, I really wanted a pet of my own. I kept visiting shelters, but never connected with any animals. One summer, I found this tiny, overcrowded cat shelter and they were literally throwing cats at me, desperate to get one adopted out. After the 26th cute, yet not-for-me cat encounter, I was trying to politely leave. They handed me a small grey kitten and said, "Well, there's this one. We've had him a few weeks, but haven't gotten around to naming him yet." As they tried to sell me on their nonprofit good deeds, I felt pointy claws digging into my chest. So I glanced down into my arms and saw the brightest, greenest, biggest eyes glaring up at me, eyes that looked like they were lined in eye liner. They said, "It's me. Let's go, already!" So I did.

It's been 6 years with my cat Johnny - who has become a 19 pound beast, with vet-diagnosed OC and eating disorder, whom I have to feed in mini portions at regular intervals to keep him from eating too fast and vomiting, whose unusually loud howl for food at 5 am keeps me and my neighbors from ever sleeping in, with his compulsive need to lick my hands clean before I pet him - and I wouldn't have him any other way. His strange and vibrant personality reminds me daily that I made the right choice bringing him home that day, not in spite of his obnoxious and overbearing traits, but because of them. I know no one else could take care of him with the patience and understanding that I do. Perhaps this is because I see some of myself in him - though rest assured not the obnoxious part!

Murfreesboro, TN

Stuart, the kitty: having an awesome retirement, off the streets.

On one of our evening walks, a very emaciated, but friendly kitty came up to us meowing. We felt so bad for him, we had to go to the store that instant and get him some food. That night I could not sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about him. He had no tags and I thought maybe he was someones missing cat and thats why he looked so malnourished and frail. Maybe we could find his family who was missing him?

The next day on my way home from work, I saw him. I am not sure what came over me but I just picked him up, put him in my car and drove him home!

We fed him, bathed him (a couple of times) and made a little bed for him away from our other two cats.

We started to call him Stuart.

The next day, my partner took Stu to the vet to check for a microchip (none) so we completed some vaccinations and blood work. We also put up an ad up on our neighborhood website to see if anyone would claim him.

A neighbor wrote to us and told us it was his cat and he could pick him up. But because of Stuarts state of health, we were hesitant to give him back to people who were possibly neglecting him. We explained that we had taken Stu to the vet and and told them about the work that needed to be done to help him get healthy, which added up to quite a bit more money. This seemed to turn them off, so my partner asked if the couple would be willing to let us adopt him. They said YES! We were so excited that he would not be a street cat anymore!

That was about a year ago and after some fairly large vet bills, he is doing much much better. He is an old cat, guessing about 15 years old, but we want to give him a good life no matter how long he has with us. We love Stu!

Suzanne LaFleur
Richmond, CA
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