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Boris my epileptic kitty

In January 2013, I was recovering from a divorce. I wanted company, so I put an ad on a community free site ISO kitten. I got a reply from a man who lived nearby. He said he had many to choose from. When I arrived, I was horrified at the deplorable conditions. There were 6 adult cats and 10 kittens still left. I came very close to walking away without one....until this fluffy gray kitten scurried out from under a couch. I fell in love with him immediately and felt obligated to rescue him from those conditions. I took him home. At first, he stayed either under the bed or under the couch for two days. The man had told me his dad was a Russian Blue, so I named him Boris. He had eye infections and a runny nose and fleas ran rampant. I cleaned him up, treated his eyes and he recovered from his cold. What I saw two weeks later I could never have prepared myself for.Boris began having a violent seizure. The sound and sight of that was horrible. I didn't know what to do. When he recovered, he was exhausted. Come to find out, he was simply epileptic. When he would come out of the seizures, his little body would be limp like a noodle. I would hold him in my arms like a baby. He would nuzzle and purr as if to say, 'thanks mom'. Boris has grown to a gentle giant. He is the most loving cat I've ever had. I'm so glad Boris came into my life.

Patty Kraft
Lake Jackson, TX

A rescue that bonded three souls....

My friend and I were going to go for a walk, back in 2011. We were going to use a public walking trail, located next to a busy road. We noticed there were a couple of ladies standing at the beginning of the trail. My friend, and I then noticed there were several kittens playing in the weeds. Someone had abandoned them right there! One of the ladies stated she had tried calling Haven Humane, but they were closed. She then said we should take some, or one. We saw a pretty white kitten. Afterwards, my friend saw an adorable Siamese. We took him, instead.

Unfortunately we could only take one. Small place. So, the Siamese was the one grabbed. We immediately went to the store, to grab him essentials. Home was our next destination. He, and I immediately bonded. (That night!) Within the first couple of days, we had a name for him....Sam. He has been a big part of our family for three years! He is a blessing! Sam came at the exact right time!

Redding, CA

my little bear

I had recently adopted a two year old cat, George, from a coworker of mine and soon after I decided to look into adopting another cat. I didn't want a kitten so I thought an older friend would be perfect. I went to a local no kill shelter and spent an hour looking at all the cats. But none stood out or called to me.

My hand was on the door, ready to leave, when a shelter employees told me there was one more cat in the back room and asked if I wanted to see him. Out trotted this black and grey tiger striped tabby, with crinkled ears and a kinked tail. He walked right up to me to investigate before moving around to explore. I was in love! While filling out the adoption papers I learned that "Earnhart" had been through several homes before coming to the shelter with another cat. His last owner had purchased him at a rummage sale two years prior, after which he had developed ear hematomas. The owner said she took him to the vet but was only instructed to ice his ears (surgery is usually required). Due to that his ears crinkled and froze that way. I didn't care what he looked like, I knew he was coming home with me. A week later I spoke to my vet about him and was told that his "cauliflower ears" didn't hurt him and that the kink in his tail was likely a break from years ago. Earnhart, now Codi, was the biggest snuggler ever. He would lay on my lap for hours while I read or did homework. When my little brother came over to visit and play video games Codi would sit on his lap and watch.

I had two wonderful years with this amazing kitty and I am thankful that I went to the shelter that day. In 2012, due to health issues, Codi passed away, leaving a hole in mine and George's lives forever. I miss him everyday but I am glad to have had the chance to know him.

Crystal L
Menasha, WI

Regal Beagle

Shortly after my husband and I got stationed in Germany we decided we wanted a dog. We never wanted a puppy, we wanted to get one from a shelter or from a family. We came across the cutest dog! We quickly made a time to meet up and see if we had a connection with this dog.

We knocked on the door and heard barking. They invited us in and this dog immediately came to greet me with his big beautiful brown eyes and uncontrollable tail wagging. He made me smile. I sat down to talk with the owners and he would not leave my side, I knew at that moment that he needed to go home with us. The owners told us all about Kujo (as they named him), about how he has separation anxiety, and doesn't stop barking when they left the house, and it was hard for them to travel, blah, blah... This dog was going to be mine. Still at my side, I looked down at this dog, he was looking at me so eagerly, I needed to talk to my husband. I asked them if it was alright if we took him on a walk. We did, he was horrid on the leash, pulling profusely, and was skin and bones. This dog was coming home with me, today. We packed him up in the car and headed home.

After taking him home, we soon found out that he wasn't treated well, and had some other issues. People asked if he still "chewed on the furniture, wet in the house, or tore up the rugs?". I was and still am happy to say that he has never done anything like that since he stepped into our house. Anxiety is still a small issue, but gets better every day.

Koodge (as we named him - Kujo minus the o) is an extraordinary dog. He gets me through each day, deployments, and puts a smile on my face. We take him every where with us and have no regrets. He is a part of the family now.

Ansbach, Germany

Mr. Blue

One day I was searching the pet adoption website and saw a notice: "Urgent Plea..Turkish Angora kittens about to be put to sleep at L. A. Shelter!" I called immediately and they said they had 2 left, a male & a female. I told them that I was on my way, and jumped in the car and drove 50 miles to the L.A. Shelter.

When I arrived, I saw a pair of little white paws sticking through a cage. As I approached, the scrawny white kitten jumped up and put his paws through the bars of his cage on my arm and seemed to pull me toward him. I asked the attendant if I could hold him, they took him out of his cage and gave him to me to hold. He immediately nuzzled under my chin and started purring, then he put his paws on my cheeks and kissed me right on the lips! Well, I was so charmed by him, I asked if I could bring my husband to see him the next day, but they told me that he was scheduled to be put down the next day! I immediately decided that I HAD to adopt him, with or without my husband's blessing!

That's a decision that changed our lives forever. Our new kitten turned out to be the most amazing, entertaining, lovable, and adorable cat! We LOVE our Mr. Blue!

Orange County, CA

Dolce - My Knight in Shining Fur

In the summer of 2009 I looked after my neighbor's 4 cats for a week while she was away. The largest cat, a male named Dolce, was always getting in fights with the others . About a month later my neighbor decided she had had enough and that Dolce would be going to the SPCA because he was a bully. I was in college at the time and didn't think I would have enough time/money to care for a cat so I decided to try to find Dolce a home. After literally carrying him around in a cat carrier for a few days asking people if they would like to adopt him I found myself desperate to do something. He was a lover, not a fighter, and I could not let him go to the SPCA where I knew he may not have any chance of getting adopted, being a solid black adult cat. After the few days I tried to find him a home, I knew in my heart that he was meant to be with me. We had a bond and I had completely fallen for him. My neighbor kept him until I moved into an apartment near school and Dolce became my roommate a month after I went on a search to find him a new home. He is a gentle, curious creature that shows me everyday how happy he is to be with me and I love him more than I can say. He has been through 3 moves with me, the last one a month ago. I moved in with my boyfriend who has a cat and they have actually been getting along famously. A few months ago I got a friend of mine to paint a portrait of Dolce, which I think captures his regal nature and sophistication. He is my little king!

Adrienne Williams
York, PA

Rusty my miracle kitten

In August 2013, my boyfriend was working at a construction landfill in Dumfries, Va. In a pile of scrap metal, ready for crushing, they found a day old tabby kitten. The mother was feral and no where to be found. Since foxes inhabited the landfill, my boyfriend decided to rescue the kitten for fear it would not survive. I nursed the kitten with an eye dropper for about 7 weeks, until it was able to drink the formula from a dish. Today he is a beautiful, healthy kitten, just 8 months old and loves playing with his older brother Smokey and older sister Candy, both rescue cats.

Sue Aguero
Woodbridge, VA

Old and Honorable

Anker was 12 years old when I took him out of our local kill shelter. No one wanted him because of his age, but I recognized something in him I couldn't put my finger on. His surrender papers said he was a "Sepaleigh" husky. Look up Leonhard Seppala to understand just how marvelous these huskies are and you will find a tale of honor and love. Anker is a silly love-sponge who, in his younger days, ran in the Iditarod. Now he is retired, thank you, and I am glad he is retired with me and my pack. He may be old but there is certainly nothing to suggest that in his behavior! I loved him even before I set eyes on him.

Casper, WY

Giving Lana a better life

I already had one beautiful American short hair cat named CeCe, who was very lovable but a little feisty sometimes. She was always alone, when me and my mom went to school / work, so me and my mom were discussing getting a new cat. I remember there was a house near my old house that breaded cats, so I was thinking that maybe they'd have some cats.

I was with my grandmother (she adores cats) and we were talking about the house that breads cats, and we stopped by the house. It had a lot of wood and nails on the ground. We went inside the house. We saw tons of medium sized cats running around the small house, but no kittens. There were cords running across the small living room and springs hanging out of the couch. I looked around for some kittens. I found the water and food bowls, and there was an ashtray right next to the water bowl! I was in shock! I yelled out the house owners name, but no one came! Well actually, a little black and white kitten that looked about 10 weeks old came and started climbing up my leg. Her purr was louder than an engine, and wasn't she beautiful. I immediately fell in love, as she fell in love with me. Another kitten found my grandmother and raced to her. They had chosen us as their mothers! There was another one, that looked smaller than the others... she was a beautiful black cat. I couldn't stand to leave her there, because I had seen the home they were in and it wasn't going to be loving. So i called my other cat loving grandmother, and she fell right in love with the little black kitten. The owner came home and told us to just take them, because he didn't want to keep them! So without even asking my mom, I brought the little girl home.

Now my Lana has a new home filled with love from me, my mom, and CeCe. 3 beautiful kittens got loving homes that day.

Jackie Higgins
Mount Desert Island, ME

Mattie & Courtney

My now husband and I adopted Mattie (on right) in 2009 as a graduation gift from me to him. We went to Boggs Mountain Animal Shelter in Clayton, Ga and he picked her out. She was 25lbs of pure cuteness. We took her to the pet store to get her bed, bowls, food, etc. Then we took her home and Mattie the terrier became Mattie the terror. She was not house trained, she tore up the house when nobody was home, she tore up her food dish, she broke out of her crate, she scratched up the floor, and on and on and on. I was convinced that we had adopted devil dog and there was a moment in time she almost went back to the shelter. Determined not to give up, we worked with Mattie for a year and a half to break her of all her horrible behavior problems. Bitter apple spray, long walks, and a routine absolutely were absolute necessities. If you have a terror at home, please don't give up. Friends tell me horror stories and we always have one to beat them.

After we had Mattie well behaved, my husband started what I call "lobbying" for a second dog. I did not want another dog. I was convinced that we would end up with another Mattie and I did not want to spend another year training what some would consider an "untrainable" dog. So after a year and a half, I finally broke down when Boggs Mountain came under scrutiny for one of their sponsor programs and they were trying to empty the shelter with adoptions and transports. We went to find an older largish male dog and we came home instead with Courtney, a 1-year-old medium female who had just weaned her puppies. She is a submissive girl which works very well with our head strong Mattie. Courtney has taught Mattie patience and she has taught us all how to love. She sits on your feet, will lick your face all day, and wants to be with us always.

I love our girls!

Sandi Suda
Demorest, GA
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