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Second Chance Kitty

This 6 month old kitty was taken in by my mother. "Kitty" was living with a lady that has a very short temper. This woman also has young children, and at the time my mom was only somewhat acquainted with her. However, she could already tell that something was not right. On multiple occasions she had seen this lady's children pick Kitty up by the tail or drag her around by it, with no one asking them to stop. She had seen the woman hit the cat on the face, and finally, to her shock, she even saw her pick Kitty up and throw her down a flight of stairs.

These violent reactions were provoked by nothing more than simple things any young cat would do, like jumping on a counter, or accidentally knocking something over.

One day my mom heard that this woman was furious at Kitty for knocking a keepsake off a shelf and breaking it. Knowing, the types of punishments Kitty would suffer for this, she did what any compassionate person would want to do: she offered to adopt Kitty. Hours later, Kitty was out of that house an on to a better life.

This weekend I am babysitting my mom's animals and I love spending time with Kitty. She has only been out of that house for a few weeks now, but she is already coming out of her shell. I move carefully around her because sudden movements cause her to flinch back as if expecting a slap to the face. Yet, she has started purring around us and no longer hides. She gets on our laps and plays with her new toys. Kitty is so full of charm, playfulness, and love, I can't imagine how anyone would want to hurt her, let alone any animal. Nevertheless, It makes me so happy knowing that she will never, ever be hit again. Only loved.

Despite the pain she has suffered at the hands of people, she is still willing to give others a chance. If that isn't inspiring, I don't know what is!

New Port, OR

Merlin Majestic Fernandez

I worked as security guard in a shopping centre, part of our duties were to activate the compactor each morning to crush up the previous days rubbish. On this day a sound alerted the guard and he found 6 ten day old kittens in a beer carton. He took them back to the office and knowing I was a cat lover, called me to ask what to do with them. we fed them milk from eyedroppers and each of them was claimed by caring guards. At the end of the day, the guard who found them came to me and told me that the person who was going to take one of the kits had to refuse because her husband said no. I had decided to raise one kitten, so what was one more? On my way home I dropped in on the vet, who offered to euthanise them for free as he said thier chances of survival were pretty slim, but I wanted to take that chance. My parter and I hand reared them both. After a couple of weeks I had arranged homes for them, but at 6 weeks when I took them for the first shot, Merlin was found to be infected with cat flu. Again the vet said, his chance of survival was almost nil, I took him home. Rang the person who I was going to give him to and said I had to keep him because he was sick. I nursed him through cat flu and decided that the cat who I was not supposed to have, I could not give up. He was the most loving cat I have ever had. Sadly 5 weeks ago, at 17 years old after a long, happy life. I finally was forced to part with him.

Lee Daly
Brisbane, Australia

Sweet Tehya

One night after getting home from work, I heard all this meowing coming from underneath my gardenia bush. I called out and this cat came out towards me – she looked to be young. She kept her distance at first, but eventually let me pet her. I had some cat food inside, so I brought her some. Over the next couple of days, when I got home, she’d be waiting out front for me. I decided to name her Maggie (Mae). One night as I went to go inside, she strolled right inside in front of me. She must have had a home at some point in time. I have a Lhaso Aspo and that didn’t faze the cat in the least. However, wasn’t sure how my dog would take to a cat. I had a friend at work that was looking for a young female cat so I contacted him. My friend said that when he got the cat home, all it did was hiss and growl at his cats. Also, that she was in fact a neutered male. I decided to keep him and hoped my dog would deal with it. Maggie got renamed Tehya (which means precious in the Zuni language). At the vet, they said he was approximately 3 to 4 years old. He wasn’t young – he was thin. Who knows how long he’d been out on his own. He obviously was owned at some point since he had been fixed. But he had decided when he walked through my front door that first time, this was his new home. That was 6 years ago. He and the dog get along well – he likes to harass her, of course, and they do play. When she’s had enough, she usually has him pinned down belly side up. He doesn’t move till he knows he can make a break for it. She’s 15 and doesn’t see too well. We think Tehya knows this, as when she comes back in from outside, he “guides” her through the kitchen to the living room. He truly is precious!

Pamela A Inklebarger
Mary Esther, FL


The day after Mother's Day 2013 a little dog was running loose in our neighborhood. She came into our back yard, and when my husband opened our back door, she ran into the house as if she knew where she was going. She had no collar, no tags. She was very shaggy and matted, but sweet and friendly.

We canvased the neighborhood, posted her picture on Facebook and notified the local Humane Society (we already had two Shih-Tsu males). We took her to our vet to get her checked out and he scanned her for a chip. She did have one, but it wasn't activated. Other than being a little malnourished and dirty, she was healthy. We tried to find her owner as we could not believe that this sweet dog was abandoned. However, no one even inquired about her so we decided to keep her, and we are so glad we did.

She immediately became best buds with our other two dogs, and is the "queen of the house". We named her Cloudy because her fur was mostly white like clouds, but her outlook was "cloudy" at best had we not took her in. One of our male dogs name is "Stormee", and the two of them are like "storm clouds" rolling through the house! They go non-stop playing and competing for our attention.

When my husband called me at work that day and told me we had another dog, I said "no, we can't have another dog". But when I got home and saw that sweet face with the black patch on one eye, she stole my heart. I know I am being selfish, but I am so glad no one claimed her.

Sharon Robinson
Tamarac, FL

Defying the Odds

One cold, drizzly morning in December 2012, I was driving to my hometown in Illinois to visit family. While traveling about 60 mph on a desolate stretch of two lane highway between towns, I saw a small white kitten appear from underneath the car directly in front of my car. There was no time for me to react. Right before I passed over, I saw the fear in the kitten's eyes just before my car straddled her. I felt sick, but to make matters worse, there was yet another car immediately behind me that also passed over the kitten. I immediately pulled over and saw in my rear view mirror the kitten was lying motionless in the middle of the road. I didn't know if it was my car or the car behind me that had injured her, and I felt horrible.

I safely exited my car on the now-deserted stretch of road and ran to move the poor kitten to the shoulder. I could see she was bleeding badly from the top of the head. Things did not look good. I thought I would stay with her until she passed, as a measure of respect. But the kitten began standing up and staggering around, clearly in shock. I simply couldn't leave her there. So I wrapped her tightly in my fleece jacket and held her as I drove 40 minutes to the veterinarian in my hometown, who was also a family friend. The vet treated her and gave odds of a 50/50 chance of survival: she had a fractured skull, was dehydrated and near hypothermia.

I decided if she pulled through, I would take her and name her Noelle. Amazingly, she made a complete recovery, with no neurological impairment. Sweet-faced Noelle is a totally healthy, loving and playful cat.

St. Louis, MO

Best Decision I've Ever Made

When I moved into my own place I knew that I wanted to adopt a puppy. I had grown up in a houseful of dogs and missed having furry companions. After searching rescue sites, I found a cute Chihuahua mix that I made an appointment to go see. When I got there, I was not only greeted by Jake but by his sister Abby too. The shelter told me they had been abandoned on the side of a busy road in the middle of winter at not more than 2 months old. Luckily a Good Samaritan saw them and brought them to the shelter. Then I was told that they were neglected and caged for almost 24 hours a day by their first foster and had to be rescued from there too.

Even though I only intended to leave with one dog, I knew I couldn't seperate them. Jake and Abby were so bonded and had been through so much already in their short little lives that I adopted them both. It is easily the best decision I've ever made. Five years later they are still best friends and the loves of my life. They are so happy, friendly, playful, affectionate and spoiled. Every day I try to give them the love and happiness that they have given to me.

Walnut Creek, CA

My Protector, I Protect Her.

Two years ago, I was awakened at 2 am by two drunk men pounding on my front door and yelling. I came down the stairs and heard the door open and someone come in. I was on the phone with 911 and screamed for them to get out. The police trespassed them. After that, whenever I heard a noise outside, I panicked. Friends told me to get a gun (I'm a klutz, and also antigun). I began to think about getting a dog for protection.

I went to see a dog I found on line at a rescue an hour away. That dog wasn't a good fit for me, but a sweet Beagle mix caught my eye. So did the "housebroken" on her info card. We went outside, she immediately ran to pee, then came running right up to me. I sat on a bench, she sat next to me. This. . . was my dog. The day I adopted her, the rescue told me she had a funny leg, probably from birth. Her right hindquarter was smaller than the rest and she didn't always use it. It didn't seem to bother her.

At our initial vet visit we discovered the break. It was at least 3 months old and the broken end had begun to heal to the middle of the shaft. She had her first surgery in April, they had to rebreak the bone and pin it. It didn't go well. Then we did a bone graft in May. In July, she began to limp again and the X-ray revealed a new break. All this time Maude continued to walk and play as if her leg were fine.

The specialty vet revealed what I had feared, there was no bone left to repair. It was like powder. We underwent amputation in July. Fortunately,I had a village of people to help me care for her. She healed quickly and continues to run, jump, and play like any other dog. Maude is more of an alarm than a vicious watchdog, but I'll take that.

She is always by my side.

Orlando, FL


Flash entered our lives in the summer of 2009. My husband and I were out of town when we received an early morning text photo from our daughter. It was a picture of this little kitten. Since we already had three rescue cats at home, I pretty well knew what was coming next! I called her and she explained that as she was driving to the store the night before, this small kitten ran across the street in front of her. When she came out of the store, he had crossed back over the street and was sitting by her car. She wondered if he was hungry and offered him the only food she had--a couple of french fries. He bit her fingers as he was gulping them down. Afraid to leave him because he seemed to have no human family or fear of the street or traffic, she brought him home. The next morning, she took him to our vet and thankfully for him (and us) he got a clean bill of health. This little boy was so sweet and loving and full of personality that he quickly won his way into our hearts. He loves to play, is interested in everything, and is always willing to lend a helping "paw" to whatever task is at hand. And because he was weaned too early as a kitten, he is a sometimes "shirt sucker"--he'll snuggle up close to your neck, knead a little, and then begin to suck on your shirt collar. Our other cats eventually took to him, although the two senior cats who were 12 and 10 at the time were hesitant at first with all that kitten energy but the 5 year old loved having a brother to romp around and play with. Flash, with his little quirks and playful ways, has brought a lot of joy into our lives. We're lucky he found us that summer day!!

Nancy Mullins
Ludlow, KY

Facebook and Fate

In June 2012, I saw a picture of a tiny black and white kitten on Facebook, posted by a hometown friend. Something about the picture of the green-eyed tuxedo kitten with the unusual face markings really tugged at my heart.

My friend updated her post, saying that after her family attended church service in town, they found the same kitten from their house out in the church parking lot! Somehow, the kitty had climbed up underneath their car, riding 15 miles down the interstate into town! They took the kitten back home. Later that same night, she attended a community event in town. She overheard some children talking about a cute black and white kitten out in the parking lot--sure enough, the little kitty had mischievously hitched another ride into town! After the event, when she couldn't find the kitten, she assumed someone must've taken him home.

Sure enough, someone had. My sister, who also lives in my hometown, called me and told me about a darling black and white girl kitten she found in the parking lot and took home, thinking I might like a new kitten after the loss of my 18 year old cat earlier that year. I told her about seeing the kitten on Facebook, and knew then that it was meant to be.

The next day, I drove to meet my sister and get the kitten, who I named Pixie. She needed much medical attention: her tail was broken (most likely from the car ride) and she had fleas, ringworm and ear mites. After many trips to the veterinarian, Pixie ultimately did lose half of her tail, but it healed completely. She has grown into a beautiful, healthy, energetic and affectionate companion. I truly believe Pixie was determined to get to me all along. Fate!

St. Louis, MO

Hi My name is Rudi

7 years ago somebody dumped me ! I do not remember what they looked like and I do not really care! All I remember is I was lonely and scared.Here I was all alone, no food no comfy place to sleep, but I was a tough little dog with a great heart and a huge desire to survive. it was a country side, farms and family houses .I found shelter to sleep and get out of the bad weather, but really I wanted a to find the right place to make my new home and find my forever family,to tell the truth I was lucky there were many houses with nice people that were calling me to come and live with them and they were calling me with different names ,like little Dickens or Sir George ! After several days I was getting hungry and lonely and I really missed a couch to sleep on, so I had to make a decision and it really was not so hard, all along my eyes were on that one family ,the one that already had 3 adopted dogs and the most comfortable couch you can imagine!! I barked at their door , it was opened , I walked in, jumped on that couch, fall asleep and been sleeping there now for 7 years!!

P.S: You all now we dogs are opportunists! I do visit all those neighbors every day, they still call me little Dickens and Sir George and they give me treats but I love my family the one I chose and they love me!!

Sabine Campeau
L'orignal, ON, Canada
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