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Oreo the cat

Oreo was a gift from my COTA friend she was supposed to be sent to a shelter by her daughter. Instead, she bought Oreo to the nursing home where we work together as therapist.

Bringing Oreo to the SNF (skilled nursing facility) bought attention to our administrator, she said she needs papers if OREO has shots. Although, OREO stays only 6 hours in the SNF most of the patient who adore pets like her to be out in the cage and cuddle this sweet kitty. Most of the patients take turns cuddling OREO it was fun inside the Rehab room for a while.

So i took Oreo home and adapted her as my pet and sooner we bonded like mom and baby, she likes people and all other guest like Couchsurfers around the globe OREO will kiss and smell them.

She likes people and kids.

I never regret adopting OREO because my favorite cat back home in the Philippines was beat to death before Oreo came to my life. I cried two nights and I still miss Magz. But i know for sure adopting new cat, Magz will be happy in heaven.

Chicago, IL

Stay of execution for twenty years

My mother took me to the pound in Las Vegas in order to look for a missing cat, George, whom we later found out had returned to his old home and was fine. I looked through the cages and was crying hard, because he was not there. My mother, who was allergic to cats, informed me that I could bring home one. "But what about George?" "If he comes back, then we will keep them both" I found an orange and white tabby (Norweigan Forest) kitten, who was all by himself in the cage, He was tiny with over-sized head and feet. I picked him out. While the adoption paperwork was being processed, the lady told us that we had saved him in his last minutes. It was closing time and this had been his last chance to be saved from being euthanized. He was my best friend. He acted more like a dog than a cat. My mother passed away from cancer, when I was sixteen. I ended up having my cat for twenty years, which was four years longer than my mother. During the last years of his life, he wasted away from being approximately twenty pounds (he was not fat but large) to about 9 pounds. He was skin and bones. He was mostly blind and senile. I hand fed him with a syringe for nine months, In his last month, I was giving him IVs every day, He could not longer make it to the litter box and I was having to wash his bedding regularly. One day, my husband picked me up from work in order to take my cat to the vet. As I got in the car, I could hear him making the same sounds breathing that my mother did right before she passed. The vet confirmed that he was slowly drowning in his own fluids and gave him an hour or two to live. "Put him to sleep. I would rather him go quickly than slowly like this." I petted him and cuddled with him until the end .

Janet K Holmes
Sparks, NV

Buster Is Finally Included

Last winter it got to below zero several times, which is rare where we live. A big orange tomcat came out of nowhere and it seems he may have been living under the house for years, hearing us with all of our animals already inside no doubt. I started feeding him on our covered porch because my alpha cat fought with him. Animal fights scare me and I am no animal whisperer, try as I might. I was forced to put an advertisement in for him, but now I feel blessed no one came. I visited him several times a day on the porch, and he seemed very happy but also sad as he looked in the window at the other cats. All he wanted to do was be held, purr and eat.

The guilt was getting to me but we had no vet money and the few fights they got in were frightening. Finally, my son came home one day with a big bull dog someone had tied to his car and left. We do not believe in kill shelters, so we kept the dog. The dog had to take Busters porch immediately, and big thunderstorms were coming, Buster was dazed and confused. I had to bring him in. The other cats were so jarred by the arrival of the big "strange bull dog creature" they were to exhausted to fight, and have not since. It has been days, no fights, all is well. Buster now sleeps by head and is inside permanently, unless he wants to get some sun. The dog sleeps with my son now. Sometimes things are taken care of in the strangest of ways. Not only do animals have feelings, they are equal in depth to ours, if not more so.

Danielle Spencer
Hendersonville, NC

wrong turn rescue

Once my apartments changed management and allowed dogs, I ran out to begin my search. We were looking for a small dog, like a chihuahua. I set out to the shelter I had called but I ended up turning the wrong way. I saw a sign for a different shelter so I figured what the heck I'll go look. I asked if they had any small dogs and she seemed very hesitant. She said we have a chihuahua, but shes too young and wont be available for about 6 weeks. I figured I would look at her anyway even though I wanted a dog so badly and sooner than later. They had her in a cage in the cat room because she was so small and when I looked into those brown eyes, I knew. She was the sweetest little girl and I instantly loved her. I visited her several times a week and the wait was so hard. The shelters policy on high demand dogs was whoever's car was closet to the fence got the dog. She would be available on Monday so I said I'll be here Sunday night. The shelter said that there were a lot of people wanting MY dog so we packed up the car and camped out for 3 days and nights. Monday morning when they let her out she ran as fast as she could to me. She was my very best friend and was there for me through the hardest times of my life. My bond with her is unexplainable. She recently past away from congestive heart failure and I feel lost without her. But I thank my lucky stars I drove the wrong way and I cherish all my memories of my sweet girl. Until we meet again Pooper!!!! I love you!

traci mcshea
newport news, VA

Tink and zack

My family had gotten Zack (black and white) as a puppy in 2009 as a birthday present for my younger brother. In 2013 I turned 19 and finally moved out of my parents house but my unexpected move left Zack confused and depressed. He was chewing his paws raw from anxiety. It got so bad my parents had to put baby socks on him to prevent him from chewing on his feet. Three months after I moved out my mom found Tinkerbell (black and tan) on petfinder. She was a year older then our beloved Zack and ad been left at the police station a few towns over her owner was called for active duty and had to leave Tinkerbell behind.My parents left for to adopt her the next day and gave her the care and love she needed. Her and Zack became quick friends and Zack is doing much better now that he has a friend.

Meriden, CT

Prince Carlo

I had lost my boy kitty Orbit, and found myself no longer a mother to a sweet boy for the first time in 24 years. I was getting emails from a company to rescue cats, and had been ignoring them for weeks. One day, I clicked open an email and saw Orbit's twin, available at a shelter 30 miles away. I called, they said he was available, and I headed out to go get my new man. I get to the shelter, which had a cattery, and they tell me the kitty I saw online had been adopted, but this gorgeous ginger man walked up to me, and I swear his expression said "get the car, lady, I've been waiting." I took him home, and it was magical love from the second his paw hit the ground. He was always sweet natured, a little bit of a prince, and definitely the man of the house.

My sweet Carlo left me after 7 years when kidney failure took him in a matter of days. I had been hospitalized myself for 5 days, and the day after I returned, he became sick. That was Carlo, though, always the gentleman. He waited for me to come home before he passed away. I miss my Tangerine prince more than anything, but I take pleasure in knowing that from the moment we met, he had a rhinestone lifestyle and wanted for nothing. He was my once in a lifetime kitty, and I'm proud to have been his mama.

Kirsten Seeger
Los Angeles, CA

abandoned in rental

A friend who owns some rental properties called me to say one of his renters had left in the middle of the night. He discovered a few days later, upon inspecting the property that they had left a dog inside, (Phoenix Arizona summer), and he was at a loss as to what to do. I had recently lost my Lucy girl and her buddy Ricky was feeling depressed. I was looking for a companion for Ricky and he had remembered. I went to visit and he had forewarned me that the dog was sort of big! The introduction went well as, (the soon to be named "Girly"), immediatedly jumped into the middle of my back seat, all 90 lbs. of her!

Arriving at home, the introduction with Ricky was a little difficult at first.......But soon they were best buddies! She has the best personality and is enjoying her forever home. What a perfect fit!

Bill MacKenzie
Phoenix, AZ

My Lil' Bit

Lil' Bit was dumped with her three small siblings in the spring of '12 near the college where I work. Three were trapped quickly and are living in wonderful homes, but it took me 4 months to catch Lil' Bit. She was living on a golf course and outwitting many wild animals. I visited her three times a day and at least once a day on the weekends. I fed her twice daily and provided fresh water, started her on HW preventive, and took her toys and she looked for me every day. After a weeks absence for some minor surgery she was so excited to see me she let her guard down and I grabbed her all the time telling myself if she bit me to just hold on 'cause I knew she was afraid. She fought me for a few seconds, relaxed and proceeded to pee all over me...guess she marked her territory...but good. After almost three years she is still shy of strangers and just tolerates my husband...she is definitely MY dog. She is now living the life with her daddy and 3 large lab mix siblings whom she adores, and thinks at 14 pounds she is as big as they are. She makes us laugh every day with her antics. We don't know her genetic makeup, but I figure there is some mountain goat genes in there as she can clear the back of couch in a single bound and has to be some greyhound in there as well 'cause she can run like the wind. We don't care what she is...we love her dearly and can't imagine life without her in it. Never in my life have I had a small dog, but don't know what I would do without her now.

Forney, TX

Junkyard Cat

I was in college and heading into a bar when I heard a pitiful sound from the junkyard next to the highway. The waitress said the mom was killed and they captured the other kittens but were unable to catch him. I climbed the fence after a brief run in with barb wire and attempted to capture the kitten to no avail. A huge snowstorm was headed our way and I put out a live trap the next day. I went to the location several times and finally him in the trap with a foot of snow surrounding it. I took him home and figured he would be tame within minutes. WRONG. I opened the cage to pet him and he bit my thumb puncturing the nail. He then proceeded to run around my apartment like the feral creature he was. I managed to get a blanket over him and threw him into the bathroom. I called several rescue organizations and finally reached one that didn't recommend putting him down. She came over with a dog kennel where he lived for the first month and would hiss anytime I got near. Eventually he did a hiss/purr and I was able to pet him with a protective glove. After two months he was tame but still scared of strangers. This was 15 years ago. He has seen several other kittens come through my house and always "takes them under his wing." He still isn't fond of adults and will hide but for some reason has always enjoyed children. He greets me when I get home and sleeps by my side every evening. He has been there for me through some tough times including a difficult divorce and I can't imagine life without my Junkyard Kitty. He is one of a kind.

Stacey Hervey
Denver, CO

Love Bug

As I was coming out of a new year meditation at our wellness center I saw a dark shadow run between the cars in the parking lot, on close inspection I saw a small tuxedo cat hiding under a car. I had some cat food in my car so I place some food and water in a place near hopping she would find it. I returned next day and the bowl was empty but no sign of a cat. So I started a daily routine of taking food to the same spot morning and evening. After a couple of months she (it turned out to be a she) sort of knew the routine and would peek through the bushes to take a peek at me. I asked around but nobody could tell if she belonged to anybody, I would find her lying on someone's backyard full of junk, ideal place for hiding on plane sight. One day after 6 months of faithfully feeding her, she came to greet me with the deepest meow I ever heard from a cat that small and she would get closer but wouldn't let me touch her, sometimes she even would walk with me and attempted to play seek and hide. I got one of those live animal traps to no avail, she was too smart for that. So one day after the neighbors started to complain about the cat I acted quickly, grabbed her, placed in a box and brought her home, she is happy and playful and still adjusting to the company of my other 2 cats.

Los Angeles, CA
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