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My sweet angel Sadie

I found my sweet Sadie at a feed store. She had been found wandering the desert in CA. She was such a playful and loving kitty. She was my lap cat. She was always on my lap and loved to sleep next to me. She also loved to sleep on my pillow. I would put my head in her belly and she would wrap around my head and keep me warm in the winter. She used to play fetch with her favorite ball toy. Of course, she would play with the ball first before returning it. She passed at age 14 of cancer. I was truly blessed to have her love in my life.

Patricia Ponivas
Las Vegas, NV

The Adventures of Pickles II: Cat Paradiso

I rescued a dog and cat from a shelter and they inspired me to write. I wrote 2 short stories about my cat Pickles. My 3rd and final book in the trilogy is being published in the fall. One of the key themes of the series is the impact of life on the streets for strays. My hope and dream is that it will inspire people to adopt the older strays that are in the system as they have the hardest time getting a forever home. Information below:

Synopsis of The Adventures of Pickles II: Cat Paradiso

Pickles here. If you liked my first book, you are going to LOVE this one. Have you wondered how Ding-a-Ling ended up a stray on the streets? Have you wondered what exactly Dum-Dum is saying? Well I still don’t speak dog, so I can’t help ya with Dum-Dum, but he is back for this book. In this new adventure, Eddie Spaghetti and Selfie as well as a host of other new friends we meet along the way will join Dum-Dum, Ding-a-Ling and me as we trek to The Cat Paradiso. This adventure will definitely blow your hair back so put on some shades, settle in, and prepare for another fast paced, tongue-in-cheek, quirky, and heartwarming chapter in the story of life in the animal kingdom. You may just not want to come back.

David Corrigan
Los Angeles, CA

Merlin warmed my heart

My husband and I saw POE at the Rochester MHS when we were looking for another cat. He was so adorable and my husband said this is the one. When we brought him home is was only 2 months old with a cocked tailed so we changed his name to Merlin because his tail reminded us of Merlin's hat. He has been the best laid back kitty we have ever had. Merlin became my buddy and always tried to find a way to lay a paw on me. In 2017 our baby boy passed away(liver failure) at home with both my husband and me right there by his side. He is forever in my heart, we had 11 wonderfully blessed years with our gentle Merlin.

Sterling Heights, MI


We lost our Sadie girl 2 years ago and haven't stopped missing her since. We recently decided we were ready for another Boston Terrier but wanted to rescue one. This past Friday we had that opportunity, we adopted "Mikey", a 5 year old Boston Terrier from the APL in Cleveland, OH. When we brought him home, he fit right in with our 2 other dogs and made himself at home. The cat will take a little getting used to, but Mikey is making progress on that front. Please consider adopting,

James Bilbrey
Medina, OH


I'm in AZ, and Journey had been dumped at a high-kill shelter in TX when AZ Border Collie Rescue found out about her. The wonderful volunteers worked out a transport, and she was brought to her foster here in AZ, who happened to be the same person that fostered my Max. The first photo I saw of her in AZ stole my heart, and after she got all her shots and vet checked, her wonderful foster brought her to me. Journey was given her name because of the long journey she took to get to me. This is the sweetest dog. She's young and goofy, and at the same time has an elegance about her. Her vulnerability and trusting nature just make me melt every day. Journey gets along great with my other dogs, Pearl and Max (Pearl is also from AZBCR), and she's polite and gentle with my cats. There is some abuse in her past, but she is getting over the need to be safe a little more every day. I am so lucky to have this sweet, gentle soul in my life.

Tucson, AZ

Mavis, my itty, bitty, pretty, kitty...

Mavis was adopted from the Taylor Animal Shelter on July 2, 2018. She’s 4 years old, mostly black, with some white hairs on her chest and stomach. She’s such a goofy cat, she makes me laugh, at her antics, every day.

One time, I guess she was feeling ignored. I was sitting on the edge of my mattress, with my elbows on my knees reading an article on my phone. She climbed up my back, sat on my neck and swished her tail in my face. I laughed and put the phone down to play with her.

We bought her a cat bed, the next morning I found her sleeping on the floor, in front of her bed. She had never had her own bed before, so my husband helped her understand that it was her bed. Now she sleeps in it all the time.

She likes to walk back and forth on the edge of the bathtub and play peek-a-boo with me, when I shower. She keeps me entertained every day.

Please consider adopting a shelter animal, they are so grateful to become a part of your family.

Linda (Allgeyer) Hautala
Taylor, MI

BB a/k/a Biggie

I was found in a dumpster, covered in oil. I enjoyed running as fast as I could; getting my adopted Sister in trouble, virtual hunting; and catnip on demand. I endured a perineal urethrostomy, and a nephrectomy with resulting congestive heart failure and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I battled a bladder mass to the end. I took 5 lousy tasting medications daily. I enjoyed my home life and battled my illnesses with dignity, defiance and strength.


Cortland, NY

In Loving remembrance of Loki

Loki was the big brother of two orange domestic short hair tabby cats that we adopted on March 5, 2007. He was born on January 8, 2007. Loki is from a litter of five kittens that were rescued in an abandoned building in Philadelphia, PA.

Loki was a very athletic kitty and loved to play hard. He was a big brother to Blaze and while he liked to tease and wrestle with his little brother, quite often after devouring fresh catnip from the gardens outside, he was very affectionate and always acted like a big baby looking for love. He was always the first to greet visitors to the house with a welcoming hello.

Loki thoroughly enjoyed his meal times and treats of all kinds and sometimes liked to grab an extra morsel from his brother's food bowl.

Loki loved jumping in and exploring all kinds of empty boxes, and in particular, one shoe box that he often used as a cat bed. Always ready to grab a nap, Loki knew when it was time for bed and would race into the bedroom, hop on the bed, and settle down next to you as you would fall asleep while petting him gently.

Tom Ryan
Philadelphia, PA

Taking the Corporate Off-Ramp

I knew that I aways wanted to get into dog rescue full-time but figured it would be later when I retired from the corporate world. Sure we did our part volunteering, donating and adopting but our lives changed when we met an amazing selfless couple, in Brazil rescuing the worst of street dogs and bringing them back to health and ready for adoption.

My husband and I adopted our first dog from them in 2016. We flew down and saw all the dogs that I had been following on Facebook. It was humbling for what they had been through, yet still had so much love to give to humans. Inspired to do more, we returned home and started the US charity using the same name so their US supporters could get tax deductions. We were an administrative office working on fundraising, marketing, adoption inquiry support, etc all in our spare time while we worked full time corporate jobs. But there always was a need for more.

So in 2017, after 18 years in the corporate world, and much contemplation, I decided to leave. We bought an old horse rescue farm in Pennsylvania to convert for the dogs. We do the same as before but now we bring dogs here in hopes of adoption. I thought I worked hard before, but I work harder and longer hours than ever. Every day is a chance to learn and help. We have met so many great people along the way, domestic and international, because of the dogs.

I don't have a paycheck now, but I get paid in dog kisses and seeing them happy in their furever homes. It makes it all worth it. The corporate off-ramp is not for everyone, but we can all do our part by helping others in need. Every day is a new day to make a difference.

Nicole Green
Glenville, PA

Best Hero Dog Times Two!

We live in a rural area where people routinely dump their dogs. Reba, a 45 pound red Queensland Heeler, was one who came to live with us. She is very protective, as this story will prove.

Getting bitten by a rattlesnake once is possibly an accident. Choosing to be bitten again is true bravery! Reba has been bitten three times in the two times she saved me.

One day, I stepped out of the house barefoot and immediately heard it: The deadly buzz of an angry rattler. Instantly, I froze. Desperately I scanned our yard to see where the intruder was located but the yard was empty. The unmistakable sound increased. As I started to move, Reba snapped at my ankle and I saw the snake bite her twice on the face as I leapt back to the safety of the house.

We rushed her to the emergency vet. Antivenom cost $600 a dose and she needed three or more. There was no way I could afford over $2,000. Devastated, we gave her fluids and took her home to see what would happen.

For the next week I gave her super large quantities of Benadryl, more sub-cutaneous fluids and prayed. Her head swelled to the size of a small watermelon, and then, miraculously, the swelling faded.

Fast forward two years. I open the door to our house and see a rattler coiled up against the door frame. I think I screamed. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Reba attacked drawing the snake’s attention to her and allowing me to get safely back inside.

This time, we skipped the vet. Again, she swelled mightily and again, she survived.

Today, Reba is 19, somewhat deaf, and a bit slower, but she’s still going strong. I don’t know what I’ll do when we finally lose her. She is, beyond a doubt, my hero dog.

Maryeileen Flanagan
Stanfield, AZ
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