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My Lulu Puddinhead Cox

I was about down as a person could be. Trying to redeem myself for a DUI that cost me my license, my car, my savings, my self-respect; but mostly, my self-respect. In order to fulfill my community service, I signed up at our local animal shelter. I figured it would be a cakewalk, because I love animals and had loved and lost many animal companions over the years.

Cakewalk? Heck no. My service consisted of many hours of doing laundry, feeding the residents, and cleaning out the cages. It was hard and physically demanding work, but I felt like it was my penance for having behaved badly.

It was there I met this wobbly, crying kitten, who had just been brought in that morning. She was scared and unable to step out of her own filth. Her cage was in the room marked "feral" so I was afraid at first to go in. But I couldn't ignore her cries.

The staff named her Janis Joplin, because she wobbled and fell over, as if she was drunk. She was later diagnosed as having a condition called hypodisplasia. But after getting her cleaned up and acclimated, the staff (and I) discovered that she was the most loving and adorable kitty you could ever want to meet. But she was designated as a special needs kitty, and not considered to be adoptable.

Once my service was complete, I decided I had to adopt her, I had fallen in love. I knew that both she and I needed some redemption in this lifetime. From the moment I brought her home, Lulu became quite famous in our neighborhood. She had no idea she had any disability, and was active and playful and friendly to everyone, especially dogs; she was fearless. She even had her own Facebook page! I swear, I don't know how she had time to write! Losing her was hard, but having her in my life was a wonderful lesson I will remember, ALWAYS. Open Your Heart!

Santa Cruz, CA

A feral cat named Baby

You know what is amazing? The power of love and trust. I remember when I first took Baby home back in November 2009. He was feral (I was warned) and therefore had to be trapped humanely in order for me to bring him home. There was no getting him into a carrier. He hid under the bed for a while. Puma was already here because I picked him up first from a lady that was fostering him. They both lived together before that with an elderly lady. She did not give him enough attention for him to become socialized. He still didn't trust people. They were both fully grown adults. Puma was around 8 years old and Baby was about 5. I was originally interested in adopting a kitten. However, I knew that if I didn't rescue them, they likely would have been euthanized. I could not let that happen.

Bonding with Baby took quite some time. I think it was about a year and a half before he would allow me to touch him. I'll never forget how happy I was the day I earned his trust. Soon my friends were eventually able to pet him as well. They got to see the wonderful transformation from shy feral to sociable, curious and friendly. Baby was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer back in September. The veterinarian originally gave him only a few months as an outlook. Thanks to a friend, I learned about the benefits of the herb cats claw. I started giving him the supplement. I am convinced that it helped him stay with me as long as it did. He made it much further than I expected. He was a fighter till the end. I know that he was happy here and I'm grateful for the time we shared. That I was able to give him a better life and earn his trust means more to me than anything material in this world.

I love you, Baby

Rest In Peace 5-28-15

- Lyra

Stony Point, NY

Black Kitty Rescue

I've always wanted a black kitten. After a bunch of failed ads, the last place we called said "Yes!" I was thrilled and went right away. The man opened up a large carrier. Two "kittens" immediately ran back upstairs. One stayed behind.

Neither of these were the kittens. They were all a year old. The one that remained came up and meowed. The little girl, misbehaving and hyperactive, was jumping around and picked up the cat. The cat didn't run away or struggle. I talked to the father while the litter girl danced with the poor cat. I said I would take him, feeling very sorry for the poor kitty being flung around.

I didn't want him, but this cat has become my soulmate. I named him Merlin and he has been with me through the most difficult times of my life. He has always politely waited for me to wake up to great me good morning. He is always in the window when I come home and greats me at the door. I have never felt such overwhelming love from an animal.

A few months later I decided Merlin needed a friend. Since he was a calm and loving kitty I wanted to find the right companion. I tried out cats that I rescued, but neither fit quite right. One day a friend called me and said that a friend had 3 young kittens found in her barn. I took them in and decided I'd let Merlin chose one.

They came and were 5 weeks old, all back. One only had one eye. Merlin ended up choosing the fluffy one that looked like him, but I didn't feel like the runty black one-eyed kitten would find a good home. So I kept him. He was super shy for the first few months, he hid a lot. I was worried he'd be one of those cats that you'd never see, but he slowly came out of his shell to be just as great as Merlin. His name is Rasputin and they're both still with me today.

Somerset, NJ


While staying at the Juan Solito Lodge (Los Llanos, Colombia), some local fisherman spotted this 5/6 meters anaconda near their regular fishing pool in the Hato La Aurora Reserve. The fishermen decided that they would feel safer if the snake was a little further away, so they picked it up, and moved it to a more suitable pool in the middle of the reserve.


The green anaconda is the largest species of anaconda and can grow up to 17 feet long and weigh as much as 100 kilograms. They are mostly aquatic and nocturnal, and will eat a range of prey from deer, tapir and capybara to caiman, birds and fish.

GRENOUILLET Marie-France (Wildlife Photographer)



My Precious!

Jan-9-2015, Belize: Hi, my name is Smeagol. I was a baby kitten sitting on the edge of the road. My mouth hurt so bad, I was so hungry, I didn't care about the cars and motorcycles speeding right by me. Suddenly, a car stopped, and a human picked me up and put me inside. She knew something was wrong because I didn't run away when she drove past. So she went around the block and came back for me. I was so happy to be off that hot, dusty highway, I started to purr as I sat there on her passenger seat, as I listened to her calling her Mom, and kept purring as we went into the vet.

But it was really bad news. My jaw was broken, the bone was sticking out inside my mouth. It was badly infected and smelled so bad, it must have been broken for several days. That's how long I wasn't able to eat anything. I was covered with a crusty mixture of pus and blood and dirt because even though I was injured I still wanted to be clean and I had licked myself all over.

The vet said there was nothing they could do. They did not have any pin that small to fix my jaw, I was just too tiny and weak. But the human remembered how I had purred the whole car ride, and she just couldn't put me to sleep. She asked what would happen if they did nothing, and the vet said "how will he eat?". It was just destiny that the human had 2 tins of gravy catfood in her purse. I put my whole head in that tin and I nommed down that food! So it was settled, I would be given a chance. I went home purring with antibiotics and human hoping for a miracle.

As soon as we got home my eyes became so bright, she said I looked like Smeagol.

Eventually my jaw healed on it's own, slightly crooked, and I have a snaggletooth. But I love food and I love life!!!

Belize City, Belize

Slow and Steady

After losing both my cat and dog, I was ready for a new pet. One January weekend I went to the local shelter to see the cats. A little cream cat had just come in and was terrified. I sat at the cage and talked to her for a while, and she tolerated me, though she was too scared to be friendly. I knew that we could help each other.

Rory spent her first few days at my house hiding behind the dryer. She would come out at night for food and to use the litter box, but I didn't see her for days. I'd use my phone camera and flash to take pictures of her behind the dryer to make sure she was OK. It was another week before she would approach me, but only when I was in bed at night. Eventually it became clear that Rory has very poor vision. Besides being cross eyed, she can't seem to see anything that is more than five feet away.

I think she had a neglectful family before the shelter. She was in good shape physically, but didn't know that people could pet her, or what toys were. She's made progress in the last four months, but it's like having two different cats. During the day she's fearful and hides from everything, including me. But as soon as I lay down at night, she curls up in the crook of my arm and purrs. She likes to be near my face, and will even sleep nose-to-nose with me. If I roll over, she jumps to my other side so I'm always facing her. In the morning, her toys are strewn all over the house. I hope that one day that sweet nighttime cat will also be the daytime cat. Time will tell.

Denton, TX

Life Is Good

The first place people around here think to take a 'found' or 'abandoned' animal is to our neighborhood Vet who will find them a home or take them home himself. Chee-Sy (sigh), a Japanese word that means "little", was found by one of the Vet Techs at our local Vet's office. A friend of hers saw a car stop at the end of their drive, open the door and put something out. They found a tiny female Chi Weenie puppy, full of fleas but otherwise in good health, around 5-6 months old. (A few months before, we had to euthanize our 16.5 yr old Chihuahua, Pica, because of her failing health.) We were taking a short vacation on the Gulf Coast so I arranged a time to meet this abandoned little girl when we got home. She was the opposite of our ladylike little black Chihuahua. Her fur was reddish blonde, she had been cleaned & prettied-up, toenails painted pink, and she had on a pink collar. A nice touch for this hybrid tomboy. Her ears were huge, paper thin, and stood straight up, her body was long with short legs and her tail curled tightly over her back. A real Chihuahua/Dachshund combo. I reached out to pet her and she immediately took my fingers into her mouth to say hello. She was housebroken and full of energy. I took her home after buying a bag of puppy food, treats, and making an appointment to get the rest of her shots. That was three years ago and although we still cry a little when we think of our cherished Chihuahua, Pica, we are constantly entertained by this feisty, friendly, fur kid we now fondly call Chee Chee. She has learned a few tricks and lets me know when the mail truck is close. We walk a mile each morning and a half mile each evening. I've even lost a few pounds! She chooses which side of the bed she wants to sleep on but usually wakes me up around 7AM for our walk. Life is good.

Brandon, MS

My Savior

This is Kali, now I know this site is for rescue animals but her story...and mine need to be shared. When Kali was born (her mom is my moms dog) she wasn't breathing. Kali's mom had four puppies, two girls and two boys, Kali was the only white one and I knew as soon as I saw her she was mine. It was then that I noticed her mother wasn't interested in cleaning her, Kali just wasn't breathing, so I gently cleaned and performed CPR. Soon Kali was breathing and I was so happy. Kali and I became inseperable, she slept on my chest and was always by my side. In august of 2011 my mom and brothers moved out of the house we lived in. I stayed because we paid rent for the month of spetember and I was going to use the time to find a new place. On the 4th of september there was a knock on my door at about 2:30 am. I answered because I thought it was my roomate unable to get in because I locked the door. Instead I found one of my brothers friend, I let him in because I knew him well, Kali wouldn't stop barking and growling but I ignored her, then the guy attacked me, and raped me. Kali tried to save me but was thrown into a wall. After the rape I went upstairs, put a hot bath on and scrubbed until my arms, legs and everything else was bleeding. I wasn't thinking of evidence I just wanted it all to go away. Kali watched me with sad eyes and laid with me while I cried. This rape was the 4th time it happened. Twice when I was 12 and once at 18. I am now 23

A couple years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD, Bi-polar, Insommnia and excessive anxiety.I have flashbacks and nightmares Kali is aware, she then distracts me by jumping and licking. She has kept me alive and I'm not sure I could live without her. We have a happy life I love her.

Karissa Gaudry
Shellbrook, SK, Canada

Diesel Strong

The first time I saw my new boy was in my Facebook feed. My friend posted a picture of this tiny furball asking if anyone could take him. Her husband is a truck driver and he was on his way home one night in the middle of February from Wisconsin to Indiana when he stopped at a truck stop. He heard a tiny faint meow coming from his engine; he already drove over 200 miles since his pickup which meant this kitty hitched a very long and scary ride. He opened his diesel engine to find a tiny and scared little kitten, not 6 weeks old. Luckily for him he rode in the cabin the rest of the way home. Unlucky for him, that wasn't the worst part yet to come.

It didn't take much conjuling for my husband to agree to take another kitty into our home. We set a date to pick him up and that morning I was very excited. He was going to be delivered after 5pm. I got a call at 3pm. Something was very, very wrong with him. My friend's voice was panicked and worried. He has been having cluster seizures for 30 minutes. I told her to bring him to an emergency vet that was near both of us and that to tell him I will pay for everything when I'm there.

I prayed all the way the way there for my little guy to pull through and to just be OK at least till I get there. To my amazement, his seizures stopped shortly before I arrived and he was quickly seen by a vet. Nothing wrong, at least physically.They ran every conceivable test they could; nothing. He hasn't had a seizure since that awful day I almost lost him before I got him. Six months later, he is pure love, greeting me every day with love and affection. He's a little shy, understandably around loud noises and new things, but he's slowly breaking out of his shell. Naturally, his name is now Vin Diesel.

Indianapolis, IN

Oki's Story

Normally, I come to the Animal Rescue Site to read, and cry over all the amazing rescue stories... Although I've rescued many of my own cats, today, I'd like to share the story of another kitty, his name is Oki, and his story is well worth sharing. Oki's owner, has also rescued several abused cats and Oki is one of those cats. This is Oki's story... http://www.gofundme.com/save_oki

Clarence, NY
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