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A New Life for Raspberry Tart

I work right next to my local Petsmart and adopted 4 of my cats there. I would go in and give the group updates on my 4, share pictures and just meet the new cats that were there for adoption that week. I saw the "Strawberry Shortcake" trio and said my hellos, one was a small tuxedo named Raspberry Tart. She was a bit more standoffish than her 2 siblings and soon she was an only kitten - her brother and sister adopted out away from her. This started her decline, no one in the cage with her made her even more isolated and soon she was being called "grumpy" and other such names. My heart went out to her, all alone, misunderstood, stuck in a cage and passed over for younger kittens every week. She was shutting down, giving up - it was so sad to have to watch this happen.

I talked with her foster mom and was told that Raspberry was not like this at home. I had a long talk with my husband and we agreed that if she was still there after the 15th of August I could get her. That following Saturday was a mob scene! I went to the adoption desk and asked if Raspberry was still available, and was very happy to hear she was. I was approved quickly because I was a prior adopter and we went home together! Everyone said Raspberry was acting strange all that day, like she knew she was going home and it was all going to be OK. Her foster mom came to see her off, gave me her favorite toy and kissed her on the head goodbye!

Kiti Williams
Pottstown, PA

Not what I was planning!

In October of 2013 my dog of 12.5 years passed away from kidney disease. I knew I would eventually get another dog so I started making a list of what I thought I wanted - a female, 20-25 pounds, 1-2 years old and mellow.

Well, in February of 2014 i went to the shelter to look at dogs, fully prepared to not settle unless all my requirements were met. That was where I met my Jax. Jax was in a pen with another dog and no one visiting the shelter gave him much attention. They were more interested in the new puppies. When I asked to see him I was told he was skittish and scared of people and I would have to wait for someone else to help. I didnt want to wait so I talked them into letting me go into the pen. He came right to me so I leashed him up and took him on a small walk. We sat down on a bench, he jumped right into my lap and started licking me. It was over so back inside we went. I went up to the counter and all the shelter employees were staring at me. Turns out this dog was so scared and skittish he wouldnt let anyone touch him, let alone pick him up and he growled at most people! They were sure no one would take him because of this. I told them not to worry, he was mine now and he would get a forever home! This little 12 lb, 6 month old, male, Jack Russel mix chose me. Apparently, he knew what I wanted more then I did! I have only had him 6 months but I couldnt imagine life without this hyperactive lovable little guy!

Stephanie Michael
Woodstock, IL

Beautiful Isabella

In August 2013, I decided that I wanted to get a companion for my slightly grumpy 7 year old orange tabby, Barnabas. I went into the shelter to take a quick look at the cats.

I saw a little white and gray cat sitting up in the corner of her cage just staring at me. She didn't meow, didn't respond to me in any way except to just stare. I went back to visit her again a few days later. I talked to her and petted her a little but she was still very timid with me, but I could tell that she recognized me from my previous visit. I talked to one of the attendants and they told me she'd been there since the end of June and no one was really interested in her. They had her age listed as 7 on her sign but was probably older. At that moment, I knew I had to have her.

The person in charge wanted to talk to me before I adopted her. She talked to me about how different older cats are and how they really weren't sure of her age. She even tried to get me to look at other cats. After she saw my determination, she let me take Bella home. She went to the vet to get her upper respiratory infection cleared up and get checked out. She was fine if just under the weather.

She quickly made herself a part of the family and became friends with Barnabas. It took him much longer to warm up to her because he was used to being an only child, but he eventually came around. Her funny, happy personality made me laugh every day.

I don't know how her previous life was, but I know that for the last year she was given all the love and spoiling and pets that she could want. I only got a year with her but I am glad that I got to love my beautiful Isabella. We chose each other that day in the shelter.

John Wayne White
Fort Worth, TX

Miss Zoey Mae

Miss Zoey came to me when I was sitting outside of my then boyfriend's apartment. She seemed to have appeared out of no where and she came right up to me. It took about a month but she was determined to make it beyond the front steps of the apartment. After one particularly bad thunderstorm, his apartmentmate (a female) said "I don't care who takes ownership, but she's coming in..." That was that. He gave her to me for our one year anniversary. ... Of course my luck being what it is, she was pregnant with eight kits (all put down while she was being speyed due to her health reasons) and with a mild case of Bartonella and fleas, she's as healthy can be...

She has been mine since before she was housebroken. She is the highlight of my days. He might be gone, but she will forever be mine... I am living in a new apartment now and she runs free as an indoor only baby. She is my first cat as I grew up having known only love from Dogs... She's my first fur-baby all to myself and she's my love. She sleeps with me when No one else is home and as soon as I walk in she purs.

Gloversville, NY

Gerty and Zoey

I rescued Gerty, the fawn Chihuahua mix, in August 2013 from a local pound. She was terrified to be on the leash so I sat down on the pavement and called her over and she was in my lap, tail wagging and licking my face, I knew she was coming home with me. She was pregnant when she was brought into the pound and had to have her puppies removed when she was spayed leaving a huge incision in her abdomen. She also had two BB's embedded in her side and needed a dental that required 7 extractions. She had no hair on her stomach and part of her tail, she was in rough shape. She still is not very friendly with people or large dogs but she has come along way and now seems very content with our life.

I recently saw Zoey, the brown dust bunny, on Petfinder and immediately contacted the shelter. She had been a drop off, had no fur on her stomach or the back half of her body. She was blind in one eye and her jaw was deformed. I drove the next day to retrieve her and she was as sweet as can be with her little hairless tail wagging away. They said that the hair loss was due to a food allergy and otherwise she seemed to be in good health, despite being over 10 years old. I took the little muffin home and gave her a good bath and cut the large matts of hair off of her until I could get her to a groomer. She is so sweet and full of life and LOVES her toys.

Both of these girls are great dogs and their only fault was being with horrible humans. Looks aren't everything :)

Morgantown, WV

Tiny Kitten to Giant King

This is a story about a 5 week old, 10 ounce kitten that magically popped into my life. Around my aunt's house is a population of feral cats. She has names for them all, and knows who's kittens belong to which mommy, etc. They're happy being feral, and she's happy feeding them and admiring from afar. However, one of those kittens ended up on her back porch one day, tiny and crying. She called me to come over and see him, and that was all she wrote. I left with Atticus that day, and ever since he's been my main man.

He was an adorable and incredibly photogenic kitten. He was also very small. One day, that tiny poofball of a kitten disappeared, and a sassy, crazy, large and in charge 16 pound cat appeared. Atticus really does think that he's a dog. He begs for food (but never attention), plays fetch with his toys as well as carrying them around in his mouth. He likes to box both his humans and his brothers and sisters. He wags his tail when he's happy, and smacks things with it when he's upset or annoyed. He's a very intelligent boy, and has the most human-like facial expressions I've ever seen on a cat.

Even though my Atticus Finch is all grown up now, he still has one kitten-like quality. When he's comfortably spread across one of his human's chest and belly, he'll start to knead and nibble on shirts. He loves to "shirt-nibble", and especially loves to "nom" on fuzzy blankets. I look forward to a long time of providing him mice to fetch and shirts to chew on. :)

Alli Fishel
Duncansville, PA

My Baby

I first met her as a small kitten in front of Walmart. A couple was trying to find homes for her and her sibling, unable to take in any more cats. Knowing I was a sucker for cats, my mom quickly forbade me from even thinking about it. But I convinced her to let me hold them. They were two little black cats.

Her sibling was fidgety and refused to be held for long.

And then I picked up the kitten that would soon be named Baby. Right away she decided that I was to be her human, a.k.a. slave, by falling asleep on my chest purring loudly. I turned to look at my mom pleadingly and she said no, turning to my soon to be stepfather for support.

But by this time, both he and my little sister were all loving on her, charmed by sweetness. He said 'whatever you say, hon' very weakly, petting her adoringly. Later he said he didn't want to be the bad guy! Luckily for me, my mom caved and she let me take home this adorable black cat who had stolen my heart from the moment I first held her. The entire way home I held her, everyone else rushing their trip into Walmart while I held her outside. They also picked up more supplies for a second cat in the home.

She took to human ownership and her new home right away, proving to have just a little Siamese in her. And she quickly proved to be the oddest cat I've ever met. Bi-polar, antisocial, and just a bit humbugish, she prefers eating from the TOP of the automatic cat feeder, balancing on the bowl of water and leaning her head down to drink, loves her cuddles. On cold nights she gets under the blanket with me, curling up against my stomach. She's been followed by other rescue kitties, as all of our kitties have been rescues. Some, sadly, have left us due to disease or going feral.

I don't know what I would do without her now.

McMinnville, OR

My baby....

My baby was found on the driveway where I use to live. My Aunt brought her to me. We figured she was about 10 days because her eyes were opening. I bottle feed her, she slept with me and went everywhere with me tucked over my heart. I was going through a divorce and it was rough. She ended up an indoor outdoor cat. We had her spay and micro chipped. My Sister and Youngest daughter named her FUGLEE. She loved everyone and melted everyone's heart. Where ever I went people wanted to see how big she was getting. She was 13 when there had to be a decision for her to rest permanently. I trusted my vet, he is the best. She was in kidney failure. She was my best friend, keeper of secrets and a lovely girl... 1998-2011. She sits on my shelf in my bedroom is a special urn my kids bought me along with her paw print and picture.

fresno, CA

My Love Bug, Joker.

When my kitty, Rylie passed away from kidney cancer February 2010 I didn't want another cat. Lynx and I both struggled with her passing. At the end of March I was looking through the classifieds. I noticed an add for a bunch of cats that were dumped on someone's farm. By April 15 the add was still there. So I figured why not. I called. They only had one left. They said she was female. On April 17 they brought this kitty to our home. I was shocked by her condition. The man who dropped her off said his neighbor asked him to drop off the cat. She was in very rough shape. She was very skinny. Her bones were clear to see. She had wounds and sores all over her body. Her whiskers looked like someone had burnt them off with a lighter. I put her into Lynx's carrier and took her to the vet. While I waited to hear from the vet about the kitties status I called the RCMP to let them know what was going on. The number that was in the add was attached to a pre-paid. The number changed the same day. There was nothing they could do to track down exactly where she came from. When the vet brought me in to see her she was on ivy fluids. They had given her energy giving glucose. They addressed her wounds. They didn't feel she was strong enough to handle being put under to stitch a few of them up. And they discovered this kitties little secret. She was not female. But in fact a male. So I named him Joker. When Joker came home he was terrified of everything. Scared to death of men. After a couple years he has come round. Joker is still timid at times but he is my suck bum. Loves attention. Thrives on touch. He accepts men. On his left shoulder he has a spot the size of a loonie. In some countries they say it means good luck. Joker is loved and spoiled in his forever home.

Amanda Stauffer
nanton, AB, Canada

Miss Kitty

I had never really bonded with a cat until I was in my 40's. Growing up, my parents only allowed us to have a dog, so I never knew the joy a kitty could give.

One day, my niece brought a tiny tuxedo kitten to my house, after finding her abandoned in the local cemetery. At the time, I was dating the man who would eventually become my husband, and he immediately fell in love and brought this baby kitty into his home. When we got married, he moved in with me, and brought Miss Kitty with him. They were a package-deal! Not having known a cat before, I was initially hesitant, but she fit in perfectly! I am now a real cat fan, because of the love Miss Kitty and I share today. She loves both my husband and me, and is our darling girl!

I thank God everyday for bringing her into our lives!

Maquoketa, IA
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