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Carmela's Story

Carmela's story is story like many strays. To many cats in town that need fixed and aren't. She came to us very young. We already had one rescued cat and thought a second would keep her company, They got along well but things went south for Carmela when her insides could not adjust to a small apartment. She was very feral. I was the only human she really trusted and because of her stress, she developed small cysts in her intestines that every so often her body would throw off in the form of the "runs" We tried to keep her as an outdoor cat but before we could get her fixed, she got attacked by the toms. I spent a very long sad night helping her to deliver a still born kitten. She had a fever & I took her to the vet fearing she might die. As it happened a vet assistant there had parents moving to a new farm & needed an outdoor cat. They covered her med.s and I covered the vet fees. Than I did the hardest & easiest thing in the world- I signed the papers to give her a new home. I knew she would be well cared for & loved. She would get fixed & have the run of a huge farm. I miss her still but I know she is happy and loved and means everything to me!

Mansfield, OH

Mr Orange

Two years ago, my boyfriend and I moved in to our first apartment and found out that cats were allowed. I was super excited and started looking around for cats up for adoption. Two days later, a friend of mine from high school, who also lived two hours away, sent me a text to let me know the hospital she worked at had just rescued a cat.

Come to find out, this poor little boy couldn't be taken to a shelter because he was FIV positive. Though he wasn't a kitten, I fell in love with him the moment I got the first picture. He was skinny, had an upper respritory infection and his eyes were so goopy they wouldn't open. I vowed that he would never have to feel bad again. So we made the two hour drive and picked up our baby boy. We named him Chester (a.k.a. Mr Orange) because he looks like Chester the Cheetos Cheetah.

Now, two and a half years later, he is the king of the house. Being the only animal in our house, he gets all the love he can handle. He loves to snuggle and any time he hears my voice, he will come find me and sit with me. I couldn't have asked for a better cat!

Cincinnati, OH

Stole Our Hearts

After putting our 10 year old Schnauzer mix down due to cancer, we decided we were going to wait awhile before getting another dog. We still had our 1 year old lab mix, Finnick, so we got lots of love from him to console us after losing our first fur baby. Shortly after losing Spike, Finnick started regressing on all his training. We quickly figured out that he was more of a pack dog than we'd realized. So we decided to go ahead and get him a buddy much sooner than we'd planned. We knew we wanted a female, small breed, young puppy. So I started checking our local humane society's website everyday. After only a week of watching, two tiny Shih Tzu puppies were found as strays. I went to see them immediately after work on a Friday. By the time I got there that afternoon they already had potential families lined up even though their stray holds weren't going to be up for another 6 days. I was pretty bummed. So I decided to continue my search another day. As I turned the corner at the end of the row of kennels this tongue came out of nowhere and started licking my hand. I looked down and there sat Mags (Clarice at the time). She was listed as 45 pounds, 7 months old and a Rott/Pit mix. Not at all what I thought I wanted. But when she looked up at me I knew I had to bring my husband back to meet her. He met her and fell in love. We filled out the paperwork that night and brought her home the following Tuesday. Now Mags and Finnick are the best of friends and completely inseparable. There was always much debate among our family and friends about what breeds actually made up Spike so to avoid that we decided to do a DNA test on Mags and found out she is Rottweiler, Boxer, Bull Terrier, and Greyhound. Very different from what we went in for but she stole our hearts and we wouldn't change a thing.

Jessica H.
Racine, WI

Saved from the Lama's

While out measuring a customers house for windows, I came across this pitifully small, weeks old kitten with huge feet who I was told, "would go home once it found out there was no food or water for it here". I asked how long it had been hanging around and was told he had been seen in the lama pen for about two days. It was almost 90 degrees out, which is HOT for Alaska, so I scooped up the kitten and headed for my work truck without a 2nd thought, believing all the while I would find a good home for this strange kitten with way too many claws. Once I got him to my house, he ate and drank all he wanted, then fell asleep on my lap which is where my wife found us. So much for finding him a home; he already had. That was 4 years ago and Majhi the polydactyl kitten is all grown up now but he still follows me everywhere I go, is waiting for me at the door when I come home, fetches toys like a dog, loves to be held, carried, shoulder rides, is in,on or under what ever I'm doing and has the best personality of any cat. He loves to be photographed and will sit and pose for all the pictures I want to take.

North Pole, AK

Little Miss Ollie

One night, I came home from visiting a friend's house. It was really late, so I was super tired and just wanted to curl up in bed. As I was about to fall asleep, I heard a noise that prevented me from drifting off. Thinking it could be a cat, I went outside to go look for it. After about an hour of searching under parked cars, various bushes, and gated areas, I gave up, telling myself it was a bird and was totally fine. I did my best to sleep through the sound, knowing in my gut that there was a cat out there in need.

Fast-forward to the next evening at 7 PM. Once I parked my car after coming home from work, I heard those sounds again - this time, they were louder and more distressed. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that there was a cat in deep trouble...somewhere...

My boyfriend and I began frantically looking all over. We checked sewer drains, the tennis court, and under every parked cars. We finally located the sound underneath the hood of a red car. My boyfriend recruited the help of our neighbors, one of whom worked at an animal hospital. With a lot of maneuvering, patience, and tuna, we were able to pull what we thought was a grey kitten out of harm's way. Poor thing - she had been there for at least 24 hours! I fell in love instantly and volunteered to take the kitten in. One bath and two cans of tuna later and this now orange fuzzball (who we named Ollie) had fallen asleep in my lap - her grateful purrs lasting the entire night!

Sadly, we were right in the middle of moving and could not keep her. I tried putting off finding her a home but knew she needed one quickly. Through neighbors and friends, we found her forever home with a wonderful couple who still sends me photos of her. I miss her sweet purrs, playful personality, and all-night cuddles, but love that she's in the best home possible!

Heather J.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

A Boy and a Puppy

My son (5 years old) and I were moving from a rental to our own home. I told him once we moved he could get a dog. He said he wanted a golden dog. There was an annual Pet Expo held just a couple of weeks prior to our move date. I decided to go to check out the various rescue organizations for when we were ready. My son was petting a cute little puppy when he looked across the room and through at least 4 crates and saw HER. He spotted the cutest little golden puppy and exclaimed "I WANT THAT ONE!" So we go see her and her littermates, their mom had been rescued from a high kill shelter while she was pregnant.

My son was convinced that was the dog for him, he previously said he wanted a boy dog, I told him it was a girl, he said "I don't care, she is the one". I talked to the rescue people and they said if we wanted her we would have to adopt her that day or the next. I was in the middle of packing and moving the last thing I needed was a little 8 week old puppy. But seeing the look of love between my son and that puppy, how could I say no. While he played with the puppy, I filled out the paperwork, wrote a check, and then told my son he could have her, his entire face, actually entire body lit up and he asked "I can keep her?", I assured him yes he could, then he said "today!", I said yes she is yours. He then proceeded to cry tears of joy. Macy and my son are now the best of friends, she is a wonderful dog. She is very friendly and thinks of herself as the neighborhood welcoming committee, stopping to say hello to each human and K-9 she passes.

Mom to 3 Rescues and 1 boy
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Mr. Smee

We already had Tinkerbell, (story on here also) but we decided that we wanted to get a play mate. we went to the shelter and was looking at all the cats, there was this tiny 3 month old kitten that everyone was looking at and as we looked around we watched person after person put him back and choose another one, curious my husband and I went to look at him, he seemed to have 2 different colored eyes. we talked to the shelter volunteer and found out that he was partially blind in that eye and would probably lose full site and use of the eye so they were having a hard time adopting him out. I picked him up and he laid across my chest and just purred, it sounded so loud coming from this little tiny thing. needless to say we came home with him.

Tinkerbell did the customary 460 hisses at him and he kept trying to play with her. it took a week before she would even be in the same room as him they are now best friends . he sometimes miss judges a jump and falls on the floor, but he plays with his toys and chases the ball of yarn all over the house, bites his sisters tail and runs like the dickens out of the room and down the hall, so the blindness doesn't stop him from being a kitten. We know when it's time for bed because he will crawl up on my chest and the crook or my arm and just go to sleep.

He loves to go into the bathroom with my husband and stand at the sink till the water is turned on and get a nice cold drink he would play in the toilet water but we figured out if we turn on water he would drink that instead, thank God cause the toilet thing was gross even though it was clean water he would come jump on me in bed and have wet cold paws, nothing like waking up to toilet water on your face.

Lincoln, NE


We adopted Parker when he was four months old from a local animal rescue. He was the last of litter, this sad little guy crying up a storm in his cage. One look into his sweet little eyes, and I knew I wasn't leaving empty handed. He quickly stole our hearts with his morning cuddles, greeting us at the door everyday after work, and his love for always being right by our side. One morning, Parker was not acting like himself, he wouldn't eat or drink, had no interest in playing, and was hardly moving. By that evening his breathing was very rapid and he was incredibly weak. We rushed to the nearest emergency veterinary center, Parker curled up in my arms the whole way there. We anxiously waited for test results. When the veterinarian called us back I had no idea she was going to tell us what she did. "Unfortunately... (my heart dropped) Parker is in heart failure." I was completely hysterical. How could this happen to my sweet, healthy, energetic boy? He wasn't even two. Although there were options for treatment, none of them allowed Parker to be happy again. We were able to tell him how much we loved him, how much we would miss him, and tell him goodbye- for that I will always be grateful. He crossed to the other side in my arms, with his dad right by his side. I know that Parker never lived a day with us that he didn't know he was loved beyond belief. If I could go back to the day I decided to bring him home, I wouldn't change a thing- we were so lucky to have him in our lives. I can only hope that someday we will get to see each other again.

Whitney Wiechmann
Grand Rapids, MI

Topaz - a feral rescue

Meet Topaz.

When our Ginger Tom died we waited a few weeks before starting to look at rescue centres. We visited the local Cats Protection shelter where my parents helps out. Several cats were nice but didn't really click.

I was called into the quarantine area area where my Wife was cuddling a beautiful scrap of a kitten. Not moving and not purring. So scared of everything that was going on.

Topaz had been picked up in a sweep of a feral colony, where she stood out like a sore thumb. Only three months old she was surviving. When she was captured and brought to the shelter she escaped from her carrier and wormed her way into the innards of the van.

We spent lunch hours in the centre with her whilst we waited for the vet to give her a clean bill of health, getting her to start of trust, but mostly she hid.

We brought her home and she immediately hid under bed. In the day a tiny scared scrap. In the night a fearless explorer who would prowl the house after midnight whilst we were in bed. In less than a week she turned around and became our constant companion, bold, fearless, and a terror. A black bushy tail that is a never still, curling under it's own steam and frequently used as a weapon to remind me when treats are required.

But if anybody new appears, the timidly little scrap goes and hides under the bed again.

We are honoured to know that we, solely, are trusted with her love.

P Beckett
Chester, United Kingdom

Her Karma was with us

We adopted Karma in 1980 from the Southern AZ Humane Society. I sat on the floor of the cat room, and this tabby kitten with HUGE eyes climbed on my lap to tell me "let's go home". Husband and I brought her to our house and put her on the living room floor. Instead of the usual hiding or exploration this kitty gazed around the room and just jumped on the back of the couch and went to sleep. We named her Karma, as she surely knew hers brought her to us.

Karma hated other cats, but adored people. She was my assistant hostess, greeting everyone at the door and telling them people were invented to pet her. She shared our life and home for 22 years, dying peacefully in 2002 as I cried and sang her over the Rainbow Bridge. The attached photo was taken just a month before she died.

A couple of months after her passing, once we were ready, we went to the Humane Society and were chosen by 2 young siblings. We calculated that their birthday was the day Karma died! Though while alive she hated other felines, we felt that was her blessing to us as our home was incomplete without kitties. Now both healthy at 12 years old we hope that Karma's long life rubs off on Beauty & Simba too.

Carol Garr
Tucson, AZ
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