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Mr. Smee

We already had Tinkerbell, (story on here also) but we decided that we wanted to get a play mate. we went to the shelter and was looking at all the cats, there was this tiny 3 month old kitten that everyone was looking at and as we looked around we watched person after person put him back and choose another one, curious my husband and I went to look at him, he seemed to have 2 different colored eyes. we talked to the shelter volunteer and found out that he was partially blind in that eye and would probably lose full site and use of the eye so they were having a hard time adopting him out. I picked him up and he laid across my chest and just purred, it sounded so loud coming from this little tiny thing. needless to say we came home with him.

Tinkerbell did the customary 460 hisses at him and he kept trying to play with her. it took a week before she would even be in the same room as him they are now best friends . he sometimes miss judges a jump and falls on the floor, but he plays with his toys and chases the ball of yarn all over the house, bites his sisters tail and runs like the dickens out of the room and down the hall, so the blindness doesn't stop him from being a kitten. We know when it's time for bed because he will crawl up on my chest and the crook or my arm and just go to sleep.

He loves to go into the bathroom with my husband and stand at the sink till the water is turned on and get a nice cold drink he would play in the toilet water but we figured out if we turn on water he would drink that instead, thank God cause the toilet thing was gross even though it was clean water he would come jump on me in bed and have wet cold paws, nothing like waking up to toilet water on your face.

Lincoln, NE


We adopted Parker when he was four months old from a local animal rescue. He was the last of litter, this sad little guy crying up a storm in his cage. One look into his sweet little eyes, and I knew I wasn't leaving empty handed. He quickly stole our hearts with his morning cuddles, greeting us at the door everyday after work, and his love for always being right by our side. One morning, Parker was not acting like himself, he wouldn't eat or drink, had no interest in playing, and was hardly moving. By that evening his breathing was very rapid and he was incredibly weak. We rushed to the nearest emergency veterinary center, Parker curled up in my arms the whole way there. We anxiously waited for test results. When the veterinarian called us back I had no idea she was going to tell us what she did. "Unfortunately... (my heart dropped) Parker is in heart failure." I was completely hysterical. How could this happen to my sweet, healthy, energetic boy? He wasn't even two. Although there were options for treatment, none of them allowed Parker to be happy again. We were able to tell him how much we loved him, how much we would miss him, and tell him goodbye- for that I will always be grateful. He crossed to the other side in my arms, with his dad right by his side. I know that Parker never lived a day with us that he didn't know he was loved beyond belief. If I could go back to the day I decided to bring him home, I wouldn't change a thing- we were so lucky to have him in our lives. I can only hope that someday we will get to see each other again.

Whitney Wiechmann
Grand Rapids, MI

Topaz - a feral rescue

Meet Topaz.

When our Ginger Tom died we waited a few weeks before starting to look at rescue centres. We visited the local Cats Protection shelter where my parents helps out. Several cats were nice but didn't really click.

I was called into the quarantine area area where my Wife was cuddling a beautiful scrap of a kitten. Not moving and not purring. So scared of everything that was going on.

Topaz had been picked up in a sweep of a feral colony, where she stood out like a sore thumb. Only three months old she was surviving. When she was captured and brought to the shelter she escaped from her carrier and wormed her way into the innards of the van.

We spent lunch hours in the centre with her whilst we waited for the vet to give her a clean bill of health, getting her to start of trust, but mostly she hid.

We brought her home and she immediately hid under bed. In the day a tiny scared scrap. In the night a fearless explorer who would prowl the house after midnight whilst we were in bed. In less than a week she turned around and became our constant companion, bold, fearless, and a terror. A black bushy tail that is a never still, curling under it's own steam and frequently used as a weapon to remind me when treats are required.

But if anybody new appears, the timidly little scrap goes and hides under the bed again.

We are honoured to know that we, solely, are trusted with her love.

P Beckett
Chester, United Kingdom

Her Karma was with us

We adopted Karma in 1980 from the Southern AZ Humane Society. I sat on the floor of the cat room, and this tabby kitten with HUGE eyes climbed on my lap to tell me "let's go home". Husband and I brought her to our house and put her on the living room floor. Instead of the usual hiding or exploration this kitty gazed around the room and just jumped on the back of the couch and went to sleep. We named her Karma, as she surely knew hers brought her to us.

Karma hated other cats, but adored people. She was my assistant hostess, greeting everyone at the door and telling them people were invented to pet her. She shared our life and home for 22 years, dying peacefully in 2002 as I cried and sang her over the Rainbow Bridge. The attached photo was taken just a month before she died.

A couple of months after her passing, once we were ready, we went to the Humane Society and were chosen by 2 young siblings. We calculated that their birthday was the day Karma died! Though while alive she hated other felines, we felt that was her blessing to us as our home was incomplete without kitties. Now both healthy at 12 years old we hope that Karma's long life rubs off on Beauty & Simba too.

Carol Garr
Tucson, AZ

A Tale of Six Cats

It all started with my mom, who for some unknown reason decided she wanted a kitten. Now you have to understand my mother had spent over 30 years saying how she disliked cats but now she wanted one. I went with her. Mom picked out a golden kitten with one white strip down her chest and called her Miss Priss. Being no fool the friend we were at picked up the remaining kittens, placed them on my lap,all but one took off. That one climbed up my farmer jeans, into front pocket and went to sleep - I kept him of course. Black tuxedo with 1/2 white nose I named him Tazmania Sam. Then came RoadKill-we call him Roadie - my mother, sister and I were driving down the road when a pickup in front of us thrus out a box - of kittens. I immediately stopped the car and we ran through traffic collecting kittens. Roadie had made it to the side of the road and my mom just reached down and picked him up - a yellow and white patterned male -. By the time we go to the vet my sister decided to keep him. So now my household had 2 cats (I lived with my sister and husband). Then came Trouble - My dad says he opened up the linen closet and this pure black cat was just sitting there. Somehow the kitten had gotten into the house and decided to stay - mystery not yet solved. Roadie and Trouble are 8. . Then two years ago I found a 8 month kitten with a 1 week old kitten of her own-I started to feed the Pretty Baby and her duplicate kit - Baby's Baby (BB). After 6 months of feeding them outside I was able to get them into the house and that was that. My mom, Sister and her Husband are now dead and My dad and I have recently merged households and while it has been a transition for the cats-Sam, Priss, Roadie,Trouble, Pretty Baby and BB all have a home for life.

Bradenton, FL

Zoey, the Out-on-Her-Luck Cat

I have to begin this story with a little background. I had just moved out with my oldest brother, about eight years ago, and we both were wanting a cat. We grew up with them and life seemed lonely without one.

It was early November (in Missouri, starting to get cold), I was telling my co-worker (who has severe allergies to cats but is a cat lover) this and that we wanted to adopt one. She stopped what she was doing and literally begged me, "Before you go to anywhere, please, come see Zoey. She was my neighbors girlfriend's cat and was left behind when they broke up. Zoey's about a year old, front declawed, but not spayed (Who in their right mind would do that?). She had a litter of kittens when she was about six months old (late spring?). I've been feeding her and giving her water and she sleeps on a towel in one of my husbands run down trucks. I want to take her inside, but I can't!"

I agreed to come look at this out-on-her-luck cat, and we scheduled a day when we were both off (we worked in a deli) My brother and I both came. At first Zoey was nervous and wouldn't come out from under the truck. I could tell right away what a unique cat she was, no stripes or distinct bloctches, but just a mottling of color, grey and gold. Finally, my workmate convinced her to come out by opening a fresh can of her food.

Then Zoey came out of her shell. She seemed to recognize we were good folk and she started flirting with my brother. We took her home that day, got her spayed once she settled in and then she started putting on the weight.

After eight years (and starting on a diet), three moves with me and some tough times, Zoey is still there to provide a great big purr when you really need it, or a paw on the face when you're crying!

We love you Zoey!!

Courtney Murphy
Near St. Souis, MO

How I met my Body Guard

We just went to do our blind neighbor a favor. From the moment I walked in, this half-grown tuxedo cat was glued to me. He followed me, jumped up to sit half in my lap when I sat down, and just purred enthusiastically while I petted him. The neighbor thought it was cute, as he'd found the cat fairly unfriendly. He said he'd heard a kitten crying in the middle of the night, in the yardscaped median in the middle of the four lane street out in front. The neighbor went out and rescued the cat, about three days before. He told me I ought to take him, since he seemed to like me, and I knew my husband was dead set against us getting another cat, after the recent loss of our two. I made him decide, and he couldn't resist the way the two of us so obviously had fallen for each other. I made hubby name him, hoping it would help him feel more accepting. I knew he was doing this for me. He named him Duncan. Later, we added "Captain Bitchypants", "Fuzzy Dunkums" and of course, "Dunkie" to his accepted list of names. He seems to answer to all of them.

Since coming to live with us, he has placed himself as guardian of the household. He actually cornered me in the bedroom once, and as long as I didn't try to move, he headbutted me like crazy. If I tried to move, he seemed as if he would attack. When I heard the burglar break into the apartment below us, I understood. He stood guard over me while we called the cops, and listened to them knocking things down and breaking things. When he left, Duncan let me move again, but he stayed close to me all night. I love him, and I know he loves me back. He keeps us safe :)

Andrea Wylie

Every cloud has a silver Bengal lining - Marshmallow BroFurs Furever

Everyday I see these three together, I am elated that they could be reunited. They all left the same hoarding situation in different ways to be brought together to be loved & love each other.

I saw the story of the Oakland Bengal Rescue on a Facebook, a bad breeder collecting Bengals & knew one was coming home with me as soon as they were healthy. I already had one Bengal, Fizgig, that needed a playmate.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue first had 8 boys pulled from a house of dozens, malnourished & sick. When adoption ready, I visited the rescued boys & fell in love with a snow they called Omar. We called him Volibear. He came to live with us, an amazing cat: beautiful with a great personality. Sadly we did not know at the time that a horrible virus called FIP was slowly killing Fizgig. The two boys just never hit it off due to this. Fizgig passed in April 2014 after a long illness. Volibear was now left with no playmate.

We went back to PPCR. While we were there we fell in love with two snow Bengals not able to be adopted yet & I didn't expect to adopt two! But there was this sweet young Bengal boy that was ready for a home. Voli thought the world of Kirin & they were buds from the get-go. By some horrible twist of fate Kirin also had FIP & passed in May after only a month with us. We realized now more than ever how important a friend was to Voli.

The two snows were still at PPCR just ready to be adopted, we brought them home, reunited all three. The two had escaped into Oakland from the same house as Voli after it was set on fire, were then trapped and placed in rescue. Remy directly and Mallow ended up in a shelter TNR program then to PPCR. The day Mallow & Remy came home there was no adjustment period, the first night was a snuggle pile & we knew we made the right decision.

Kylie K.
Aptos, CA

Our baby boys!

My boyfriend, Bryce, and I had just moved into our first house, and I immediately began looking to adopt a cat. I saw Ollie and Wally's pictures on our local shelter's website and instantly fell in love! Bryce surprised me a day later and said he had gone down to the shelter, paid their adoption fees, and now we just had to wait for them to get fixed.

When we got to the shelter to bring our boys home, we were told their heartbreaking story. Wally had been found alone at just three weeks old between a stairwell and a building, and the animal control officer spent two days getting him out. He was too young to be at the shelter, so he was sent to a foster home. He got very sick and almost died, but luckily he pulled through. He then got depressed, so they pulled Ollie from his litter to keep Wally company, and they have been inseparable ever since!

The minute we brought Ollie and Wally home, we felt instantly that they had made our new house a home. We have loved getting to know our baby boys and each of their funny little quirks! For instance, Wally LOVES any and all vegetables and will come running when he hears the vegetable drawer being opened. Ollie has *his* bed and *his* window, and woe be to Wally if he tries to sit in either one!

Our boys will be two this August, and they are still the best of buddies (when they're not wrestling!). Each day I am amazed at how much love and joy they bring to both me and Bryce, and we couldn't imagine our lives without them!

Lakewood, CA

Pie the Cat that Loves Ice Water

My granddaughter who was living with me wanted to get a kitten, so we went to the closest shelter. I saw a kitten sitting by itself and I picked it up. It seemed sweet so we decided to take him. Alas, I let my granddaughter name him Pie.

The first night I was sitting at my computer Pie stayed under my desk near the wall. Eventually he decided he wanted to be by my feet all of the time and I would have to be careful getting up from my computer because I didn't want to run over him or step on him. Now he has graduated to the top of my desk and he thinks he owns the space. He has to be by me all of the time, we have grown really close.

Pie has a loud purr and he is a talker, we have conversations even though we don't understand each other. I can even tell when he is frowning, something he will do because he wants me to play with him. While at my computer he will knock my cable box and router off on the floor and bat at my screen. He gets in trouble for this but I know he is trying to tell me I need to pay attention to him.

I love to drink ice water and keep a large tumbler at my desk all of the time. I catch him drinking out of it and licking the condensation off my tumbler. I started keeping a small container at my desk to let him drink out of every time I could tell he was thirsty for ice water. I purchased large tumblers with lids and a straw to keep him out of my drinks. That worked for awhile until he started knocking over my water and causing it to spill on the floor and knocking the lids off, so alas I had to cut him off and he is not allowed near my glass. He is a real joy to be around and I am so thankful he came into my life.

Crestview, FL
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