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Zoey, the Out-on-Her-Luck Cat

I have to begin this story with a little background. I had just moved out with my oldest brother, about eight years ago, and we both were wanting a cat. We grew up with them and life seemed lonely without one.

It was early November (in Missouri, starting to get cold), I was telling my co-worker (who has severe allergies to cats but is a cat lover) this and that we wanted to adopt one. She stopped what she was doing and literally begged me, "Before you go to anywhere, please, come see Zoey. She was my neighbors girlfriend's cat and was left behind when they broke up. Zoey's about a year old, front declawed, but not spayed (Who in their right mind would do that?). She had a litter of kittens when she was about six months old (late spring?). I've been feeding her and giving her water and she sleeps on a towel in one of my husbands run down trucks. I want to take her inside, but I can't!"

I agreed to come look at this out-on-her-luck cat, and we scheduled a day when we were both off (we worked in a deli) My brother and I both came. At first Zoey was nervous and wouldn't come out from under the truck. I could tell right away what a unique cat she was, no stripes or distinct bloctches, but just a mottling of color, grey and gold. Finally, my workmate convinced her to come out by opening a fresh can of her food.

Then Zoey came out of her shell. She seemed to recognize we were good folk and she started flirting with my brother. We took her home that day, got her spayed once she settled in and then she started putting on the weight.

After eight years (and starting on a diet), three moves with me and some tough times, Zoey is still there to provide a great big purr when you really need it, or a paw on the face when you're crying!

We love you Zoey!!

Courtney Murphy
Near St. Souis, MO

How I met my Body Guard

We just went to do our blind neighbor a favor. From the moment I walked in, this half-grown tuxedo cat was glued to me. He followed me, jumped up to sit half in my lap when I sat down, and just purred enthusiastically while I petted him. The neighbor thought it was cute, as he'd found the cat fairly unfriendly. He said he'd heard a kitten crying in the middle of the night, in the yardscaped median in the middle of the four lane street out in front. The neighbor went out and rescued the cat, about three days before. He told me I ought to take him, since he seemed to like me, and I knew my husband was dead set against us getting another cat, after the recent loss of our two. I made him decide, and he couldn't resist the way the two of us so obviously had fallen for each other. I made hubby name him, hoping it would help him feel more accepting. I knew he was doing this for me. He named him Duncan. Later, we added "Captain Bitchypants", "Fuzzy Dunkums" and of course, "Dunkie" to his accepted list of names. He seems to answer to all of them.

Since coming to live with us, he has placed himself as guardian of the household. He actually cornered me in the bedroom once, and as long as I didn't try to move, he headbutted me like crazy. If I tried to move, he seemed as if he would attack. When I heard the burglar break into the apartment below us, I understood. He stood guard over me while we called the cops, and listened to them knocking things down and breaking things. When he left, Duncan let me move again, but he stayed close to me all night. I love him, and I know he loves me back. He keeps us safe :)

Andrea Wylie

Every cloud has a silver Bengal lining - Marshmallow BroFurs Furever

Everyday I see these three together, I am elated that they could be reunited. They all left the same hoarding situation in different ways to be brought together to be loved & love each other.

I saw the story of the Oakland Bengal Rescue on a Facebook, a bad breeder collecting Bengals & knew one was coming home with me as soon as they were healthy. I already had one Bengal, Fizgig, that needed a playmate.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue first had 8 boys pulled from a house of dozens, malnourished & sick. When adoption ready, I visited the rescued boys & fell in love with a snow they called Omar. We called him Volibear. He came to live with us, an amazing cat: beautiful with a great personality. Sadly we did not know at the time that a horrible virus called FIP was slowly killing Fizgig. The two boys just never hit it off due to this. Fizgig passed in April 2014 after a long illness. Volibear was now left with no playmate.

We went back to PPCR. While we were there we fell in love with two snow Bengals not able to be adopted yet & I didn't expect to adopt two! But there was this sweet young Bengal boy that was ready for a home. Voli thought the world of Kirin & they were buds from the get-go. By some horrible twist of fate Kirin also had FIP & passed in May after only a month with us. We realized now more than ever how important a friend was to Voli.

The two snows were still at PPCR just ready to be adopted, we brought them home, reunited all three. The two had escaped into Oakland from the same house as Voli after it was set on fire, were then trapped and placed in rescue. Remy directly and Mallow ended up in a shelter TNR program then to PPCR. The day Mallow & Remy came home there was no adjustment period, the first night was a snuggle pile & we knew we made the right decision.

Kylie K.
Aptos, CA

Our baby boys!

My boyfriend, Bryce, and I had just moved into our first house, and I immediately began looking to adopt a cat. I saw Ollie and Wally's pictures on our local shelter's website and instantly fell in love! Bryce surprised me a day later and said he had gone down to the shelter, paid their adoption fees, and now we just had to wait for them to get fixed.

When we got to the shelter to bring our boys home, we were told their heartbreaking story. Wally had been found alone at just three weeks old between a stairwell and a building, and the animal control officer spent two days getting him out. He was too young to be at the shelter, so he was sent to a foster home. He got very sick and almost died, but luckily he pulled through. He then got depressed, so they pulled Ollie from his litter to keep Wally company, and they have been inseparable ever since!

The minute we brought Ollie and Wally home, we felt instantly that they had made our new house a home. We have loved getting to know our baby boys and each of their funny little quirks! For instance, Wally LOVES any and all vegetables and will come running when he hears the vegetable drawer being opened. Ollie has *his* bed and *his* window, and woe be to Wally if he tries to sit in either one!

Our boys will be two this August, and they are still the best of buddies (when they're not wrestling!). Each day I am amazed at how much love and joy they bring to both me and Bryce, and we couldn't imagine our lives without them!

Lakewood, CA

Pie the Cat that Loves Ice Water

My granddaughter who was living with me wanted to get a kitten, so we went to the closest shelter. I saw a kitten sitting by itself and I picked it up. It seemed sweet so we decided to take him. Alas, I let my granddaughter name him Pie.

The first night I was sitting at my computer Pie stayed under my desk near the wall. Eventually he decided he wanted to be by my feet all of the time and I would have to be careful getting up from my computer because I didn't want to run over him or step on him. Now he has graduated to the top of my desk and he thinks he owns the space. He has to be by me all of the time, we have grown really close.

Pie has a loud purr and he is a talker, we have conversations even though we don't understand each other. I can even tell when he is frowning, something he will do because he wants me to play with him. While at my computer he will knock my cable box and router off on the floor and bat at my screen. He gets in trouble for this but I know he is trying to tell me I need to pay attention to him.

I love to drink ice water and keep a large tumbler at my desk all of the time. I catch him drinking out of it and licking the condensation off my tumbler. I started keeping a small container at my desk to let him drink out of every time I could tell he was thirsty for ice water. I purchased large tumblers with lids and a straw to keep him out of my drinks. That worked for awhile until he started knocking over my water and causing it to spill on the floor and knocking the lids off, so alas I had to cut him off and he is not allowed near my glass. He is a real joy to be around and I am so thankful he came into my life.

Crestview, FL

Ruffian's saga

One November evening I heard a tiny voice outside my back door. I went out into the sleet to find a small soggy mud ball. I had seen this kitten before, but he had always disappeared under my deck and would not come to me. I had been leaving food near the stairs and it had been eaten quickly but he would never allow me to touch him. This nasty night was too much for him and I scooped him up and brought his skinny shivering form inside. I told him that he would have to have a bath if he were going to be inside and took him straight to the bathroom. I ran warm water and washed him. I thought he was a brown tabby but as the suds did their job he became a cream color with white paws and seal point markings. And long hair! . The bath exhausted him and I held him while he slept for most of the evening. He took to the litter box right away but it was obvious he was also sick. A second bath was a must and the ear mites were AWFUL. The next day was a vet trip diagnosing him with guardia. Medications for that and the ear mites plus some IV fluids for dehydration were prescribed. Slowly he grew and gained weight although it took 3 months of intensive work to finally rid him of the ear mites. I named him Ruffian and he is that, a loving sweet guy but still a manly cat. Most of his scuffles are vocal but he's not above a good tussle with the intruding neighbor boys. He is likely a rag doll, a kitten that was either dumped off here in the country or lost from his people. I am lucky that this expressive grateful cat chooses to stay here with me and give me his devotion and love. He occupies my lap most evenings and sleeps with his head on my shoulder, tucked under my chin with one paw draped across my neck. I love my Ruffie!

Kerry Johnson
High Ridge, MO

Lap Kitty

After living alone in my apartment for a few months, I decided to adopt another cat since my other two lived with my parents & I couldn't move them from that. At the shelter, I found a tiny grey tabby and decided he was the one. The next day I picked up 3-month old Chuck from the vet. I knew he would be scared & hidey for a few days, but I had no idea that he would be like that for two months. At first, he kept to the edges of my apartment, eventually moving to the living room chair & then the opposite end of the couch. One night, almost exactly two months after I got him, he cuddled with me in bed. Chuck had finally decided I was his human. Ever since that night, he insists on being in my lap whenever I'm home and is the most loving kitten I've known. He has a love of spoons, charging cords, and stray french fries. Recently, I adopted a 45lb Aussie Shepherd mix, but little Chuck is the boss.

Stephanie Broertjes
Denton, TX

Three rescues and counting

When I first met my wife, she had an old girl cat named Lady Bluelight, a rescue from a shelter to live out her days in a permanent home. I had just gotten a kitty from underneath a trash dumpster, named him Chance. When Blue kitty died, Chance was inconsolable. He sniffed at her kitty hugger and stopped eating. Eventually he came around, and we decided to rescue another cat. I had my heart set on getting another black cat, and the shelter had a female one year old that fit the bill. Unfortunately, she bit me so we couldn't get her. I sat down on the bench disappointed. A black and white boy named Athens jumped on my lap and started kissing me. He chose us to be his forever humans. The boys now play like brothers! So we have had 3 rescue kitties, and we might just get another...

Kristi Kalis
Macungie, PA

Maggie...a Lonely, Scared Kitten Finds a Loving Home

My husband and I came home from dinner one evening nearly 2 years ago, and he told me he heard a cat mewing in our parking lot. Thinking it might be hungry, I went upstairs and got some our Lucy's cat food. By the time I was at the bottom step, out popped a frail kitten from the bushes! She was tiny...with HUGE ears. As I told my husband, "She's just a baby!" I quickly brought her upstairs, much to Lucy's dismay. I knew the kitten was too tiny to fend for herself, but was unsure if Lucy would allow a new addition after being an "only cat" for 8 years. I went out that night and got a kennel for the kitten, who I noticed could barely stand...let alone walk. She wasn't injured, but we were afraid she might have a physical disability. After a week of on-demand food, water, and TLC...she was getting stronger, filling out, and starting to hop around like a bunny. She walked just fine. The vet confirmed that she was likely weakened by malnutrition and dehydration when we took her in. By then, I was in love with the my big-eared bundle of fluff! Lucy wasn't so sure. Over time, they've come to (mostly) tolerate each other...and I suspect that they both enjoy not being alone while we're at work. Maggie (aka Pie) still hasn't completely grown into those ears...but the kitten with the weak legs now has powerful "haunches of steel" that allow her to run and jump everywhere in our home. She's such a snuggle bug! She loves to sit on my lap, and she sleeps with us -- next to or on top of me specifically -- every single night. We can't imagine our lives without our Maggie Pie!

Wendy Wofford-Garcia
San Antonio, TX

Jackson Galaxy (my foster failure)

I grew up in a house that always had cats. I could not imagine life without them. I started fostering for a local rescue group in 2012 and have had more fosters come and go in my home then I can count. I have 2 cats of my own and had no intentions of keeping any of my fosters. Then Jackson came into my house. He was a stray, his ear was cut, his face was scarred and he smelled terrible. For the first three days Jackson hid underneath my bed and then one night while I slept I felt him creep up on the bed and lay next to my feet. The next morning he would come up on the bed and let me play with him. By the end of the 5 weeks I fostered him he was playful and unbelievably sweet. I sadly brought him to the adoption center where he could be adopted. I checked on him all the time, he was there 6 weeks and nobody had adopted him.They said it was because it was kitten season and he was 4 years old but now I know he was meant to be mine. Every time I walked in the door and he heard my voice he would jump up and start crying and trying to get out of the cage to get to me. I would cry every single time. The final time I called my husband crying telling him Jackson was still there. He told me to bring him home.

I brought Jackson home that very night and he has been the most amazing, loving and affectionate cat I have ever had. I added Galaxy to his name because I still foster and Jackson is the first one in the house to love every cat that comes in and to help me take care of them while they are here. We discovered he has a bad heart murmur, but we know he will live a happy, long life and be spoiled like he should have been from the start.


Loganville, GA
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