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26lbs of Love

In the summer of 2006, an email circulated around to my mom from a coworker's so and so of a family of kittens in need of a home. My mom became enamored with the 'grey leg, white leg' silver tuxedo kitten in the photo and put in her interest. She also shared this photo amongst her friends, and a family we knew decided to adopt the silver tabby as well.

Our tuxedo was instantly a hit with everyone. Unafraid, playful and curious, he was already a total tomcat and ham in the making. His litter-mate however, was extremely timid. My heart went out to the baby, clearly confused and afraid of so many people, but I had to leave him behind to. I was overjoyed to have a kitten in the house, but the whole car ride home I kept thinking of that scared little thing.Then a call came. The other family had recently lost a beloved cat at a very young age, completely unexpected. The daughter of the family found herself overwhelmed by the kitten and not ready to take on a new pet. Just a few hours after I had said goodbye to him, that sad little kitten was now my own.

He was so afraid of everything, and hid under a desk. I dedicated myself to coaxing him out and making him feel loved and secure. By the end of the night, he fell asleep in my arms purring away. To this day, my big fat baby Gracey and I share a special bond I've never had with another pet before. He is the most unique, complex cat I've ever known, full of love, personality and a hearty appetite for quite literally...everything. Last night we shared dried mango slices and snuggles. He is my first real love.

Laurel Springs, NJ

Black Is Still Beautiful

I just got divorced last year and so I decided to let my daughter adopt a kitten/cat to help her heal through the process. So we went to the local store to look at the rescue kitties that were there for the adoption event. We saw a pair of sisters that were black and beautiful. About 6 months old. The shelter owner said she wanted them to stay together, but due to their color had been there for 3 months now with no one looking to adopt them. She said they were found as tiny kittens under a cabin all alone and bottle fed back to health. So they were very special to her.

We were sold! We adopted both of them that day. We took them home and named them Fuzzy and Midnight. They were instantly a part of our family. Fuzzy was a huge cuddler and my daughter was so happy. Unfortunately after a few months, Fuzzy got very ill and after every attempt to save her she passed away just a few short months after we adopted her. It was a very heartbreaking experience for us all.

But thankfully Midnight is still here and just recently celebrated her 1 year birthday with us! We were so fortunate to have found them, and feel so lucky to have been able to adopt them and give them a safe home here with us. Midnight now has a sister, Gizmo (7 months) also a rescue kitten from a local family that could not keep her. They are our babies and we are so happy to have them in our lives. They keep me on my toes chasing each other! It has made me care so much more about animal welfare and care in general. I never knew how attached you could be to such sweet kitties until now. They have made me a better person.

Soddy Daisy, TN


When we moved to Knoxville TN, we were looking for a dog to replace the one we had to give up a year prior. A company that was doing work in the apartment complex we lived in found an abandoned dog (along with several other animals) in an apartment. Chloe was left to fend for herself for over 2 weeks. She was just about a year old, but only weighed 25 or so pounds and you could count every rib. She is a Petersburg Boxer (cross between golden lab, boxer and German shepherd) so we knew she was definitely underweight.

We had to re-house train her and she had some separation anxiety issues, but that was 5 years ago and we haven't looked back yet. She now weighs a healthy 65-70 pounds, is protective of our grand children, and of me. With everything she went through in her first year of life, we are blessed that she has the temperament that is so gentle and loving. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family.

Tina Adams

Knoxville, TN



I started fostering for Cats protection and Archie was one of 5 brothers in the first litter I was entrusted with. It was love at first sight and I just couldn't let him go!

Tina harty
Newport, United Kingdom


This is Sadie. My boyfriend and I adopted this rag doll angel together. She is literally our daughter and our princess. I can't imagine our lives without this beauty. On Sunday 06/29/14, we came home from our anniversary dinner & my boyfriend said "What's that on Sadie's neck?" Of course I scooped our baby girl up to see. She had a little pink collar with a heart pendant and the pendant had a life changing question on it...look closely at her pendant her dad put on her!

(: Now Sadie is a part of our next chapter, too!

Happy adopting!

Love, Millie, Dylan & Sadie

Framingham, MA

To be a Foster Parent

Reba was found by a friend at a convenience store, sitting by a garbage can. She was about 4 weeks old, and dirty. I had just started fostering for my local shelter, so I brought her in and put her through the processing only to bring her home and raise her. The day she stood up on the counter and gave me a kiss was the day I realized she wasn't leaving. I ended up adopted her, as she was only my 3rd foster kitten.

That was 5 years ago. She has since become a surrogate mom to the foster babies in and out of my house. She cleans them, cuddles them, and keeps them in line when they misbehave. I have now fostered over 130 kittens.....those that have made it. The ones that haven't survived still hold a place in my heart. And Reba, along with my 3 other forever furbabies, have been mothers to them all. (Roxy is 8, Mayson and Kayson, 4, were fosters that were feral and I decided to keep them anyway since they were "unadoptable")

I read all the fantastic rescue stories on this site, and am thrilled with each of them. Each of the stories mean that there is one less baby that needs my help; that there are other good people in this world. Thank you so much to the good guys.

North Las Vegas, NV

Molly & Killer

Molly and Killer joined our family within 2 weeks of each other. We adopted Molly through Maine Lab Rescue. The only breed description we had was "lab mix". Well, she's a lab mix all right -- Lab, Great Dane, and something else. I love Great Danes, in the abstract -- I never really wanted a dog as big as a pony. 60 pounds is about right for me.

The first thing I did when we got Molly was to take her to the family vet for a checkup and to get her spayed. She already had her shots through MLR. When I picked her up from being spayed the girls at the desk had a tiny black kitten. They asked if I wanted to take him home -- they always ask me that (I guess since I have 8 cats, down from a high of 13, I look like an easy target). I told them I had to check with my sister. She said that she'd love to have another kitten.

So we headed back to the vet and one of the girls went back to get the kitten. There was a man picking up his dog and he asked us something about what we were doing with an empty cat carrier. We told him we were adopting a kitten. He said "Oh, you mean Killer?" We laughed and then the vet tech brought us the kitten -- a teeny tiny little black thing. The guy said "That's not Killer! That's Fluffy!" Well, we decided we liked the name "Killer" and "Killer" he remains.

So we had this teeny tiny kitten and a huge (for her age) three month old puppy. Not to mention a three year old hound/lab mix and those other 7 cats... We thought Killer would be terrified, but he just didn't let anything bother him. Molly started carrying him around by the scruff of the neck like a mama cat when he was tiny and she still does than even though he is full grown. They are the best of friends.

Hinesville, GA

My Angels

In the summer of 2009 our local town had a new store opening that was a second hand store operated and ran by the local Humane Society volunteers. On my first day working the store one of the ladies that had been volunteering with the Humane Society for years had two little kittens with her when she stopped by the store. Brother & sister, brother Tully, and sister, Tally. The two kittens had been found and were about 3 weeks old. They both suffered upper respiratory infections. They spent the first week in the hospital. After being released into the foster moms care, the boy ended up having to go back for an additional week. He was not breathing well and they didn't expect him to live but he was tough. The day I saw them at the store, my daughter and I both looked at them and instantly said "We'll take them. We will adopt both of them" There was something about them that pulled at my heart. Thru the weeks they had to stay with the Foster mom because of their health. At that time they were about 5-6 weeks old.

I followed their care thru out the weeks. I went to visit them at the Foster moms home and each time I knew they were my special babies. We already had one cat and 2 dogs at home and my husband didn't want more but I told him we were going to Foster them because I knew all he had to do was look at them and he would fall in love (and I was right).

At 12 weeks old they were finally able to come home with me. Tully was on a Nebulizer a couple times a week for his first year plus medications and special attention, but he was tough. Today Tully and I have a special connection after all this. He treats me like I am his kitty mom. :)

Tully and Tally are 5 years old now and the most special little angels I've ever had.

Cheri Perry
Rock Stream, NY

Friday was "just a little hissy"

After my 17 year old cat Misty died in 2010, I wanted another kitty to share my home. My vet offered a tiny kitten, or an adult male who was "just a little hissy." Friday (named by the vet) had been hit by a car and slightly injured but was now well. Unfortunately the woman who'd found him couldn't keep him and the vet was unsure Friday would ever find a home... he hissed at everybody. "You want to take a look at him?" the vet asked. One look is all I needed, Friday had found a home with me. For several weeks he hid behind a sofa, only coming out at night to eat and use the litter box. Often I would peek behind the couch and talk to him, only to have him hiss in return. Until the morning he casually strolled into the living room as if to announce, everything is okay - and it has been. The vet had said Friday was full grown at that time but he's doubled his weight since then. This formerly hissy kitty who wouldn't let anyone touch him is now "Handsome Fellow With a Gorgeous Tail" and loves to be held, petted, hugged and brushed. No more hissing at me or anyone.

Bette Cox
Florence, SC

Lyra's Tail

In Spring 2008, my friends and I were ready for a new, furry roommate. One morning, I went to our local shelter, planning to scoop up a ginger cat I had seen a couple days before. When I got there, however, the cat had already been adopted. Deeply disappointed, I looked half-halfheartedly at the other cats, but no one seemed to fit.

Then I noticed a small, rather pathetic tuxedo kitty staring plaintively at me from a corner cage. Her identification card told me she was roughly a year old and had been rescued from an animal hoarding situation. It was clear from her appearance that her short life had not been an easy one. She was extremely underfed, with her ribs and spine visible through her coat. She had some surface scratches on her left eye and a piece of her right ear was missing. A runty little girl, with a head small even for her petite body, she had probably fought her share of battles for what little food was in her last home.

I opened the cage to let her sniff my hand and determine whether she was interested in me. Immediately, she pushed her forehead against my hand and wouldn't take it away. In that moment, I knew I had met my new best friend. I decided to name her Lyra, after the small but spunky heroine of one of my favorite book series.

When we first took Lyra home, she was terrified of her new surroundings. As time passed, however, Lyra came out of her shell in a big way. She started following us everywhere, begging for head scratches and treats, and decided that *all* the beds in the apartment belonged to her. She was right.

Today, Lyra is dapper, mischievous, and affectionate 7-year-old ball of fur with a (maybe too) healthy appetite. She loves forehead kisses, being carried around the apartment, catnip pillows, and grooming my hair while I'm trying to sleep. My life before Lyra seems so boring to me now, and I can't imagine my home without her in it.

Somerville, MA
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