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After 1,455 Days at Animal Aide of St. Thomas-Elgin....Muffin has gone HOME!

Muffin was rescued April 28, 2010 and on April 23rd, 2014, she was adopted! For 1455 days, Muffin waited for that special person who would be able to see past her idiosyncrasies.She has her quirks like any cat, but for whatever reason she was dismissed, walked passed, considered, but then sadly not a good fit. The volunteers at Animal Aide of St. Thomas-Elgin never gave up; and although we're going to miss her daily adventures at the shelter; we are overjoyed that she has a forever home (with two other cats from Animal Aide too!). We are grateful to her new family, and we're excited to hear about her new adventures too. We celebrate and we will continue to do what we love! Saving the lives of cats!

Kara Brown
St. Thomas, ON, Canada


It all began in May 2004 when I was able to trap 2 of 3 wild kittens at my then boyfriend's house. Two little females, one pure white and the other a black & white one. I took them home to my parents house and immediately decided to keep them. My boyfriend's mother was able to trap the 3rd kitten, a gray & white male, the following morning, but I couldn't risk bringing another kitten home. She ended up giving this adorable little boy to a family that she knew. While "Lightning" & "Thunder" thrived with me, I had no idea that their brother was suffering with his guardians. Around Christmas 2004, my boyfriend's mother called me about the male kitten. He was nearly 7-8 months old and was going blind. The people who adopted him didn't want to take him to the vet and put any money into his eyes. Plus, apparently, he wasn't using the litterbox and his urine smelled horrible! He was going to be dumped off at the local shelter that following week. I stepped up and decided to bring my girls' brother home. Originally named Ricky, I renamed him "Rainee" to fit with his sisters and it was raining the night he came home. That week, Rainee went to see my vet. He had a spinal injury caused by abuse and was going blind, probably caused by trama. The little boy who was his first guardian admitted to my boyfriend's mother that his father kicked and hit Rainee. After having to confine Rainee for two weeks for his spinal injury, he was neutered; which solved his not using the litterbox. His original guardians only had him declawed. Now, over 9yrs later and 10yrs old, Rainee (and his sisters) are still with me. Rainee is nearly completely blind but doing well. I was told when he was 7yrs old that I could have his eyes repaired, but I decided he'd been through enough. He is the softest, biggest cuddle bug and I can't imagine how horrible he had been treated as a kitten. He's my buddy!

Waynesboro, PA

Stinky Pete the Diesel Cat

In 2003 we had our cat Capra and life was good with just the three of us. Then one day my brother, a mechanic at Cummins Diesel called. While he was sitting in the engine of a semi doing repairs he felt something on his back when he turned around there was a tiny gray tiger kitten. It curled up on his shoulder and went to sleep. The family dog and cat did not care for the kitten, the shelter was full, so we added him to our family. The first few days he was passing toxic gas, earning the name "Stinky Pete" . My brother informed me that the younger guys fed him whatever they could find including sardines. This little tiny ball of fluff was so affectionate to everyone he met but also a bit of a pill..

In early 2004 my brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I would spend afternoons talking to him telling him the latest exploits of Pete. He was my big brother he'd always looked out for me. On his 51st birthday I brought Pete to see him Pete knew what to do, he just got up on the bed snuggled down next to my brother and purred. My brother pet him and said he wished they could have taken him. He really loved him. Then came the confession that it wasn't the young guys that caused Pete to be so toxic initially it was him. He had fed Pete an entire can of Beefaroni. A week later my brother died.

Now that my brother is gone I know Pete was a blessing a loving reminder of my brother. When Pete curls up to me purring I feel my brother is still looking after me and making sure I know I am loved.

Hudson, IL

He saved me.

My husband and I were at his cousin's house for his daughters birthday and we were spending the weekend there. We didn't expect to even be thinking of bringing a dog home! A mutual friend cornered me and told me about a Labrador retriever pit mix that was going to be euthanized that Monday morning. I spoke to my husband and an hour later I was on the phone with the founder of the rescue that our friend adopts/fosters through. We weren't allowed to have pets in out apartment building but once we saw his picture and how sad he looked we had to bring him home.

A few days later he came home. He was skinny and had a cast on his back right leg. We had to carry him up and down three flights of stairs to take him out and a few months after his cast came off someone tried to break into my apartment when my husband wasn't home. Jinx (that's his name) went straight up to that door and I never heard such a bark or growl before!! He scared them off!!! My good boy. Jinx has been by my side and my husband even says that he would do anything to protect me.

Without Jinx I would still have panic attacks in grocery stores or anywhere!! We just celebrated his first birthday in January and I feel like the luckiest lady in the world to have a dog like him!! From the first night that I slept on the floor with him to tonight when he will be sleeping in bed with me he will always be by my side and I will be by his. He is my miracle and in grateful to Kora's freedom riders rescue and transport for bringing him to me. 💜💚❤️💛💙💚💜

Elizabeth Boggs
Aurora, IL

We were NOT cat people...until Izzy came into our lives

We had just lost our beloved dachshund Buddy to kidney failure and our old terrier Peanut was in his final days, also suffering from kidney failure and a heart murmur as well. Our hearts were broken. Then one day in June 2011 as I sat in my office at my house I heard a little mew coming from outside my window. When I went out to investigate I found a tiny kitten standing at my front door. Since we weren't cat people I couldn't think of what to do with this tiny creature. My husband came out and took the kitten and a sausage biscuit, that was roughly the same size as the kitten, and placed them on the porch of our "cat loving" neighbors. A short time later the kitten was once again under my window mewing. He was very persistent. So I gathered him up, took him inside and decided I would bathe him and take pictures and post them on Facebook. Surely someone would want a free kitten.

Later that afternoon my husband started talking about all the things we would have to get for the kitten. I kept reminding him we were NOT keeping this cat. But the thing was, he was such a strange looking cat I don't think anyone else wanted him. By the end of the day we were both madly in love and decided to keep him. We were very proud of our new little kitty when he used the litter box the next morning. He must be a genius kitten, we thought. He was very loving too, loved to snuggle, also unlike every other cat in the world. And to our amazement he loved to fetch, again, genius! We adored our new little kitty, even if he was a little uglier than most cats. We named him Izzy.

We learned if you have love in your heart for an animal it doesn't matter what kind of animal it is.

Since that day we have adopted another stray cat found in a parking lot. And Izzy? Well he's not so ugly anymore.

Ginger Sitler
Augusta, GA

My Lady

I had just moved into a new house after living with a roommate for many years and just graduated from LPN school. It was quiet around the house as I was used to having a dog around since my friend had a dog that lived with us. So one day I decided to go to the local animal shelter and look for a puppy that would be a small dog. They told me that the only puppies they had at the time would be large dogs but I could look at others in the kennel area. As I went up and down the rows, I saw a few that I liked but none that really jumped out to me. I went back in to where the puppies were kept and was told that a 4 year old dog that would remain small, had been brought in that morning by the family of the owner who had to be placed in a nursing home and no one in the family wanted her. So I told them I would like to see her. As soon as I saw her I knew that she was the one. The staff opened the cage door and there sat this beautiful reddish colored large breed Chihuahua with longer hair. They told me her name was Lady. They asked to see how she would handle me, would she come to me. As soon as they put Lady down on the floor she came right up to me and into my arms and laid her head on my arm. She came home with me right then, she didn't even spend 5 hours at the shelter.

She is now 21 years old, blind, but still gets around, she lets us know when she is hungry, thirsty or when she need anything by her new bark/cry she does. My husband and I know our days are numbered with her but she has been our friend and buddy, we will miss her but until then she is still our Lady.

Angela Oller
Davis, OK

Meet Aurora

This is Aurora. She was a feral cat that started showing up around our property 2 years ago. One day she came by my office window and laid down. I went to check on her and she was very weak... almost dead. We took her to the vet and they could not draw blood, her body temperature was way low and she weighed 3.5 pounds. They recommended putting her down. We couldn't do that. We had them give her subcutaneous fluids and we took her home expecting her to not make it through the night.

I talked to her that night and said goodbye. The next morning she was still there and was much more responsive. We continued to give her the fluids and provided her with a heating pad. Everyday she got a bit stronger and was eating more and more food.

Now she is running around and looking great. She has added weight and is a happy kitty.

I'm so glad we saved her life, and now she is part of our family.

Marc Harris
Santa Rosa, CA

Chrono & Lily

Here is the story of Chrono (unsocial old boy, right) and Lily (little princess, left). Chrono will be 7 years old soon and Lily will hit 1 year.

Chrono was 6 months old when I took him in. His previous owner (a friend of a friend) didn't like how he played with her little girl and wanted to get rid of it. He loves being pet with anyone's feet and will not hesitate to sleep on me when he has the chance.

Lily was abandoned by her cat mother and her 3 siblings and left in a box in front of a pet shop. They where barely 2 months old. This particular pet shop didn't sell pets, but the staff (which some are my friends) gathered them and we bottle fed them until we could find them new homes. While all 4 came from the same mother, none had the same colors. Like everyone else I had fallen in love with Lily and managed to bring her home. She purr like there's no tomorrow and very loudly and will get along nice with anyone.

Chrono had lived 6 years alone with me, not seeing any other cats or dogs. Even to this day Chrono doesn't have a clue of what to do with Lily and she likes to tease him all the time (not helping her case lol), but they both live happy.

Fun fact: both my cats and myself were born in the month of May. Talk about a coincidence!

Bonus fun fact: I love that picture which is pure luck, they where both playing (more like fighting for Chrono I guess) and hitting themselves only with their paws.

Eric Lemieux
Gatineau, QC, Canada

Milo... we rescued him when he was 6 months old, abused, malnourished and matted to the skin

For our first dog, took me years to convince my wife. She fell in love with him almost right away. For our second dog, It took only a week of sending pictures of puppies to her before she also realized he needs a companion. We were started our search for a buddy for our 3 year old Cockapoo, Toby, when we noticed he was quite lonely by himself while we were at work during the day, watching him on the webcam. After scouring the ads on Craigslist, Petfinder, local animal shelters, Kijiji, etc, and placing several un-returned calls, and a few meet/greets that didn't really work out, we came across a posting for a 6 month old Maltese-Shih-tzu puppy. It appeared the owner didn't want to spend the time to love and care for him or bother training him. They wanted to hand him over in a parking lot at a mall, but we wanted to spend more time with him to make sure he was a good match for Toby. We took them to a local park so they could meet, and turns out they were a match so we took him home that day. They named him "Milo" which we liked a lot and kept the name. Milo was never brushed, never cared for, his fur was matted right down to his skin which looked like it was very painful. He was severely malnourished and was skin and bones. He still has anxiety issues that he will never likely be able to be trained out of, due to likely being beaten/abused before we got him, but we have managed to work around those, and he has gone through obedience school, and some of which has stuck, lol... but he is an amazing companion for Toby, and they play and run for hours. Milo is the little guy on the left, and Toby is on the right in the picture. Both are just amazing dogs and members of our family.

Surrey, BC, Canada


We lost our beloved calico, Ginger, after she was with us 17 years. My husband, who claimed he didn't like cats, had, nevertheless, been fond of Ginger, who adored him. He agreed to get another small calico, so we went to our local no-kill shelter and chose a sweetie we named Amber. Unfortunately, Amber was unhappy with our other cat, Buddy. After a few months of dealing with her inappropriate choices of places to urinate, we decided she was not the cat for us.... we sadly returned her to the shelter.

It was several months before we became brave enough to try again. On the shelter's website I found a calico that seemed to suit. She was being fostered in a far-away home, so we went to see her. There were many, many cats there....the lady had actually converted an outbuilding into a home for her foster cats. When we saw the one I had thought might work for us, she turned out to be quite a large cat....and the spark just was not there. I looked over the other kitties, but none really claimed me. Meanwhile, my husband was sitting in the reception area and several cats kept rubbing against him and meowing. One of them was a sweet, small calico who seemed to have a cold. I asked about her and learned that she did not have a cold, but had a birth defect - a malformation of her sinuses. This caused her to sneeze a lot and have a snotty nose much of the time. Several treatments had been tried with no real success. She had been at the shelter since kittenhood, over four years.

Having raised six children, I was familiar enough with snotty noses.....we decided we could deal with this. We brought her home on a trial basis, and she has been with us ever since. We wipe her nose frequently, medicate her and clean up after her as necessary. Her favorite spot is on my husband's lap. She is a calm, sweet cat, and now patiently tolerates our latest additions, two active rescue kittens.

Edwardsburg, MI
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