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My baby girl

I had male cats as a youngster and so, I was looking for one as an adult. When at the shelter, I had seen a beautiful gray 3 month old kitten, and thought, he's beautiful, only to be told he was a girl and, spoken for. Oh, I thought, and continued on, only to hear that the adopters changed their mind because of a hernia, which is normal in kittens, and some visual impairment. How could you not want this precious little baby angel because of this? They didn't deserve her, I thought. I went home, got my apt kitty ready, and brought my love, my baby Sheashea, home the next day. Never thought I'd get a female cat, and, a Russian blue-much different than the male marmalades I had! She had been rescued from a hoarder, and within two years, went deaf and blind, though you wouldn't know it because she is just that smart! She feel the vibrations as I walk and talk and knows where I am and where everything is. She is playful, sweet and loving and I hope she is as happy with me as I am with her. I couldn't imagine her with anybody else. I take her everywhere with me. Everybody who meets her falls in love with her-forget it when we go to the vet-they can't stop petting her! I love how she sniffs the air in the warm weather when I am holding her safely in my arms. In the future, I would definitely adopt a special needs pet. I love my baby girl to the moon and back, and wouldn't give her up for anything in this world

New York, NY

Lovely Lady Aspen

Growing up I never had my own pet but i had always asked for a kitten. i have rescued sick Kittens and nursed them back & found them a good home, my number so far is 9. For awhile I was able to keep one for a few months, his name was Luke & he was all white except for 3 peach rings on his tail. I had always loved white cats, my Bio mother had one, and having Luke made me fall more in love with them. So since I was young I wanted a gorgeous white cat. The reason I never had a cat, was because we moved, A LOT. One of the move my parents stayed with a lady who had 3 cats & i lived in another city with friends. Finally after more moves , my parents and i all moved back in with the same woman, that's were i met Aspen.

Aspen is a beautiful fully white cat, with long legs, yellow eyes, but a bad attitude. As time went on i realized she was bullied by the 2 boy kitties, she would never step foot on the floor. It was sad to watch,so I just started bringing her into my room. I fell in love, she was so lovely and amazing,& shockingly smart.I found out she was brought in from outside 4 years ago... but she was way to smart and loving to have been a feral all her life.. and being in the house she was badly injured by a fish hook, one of her beautiful yellow eyes is black &shes a little blind(before i knew her)... When it came time to move i made it very clear to my mom, this was my baby & i refuse to leave her there, she'd just get bullied & hurt more.I got my first cat at 18, The lady was fine giving her to me. Aspen is a registered therapy cat & a love bug, shes a loud social butterfly & will snuggle any one available.Shes happy & very loved <3 & getting chubby :3

ventura, CA

My Big Baby Uno

I was a junior in college when my mom told me that our cat Jellybean had passed away at age 13. I was devastated. I knew I would know when it was time to look for another cat, and one day I woke up with the feeling that I needed to look at the ads in the newspaper. I drove the hour and a half home for a day trip of checking out kittens with my mom.

We have always gotten pets from friends, family, or other families whose pets have had babies - NEVER from a store. We stopped at some homes, but none of the kittens seemed right. I wanted a big baby of a boy kitty and I hoped the last place we went would have him. When we got there, they showed us two little girls, but I had called about the boy. They had gotten us mixed up with another family, so they went back inside to get him. I heard him before I saw him and I just knew he was my baby. He couldn't be put into my arms fast enough. The other family took one of the girls, and I just couldn't let the other girl stay behind alone, so she came with us, too. They became my fur-babies, and moved with me through 4 different cities.

Uno passed away suddenly 4 months ago at 9 years old from heart problems that he never showed any symptoms of and vets never caught. It is through tears that I type this. He was always by my side, slept on a pillow next to me like a person, yelled at me for attention, loved to reach up and pat my face with his furry paw, and looked at me with a love in his eyes that I know will never be replaced. A part of me went with him. It's just Tootsie, his sister, and me now…and we both miss him terribly. My apartment is much quieter without my big baby (part maine coon and 21lbs), but he taught me unconditional love…and that's priceless.

New York, NY


When I was little, my sister got a cat. His name was Cookie, because he was black and white. I suppose that's what really started my adoration for cats. When I was in 2nd grade, he ran away, and that was the end of having a pet. I begged my dad for years and years. But even I knew, the answer was always no. Until one day, when he had a change of heart. I didn't know at the time, but he, my mom, and my meemaw went to a shelter to look for "the one". When they first saw her, she was unavailable. She was going to be adopted. They left empty-handed. Then, by some miracle, the next time they came in, they learned that she was newly available again! On December 3, Meemaw told me that she had a birthday present for me, but that it was too big for her to carry. I had no clue what it would be. I remember my mom getting out the camera and me automatically smiling. I turned around, and there she was. My cat! I seriously thought it was a dream. There was no way my dad would let me have a cat. But sure enough, it was real. It didn't take long for me to decide on a name. Piper fits her personality so well. She used to be so cuddly, which I loved, but now she's not. My mom and I decided that her "love language" is quality time. She's pretty much always in the same room as me. She knows exactly when I'm having a hard time, and her purr is the most soothing sound I know. I know that we were made for each other, and I love her with all my heart!

Marcie Phipps
Parker, CO

Amazing feline Heroine

This "tail" is not a totally happy one.

A friend of ours, Nana Liz was gifted with a beauty of a feline from the local shelter. Abigail was her name & she was a sweet love of a cat. Abigail hit it off right away with Liz. They enjoyed quiet days playing, or sitting on the couch together. Approximately five months after Abigail came to live with Liz, she began alerting Liz to noises she was hearing in the walls. Liz, looked around, checking in the basement and throughout the house thinking she was going to locate a mouse that might have been freeloading for the winter. Finding nothing, Liz and Abigail went to bed. In the early morning hours Abigail frantically woke Liz & was VERY insistent that Liz wake up. The noise Abigail & Liz had heard was the beginning of an electrical fire that has since been determined to have started in an outside plug on the porch. Liz woke up to the house already filled with thick smoke but was able to feel her way to the door and make her way next-door to her daughters home. Tragically, Abigail did not survive. She woke her friend but ran to hide before Liz could grab her. This was during an extremely cold winter in New England and the condition outside was getting icy. Liz is pretty spry but navigating from her home to her daughters is slow going under normal conditions. Abigail bravely saved Liz's life and not a day goes by without one of us thanking her either silently or verbally. Liz frequently pauses at the picture of Abigail hanging on her daughter's fridge, then sighs and moves on. Liz is slowly rebuilding now but misses her Abby daily. When you read in the many pleas to adopt shelter animals, that they have a lot to offer, you never expect it could be literally life changing. Thank you Abigail, you will never be forgotten by this family. We will always be grateful for your sacrifice.

The pic is not Abigail but similar

Maureen L
Hull, MA

My kitty Dorky

One day a friend and I were walking to a park to go hang out. We started to pass this weird wire cage full of loose stones decoration type thing. As we walked by, I could hear a tiny meow coming from over by the structure. Stopping, my friend and I tried searching for where we heard the tiny meow and unfortunately couldn't find the source. We did notice a larger, feral cat desperately trying to get our attention by running up to us then back to the structure. Not being able to see what she was trying to get us to notice, we continued on our way.

I couldn't stop thinking about the faint meows we heard. My friend insisted that nothing was wrong, but I didn't believe that. So we turned around and tried looking again. This time we could hear the tiny mews more and more coming from around the structure. The other cat we saw was going absolutely crazy pawing at this thing and crying. Finally understanding what the cat was trying to tell us, we started looking into the gaps between the rocks.

After a minute or so two tiny little eyes started peering back at me. It was a baby kitten that was stuck in between the rocks and the cat was mama trying to tell us to rescue her baby!

In order to get to the kitten, we had to pry the wire apart and lift all these heavy rocks. After an hour, we finally pulled the kitten out. It was weak and extremely skinny. I wrapped the kitten up in my shirt and my friend and I headed back home. Mama kitty followed us for a while, then stopped once she knew her kitten was going to be safe.

To this day Dorky, for some reason, acts like a feral cat and only loves me. He runs from everybody and even bites the vets and has to be locked in kitty jail. But to me he's a huge lovebug and loves kisses and cuddles.

P.S. He got his name for a reason.

Kitty Allister

To Andrea, NC

Dear Andrea,

I don't know if you will see this, but I really hope you do. You definitely didn't fail Gypsy, so please don't ever feel like you did!! You gave her the most love and care anyone ever could and you did what was right for her. I agree with the friend that said that perhaps you were meant to be distracted in that moment. Gypsy knew you loved her and she knew that it was finally her time to cross the rainbow bridge, and she wanted to spare you the heartache by moving on when she did. Sometimes the world works in ways that seem strange, or that we might not understand right away, but I absolutely, truly do believe that things happened the way they did for a reason, because it was meant to be that way, and I hope you are able to find peace in that.

I just wish there was a way to make sure you receive these words, because the fact that you feel responsible or feel that you failed her in any way breaks my heart because I know it's not the case. Gypsy loved you and still does, and she is watching over you. You were her angel, and now she is yours. You did everything perfectly.

Sending love and prayers,

A friend.

Roseburg, OR

Cappuccino's road home

I had just gone through a giant move from one city to another for a job change and was looking for something to lighten up the new, bigger apartment. I pondered plants, fish, rabbit, just anything alive, but none of it seemed to fit.

Four weeks after I started the new job, someone from a different department came asking if anyone would be interested in adopting a kitten. Nagasaki here has a LOT of strays, and this kind-hearted person already had 7 he had saved over the years, so he really didn't have anymore space for this newest one he had rescued. He told us the kitten was sick and weak when he found the little guy just sitting in the street, but had since been vaccinated and litter trained.

I jumped on the chance and asked him to bring the kitten in the next day. That night I raced to the local pet shop to grab everything I'd need to welcome home a new member.

When I saw Cappu the next day, he was skinny and quite shy, but it didn't take long for him to wander out of his carrier to explore his new home. Unfortunately, the little guy came down with a fever, and a week later I found out he had worms in his tummy (which explained his lack of heft), but a few trips to the vet took care of all that.

Now it's been almost a month and every day he races around the apartment, chasing his tail, walking over me when I'm trying to sleep, meowing in protest when I take too long getting his food, and trying to eat my food after he's finished his. My life has certainly become much more lively since he came along!

Mengya Li
Nagasaki, Japan


The plan was always to get a kitten after moving out of my ex's place. I had to save up for the deposit though so it took a while. On the day I got everything squared away a local shelter happened to run a special on kitten adoptions for $20. I saw one online that caught my eye, but I didn't think she'd still be there when we got there so my daughter and I just went to see what they had.

There wasn't much left by the time they FINALLY called us back. The crowd was huge! I was shocked to see one of few kittens left just happened to be the tiny black kitten I saw on line and my daughter went straight to her cage. The three of us went into the little encounter room to see how this little girl might take to my daughter and I, and it was, without a doubt, love at first sight. We had planned on naming the new kitten Zelda all along so her 'Z' shaped tale was even further proof that she was meant for us. Also she has manx blood in her and is the softest cat I have ever petted.

She's not a smothering kind of cat, unless you're playing on the phone or the computer. If she catches you doing that she will do whatever she can to get between you and the screen. She also 'pets' you with her paw if she's laying beside you. It's adorable. Lastly, I have horrible nightmares from time to time. She generally sleeps in the bed with me and she will wake me up when these happen and then snuggle up against me purring. Instead of waking up exhausted and twisted in my sheets, I wake up thankful that this loving little dark angel is by my side. Truly I'm the one that got rescued. Please don't pass over a black cat due to superstition. They are some of the luckiest souls in the world I think.

Tawny Knudsen
Texas City, TX

Queen Misha finds a Kingdom

We were dog people and despite I enjoying cats I knew the chances of us getting a cat were slim to none. Mom who had recently moved in to my house after Dad passed away claimed she hated them. Then the call came from my cousin who is a traveling salesman, he needed a place to stay for a week and he was arriving with a cat who would arrive 2 weeks before him. I wanted nothing to do with this situation and I was very concerned about a cat arriving that didn't know us. He told us just place her in a cage outside (in the Florida heat, middle of summer!) and I instantly began feeling bad for this cat we had never met. The night she arrived she was vomiting from car-sickness and shaking, very afraid and nervous. We let her loose in the house and let her wander. For 30 minutes she inspected all the rooms and when she finished she flopped down on her back and welcomed rubs. The next night she began vomiting blood and chunks of a plant so I took her emergency to the vet. $300 and a speech from the vet later she came home with me. Almost seamlessly she began bonding with everyone in the house and when my cousin arrived he realized that Misha had no intention on going back to a life of travel, she loved the routine, the quietness and all the windows our large house has. A year later Misha is the Queen of the house, very popular on Instagram and gets her photo taken at least 10 times a day by Mom. She has 3 perches, 4 scratching poles, 2 beds, and 7 boxes to keep her satisfied.

We are cat people.

Orlando, FL
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