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Maow, my soulmate

This little Devon Rex lived not so happy life before we met each other.

Her previous owners moved out of their house, abandoning her there.

The real estate agent in doing a walk through (a few days later) before the new owners moved in, noticed her and dumped her on a farm in the middle of October. Now anyone who knows a Devon, know their body and type of fur is not well equipped for cold weather, and in canada, we get very cold weather. Not only that but her previous owner declawed ALL 4 of her feet :(

I'm sure that her time on the farm freezing, with no self defense from other animals, and having no claws to hunt for food, was to say at least a miserable experience for her. She was finally caught and picked up by a friend of the farm owner, who took her to our local vet to have her checked out. This lady had no interest in keeping her as she thought she looked "weird" & did not like her fur. The vet is a very close family friend and tends to the multiple Devon's we've had over the years, so they called to see if my parents were interested? My mom know I was dying for a rex of my own, and that's how we met. It was love at 1st sight!!

She never hid under the bed once, & that night curled up under the covers, snuggling into me with my arm wrapped around her, and that's where she has been for the last 5yrs. I'm sorry she had not such a good previous life, but it lead us to each other. I am sooo lucky to get to love this beautiful soul!

P.S. Her vet says she now may have too good of a life. :) but Maow deserves it, she is the most precious soul!

Deanna Nichols
Calgary, AB, Canada

My "little" Rascal

Late one summer day, I heard meowing coming from the mobile home across from us. To look would be trespassing, but no one was home and I tried ignoring the cries but gave up and went to look. The sun was starting to set and it was getting dark enough that it was hard to see. As I looked where I was going, I saw what I thought was fecal matter on one of the pavers, but in fact was a tiny black kitten crawling along the pavers. I picked it up, took it inside my mobile home and thought I was done but instead, there were more cries still coming from the same location. Hard as I tried I could not find the 2nd kitten. We (my spouse and I) nursed the kitten through the night and the next day, about 10 a.m., 2 girls from the mobile home park approached me asking if I would take in this black kitten they had found. I took it, but it was too weak and died the next day. The kitten I saved was nursed with every 2-3 hour feedings, etc., and has become a 22lb, long haired black cat. He is a the only cat I've ever had that will walk up my body, as I recline on the sofa, lay across my chest and sleep for as many hours as I will allow. I have always loved long-haired cats, while my spouse was a "dog person", now however, he loves cats as much as I do. We have had 5 other furry family members, all but one from shelters and all adults. They have all lived to be 18 or more with the exception of one. We feed 4-6 homeless cats in the mobile home park where we live. I trapped all of the cats, had them either spayed or neutered and then released them. I would like to have housed them but I had no way - but we still feed them twice a day.

We so love our "little" Rascal and I'm so glad I found him.

Helen Kelly
Bellflower, CA

Maggie my Rescuer

So I moved to Chattanooga off of lookout valley in the apartments close to ruby falls and I was going home one day from taking my border collie for a walk at the park down the street. Right as I went over Brown's ferry rd were the bridge is at out runs this matted ball of fur. Poor thing almost got run over by me an the next lane a van almost hit her I shocked the horn to get their attention and they missed her by just a hair. I pulled over at the bar on the left and got out and she ran right up to me :). I just couldn't leave her so . I took her home and gave her a bath and cleaned her up. She was badly beaten and her back left foot she can't walk on because it was healed wrong. When said I had a week to find her a home or she was going to the pound. But after all the searching I did nobody claimed her and i feel so much in love with her I wanted to name her. I thought about it hard and I knew it had to start with a "M". So I said Madison and then maddie and then I saw her ears perk up and when I said Maggie she came running to me :) she knew her name the first I called it and even after all the pain we have been through she is my rescuer :) saving me from depression and killing myself I will always have her in my heart as a life saver :) I have had her since September 2012 and this is recent with my boyfriend Charles :) such a precious dog and a boyfriend that loves her even more :) I'm proud to be her mom. I felt like I was chosen by her. God sent her to me :)

Chattanooga, TN

Our Shadow Goes In and Out and All About

There was a great sadness that fell over our hearts after we had our wonderful little Doxie put to sleep, two years came and went. After thinking and praying, I came to the conclusion that even though we both said we didn't want another such heart break, I said to my husband that I missed having a dog, his comment was, "I don't want another dog." I told him that I did and began searching on several animal rescue sites.

About a month later my daughter called about a little dog she'd heard of one that needed a home, the only problem was that this one was a male. She told me his sad story, that he'd been kept in a small cat kennel for the first year of his life nearly all of the time. The owner was moving and didn't want him any longer, I decided I'd like to go and see him. He was now at the third home who had tried accepting this quirky little fur ball . When I met him he took off running laps throughout the living room over the top of furniture, non stop. He looked at me with such a plea in his sweet little eyes, that he caused my heart to melt. I took him home with me, I nearly gave him back because he was very difficult to house train.

We've had him for over a year now and he has brought so much joy into our lives, I can't imagine not having this quirky bundle of energy in our lives. I've noticed a change in my husband too, the sadness from his heart as in mine has been lifted.

Shingle Springs, CA

Patches Adopted Me!!

I had gone into Pet Smart to purchase a new collar for one of my kitties, and the Trenton Humane Society was having a special adoption fair for kittens. Well, of course I had to take a peek - and what I saw was a dozen tiny little kittens getting tons of attention from potential adopters, and one older kitten sitting in a cage all alone staring out with soulful eyes.

One of the volunteers saw me looking at her and told me that this was her first time alone. Her brother had just been adopted. I asked if I could hold her. In the middle of a busy Saturday at PetSmart, I sat in a chair and held this 4-month-old cat like she was a baby, on her back with all four paws pointed at my face. She did not move a muscle but laid there staring into my eyes. We sat like that for an HOUR. I think I moved more than she did.

Her ploy worked. I had to bring her home with me. I asked the volunteer what I had to do so she never had to go back into that cage again. Patches came home with me that afternoon and became an instant part of the family, as cat #7 in the household.

That was 6 years ago. Since then, I have had to move to an apartment and could not keep all my cats. I found every one of them a good home, but I simply could not part with Patches. She is my best buddy. She sleeps on my hip every night, sits next to me on the couch, keeps me company in the kitchen when I cook, and even sits on the toilet seat when I shower. She always comes when I call her name, and she "talks" to me constantly.

Last year I went through cancer treatment, and was home for half the year while undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy. She knew I needed her and was my constant companion. I am so thankful she picked me that day at PetSmart!

Chantal Carter
Hatboro, PA

Best Friend

Soon after we married, my husband and I were transferred to a new city. Our 8 year old dog was lonely in our new home so we chose to visit the local shelter to see if a friend could be found.... Most of the dogs were huge and though we wanted to take them all home, we thought our little dog would be overwhelmed. At the back of a cold kennel in the very back, cowering in a corner was a scrawny little black ball of dirt matted mess. My heart broke. We didn't know if this little guy even wanted human touch. When he was brought to us to meet, he wrapped himself around my neck like a scarf and held on for dear life. We were sunk and "Friday" came home on Monday! Our dog let him know he who was boss, but this waif was happy with that arrangement. I visit to the vet confirmed he was 15 lbs underweight, he had broken ribs from being beaten and spots on his lungs that appeared to be from pellet gun shots. Our new little guy was aggressively protective and a food thief beyond anything we imagined and we had 9 months to make sure he could become part of the family because our daughter was on her way. Ouzo is still a food thief and jalapenos remain a favorite, but 16 years later he is the best friend we have ever known and a dog everyone we know wishes they had. Our time with this handsome boy is limited as at 17 he is slowing down and his injuries are starting to impact his breathing. His favorite place is "his" beach and his favorite girl is his whole world. We treasure every day and we are so grateful we were able to give him the life he deserved. He will forever remain the love of our lives. Rescue pups are pure magic.

Summerside, PE, Canada

The Story of Lorelei

June 2012 I had just moved in with my long time fiance with my 11 year old cat Purr. I had her since she was 3 months old and she suddenly passed away 2 weeks after moving in with him. I was devastated. She wasn't the friendliest kitty but I still loved her. I was so depressed after she passed that one Sunday 2 weeks later my fiance decided we should go to local humane society for their open house to pet some cats to help me cheer up. I didn't think I'd fall in love with any cats at that point. I was still so broken up over Purr. I went into the room and no cats seemed interested in me - except for one. A little 10 month old calico came trotting up to me looking for pets. I picked her up and she rested her head under my chin purring her head off. I just stood there and cried for a good 10 minutes holding this cat I had never seen before. Turned out her name there was Lizzie (My name is Elizabeth :) ) so I knew she was mine. My fiance loved her too and he said "Let's get her. She's adorable." Lizzie had a history with her previous owner of being malnourished, covered with fleas and had JUST gotten spayed by the humane society, so she had some serious trust issues. I decided to name her Lorelei - after the German folk tale about a siren that lead men to their deaths and a favorite song of mine by the band Blackmore's Night. Lorelei is now almost 3 years old and follows me everywhere I go in the house. Where I am - she is. She is my little shadow and has helped me heal from the pain of loosing my other cat so young. She's a healthy 12 pounds and is super spoiled (so is Toki :) ). I will ALWAYS adopt cats - always have. The picture posted is from April 18 of this year.

Ipswich, MA

Abby the feral tabby

About 12 years ago I wanted to get a kitten. I wanted a female orange tabby. This was before I knew that female orange tabbies are NOT common. Most females with the gene for orange fur are calicos.

Anyway, so that spring I eventually settle on a female gray tabby kitten (Xena) and adopt her, my dreams of a female orange tabby forgotten.

Except God didn't forget and He has a sense of humor. At the time, I rented a room in a house. One day a friend and I went into the backyard to look for something. My friend opened the back door and surprised a feral momcat with a litter of kittens. They all disappeared lightening fast.

To makes a long story short, it's October, the kittens are only maybe 6 weeks old, and it was getting cold out. I felt bad for them and had the resources to help. I had Xena's old playpen (basically a large cage). I rented a humane trap and trapped momcat and all six of her kittens and put them in the cage. I provided food, water, and a litterbox in the cage.

Momcat would glare at me, distrustful of my plans for her. Here she was, in a strange place, no place to roam, just room for her and her kittens, and enough room for her to lay down and let them nurse.

Eventually I found homes for all the kittens and got momcat fixed. I had planned to just put her back outside after fixing her, but the whole process took so long that she had bonded to me. And over time, I grew fond of her. This is the cat that has come to be called Abby, or as I like to call her because it rhymes, Abby the feral tabby.

And would you believe that she is a female orange tabby? :)

Victoria Shephard
San Leandro, CA

They Came with the House

In 2007/8 we were building our new home out in the country. October 2007 we each had evening meetings scheduled that were cancelled at the last minute so we decided to check on progress. Upon getting out of the car, we both heard the tiniest of mews that seemed to be coming out of a pile of construction debris. My husband started working his way toward it and this little ball of fluff came running out... talking the whole way "oh good, PEOPLE!" & let my husband scoop her right up. We decided to name her Destiny as it seemed to be destiny that we found her that nite. The vet estimated she was maybe 8 weeks old.

Then in February 2008, with the house STILL in progress, we went out to check on things. We heard this AWFUL noise coming from the weeds along the fenceline. I thought it was an injured bird. My husband starting walking the fence to find it & the noise stopped. He moved on, it started up again. So I moved toward where the noise was and a TINY ball of fluff came charging out of the weeds, yelling the whole way. As I started to bend down to scoop her up, she took a leap & started right up my leg! We had 4 cats already at the time so we tried to find a home for this little thing (vet estimated was around 6 weeks)... but God had intended her to be my baby Cassie (derived from casa). Soon after, our 15 year old cat passed and we were back to 4.

Both kittens were dumped at our house. How someone can be so callous, is beyond me! Neither would have survived the night, by either freezing temperatures or wild animals, had we not discovered them.

Destiny is happiest if she's making you happy... including playing fetch. She has the sweetest smile! Cassie is my cuddle girl and altho the tiniest in the house, she runs the place. We can't imagine life without these two calico ladies!

Kingfisher, OK

Indiana Jones Banana Potato Cuddle Butt Watkins - Best Rescue ChiRussell Ever!

So, I moved to Utah in 2013. And after moving and landing a job, due a combination of unexpected circumstances, I was looking at surgery, losing my job, and being unable to work for the next months. I was supremely stressed.

I consulted my doctor, who wrote a prescription for an emotional support animal.

Four shelter visits went by. I looked at every semi-well-behaved small and medium sized dog I could see. None struck me.

I am a medium sized dog person, or so I thought. A weekend trip to one more shelter 45 miles from my house, and upon walking in and the receptionist/animal control officer greeting us, I felt something in the atmosphere change. I knew, somehow, I was in the right place to find the dog that would comfort me in the upcoming months.

She told my sister and I that there was only one small dog, and he had just got out of quarantine and on the adoptable list today. She led us to the meet and greet room, and went to get him. She brought in a yellow, red-collared.... Chihuahua. He came right in the room on lead, jumped on the bench next to me, and looked at me. I don't think there was anything else to it. I threw a rope toy, he spear-leaped off the bench, ran, skidded into the wall, and then brought the rope right back to me. It was instant, unequivocal, bonding perfection.

I have other dogs. I love my big yellow Malamute/Catahoula Mix, my Border Collie/German Shepherd Mix, and my Pit Bull I rescued from a gas station parking lot.

But I have never, in my life, felt, on such a fundamental level that this was the one for me.

He was chipped, had come to the shelter with that collar, neutered and housetrained.

$25, a new collar, and a new name - Indiana/Indy/Banana/Potato/CuddleButt/WiggleButt - later, and this dog is everything I needed and didn't know I wanted.

I did not rescue him. He did not rescue me. God rescued us. By bringing us together. Ruvsandcuddlesforlifes, Neysa and Indy.

Neysa Watkins
Provo, UT
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