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Our journeys happy ending

Fifteen years ago my husband came home from work with a 6 week old dachshund. She was for our son, you know the story, Mom always ends up w/pup. At 12 she was diagnosed w/congenital heart failure. In August of 2013 we had to let her go, she was 14-1/2. My husband retired in February of that year, we knew our Jinxie was going we got a beautiful 7 year old young lady from a high kill shelter and she was w/us when we let Jinxie go. I didn't want to love her because I knew someday she would leave me too. But it was impossible not to. About 2-1/2 months ago she was diagnosed with lungs cancer. I would know when the time was right to let her go, NOT again, my heart was so heavy! So a week later I laid with her while she crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Two weeks after we went home to NJ (we live in NH), when we came back home the house was too empty. I told my husband it was time, he agreed. I in touch with a friend who works w/rescues, told her what I was looking for and within one day she found the cutest little Lady. I saw the picture renamed her Nina (for her beautiful eyes), after quarantine we got her (3 weeks total). I instantly fell in love. She was suppose to be about 18 months, we think she is about 13-14 months a mix of Border Collie, maybe Corgi, Australian Sheppard, about 45 lbs.

She makes us laugh all the time. We watched her romp around in her first snow. She loves our grand kids and other pups. She has become my shadow.

Rescue pups have a great appreciation for life in general. Thank God we were able to get past the mourning process and save another. We save them, they save us. If you have have the opportunity. Save a rescue pup.

Forever Grateful

Farmington, NH


I went to a shelter looking for a companion, and had my heart set on finding a very young, fluffy female cat. As I sat down, a 6month old, short-haired male cat strolled over and chose me. I fell in love instantly. He had been there a while because of a birth defect, but he's the most gorgeous cat I'd ever seen!

Naperville, IL

His name is Mayo like Cinco de Mayo.

Mayo was born in the month of May, 2011, as part of a feral cat family. The family undoubtedly had lived in the Rancho Palos Verdes neighborhood for many feline generations back and back and back. Mayo's original guardian, my former boyfriend, told me of how Mayo entered his life and this is the rescue story from that time until he came to live with me:

The cats' nest lay in some unknown location close to the house beyond a high retaining wall in the backyard. It was a common sight to see Mayo's mother leading her brood across this wall, over the fence, and around the yard. In 2010, my ex. explained how he had found a very young kitten drowned in the pool, a tragedy and unfortunate reality signifying the dangers feral kitties encounter daily. Fast forward to the next spring when one day he heard a quiet mew coming from the backyard. He went outside after this sound to find Mayo had fallen from the fence.

Remembering the kitten from the previous year, my ex. picked up Mayo, only weeks old at that time, and took him inside. He had to feed him with a bottle until he was able to eat solid food. For a year after, Mayo developed into an exceptionally inquisitive and intelligent cat. Mayo likes to open cupboard, drawers, and he knows that handles open doors. He can lie down, high five, and likes to ride on familiar people's shoulders.

It was my relationship with his guardian at the time that brought Mayo into my life. For over a year, we all lived together and Mayo had clearly developed a pair bond with my own rescue kitty, Chai. When I split from my ex-boyfriend we decided not to split the two apart. So, Mayo became mine. Since that day, he has lived with me and Chai.

Portland, OR

The Bichon Frise that stole our hearts.

My boyfriend and I always talked about getting a dog when we moved in together, and not one month after we did, we found Toby.

One afternoon (completely random) we decided to go on craigslist to see if any pups in our area needed a good home. We had to be careful about the size, because our apartment complex had a 25 pound max on dogs. 5 minutes into the search we came across the ad, "Free To Good Home." I clicked on it and they had described him as a small poodle mix and not much more. I called the people to see if he was still available, and they told us they were gong to meet up with a couple who had called about him first, but if they didn't think they were a good fit they would give us a call. Sure enough, two hours later we got a call asking if we wanted to meet the little guy. My boyfriend, our roommate, and I drove about an hour so we could meet him. They told us that they were fostering this dog because a friend of theirs found him roaming their apartment complex for a few weeks. The picture they showed us of him when they found him was horrible, he was all brown and matted and covered with fleas. When they were finally able to capture him, they got him all groomed and on flea medication. All he needed now was a good home.

We fell in love with him the moment we met him and now he is the most spoiled pup around! We didn't even have to think about it, Toby was his name, it fit him perfectly. We have now had him for 7 months and it was only a few months ago we found out he wasn't a "poodle-mix", he was actually a Bichon Frise.

Toby loves his toys, going for walks, people food, the dog park, cuddling, and his momma and pappa. I know we were meant to give this dog the perfect home, and he couldn't be loved more.

Winter Park, FL

Second chance for Jessie

In 2003, my husband and I had just moved to Michigan, and he expressed the desire to get a dog. We saw an ad in the paper for a "free dog to a good home". We went to check on the dog and found a beautiful black lab mix named Jessie. She was 2 years old and had lived her entire life in an outdoor pen because they didn't believe in dogs in the house. They said they wanted to get more cats so they had to get rid of Jessie. We were charmed with how sweet she was and agreed to take her. It was obvious when we got her home that she had never lived in a house before. It took almost 2 years before she would get up on any furniture. She now has her own love seat that she loves to sleep on. However, we almost lost her a few weeks after bringing her home because it turned out she was heartworm positive and it was a bad case. It became apparent why they wanted to get rid of her, she was sick. There was no question that we would try to take care of this. We joke that our "free" dog immediately cost us $500, but it was the best money ever spent and except for getting winded easily, she made a full recovery. Jessie is the most loving dog and mothers all of our other fur-babies. We can only imagine what she went through the first two years of her life (she is terrified of 4-wheelers), but the love she has given us for the last 12 years has been immeasurable. Jessie takes joy in so many things: she loves playing in the snow (she will just stand outside and come back in covered in snow), snuggling in the recliner with her daddy, and playing with our other dog, Tuxie. Jessie now has a frosty face, and we joke that she is trying to become a white lab. She is our sweetheart, and we are so glad she came to join our lives.

Deb Henderson
Benton Harbor, MI

BWL workers rescue too-curious cat

This is a cat rescue tale. It involves Mister, a too-curious black cat, and the Board of Water & Light. The story will take you to new heights, expose great cat peril and another actual loss of power to an entire neighborhood.

Mister, the black cat Ian Sargeant adopted from abandonment at a South Lansing Quality Dairy last spring, didn't come home for dinner Sunday.

Soon enough, Mister was found on Monday morning up a 45-feet-tall backyard utility pole crying his heart out, Sitting on top of the transformer box. Unreachable and in very real danger of getting fried. Ian called the power company.

"One guy showed up and saw what was going on and said, 'We can't mess around. Your cat is next to a high voltage line. He could die any second. I'm going to drive to a major junction box and cut the power to the neighborhood.'"

When the unidentified BWL worker came back, he tied a cable around his waist, put on spiked, pole-climbing shoes and didn't stop until he could introduce himself to Mister. The idea was to persuade Mister to hop into the canvass bag the worker had carried with him. A rope attached to the bag handle would enable it to be lowered to the ground.

"Mister did not like it even though we put food in there for him," said Ian.

Negotiations ensued. Mister hopped onto the back of the BWL lineman. Attempts were made to place Mister in the bag. Third time was the charm, Ian said.

When the bag reached the ground, "Mister made a beeline for the house." Ian said.

Ian thanked the workers, who declined to identify themselves and refused to accept any gratuity.

"They said, 'nope, just have a good day," Ian said. "The guys from BWL were just awesome. They came out really promptly. They made sure my cat's safety was in order. They didn't fool around. They were extremely professional and showed they cared.

Mister is doing much better & avoiding power poles.

Ian Sargeant
East Lansing, MI

We adopted a teen!

When we saw Jane on our local humane society Facebook page we knew we wanted her right away. She was taken to the shelter after her 98 year old owner passed away. Jane was 16 years old at the time! We drove 30 minutes in a snowstorm so she wouldn't have to spend one more day in a cage.

She had never been around other cats her whole life, but she has adjusted very well to our other two kitties. We love Jane so much! She is now 17.5 years old and doing pretty well for her age! She does need daily thyroid medication, but other than that all of her other organs have tested great! I don't think she looks her age either :)

I am so happy that we could give Jane a home. She sleeps on my chest every night and she will purr for hours. I wish I could see pictures of her as a kitten.

I would love to encourage others to adopt senior cats! They are awesome and deserve a loving home.

Kylee Benaszeski
Sheboygan, WI

Fred's legacy

In 2008, my cat Fred battled serious illnesses all year - diabetes, seizures, serious URI, hyperthyroidism, and finally a cancer diagnosis when I was told bring him home but he would not last long. He fought through two more months, standing by my side through Christmas. We finally said goodbye December 28th. Throughout that heart wrenching time, there were occasions I told him if he had to go, I would be ok, although we had been a team for 17 years. He hung on until he knew I was ready to be without him and I came to understand he wanted me to have another cat to fill the void he left behind.

In January, Cyrus, a NFC, came home to be with me. Not long after I was blessed with Tress. They were great gifts; I thought my home was filled. Not long after, I learned of a brother/sister pair at a shelter not far away and took them in to keep them together. Unfortunately, they had bordetella and herpes virus and everyone got sick. I did not think Alli, the sister, would live, but months later, she was able to come home from isolation. She is now a happy cat after being very skittish and hesitant after all she had been through.

Flash forward a bit and I was searching for answers to Tress's mysterious illness and accidentally came across two more white NFCs (also siblings) half a country away in a shelter languishing. No one had any interest in giving them a home. Through a lot of searching, I found a transport service and the shelter agreed to let them travel. Days later, they came home in a blizzard. Cyrus was beside himself with joy to have two more of his "kind" to play with since Tress is somewhat standoffish. Angel and Spirit are now in their element and have come out of their shells after being antisocial and having behavioral issues at the shelter.

Fred wanted me to give another cat a home - I took his wish for me to heart many times over.

Lewiston, ME

Jacob Jingles.

This cute boy was running around a rural community that my sister and I live in. When friends would see him, they would immediately call us and try to get him to stay, until we could drive and pick him up. He was very shy of people. After a few weeks of failed attempts, we finally got him. He refused to get in our car (I know he came close to being hit by one, a few times) We literally had to shove him in our car and again into the house. He had obviously never been in a home. He was about a year old then. He is 7 now. We are blessed.

bear lake, PA

buddy's rescue

on a friday i as working on a job and a dog came walking down the street i called it over and it was a girl pit she as so sweet but had a tag so i called and told the owner she as fine and would be at the house till she got there to get her. 30 minutis later she came and got her. 30 minutis later i walk out to get a tool off the truck and this little beagle is walking down the sidewalk. i call him and he comes over. asked him if he wanted a drink of water and he looked at me like i just gave him a milkbone. i hooked him up with water and let him in the house i was working in to cool off has it was over 100 degrees out that day in North FL. After a hour he got up walked to door and started to bark. thinking he lived close by i let him out to go home. he went out and started to walk down the street to another house. his tail was going so i thought he was home. started to pack up to go home for the day and the lady at the house he went to asked if he was my dog. i said no but i would take him with me. we went home and my girlfriend posted found dog ads on Craigslist but never got any replys.He fit right in with my other dog so i took him to the vets to get his fleas taken care of and his shots.At that time was told he had hart worms . WE went home and talked it over with GF and seeing that she and i liked him we decided to keep him and get the treatments for him.as of yesterday 12/5/14 he has got his last 2 shots and is home recovering. He follows my gf every place in the house. Now His Future's So Bright He's Gotta Wear Shades.

jacksonvill, FL
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