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Mama and kittens

I already had three cats - my limit! But when a cat showed up on my doorstep with her three kittens, I couldn't turn them away! And when I realized that some were polydactyl and some Manx, it was even harder to resist their uniqueness!

I slowly earned their trust and lured them into the laundry room. The plan was to find them homes, but I felt they needed to be socialized first. I spent a ton of one-on-one time with them, but the mama refused to let me touch her.

Eventually I discovered the cats had THREE kinds of worms! The mama was so badly infested, I don't know if she would have lived if we hadn't taken her in and got her on medication.

Once they were treated and mama cat was feeling better, she came out of her shell. Now she loves lap time. Her entire family is as sweet as can be. And yes, we ended up keeping them all. Even the beige one I labeled a "troublemaker" right from the beginning. I was right about that, but never-the-less, he is my favorite.

Six cats and counting...

Vicki Stephenson
Prior Lake, MN

Rescued again, and again

We rescued a 5 month old puppy named Harley, but soon decided she needed a friend, so we went to the adoption day at a local shelter. I had just coaxed a lap sized little fellow out to let me pat him when, fate stepped in.

A family brought in this gigantic, 145 pound, 6 year old dog to be surrendered. My stomach turned, my eyes welled up, I stared in blatant disbelief.

A volunteer saw me watching. She explained that they had originally found "Jed" and his sister as puppies, in a bag, tossed out the window of a moving car! Both puppies were in such bad shape that one vet wanted to put them down! Luckily a second vet saved them, eventually both were adopted. That should have been happily ever after. But no. I heard the volunteers tell his "family" that in all likelihood Jed would live out his life in a cage at their shelter. Did they realize, did they understand?

I still had the little dog on my lap, tears were streaming down my face, knew in my heart that giant dog Jed was “my dog”. Earlier I'd been told they had other applications on the little dog; he'd get a home. We might be Jed's last hope. My husband was on board, and the shelter volunteers cried all over again when they realized Jed had a new family before his old one left the building.

Jed was the very best dog we could have asked for, gentle, sweet and loving, wanting nothing more than to be pet. He loved treats and walks, naps in our bed, sometimes stubborn, with the silkiest ears. He and Harley were glued at the hip, such great friends! We were a family for 5 years, nearly to the day, when we regretfully had to say goodbye to him last month. We held him to his last breath so that he with no doubt knew that in the end he really did find a forever family. We all miss him dearly, especially Harley.

Commerce, MI

Iris, the Cat Dropped by a Road

I met Iris a few months back, around June. My boyfriend and I live with my parents and brother in a small house, with one main living room, a kitchen, a bath, and three bedrooms. I came home with my boyfriend to find my mom in the living room, looking very grim. I asked what was wrong. She pointed to the chair beside me. I saw a towel sitting on the chair and, upon lifting the towel up a bit, saw a small, very frightened feline looking back at me. She didn't look any older than five months we all agreed. I asked Mom where she found her. My mom then explained how coming home from a friend's house she saw a car opening a door at a stop sign on a rural road and darting off. My mom stopped and found her curled up by the road, mewling. As my mom had our 55-lbs dog in the car and this cat was clearly frightened, she decided to drop the dog off at home and come back to see if the cat was still there. She was, and hadn't moved an inch since Mom had left. My heart melted for this poor cat, left by the road to fend for herself against the many coyotes in the area. Mom asked if she could stay in my room "JUST for tonight" and I said yes. I drove to the store and picked up the necessities (food, bowl, litter, and pan) and set my room up. After that night, with her hiding under my bed, she slowly became our (my boyfriend and I's, as my family was not wanting a cat) cat.

Now, Iris is happy and full of life. She has filled out a bit and now looks like the year old cat she actually is. I can't see how someone could drop off such a sweet and playful cat off by the side of the road. And for those curious, Iris and the dog, Hershey, get along perfectly fine.

Springfield, OH

Saying good bye to soon

Scottie came to us end of November 2013, a stray that friends of ours took in. It was brutally cold and he was so little. A face that I fell in love with and I had not even met him yet. My husband and I discussed this, we already had a young cat at home. Our friends took him to see if he had a microchip or a tattoo, nothing. We were taking him home with us. We met a very scared kitten, really small and in need of some attention. After hiding under the bed and just being so scared. We made an appointment with the vet. He was under weight and about 6 months old. He was also FLV positive. After some discussion and a promise to make this our home his forever home, he would have to be in isolation until we could get Pumpkin our other cat her shots to protect her.

Six weeks of living in the basement and lots of love and attention, he gained weight and came out of his shell. The introduction to the dog (Ebony) and Pumpkin was quick and now we all lived together and he had the entire house to roam.

Scott was never a very active play kinda kitty, maybe he just never had the chance to be a kitten. He is my baby and I love cuddles, the following me around the house meowing at me the entire time.

This past week, he was sleeping more, not really eating and started to vomit. Made the vet appointment and the news was not good. Two tumours from the FLV, one in the abodomen and one in the chest, fluid in his lungs. Discussion with the vet, we found out he has a matter of days. We brought him back home.... We will help him cross over but we all needed time to say good bye.

Far too soon... Crying as I share this, it is still his forever home and will be with us always.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

We save Nina's life

We found this girl hidden on a washroom, she can barely move, was scared, cold, and in pain. I took her to the vet, has pyometra. We rise a crowdfounding campaing to save her life, all my friends was happy to help, then we start searching for a home, and a family who can take care of all the medical expenses and health in general, but, I was already in love with her, so I keep it, and now she is living with me! full of energy and playing like nothing happens.

I have to scape from work in order to take care of her all week during the surgery recovery, but now is a great satisfaction to watch her move and jump around!

Sorry for my english, I'm from Colombia, but I want everyone to see that there is good people in here, not all the bad stories media share about us.

Team Cat Mojo Rulz!


Medellin, Colombia


One Saturday afternoon in Texas, some friends came over and told me they were given this little chihuahua/mix puppy that was 10 weeks old. so I looked into this box and this puppy fit into one of my hands. I said I would keep him. This is what my friends wanted to happen. They knew with everything going with me, that I need something to cheer me up. I had just had surgery and found out that I had hypoglycemia. I took him to the pet store with me and had him looked over. turns out he was 4 or 5 weeks old. So as I was walking around getting formula and toys I was trying to think of a name to call him.. I thought of my dad and said, "Colonel?" he turned his had to me and waged his tail. Jump a few months later, I was sick and I passed out on the floor the second I got up. He went running to get my friends and wouldn't stop backing till they followed him. He saved my life that day. So almost a year to the day I passed out he became serifed service Dog. 3 months later I got a job in Egypt teaching and he came with me. He was so scared, but has become a fixture in my class. He doesn't come with me always, but he is happy just to spend time with me and my new husband (his dad of two months) to the park or our shop. He still tells me when my blood sugar is low and loves his bones. Every night he sleeps either on my feet or at my side and every morning he waits till I have my juice to go for his walk. I hope he will be this great to his future little human.

I am so blessed everyday to have Colonel in my life to get me through the day and to watch over me. I fell so hard for him two years ago, and he is truly a hero in my eyes.

Cairo, Egypt

Our Boys

A year ago this past October we brought in a half feral Momma kitty and her 4 two week old kittens. We had been feeding their mother and had wanted to capture her and get her fixed but she got pregnant before we could. One day my sister had to work a mid-shift so she was home when the pest control company for our complex started spraying. The company is not known for using pet-friendly chemicals as we had nearly lost our dog to the spraying a year before. So my sister bangs on the window and gathers the kittens inside to our powder room.

After the pest company left, Momma kitty comes back looking for her boys. My sister lures Momma back to the bathroom with one of her babies and they have been with us ever since. When the boys got old enough we took the boys and their mother to the vet to get fixed. We had wanted to find homes for at least two of the boys but that never happened. We became too attached to them and they to us. All four boys are a year old now and have such unique personalities and make us smile every day. They chase and play with the dog from time to time, and watch her as she runs laps in the living room. Momma succeeded in escaping once when our backs were turned but now she is quite content to stay inside where it is safe, warm and dry.

Coconut Creek, FL

Enter the goblin king

I work at a vet hospital, and about four years ago, someone ran up to the door, dropped a box, ran to his car, and drove away. I wasn't there when this happened but someone went out to check and found 7 kittens in the box with a dirty t-shirt and a note saying they were 3 weeks old. I was getting ready to move and planned on getting a kitty, so when my coworker came in the next day, she walked up to me, set down a carrier full of kittens and told me to choose my cat. I gleefully fawned over them all before choosing a very pretty orange and white boy. I had always wanted an orange cat to name Jareth (after the main character from my favorite movie, Labyrinth) and now I had him.

In the time before I moved into my new place, I made sure to cuddle Jareth at work on my breaks. I remember commenting that I hoped he really bonded to me. When it was finally time to bring him home, it took a good 30 minutes for him to get comfortable enough to come out of his carrier. Now my apartment is his castle, my recliner is his throne, and he is my best friend. I needn't have worried about him bonding with me. He greets me at the door when I come home and cuddles in my lap in the evenings. He's had to share me with a couple other animals along the way, but he will always be my little "Jar-bear."

Portland, OR

Little Miss Gwennycakes aka Flopsy

My 15 year-old cat Hunter, always a needy cat, had become a lot needier since Misha, my black cat, passed away. I thought a kitten might be more acceptable to Hunter so I started looking at the animal shelter where I volunteered with a friend of mine. One morning, we checked in on the adoption floor. I looked at a cage across from the door where I stood. A little black and white kitten named Gwendolyn was standing at attention looking directly at us. I asked if we could come in and visit after our shift. I opened the door to the cage, and pet her as she lay on her side. Stretched out, she looked straight into my eyes and blinked slowly at me. I felt my heart jump in my chest. I knew right then and there I had fallen in love. I said, Uh-oh, and picked her up out of the cage. She lay in my arms and shortly thereafter fell asleep in my arms. I told my friend there was no way I was leaving without her. I called my husband and ran it by him. He said yes, of course. It's been over three years, and Gwennycakes is still one of the best cats ever. When she wants pets, she will flop hard down on the floor and roll over to expose her belly. Right now she's curled around the leg of a chair near me as I type. She doesn't love being held, but she loves sleeping next to me, getting pet, and playing. I turned to look at her and she's wide-eyed and staring me at with adoration. She is such a good girl, chirpy, quietly purrs up a storm, and has the softest fur. I love my little Gwennycakes!

Wendy Mastandrea
Floral Park, NY


One day I was leaving work to go to lunch and I thought I heard a cat meow but I dismissed it. Later, when I was leaving for the day I heard it again and thought I better check it out. I found two tiny kittens. They were only a day or two old, their eyes weren't even open yet. Since I had heard meowing hours earlier I knew they were in big trouble and that their mother wouldn't be coming back. Luckily my parents know a wonderful lady who knows a lot of animal rescuers in our area and pointed me in the direction of a woman with our local animal rescue who works wonders with bottle feeding kittens. One of the kittens had been born with deformed legs. At each feeding she worked with him to strengthen his legs.

My mom had been trying to convince my dad to adopt another kitten for quite some time and he finally relented and they adopted one of the kittens. I already had two senior cats and I thought that one more might upset the status qua. After two months being up for adoption he still hadn't found a home. I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to welcome him into my family.

He has been with me almost a year, I named him Champion because I feel like he fought and won over quite a few challenges He still has bow legs, a heart murmur and an overbite but he is active and happy. My senior cats accepted him relatively quickly with only a little bit of a fuss. He loves to play, my house is constantly littered with cat toys. He is incredibly sweet, loving, charming and irresistible. I think that I was meant to find the kittens and they are both exactly where they should be.

I'm so thankful for the wonderful animal lovers and animal rescue in my hometown that made it possible to have such a happy ending!

Portage, MI
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