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The BEST boy ever!

I will just say it proudly..WE ARE FOSTER FAILURES! This handsome boy is what started it all. We had every intention of fostering this little fella and letting Pet Pal Animal Rescue find the perfect forever home for him. But the week we had him he developed kennel cough and nursing him day and night, just made us fall in love. The night before we were to send him back for an adoption event I looked at my husband and I could tell by the look on his face that he was going to be ours and I was not going to fight him on this decision. It was tough at first. He loved shoes and the garbage. But walkies soon took care of those bad habits. He is calm and loving (on his terms). And we cannot imagine our lives without this little guy.

St. Petersburg, FL

Louie the Walmart cat (King Louie)

A few years ago, we were looking to get another cat for our daughter, who was in high school at the time. One day at work, I received an email from a co-worker who had found a kitten but couldn't keep it. He provided pictures of this tiny, cute, white fur ball. I emailed my co-worker back letting him know I was interested, but had to talk to my husband first. My co-worker explained to me how they came about getting this cute little guy. He & his wife were walking into Walmart when they saw a lady throw him out of her car, they were horrified to see this & rather than chase the lady down or get her license number, they went and got the kitten before someone ran him over. As much as they wanted to keep it, they just couldn't as they already had 4 cats.

I got the green light to get him, so I arranged for my husband to come get him at my work. He said wow so little when he saw him, took him home and said he meowed the whole way. I bathed him as he was full of fleas, but knew because of how small he was, he couldn't have flea medicine and I was right the vet said he was no more than 5 wks in age. He fit into the palm of my hand he was so little. Because I had Doxies and was afraid they would hurt him, he was sequestered in my daughters room for the next two months & they bonded as she became his surrogate mom. Once he was able to have free reign of the house, it became clear who ruled the house with the dogs & my other cat. He went from a tiny 5 wk old kitten to a very feisty 17lb cat. Still to this day after almost 8 yrs of him owning us, he and my daughter still share their special bond. Even if she has been gone for awhile, he still runs to her for love.

Elk Grove, CA

We Weren't Looking For A Second Dog...

We weren’t looking for a second dog.

My husband and I had lost our first dog to a kidney complication last summer, and we had our hands full with our young dog named Rue.

If we were going to get a second dog we had some rules:

We wanted a girl. We wanted her to be smaller than Rue. We wanted to adopt an older dog.

Then we saw him.

PetSmart was having an adoption event with a rescue group. The second we walked in the door we were pulled towards this happy and HUGE dog that his foster mom had adorably named Tripp.

He had just had surgery to remove his right front leg, and was wearing a red wrap to keep his incision clean. He was giving out kisses left and right, and his tail never stopped wagging.

He was picked up by the shelter as a stray, and they assume he was hit by a car. He was put on a kill list because he was “damaged” and wasn’t given the medical attention he needed. When the rescue pulled him, his leg was mangled and useless and they had to amputate it.

The second we got home we emailed the rescue group to start the adoption process. After a home visit where he met Rue and got a feel for our house, we were approved!

Tripp is the opposite of everything we thought we wanted - he’s male, he’s huge, and he’s 2 years young - and that’s exactly why we love him!

Those first few days were amazing and challenging. We had to change his dressing from his surgery, and had no idea what we were doing. He was so patient with us as we figured it out. He never stopped smiling and giving kisses, even while we were fumbling with the wrap. He is so patient and kind, no matter the situation.

Adding Tripp to our family was the best decision we have made, and I’m excited to learn and grow with him as he adjusts to life as a tripod.

Grand Rapids, MI

Archie: My Lucky Litte Man

One day my mom was on her way home from work during rush hour. She saw this tiny black figure crossing 3 lanes of heavy traffic and thought to herself, "that's a funny looking squirrel..." So, being the kind-hearted animal lover she is, she pulled over and checked to see if the little thing was okay. To her suprise, it wasn't a squirrel, it was a kitten. The little fella was terrified, so my mom wrapped him in her cardigan and took him home. When I opened the door, my mom said in a cute, child-like voice, "can I have a home?" and of course I said, "yes!"

We took the little guy to the vet inside of our local PetSmart to get him checked out. The vet told us that he was 1 pound 4 ounces and that that meant he was about 4 weeks old since, at that age, kittens grow about a pound a month. As we were waiting in the room for the vet, we were trying to find a name. I looked on my phone for male cat names and fell in love with the name "Archie".

My baby boy is 2 years old now and he is honestly my best friend. I live alone and he definitely keeps me company. He is heaven sent and a true blessing in my life.

Samantha Hanna
Ladson, SC

Tiger, the fighter!

On August 17, 2014, as I was getting ready to take my mother home from the cottage on the French River, I happened to look outside the window and saw a cat on the front lawn. When I told my mother that a cat was outside, she thought one of the other cats had gotten out. I grabbed a can of wet food and went outside towards the cat. I wasn’t very brave as I didn’t know this cat but he didn’t move as I got closer. His little meow nearly broke my heart. Sounded like he was asking me to help him. I set the can down on the lawn in front of his mouth and he jumped on it like it had been a long time since he had had a meal.

I couldn’t leave him outside so I picked him up and brought him inside the cottage. He was skin and bones. You could see his hip-bone and every one of his ribs. Before I left to bring my mother home, I laid him on the couch and when I came back he hadn’t moved an inch. I was truly afraid that he wouldn’t survive the night even though he was now in a safe place. He hid under my bed all night. Bright and early the next morning, I saw him coming out and going straight to the cat dish. He ate it all and drank a lot of water. He grew stronger and stronger every day.

The rescue shelters in the area had a no-kill policy for dogs but not for cats so I couldn’t bring him there after saving his life from starvation or another animal. I was going to keep him but already had too many rescues (my sister says if there is an animal in need, he will find me). I called my sister who lives in Scarborough, ON and basically burst out in tears when she said she would take him. He is now a beautiful healthy cat who is thriving and spoiled rotten.

Claire Larose
Jarvis, ON, Canada

Spock, the cat who chose me

I was finishing a late night Target run when I came back to find a kitten sitting on top of my car. He was adorable, but I knew I wouldn't be allowed to bring home a 3rd cat since I already had two. After talking to him for awhile, I said "Cat, I'm sorry, but I have to go home now." He looked at me, stretched luxuriously and flopped down.

So I said, "Okay, then I'm going to go get you some Meow Mix," and headed back into the store. I honestly didn't expect him to still be there and when I walked back to my car, I didn't see him and my heart sank. I said, "Cat? Are you there?" and to my surprise I heard a tiny "Meow!" and looked down to see that he had been waiting for me in the bushes.

I fed him and he immediately started purring and rubbing against me. I didn't want to leave him, but I couldn't hang out in the parking lot all night so I begged my husband to let me bring the cat home. He reluctantly agreed, so I took the kitty home and my husband made a midnight run for a cozy bed and collar. We tried to find his owners without luck. The vet told me he was likely a stray, since the tip of his ear was clipped.

My friend suggested the name Spock because of his ear, so Spock it was! We were worried about introducing a 3rd cat, especially with a toddler, but he's been great. He's extremely well behaved and they have become best buddies. He follows her everywhere, naps next to her crib and everyday they sit in the window together watching the world go by. Live long and pawsper, Spock!

Los Angeles, CA

Kali's Song

Kali's Song (Forever Home)

Eleven years is an awful long time

To go without love of the animal kind

We grieved so long, thought we’d not recover

Time does heal hearts, we have discovered

Our son and his girl adopted a baby

Four sweet little paws and a face full of maybes

Went for a visit, fell in love with her

Two pounds soaking wet, just a ball of fur

Got us thinking maybe it’s time

To open our hearts to our own little feline

So I started looking, spent days and days

Broke my heart, all the homeless strays

I kept searching, kept looking online

I belonged to her, when her eyes met mine

My head said “She has got to be gone”

My heart said “Try!” “This connection's so strong”

So I sent an e-mail to her foster mom

She said “Many applied, but they all were wrong”

“She’s a special little girl, gonna take the right fit”

“So tell me, about you, lets see if you’re it”

I told her our story, laid it all on the line

She said “When can you meet her? You’ll do just fine!”

I could not believe when she said to me

“If Kali chooses you, you’ll be a family”

Now 200 miles is not that far

Till you’re picking up your baby and you’re going by car

Then four little hours seem like forty days

Were nervous wrecks, unsure how it'd play

We finally arrived, we were in her world

Finally got to lay eyes on this beautiful girl

Upon first meeting, we extended our hands

She took in our scent and seemed to understand

We were there for her and her alone

That her journey was ending

And soon she would be “Forever” home

Inga Binyon
Gualala, CA

Baby Rollo

So, we already had a cat---- an adoption kitty that needed a home! However, we wanted a friend for her, since she seemed lonely. The shelter near us has Free Feline Fridays each first Friday of the month, so 10 months after we got the first cat, my boyfriend and I went back for another (they're like potato chips, you can't just have one!). We saw this adorable tiny diluted tortie kitten, and when I picked her up, she snuggled into my arms and wouldn't leave. She had been marked to leave with another person, but they decided on her littermate instead, so we got to go home with her! She's been our devoted bug killer and snuggle buddy ever since. So lucky to have her!

Bloomington, IN

The story of Sissy & Jax

I had just relocated for work and was living away from my friends and family and without a roommate. I knew I wanted a pet around to help keep my sanity working in the stressful job I had. I got a shelter recommendation from a coworker and the next day I went down with my mind set on taking home one adult cat. The volunteer invited me to look around the cat room and let her know who I wanted to meet. The room was big and quiet. Most of the cats were sleeping or quietly watching me from their cages, except one. This grey fur ball with bright yellow eyes named Jax came right up to the door of her cage rubbing, dancing and "yelling" at me. I made my way around the room and came back to Jax and told the volunteer I wanted to meet her. Well, the volunteer told me that she came with a sister, Sissy. Sissy was the opposite of Jax sitting in her litter box with kitty litter on her face just looking down, very sad. I was unsure, but I said OK and took them home that night. As soon as we got home it was obvious that this was a relationship meant to be! Jax slept on the bed with me that night. Sissy was a little timid but eventually came out of her shell to show her sweet demeanor. These two kitties can not be separated, they are best buds. They are the smartest, sweetest, most playful, and most entertaining cats I have ever had. They each have their own personalities and antics that never get old. They greet me at the door when I come home and when the house I suspiciously quiet I can find them snuggled together in a kitty hug. Sissy is a sweetheart and very affectionate and Jax remains loud and crazy and lovey in her own way. I believe Jax chose me for her & Sissy, she was so excited for me. I lovingly refer to them as my "2 for 1 special".

Jessica S.
Clinton, MA

The Cat we didnt want...

Me and my wife had just got done putting down my beloved cat Bear, he suffered from from a rare gum disease that made it painful for him to eat, chew, move his mouth... After a hail mary full mouth tooth extraction, it didn't work. We were devastated.

Three or four days later, I am sitting at my desk at work, when my best friend pop's in and asks how I am doing and such, he says.. hey wait here. He comes back with a kitten that was found in an abandoned subaru, and he felt it was destiny to be since I work subaru's for a living.

The kitten was in bad shape, extremely small, sounded like it had a upper respiratory infection, among many other issues. I was beyond mad, I didn't think the little girl was going to live! We made an emergency vet visit for her, got her checked out, ear mites cleaned out, fleas taken care of, dewormed, etc etc etc... We couldn't get her FIV tested since she was too young and we had 3 other cats at home!!!

So over the next month, we kept her quarantined in our bedroom, and took care of her, but she kept sounding worse and worse, every week we took her to our vet and we had to try something different... Nothing was working she was still small, didnt eat alot, and labored to breathe. One day she just started choking and dry heaving for no reason.. so we get her in our car rush to vet, I was driving a bit crazy and at about halfway there she vomits her full stomach contents on my wife, starts breathing fine and starts taking a nap.

Turns out she had a huge cyst growing in her throat. We had it surgically removed, and almost overnight she grew into this beautiful cat.

When we got her, we didn't want her, we only wanted to foster her till she got better... By that time it was too late we loved her way too much!

And that's how we got Cali.

Peter Donato
allentown, PA
Purple Paw Quilted Jacket
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