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Inde and Ellie

A year after losing our beloved Chloe, my partner and I decided that we would bring a new fur-person into our family and went to our local shelter. There were so many cats there and we wondered how on Earth we were going to choose... Until we were walking by and hear a loud "Hey you!" in kitty-speak from one of the cages. "I hate it here! Take me home!" she said. We brought her to the visiting area. She wasn't particularly lovey or scared or hostile, just intent on getting out. She climbed up on my partner's head trying to get to the top of the partition. We knew we could not pass by a purrsonality like this. We brought her home and named her Independence, Inde for short.

We had two older cats at home and Inde, being only a year old, was full of energy and wanted to play. "I won't play with you. I'm too old!" said our 14-year-old, Chesney. "I won't play with you. I'm too proper!" said our 9-year-old, Lilith. But one night as my partner was driving her taxi, a little ball of fluff darted out from beneath a parked car. My partner opened the car door and this tiny gray kitten tried to climb right inside. She was too young (probably about 4 weeks) to be on her own, so we brought home Eleanor Roosevelt, aka Ellie.

Inde and Ellie loved each other at first sight and our apartment is filled with the sounds of them chasing each other or wrestling. Inde is so happy we brought home this kitten just for her.

Troy, NY

Princess found her own home

I was out doing yard work back in November when I noticed a midsized dog circling the block. I went across the street and sat in the church parking lot because I wanted her to come to me so I could check her for tags and any wounds or anything. She looked well fed and no fleas, So I put her in my garage as I didnt want her in with my 2 dogs while I was out walking looking for a human looking for a lost dog. Needless to say after walking 4 blocks, and talking to about 30 folks asking if they seen anyone look for her. I told them where she could be found. After that I put my dogs in my bedroom, and posted on Facebook in a animal lovers dog group lost dog in my city. I really wanted someone to say they where missing there baby as she was just to sweet not to have a home. The next day I turned to Animal Control for help in locating her owners. I called and got updates. They couldnt find anyone so she got placed for adoption. with in a hour of being put up for adoption. She was back at my home as a forever baby.

She is now a spoiled rotten 8 month old boxer terrier mix with a 2 year old yorkie as her play buddy and a 8 year old terrier who plays tug a war with. The attached pic is of the first night she found me as a lost dog.

fort worth, TX

Our Sweet Baboo

One day, I was visiting my husband's aunt. She told me that she had been watching her daughter's cat and the cat got out of the house by accident. She used her car to search the neighborhood, driving slowly and calling out the cat's name from the open car window. Sadly, her daughter's cat never came but instead a scrawny, flea infested orange and white cat did and followed her car all the way home. He had on an old purple flea collar. She assumed he had a home but he stayed at her back door. She ended up feeding him for a few days. Curious, I asked to see him. He meowed at me and I was smitten.

I took him home with me. My husband and I gave him a flea bath, fed him and brought him to the vet. He had a gastrointestinal illness which the vet said was probably from eating garbage while he was lost. We looked for his owners but nobody came for him. He loved us immediately, sleeping in between us at night and staying close to us during the day. He was the sweetest cat we had ever met so we named him our sweet Baboo.

After our first child was born, Baboo would take naps with the baby, cuddling close but never hurting him. He stayed with us for ten years, sleeping in between us every night and sitting on our laps while watching television. When he was diagnosed with bone cancer we were devastated. Ten years was such a short time to have with this beautiful soul. The last night of his life, he chose to sleep with our son. Our hearts broke when he passed and we will always remember how lucky we were to have found him.

Christine Reynolds
Wallingford, CT

A very lucky cat

One afternoon when I went out of work I got into my car and started it. I ran out two blocks and I started listening a Meow sound. I thougth it must be a cat from the street but I ran one more block and I could listen to the meow with the same intensity. "Do I have a cat in my car?" I said to myself. No, there must be somenthing wrong with it and i´ts about to broken... I listened again the same sound and I decided to put the car down. Then the sound stopped. I was so happy I thought I´ts just my car! but a few seconds later I listened to the meow again! OH MY GOD I HAVE A CAT IN MY CAR! Desperately I starded looking for it, I looked all over it and then I saw a little cat in the motor space. I laid down the street above the car and I coud rescue it. I didn´t know what to do with him.

I took it home and decided to give him in adoption because I have another cat who isn´t very friendly with other cats. Luckly my aunt who lives next to me decided to keep him. Now I see and play with him every day! Sol as she name him was a lucky one because he coud have been harmed or dead because of the parts of the motor but now it´s a very happy seven month old cat! sorry for my English it´s not my native language.

San Miguel, Argentina

It isn't Chinatown Jake. It's home.

The story of Jake the Tuxedo kitty is incomplete. When my Mom first met him he was living in a neighbor's house, a sweet older lady. The story we heard is that Jake lived with a family on Long Island who had him declawed. Somehow, not long after, Jake found himself living on the street, defenseless and abandoned. My Mom's neighbor's family felt sorry for the clawless kitty, rescued him and brought him to New Jersey, where he lived for a couple of years in a very quiet household. But he was safe and fed. Sadly the neighbor passed away, leaving Jake homeless once again.

My Mom, who'd always had cats, took him in and though she was reticent at first, she thought she didn't want any more pets, they lived happily together for 9 years. He was so nervous that usually we only glimpsed his tail as he went running whenever anyone visited. He was a skittish only kitty, but very safe and very loved. He didn't know how to play, but learned to trust my Mom and slept with her every night. He even learned to catch a real mouse or two.

My mom got sick. She was so worried about what would happen to her Jake and we assured her he'd always have a place with my husband, me and our 3 cats. We lost my Mom 3 years ago and brokenhearted, Jake and I comforted each other in our grief. He was my little savior i think...

Now of course shy, sweet Jake lives in a big rambunctious family with 3 furry sisters who have sweetly coaxed him out of his shell and who now OWNS us! Mr Jake's twilight years are happy and full of love and treats, which he absolutely deserves after being a lonely gypsy for so long. Though he still doesn't know what to do with his toy mice!

Pictured: Jakey is on the right, hanging with his sister Georgia

Edgewater, NJ

Christmas Came Early

I already have a cat, but fate would have it that one would not be enough for our tiny apartment. Shortly before Christmas, I went to take out trash and spotted a tabby kitten that would become our second feline lodger. He came running across the path and stopped to look at me with his golden eyes when I called to him. I was intrigued, I love cats and told my mother all about him when I returned home. She agreed to let our adult calico meet him, so I brought him upstairs.

Our cat was not impressed, spitting and hissing instead of any attempt at socialising. I was asked to take him out, but found out that I didn't have the heart to just leave him there. He was obviously feral - dirty and neglected, with ears full of scabies, runny nose and eyes, and a tapeworm residing in his bowels. My parents agreed to let him stay the night at least, so we washed and fed him and gave him an old blanket to sleep on; in the morning, though, I had to let him out - our apartment was simply too small to house two cats and it was unlikely our cat would accept a contender for her territory.

Throughout the day, however, me and my mother kept watching him out of the window, playing in front of the apartment block, and in the evening she asked me to bring him back in - it was cold and she pitied the poor thing. I found him lying under a bush. He came to me immediately. I took him to the vet that evening and he officially became ours.

We've had him for almost three months now. He's a terrible rascal and terrorises our cat with his silly pranks almost constantly and while she no longer hisses at him, they often fight. We love him, though, and find the thought of giving him up hard to bear. We keep hoping that he'll grow out of it and become calmer, and him and our calico will finally get along.

Vysoke Myto 4, Czech Republic

Sent by the Universe

I've always loved cats and remember sleeping in one bed with a kitten my father rescued when I was a child. Every cat I saw in the street, I wanted - and did - pet. But there was something lacking in my life - a cat of my own.

My father loves animals, but since he is allergic he rather disapproved of the whole venture. All the same, my mother and I made a trip to a local cat shelter one day. It was a regular house, but a one full of cats besides the family that's running it on their own expenses. I rather liked the family environment - the fact that the cats were free to move around the house and the garden as they wished, that they were all fully socialised and well-cared for. Nevertheless, despite the plethora of cats to choose from, neither of them really clicked with either me or my mother and so we returned home barehanded, to my father's relief. This was in summer of 2010.

By October, everything had changed. The cat I so longed for came to us on her own. We were at my grandmother's and had just walked out the house when I saw a six-month-old feral calico strutting towards us. She was beautiful and my mother fell in love immediately. We re-entered the house and cuddled and played with her. But when my father came around, he refused to take the kitten in. Mother was heartbroken. We returned home cat-less. It was the election weekend, however, and so when me and my father went to vote, mother stayed behind. Behind my father's back, she went back to our grandmother's and searched for the cat, and when we returned home, there she was, clutching the kitten and pleading - crying even - with my father to let her keep it. He relented. Clever and manipulative, the cat snuggled to him on the couch that evening, and carefully, so that no one would notice, he started petting her and fell in love. And oddly enough, he's not allergic to her.

Vysoke Myto 4, Czech Republic

Bean's World Tour

My husband and I had moved to Abu Dhabi in the UAE and it was one of many stops as we worked our way around the world. We had fostered cats previously when we lived in Taiwan and I knew that I wanted to do the same in AD. My friend and I visited the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, the world's leading falcon care specialists, who are also a no kill animal shelter. As we walked into the cat building the attendant told me that they didn't have a foster program, just adoption. As we made our way down the aisle, tiny rooms on either side of us jammed with cats, the doors boasting half-high windows, a face popped up at me.

He had leapt to perch on the doorknob so he could see out and he pawed the glass. He was about 8 months old, thin in typical Arabian Mau fashion. I ignored the cute orange kitten the attendant thrust into my face and said, "No. This one. I want this one."

Never mind that I had no idea how long we'd be in AD, never mind that my husband might kill me, never mind that I had no idea where we were going next, this cat knew I was coming.

He waited for me.

Bean came home and kept me company in the huge villa while my husband worked. We snuggled while I struggled as a freelance writer, and we walked on a leash when the heat became slightly more tolerable as the sun went down.

When it came time that the contract ended and we had to move on a friend in the USA who had met Bean contacted me. He asked for him, he begged for him, said he'd never known a cooler cat.

I knew what he meant.

Another friend flew to AD to see us, and she took Bean back with her to deliver him to his new home. I sobbed like a baby at the airport.

But the Facebook pictures of his new life in New Hampshire always make me happy.

Cate Brubaker
Tulum, Mexico

My lil' Toot

In the winter of 2000, I said goodbye to my 21 yr old cat Jezebel. She had been my constant companion, riding in the car, going for walks since I moved out on my own. She outlasted my husband and even tolerated my new guy. I was devastated at the loss, and finally decided to rescue another cat if it chose me. I found my little grey kitten, no more than a couple of pounds and she was ALL attitude! She meowed at me, but didn't fuss as other kittens did that day. I took her home and she's going strong 15 years later, with no signs of letting up. She's awesome - and she chose me.

Grace C.
Allen, TX

Pitiful Girl

When I met my husband he had a cat named Brandy and when we got married I became a "cat person." We decided to get Brandy a playmate and went to a local vet's office that had advertised a stray for adoption. When we got there and saw her for the first time, I could not believe how pitiful she looked, she was scrawny, her ears were black with ear mites and she smelled like the litter box she had been laying in. I lifted her out of the cage and held her up trying not to take in her wretched smell. The vet was not sure of her age but estimated it at 9 months. We named her Jasmine and took her home. Every time my husband came in to give her the medicine for her ears, she would fold down her ears and try not to let him in there. We finally got her well and all cleaned up and she took up residence on our bed and spent her days in the bed next to my pillow and her nights at the foot of the bed. Oh how I loved my Jasmine, who later became "Meenie." She was the sweetest girl! She was a tabby with delicious belly dots and the typical "M" in her head. She had a lazy eye and did not photograph as well as her siblings(Later adopting another cat named Cody). She had serious food allergies and threw up nearly everyday but nothing stopped me from loving the sweetest girl on earth. Jasmine outlived both Brandy and Cody and lived to the ripe old age of 20. As she aged, she lost her hearing, her sight was diminished, she developed fluid in her lungs and became weak. When the day came to say good-bye, we took her to the original vet from whom we had adopted her and she went to sleep in our loving arms. I miss my little girl everyday. She is the screen saver on my computer and she looks out at me very morning as she did in life.

West Windsor, NJ
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