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Legend of Zelda

I originally had gone to a rescue to get a dog named Zelda, however that dog was adopted right before I got there. It was then I met Leucadia, a sweet Basenji/Cattledog mix who literally crawled into my lap the moment she was let into the room. Lets just say it was love at first sight! My husband and I weren't feeling the name though, and decided Zelda was a great name, so why not! We brought her home that day and lets just say the next two weeks were hell. Our cat Nala was absolutely terrified of this new development (which I found strange since the shelter said she just loooooved dogs...) and Zelda was just a little too curious for her own good. They adjusted great though and now have a love/hate relationship. As time went on all I could think was you never know what your gonna get from a rescue. The first thing we noticed was how trained she was. Sit, stay, come, stop, back, she knew it all. So why wasn't she adopted? She began showing signs of separation anxiety and always wanting to be around dogs and would throw a crying fit when she couldn't meet one or stay with one so I decided we should try and get another dog, since my husband wanted a jindo anyways. Lets just say that didn't go over well. Zelda may love dogs, but she loved us ten times more and didn't want to share. Thats where we truly learned how to understand our dog. It took months (and even now) of learning how to become alphas in their eyes and to follow our rules, and not have her come up with her own. Now Zelda and Link (husband's idea) are best doggie pals. She still drives me nuts, don't get me wrong. Any basenji owner worth their salt knows their dog is always up to no good, but my furbabies are truly the love of my life. Please adopt, there will be hard times, but those are the moments you will find most rewarding!

San Diego, CA

Legend of Link

I first noticed Link (back then Bomi) in October of 2014 on petfinder. My husband was absolutely obsessed getting a black and tan dog. That's when I discovered the Jindo, which eventually led me to Link. I was still in Japan at the time, and she in San Diego, so the opportunity to have Bomi passed us by. In January 2015 I had just moved and had gotten Zelda, our sweet Basenji/Cattle dog mix who in the end desperately needed a dog pal. So back on petfinder I went and found Link's picture again. She had been returned multiple times and now had a fear of humans. Most people don't research about a jindo. Don't realize this isn't your average love you at first sight dog. So she was returned again and again. I had researched the breed for months and decided to take a chance. The first meeting didn't end well. I tried to feed her and she bit my hand...hard. Within the first three weeks of having her I had been bitten 3 times and had to get surgery done on my hand. All were accidents that I knew she didn't mean, yet I still couldn't risk her biting anyone else nor did I want to give up without trying all my options so 1 behaviorist and a month of anxiety meds later she is happy thriving Jindo who is slowly gaining her confidence back and learning what it means to love. My husband and I are showered with doggy kisses every day and her favorite thing to do is hikes and relaxing on my couch. She is now as loyal as they come but she didn't need to suffer the way she did. Jindos are naturally reserved creatures, but they aren't bad. In fact they are incredibly brave and loyal and by far the smartest dog I've ever owned. Humans turned her into this frightened thing that in the end would have been euthanized because of misunderstandings. So please give your dogs time before deciding they aren't worth the trouble. They might surprise you in the end.

San Diego, CA

The Story of My Luv

I had stopped at a farm near my home for a friend of mine who wanted a kitten for her daughter. When I arrived, I saw cats around 4 months, but no kittens.While we visited this tiny little kitten appeared from nowhere. I looked down thinking how odd it seemed with it's big ears and long tail, but it looked like it was only a few weeks old. When I pointed the little one out she replied, "I thought all of them had been eaten by the opossums." I was mortified.

She said it was 4 months old and it's mother had disappeared about the time the litter was two weeks old. I went home, but I struggled with the idea that the poor thing was in such bad shape. I already had 2 cats, and a small dog, and we'd just rescued a 3 year old German Sheppard that month. My husband saw my struggle and told me to do what I needed to do.

She was infested with fleas and worms, her ears were packed with mud. She was so sick, that she spent her first 3 weeks being carried around on training pads. Our Vet never charged us for the seven weeks we had appointments. The first week he weighed her on a postage scale, she was 4 months old and only one pound. The weeks passed and she gained a half a pound a week until our last visit she weighed 6 pounds! Her stomach was finally right and she ruled our home with love and gratitude.

Her Sheppard never left her side, to this day, three years later, they are still the best of friends. Luvs is now celebrating her third birthday and weighs in at 9 pounds. She got to be a full-size Cat!

Raymond, WA

Our Little Survivor

We love cats. From the day he was born he was an outcast. His mother left him alone to die. He was 11 days old when we brought him into our home. We already had 7 cats so we thought we could take him to the shelter, but were told "we will put him to sleep". We couldn't have that so back home with us he went. We had no idea what we were doing. My daughter kept him warm with her body heat. I don't know what we would have done without the internet! We went to the pet store and bought bottles and formula. We named him Eli. He was like an infant with bottle feedings, helping him with bowel movements and potty. We did everything for him. "Washed" him, fed him, burped him. He ate every 2 hours, then every 3, then every 4. We were exhausted. He had a nasty eye infection that we cleaned but that didn't help much. We took him to our Vet but he was so tiny they could only give us eye drops and antibiotics, which gave him diarrhea. We logged his feedings, his weight and little by little he gained weight. Then he opened his beautiful eyes. It appeared the one with the infection was completely blue, but that was ok. He was healthy. Not long after that he took his first steps. He was eating on his own, using the box on his own. We could no longer contain him in his little carrier, where we kept him warm with heated water bottles. He was roaming around the house, just like all of the others. One of our other kitties, Sam taught him how to be a cat. To do this day, Eli doesn't mind getting his face cleaned off with a napkin or even when we "wash" him with our lips. He closes his eyes as if it is the best feeling in the world. He is our little survivor and we would do it all over again.

Denise and Alyssa
union city, CA

Our little Mystery

It was a beautiful spring day and I had opened the front door to let in some fresh air. My son and I suddenly heard this high-pitched yowling coming from outside. We found that one of the stray cats we care for had chased a small gray tortie cat up a neighbors tree and had her trapped there. The panicked little cat was screaming like a maniac. We shooed away the stray, the cat scrambled out of the tree and took off down the street without a look back. She was a pretty thing, only about 6-7 months old and we were sure we had seen the last of her. The next day I opened the front door and there she was staring up at me.

She was very friendly but very hungry. Thinking she probably belonged to somebody, we took her in and for several weeks tried to locate an owner. After a while, we knew she'd be staying with us and our four other cats, but it was not without challenge. That same screaming she was doing up that tree was the way she handled any "difficulties" she came across...and her biggest difficulty was with our cat Eve, even though the feeling was not at all mutual and Eve tried her best to ignore her. There were no blows, only a lot of audio! We spent months listening to that screeching, which often meant being jolted awake in the middle of the night. My gut tells me she never had a home, and was one of those rare friendly ferals. We named her Mystery since we had no idea where she came from.

Over the years, Mystery mellowed, and eventually the screaming was reserved for only special occasions, but she turned out to be quite a character and gave us great joy. Her favorite game was to try to escape outside whenever someone opened a door, which was only fun if she thought she had tricked us. If you held the door open and offered for her to go out, she'd just turn around and walk away.

Kings Park, NY

Snow Day Kitty

I was in my sophomore year of high school, and it had been a couple of years since the family cat had passed away. I had been wanting another kitty for a long time, but it wasn't really my choice, so we just went without one. One day, school closed for low temperatures and snow, but it was hardly dangerous outside, so my mother and I went out to the pet store to buy a dog bed for our weimaraner. I went to the adoption center as I usually do (this is Petsmart, so they were rescue cats) and a little Siamese cat with white feet caught my attention immediately. She was the most beautiful cat I’d ever seen, and her white feet made her look like she was wearing snowshoes. She was rubbing against the cage and purring, and would even kiss my fingers when I poked them through the bars. Those big blue eyes must have been pretty irresistible, because a talk with my mom and a phone call to my father later and she was mine. She’s been the best cat anyone could ever imagine.

I'm in my senior year of college now and after three years apart I was able to have her with me for this school year. She follows me from room to room, where she curls up next me or plays with my hair. When I'm stressed out or depressed she’s always there to give me little kisses and hugs, and it’s all because of that one blustery Tuesday when I got out of school. I love you Keeley, you’re my little snowshoe princess, and I’ll always be here for you.

Columbus, OH

Reaching Out For A New Freind

My husband and I one day decided to visit our local shelter just to see the cats. We originally was just going to visit and we were looking from cage to cage. One we passed had a older cat and she seemed friendly but the one across from her was a young cat who had these amazing blue eyes and was reaching out to us. All the other cats didnt seem to care if we were there but he did. Lefty was wanting to play and would meow until we return to him. We decided he will be coming home with us. The lady asked if we were sure since he was labeled as aggressive. We told her yes we want to take him home. That day we take him to the vet for his rabies shot as required by the shelter and took him home.

We found out he was a lynx point Siamese and was de-clawed. First week he was yowling but was told its part of the breed. He decided to play attack us when we pass him so a new name was in order since lefty didnt seem to fit him. We renamed him Stryker. After he settled down a bit he would not leave my side and was very protective of me and the baby I was carrying. He even bit my husband on the butt once because he thought he was hurting me. Once the baby was born and we brought her home Stryker instantly went over to her and sniffed around then settled down next to her. He became her guard cat from the day we brought our daughter home and still 4 years later is her cat. She is the only one who can slobber over him, lay on him, or even tug the tail and he would still purr. My youngest he likes but not as tolerant with her. I think from the beginning Stryker knew Diana was special (she is autistic) and thats why he reached out. We believe he adopted us and not the other way around.

Garland, TX

Our two goofballs.

At the time we had just one cat, a beloved tortie named Charlotte who has since gone to the Bridge. However, a former tenant of an apartment my sis-in-law rented out had a cat who he abandoned when he was evicted (after neglecting her beforehand) and we took her in. Sadly, she and Charlotte REALLY did not get along-- but we found out Jane Grey (as we named her) was expecting! So we continued to care for her and just kept them apart, as she was otherwise a wonderfully sweet lady. Fast forward several weeks and Lady Jane gave birth to five healthy kittens, who we continued to care for and play with through those weeks of life they needed with their mom. Eventually they were old enough to adopt out and a friend took two, we kept two, and Jane went with the last to a good SPCA shelter where they found homes (I followed up on them later).

Charlotte still did not like the kittens, but there was no fur flying at least; she was just a cranky lady who tolerated their presence begrudgingly. We ended up naming them Nova (orange girl) and Tosh (white/grey boy) after characters from the videogame Starcraft II which had come out a month after they were born. The kittens are now nearly five years old and large (15 and 17 lb), wonderfully affectionate lumps of feline love. Life would be so much more dull without this marvelous pair!

Ottawa, ON, Canada

The cats of "Wuthering Heights"

I've had the pleasure of being adopted by four cats, all of whom are named after characters in Bronte's novel, "Wuthering Heights." I didn't plan it that way, but neither did I plan to have four cats!

It all started when I went to the shelter to adopt a cat. First, a pretty black tuxedo female walked straight up to me and curled up in my jacket. I'd been picked. Then I noticed a scary looking black male with battered ears watching me. I decided to take them both. After we got home that first day, the male let me know he didn't like change. Affectionate at first, he pooped on my bed as soon as I left him alone. Right away, I thought of Heathcliff, the charming rogue in the novel. If he was Heathcliff, she had to be Cathy. We all settled down together (and he never pooped in my bed again).

That fall, a feral orange tom began visiting daily. Little more than a kitten, he was obsessed with Cathy. She, however, wasn't at all impressed. She screamed at him through the window. Still he came. I named him Hareton, after the wild boy in the novel, tamed by his love for Cathy. Clearly he needed a home so I took him in, with misgivings given Cathy's hostility. It took a year to tame him and almost that long for her to stop hissing at him.

Then, a small gray tuxedo male showed up in the middle of winter. I was running out of names! Finally, I chose Edgar. The poor boy obviously was abused, and was terrified of people. With months of gentle coaxing, he finally opened up. Once he did, he quickly gained confidence. I think he must have been well-loved as a kitten to bounce back so well.

Heathcliff is clearly in charge, as befits his name. Far from being a rogue, he is very loving and gives me kisses when I hold him. Cathy is smart, mischievous and affectionate. Hareton is now a lap cat and Edgar never leaves my side.

Lunenburg, MA

Mr. Missy

When I was little I was going through a tough year at school. Unknown to my mom my dad went out and got the "calmest" kitten he could find. This cat was so dark that it took me forever to notice it while it slept on our black couch. As we tried to come up with a good name he woke up and started to play around and was one of the most rowdiest animals we have ever seen. So we named him Mischief, Missy for short. (later finding out she was a he and now Mr Missy.) for the fact he fooled my dad into thinking he got a sweet nice and calm kitten. This cat played tag with me in my home. He would sleep with me and come to me as I walked in the door from school every day. as the years went on he did some of the funniest things like tore threw a bag of flour and spread it all over my grandma's house. jumped on the fridge and got into a box of twinkies that we up there. He didn't eat the twinkies themselves only the cream filling inside them. Looked like a rabid cat with white foam all over his face.

Mr. Missy went through move to another state with me, one really nasty divorce, and a newer marriage that was never to last. he was there through it all and would meow at me when I was sad and lonely. Only a year ago I had to put him down while I was at work because he got too sick. I miss my little man. I love you and miss you! I really wished I could have been there with you and held you and told you goodbye.

Jessica Craig
Phoenix, AZ
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