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Miss LaLa, the once feral kitty

Winter 2014 I was feeding a few feral cats around my apartment building. I build a feral cat shelter to protect them from the brutal Maine winters and altough they would run away as soon as they saw me, I caught a glimpse of who i was feeding. Two very small cats, one black, the other one a grey tabby, probably around 5 months old. I called animal control but they didn't seem too willing to help me. Trapping would be an option but i had no clue what to do with them after that. I already had too many cats myself and as a shelter worker myself I knew it's a bad idea to bring a feral cat to a shelter! I started to get very worried when the grey tabby didn't show up anymore and one day when I was trying to shovel out my self build feral cat shelter I found the grey tabby under a bush, she froze to death! I was heartbroken and borrowed a trap that same day, no clue what to do if I would trap the black one but she needed to get out of the cold! I trapped her that same night and put her in a large dog crate in my bedroom. She was so scared but I would sit with her for hours, talk to her and slowly she let me touch her. I brought her to a clinic to have her spayed and tested for diseases. Once that was done she could come out of the crate and I could work on socialising her even more and find her a good home. My other cats were a big help! She followed them and the day she waited with all of them in my kitchen while i was preparing their food was the first victory.

Long story short, Miss Lala never left. She is still a little bit nervous around my husband and son but she follows me where ever I go. I think she knows I am the one that saved her ;)

belfast, ME

1# Wonder

When the grandkids came home from the park with this tiny bit of fluff with a badly infected eye, neither they nor their friends were allowed to keep her. Plans were being made to take her to the shelter when I took her in my lap to hold. She looked at me; I looked at her; that was all there was to it. She became my kitty right then.

The vet was not reassuring about her eye, only time would tell. She weighed 1 pound and 2 oz. and was about 5 weeks old.

Slowly, after 3 rounds of medication, her eye did heal, and she could see. There is only a tiny scar that is barely visible to the naked eye.

She has thrived and is now a beautiful 9 month old calico we named Miss Maple for the brown streaks that look as if someone had poured maple syrup over her coat.

Linda White
Williamstown, NY

They Always Find You

My husband works at a swimming pool construction supply company and one day a co-worker was dumping a defective pool heater (basically a large metal box) into their parts dumpster. Upon dropping the heater off the forklift into the dumpster he heard loud meowing. He quickly fished the heater back out, reached inside and found two kittens who were approximately five weeks old.

My husband called near the end of the day to tell me about these two "splotchy" colored kitties that no one else could take home. After convincing him that "splotchy" meant calico, I said "no, we can't have two more, we already have two cats!" Pleading that he couldn't just leave them at work, he brought them home hoping my parents who recently lost their cat would want them (they didn't). Thirteen years later, they are still ours.

Percy is white with dark "splotches" and is named for Percy Grainger, one of our favorite composers. Molly is dark colored with light "splotches" and is named for Molly on the Shore, one of my favorite Grainger songs. They still use their powerful, dumpster-saving meows to bellow across the house for each other whenever one is out of site.

Our other two cats eventually learned to tolerate their new kitten sisters and even like to snuggle in one large kitty pile sometimes. My dad had a saying, "you don't find your pets, they find you." This was certainly true for Percy and Molly.

Winter Park, FL

Alaskan cat finds a home

I had just put my beloved cat to sleep because he had severe heart problems. I went to the animal shelter in Anchorage, AK to look at the cats to get my cat "fix", and I heard a loud meowing, but couldn't find which cat was making all that racket. I finally stumbled across a little black cat, about 5 months old, who was very angry at being caged. I put my finger in the cage, and he played with it, purring loudly. I fell in love, and adopted him that day.

It took a few weeks for us to bond, but when we did, his true personality came out. He was a friendly cat who liked everyone who would pay attention to him. He would greet guests at the door and follow them around the house. People who didn't care for cats loved Kenai. I would leave Alaska for long weekends and have friends take care of him for me. When I would come home, he would attach himself to his caretaker until they left. He would then come to me, greet me and attach himself to me for several days.

After several moves, my boyfriend moved Kenai to California for me while I was working in Alaska. Kenai disappeared on him when they arrived at our house, and my boyfriend was panicked. It turned out that Kenai found a place under the house to stay out of the way of the moving van. Kenai loved California, with all the insects and other animals to play with. I could see that he was aging as he was not able to jump the fence as well as he used to. He was still the same loving cat, and loved to play with our Pomeranian, Dusty. They were great friends.

Kenai developed diabetes, and later, a cancerous tumor. We had to make the tough decision to let him go. Kenai knew he was loved, and appreciated a life outside of the cage. I'm glad I was able to help him live a fulfilling life. Kenai, you are missed.

Bellflower, CA

A shadow in the road

My husband's delivery route takes him onto country roads that are not heavily trafficked. One day he saw a shadow in the road run off into tall weeds. He made his delivery and when he came back, he slowed down to see what the shadow was - it was a tiny kitten. Because I love animals, he got out to take a picture of this little kitten in the weeds. The kitten immediately recognized my husband as a "food guy" and came running to him meowing. We already have two cats, so my husband's reaction was "Yikes! It's a trap! No, no, no!"

This kitten would not be turned away. My husband took the all black kitten with him on the rest of his delivery route. At each stop he asked people if they wanted a cute little cat. They did not. He sent me pictures of this kitten on his lap, on the dashboard, meowing at him. After a trip to the vet to make sure we weren't bringing home a kitten with a communicable disease, he brought him home. From day one he has been a playful and affectionate cat with a lot of confidence.

Named Shadow, because he was a shadow in the road and he follows us around like a shadow, this little guy has become part of the family. He plays with the other cats and is not shy at all. We are pretty certain he was dumped, as he is very comfortable with humans and the only times he has gotten upset are when we put him in a cat carrier. The rest of the time he has treated us with the confidence of a cat who knows he is home. We are very happy with Shadow.

Murphysboro, IL

we were not cat people

My husband and I were really not into cats, but our son brought home a kitten from college that lived with us for awhile and we fell in love. After our son moved out and took MJ with him, I was in search to rescue one like him... a black/white tuxedo. At the shelter there was ONE, a runt in a litter of 5 kittens..she was scrawny with sparse fur. But ...she was black/white so I wanted her. The shelter placed her in a separate cage from her littermates to fatten her up as she was under 2 pounds so we would go visit her. During those visits, one of her littermates in a cage beneath her, would jump up and hang on the cross bar of it's cage. It was gray and white and had a lil white mustache and lil white paws ..looked like a lil mouse and each time we went..we began to wonder..could we handle 2 kittens?? We decided on both. The gray kitten we decided to name Mickey as it looked like a lil mouse, and the black/white kitten was so tiny, we named her Minnie. A couple weeks later we realized our Mickey, was really a girl, thus we changed the spelling to Mikki :) Both Mikki and Minnie had the same markings and have brought us so much joy. Sadly, we lost Minnie to chylothorax in September of 2014. Mikki definitely grieved for her as we did....but now is loving all the extra attention :)

Phoenix, AZ


Hi! My name is Liberty. I was rescued from a puppy mill, and then from a organization that would eventually put me down if nobody wanted me soon. The foster family I was with was super nice, they had other dogs that showed me what I was supposed (and not supposed to do) so when I visited houses I was always on my best behavior! One of the houses I visited with my foster brother fell in love with me when I was interested in one of their cats, and THEY KEPT ME! I fell in love with them too, I don't even like it when they aren't in my eyesight. Sometimes I miss being around so many other animals, since my new brother and sister felines aren't in love with me (yet), so my forever mom takes me to new houses where there are lots of people so I can share my love with them and hopefully make them feel better. I take my therapy job very seriously, because I remember what it's like to be a little scared or lonely. Besides, it's so much fun to meet new people and new animals, and then fall asleep on mom's lap or on dad's side of the bed at the end of the day. Maybe someday I'll get another brother or sister that will play with me more, but I'm content to just throw things at Mom when I want to play--for now. :)

Mankato, MN

The Greatest Story I Have Ever Told

This is Gunner. I found him one Saturday night in Tennessee on a trip. I came around the bend on a back road just in time to see a car swerve to avoid him then keep driving. My bleeding heart won over my logical mind and I spent the next twenty minutes trying to lure him with my just-purchased dinner. He does not like mayo! He hopped right into my car after determining I was alright. But I was faced with a dilemma. I now had a stray dog, no leash, no collar, no dog chow and I was staying at a cabin with fifty-something other students from my college. A quick trip to a nearby store remedied the material needs for Gunner and that evening I slept in my car with him. The next day I had no choice but to tote him back home to South Carolina since all the vets and shelters were closed in that area for the day. Once home I had him checked for a microchip and got nothing. Suddenly I was panicked to find someone to take care of him. I was a student living in dorms! With one phone call to a woman my friend recommended we began a chain reaction of networking resources and in a few days I was receiving e-mails and calls from people working hard to find him a home! I was prepared for the heartbreak of giving him to a forever home, because I had fallen so in love with him. And then I got a call, and by the next day I had a wonderful foster home set up for Gunner until I moved into a house three months down the road. My greatest desire, and the last thing I expected, happened! Gunner had become mine!

Columbia, SC


I already had 2 cats and really didn't want another. Early one morning, around 4 a.m., I hear a kitten meowing. I knew it wasn't one of mine, they were both sound asleep in bed next to me. So I got up to investigate. I lived in an apartment and when I opened my front door, in ran this kitten. He immediately jumped in my bed and curled up next to my 2. I fed he and he was starving. After he got full he slept for 2 days. I asked around the neighborhood and found out he came from down the street, so, thinking they must be missing him, I took him with me and went down there. I knocked on the door and when the man answered Rocco held on to me so tight and started shaking. The man looked at him and said he threw him out and didn't want him.

So I took him back home with me and he became Rocco. The previous people must have treated him very badly because he was very timid. He doesn't like to be petted or picked up and he's not affectionate. But over time he has become my shadow. Where I am, he is. He isn't a lap cat (he's quite big) but he does jump in my lap from time to time and purrs very loud. He sleeps with me every night.

He may not be your typical cat but we have a special bond that only we understand. I am so glad he came to my door that morning.

bellflower, CA

Smokey, my favorite rescue

I have always loved cats, and over the years have had several rescues, and lost several to the Rainbow Bridge. I moved from Oregon to AZ and brought my furry family of 3 with me, Cleocatra, her daughter Rags, and a sweet little girl named Scooter. After settling in to our new home, I noticed a beautiful baby girl Torti, hanging around outside in the carport. Friendly loving and so tiny, she looked to be less than 6 mos old. I started leaving food and water out for her, posted her picture all over, with no responses, so she joined our family. I named her Smokey because of her beautiful coloring. One week later when I pulled into the driveway, she was laying in the middle of the carport, giving birth to 2 sweet little girls. (I had no clue she was pregnant) Mocha, looked identical to her mother, and Stormy is a blue eyed beauty Blue seal point Persian. We now made a family of 7. Not long after, I lost Cleocatra at age 23 and then I lost Scooter a year later at age 15, the next year I lost Rags at age 24. (I take extra good care of my cats) Mocha was the next to go and she was barely even 2 years old. The hardest part of loving cats is saying goodbye to them. Smokey and Stormy have been with me now for over 10 years and they have brought me nothing but happiness and love. On Dec 23, 2014, I woke to find Smokey on the kitchen floor, she had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge during the night. She was my friend, my confidant, a great listener and I have had a hard time getting over her loss. Her life was filled with love and I have such happy memories of her. Now it is just Stormy and I, and she has attached herself to my hip and that is fine by me. This is a thank you to all my amazing cats and the memories they have given me. Missing you!

Surprise, AZ
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