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She chose me

Jack first came to my house about 6 years ago. She was scared and hungry and wouldn't let me near her. I started feeding her and after several months she was brave enough to show me her 5 4-week old kittens in the back yard. She still wouldn't let me touch her. I live-trapped her and the kittens and took her to a local rescue for TNR. I found homes for her kittens and returned her to my back yard. She suddenly decided to let me pet her, and quickly started a daily routine with me. She would run to greet me when I came home from work in the morning and we would have several minutes of together time before she left to go about her day.

One day, Jack didn't come greet me in the morning. I was so worried about her!!! I left her favorite foods out for her and walked all over the neighborhood looking for her. I eventually gave up looking and decided something awful had happened to her.

6 months later, I looked out the kitchen window and saw Jack staring at me from the top of the trashcan. I screamed and ran out to her. She was as happy to see me as I was to see her. I don't know where she had been for 6 months, but I truly believe that she was trying the whole time to get back to me. We quickly fell back into our old routine.

A couple of months later, Jack showed up in the morning with a limp. She had hurt her paw. This once feral cat allowed me to pick her up and place her in a cat carrier to take to the vet. On the ride there, I decided it was time to try to integrate Jack into my household of 6 other cats. I had her tested for FIV (negative!!) and brought her into the house.

She has finally decided that I can be her human and loves living in the house. We were meant to be together!!!

Becky Bursley
Wyoming, MI

Hank The Wondercat

Hank's story with me started on November 14th 2014. I was driving on a busy road, and I saw what I thought was a dead orange cat in the opposite lane as people were straddling driving over him. I slowed down, then I saw him move. I slammed on the breaks, put on my flashers and positioned my car to protect him while I got out of the car to get him. He tried to run away when he saw me coming, I took off my shirt to throw over him to protect him and me. I loaded him in the car with some help from some construction guys who stopped and helped with traffic. I loaded him up and brought him to the closest vet, expecting to put him down. The vet took xrays, and it was not pretty, a very messed up smashed pelvis and tail. They said they couldn't help him and recommended a specialist. 3 Vets later, on the same day, I found a vet that could help us. He is about 10 months old and was obviously a stray, just in case he wasn't I did put up signs, no one responded. He is a fighter, and I am his now. 2 months later, he can walk! He hangs out with my other cats who are very accepting of him and his condition. He is one happy cat. Here's to living another day with Hank the WonderCat!


barto, PA

Fostering Saved Mr. Gray

I found Mr. Gray in the middle of the street, dragging himself towards the sidewalk. Once I realized that he was not a raccoon, I went to try to see what was wrong. He appeared to have been hit by a car, which caused an injury to his hind legs. I don’t know how long he had been struggling to move, but it was long enough for him to soil himself, which, along with his emaciated state, was really heartbreaking to see. Without thinking twice, I decided to bring him home and help him get better.

After preforming an exam and x-rays, the vet found that luckily he didn’t have any dislocated, broken or fractured bones on the legs or hips. He stayed at the vet for 3 days to help stabilize his temperature, give him fluid therapy, and run some additional tests (blood work, fecal test, etc.). It looked like the trauma of the car’s impact accompanied by the fever, dehydration, hunger, etc., caused his weakened self not to be able to walk. Since then, he has been regaining his strength and went from not using his hind legs, to clumsily using them, and now he is finally walking normal.

As we were working to get his hind legs back to normal, and as we were treating the severe mange that affected his ears, head, neck, shoulders, and parts of his chest…blood work came back revealing he was also FIV+. (sigh)

Aside from that, Mr. Gray is now mange-free and ready for adoption. Getting some rest, food, care and love on a regular basis brought up his spirits and he is looking better than ever! He has had a rough start in life and he deserves a loving home where he will be treated with the love and compassion all living beings deserve.

All of us who helped cover his medical treatment and have seen him recover are looking forward to seeing Mr. Gray go to his forever home.

Fostering Mr. Gray has been a wonderful experience and it SAVED HIS LIFE. You can safe a life, too...FOSTER.

Cristina Figueroa
Los Angeles, CA

Nosie & Stewie

Me and my boyfriend are both seniors in college and had decided to wait to adopt a pet until we got settled after graduation and we also wanted to avoid the 300 dollar pet fee for our apartment. But I always had issues with being pet less since I have always had pets my entire life. One day in October 2014, I was torturing myself by looking at cats from local rescues when I saw Nosie, a little tuxedo with a white dot on his nose and I completely fell in love. My boyfriend still wanted to wait but I eventually got him to cave in and agree to meet him. Soon after, we went and picked up our little kitty the day after halloween. He was so energetic, fun, and he loved to snuggle with me on the couch and in bed at night. It was hard to imagine our lives before without him. Eventually, we noticed he seemed to get lonely and bored during the day when we were gone at classes/work and my mom suggested that we should get him a friend. After calling the rescue, we learned that Nosie had a biological brother that was still with a foster. We immediately went and picked up Stewie, a orange and white tabby who is as sweet as can be and likes to nibble on my fingers when he wants love. They are both so close and love to cuddle together as well as cause mischief that mommy and daddy needs to clean up every morning. They were the best decision that I could have ever made. I am so thankful for my boys and love them to death. My boyfriend and I couldn't love our little family any more.

Emma C.
Knoxville, TN

Dayzie saved me.

I was on my way to my at the time boyfriends to go out on the boat for the day. What I didn't realize is how that day would forever change my life. I had to drive 30 to 40 minutes to get there and it takes mainly back country roads. As I was driving I came around a bend and looking ahead I saw a gray car sitting with the door ajar it facing my way. I slowed down to see if everyone was ok and a man came running out and jumped into it and drove off. I looked for a license but he was to fast. As I approached the area he came from I slowed way down only to spot a beautiful puppy come waddling out of the woods. Where he had dumped her she would either have got ate by coyotes or ran over. I jumped out and grabbed her up. She was a little hesitant and a little shy around men but I don't know what she as went through in that short amount of time in her life. That day in July 2009 she became my best friend, I ended the wrong relationship and stayed busy taking care of my pup. What I didn't know what that she was and is my gift from God, I rescued her but she also rescued me. I honestly didn't plan to keep her at first but she and I needed each other and I couldn't let her go after a few weeks of looking for another home for her. She is now spoiled as ever and has given me more laughs that I could count and not to mention she is so very loyal.

Greencastle, IN

My Sweet Boy

In August, we decided to get a playmate for our first dog. We drove about a half an hour to this small shelter and picked out our perfect little baby, a black lab. When we took Nismo home, we saw that he was covered in fleas and his fur was all types of matted and dirty. I couldn't bear the thought of my new fur baby being mistreated, so we stuck him in the bath and kept bathing him for an hour and a half. We thought that was just the worst of our problems.

We took him to the vet a few days later only to find out that our boy was so sick and on the brink of death. Our vet didn't think he would last the night. She told us that he had tapeworms and he was too sick to survive. She took him home and watched over him for the night. After many medications and blood transfusions, they gave us the option to put him down. I refused to believe that he was going to die. I told them I wanted to wait until the morning to make that call and to give him one more night. When we came to see him the next day, he looked healthier and happier! Now, 6 months later, he is just a happy, bouncing 50 pound lab that loves to give kisses. I couldn't imagine a life without our Nismo.

Greenville, NC

The cat who stole my heart

Bruce is probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

I was heart broke a year before adopting Bruce over my college roommate taking our dog with him when we went our separate ways.

I did not think I would ever get attached to another animal ever again.

Until my boyfriend's appendix ruptured and all the while we're at the hospital he is telling me he needs a kitten to help him heal.

I laughed it off, but I got to thinking that I should get him a cat.

I called my buddy and asked if his mom was still overrun with babies, and he told me she had one kitten left.

My boyfriend and I went to the store and bought everything we could think our new baby would need.

I'd never been a cat owner before. The last animal I had had was a Great Dane. So I didn't know how this

little kitten was suppose to fill that size of a hole in my heart.

When my buddy brought the kitten to my apartment he had the kitten in his hoodie to keep it from the weather outside.

When he took that little ball of fur out I was instantly in love with this white kitten with a black mask and tail.

My boyfriend and I are nerds so upon seeing his mask we knew his name was to be Bruce Wayne.

Bruce was suppose to be my boyfriends cat, but in the end everyone knows that Bruce

and I are thick as thieves.

We both share a love for soft blankets, zombies, and watching tv.

It was a match made in heaven.

Who knew that my little ball of fur would grow up to be a 13 lb cat with a even bigger attitude.

He makes my day.

We carve pumpkins together to celebrate his adoption date Oct 8th 2013.

I can never thank my friend or Bruce enough for bringing love back into my heart.

Kandace C Holt
Vincennes, IN

Happy Charlie!

On a rainy cold October night in 2002 we were out looking for a neighbor's Great Dane that got out of their house. We kept seeing this other little dog but couldn't catch it so we finally had to call it night and go to bed. The next day the little dog was on our porch, sleeping on the chair cushion. When I opened the door, he sat up and looked at me like "now what?". He gobbled up some cat food and water and was obviously potty trained because he left the porch and went to the woods to 'do his business' but he came right back to that cushion. He was skinny, covered in fleas and ticks, had a choke collar on and was shivering. We got him to the vet and cleaned him up. Turns out he was a ~6 months old, a shepherd mix, and although we tried to find his owners (SIGNS EVERYWHERE!!), he has been part of our family for the last 12 years. He wasn't very happy in the beginning, he looked like he was frowning all the time and he ran to another room and hid if we even touched our belts (I cringe to think about what happened to him before he came to us). Very soon his expression and body language softened and he has looked like this ever since...Happy Charlie! He's almost 13 now and our walks are shorter and slower, we can get all the way into the house before he hears us, and he only chases one or two snowballs before he's ready to come into the house but he still smiles, especially if you just want to walk around the yard with him as he sniffs every inch of it! Happy Charlie has made us so happy!

Muncy, PA

Toto: my four legged soul mate

I was eight years old when a black dog began living on our sidewalk. He is a chow mix, black all over, except for a small white patch on his chest. His fur was a jungle of mats and he had a chain around his neck ( believed to be from the previous owners ). For months he would run away from my parents and I while we left him food and water on the sidewalk everyday. If your tried to touch him he would snarl and run away, but he always returned to his place on our sidewalk. Finally after months of having a homeless dog on our sidewalk, we decided to lure him in our backyard with some leftovers from Panda Express. With luck we got him in our back yard, but he still ran away from us and protested every time we tried to pet him. A month after keeping him, I was running around in my back yard when I chose to sit on the bench and give affection to my long term dog, Gloria. Thats when I felt the head of the homeless dog rest on my lap. And for the first time ever, he let me touch him. It was as if he was letting me know he trusted me, and that he accepted his new home. From that day on he has been my dog. Now that I am 19 years old, in college, he is now my old dog. Toto was the name I gave him when I was 8, and now he turns 13 this year (2015). Gray around the eyes and muzzle he spends his old dog days bossing around the younger dogs, sleeping on the couch, snoring on my floor at night while I read. It was almost as if he adopted us instead of us adopting him. We make each other happy and he will always be my soul mate in dog form.

Albuquerque, NM

My First Best Friend

I met Max when I was about 3 years-old. My family and I were at the pound looking for our dog that ran away, not expecting to leave with a new one. As we were getting into our car, a man pulled up with a beautiful Australian Shepherd puppy. He told us he couldn't have pets at his apartment, and begged us to take the puppy so he didn't have to take him into the pound. With tears in his eyes and a reluctant look on my mom's face, he successfully found a new home for Tristan. However, we thought the name Max suited him better and changed it right away. Max became the first best friend I ever had; we grew up together. He slept by my bed when I was afraid of the dark, let me lay my head on him and cry when I had my heart broken, was the biggest goof ball when I needed a laugh and a star athlete when I needed a playmate. He was also my body guard and a great sport when I wanted to paint his claws, though not the best tanning partner as he enjoyed the shade. I looked out for him, too. He was very afraid of thunder and fireworks, so I would hold him in my arms all night long until the noises stopped and his body quit shaking. I wouldn't let anyone lay a hand on him, but I would lay into anyone who tried. Though his physical presence is no longer with me, I know he'll always be with me in spirit, protecting me as he always has. My buddy, my pal, my goof ball, my sweetheart, my angel, my best friend, my Maxie Boy.

Bakersfield, CA
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