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Mine and my moms mother's day gift

A year ago on mothers day, I was looking on craigslist and I saw this ad about 2 kittens who were abandoned by there owners and I replied. They still had them so I told them that I would have to talk to my mom and get back with her. So I talked my mom in to letting me keep them (I told her they could be my mother's day gift lol) and I called the people back so that I could tell them that I would take them but they didn't answer. So I kept calling and calling and about a week later, still not being able to get ahold of the people I got a call from another person saying that they still have a male kitten that needed a home. So I talked my mom into letting me get him. I got him that night. A few days later The people with the two kittens called me back apologizing that they just got out of the hospital due to being in a car reck and asked if I still wanted the other two kittens. I told them yes. So I had my sister and her husband take me to get them just to find out that they were 2 young to leave their momma so I told them that I would take the momma too. So I saved three kittens and a momma cat. I gave the momma cat to my mom as a mothers day gift. Since then one of the kittens passed, but the rest are doing great. The momma cat (her name is Cali) went and adopted the first kitten (I named him Lil Bit) and treats him like her own. The kitten that lived got named Blackie. They are all doing well. SInce then I added 2 new kittens named Sassy because she's well sassy and BeBe her twin brother.

Bobbi Bodle
Louisville, KY

The tiny bunny in the aquarium

I never intended to have rabbits as pet, but one day I was in a pet store and saw a teeny tiny bunny in the guinea pig aquarium enclosure. He was covered in urine, his fur was matted and the tiny bunny was cowering under the newspaper. It became apparent as I watched him that he was sick, weak and was being attacked by the guinea pigs (who were twice his size!)

I picked him up, put him into my pocket and went straight to the vet. The vet said he was probably no more than 5 weeks old and should still be with his mum, and that he would require hand feeding for the next few weeks, if indeed he made it. I named him Charlie and took him home with me, feeding him every few hours and checking on him constantly. In the early days he was weak and I was always scared that he would die, but as he got older he developed some serious attitude. He rules the house, bossing the cat and me around.

It's been 8 years since that day in the pet store. He's older and slower now than he was in his youth, but he's still the bossy bunny that he's always been.

Darwin, Australia

Trouble found us

My sister-in-law and her family had gone to Sacramento to visit some family and on the way back, stopped at a motel in Bakersfield. As they were walking to their room, a tiny, scraggly kitten followed them from the pool area. He was flea-ridden, smelly, sick and his eyes were crusted nearly shut. My niece was afraid to take him in; afraid she'd get attached, only for him to die. They smuggled him into their motel room and then the next day, my sister-in-law held him on her lap as they made the 3 hour drive back home. They took him straight to the vet, who said one more day on his own and he wouldn't have made it. But since they already had a houseful of cats and couldn't afford the cost of nursing him back to health, he came to live with us. We say he's a lucky bug to wander out of the pool area right as a family of cat lovers walked past. A big, beautiful Siamese/Maine Coon mix, he still bears the scars of his early kittenhood as everything scares him. It's probably the only time in my live I've been happy that Trouble found me.

Huntington Beach, CA

The Queen aka Lil black Kitty

The Queen was here when I moved here, she had been declawed, fixed and apparently discarded. The neighbor had tried for 2 years to get close to her, he then had to move and obviously couldn't take her because he couldn't catch her, so we took care of her. Took me 2 years to just get her to come in the house and that was only a few minutes at first and the door had to remain open for a quick get away. A few minutes turned to over nights and then a few days in the winter. About 5 years after she started staying in she got in my face, she never got that close, she knew she needed help and this was her way to tell me. The smell from her mouth was horrible, the abscesses cost her her teeth and on that day she decided she would be a house cat, never asking to go out again and believe me if she wanted out you could not say no.

She ruled the roost, she was small in stature but she commanded respect with just a look, even in the end the other cats would not cross her. I would laugh she had no claws, no teeth, and my big 20 lb boys would cower to her.

Two years ago she was diagnoised with Feline hepatic lipidosis. We had our ups and downs of force feeding to keep the disease in check, but a few weeks ago she let me know the fight was over and it was time. I have other cats, they love me while their chosen humans are away, but she chose me to be her human. I never knew how old she was, but Loona, her buddy was 6 months old when we moved here and will be turning 13 in a couple of days. With the little I know, I believe The Queen was about 16 years old when she crossed the rainbow bridge. She enhanced the last 13 years for all of us.


Nala the Tuxedo Cat

I adopted Nala (org. Baby Girl) at my local animal shelter in October of 2013. She was 8 months old, skittish, and very upset. No one showed interest in adopting her for the whole month she was in the shelter. Obviously, she had been abused and neglected. She was afraid of human hands. I decided to take her home before the shelter (no-kill) decided to transfer her to another county.

She is now 1 year and 3 months old and is a big, lovable baby! She outgrew her fear of humans and the size of my other cat. Every time I come home from work she runs to me with a sock or glove. When I try to sit down, she always jumps up and lays on her back, where I want to sit. She can't get enough attention!

centreville, MI

Chuck & Sarah

We'd lost two cats within a year, and we were heartbroken. Didn't really feel like we were ready for new pets, but we already knew we wanted a pair of kittens that would grow up together like we'd done before. I stumbled upon a local no-kill shelter website after clicking a link from a friend, and saw a picture of a brother and sister kitten that had been left in a box behind a grocery store. For some reason, I just felt like they were "our" kittens. We made an appointment to see them at their foster home, and even though they were skittish, they ended up crawling all over us. We'd already submitted our applications and been approved, so we paid our fees right there and then and took them home. Four years later and they sleep cuddled up together with us almost every night. Best inadvertent link click I've ever made. I've included a picture of Chuck & Sarah showing me their tummies while napping together.

Karen Lindsay
Ashburn, VA

Best birthday gift EVER! ♥

I work for a parking management company at a downtown deck in my city; there are levels both above and below ground. Six years ago, on my birthday, my cashier told me that she heard a cat crying. I followed the sound up to the first level above ground, and discovered a tiny black-and-white kitten hiding in the space under the half-wall along the outer wall. She had to have been dropped there, as she was simply too small and young to have climbed there. She was too scared to come out, but she kept answering me when I talked to her; when I turned to go away, she screamed for me to stay! Finally, the good people at the fast-food restaurant in our complex gave me some chicken scraps, and I went back up and placed the pieces about 2 inches apart leading away from the wall. She crept out more and more to eat the scraps, and when she was fully out from under the wall, I simply picked her up. She cried a bit, but didn't resist. She went home with me, and I named her Domino for her tuxedo coloring. Almost six years later, she's a plump, well-loved and loving companion to me, and "sister" to our other 3 cats, Red, Shadow, and Foxy.

Richmond, VA

Saving the Feedmill Ferals

My name is Tina Briggs and I live in Black Earth, WI. I had been taking

food and water over to some feral cats at the feedmill here in town

since the summer of 2012. Well, the mother and two of her female

offspring all had litters last spring, at which point I had no idea how I

was going to deal with this situation (now 12 cats plus two toms

hanging around). So I contacted Angel's Wish in Verona, who helped

me get in contact with Dan Johnson, the spay/neuter coordinator from

Dane County Friends of Ferals. FoF had so many kittens already from

the spring births that it was difficult to get in touch with the necessary

people there so Dan put me in contact with a wonderful woman, Judy

Gregg, here in B.E. who helped me trap the kittens and we have been

taking care of them in our homes since late June, while trying to

find homes for them. We have gotten all three feral mothers spayed at

the vet clinic here in town at our own expense, and have spent

countless hours, money and energy re-homing the kittens, keeping up

with vet bills and caring for all these cats. Dan and Judy have

been tremendously gracious with their time and money toward helping

these cats and kittens. I was also able to convince a neighbor to neuter

her free-roaming male (whom I suspect is the father of many of the

kittens) I have documented the entire story on Facebook with photos

since the beginning. During this labor of love, I adopted 4 of the kittens

and a feral mama who didn't fare well in the terribly cold winter outdoors.

These kitties came into my life as my husky, Timber and my cat, Bam Bam

were both diagnosed with terminal illnesses. It would have been unbearable

to have been in an empty house. So who saved who? Oreo (in photo)

Tyson, Misty, Xena & Echo are my living angels.

Tina Briggs
Black Earth, WI

Our Sweetheart

I received a call from a friend - "There's a puppy in the hoarders house next door. I think she needs help." As soon as we pulled up, I knew the situation was bad. There were three large and untrained German Shepherds fenced into a small area in the backyard. When the woman brought the puppy out, six adult, smaller dogs came with her. The puppy hid under a chair and refused to come out. The woman explained that she had bought the puppy to breed with her two adult German Shepherds, but the adult female wouldn't allow her in the yard without trying to kill her. The puppy was obviously terrified of the humans and the dogs. We paid $400 we didn't really have and drove home with a puppy who shook and peed in my lap the whole way. For days, the puppy refused to eat and peed anytime anyone walked near her but hunger got the best of her and she started eating. The first contact she had with the family willingly was our 9 month old mini Aussie. They bonded and he became her protector. She watched as Hunter played with the humans of the house and eventually realized maybe we weren't so bad. My 10 year old daughter was marveling over what a sweetheart the puppy was when my son let us know that "Schatzi" meant sweetheart in German. So Schatzi she was. Today she is a healthy, happy and gorgeous 1 year old German Shepherd. She outweighs her "protector" by 60 pounds but protect her, he does. Her pack is the most important thing in the world to her. She is still unsure of strangers and usually hides when anyone outside the pack comes in the house but she is learning to socialize outside of the home. She is terrified of trash bags to this day. I don't know what her life was like before she joined our family. I know it wasn't good. But I also know all of our lives improved for the better the day we adopted our sweetheart, Schatzi.

Odessa, TX

Never say never

I always said I'd never have a purebred kitty.. I also said I'd never foster as I knew I'd be a foster failure. Well I was wrong about the first and right about the second. My mortgage broker fostered kitties on the side and specialized in persians. Not long after I bought my home someone in my town had their house raided for suspected animal abuse. This person had already been convicted of same several times.. The police found 11 kitties in a hole carved into the attic wall that was covered with plywood and styrofoam. They were in cages, no food, no water and so much waste some couldn't stand up. The police asked my mortgage broker to care for the survivors during the abusers trial but she was afraid this person might try to steal them back so she was looking for other homes to "hide" them. She asked me if I'd be willing and I agreed. I was given this tortie persian who despite being pregnant and only 4 pounds when found, was actually in the best shape of all of them. She lost her baby due to malnutrition and after she'd healed I brought her home. I never had any intention of keeping her - in fact I had a good home all picked out for her. But the trial took two years (the abuser went to jail). During that time this little kitty just stole my, and everyone who meets her, hearts. She is still obsessed with food - will eat just about anything including McDonald's french fries. She snores and snorts and makes the biggest mess when she eats - hence her name - Piglet. Piglet gives hugs and follows me around like my shadow (she's watching me type this now to make sure I get it right). She has a heart condition - possibly due to the abuse - but is doing great. She loves her turkey baby food treat and will yell at me if I'm late giving it to her. I can't imagine my life without her.

Plymouth, MA
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