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Thomas P. Frank

l work for a Veterinary clinic, and 10 years ago I relieved a phone can from an elderly client. She wanted to schedule an appointment to euthanize her 11 week old kitten because "he is too playful!" I polity asked her to bring him in and I would find him a new home. He has been with my husband and I ever since and I love that little kitty more then I can even put into words!

north plains, OR

Tony's Howling Success

My daughter and I already had 3 loving female cats and didn't want any more, till late one night a stray cat began howling outside our front door. I told my daughter, "DO NOT feed that cat! It needs to find another home. We're full up". The howling went on every night for several weeks. It was hard to resist, but we did. Then suddenly it stopped. We were relieved as were my neighbors.

Months passed then suddenly one morning we heard a loud howl outside the front door. My daughter and I just looked at each other and laughed, "On no, he's back". Opening the front door, I finally got a good look at him in the daylight. He was beautiful... Big and fluffy with a huge "question mark" tail. He was rubbing and purring around our legs as if to say, "C'mon, please let me in, aren't I cute?".

Suddenly I saw a large dog across the street looking at us. I knew from a previous unfortunate experience what a big dog like that can do to a cat. I told my daughter to pick up our new ball of fluff that she had named Tony and take him inside. We kept him separated from our girls till he was checked out at the vet the next day.

Our vet said Tony was a Norwegian Forest Cat and in good health (15 lbs). We couldn't wait to get him home. The girls smacked and hissed for a while, but soon all were sharing meals together.

My daughter recently got married and Tony went to live with her, her new husband and his cat Charley. They chase and play like best buds. So, guess you could say Tony howled his way into 2 forever homes.

Hollywood, FL

Our blessing!

It was Easter 2012, we were driving home when the kids asked if we could get some ice cream. We caught a glimpse of this small dog running across the freeway, dodging trucks. He was terrified and unhealthy. He made it across the street and I said a prayer that he would be safe while covering my eyes when he darted back into traffic. My husband had recently lost his best fur friend and was not interested in bringing a dog home yet. However, he wanted to help him get somewhere safe. (I knew that meant bringing him home!) He was very afraid of humans.

My husband walked next door to Wendy’s and got a burger. After a few minutes of trying, the pup came to him and he offered him the patty. We could tell he was a pitbull mix. It was obvious the dog had not eaten in days. He was underfed and looked like he was abused. He took the burger from my husband’s hand gently. He spent time talking to him and trying to pick him up. The boys and I watched from across the parking lot. Then we see my husband carrying this small filthy dog over to the truck. I think we all knew that this dog was already part of the family.

My husband named him Diesel because we found him at the truck stop. The next day we took him to the vet. He had mites, fleas, bruises, allergies and was missing hair on his back side. The Dr said he was 5 months old and confirmed he was a pitbull/boxer mix. After months of being with us, he is still scared of things and people. However he is a blessing to our family. Our son is Autistic and Diesel is great with him. He protects him, barks when danger is near and runs next to our son when he rides his bike. We feel very blessed to have him in our lives and we love him dearly. We are grateful that we stopped to get ice cream that day!

Rebecca Bodiford
Chowchilla, CA


Four days after my birthday one year my dad had our family cat put to sleep. Her named was Katie and she was 16 years old. We adopted her at the local shelter. Katie was found on a highway. She was very timid and would always run from guests. One day she just quit eating. My dad took to the vet and had put to sleep.

Three days later my best friend shows up with a box. I brought the box inside and out jumps a cat. I named the cat Tommy. He was 3 months old. He adopted me within a few seconds. He has been by my side ever since. He always greets me when I get home from work. He help me when my mom died. He had already been to the shelter twice already. I decided that he was my cat and I wasn't going to return him to shelter no matter what. Tommy and I have been together for 7 years now.

Amanda Lafferty
Kearney, NE

Outside Guy

There were two small female feral cats that lived in some greenhouses behind our home, and they had multiple litters. With help from the nursery and neighbors, we were able to catch/spay the mom cats. It took several years, and we rescued many kittens, finding them all homes. We kept 10 cats ourselves - if a kitten wasn't adopted, our home became his home. Our house was full.

One day, we saw a male cat looking for food on our deck. We'd seen him before when the feral moms were in heat - he definitely fathered some of the kitten litters over the years. He looked needy so we fed him. He came back to our deck, day after day, week after week, month after month. He'd watch us through the sliders but would run if we opened the door. He was tough and strong, and we called him Outside Guy.

Then came the winter of 2010-2011. It was brutal where we lived and we were frantic to help him. We'd heat hotpads in the micro wave when he came to eat and put handwarmers by the dozen in the bedding. He wouldn't sleep there but he did warm up after eating. Finally, he stopped coming. It was an awful time. One week, then another, went by. We could only hope he had holed up somewhere.

And then, one morning, there he was! His ears were bleeding, he looked weak and moved slowly. It was time to trap him whether he liked it or not. He knew he needed help and he knew where to get it - he walked into the trap within minutes of setting it up. He has lived inside with us since then. Outside Guy finally found love and a home to call his own.

marie palcic
enfield, CT

Bella the homless cat.

This story is pretty funny, I used to walk my dog every morning and evening after work,

one day I was walking Sandy and I heard a cat meow, so I turned and there was this cat

following me, so I said hello to the cat and she just started talking to me, she followed me home

I didn't know she was homeless but every day after that she would follow me, so I started feeding her

and made her a bed on the porch and she never left after that, I let her in the house but she would fight with my other cat Livey,

well it came time for us to move and put her in a cat cage and took her to the new house, she went right in, her and Livey still don't get along to well but they put up with each other, I named her Bella because she had a bell on her collar. she is a great cat, loves to talk and show you she loves you every day, Love her so much.

Las vegas, NV

Scooter, the cat who refused to leave.

This picture of Scooter as he is being held by my granddaughter. It was the only way we could get a picture. Scooter came to live with us about 2 years ago. He was rescued from my daughter's Shepherd who had almost killed him after he had been treed for several days, got so weak he fell out. He was hurt and seriously dehydrated. I intended only to keep him until he got better and then to the Rescue league he'd go, or so we thought. My husband took him one morning and being as we didn't have a carrier at the time, he was in a box. He got out and some how hid in the car until my husband, after several stops, got home. He thought at the time he had gotten out at one of the stops, almost home, Scooter came out from under the dash and into our home and hearts to stay. Last year he stayed outside one night because he wouldn't come in.( He was already neutered, just being a male, hard headed.) The next morning I called him, could hear him and after a little bit, saw him dragging himself into the yard. We assume he had been hit by a car, after likely a tom chased him. I rushed him to our vet and she told me he had both hips broken, he also had a leg that the joint was apart and the bone had pierced the skin. I don't think she had a lot of hope in his recovery, but after keeping him for several weeks and several surgeries, he came home. He has had a miraculous recovery and looking at him one would never know he had been injured. Our vet, Linda Martin, is wonderful! I believe she thought I should put him down, but we gave him a chance and he took it. He now weighs about 15 lbs and no longer is allowed outside, doesn't even try.

Kathy Scruggs
Ellisville, MS

Porch sitting

It was mid Nov 2010 early morning and one of the coldest we had been having. My husband went out for his usual cigarette on the front porch and I went to the kitchen to fix his lunch and coffee for work, before I even flicked the light on he was calling for me to come quick and see!! Me being irritated at being called so early to HURRY before MY coffee, but I hustled out to "see" what he was calling for. There in my rocking chair was a tiny lump of dark mass, it could not have weighed more than a half pound and just as I got up to it, it looked up at me with the biggest eyes I have ever seen in a kitten! We decided to name her Portia as she had been found on the Porch and tia as a play on chair. She is now as we have found out nearly 3 and a half years later, a Maine coon and is a whopping 15.lbs 5.oz and has the most lovely long hair and her mane is about 4 inches long, she is NOT a people person in the regards to being petted by people other than mommy and daddy human. She's fussy about what and when she eats and loves to play, everything is a game and RED is her favorite color. Her Mamma came back two days later after leaving her on my chair but as I told her, she had already been adopted and she would be taken care of and she take care of us. She has not returned for visitations. She came to us when we needed her most!

Vancouver, WA

Salem, THE DEMON FURBALL OF DOOOOM!! aka Tinkerbell

About a year before he decided to move in with us he got dumped in the area with at least one other cat, moved in with a neighbour first but they weren't the greatest people, one day they went away and just left him outside, he was sleeping in a van they had parked up in their garden but one night someone through a firework in it while he was in there so that was the end of that, then not long after on millennium new years eve my mum saw him hanging around and gave him something to eat, must have liked it cos he never left after that. I think the firework incident affected him as he was a jumpy cat, any loud noises or the door bell ringing and he was off upstairs hiding under my bed. And he didn't like strangers in the house either. Sadly Salem THE DEMON FURBALL OF DOOOOM!!!, aka Tinkerbell went to that great litter box in the sky earlier this year, at about 17 years old, the house isn't the same yet, I still think I can hear his bell sometimes, I don't know one way or another if the afterlife is something us humans have or not but I do think cats have something after this thing we call life, there's something spiritual/otherworldly about cats to me. Something about them that maybe were not meant to know about. And when they give me looks like he is in that pic I'm not about to ask them about it lol.

Mark Hyde
Oldham, United Kingdom

Bing the rescue cat

Bing came into our lives several years ago. He showed up at our front door. I thought he looked like a ghost cat. We already had an elderly cat in our household. The two of them did not get along. I think that Bing showed up to help ease our beloved Oscar's passing. Bing is really my husband's cat. Bing loves him no matter how much he teases him. We have had Bing neutered so that we do not increase the cat population around here. Bing is now a loved family member, even if he does nip me every chance he gets. The teeenagers just throw him over their shoulder and he just sits there. I am glad that someone dropped Bing off in our yard.

Janette Johnson
Henderson, NC
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