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Ayla who found forever love

Last year my brother noticed that two little stray kittens were roaming around in our yard. One was black and white and the other one was a long haired Calico. They were so cute, but so afraid of people. We kept trying to lure them in with food. They would come close but would dart away if you tried to reach for them. I kept thinking I wanted so bad to just kiss that sweet little nose of the Gray Calico kitten. She was so adorable. Sadly one day we noticed that the black and white one was missing and the little Gray Calico was all by herself. My brother tried everything to catch her but the little dickens was just to smart. Then one day she made the mistake of going into our garage to snoop around and this was in October so it was getting very cold outside. I think she wanted to find a place to be warm. My brother heard rustling and then saw that it was her. He very slowly closed the garage door to make sure she couldn't escape. It took my brother over 20 minutes to catch her. She was terrified. She ran up walls, through tools and then got herself stuck in between two walls. She was covered with tiny spiders and dirt. He saw her sweet little face and front paws peering over the edge of the wall. He slowly moved everything out of the way and then quickly scooped her up in his arms. She was so scared, but my brother held her tightly and cooed and kissed her to calm her down and she finally did. He brought her into the house and when I picked her up I knew she would be ours. The thing is she never tried to bite and never hissed. She has the sweetest temperament and she fit in perfectly with our other cat named Cokey. They are the best of friends. She is now our forever kitty and the joy of our lives. She was a little lost soul who found forever love.

Milwaukee, WI

"A Little Tortie Kitty"

A few years ago, I decided that I would get my "kitten fix" by doing foster care for our local humane society. I would take in a pregnant cat and then provide a home for her and the kittens until they were ready to be adopted. The momma cat was named Cupcake, and it didn't take long before she had her babies. I watched the first two arrive and then left the room for a few minutes. When I came back in, another one had been born, but Cupcake seemed unaware. I thought I would make sure that kitten was okay, so I picked her up and cleared the mucus from her face. My first words were, "Oh, it's a little tortie kitty." And then she started breathing and let out a shrill little meow.

I had not intended to keep any of the kittens because I already had my quota of cats, but as the weeks wore on, I simply could not imagine giving up the little tortie kitty that my daughter had named Muffy. She always seemed uniquely mine. Even when she was a few weeks old, she wanted to be on my lap constantly. Although I was required to return her to the humane society, I was then allowed to adopt her after she was spayed.

She has turned out to be one of the most mischievous cats I've ever known, but also the most loving. She took her first breath in the palm of my hand, so I want to make sure she is with me until her last breath--many, many years from now. I still pet her sometimes and say "Oh, it's a little tortie kitty!" I think she likes it too!

St Cloud, MN

Garage Cats

A cat had kittens in our garage and left one kitten there. My partner Lisa is allergic to cats, so taking him in was no option. But he didn't know that, and he started walking to her car to say hi when she got home. One cold evening, he followed her indoors! I came home and there he was. I asked if we had a cat now, and she said yes. He is a grey tabby, and although I was the one to name him Greyson, they bonded instantly. He would sit on the arm of her chair and just purr. I was so happy to see them together. But being home sick with a chronic condition, I was lonely and wanted a cat too.

One day, Lisa took Greyson to the vet for a regular checkup. There she saw a huge cage full of tiny orange tabbies that had been found in the vet tech's garage. Lisa came home and told me that they might have a hard time finding homes. I decided to go take a look at them. Two of the kittens in the cage were rambunctious, but way in the back, hiding under a little box, was the runt of the litter. I picked up one of the playful kittens, and the vet tech told me he was already claimed. "No," I said, "I want Malcolm!" and I pointed at the little one. We brought him home the next day. and whenever I go to the doctor, whether I have bad news or good news, he's always there waiting for me. He gets mad when I leave, though! He has been my friend and the only constant in my life for five years now. He gets along with Greyson well, and they have nightly kitty races up and down our hallway. Lisa, Greyson, and my precious Malcolm bring joy even when there isn't any. I was discarded as a child and that wasn't gonna happen with Greyson or Malcolm. Garage kitties rock! I love them both so much. We have a wonderful little family.

Chicago, IL

My little wiggle butt

I had moved into my first apartment with my fiancée. After a few months, my fiancée wanted a dog, just did not feel like home without one, so we searched through the dog rescues. The lady at the local SPCA recommended Rocky. He was such a sweetheart and docile, but something inside me kept telling me I will be getting more than a sweet and docile dog. I was right. He had a lot of behavioral issues and separation anxiety. He hated the kennel no matter how wonderful I made it, he would get nervous around people and other dogs. People kept telling me to give him back, not your problem. I couldn’t accept that. I adopted him and it is my problem and we will work together and work through whatever issues he has together. After going through several trainers, he now has made a remarkable recovery. Whomever had him had to have beaten him terribly. He was afraid of everything, shoes, broom, mops and you name it, he was scared of it. He would not even let my neighbor pet him, he would cower away, but now he gives her kisses and crawls onto her lap, he loves people, loves wiggling himself up against their legs and even though I adopted him and still own him, he found himself a best buddy in my grandpa. My grandpa loves him to death. He loves dogs as long as they are docile. You mention a car ride, Rocky goes bouncing to the front door. He also now shares his home with another dog, Nala and three cats (All rescues). Nala and Rocky play, wrestle and argue just as siblings would and I love the sound of them arguing, it is adorable. If I would have given him up like people told me to, he probably would have been put to sleep because of his behavioral issues. The picture up above is a couple weeks old on my neighbors deck. Its amazing how far he has come!

Syracuse, NY

The Little Kitten

One day, as I was looking out my window, I saw a small kitten, sitting with it's mother, on the edge of the woods, where it met the grass. As I went to look outside, they ran away. After a few weeks of not seeing the kitten, or it's mother, a different grey kitten appeared. It would scamper around the woods, completely lost and terrified.

Another day, when I was about to take my dog out, I realized there was that grey kitten, sitting on the stacked pavers behind the shed. It was just laying there, basking in the sun. All I thought was, "I need to help this kitten." It was August, and I knew since this was a feral kitten, it wouldn't be the easiest to "lure" it into it's forever home, and with the colder months coming somewhat soon, food just wouldn't keep it alive. I knew I had to act fast.

Day after day, I would put out food for the kitten to eat. I soon realized it was staying under my shed, would wait for food, and return to the shed. Sometimes, it would lay out on the pavers, as when I first saw it. It almost took one month, and over twenty packs of wet food, to finally gain this kitten's trust where it would feel comfortable enough to be in my presence. You had to stay very still, because any movement would scare it away.

A few weeks after, I was sitting outside with the kitten, and my sister. We soon realized the cat would let us pet it. "Good, we're getting somewhere," I thought. My sister soon picked up the cat and said, "Look, I can pick her up!". That's when I knew we were inching closer and closer to catching this kitten.

I soon went inside to my sister to come running in and say, "I caught the cat!" After many trips to vet, Ryland became ours. She now is known as "Missy". She almost has the same green eyes as my cat, Myra, who passed away about two years ago.

Barnegat, NJ


When our cockatiel got sick, I took him several times to the vet over the course of a month. They host an animal shelter outpost. There was Arthur in a cage on display in hopes of a forever home. Each visit I gave him attention while I waited and he rolled around happily, sometimes falling off his shelf. He was clumsy, walked with a limp, a little brain damaged, and may have had an accident before animal control found him wandering in 35 degrees below weather. We already had two rescued cats, and a dog, and I had declared a moratorium on acquiring more animals. But...there was something special about Arthur...and it WAS my birthday.

On the last trip to the vet, I told myself I would ask if Arthur was good with other animals, and if so, consider adopting him. When I walked in, he was in his cage, purring contentedly, sitting in a pile of kittens who were kneading and nursing on him. That answered that. It was a sign. After six months of waiting, Arthur came home with me that day. He doesn't always know how to be a cat, acts much more like a kitten. But that's okay. He's Arthur, not special needs, just special.

Ames, IA

Who rescued who?

Our little girl, Savannah, was rescued by an older lady who spent alot of time and money nursing her back to health. It seems she had been abandoned by her mother or lost somehow and by the time she was found, she was starved and very unhealthy. In most scenarios, she would likely have been put to sleep, but the lady who found her was very dedicated and persevered. Around the same time, we were in the process of immigrating and had to give away a cat who was very precious to us, also a rescue cat. We arrived in New Zealand where we knew nobody, had no family and although it was our choice to move, we were certainly grieving in many ways. A couple of weeks after arriving, I came across an ad placed by the lady who had rescued and nurtured Savannah, saying that she was looking for a good home for the cat. We went to see her and she explained that she was interviewing people and would choose who she felt was the correct home. We waited anxiously for a few days and then received the call. When we had given away our cat before, I didn't think we could ever find a cat with as quirky a character, but then we got Savannah. She was just as quirky as our previous cat and very quickly filled a hole that couldn't be filled any other way. We have had Savannah now for 6 years and she is very much the queen of the house. She doesn't really know how to be a cat, having been separated from her mother, but she does know how to be a member of our family. Not sure if we rescued her or she rescued us, but I couldn't love her more!

Wellington, New Zealand

Routie (the truck stop kitty)

It was one of the coldest October nights I could remember. I was returning from a wedding 4 hours from my home. Halfway I stopped at an OnRoute along one of Ontario's busiest highways. The kind of place with gas, fast food, etc. I noticed a family standing beside their van with a cat. I thought "wow, that's cool, their cat is like a dog". Walking up to the counter of the coffee shop I thought, that's weird, so I asked, "do you guys have a cat in your parking lot?" A woman popped up and said "yah, someone dumped that cat here a month ago, animal services just can't catch it."

So I grabbed my coffee and Timbits and went back to the car in the dead of night to and be on my merry way, there was the cat waiting. Clearly she was going from car to car looking for scraps. I picked her up and thought "she's not very hard to catch." I was left with the dilemma. I already had 2 cats. I sat in the car with her for about 15 minutes. "Shoot, shoot, shoot". Except I didn't say shoot. OK, I thought, I'll take her home and call a rescue. The next 1 and a half hours of our journey she slept on my lap. She was exhausted, but she had also been someone’s pet and they left her behind.

On return to my home I called my roommate up from downstairs and told her "she's not staying, she just needs to catch a break." We isolated her and I took her to the vet the next day. Mites, fleas, and oh pregnant. She was a great mom. All 5 kittens found homes and so did she. We've had her for 2 years. She is the most cuddly and loving cat. At least once a week we say "I can't believe someone would dump her." Side note: I emailed the truckstop to let them know where she was if anyone had missed her. Their loss, our gain.

Toronto, ON, Canada

Senior love.

This is not a story about rescuing a greyhound, it is more than that, it is about a special senior who gave my life a whole new purpose. Peanut, an 11 yr old greyhound was posted on our greyhound rescue groups website. She was beautiful and had lost her forever home through no fault of her own. I saw her and immediately applied to be her new human. She was skinny, and wobbly when I first saw her but most importantly full of love.

We had driven about 30 miles to pick her up and when we went to leave she jumped into our truck like she was half her age. She walked in our home and made herself at home with ease, almost like she had been waiting all that time for us to come and get her. There was no adjustment periods, no issue with the food change, and love at first sight with our other greyhound. She was in short, amazing.

We got to love her for 11 short but wonderful months. She handled life with the grace only a dog with years of experience can, and she paved the way for more senior greyhounds to be a part of our lives. Senior animals are worth every bit of love and life we can give them. We miss her so much. <3

Alexandria, VA

A 61/2 lbs calico with a life full of experiences

I came home after a holiday and felt very lonely when with no one there to greet me. I decided to find a big male kitty that I had seen on the SPCA website. I went to visit the cat. As I walked by a little 10 year old 6 lbs female calico paw reached out and grabbed my heart. Chicklet came out of her cage and let me pet her. When I went to put her back she took a swat at the cage below her. I fell in love.

Chicklet had been surrendered for the 3 times to the SPCA. This last time she was surrendered because the previous owner didn't want to pay the adoption fee and was just going to put her outside in the cold winter to freeze. She needed a home where there were no kids and no other pets. I would later find out that she had seizures and a previous owner had never taken her to the vet even though she had a sever bladder infection that that weakened her bladder. She also suffered from extreme separation anxiety and if I left the room she would scream at the top of her lungs.

Chicklet taught me a lot about caring for others and not giving up on things just because they are difficult. In the first few months of having her she would run around the apartment at full speed and leap off the back of the couch like she was superman. In her later time with me she loved to sit on her futon on her pillow and watch all the birds out the window. She passed away in October 2013 and I miss her daily but she made me a better person. She challenged me and I knew that I gave her the best years of her life. In November 2013 I knew Chicklet wouldn't want me to be alone and I was adopted by another very different cat a big male cat.

Yellowknife, NT, Canada
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