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My Monster

This is my Monster. I went shopping at PetSmart when they had an adoption fair going on. The lady who was holding him said she moved to a place that only allowed two dogs (broke my heart). I looked into these eyes and melted. My (now ex) husband always wanted a big black male dog and I always said no to one but....Monster was different. His eyes, his love. He went home with us that day. I had white couches and asked if he jumped up on furniture. She told me no but when I was getting all the supplies he needed she told my husband, "better get him his own couch." My Monster was hit by a truck and after seven surgeries he was back to being normal, minus a few mph because of his leg. Yesterday my (new) husband and I had to send him to the Rainbow bridge. He would have been 21 years old (yes that is 21 human years) next month. He always loved, he always accepted whatever stray I brought into the home and yes, he always slept on the couches, the bed...anywhere he wanted to. His rescue saved two lives that day. RIP my Monster we love and miss you.

Rhonda Sposato
Pueblo West, CO


Missy was 4 months old when I rescued her from the County Animal Shelter. Full of life and a hand full. I lived on almost 3 acres so she had plenty of room to explore. But the 3 acres weren't quite enough for her and she would want to chase the critters outside the fence and jump it or dig underneath. Daily I was replacing the fencing or patching the holes she would dig to get out. Went as far as installing an electric fence. Her fur is so thick that it didn't penetrate deep enough to phase her.

On New Years Eve 2009 I realized I hadn't heard a peep from Missy. Where is she? I wondered outside looking and calling for her. I heard nothing, seen nothing. So I grabbed a flashlight and went wondering the property. I found her.My worst fear came true. She was hit by a car.

She was sitting up right like normal on the other side of the garage. I pointed flashlight at her face then down her body and thats when I seen her leg. What was left of it. She was in shock and lost a lot of blood. My first thought was- its New Years Eve, what vet will be open. I found one and they were very prompt in helping me with her. They called in a surgeon to amputate her right rear leg at the hip and also had a sub-vet to watch over the animals for the holidays.

I had to leave her for the night. The next day the sub-vet called me and said " Your baby just ran out of the cage on 3 leg's looking for you, she is sitting by the front door as we speak" My heart skipped a beat and I smiled from ear to ear. That's my Missy. She is my child.

She isn't so active now ( she's 8 years old) but she is still full of life and still makes me smile every day.

Tammy Moore
Desert Hot Springs, CA

Summer Surprise

It was the middle of summer and the monsoon season. My husband and I were sitting on the porch when the saddest cat I have ever seen came onto the porch. He was skin and bones and looked really beat up. He managed enough energy to give me a very sad cry. I knew we had to help him. We took him in and took him to the vet. He was found to have ear mites, fleas, tapeworms, broken teeth, and was extremely malnourished. We got him neutered, got all of his internal and external parasites taken care of and integrated him into our home. We already had several cats; all of which accepted him without question because most of them were also rescues. Our sweet Buddee also fit right in with our dogs. He has been the most grateful, appreciative, loving cat and I couldn't imagine our lives without him. Buddee is about 10 years old now and has had his share of illness associated with his hard start in life; he's prone to upper respiratory infections and has had several teeth pulled. He's a trooper and will always be my Buddee Boy!

Danette Huckins
Moriarty, NM

Saving Sadie

Sadie is a dog who was found in the mountains of Kentucky. She just had a litter of puppies, then she was shot between the eyes and in the back and paralyzed. Kind people found her and through a series of events, Sadie found her way to a no kill shelter in Wisconsin where I found her while I was donating blankets. Two doctors gave her a grim prognosis, but the third doctor, who is holistic said that we should give Sadie a chance and so we did.

Fast forward to today: Sadie receives every therapy known to man including acupuncture, aqua puncture, laser, chiropractic, e stim, Power Plate, swimming, far infrared therapy and the list goes on. She is no longer fecally or urinary incontinent, we are just working on her back legs to get strong enough to support her because the bullet and shrapnel are too deeply imbedded to remove.

Sadie is now known in 15 countries and across the US. Sadie was saved for a reason: she teaches acceptance of people and animals who have special needs. Her first children's book will be out before the end of the year.

Sadie has graced the covers of 7 major publications and is continually on local and international radio, TV including the Lifetime Network, she had a presence at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, and Sadie has 2-3 personal appearances per weekend.

With her signature photo of a bullet hole between her eyes, Sadie is also trying to get the laws against animal cruelty strengthened. Can you be a part of Sadie's journey and pass her message onto others?

Joal Derse
Muskego, WI

Who saved who My two babies rescued me

In July of 2012 we lost my boyfriend's cat Nala, and only 6 months later we lost my cat Firecracker. We had adopted Fancy a month after Nala passed away and I was really not wanting a new cat in the house and then Firecracker got sick so I really started to push Fancy away. We try to save Firecracker but he passed away in early 2013 and there is where Fancy saved me, I had a broken heart and really didn't want to fall in love with her....but she would have not it.I was going to be her momma if I want to or not. She had never laid in our laps until she was the only cat and was really affection with me, she saved my heart.

So about 3 months after Firecracker passed my boyfriend started on me about adopting another cat, I didn't want another cat I was good with just Fancy. He would look on Petfinder and at the local humane society for male kittens. I didn't want another cat because I thought I would not love him as much as I did Firecracker. One night I had a dream about Firecracker,but he wasn't a cat but a little boy he told me he was fine and that I need to rescue a new baby boy that it was ok and he loved me. So a few weeks later I started looking for a new baby too spoil.

Into my life came Bud(name after my grandpa), a local rescue had him and his litter mates after their mother abandoned them at a week old. A nice lady bottle fed them and they were adopted everybody but Bud and funny thing Firecracker was the last of his litter So on May 4(my grandma's birthday) we adopted Bud They both have help my heart heal from the loses of Nala and Firecracker.We have had Fancy for 2 years and Bud for 15 months, I am glad my boyfriend made me look at Petfinder

Laura Malone
Toney, AL

At Tails and Ales, suds for dogs and their people

By Phil McPeck

DENVER — Scores of people poured into a brew house in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood on Aug. 24 for some T and A. No, not that T and A. It was Tails and Ales, an annual fundraiser for MaxFund Animal Adoption Center — A True No-Kill Shelter.

Pet owners, craft beer aficionados and roller derby fans flocked to the converted fire station — Station 26 Brewing Co. — for the second annual dog wash and beer fest that also benefited Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, the local women's roller derby franchise.

Skaters fresh off their 10th anniversary bout soaped up and hosed down dogs. As they wet the dogs, beer lovers whet their whistles. It was suds for the dogs and their people.

William and Jessica Fresh, of Denver, brought Barley, a 2-year-old cattle dog, and Walker, a small, 5-year-old mutt. Soon Barley was being lathered up by Taylor Soderborg, of Denver, aka DopeaMean of the skating team Kill Scouts. Soderborg shared that she and her MaxFund cat, Sasha, are about to celebrate their one-year "adoptaversery."

Meanwhile golden retriever Kuma was getting the works from Jen Frale, who skates for the Red Ridin' Hoods under the name She Who Cannot Be Named. At 9 1/2 years old, Kuma still thinks he's a puppy, said owner Mari Higgins, of Castle Rock. "He has to meet every dog in the place. He's a happy dog. If there were a pool, he'd be swimming in it. He loves to swim," Higgins said.

The thought of adopting a cat from MaxFund was swimming in Bianca Moreno's mind as the Denver skater left Station 26. She said she had fallen for Alpha in the mobile adoption van. Moreno, who goes by Ghostskate Killah of the Red Ridin' Hoods completed the adoption Aug. 29.

Phil McPeck
Denver, CO

Lucky Seven

I have loved cats since I was a small child, and now as an adult I have adopted six of my own....and as cat lovers know, cats are like potato chips, you cannot have just one. But my three sons told me six was enough, so I haven't visited the local pet shelter in quite a while.

About two years ago, I noticed my seventeen year old cat Ziti rolling around in the grass with another animal, protecting his turf. I ran outside and saw a white cat with an orange striped tail crying hopelessly, showing me teeth that were not very vicious. I knew the cat was scared to death, and hungry. So of course, I started feeding him, and he became a daily visitor, and although he kept his distance he would give me kitty kisses with his eyes after he ate and would sleep on a chair on our deck. I sensed his sweet nature and named him KittyKitty.

Winter was close and I knew I could not let KittyKitty stay outside to freeze, so I found a way to get him in. Mommy's have their tricks and he had begun to trust me. Once inside, we all found it hysterical how he walked by the other cats with his head down, waited to eat, and followed me around like a puppy. KittyKitty is the sweetest and most grateful cat I ever had and he is an important member of our family and my boys love him too. He is my Lucky Seven.

Deborah Mahon
New Haven, CT

Christmas Eve Foundling

Christmas Eve, my roommate said he heard noises. I found hiding deep in the garage, a kitty, bleeding and badly wounded. She was crying for help. Although tiny, flea bit, staved looking, and injured, she had on an old flea collar. I know how I would hope my kitties would be treated if lost. I headed with her to the emergency animal hospital at almost midnight. They said she had been badly savaged by another animal, bitten all the way through her leg. The wound had abscessed and broken open. The vet didn’t offer much hope, patching up her wounds. I spent the holiday taking care of this foundling. My vet then saw her, re-cleaned her wounds, suggesting that antibiotics and TLC were our best chance. Somehow one week later she was still hanging in there, offering hope. My vet checked for a chip, all of us having assumed the emergency hospital had done so but they hadn’t. She was chipped! We got hold of this kitty’s owner. Their family had lost the kitty during a move and family emergency and now lived out of state. I offered to foster their kitty until they could come get her, but they could not come back. It is now 7 month later. Against odds she is all better. She is still a little timid. At night, if we are all very quiet, she will climb onto my bed with me and the other kitties to sleep, or play with the string I keep there just for her. Most nights, when the house is dark, I hear her squeaky toy as she hunts it over and over. Somehow it finds its way to the foot of my bed by morning. I renamed her Eve, for the night she came into my home asking for rescue.


From Parking Lot to Paradise

Twelve years ago, I was a new mom with two young sons. You'd think that would be enough wildness but I was desperately lonely for feline company. I begged my hubby to bring home a kitten being fostered by one of my coworkers. He agreed. The next morning, I asked my coworker about the kitten. Unfortunately, the kitten had already been adopted. She then told me the veterinary practice she volunteered at had a male cat that had been found in a parking lot. He was due to go to a traditional shelter by the end of the week. Would I be willing to take him?

I talked it over with my husband, and decided to rescue him sight unseen. I arrived to pick up "Sylvester." I waited anxiously behind the desk as they went to get him. I had no idea what to expect but what I wasn't expecting... a cat so big he didn't fit in a traditional cat carrier! I didn't care, I took him anyway.

Home we went and immediately he darted upstairs and hid under the bed. Then, while I was playing with my son, I looked up to see him looking down at me from the second floor balcony. To my shock, he jumped from the balcony to the floor and promptly curled his enormous self onto my lap.

Sylvester, now Cruiser has been my friend for a dozen years now. He's loving, expressive and intelligent.... All 20lbs of him!

Jennifer Roundhouse
Pewaukee, WI

My Julie Bee

When I moved into my apartment it didn't take too long before I felt lonely and I needed a furry friend. So a few years ago, me, my cousin, aunt and mom went to the humane society to go get a kitten. I got there looked at a few, took two of them out to see I wanted them but as cute as they were they didn't hit that spark. But when we were putting the kitten back in a cage, I saw this kitten named Julie running back in fourth in the cage and meowing. As soon as I saw her name, I thought it had to be some sort of destiny cause my name is Julia. So I got her, brought her home and on the first day we had her all she did was sleep, you would pick her up and she wouldn't move. And from that day on, she stalked to everywhere. She was an odd cat, she liked to play fetch and she would even talk to me (Sometimes argue with me).

But a few days ago I noticed she wasn't eating treats or cheese (She was a major cheese addict) and she was also breathing kind of hard so I brought her to the vet thinking it probably wasn't anything major. But when we got there she had an X-ray done which showed she had fluid around her lungs and she also tested positive for feline leukemia and there was nothing I could do other than put her to sleep cause she was only suffering. I only got 4 years with her, but those were the best 4 years with her. She was my best friend, my stalker and someone I could talk to. I will always miss her, and I am in tears as I am writing this =(

Always miss you my Julie Bee

Julia Bork
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