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This is Suita (pronounced Swee-ta), the grey and white princess, with her brother Charlie (the tuxedo). When I was a junior in college, my partner and I finally found an apartment we could afford that allowed cats. We had intended to go to the shelter, but a few weeks before we were able to move into our apartment, a coworker of my partner's asked if anyone was looking for a cat. Apparently a little grey and white cat had followed one of her twins home from school and now every evening would come to their window and pat the glass, demanding to be let in. My partner and I went to meet her that weekend and fell in love with her. She was sweet (curling up in my partner's lap and falling asleep instantly) and sassy (hissing and puffing up at their dog). We claimed her as our own and brought her home to our new apartment a few weeks later.

Suita quickly made it clear she was my cat, and followed me throughout our 3 room apartment. Wherever I was, she wanted to be. When we were sick she was our nurse kitten, never leaving our sides. She never liked dogs but was fine with our pet bunny and later our pet guinea pig, and also with her brother, Charlie, whom we brought home from the SPCA a few years later.

In late 2012, at a routine vet exam, the vet found that she had oral cancer. She was 10 years old at the time. We reviewed our options and decided we didn't want to put her through anything traumatizing or invasive, that we wanted her to enjoy the time she had left. In June 2013 she fell down our basement stairs because she was so weak, and we knew it was time. I stayed with her until she was gone. I miss her horribly. Never has a cat touched me in the way that she did. I firmly believe that we can have animals who are our soul mates, and Suita was mine.

Angela Haynes
Berwick, ME

Tiggy, my friend

Tiggy came into my life several years ago the day before Halloween. She was a beautiful long haired black cat. I was unloading groceries, and she walked over to me and meowed as if to say "I'm home!" I immediately went into my house and got some food, which she gobbled up immediately. After a couple days, we decided to take her into our house, and keep her, since she seemed to have adopted me.

I was going through a rough time in my marriage, which did eventually end in divorce. She was there, and seemed to sense each time I was upset. she would come up to me, crawl on my lap, and purr the loudest purr I have ever heard. She was content to sit and be petted, and loved to be by my side. Each night she would let me know when it was time to go to bed. When I came home from work, she was there, greeting me. If I moved around at night, she would meow softly, checking to see that I was okay.

When I split with my husband, Tiggy came with me, along with our other two cats. She would still check on me, even though she was stressed with moving to a new place. She never stopped being my loving kitty. In the last few months, I noticed her getting a bit slower, but I didn't think anything of it, thinking it was just her fussy ways, and would settle down if given time. One night I woke up to her throwing up, which wasn't anything unusual, being a long haired cat. She jumped down from the chair and ran to the restroom. Suddenly, I heard a yell that sounded like a human yell. I went into the restroom, and found my beautiful cat in terrible pain. She had thrown a blood clot. We rushed her to the vet, only to find that she had heart disease, and congestive heart failure, along with the clot. We were told that she wasn't going to make it, and had to let her go.

Mary Forbes
Richmond, VA

Winter's Day

After our cat Stinky died when I was a young teenager, my mom said, "no more cats unless it is a short-haired white cat with one blue eye and one green eye." She'd had one before I was born and figured it would be an impossible match.

My first cat (my first pet as an adult, on my own) was very cantankerous and I knew would not adjust well to other cats, so it was just her and me for 8 years.

One day while getting cat food, I came across a picture of Winter...I could not resist the urge to meet this beautiful girl, even though I knew she and my adult female would probably not get along.

At the shelter, I was told Winter had been rescued the day she had been scheduled to be euthanized and had then been in the shelter for a year with no one showing an interest in adopting her before me. I tried to resist her, but she followed me around the shelter and watched me from the window after I went back outside. I figured out when I got her home that she was either abused or had been feral as she was very sensitive and would freak out when I touched anywhere but her head. It took a couple of years, but she learned she could trust at least this human.

It took a few weeks of hissing, growling and staring at each other through baby gates before my girls were fully integrated with each other, and Winter antagonized my other girl a lot. But, when I had to make the painful decision to put down my old girl because of failing kidneys, Winter kept vigil over her sister that whole night before.

Now, 12 years later, Winter, an elderly 14 is still a spry girl who loves attention, ear scratches and baths.

Sharon Sandberg
Austin, TX

Pepperbox - from homeless to loving home

I started life off with my brothers and sisters in the school bus lot. I have no clue who Daddy was/is but Mamma did her best keep us safe and feed.

I'm the one who is fearless and I love adventure. One day this very tall human drove into the lot. Mamma and everyone ran and hide. But not me I stood up to him! This is my parking lot I meowed ...at him. He smiled then bent down and scratched my head. He called me a nice kitty... I'm not a nice kitty I'm a strong BRAVE Cat I meowed back.... but he would not listen to me... So I waited..... and waited and then he came out of that building we can never find a way into. I followed him back to that car he came in... I tried to trip him by wrapping around his feet but he laughed at me. So when he opened the door I jumped in! Ha I meowed to him! I circled the soft seat and laid down. I dared him to move me! But he sat down too in the other seat...

I stared him down while he was writing something in that book he brought out of the building with him. Then he got out of the car and came around the other side but I was ready for him! He opened the door but instead of making me get out he asked me to .... how strange like I'm going to let him win! I turned my head away and closed my eyes! I'm here to stay until you make me get out I meowed... he walked away.

I guess I fell asleep cause the man came back and started the car. It woke me but I pretended to still sleep. He said to me... Well since you are still here I guess I will take you home....

So on July 1st 2013 I moved from that school bus parking lot to my new home with human Dad, Mom & Sister and Cat Brother (Fred the other cat)

Wendy Boice
Front Royal, VA


Babies "aka Her Highness aka Ms. Kitty" was a stray that I offered a bit of dry food to once many years ago, and now she has claimed me as her human, she sends me to the local Petsmart weekly with a list of what she likes and what she doesn't like to eat.

Not exactly sure of how it happened...but am glad she choose me to be her human.

Eddy Monahan
West Keansburg, NJ

O come all ye faithful !

O come all ye faithful !They came of their own accord, uninvited .First, a white male cat came to live with me on its own accord.I then started feeding him well of course.Then one day he came back home accompanied by a female cat, already pregnant. Then the first white male cat died. The female cat gave birth to three kittens. Two died, and only one was left.I call this surviving cat Mee-Gauk (Curly Tail). The mother cat went away leaving only Curly Tail. Curly Tail was a male and soon a female cat, already pregnant like the first female cat came up my house and stayed with him.(Must be cats' leap year). This female cat gave birth to three kittens of which only one male is alive today.After the first litter the female cat again gave birth to 4 kittens on 19 April 2014 of which two are still alive..Curly Tail has since passed away. So now I am left with 4 cats, 3 males and one female. My house in a way is like a maternity ward. And my male cats seem to have the habit of marrying pregnant brides.Lazy fellows,and wily brides, I suppose. .Photo shows me with one of the three still living male cats.


Banya Saw
Yangon(Rangoon formerly), Burma

Destructive Indoors with a great purr

I moved to Minnesota in 2009 to attend grad school. Living thousands of miles away from all my friends and family, I decided to get a cat to keep me company. I had never had a pet before, and now that I wasn't living with my parents, I was able to finally get the cat I always wanted.

I took the bus and walked a mile in the rain to a suburban humane society. There I found Zooey. I was looking for an adult brown and white tabby, which Zooey technically was. She has a white spot on her tummy. She was so chubby and frisky and I was drawn to her immediately. Her tag said "Destructive Indoors" with a volunteer note that read, "Zooey is an affectionate cat with a great purr!" She lived up to her shining endorsement in the "get to know you" area.

But "Destructive Indoors"? That sounds like a reason why cats are put down. No one wants to adopt a cat that is destructive indoors. I asked an employee if they had any more information about Zooey. They pulled her file and her previous owners surrendered her because she broke a 250 dollar lamp. "That's a stupid reason to get rid of your cat, but that's okay," I thought. "I own no such nice things and don't intend to. Baby cat, you are mine." I took her home and was in love.

It has been 5 years, my chubby little girl has been my constant companion during my most formative years. Yesterday, I found out that she has cancer. Her mortality is clear and present. It makes me sad, but Baby girl, I'm ready to walk down the hill with you.

Minneapolis, MN

Maia The Christmas Miracle

I had a cat named Solly that I grew up with in childhood. It took me a very long time to accept that she was gone, having died several years ago of kidney failure, right before my birthday no less, but I was ready to take in another cat My grandmother said she would go with me to choose one for christmas. I was so happy I cried! At Midnight, 8 hours before My grandmother was picking me up to visit the rescue shelter, I got a call from a friend of mine. Her brother found her the day after Christmas dumped in her carrier in an empty semi trailer behind the supermarket where he worked and took the frozen little cat home. This winter was exceptionally cold, and the poor cat was lethargic from being trapped outside. He only found her because she let out a weak little mew as he left to go home. I went to visit and what did I see? A small, terrified little cat who was just entering adulthood. I doubted my dad would let me choose her, because I was only allowed to adopt a declawed cat from the shelter, but when he saw her he caved and I took her home. It was all thank's to Jackson Galaxy's "My Cat From Hell" allowed her to stay, having seen that clawed cats can be trained and having seen how bad the declawing surgery is. My grandmother helped me to pay her first vet visit, and she was mine! For a month or two she was terrified of people and growled and swatted if you approached her, but slowly she calmed down, and she grew to trust us. It took a lot of patience and time, but you would never know she was such a defensive scared little cat before. She is such a sweet, comical, and well behaved kitty and I love her so much! I don't why she was abandoned, but I'm glad she came into my life. She brings me so much joy and I can't imagine my life without her.

Bloomingdale, IL

Fabian - The Foster Flunky

In the summer of 2009, a woman was walking home, in the downtown area of our city when she noticed a feral cat that had recently given birth. After searching for a while she found the kittens, there were four of them, two calicos, a fawn coloured one and an orange tabby. She checked up on them regularly, intending to take away the kittens to tame them when they were old enough to be weened.

When she was about ready to take the kittens away, the mother cat moved them. it took a little while longer than anticipated to find them again. As soon as she did she took the babies home. At that point, they were about 10 weeks old.

She called the Cat Rescue Network so they could take them in. It was decided that the kittens would be split, two would remain with her and two would come to me. They were very scared little babies.

When we got them home, Fedora, one of the calicos, came around quickly and was adopted in no time. Fabian the orange tabby remained skittish for a long time and no one was showing interest in him. In the meantime, he and another foster, Gabriel, became a bonded pair and they needed to be adopted together.

Fast forward a year later, we decided that we were their home and adopted both of them. Fabian is now a happy cat that is always expressing his opinion about everything, loves his kitty friends, be they foster or permanent, adores his mommy (my 21 year old daughter) and is enjoying the good life with wet food and treats and toys.

We could not imagine our life without him and Gabriel.

BTW his rescuer wound up adopting his two siblings which she had kept. Out of four rescued kittens, three were foster failures.

Vicki Mercier
Ottawa, ON, Canada


I was riding in the car with my Dad on my way home from Mom's, when he said we have two new kittens at the house. My Aunt and Uncle had rescued them off the street near their home and gave one to my Dad and the other to my Grandpa, right after my sister and I had gone to visit our Mom. Sadly when we arrived the one that was given to my Dad had died, due to an illness he had picked up before his rescue. The brother was fine and was kept inside for the first few weeks until he was old enough to go outside with the older cats. We named him Pounce.

He was quickly adopted into the ranks of the older cats that we took care of outside, and we adopted another from the shelter named Jewels. The two quickly became friends and were inseparable. He lived quite happily like this for two years or so, but then I got a job that required me to move to my Grandparent's about an hour's drive away. With some begging and promises made I got to bring my little boy with me, now he lives with me, inside at night and he goes back and forth during the day. He's my baby and loves to boss the dog around like the king he thinks he is. That's the story of my little black cat named Pounce.

Walton, KY
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