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Destructive Indoors with a great purr

I moved to Minnesota in 2009 to attend grad school. Living thousands of miles away from all my friends and family, I decided to get a cat to keep me company. I had never had a pet before, and now that I wasn't living with my parents, I was able to finally get the cat I always wanted.

I took the bus and walked a mile in the rain to a suburban humane society. There I found Zooey. I was looking for an adult brown and white tabby, which Zooey technically was. She has a white spot on her tummy. She was so chubby and frisky and I was drawn to her immediately. Her tag said "Destructive Indoors" with a volunteer note that read, "Zooey is an affectionate cat with a great purr!" She lived up to her shining endorsement in the "get to know you" area.

But "Destructive Indoors"? That sounds like a reason why cats are put down. No one wants to adopt a cat that is destructive indoors. I asked an employee if they had any more information about Zooey. They pulled her file and her previous owners surrendered her because she broke a 250 dollar lamp. "That's a stupid reason to get rid of your cat, but that's okay," I thought. "I own no such nice things and don't intend to. Baby cat, you are mine." I took her home and was in love.

It has been 5 years, my chubby little girl has been my constant companion during my most formative years. Yesterday, I found out that she has cancer. Her mortality is clear and present. It makes me sad, but Baby girl, I'm ready to walk down the hill with you.

Minneapolis, MN

Maia The Christmas Miracle

I had a cat named Solly that I grew up with in childhood. It took me a very long time to accept that she was gone, having died several years ago of kidney failure, right before my birthday no less, but I was ready to take in another cat My grandmother said she would go with me to choose one for christmas. I was so happy I cried! At Midnight, 8 hours before My grandmother was picking me up to visit the rescue shelter, I got a call from a friend of mine. Her brother found her the day after Christmas dumped in her carrier in an empty semi trailer behind the supermarket where he worked and took the frozen little cat home. This winter was exceptionally cold, and the poor cat was lethargic from being trapped outside. He only found her because she let out a weak little mew as he left to go home. I went to visit and what did I see? A small, terrified little cat who was just entering adulthood. I doubted my dad would let me choose her, because I was only allowed to adopt a declawed cat from the shelter, but when he saw her he caved and I took her home. It was all thank's to Jackson Galaxy's "My Cat From Hell" allowed her to stay, having seen that clawed cats can be trained and having seen how bad the declawing surgery is. My grandmother helped me to pay her first vet visit, and she was mine! For a month or two she was terrified of people and growled and swatted if you approached her, but slowly she calmed down, and she grew to trust us. It took a lot of patience and time, but you would never know she was such a defensive scared little cat before. She is such a sweet, comical, and well behaved kitty and I love her so much! I don't why she was abandoned, but I'm glad she came into my life. She brings me so much joy and I can't imagine my life without her.

Bloomingdale, IL

Fabian - The Foster Flunky

In the summer of 2009, a woman was walking home, in the downtown area of our city when she noticed a feral cat that had recently given birth. After searching for a while she found the kittens, there were four of them, two calicos, a fawn coloured one and an orange tabby. She checked up on them regularly, intending to take away the kittens to tame them when they were old enough to be weened.

When she was about ready to take the kittens away, the mother cat moved them. it took a little while longer than anticipated to find them again. As soon as she did she took the babies home. At that point, they were about 10 weeks old.

She called the Cat Rescue Network so they could take them in. It was decided that the kittens would be split, two would remain with her and two would come to me. They were very scared little babies.

When we got them home, Fedora, one of the calicos, came around quickly and was adopted in no time. Fabian the orange tabby remained skittish for a long time and no one was showing interest in him. In the meantime, he and another foster, Gabriel, became a bonded pair and they needed to be adopted together.

Fast forward a year later, we decided that we were their home and adopted both of them. Fabian is now a happy cat that is always expressing his opinion about everything, loves his kitty friends, be they foster or permanent, adores his mommy (my 21 year old daughter) and is enjoying the good life with wet food and treats and toys.

We could not imagine our life without him and Gabriel.

BTW his rescuer wound up adopting his two siblings which she had kept. Out of four rescued kittens, three were foster failures.

Vicki Mercier
Ottawa, ON, Canada


I was riding in the car with my Dad on my way home from Mom's, when he said we have two new kittens at the house. My Aunt and Uncle had rescued them off the street near their home and gave one to my Dad and the other to my Grandpa, right after my sister and I had gone to visit our Mom. Sadly when we arrived the one that was given to my Dad had died, due to an illness he had picked up before his rescue. The brother was fine and was kept inside for the first few weeks until he was old enough to go outside with the older cats. We named him Pounce.

He was quickly adopted into the ranks of the older cats that we took care of outside, and we adopted another from the shelter named Jewels. The two quickly became friends and were inseparable. He lived quite happily like this for two years or so, but then I got a job that required me to move to my Grandparent's about an hour's drive away. With some begging and promises made I got to bring my little boy with me, now he lives with me, inside at night and he goes back and forth during the day. He's my baby and loves to boss the dog around like the king he thinks he is. That's the story of my little black cat named Pounce.

Walton, KY

My Two Bestfriends Save My Life Everyday

What can I say? My two pups save me everyday.

I was just back from my third Ira deployment, and was in the middle of a separation. My counselor recommended a dog because studies had shown that dogs can help with PTSD. I had always grown up with a dog, and it just seemed natural. So I decided to check the local pound and that is when I saw Sabot (German Shepherd/Labrador mix). He was so tiny (which changed very soon lol) and sweet. When I picked him up and he kissed me on the nose, my heart melted and I knew I had found my boy. From that day on, we were inseparable. From a puppy, he always knew when I needed him. I know it sounds crazy, but he listens when I need someone to talk to. And he is the calm I need when in a crowd.

When I was relocated to California, it was still just Sabot and I at first. We were still best buddies, but I knew he needed someone there with him while I was at work. After walking Sabot one night, he kept pulling me to the garbage dumpster to see something. I knew something was up because he rarely pulls, and he was whining like he needed something. That's when I saw Akira (Siberian Husky). She was dirty, starved, and scared. She was timid and didn't seem to trust me at first, but instantly went to Sabot. It took some coaxing, but I was able to get a leash around her and bring her into the house. I gave her a bath and so much food I think I almost went out of it, lol. After that, she was instantly a daddy's girl. I thought about looking for her family, but that's when I realized she found us. There was a reason Sabot wanted to go over there so bad.

I couldn't imagine not having my two pups. We are there for each other, and I love them dearly.

Pomona, CA

My little Tripod

Java's mother was rescued from a life of neglect and she had 5 beautiful babies in my home. He was the third to be born, last to be able to see, and the biggest bully I've ever seen. I kept him and his brother (the runt) because noone wanted them together and I couldn't seperate them. I fixed them both. They were inside/outside cats. Java wandered off one night and came back a week later with his leg dangling behind him. Me, only being 13 at the time, has no car, no money, and lots of love for my boy. My mom was at work and didn't know how severe his injury was. I called everyone of my friends and Hailey's dad was able to take me to the vet. They told me he wouldn't need an amputation but had two breaks in his pelvis and was most likely hit by a car.

A week later, he began chewing on his leg which he now had no feeling in. I called the vet and they told me that yes, he would need an amputation because it wouldn't heal. I started an online fundraiser and raised the money for his surgery. He was a tripod not a week later.

He came home, walked right out of his crate and looked for food. He took his medicine very easily and is now an inside kitty.

He's bonded with my other inside cats Simba & Kiara.

Java will forever be afraid of cars now and pees everytime he's in one, but that's ok because he's my boy and I love him even with three legs. <3

Byron, IL

Danaijia & Kittens

I went to a farm to adopt a kitten. I met the best cat I've ever had. I was greeted by a big pregnant calico as soon as I stepped out of the car. Thse were farm cats and none were spayed or neutered. I went inside the house to look at kittens, reserved one of the young ones and came back outside. The same calico was waiting at the door. I kneeled down and she climbed into my lap and began purring. I knew that was my cat. I told the woman nevermind on the kitten, I wanted her. She told me her name (Danaijia) and that she came here as a kitten and has been around for 7 years, having a litter every year, so this was her 7th. Just two weeks after we got her, she had 5 beautiful babies. I had to break the sac and cut the cord for the last baby, Peanut. She had 3 girls and 2 boys - Bella, Charlotte, Java, Rosie, and Peanut were their names. Bella and Rosie were calicos and went to live together. Charlotte was a beautiful tuexedo and lives down the street. Java is a solid cream color. Peanut is cream and white patched. I kept both boys.

Danaijia got sick when the kittens were only 4 months old and I had to say goodbye. Thankfully, my girl was spayed and she knew she was finally loved. She was my best friend for the short 4 months I had her. I miss her everyday and will for the rest of m life. I see so much of her in her now 2 year old boys and have rescued another pregnant cat in her honor.

Byron, IL

Ellie - A Rescued Pregnant Mama

Pregnant Ellie and another 18+ yr old cat were left in the apartment when the owners neglected to pay rent and left. Nobody could get the cats until the landlord had taken the owners to court. When they finally did, Ellie's kittens were already 12 weeks old, still nursing because they had no other food to eat. The window had been open so Ellie was pregnant again. The landlord was going to take them all to a shelter when a neighbor saved them. She re-homed the kittens, kept the old cat and a friend of a friend (my mom) decided to take her. They gave us food (wet & dry) and treats to go home with. They offered to fix all of her kittens when she had them, which we said no to since they obviously did not have the money and we would do it.

She was terrified. She hid under the bed for 2 days and wouldn't come out. We finally caught her and moved her into the bathroom with a nest box on the third day. Within seconds she was a different cat. She came out for love and purrs. She is awesome. She was about 6 weeks along.

As I am writing this, she's only been with us for a week. We are working on getting her used to our other 3 cats and making her feel comfortable and safe. We love our big pregnant beautiful Eleanor Roosevelt.

Byron, IL

Frazzy, My Kitty Soulmate

I never had a cat of my own. I had a sudden urge to go to the shelter 40 miles away and adopt one.

Cat after kitty met my gaze: the typical array of colors and exotic breeds. None resonated with me but I kept looking..As two hours passed my boyfriend demanded we leave. I implored for one more round.

As I was looking, I realized I skipped a cage. Peering inside, a tabby female greeted me. Another cat, also a female, was facing the other way. I said to the greeting kitty, "let me see your sister." Her pen-mate quickly turned and shouted a bratty "maw". By that time my boyfriend had snuck up. I shouted "THAT'S MY CAT!" He quickly remarked how plain yet strange she looked! I told him I found my cat.

We made arrangements to meet her. She was so frightened she didn't come to anyone and we had to team up to get her to her cage. My boyfriend asked, "are you sure about this?" I emphatically answered, "she's my cat!"

My mom had a seminar in the same city when Frazzy was ready to come home. I figured i'd sit in the car and get acquainted. When I opened Frazzy's cage.she perched on my shoulder and started sucking my ear lobe.

Since that day in 1995, we have been inseparable. She has somewhat changed. She now loves people over other kitties, likes to lick the juices out of the cat food and save the meaty parts for her buddies, Ellie and Mojo. Yet, likes to have alone time and is still a bit grouchy

Eventually, she realized how sick I was. She gave me such a look of concern that day that I finally went to the emergency room. She saved my life, physically, mentally, and spiritually multiple times.

As she approaches 20 she is still the grouchy, temperamental kitty I fell in love with. Even now, she is the last person I squeeze before I sleep. I'm thankful for the years Frazzy has been with me and for the years to come.

C Mariano
San Jose, CA

Easter Sunday Feeling

Easter Sunday 2008 I KNEW someone was waiting for me at the local shelter. No, I hadn't been thinking about getting another cat since two years prior I had lost my Mookie, my buddy of 17 years. I acted on my impulse and went to the shelter anyway - the feeling was that strong. Low and behold, this one year old adult male cat caught my attention. This little boy from a family that would go to the shelter every week and interact with the kitties was holding him and asked if I wanted to hold him. I immediately said yes and I fell in love. Miko and I have developed an extremely close bond since then. My husband still marvels on the "feeling" I had that day and loves Miko just as much as I do. So then comes Mia - the 4 month old kitten that adopted us. She was outside our house meowing for a couple of days. I kept saying no, I can't, I can't take her to the shelter so finally opened my outside garage door and let her in, coaxing her in with food. She was starved but looked healthy. I put up flyers around the neighborhood and no one claimed her so of course, I kept her. She is now what I call my little bundle of cuteness and love! :) She will lay her head on my shoulder and sleep, just a precious little bundle of sweetness.

Stanwood, WA
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