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Sylbester - The BEST cat ever!

My daughter and I wanted a cat so we went to the local animal shelter. My daughter was busy looking at some kittens when an enormous paw came out of a cage and tapped my daughter's shoulder. She turned around and there he was, a magnificent Maine Coon. He had terribly infected eyes and the cage divider had been removed so there was adequate space for this enormous cat. He weighed almost 20 pounds and was friendly as could be. My daughter had her heart set on a kitten, but this cat had picked us and we connected with him immediately. We knew right away he was ours, or we were his.

Sylbester loves children and people in general. When he hears children he seeks them out and plays with them. Needless to say he is always very popular wherever we live. My Grand-daughter could not say the name the shelter gave him, Sylvester, she said Sylbester, so I felt the name fit because he is the best cat ever. He is very active and strong, and he loves the outdoors. He is so much fun and truly is a part of the family.

Since we have had Sylbester I have been disabled due to a spine condition and lost the love of my life. I was heartbroken over and over and Sylbester never left my side. I was hospitalized 3 times this year, once for was for ten days, and Sylbester cried for me. My brother called me at the hospital everyday and I spoke to Sylbester on the phone to calm his unending cries, that were driving my brother crazy. I thank Sylbester everyday for all his love and attention and helping me through my darkest days. I saved Sylbester once, but he saves me over and over again.

Lafayette, CO

Precious Memories

Only a few of us are lucky enough to find that one special pet, the one that we call our “Soul Pet.” I found my soul kitty when I was 11. She showed up one day on my parent’s farm scared and hungry. As I coaxed her I said “Come here precious kitty.” She came to me and from then on “Precious” was her name. She was a shy cat and didn’t seem to like too much attention from the family but for some reason she loved me the best. We lived on a farm and she loved to spend all day outdoors. Whenever I walked down the field to feed the chickens, she would always follow me. Sometimes she would climb in the loft of the garage and walk out onto the roof to get my attention. She would pretend to be scared so that I would climb up there and save her. Every night she would come inside and already be waiting for me on my bed. When it was time for me to move out, I wanted to take her with me even though my parents thought it was a bad idea, due to her age. I took her with me anyway knowing that it would be hard living without her. She must have felt the same way because she gave up the outdoors to be with me. She adapted instantly to the apartment and we jokingly called it her retirement home. My boyfriend loved her as much as I did and she helped make the place feel like home. She loved being the only cat and her personality really shined. Even at 14 years old she always seemed so active and happy. We were taken by surprise when we learned that she had lymphoma. We lost her just a few days later in early November. It has been so hard living without my Precious kitty but I am so glad that she chose me to love and spend her life with. She truly was a gift from God.

Columbus, OH

Calico Cuddles

I wanted a cat for a while and would torture myself wandering into pet stores, but never felt it was the right time to adopt. I am 25 and recently graduated from university, and had been feeling like my life wasn't quite settled enough to have a pet. But then I met Fiona. She was this teeny little 5-week old, 1 lb calico kitten my best friend's husband found in the parking lot at his work this past May. They took her home, asked if I wanted to meet her, and when I came over I just fell in love. I actually moved into a whole new apartment that weekend so that I could keep her, because where I was staying did not allow pets. She instantly became my little baby and I have been so in love with her ever since. She had a bad case of fleas and worms and her tummy was distended from a bacterial infection. She is now approaching 10 lbs, healthy as can be, has loads of energy and is super loving. We cuddle every night, she purrs in my face every morning, and she lays on her back and relaxes when I play soft music. I am so proud of her and am always so happy to come home from work to her greeting me. Rescuing Fiona has greatly improved my life.

Gainesville, FL

A cat named Shoes

My parents rescued Shoes (the big cat in the picture) when he was only a few weeks old. My mom said she found him on the side of the road one day. I was born in May of '73 he was born in June of '73. By the time he was 2 he was a hefty 17 lbs according to a vet record I found.

One of my fondest memories of Shoes is from the day our horse shelter burned down. All the neighbors were over trying to help put it out. I went down to the basement to go outside and shoes was at the screen door looking out. I opened the door and he took off with lightning speed. I watched him as he ran to the dog of one of the neighbors. He launched himself onto the back of the dog, dug his claws in and then jumped off and ran away from the dog-probably with a huge smile on his face! It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen him do.

When he passed away at the age of 17 years, it was very hard for me as at the age of 17 myself I hadn't really ever thought of him not being around. I remember one night a few weeks after he passed hearing him meowing at the front door. I almost jumped up to go let him in, but I also knew that he wouldn't be there, that it was just me hearing him and missing him. Shoes was a great companion and friend for so many years. His last days were filled with the pain from growing old.

Miss and still love you big guy...

Brandi M
Portland, OR

My Italian Boys

I wanted to adopt a kitten as soon as my allergic roommate moved out of our apartment. The biggest problem, I can't go into shelters or pet stores because it breaks my heart seeing animals in cages and I knew I couldn't save all of them.

I emailed at least a dozen shelters and humane society requesting information with no response. I reached out to a childhood friend who runs a dog rescue to see if she knew of any kitten rescues around. She told me she didn't, but that she knew of a person in Tennessee fostering a kitten. She sent me pictures... it was love a first sight.

Fig (Superman) was transported to CT in a vehicle full of dogs. The original foster mom said to leave him alone in a small room to help him relax after such a traumatic experience. It took 15 minutes of him crying for me to let him out of the bathroom and 5 minutes before he jumped up and fell asleep purring next to my face. My heart exploded with happiness in that moment.

After many restless weeks of Fig running around the apartment at 3am, we decided he needed a friend. Mangia (Lion) was adopted a few weeks later, even though my boyfriend wasn't thrilled about having 2 cats.... he's often caught with at least one of them on his lap when I get home. He calls our house Petco because I bring home a new toy almost weekly. I get sad when I leave them and miss them when I'm away for more than a few hours. Fig sits by the shower until I am done and Mangia head butts me for attention and curls in the nook of my arm kneading my blanket every night at bedtime. I can't thank my friends enough for bringing these 2 fur babies into my life!

Liv L.
Wallingford, CT

Roxy aka "Princess"

We had lost our Rotti/Lab, Jake, a few months prior and were not looking for another dog as we already had 2 dogs. Our local Androscoggin Humane Society runs a full page advertisement that shows dogs that are available for adoption. In the paper was a photo of a female version of "Jake" with her head cocked sideways and smiling. Roxy had been in the shelter for about 2 months and after multiple visits and a meet and great with our other dogs, we adopted her. The next day, she began barking at strangers when they approached the house and seemed to realize she was home. A few years later, she "adopted" our golden retriever puppy and taught him the ropes and they have become best friends. She's older now and has some arthritis but still loves to hike, swim and snowshoe and has been the best dog ever.

Auburn, ME

Scheduled to Die

She was 6 months old. And she was scheduled to die that day.

The rural shelter in which she was born did not have resources to spay/neuter kittens, so once they reached 6 months old, they were put to sleep.

We were not going to adopt another cat. One of our three had just died, and we weren’t ready to add another one. But we did have to go buy food for our two remaining cats. It was Saturday, and we bought our cat food at a local PetSmart – one to which a rescue group had rushed 10 kittens earlier that morning after learning they were scheduled to be put to sleep that day.

Ginger wasn’t a pretty kitten. She was a bit scruffy and scrawny, with “bug eyes” and big ears. As we walked into the store, we noticed her standing up on her hind legs, pawing through the cage with her front paws, trying to get someone’s attention. She looked straight at us and decided that, yes, we were the people she was hoping to find, and we would take her home. And she would not take no for an answer. We each held her briefly, still not sure we were ready to adopt another cat, until she held my husband’s chin in her paws and licked him.

Today, Ginger is a sleek, shiny 8-year-old, no longer scrawny or scruffy, and she’s grown into her large green eyes and big ears. She mothers her younger playmates and is the most loving creature I’ve ever seen.

Have you ever been chosen by a cat? We’re very glad that Ginger chose us to be her furever folks!

Dunwoody, GA

Our precious rescue

This is my rescue baby, Lula. For days we heard a tiny meow coming from a storm drain right outside our apartment building. Our 16 year old cats would run to the door when she started her meowing fits. It took a few days to finally get her out. It was difficult for her at first to adjust to being a member of the family, but my goodness was it worth it. Her voice is very distinct and raspy, as she had damaged it meowing for dear life in that drain. For the first couple of months she had no voice at all, but dont let that fool you! She is the best cuddler in town! At the time we rescued this princess she was around 8 weeks old. She's now about 9 months and they have been the best and funniest times of my life. She couldn't have come at a better time. She loves toy mice, and I mean loves as in: loves to put them in my shoes, loves to play fetch with them, loves to pretend drown them in her water bowl, and of course loves to rip them to shreds.

Arianna Muller
San Antonio, TX

Oh Brothers

My daughters are 11 and 9 and they love animals just as much as i do.

One day they came home with 2 Blue Russian kittens and told me they lived at the end of the block.

So right away I told them to bring them back.

After a month the kittens started to sleep in front of our back door.

They came as soon as the girls came home from school.

I tried to keep them away from my house because they didn't belong to us.

But seeing them sleep at our back door for 5 days and 5 nights I told my husband to please talk to the owners.

When he returned he said, well I guess we have two new cats.

The owner of the kittens didn't want them anymore and just said keep them if you want them.

I called the boys Frits and Frankie and now they are part of our family.

You see, I can't say no to an animal in need, and these two kittens were in need of a new home...and it just happened to be my home.

I am not sure what would have happened if I would have said no to them...would they have ended up on the street?

Or at the shelter?

At least now I know they have us, and we have two great friends.

sandra howard
swift current, SK, Canada

Our Hero - Sabina Capaldi

Dear Jackson Galaxy,

I would like to nominate a young lady named Sabina Capaldi from Halifax, NS Canada.

This week Sabina did her best to help save a cat in need near Halifax.

The story has a happy ending and everyone involved is elated.

All for the great work of Sabina :-)

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,



(see attached image)


Halifax, NS, Canada
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