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My soul mate

It was 2003.Cold February in Belgrade, Serbia.Situation in animals rescue was so bad.Thousands of stray animals in the street, thousands killed every year by authorities.I just got involved in rescue organization. Already had 5 cats and older dog that i grew up with.My mom called me on that Friday afternoon to tell me about small dog she cared for at the airport.Told her to get her to place where my organization had few cages for neutered dogs and we will see what to do on Monday.Instead she brought her home.The moment i saw her i fell in love. 4,5 terrier mix named Cica. She was scared of everything. Cleaning ladies at the airport beaten her with broomsticks but yet every day for 5 days she found her way to my moms office to be feed. We spent short 9 years doing everything together.She was my love,my savior, my soul.She was everything to me as i was to her.2 years ago lymphoma took her for good.Now her paw is tattooed at my shoulder and its a tribute to most special dog i ever meet.She is missed every day.My angel

Zoja Jovanovic
Belgrade, Serbia

The best friends

I always loved cats, so my husband decided we should adopt one for my birthday. We searched facebook adopt pages for two weeks and almost gave up, just when we saw pictures of tiny little furry kitten with sad eyes. He just asked me "Are you sure?", and I said "Yes!". We went to meet the kitten and her rescuers the same evening. Two girls found her at the gas station, but couldn't keep her.

After almost nine months, our girl became chubby and she was sleeping all the time. The old toys, so as the new ones, weren't interesting anymore. We talked about getting her a friend and about the same time my husband started feeding some kitten at his work place. He looked for kitten a few times after work hours, but couldn't find it. One day, after work, he called me and told me to meet him with a carrier

We stopped by the vet, checked her and took her home. After a few days of adjusting, our two babies started eating and playing and sleeping together. We found the best friend for our big girl! They surely enriched our lives. :)

Belgrade, Serbia

My Price

This is my cat Price. We're a house that stray cats love to come to, despite our eldest outside cat being rather cruel. One day, this mangled black cat shows up, his tongue sticking out. (He has no front teeth from a predicted previous abusive owner) At first, we always made sure that we left enough food out there so he could eat. He would always run when humans were around, but he'd never go far. After we realized he wasn't leaving, we tried to get him to trust us. At first he was hesitant, but eventually he just got use to us. When he realized our other outside cats trusted us, he would eventually let us pet him a little in exchange for food. It took months, but now he is absolutely in love with me. I can't go outside without him trying to wrap himself around my legs or sit in my lap. He is such a little loveball. As I mentioned, we predicted he had some trouble with abusive owners, and was abandoned nearby. I'm glad he was able to find my house, and a family that loves him and makes sure he's safe. I named him after my favorite short story involving a black cat that came out of nowhere, "The Price" by Neil Gaiman. :)

Lancaster, CA

Who rescued who?

A month before I turned 19, I moved out of my parent's house to live with a friend in New Hampshire, leaving behind my first cat because I couldn't take her with me. The pain of being separated from her was eased by my friend's family having several cats, but not having one to call my own was still hard. One day, my friend's dad came home with this little tiny black fluff-ball and handed him to me. He had been a stray that my friend's dad had found on his way home; clearly malnourished, and horribly flea-ridden. Much to the tiny ball of fluff's dismay, this meant immediate bath time in the sink, and a trip to the pet store and the vet the next morning. Immediately he bonded with me (and I with him), and I named him Kyouya (Kyo for short). As time went by and my friend and I went our separate ways, Kyo was the one constant in my life that I had to comfort me. I was in the midst of my battle with depression (several suicide attempts), and he always seemed to be able to tell when I needed that extra affection. He was with me through all my ups and downs, abusive relationships, and moving around...and he was always happiest curled up right on my chest, with his head next to mine. I never thought I would have a bond with a cat as strong as ours, but he literally follows me around the house, will paw at me to get my attention, and once I turn to see what he wants, he headbutts me straight in the mouth. He recently turned 5, and now has a brother, Mihawk, whom I rescued from animal hoarders. Last year he helped me through the loss of my first cat who I had left with my parents (she was 18); and with the recent passing of my grandfather, he once again has stepped up to the challenge of keeping my spirits high. I didn't rescue him, he rescued me...and I know he saved my life.

Bowie, MD

Paws Of Hope

I have forty plus rescue stories now and picking just one of those touching stories is extremely hard. So I will just tell you about the organization that I started back in February 2014, called Paws Of Hope. Paws Of Hope has successfully had forty plus rescues from kittens and puppies to older dogs and cats. All successfully homed and each story speaks love, trust and true courage. I've always had this love for animals even as a young little girl. I'm so passionate about this and I will continue to push forward. I started with a simple facebook page to get the word out about animals being abused, neglected and homeless. That page now has over 500 supporters, I now have a blog, website and t-shirts. I raise awareness everyday and I always love attending events to help out other rescues like myself. I will be in the Pet Expo with my own personal booth for Paws Of Hope come May 2015, it is a big step for Paws Of Hope along with hiring an event planner to fully pull all my thoughts together for a 5k I'm organizing. I love what I do and I hope that the number of animals being mistreated will continue to decline as we continue to fight for the voiceless!

Heather M Russell
Charlotte, NC


Me Personally think that cats are Quite Creepy the way they look at you like thief looking in

Too you soul but Even I couldn't believe how I got my kittens.

One day I was coming home from work and when I got to the train station arough looking

Man told me to put his box next to the bin being frightened and alone I did just that but then

I heard a Muffled Mew and I opened it up there staring up at me was the cutest two kittens

I heard of people dumping kittens but I never thought I would help them I took them home and

The kids loved them Callling the Ben And Gerry.

Sadly Gerry Died the First Tim we let him out in to the Back garden.

He was ran over by a car the image still terrifies me.

He was beheaded and the driver of the car didn't even stop.

Happily Ben lived a lng and happy life (18 years)

Up to date them two kittens saved 20 lives as they made me realise a cat is a loving animal

And to make thier memory go on we adopt from High Kill Shelters.

Please excuse the spelling Candy floss was helping me type ( my youngest Fluff ball)

Dianne Sure
Newcastle, United Kingdom

My Girls: Rosie and Merle

In early January 2012 I was working at a convenient store, while going to school. I had just adopted a boxer/hound mix the previous year, and she was all I could handle. The sight hound really came out in her and she'd chase anything that would run, including the neighboring cats.

As I am leaving work I see a cardboard box someone has left in the back parking lot. Furious, because they left it not 15 feet from the dumpster, I go to get the box and throw it away. I feel something wobble in it, and then it meowed......I opened that box to find the cutest little blue/gray kitten I had ever seen. I was already in love and picking a name. I stopped by the store and got the essentials; toys, litter, food, etc. I got about half way home when I remembered Rosie. I thought there is no way she is going the let this kitten live with us. She's not going to want to share her momma with another baby. But I figured I would at least give her the benefit of the doubt and try to introduce them. We had not been home for 20 minutes and those two were curled up on the couch cleaning each other, and they've been inseparable since. They eat at the same time, play together, and both even get under the covers at night to snuggle when we go to sleep. Rosie has taught her everything she needs to know about guarding the house, and she's turned into a decent guard-cat.

Nacogdoches, TX

Big surprise, small kitty.

2008, I was working for a company that assists the developmentally disabled. One particular fall afternoon I went to see one of my clients. As I was walking up his porch, I saw this moving white mass and cautiously approached thinking that he had gotten a new dog. Upon closer inspection I saw some 10, mostly white with spots, kittens that were snuggling to keep warm. As soon as they laid eyes on me, they scattered! All but one. This teeny tiny kitten at the bottom of the pile just looks right up at me, sleepy eyed, and seemed to say "So, you're human? Big deal." I picked her up, and with my clients permission, next thing I knew I was driving this little baby home with me in my lap.

When I got home, my boyfriend at the time told me that I couldn't have her because of finances. So that weekend we took her to the pound. I couldn't do it, so he offered to. As she left my hands into his she licked my thumb as if to comfort me. I was shattered. This poor baby is comforting ME when her fate is now unknown. It took literally 24 hours and I called the pound to get my baby back. I had to wait 9 days for her to get fixed, chipped and shots but I paid her adoption fees and brought her home.

Fast forward to 6 years later, her name is Luna and we celebrate her birthday on May 19th. She is beautiful, intelligent and affectionate. She is also lazy, listless, spoiled and precious. Anyone that meets my Luna is instantly taken with her. I never knew I could love a cat so very much, but she will always have my heart and I hers.

Inyokern, CA

Kitten Under the Hood

After fostering a 7 week old kitten for my dear friend and seeing her leave to her forever home I was definitely heartbroken. I had been wanting a cat to complete our animal family for a few months, and having a kitten around with our two dogs just felt right. My boyfriend and I decided we would adopt from the local shelter. So we get online, buy some essentials our new cat would need and start looking online for possibles. The same evening, my dear friend who had brought the initial foster kitty to my door gave me a very hysterical phone call. She was driving to work and heard meowing from inside her car! She thought at first she was hearing things, and kept driving. The meowing only grew louder and so she pulled over to check. Sure enough underneath her cars hood was a tiny black kitten curled up on the plastic covering that rested above her tires. She had no where to keep the kitten because she was nearly late for work, she asked if I could house her for just a night until she could figure something out. I drove down to her work that minute, and it was love at first sight. We named her Diva, as suiting to her personality. She loves to be carried around in her bed, loves to play with her mouse toys, and loves to be snuggled up with us in bed. Couldn't be happier about the way fate played out.

Myka Loren
San Pedro, CA

Somebody (Else) Adopt This Puppy ... Please!

I saw her in a rural animal shelter. Her sad face was pressed against the wire of her kennel. Her body was curled up as if she were trying to protect herself. I don't know why I stopped by the shelter that day. I didn't need a puppy! I didn't want a puppy! I begged friends and coworkers to adopt her, but there were no takers. After all, she was a skinny little runt with sad eyes -- not your typical bouncy, happy puppy. One day I called the shelter to check on her. They informed me that as a poor shelter, they had to euthanize any puppies that became ill at the shelter. About an hour later, my new puppy -- Seven -- was in my arms and on the way home. Some good food and a deworming by the vet, and she became a bouncy, happy puppy. That was almost eight years ago. Today Seven (named after a Star Trek character) is a big girl with long wavy fur and keen eyes that watch me constantly as she tries to outsmart me. I know every pet owner says this, but I can't imagine my life without her. I'm so glad I walked into the shelter that day and the little "reject" eventually became mine. And as always, I am hers.

Winchester, VA
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