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Scaredy Cat

After I moving back to Florida with my almost 2 year old male tabby Sammy whom I rescued as a kitten, I decided to adopt a friend for him. I went to the local SPCA and was looking for a kitten or young cat when I came across Margarita. She was crouched up against the back of the cage and looked petrified. Gray striped with the biggest gold eyes my heart melted. Though she was feral and not the loving mush cat I wanted I could not leave her there knowing no one would take her. She came home with me that day in August and after a few days I introduced her to Sammy. They are inseparable now. Margarita would not let me touch her, ran away every time I got close. Slowly she has come around. It's January and now she will sleep on my bed, eat from my hand, and come when I call. She still runs from me most of the time and touching her is a process in the works but I think my Lil Girl will let me all the way in. Most people ask me why I keep an animal I cannot pet, and my answer is simple. She was supposed to be mine and love given needs no repayment.

Gina Calogero
Fernandina Beach, FL

My Jasper, the friendly cat...

This past Sunday I had a home visit from a rescue to see two of their cats, Jackson and January. The first cat I met was January, she was very lovable but hyper. Then we brought out Jackson who wasn't even my first choice. He came out of his carrier and nestled on my bookcase a little shy and afraid. He eventually came down and went to the rescue lady and she petted him and he began to purr and cuddle with her then she handed him to me and he continued to purr and began to cuddle with me. He went back and forth a couple of times and was sold when he put his head on the lady's arm and looked at me. He looked so content and I knew he was a good match. Although he hid and didn't use the litter box for the first couple of days he was here eventually through the rescues advice and constant bonding and petting he felt secure enough to come out and explore. The picture is him sitting on my kitchen window on the other side of my sink letting me know that this is HIS house and he just lets me be his administrative assistant. I changed his name to Jasper as he didn't really seem like a Jackson to me although I do call him Handsome Jack occasionally. I also deal with depression issues and with him here they have lifted to be bearable. I now have a warm, friendly, cuddly love bug to come home to who shows me how he loves me in every way a cat can.

Joshua D
Central, NY

The Luckiest Girl

It was my 2nd year teaching and I had just finished up plans when I heard a "meow" at my outside door. It couldn't be a cat because the school was basically out in the middle of nowhere. Then I heard it again.

As I went to the door, there sat a small tabby kitten. Her tongue was hanging out and there was a long bloody scratch around her mouth. When I approached the door, she became frightened and ran. That is when I saw her tail had no fur and there was matted blood. I knew I had to get her to a vet, but boy was that a feat. Each time I got close she ran. Fortunately, there was a fence enclosing the playground so there wasn't anywhere for her to really go. Finally she came close and laid down. She was tired and scared, but she trusted me.

I sat her in an empty box, quickly gathered my belongings and drove to a vet nearby.They stated she had likely been under a car tire that had backed over her tail (causing her to run and strip the fur). Due to the severity and infection, they needed to surgically remove her tail. In addition, she needed fluids because of dehydration. The catch was someone would have to pay for the services which weren't cheap. There was no hesitation. I couldn't let this innocent kitten suffer. Paying the vet bill was going to be the easy part. Now I had to convince my boyfriend to keep her because I had a roommate who had two cats of her own.

After what seemed like hours of begging, he finally agreed. After her stay at the vet, I brought her over. We named her Abby and were both instantly in love. She has been with us since that day 12 years ago. She is a sweet girl who loves head rubs and her blanket.

Christmas is our favorite time though I feel like I received the best gift that day when Abby found me and made me the luckiest girl.

Denise Owens
Greenville, NC

My Molly

I found Molly hiding under a truck, badly injured. I knew right then she was meant to be mine. I went by my local vet and he kept her overnight. She required stitches in her muscle and outer skin. She also had a bad infection. It took a couple of months but I nursed her back to health. She finally started to come out of her shell and play. Her favorite thing to do was to be in mine or my husbands lap, getting her ears scratched and soaking up the love. My husband had said "so when are we going to find her a home. You know we already have 2 dogs" my response was automatic. "I want her. And I think she looks like a Molly" he agreed and for a whole wonderful year she was my Molly or "MoMo" as we sometimes called her. She was sadly takin from me when she got to close to a car backing out of my driveway. I can only hope that the year of love, affection and care I had for her was of great value to her. It was everything to me. I loved and continue to love her and remember her everyday. I wish I could scratch her ear and tell her I loved her one more time. I say this with tears in my eyes "I love you Molly lolly and I hope you welcome me at rainbow bridge someday" love always- your momma.

Bristow, OK

CoCo - the soldier

In 2006 my parents and I were looking to adopt another dog after our family dog passed away in 2004. My mom worked for a home care agency and with our luck a coworker came to us with info of a Shih Tzu who needed a home. An elderly client of the coworker was moving to a nursing home and CoCo had no where to go other than a shelter. Turns out the elderly woman adopted her from a shelter and only had her for a short time. CoCo has no trace of brown but once we found out where the origins of her name came from, my parents and I were astonished. When the woman first saw her she was dirty, thinking she was brown, named her accordingly. After a bath her colors were revealed and the name stuck. At last we took her home. Later on we found out that she was dumped at the shelter as an adult dog. The only info our vet could give us was that she is an older dog anywhere between 5 and 8 years old. Once settled in our home, we noticed she didn't like her face touched, she didn't know her name, or didn't know how to play. We think she was a victim of abuse and neglect. After many visits to the vet over the years she's been fixed, had many teeth pulled, and treatments for her bad stomach. She is a special needs pets who requires different medicines daily. In October 2014 right before my parents moved away she suffered from congestive heart failure, she would have died if I didn't rush her to the vet. In her best interest my now retired parent's and I decided she would have better care in their new home because of her medicine schedule and special needs. I miss CoCo tremendously but I know she's in the best hands. She's the perfect example of what unconditional love is between animal and human. Nine years later she's still my little soldier refusing to give up even after all she's been through.

Valley Stream, NY

Our Little Cat-Bot

When we went to the shelter, at first we didn't even see the little black tortie kitten in the corner of the room. But then she reached her paw out of her cage and lightly touched my husband - silent, expressionless, but still begging to be noticed. The shelter employee told us that she was found all alone by some college students when she was way too young to be separated from her mother. The kids took her home, but apparently didn't realize that kittens actually need food. When she became weak they dumped her off at the shelter. For us, it was love at first sight and after playing with her for awhile, before we knew it we were bringing her home.

It took only a day to notice her complete lack of expression, and failure to respond to things that most cats would deem frightening. Her face is always blank, and she never made a sound. We now jokingly say that she is like a little robot, our tiny Cat-bot. Despite her "robotic" demeanor, she is very loving and enjoys being near us, our other cat, even our dog, at all times. The two cats are now best friends and are completely inseparable. After many months of spoiling her, she now purrs and she occasionally tries to "head butt" me, but does it with too much awkward gusto and sometimes falls over. She is the unintentional clown of the family and her antics always fill the room with laughter.

We will never know the traumas that she may have suffered as a kitten in the past, but we are thankful for all of the joy she brings into our home in the present.

Lori Shaw
Colstrip, MT

Our sweet Dandy Lion

My husband had told my older daughter that when we moved to BC that he'd let her get a cat. Well, we had tried to get to the SPCA here the first day we arrived and they were closed. So instead we headed out and grabbed all the things that a cat would need anticipating that we'd pick out a girl cat the next day. However, that was not the case.

We looked inside where they had kittens (my husband was against getting an adult cat because our younger daughter was 3 months at the time and he wanted the cat to adjust to being with a baby) and spotted this little ball of orange and white fluff. My older daughter just fell in love, never mind that he was a boy. We paid the fee and brought him home.

Dandy has been a wonderful help in helping my older daughter transition from living in NY to living in BC and helping her learn about responsibility. He's also been great with our now nearly 4 year old girl. He doesn't bite (except when you give him treats) or scratch. He is the perfect gentleman, unless our other cat- Chloe- is in his chair. He does have a fondness for plastic though and caused us to go through quite a few bottles.

Recently Dandy got a UTI and we had to take him to the vet. He's on a new food now and has made a full recovery.

Megan Regnier
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Taz, One Lucky Kitten

One Saturday night in June 2014, two young men walk into the police station where I work carrying a cardboard box. They tell me they caught a kitten in a bar parking lot in a neighboring county. These wonderful young men got some turkey and used it to catch the kitten. Then, unable to find anywhere to drop her off, brought her to our station. She was probably around 6 weeks old, and very close to becoming feral. As I opened the box she hissed at me and tried to look fierce. I picked her up, held her to my chest, and she began to purr. Having no access to animal control overnight I kept her with me. After feeding her some wet cat food we keep at the station, she spent the night snuggled in my jacket or sleeping on me. I took her home in the morning, intending to take her to a rescue group in the area. Over the next two days I fell in love. I had my vet come check her that week. She was malnourished and scrawny, but otherwise healthy. She has grown into a sweet, loving kitten. She absolutely adores my dogs, and they adore her. Unfortunately my other cat has not been swayed by her charms. I am so incredibly grateful to those two young men who went out of their way to rescue that scrawny little kitten. I can't imagine my life without my little shadow Taz.

Silver Spring, MD

My Beautiful Lady Isabel

I'd had Matthew for 6 years when he disappeared one day. After crying my eyes out, posting hundreds of "lost cat" signs, and following up every "found" posting on Craigslist, I had to come to terms with the fact he was gone.

A few months later, I decided to look at the pet postings on Craigslist to see if there were any kittens available. I wanted a brown male tabby, like Matthew. One posting just said "brown tabby kitten" so I replied to see if it was male. When the poster responded that it was female, I kept looking. A few days later, I saw the post show up again, except this time it said, "if no one responds today, we're taking her to the pound". I was irate! I called and said I'd be over that afternoon to get my cat.

When I arrived, a college kid answered the door and handed me a tiny, sick, shivering kitten. Isabel fit in the palm of one hand. I was immediately smitten. It turned out that the students in the house had found her feral mother and siblings, trapped them, and taken the mother to the pound. They gave the rest of the kittens away, but no one would take the runt because she was so smelly.

A trip to the vet confirmed that she had a common bacterial infection that made her extremely gassy. She could clear a room, and did on a few occasions. Extra fun for me, since it turned out that her favorite spot to sleep - then and today, 7 years later - was directly under my chin, and she was gassier the more relaxed she got!

Isabel was wild (climbing curtains, biting ankles) for the first couple of years, but when we got her brother Munky, she morphed into a serene goddess. She still cuddles with me every night, and what's weird is that she loves to sleep in exactly the same spot that Matthew did. She even complains if I'm not in bed "on time" according to her schedule. She's my beautiful lady.

Anna H.
New Orleans, LA

The cat picked by a husky

I've never had a cat even though I really want it. The most reason is that my family (especially my mom) thought cats are not cute and faithful as dogs. Besides, our house is just too small to keep the animals.

Everything changed when we met Huru. One day my friend's brother walked his husky "Google" at the park, then Google found a kitten 'bout 1 or 2 months young in the bush. The dog wanted to play with the kitten but he didn't know how to control the strength of mouth. Finally, the kitten was bitten by the dog and my friend's brother soon took it to the vet. The bite wound was not critical, but now the Google family needs to find a keeper to keep the kitten. If they still made the kitten at their house, the tragedy would becomes again. So they post the photos on the facebook to ask for a new keeper. When I saw that photos, the heterochromia iridum-eyes stunned me. Then I talked to my family and tried to convince them cats are not bad as their imagination.

I succeed in the end, the kitten became the first cat of my lifetime. After discussing we named him "Huru" 'cause he had very big "prrrr" sound.(in Chinese, "huru" is used to be the onomatopoeia of "prrrr" sound.) My mom have changed a lot since we kept Huru. Her becomes very care about cats' knowledge, videos and news. I think that's the best gift that Huru gives us.

Kagamirror Huang
Chung-Li, Taiwan
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