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hand delivered rescue

Angel came to my door. He was just a handful when a stranger knocked on my door asking if this was my cat. I had 2 grown( 16 years and age unknown) rescue cats already so i told the guy no. He grumbled off saying he did not have time to go around the neighborhood looking for his owner. Worried I called the guy back. I had everything to care for him while I tried to find his owner. Well within 6 months both my cats were in heaven and needless to say it has been 6 years and Angel is still here giving kitty kisses,snuggles and laughs every day. He even rides on my wheelchair armrest,

Julie Merritt

Our Loves

Where would I even start with these four rescued loves? Our rotti, Puppygirl, showed up at our house when I was 4 months pregnant. I was just on my way to walk my two dogs (a husky mix and a lab mix who have both passed) when I turned around and these big brown eyes were staring up at me. The last thing I needed was a third dog when I was pregnant and already had two dogs. We tried to find her home for a week with no luck and I told my husband to take her to the Humane Society. He dropped her off and said she looked so sad as he walked away. I felt so bad, I called the Humane Society that day and told them I wanted her back. They had to keep her for 3 days to spay her and I went and picked her back up. She is now 11 or 12 and has been the most loving and well mannered dog and she still loves to fetch her toys and swim like a puppy. After my husky rescue had to be put to sleep due to Cushing's disease, I knew I would rescue another. I adopted our first pit-mix, Sweetie, from HSSA at 3 months old. She has always been skittish, but at 5 yrs now, slowly coming around. After my lab mix had to be put to sleep due to cancer at 9 yrs, I was devastated. He was my first baby and I couldn't stop crying. Within a month, I adopted another pit-mix, Spot, from animal control, because someone posted on Craigslist that he wasn't eating and very thin. $ and 3 yrs later, he is spoiled and healthy. And our last rescue, Lucy, I happened to see her cute face on the Humane Society website and it said she was good with other dogs, cats, and children. We took all our dogs to meet her and she fit in perfectly. We adore our rescued 4 large dogs that are a handful, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Tucson, AZ

Begging kitten just wants to be loved!

I never had a cat all my life. Since I was young, all I had was dogs.

I had a business before & I still have to travel to get the payments of my buyers but one buyer gave me a wrong TN#. So, I have to travel again to email and ask them about it since I forgot my phone. On the way to my house, I realized that a very small kitten had been following the college girls. She tends to try to rub her body to one of the college girls begging to love her. I then remembered the picture that went viral on media where a kitten hugged a man's foot but afterwards left the kitten. Without thinking of the consequences, I pick her up & cradled her in my arms. She just hook her claws to my shirt. I was surprised how malnourished & dirty she was. She even had crusts filling on her eyes. I rush inside the house pick up my phone & the cage and rushed to the nearest city veterinary office. They dewormed her and gave me prescription for her eyes. Everyone was shocked. In my country, cats are deemed dirty.

On the following day, I bought expensive cat food, vitamins, litter sand and box for her. Even though, I'm still a student and don't earn much. I still have to separate her from my other pets.

My parents don't want her around but I fought for her. Let them know that I could take care of her and she's a worthy addition to the family. Slowly but surely, they accepted her.

She accepts also my new rescued & accepts him as her foster son.

Our culture? Ha! If anyone says that cats are dirty. I just told them that cats are wonderful pets and they know how to take care of their urine and feces. They can be bathed of course and they are so OCD to themselves and sweeter than a candy leaving us humans in shame.

Claudine Quinon
Bago city, Philippines

Jasper & Jasmine

I moved out of my parents house when I got married and was so devastated that I was leaving the family cat Pooh behind. I grew up with him so we were very close. But he was my mom's cat and he lived in their house so there was no way I could take him away from his comfort zone. That's when I decided I wanted a cat of my own. I looked online at the county animal website and there was only one cat listed on there for some reason. He looked so cute in his picture. He was 5 months old. He was fluffy all over. When I went to look at him and hold him, he didn't want me to put him down. The lady that worked there told me he was adopted and returned. I knew I had to adopt him. It took me a few days to warm up to him because I felt like I was replacing Pooh. But then we became close. He would wake me up in the mornings to feed him and would follow me everywhere. Then my husband found a cute 6 week old female kitten at his job. He brought her home so she wouldn't have to be alone that night and plus it was cold. Well that was 3 years ago. We ended up keeping her. Now I have two very spoiled cats each with different personalities. She is a very sweet lap cat that whines when I leave her. He is a very independent cat and only likes me and my husband unless he gets to know you. I did end up losing Pooh a year after I moved out. He was 14 years old when he died. My mom made the hard choice to put him down because he had cancer and was showing signs of suffering. I will forever have him in my heart. My two cats really helped me through that dark time when I lost Pooh. I really believe everything happens for a reason and am so lucky they are mine.

Hephzibah, GA

I Came Home With Oliver

I wanted a cat. My cat of 16 years, Miss Kitty, had died a month earlier. I told my husband the morning of June 20th, 2013, that I was ready; I needed another cat.

We headed out that morning to the Orange County (California) animal shelter to choose our new kitty. When we got there, the cat trailer was still being cleaned. We could have chosen to wait inside, but it was a nice day. I decided to walk among the dog cages and say "hi" to the pooches that morning while we waited. Half an hour later, they were still cleaning.

The row of stalls facing the cat trailers were teaming with excited, jumping, barking dogs of all shapes and sizes. Every one was happily yapping up a storm save for one little white Beagle mix named Oliver. He sat quietly at the front of the stall, his little ears tucked neatly back and his large brown eyes looking deeply into mine. I bent down and stroked one velvety ear. According to his paperwork, he was left at the shelter by his previous owners for "landlord issues".

“Honey, we’re getting a dog”. My husband looked at me like I had gone crazy. I brought him over to see Oliver, and he agreed that he looked like a nice little pooch; maybe just the right one for our family. We asked to see him on the visiting patio. Oliver jumped up onto my lap and sat there shivering. I stroked his soft head, and he seemed to relax a bit. He looked at me and licked my cheek. I decided right then that he was coming home with us.

We've had Oliver for 14 months now, and have since acquired yet another dog, a beautiful Shiba Inu named Gidget. They are great friends and we have wonderful days together at the park in Huntington Beach. Oliver is an amazing pooch. I wish I could let his previous human know that he's in a loving home.

DNA says Oliver is not a Beagle, but a Cocker Spaniel Mix!

Joyce Patton
Fountain Valley, CA

Not a second to spare

My wife and young son visited to stray facility on the Army base where I am stationed to say "hi" to the animals. As they got close to the end of the dog pens, the shelter employee directed them to not go to the last pen because the dog in it was going to be euthanized later that day. This prompted my wife to go look at the doomed dog. In the pen was a skinny, nearly hairless brown pit bull with a severe eye infection. The reason fo her death sentence was because she is a pit bull. Our son instantly fell in love with the dog and began asking if he could have her but she was "unadoptable". Pit bulls are "vicious" dogs according to DOD and they cannot be adoped out of a shelter by anyone except a rescue and are regularly euthanized. The shelter worker wasn't interested in trying to get the dog placed with a rescue. Heartbroken over this poor dog's situation they left. After many phone calls and tears, we begged a shelter manager to go get the dog. Karma was rescued by the the shelter manager minutes before she was killed. The dog was being walked into the room to be euthanized . Karma was used in dog fighting and is blind in one eye because of it. Karma's scarsonly go skin deep; her soul is pure and heart golden. Karma loves my toddler son and plays very gently with him. She is not aggressive towards any other animal and has no prey drive. Her only interests are kisses and playing ball. Currently, she is being fostered unitl we can get her to Idaho to a service dog trainer. Once Karma has her credentials she will be donated to a veteran in need. Karma will provide the love and comfort to a Wounded Warrior that wasn't given to her in her earlier life. Her smile warms the heart of everyone who meets her while her goofy ball chasing antics bring a smile to their face. She is a gift in so many ways.

Lindsay Whitcomb
Fort Rucker, AL

My Mexican Street Puppy

My daughter and I were driving down the Baja California peninsula to go whale-watching and stopped in a little Mexican town for lunch. We got a bit lost and ended up in a pretty remote area.

As I was turning around in a dirt lot, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something moving and when I approached, it was a tiny brown puppy, no more than six weeks old, gnawing on an old apple core. She was so skinny and so infested with fleas and ticks, she just broke my heart. We're taking her with us, I told my daughter.

So we cleaned out the cooler, made her a bed with paper towels and drove back into town to buy supplies. We found a grocery store and bought flea shampoo and some food and went out into the alley behind the store to give her a bath at the spigot. She was so scared and so tiny but we all just fell in love.

We drove to the whale camp and spent several days camping and whale-watching with our new puppy, Ballena (Spanish for Whale). She came everywhere with us and was the perfect little traveler. Today, she is eight months old and my constant companion. She loves the ocean and car rides, which she came to love early in life and is happy and healthy.

A dog was not in my plan but she came to me and stole my heart and I cannot imagine my life without my little whale.

Michelle S
Phoenix, AZ

Sheer Force of Will

Will was dumped, and found roaming around in Georgia when he was picked up. He was near starvation, and wasn't expected to make it. This is how he got his name--he survived by sheer force of Will! When I adopted him from his foster family, he weighed 28 pounds. I could see and feel all of his bones, and his fur was coming out in huge clumps. His teeth had not grown in correctly so he resembled a parrotfish! His manners were terrible. It took six very challenging months to feed him up, let his fur grow back and teach him how to trust me and just be a beloved house pet. After that? He was a 50 pound lap dog who never met a stranger. I had him 11 and a half years before he passed peacefully earlier this week. Whoever it was who dumped Will missed out on a silly, hard-headed and sweet, sweet animal. Please consider rescuing your new best friend, even if he looks weird or is missing some teeth or takes extra time to train. Will was worth it!

Patchogue, NY

Dexter and Jess

I rescued both dexter the ginger boy and Jess the tiny little black and white sweet girl at the ages of six months they weren't related but as you can see loved each other dearly. Shortly after getting them I realises dexter had problems getting up and down stairs and following an X-ray it was found his lower spine was fused from birth meaning he was sore on moving a bit like arthritis they thought , he started on steroids which made his life bearable . At around this time he started having diarrhoea which was of unknown cause this was with him until the last six months of his life. Despite all theses problems he had an amazing life with me and Jess being truly loved .That was until the summer of 2012 when they both got diarrhoea and vomiting they spent a few days at the vets and it was discovered they both had feline corona virus . Six months later at the age of 14 Jess had a cardiac arrest I front of me I tried to resuscitate her but was unable to , they think the virus went to her heart and killed her . Both dexter and I were heart broken and missed her so bad at times he looked so depressed , he survived a further six months when I noticed he wasn't breathing great and took him to the vets , they discovered his lungs were full of fluid and he couldn't breath I had to have him put to sleep to stop his suffering they were fairly sure the corona virus had turned into fip so it got them both within six months of each other . As much as I miss them and was heart broken I know they both had 14 wonderful years with me and gave me so much joy and love I would do it again in a heart beat . I have three other cats now and a new generation but I shall never forget them and I'm so grateful they chose me to be there mum.

Sue Bryant
Tiverton, United Kingdom

Samwise and Severus the BOGO deal

My 16 yr old cat Teddie was very sick had to be put to sleep Aug 10, 2013. Her sister Tigger passed away July 2012. I'd adopted them when they were 2 months old, they were so precious to me, especially Tigger.

The next Saturday I went to a pet event with family. I wasn't looking for another cat, but I had stopped at a booth to admire an easy going, friendly beautiful soft long haired orange tabby who allowed me to pick it up and cuddle. I really liked him but felt it was too soon to adopt. But, all weekend I dithered finally calling to see if the orange tabby was still available for adoption which he was, I told them I was still thinking about adopting the cat and would call back to let them know my decision.

I didn't know then I was waiting for a sign. It came two days later, in the form of losing five charms from a necklace I'd been given as a remembrance for Tigger and Teddie. I found four in the driveway. The last one, Tigger's charm, I was despairing of finding when I thought of looking under my shirt and found it stuck over my heart. I decided then that it meant it was okay with Tigger and Teddie and I needed to adopt a new kitty and they are always with me in my heart.

So Samwise came home the next week, accompanied by another little fella (Severus) who claimed me while I was there! I had lamented I didn't bring enough cash for both, when BOGO deal was offered!

Having only female cats before, I took time finding male names that fit, then I took Severus and Samwise to get neutered. Surprise, Samwise is a female! (I admit I hadn't noticed, what with all the long hair!)

Sam a loving sweet Maine Coon cat who chirps and trills, and Sev is a rambunctious loving big baby boy who purrs like a chattering diesel engine. They stole into my heart and healed it with their love.

McCordsville, IN
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