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Mini Manson

I had been begging my mom for a cat for months. But I was emotionally unstable for awhile and we were having issues with our dogs. When the one dog passed away and I was in a better state mentally my mom finally decided I was allowed to get a cat. I swore he would be a short haired black kitten so I could name him after Marilyn Manson. After searching online I found this 1 year old small fluffy boy named Gage. He has severe allergies, was returned to foster care from his last home because he's too needy, and was just waiting to find someone who wouldn't give up on him. He wasn't even close to what I wanted but I saw those eyes and knew I had to have him. Almost a month later he finally came home with me weighing 7 pounds and being shy, I renamed him Manson. He rules the house now, is 13 pounds, and is a total mamas boy. His allergies have all but cleared and I believe the skin issues were from stress mainly not allergens. Him and I have a unique connection mentally, he knows my moods and mood swings and helps the best he can...he is my best friend. Sometimes the best things in life aren't exactly what you expected!!! Adopt don't shop!

Lancaster, PA

My Caleb

I already had one cat who had decided that my husband was to be her human and my only purpose was litter box and food patrol. She wouldn't let me touch her nor interact otherwise which broke my heart because I love cats so much and was missing the interaction. So I went to my local animal shelter last October and they were giving away cats for free complete with all the starter shots, and the cats were already fixed, good deal I thought! I visited their many furbabies in different rooms and over in the corner in an isolation cage was this gorgeous long hair black cat,poor thing had whip worms. I went to him and he grabbed my hand with his paw and started licking me. I knew he was to be mine or rather I was his. I brought him home with me that evening and treated him for the whip worms and slowly introduced him to my other cat. The 2 of them play with each other constantly now. He spends his moments following every move I make and lays in my lap constantly. He gives me kitty kisses and lets me know I am loved. The best freebee I have ever gotten.And I have the interaction I was longing for!

Tallahassee, FL

My Callie

About a year ago our new neighbors brought home this little "walmart" dog that they picked up for free. They just chained her up in the backyard and gave her a doghouse. Over this past year I had to witness them walking their inside dogs right by her and not even stop to pet or acknowledge that she was there. I cried when it stormed because I knew she was scared. The hailstorm was the breaking point. My husband went over and just asked them if we could take her. She is now an inside dog who is learning how to play and enjoy life. She is the sweetest little thing. We love our little Callie:-)

Melissa Pritchard
Aurora, MO

Finn is where is loves to be, home

We found Finn,after his first owner needed surgery Finn was put in a cat house shelter. I saw a sign cats needed adoption. He was the most shy and scared cat locked up in a bathroom at the house where he was waiting to be adopted, that made me sad. He hid under a tiny blue blanket and bit his own tongue, this cat was all worked up, but we my wife and I fell in love with Finn. We took him home and were charged for some care they claim they gave him at the shelter. It took two long years of being patient with Finn being scared,shy even sometimes screaming but he is good with our other cats and a joy to be around. I just talked to him like he is human, our long conversations and petting him daily has helped. We play with him and comb him and it definitely has mellowed him out. Finn enjoys pet mice,jumping up high and shredding our old sofa.

Finn is a real joy to have in our home a part of our family.

Delilah Dugo
Worcester, MA

Jingles all the way

On a wet spring morning while doing my paper route, I was at a stop when this little bundle jumped into my van and so I went to investigate. I looked inside and there was this cute kitten with a pink collar and a pink bell so I picked her up and have her a kiss and a hug and took her to the steps of the house I saw her come from. On my return to the van she sped by me and jumped right in. I took her around with me and after word I put up posters of a found kitten. No one responded. I have since adopted her and named her Jingles because she had that cute pink bell. We have been so close for the past 3 years and I would never change a thing. This cat has made my life more happy and pleasant. I just love her . Her Favorite place is a open box, and she loves to jump on my belly to let me know its time to give her attention.

Rome, NY

Our Tribute To and For Benny

Attached is a picture, taken yesterday, of our precious little Benny. Sadly, yesterday afternoon, his Mom was faced with the heart wrenching decision regarding the quality of his life and had to send him over the Rainbow Bridge. Benny was the patriarch of our family for 14 1/2 years. He allowed and raised many rescued kittens and dogs that his Mom brought home over the years with tons of patience and love. He moved a lot during his life -- from IN to IL to GA and eight times in GA alone before his Mom was able to buy them a home but he always did it with grace and courage. He lost one of his front legs two months before he met his Mom in January of 2001 but it never slowed him down. He ran and walked with the best of his buddies until just recently. Most importantly, he rescued his Mom from some pretty dismal times. It is hard to express in words, especially through our tears, just how much he did for us and meant to us. He was and always will be loved very much.

And so, my sweet Benny boy, we want you to have a wonderful life in Heaven now and run like the wind again without the aches and pain. We know that your Beloved Papa and late siblings were there to meet and welcome you. Your Mom is truly grateful for all the wonderful years you spent loving her and hopes you will continue to watch over all of us.



Mom, Sarita, Rocko, Teddi, Boo Boo, Tigger, Sammy, Ellie, Chelsea and Honey

Debbie Serafin
Kennesaw, GA


One day in June of 2004 my grandmother and I found that somehow, a feral mama had made her way into our attic and had two very fat, adorable tan kittens. They were only a few days old, eyes still shut. I held the smaller of the two in the palm of my hand. Mama cat later moved them and we didn't see them for awhile. We continued to feed the mama cat in the hopes of getting all three of them friendly.

As the kittens got older they ventured downstairs, but were still hissing at us and running away. After weeks of luring them with canned food, they finally started to like us. The smaller kitten got very, very sick. The larger kitten we named Pepito, but we held off on naming the smaller one because we were sure he wouldn't make it. By some miracle he pulled through and ended up with the name Sibling, because we'd kept referring to him as "Pepito's brother." Pepito stayed with my grandmother and Sibling decided I was his human.

He became a very friendly and lovey kitty, following me everywhere and sitting in my lap while I worked. He loved to eat, and cuddle with his adopted brothers, Jesse and Malan. When it got cold he snuggled under the blankets with me. During warmer weather he would sleep by my head. He loved to be carried everywhere, and he always greeted me when I came home from work.

One day we noticed he was drinking a lot of water, and had been losing weight. Our vet found he had developed chronic kidney disease. We immediately started him on special food and sub-C fluids, but being a feral from an unhealthy colony left him with a weak immune system and the disease progressed quickly. In November of 2014 his kidneys finally gave out and we tearfully said goodbye.

Sibling gave us ten wonderful years. I am so thankful to have found him. He was a sweet, wonderful kitty and we miss him dearly.

Mesa, AZ

Oreo Our child

In the late summer early fall of 2014 I noticed a black and white cat hanging around our home. In late August while watching a friends daughter he walked up and watched us for a bit, then move closer eventually allowing us to pet and hold him. Oreo was a cat that regardless of who tried to chase him off he always came back. Over time he grew on you, the closer it got to winter the more he showed interest in wanting to come indoors so we let him in keeping an eye on him. In the middle of November Oreo started staying indoors as it was too cold for him to be outside. In the middle of December we moved and of course brought Oreo with us. When the weather started warming up Oreo wanted to go back outside and explore the neighborhood and was always home before sundown. However on May 17, 2015 he went back outside after 7pm and he didn't come back in, both my husband and I went outside multiple times looking for him, never founding him. Around 1:30am we decided to get some rest leaving our bedroom window open for Oreo to get back inside, only to be woken up by a big stray cat coming into our window meowing in a sad and sorrowful tone which had both of us back outside looking for Oreo again. We didn't find him so praying that he would be okay we went back to bed, Only to be woken up on May 18, 2015 by my mother calling, asking where Oreo was I was out the door confirming our worst fears Oreo was dead, he had apparently been attacked and killed by a dog before he could jump to safety. It is my belief that the stray cat who entered our bedroom window was trying to tell us Oreo had been injured and was no longer with us. We will miss our Oreo

Rockford, IL


Tommy came to me from a lady I worked with. She was a single mom with two young kids and a menagerie of animals. She was a rescuer. In the town they had just moved from, she spotted a bag on a corner near her kids' day care. It was still there the next morning when she dropped them off. She came to pick them up and decided to check the bag. It held a litter of kittens. They were covered in ants and only 2 survived. She bottle fed the two survivors as often as they needed until they could eat soft food. She gave us Tommy because he wanted the most individual attention. He is nearing 8 years with us and is the best cat ever. Tommy has never used his claws on anyone on purpose and is a great couch buddy. And just look at that nose.

It blows my mind that someone threw away one of the best pets I have ever had.

Dallas, TX

Carmen and Mr.Jinx

Carmen was found dumped in a culvert with her 5 siblings by a nice medic who worked with my husband. We brought her into our home to help take away some of the stress of bottle feeding 5 kittens who hadn't even opened their eyes yet. We like to say that Carmen was raised by my king shepherd who simply adored her. As Carmen grew her pure white coat began to darken around the edges and her calm disposition made her a perfect service cat for my autistic daughter.

When Carmen turned 10 years old, we moved into our current house where she met Mr. Jinx. Mr. Jinx had been rescued as a feral kitten and had never adapted to living indoors at all. Mr. Jinx was smitten with Carmen and he followed her everywhere including through my laundry room window where we had installed a cat door for Carmen. At first Mr. Jinx was just a blur of orange when we would go into our laundry room. However, as summer turned into fall and fall into winter, Mr. Jinx followed Carmen coming further and further into the house until finally, at Christmas, I found them sleeping beside the tree. I went over to let the neighbours know he had moved in with us during this very cold spell. Mr. Jinx passed away the year Carmen turned 14 and he had turned 20. I had never before seen a cat romance, but I am so glad I got to see one. Carmen mourned for about 6 months. Carmen is now 17 years old and has just had a clean bill of health from our vet who says he can't believe she is that old.

Barbara Viklen
Angus, ON, Canada
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