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Cosmic Kronos the CowDog Mix

Born on the side of a road and turned into Pinal Animal Shelter. Abandoned and unwanted.

This was the beginning of life for a litter of mixed Blue Heeler pups and their mom. The dogs were pulled from the shelter by Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue and taken into a foster home. I went to photograph the eight-week old litter and to pick up a certain pup to foster to see if he would be a good fit and addition. However, I was asked to take a second pup to foster temporarily and was given a little houndy-eared, frosty speckled pup with different colored eyes-one icey blue and the other a muted silvery gold.

My brother named him Chronos for the God of Time, although I spell it with a “K." Kronos decided that I was his person and set out to convince me. He would wriggle between his brother to be nearer on the bed and happily race after me and the ball while his brother sat on the sidelines and stared at us. He would always have to be touching me when he fell asleep-he'd reach across from the passenger seat and push his nose into my leg as he drifted off.

The clincher was him putting his paws on my chest when I was crying and his forehead on mine as if to say everything would be ok before curling up in my lap and going to sleep. I officially adopted Kronos soon after.

I had my suspicions of him having hearing problems, though it wasn't until a few months later that I officially had him BAER tested and was informed he was unilaterally deaf (half deaf). However, that has not slowed him down too much-Kronos loves vaulting into water, racing around the yard, learning tricks, and going for walks. His adventures with his sisters can be seen on Tiffany's Diamond Dogs. Kronos is a total goofball with his wide array of mighty noises for a roughly 30 lb dog. He is brimming with personality and vigor and he loves to get a laugh and make me smile.

Tiffany Hughes
Sierra Vista, AZ

The Sunshine to my morning

Coming home after my last exam, I found three little soaked creatures who were about less than a week old, in a box in the rain. They got weaned from their mother this early and this little one is the only survivor as the other two died the next day I brought them home. It literally broke my heart. I called him Rengar and he just turned 2 months old. It requires a lot of care and love to be a foster kitten parent, but I think i did a good job when I see him playing around so happily now. *taps myself on the shoulder* The way I love him is the way a mother loves her child. I still remember when I rushed to town to get him a milk replacement as soon as possible. I give him a bath once a week so he stays clean and free from fleas. I make his food that last for one whole week. I started feeding him soft food after one month. He prefers cooked food rather than raw food but I try to half cook it for him. He has become very playful and this playfulness makes him bite a lot. Sometimes I think he's crazy by the way he jumps around xd We made him this little skirt for his one month even though he's a male. Youtube helped me find out his sex and a lot more. The weird thing is that every time he purrs he looks for my hand to suckle. He's currently teething and becoming very curious about his surroundings. He also saw a big cat for the first time yesterday. It's funny how he won the heart of my family as we have never had a pet before. My parents never allowed me but now Rengar makes them smile so much everyday. He is like a special gift of happiness that has been placed into our lives. My grand father and grand mother who are ninety and eighty seven years old respectively finds peace and joy in his company. Long Live Rengar :D

Port Louis, Mauritius

My Friend Max

Two years ago I was about to turn 50 and wanted a present that would just be for me. I decided that I really wanted a dog because I had never had one. Also, with the kids leaving home, I needed a substitute “child” to take care of and spend time with. It had to be a small dog so our two elderly cats wouldn’t be intimidated. I found Pegasus on the website for Heaven Sent Animal Rescue and, as luck would have it, they were having an event at Pet Smart that weekend. When I walked up to the little corral where they had the dogs, Pegasus came running over to me, barking as if to say “I’m the one you’re looking for!” It was meant to be! I’m sure they had named him Pegasus for his huge ears, but that was too big of a name for a little guy so I renamed him Max. Max was scared of everything at first and hated going out for walks. But with time, patience and training, he is now fine about walking with me around the neighborhood and parks. He’s just scared of large trucks and loud noises. He and the cats have an agreement where they have their own territories in the house, so it's mostly peaceful. He’s a wonderful companion and friend, and loves his people family as much as we love him.

Albany, NY

My sweet Lilith Rose

A close friend's cat had just given birth to a litter of kittens, but sadly only two of her kitten had survived. Monster, later known as Lilith Rose and Roxy, two beautiful calicos, Lily, long haired and Roxy short hair. I was sixteen at the time and when I saw Monster, I was in love and knew she was going to be mine, I would just have to convince my mother. We had already had four rescued furbabies, Caramel, our oldest, Siberian long haired bridle, our second oldest, Lelo, half siamese bridle, Artemis, our all white ragdoll and Coletta, our shih tzu. So it took a lot of convincing to let me bring home a new kitten. At first meeting with all our fur babies, she hissed and growled at them, and she especially bullied Lelo. She even tried to take on Caramel, our queen and alpha of our little pack, that didn't last long, Lily had learned her place.

From the beginning, she knew she was mine, and she made that clear, that I was hers. In the morning, I would find her toys in front of my bedroom door, my mom had later on told me, she was bringing me her kill, showing me how happy she was, that I had saved her. As the years went on, Lily ballooned, she became a big and beautiful cat, who I loved more and more, everyday. Sadly, at 22, my oldest cat, Caramel had crossed the Rainbow bridge and later on that same night, I lost my mother to cancer. I was destroyed and I have to break up my furbabies, finding them all new homes and Lily stayed with me, I lived with my sister for a short time, before moving out on my own. Lily kept me sane, while I learned to live on my own, which was hard. It's been nearly five years, but life has gotten better, Lily is 11 now, I dread the day I lose her but I still have lots of time with her.

Rochester, NY

The Artful Dodger

4 years ago we adopted a stray, black male Labrador about 5/6 years old. He'd been mistreated by his previous owners and was incredibly timid, missing most of his front teeth and had a cauliflower ear. He was also extremely nervous around men.

On his first walk with us something spooked him and he managed to slip free and run. We spent two agonising weeks searching every possible place he could be hiding. Eventually the call came in about a dog that had been living by the side of a busy dual-carriageway and a few days later he was returned to us.

Since then I have witnessed and shared in one of the most amazing relationships and bonds between dog and human. It was my mum that signed the adoption papers, but he adopted her as much as she did him. The two of them became inseparable. He became her little shadow, following her from room to room, travelling with her in the car wherever possible, or sitting patiently by the door every time she had to leave him behind.

We called him Dodger after the Artful Dodger when we discovered he had a cheeky knack for stealing loafs of bread. Over the four years he regained his trust in people, although has always stayed a little weary of men, bought us lots of laughter, been a reassuring presence though the bad times, but his love, particularly for my mum only grew. They seemed to understand each other in a way I've not witnessed before and his devotion and loyalty to her never wavered.

Yesterday was the hardest day in which we had to say goodbye. He had been so brave and fought to stay with us for so long. We held his head and cuddled him, and told him how much we loved him. I watched my mum's heart break as she had to say goodbye to her best friend. Never have I seen a dog more deserving, grateful and appreciative of a loving forever home, we're just so sorry it couldn't have been for longer.

Jess Myers
Chichester, United Kingdom

Home at last!

We had found a dog and in searching the newspapers for someone looking for her, my daughter came across an ad in Craig’s list for a 7 month old lab/border mix. He was in danger of a neighbor’s aggressive dog trying to get through the fence to hurt him. We’d lost our 11 year old lab mix, Harley, to liver failure about 1 1/2 years before. We cried nearly every day since Harley’s passing but were hesitant to get another one too soon, trying to avoid imposing some high expectations on a new addition.

We felt it was finally time and decided to meet the owners. The puppy was so frightened, we had to leave and get McDonald’s plain hamburgers just to lure him close enough to get acquainted. We’re sure the family thought we would never return. We knew we couldn’t leave him with how excruciatingly scared he was of everything - he wouldn’t do well in the pound and that was his next destination, according to his current family.

At 7 months he had no shots, he didn’t know his name, he didn’t know how to fetch or play, he was afraid of everything, his tail had been broken at some point and he had never been around other dogs (that weren’t trying to kill him through a fence), cats or even humans, except for their immediate family. My daughter named him Memphis and he has grown to be one of the happiest, goofiest and most lovable dogs! He got all his shots, he knows how to play now, he adores my daughter’s Aussie/Healer mix and is fascinated with our 3 cats and everything they do. Memphis now knows what it’s like to be spoiled and loved - like every dog should be! You’re home at last, sweet boy!

Suzanne & Breanne
Sacramento, CA

Isn't she lovely...

This is Styxx; (named after the river in the Greek underworld, not the band, but no offense to the fans of the band) She was added to our fur baby brood about a year ago; We OF COURSE rescued her from a group in San Antonio; I have no idea of her background. She is a lovely lady. She is tiny, maybe 6-7 pounds, or perhaps she just seems tiny compared to her male Maine Coon and Rag Doll/Siamese brothers. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. She is loving and on your lap all the time to make biscuits, but HATES being picked up. We are practicing that gently. She knows when I pick her up and then she struggles a bit, I slowly count to 3 and when I get to 3 she is released. She is starting to trust that it is ok to be picked up as she WILL be released. She seems very happy here with her people and brothers. Her dog sister died several months back at age 14. It has been lovely to have a young one around. She will never let you get lonely!

Coppell, TX

My Honey Cat

4 years ago a friend of mine begged me to take in a skinny, knotted ball of fur someone had named Tawney. She had had 5 homes in 2 short years and had been tortured by other animals and left alone in a house for weeks at a time. She was terribly neurotic. I agreed to take her in and brought her home. Once in my house I did not see her for two weeks. She did not eat because the cat food I left for her went untouched. Finally one night I heard a rustling out of a top shelf in my closet. She joined me in bed and started purring. Soon she greeted me every time I entered my bedroom and she was so sweet I had to change her name to Honey Cat. For the next year the only way anyone could visit with her was if they sat on my bed and waited for her to join us. Everybody wanted to visit with her because she was so sweet and loving. A year later she would come out of the bedroom and follow me around the house but no one else ever saw her out. Soon she got to the point where she would come out of hiding to visit once she was sure the coast was clear. My grown boys nicknamed her the squirrel because she darts around the top of the furniture and the top shelves. Now, 4 years later she is a mostly normal cat. She doesn't run away when new people walk in and she spends her time in my lap or getting attention from visitors. People always comment on how very sweet she is and she loves getting petted so much she pushes her head against your hand when you stop. I'm still the only one who is allowed to pick her up and carry her but she is almost a normal cat now. She even joins me on the porch which is out in the scary world. I can't imagine my life without her.


Cooper the Sick Kitten

My wife and daughter when to visit my mother-in-law in a nearby town. When they got there my mother-in-law had just gotten 3 kittens from my sister-in-law. The kittens were named by my daughter and her cousins. My daughter named one Cooper. He seemed lethargic and couldn't keep up playing with the other kittens. He didn't jump up when the others did and wanted to spend a lot of time cuddling. My daughter loved him immediately. My wife called me to explain about the kitten and how he felt warm to the touch. We decided to take him to the veterinarian. He had ear mites and an unknown source fever, which we got him antibiotics for. After his trip to the Vet my wife returned him to his brothers and sisters and came home the next day. She couldn't stop thinking about this sick little kitten. We decided to have her mother bring the kitten in for us to adopt, we were worried that its life as an outside cat wouldn't be good. She brought him in and we took him to our local veterinarian because the antibiotics did not seem to break the fever. For the next 4 months about we had many trips to the veterinarian. His fever would come down while treated but never stayed away. They tested for many scary cat illnesses. Each time it was heart breaking to hear they thought he had something potentially life threatening or not treatable. After a few months of this he seemed to recover. We had treated his symptoms but never found out what was wrong. The veterinarian has recently done a physical and neutering she discovered scaring in his lungs, but the cause is still unknown. A year later he is fully recovered and perfectly healthy.

Tim Bezaire
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Scotty & Emma

We've had Emma since she was a puppy and recently rescued Scotty from a man who is no longer able to give him the time and attention he needs. Scotty's previous owner is now a full time caregiver to his wife who developed Alzheimer's very quickly. Scotty has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives, even Emma who was getting a bit older (9 years old) is now a puppy herself again as they race up and down the hall chasing tennis balls!

Seattle, WA
Purple Paw Quilted Jacket
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