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Noche' found a Mommy

I was washing my car and saw a tuxedo cat. It came towards me I started feeding the cat. She started sleeping at my front door mat. My neighbor said he believed the cat was thrown out the neighbors house.Well a few weeks later my hunny said we have to take her in. I never had an animal in my life and was scared of scratching and my figurines broke. I created a basket with a cover for her so she wouldn't get wet when it rained. He said lets take her to the vet. So the friendly kitten came in my house and I took her to the vet the next morning also I brought a carrying case for her. The vet said she was healthy and about 1 years old and she got fixed. They said you can pick her up between 4-6. I thought of this friendly little cat all day & I picked her up at 4:07. I kept her and she has been the best little blessing and has never scratched our broken anything. I've taught her a few tricks, she has outfits and moves her tail when I say move your tail our little game. As the hunny says she lives better than most people. I named her Noche' from Buenos noches since she showed up at night and she's a tuxedo. she's a 100% house cat and I've had her about 2 years now.

Philadelphia, PA

I never knew how special it was to be a cat guardian until my cat picked me to be hers

Here in Ohio, it gets cold. And I mean reallllllly cold. Winter seems to last forever and people and their pets hibernate. One particularly chilly Saturday afternoon, I was getting ready to head out on some errands. I opened my garage and as I did, I heard a frantic meowing coming from somewhere in there. It's not uncommon for neighborhood cats to get stuck in our garage overnight, but as soon as you open it they sprint out and go about their business. However, this little cat came running up to me and I noticed she was extremely skinny and malnourished and instead of trying to get away from me, she kept rubbing my legs and pawing at me to pick her up. As soon as I picked her up, she snuggled into my hoodie pocket and there was no way I couldn't take her inside and let her recover from being outside in the freezing temperatures.

I've never had a cat before, and as much as I love all animals, I'd never really considered owning a cat myself. But when I picked this tiny little cat up and took her inside, I had a feeling she was here to stay. I currently live with my parents, and was worried they wouldn't be okay with me keeping her since we already had two dogs. However, one look at this sweet little ball of fur and she melted their hearts as fast as she melted mine. She quickly made our house hers too and settled in as if she'd been here the whole time. Learning about her and taking care of her has so far been a wonderful experience and truly rewarding. I never knew how special it was to be a cat guardian, until my little Veronica picked me as hers, and I'm so very glad she did!

Mansfield, OH

My husband said no more dogs!

I was driving home from work one evening and near an old farm (no one living there at the time) I saw a black dog trot out to meet my truck. I was under "orders" from my husband that we could not have any more dogs, since we had 8 at the time ( rescues and pound puppies ) as I drove by he started to follow me down the back country road. I did not live far from there so I slowed way, way down but he finally gave up and went back to the old barn. I could not sleep that night, thinking of the dog out there all alone with no food. When I left for work the next day I told my husband there was a ham bone with meat on it in the fridge and asked him to take it to the dog when he went out to run errands. About two hours later I received a call at work from my husband informing me the dog was sitting in my living room. We named him Drax, he is a Chow mix and smarter than a lot of folks I know. He immediately bonded with my husband.When we packed up our house to build a new one in its place he was nervous and upset as he saw us filling boxes and moving them out. It made me realize that his former family must have packed up and moved and then dropped him out in the country. When he saw no one was going anywhere he seemed so happy. That was almost 16 years ago and he has been by my husband's side most of the time since. He is getting old and is grouchy and has to be watched because he sometimes is a bit tipsy, but he has been a member of our family and still loves to go for rides with his human.

F Moxley
Pomeroy, OH

How Our Cat and Kittens Adopted US!

Around June of last summer, (2013), we had a mother cat and three babies come to our house and spend time around the house. Well, since I’m allergic to cat dander and the landlord didn’t really want us to have any pets; we couldn’t keep them. My boyfriend’s sister-in-law took one look at them and said she had to foster them since the Shelter couldn’t take them in at this time.

Flash forward to one week later. We open the door and there is an orange tiger around the porch with two small kittens with her. We figured the kittens to be only about a month old. Mama Cat was fairly friendly, but there were times she kept her distance. The kittens were extremely friendly, allowing us to pick them up and play with them. They hung around the house for about a week. Knowing there was no one to foster them, the landlord allowed us to keep them. (As to my allergies, well, the cat and kittens won out and we figured that I could take an allergy tablet daily!)

A couple of months later we took the mother cat in to be spayed. She was estimated to be about two years old. They also removed a tooth that was damaged; the vets think it was damaged in a fight. Mama cat (which is her name to this day) was really grouchy when she came home after the surgery; we just attributed it to the spaying and the removal of the tooth. We had the kittens neutered about a month later. The boys were estimated to be about four months old at the time of their surgeries. They came home happy and playful; it didn’t seem to bother them. Today, all three felines are extremely happy and healthy, including Mama who loves to jump and play just like the kittens. And they all love to be both indoors or out. There isn’t any way we could split them up now, they’re a part of our lives forever. (Mama is on the right with her paw around kittens.)

Marie McGregor

Our Mischief Maker

I've had plenty of rescue animals in my life that my family and I adopted. Mischief was 'The Cat Who Adopted Us'. In January of 2006; my sophomore year of high school there was a really nasty snow storm going on. I went out to find this cat on our front steps. Didn't know the gender until later when a friend of mine checked because anytime I tried she used me as a scratching post. So she started out as Jinx due to her gorgeous green eyes. My stepfather wouldn't let us keep her inside so I had to put her back out in that weather.

The next morning when I went to let one of our two dogs out the cat walked into the house like she owned the place. In hindsight I guess she saw it as we were her people so that was her home. We put up posters trying to find her owners and her name went to Mystery before my friend verified the gender. About two weeks after we had put up the posters a lady at the town office told us the cats family had moved and left her outside. In the middle of a Maine Winter. So Mystery became ours. Once her gender was verified she became Misty. Her name was changed a final time to Mischief after her personality came to light.

She had a personality that seemed almost human at times. She wouldn't leave people food alone. Any snacks that my Mother and I enjoyed couldn't be left unattended or Mischief would try and stick her head in the bag or box. She was the only cat my stepfather liked. We lost Mischief in 2012 she was roughly ten; to kidney failure, but in the time we had her she was never missing on love. She was such a special family member that it still hurts to not go home and see her trying to slip outside when no ones paying attention.

liz cyr
newburgh, ME

He Found Me

Not really needing or wanting another cat, we had 2 already, I found myself wandering through the local pet store which offers rescue cats and kittens from the SPCA. It was winter time and the draw strings at the bottom of my coat were hanging loose. I didn't even notice the little tabby in his cage as I walked by, but he grabbed onto one of the strings and caught me! I inquired about his status and was informed that he been been returned twice due to litter box issues and was finally diagnosed and treated for worms so no more problems. I had to fill out forms and ask my husbnad if it was ok, when I called back to say we would pick him up, I was told that someone else was also interested and it would be first come first served. So I dragged my husband to the mall pet shop the day after Thanksgiving to pick up my new buddy.

"Rocky" has been with us since 2002 and is now my only pet, well actually he is my best friend. He is more like a puppy, always at my heels or on my lap. A consant companion, foot warmer and the keeper of all my secrets. He has seen our children grow up and move out of our home, he has been with me on all of my good days and stays right by my side on my bad days. Empty nesting has been a bit easier knowing that Rocky will greet me at the door at the end of my work day.

He is now an insulin dependent diabetic with some other health issues, but we spend lots of time cuddling and he is so good about his treatments. He even lets me check his blood glucose levels every morning without much of a fuss. I can't imagine the last 12 years without him, and I know how lucky i am that he chose our family to be his family.

Polly T
Lancaster, NY

"Hey Lady, I got your dog!"

That's what the guy who helped me chase down the puppy during rush hour traffic said as he held her up by the scruff of the neck. I told him it wasn't my dog. He said he had five at home already so if I didn't take her, she'd wind up playing 'Frogger' in traffic again. Lucy spent the ride home cowering behind the seat on the floor. It took three baths to get her clean and several trips to the vet. Apparently, although only four months old, she had been abused and that influenced her personality the rest of her life.

We named her Lucy but soon started to refer to her as 'Lucifer, Satan's Spawn' after she ate a sofa, love seat and my bedroom carpet. It took that long for me to figure out to crate her but that worked like a charm and now, at thirteen, Lucy's just a good 'ole girl who's adapted to changes and just keeps on giving love. Instead of a photo of Lucy, this is a painting I did from a visit to the park one day.

Loudon, TN

Kringle and Ellie - The Tail of two rescues

My son rescued Ellie (the black doggie in the bottom corner) and even though she is scared of everything when left alone she turns into 20 lbs. of chaos. Kringle (the Chiweenie) was born with Distemper, so he is our bouncy baby. The two of them together is complete mayhem. They run, they play, they destroy. We wouldn't have it any other way. :o)

Aurora, CO


I travel all over for work. In 2012 I was working in Juliette, Ga. I rented a small MH close to the job. After a month of being there I had a visitor when I got home one afternoon. This cat was underweight and not exactly friendly and he was so hungry. I didn't have anything to feed a cat as I have 2 small dogs but I had some tuna. I put it in a dish and set it on the porch and waited. With me there he wouldn't come near so I went back inside and watched from the window. He came and he ate. Wasn't sure if he would return the next day so I waited to purchase catfood. The next day he was back, and every day after. I bought food and fed him regularly. It took a few weeks but he warmed up to me and soon was greeting me each morning as well. But he wouldn't come inside. I was in the country and way off the road so I prayed he would just hang out. He did. I set a crate on the porch and he would sleep in it. When the job was over I moved back home. I looked all day to find him before leaving but for some reason he didn't show. It was late so after talking with my landlord (who agreed to feed Bisquit when he showed) I left. A few days later I got a call. The cat refused to eat anywhere except the porch where I had stayed. I drove up that weekend and waited. It took a few hours but he came. He was so happy to see me. I brought him home and he is now my baby. And boy is he a baby! Head butts and kisses constantly and he no longer wants outside. He was already neutered and litter box trained. He had been dumped for some reason. He is a good boy and I love him even if they didn't. I'm really happy he chose me to be his mama.

Diane W.
Cordele, GA

Tippy - the best decision we ever made!

We weren't planning on getting another dog that day. The timing for adopting a new pet couldn't have been worse, since we were leaving town for an extended trip in just a couple of weeks. But we now believe it was wonderful fate that led us to walk past the local pet store that was holding the pet adoption that day. We hadn't even been planning to go into the pet store, but made the "mistake" of stopping to look at the rescue dogs that were up for adoption on the sidewalk in front of the store. My daughter and I were taken with another cute dog named Freckles, and I was trying to convince my husband how great he was. But hubby already had plans of his own! Once he saw the tiny, quivering, 3-1/2 lb. female chihuahua mix cowering in the back of a small crate, he couldn't just leave her side. The tag on her crate said her name was Tippy, and she had been found as a stray with her sister and was about to be euthanized by the local animal control until the rescue group saved her. My husband insisted that I hold her (I was still thinking about the other dog.) He knew that once I did, I would be captivated too, and he was right! As soon as she looked at me with those beautiful eyes, I was sold too. I had to give her back to my husband so I could run to the bank to withdraw some money for her adoption fee. He didn't have the heart to put her back in the crate, so he held her until I came back, baking in the hot Georgia sun so she would stay warm and stop shivering! Since then, Tippy has become one of the great joys of our lives. She's feisty, playful, energetic, full of love, and she follows me everywhere, with her curly little tail always wagging like mad! She still gets a little nervous around strangers, but she adores our beloved Yorkie, Bentley, and the feeling is mutual!

Karen Diaz
Acworth, GA
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