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My 3 - legged cuddle-bug

So, this is Sox. I found him online while searching for cats. I had just moved across country away from all of my family, and had decided to leave my cat with my mom as he is old and does not adjust to change well. I had been in my new place less than a week and was just looking at cats not meaning to get one just yet, then I came across Sox.

Sox had been abandoned at a vet clinic in town by his owners who had brought him in while he was in fairly bad shape. I fell in love with him instantly and within an hour he was dropped off at my apartment. He only has three legs and no one knows the story behind that, but he does not let that slow him down! He is such a lover and he cuddles with me all the time. He especially likes to wrap himself around my arm as I'm falling asleep.

Though I will always love the cat I left in the care of my mother. Sox has a special place in my heart. All of my animals have been rescues in some form or another, they seem to be the best lovers.

Pocatello, ID

my lovable rescue monster

I can’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t want a dog. After my parents separated my dad promised he would get me a dog when we moved into a house because my mom didn’t have time to take care of a pet due to work. My dad kept his promise and once we moved into a house I got my puppy. She was my everything; I went home during lunch and after school as I got older to take care of her. When she was just 9 she passed away and I was heartbroken. Going to my dad’s felt different.

Months later my parents brought Rosie (a rescue dog) home and it felt right again.

When I turned 21, had finished school and decided it was time to live on my own, my sister and I moved in together. She had one rule: I would not get a pet. One month later she decided that it would be ok, as long as I had the time to care for it. Instantly I went online and looked at rescue sites to find the perfect dog for our home. I found one, but due to no response from the rescue group I kept looking. That’s when I found her, Lou Lou. She was a little over a year old and within the weight restriction my sister and I agreed on. I went to the shelter the same day and I met her. She was a little timid but as soon as she was placed on my lap she became mine and I became hers. She was found on the street and is very scared of men. We can only assume she had a bad history with men, but now after a little warming up to people she won’t stop loving you.

It’s been 6 months since I brought Lou Lou (now Nala) home and she is my little, lovable rescue monster. Nala’s favorite toys are my shoes and socks, but she really wants nothing more than to love be loved. I love my little Nala.

Toronto, ON, Canada

Izzy's New Home

It had been a year since my 15 year old calico passed away. Very close to my Birthday. I was browsing in a group about animals on Facebook and saw a picture of this poor, sweet little kitten that had no home. She had been walking around a small town near us and was picked up by a very sweet girl. The girl had posted her picture in the group stating that she was not able to keep her inside that and she needed a home. My fiance had just gotten home from work so I showed him her picture, made a sad puppy dog face, and begged him to help me save her.

We drove 10 minutes to the next town over and saw the young girl holding this kitten in her arms. Her Mother was with her. They just wanted to see her go to a good home. On the drive there, my fiance and I were thinking of names. We decided on Izzy (Izabelle). I took her from the girl and she was so fragile and small.

On the drive home she sat in my lap purring and looking up at me. She was so happy. We stopped at the store to get the essentials for a kitten. As I was inside my fiance held her and she pawed his nose with her little paw. It seemed like she was very thankful we saved her. When we got home I gave her medicine and that next day I called for her first vet appointment. She weighed 2.3 pounds at her first visit, and they decided she was about 9 weeks old.

Izzy is now 3 months old and doing very well! She plays with brother, Goliath, who is a 5 pound Chihuahua. She loves to suckle on my earlobes and knead her paws into my neck while purring loudly. She also loves her cat treats and canned cat food. She went from being a homeless ragamuffin to a little spoiled princess. We are happy to spoil her because she does a great job of loving us back.

Jenny Allen
Lancaster, OH

The Panther Girls

As our beloved 15 year old cat was getting ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge, I consoled myself by looking at homeless kitties on various rescue group websites. But, my son and I thought we should wait for a while before bringing a new pet home. I knew, however, that when we were ready I wanted two cats (our girl had never liked other pets), and at least one cat had to be black - since we know black cats are truly good luck.

When I saw litter mates, Eva and Eden (soon to be re-named Bastet and Sekhmet) I suspected I was in trouble. At 11 months of age, they were no longer attractive kittens. The fact that they were bonded sisters meant they really should stay together. And they were gloriously black. Three strikes against them; three points in their favour at our house.

Even though our hearts were breaking at losing our beloved Pyewackett, we knew it would honour her memory to take in these two lost souls. A little more than a month after Pyewackett crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we brought the girls home. Now they are happy members of our family and our luck keeps getting better every day!

Lara H.
Toronto, ON, Canada

Lily : #‎RescueStories

This is Lily, she is 14 years old. One day as I was driving on Route 46 West in Parsippany I noticed what I thought was a stuffed animal in the median between east and westbound lanes. The median was about two feet wide with heavy traffic both ways. As I was driving by the little head moved and I realized it was just a kitten. I immediately pulled onto the median several yards away where it was actually safest and began walking toward the kitty, all the while cooing her and talking so she would bolt out into traffic. She didnt moved but proceeded to meow to me. When I was within 10 feet a semi truck was coming down the road, and I just stopped, closed my eyes and said a prayer until it passed. Luckily she was still there and I made it to her. I picked her up and realized she was injured but to what extent I did not know. When I got her safely in my truck, she stayed pinned to me, purring and rubbing on my face as I started to drive away. I was petting her with one hand when I realized she had no tail, but a not as yet healed stump . I got her to a vet to find she was about 4 months old, with a severed tail, broken shoulder, a broken back leg (which was already mending) and a right front paw that didnt work quite right (this she was born with). 14 years later she is still the sweetest, happiest and healthiest cat! She loves my son since the day he was born and would often wake me up when she heard the baby crying. She has brought so much joy to our family, Im so blessed to have found her and there are so many years filled of wonderful stories with her. She is a gift to me.

Cathy Steinhilb
Rockaway, NJ

Easing the pain through your stories

I don't have a rescue story, but just wanted to thank the many people have opened up their hearts and shared their beautiful stories, whether it be a rescue situation or how they coped with the grief of losing a four legged friend and member of the family. We just recently lost our sweet and beloved Winston, an English Pointer/Setter mix who was only 2 1/2, from a car accident. While I have lost loved ones in the past and have grieved before, this has been exceptionally more painful because he was my baby; there was a special connection. He was such a vibrant, loving, and unique boy who never left my side. With our 12 year old pit/lab mix, Clementine, we originally adopted Winston to comfort, play, and rejuvenate our old girl. So, we never expected him to go before her. We weren't, and in some regard not, ready to let go. As time heals all wounds, we know at some point we'll be ready adopt a new member into our family that will bring us just as much joy into our lives as Winston did.

Germaine Smith
Ypsilanti, MI

My Silly Tilly

Back in 2008 I had lost my sweet baby Sanuki. I still had two other cats at home and was considering adopting a young male kitten from the shelter. Before I had the chance something remarkable happened. One cold and snowy night in January I arrived home late and parked outside my apartment on a busy Chicago street. I stacked a handful of items in my arms and started toward my apartment door when I thought I heard the faint cry of a cat. After scanning the area for a few minutes I continued following the sound until I saw something move under the bus stop bench across the street. I crossed the wide high-traffic street and started toward the bench when out popped a young striped cat. She proceeded to run over to me and she leaped into my arms, shivering and purring on top of all the stuff I was carrying. She snuggled right into my arms and I walked back across the busy street, entered my apartment, and immediately she made herself at home. I separated my cats to keep them safe and took her to the vet the very next day to check for a microchip. Secretly I was relieved when she did not have a microchip because I had already fallen in love with her. She is one of the prettiest and sweetest cats I have ever known. I named her Tilda and of course she has a billion nicknames like SillyTilly. She does like to rule the roost and thinks she is the house diva. She has a wild streak and tries to run outside anytime the door opens. She did escape once and was frightened by the neighbor's service dog. She fell three stories and it took some time to find her. I was frantic. She ended up with a broken hip, so I am very careful to keep her safe inside. I feel like she was meant to be with me. She helped me find her and when she jumped into my arms she jumped into my heart.

Laura J Abbruzzese

Camelot's New Kingdom

One day I got a call from a friend of mine. She said she found two kittens on the side of the road and she needed me to come help her. She said she found them next to their mother who had been hit by a car. One male and one female. The sister was very protective of her brother and would hardly let us touch them for a while until we were able to show them that we meant no harm. The vet ending up telling us that they were only about 1-2 weeks old.

After hours of trying to play with them and nursing them they finally started to warm up to us. They became the most precious little fur balls ever. I noticed that the male ALWAYS seemed to gravitate towards me and play with me, and I could not have fallen in love with that little baby more. After about a 20 minute vicious attack on my shoelaces the little boy crawled up into my lap and burrowed his way into my sweater pocket and fell asleep. I knew from that moment on he would be my baby boy. (My friend's mother ending up adopting the sister.)

It was a long and hard road nursing and raising a kitten at such a young age, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. He and I created a bond stronger than any other cat I have ever had. And now.. four years later Camelot, aka Cami, is still that little cuddle-bug I fell in love with. I am so glad we found him. He is my little shadow and comforter. He comes to me when I call his name and even jumps in the shower with me from time to time. I could not have asked for a more wonderfully strange and loving cat.

Samantha Tcherneshoff
Harvest, AL

Little Lily

When I first met Lily, it was at the home of one of my fiance's friends in March. Let's call him "S". She was naturally very dainty but seemed awfully thin even for her size. Upon our arrival after a 4 hour drive, Lily had made her way into our luggage as if to ask, "What'd you bring me?" I saw the way "S" treated her and I didn't like him before I knew he had a cat and treated her poorly, let alone after the fact. She sat in my lap the whole 5 days we were up visiting (along with 3 other friends), followed me around talking to me, and purring for me when it was just my fiance and I around. S said he couldn't believe that she would sit with me. Our friend, N, told him it was because I was nice to her. If N says something, you know you've messed up. S asked us if we wanted her and at the time we were in a no-pets building but we were upgrading in the summer because I desperately wanted something with fur, having grown-up with dogs and when I was little, cats. I don't have anything against cats but I can read dogs like a book so I was skeptical for all of 2 seconds. We moved into our new apartment in July and S moved back down in August and brought Lily to us. She had been thin before; she was skin and bones now. In less than a month I had brought her up to her healthy weight of 6.9 pounds (told you she was little) and she was half that when she first arrived. The cat that we were told never played or sat in laps now spends her entire day doing very little else! She follows me around and talks to me, smells anything new, begs for cooked chicken, and sleeps in the most awkward positions and even when she's a little hellion, I just can't love her enough. And S's one, small mistake away from never seeing us again.

Madison, WI

Our journeys happy ending

Fifteen years ago my husband came home from work with a 6 week old dachshund. She was for our son, you know the story, Mom always ends up w/pup. At 12 she was diagnosed w/congenital heart failure. In August of 2013 we had to let her go, she was 14-1/2. My husband retired in February of that year, we knew our Jinxie was going we got a beautiful 7 year old young lady from a high kill shelter and she was w/us when we let Jinxie go. I didn't want to love her because I knew someday she would leave me too. But it was impossible not to. About 2-1/2 months ago she was diagnosed with lungs cancer. I would know when the time was right to let her go, NOT again, my heart was so heavy! So a week later I laid with her while she crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Two weeks after we went home to NJ (we live in NH), when we came back home the house was too empty. I told my husband it was time, he agreed. I in touch with a friend who works w/rescues, told her what I was looking for and within one day she found the cutest little Lady. I saw the picture renamed her Nina (for her beautiful eyes), after quarantine we got her (3 weeks total). I instantly fell in love. She was suppose to be about 18 months, we think she is about 13-14 months a mix of Border Collie, maybe Corgi, Australian Sheppard, about 45 lbs.

She makes us laugh all the time. We watched her romp around in her first snow. She loves our grand kids and other pups. She has become my shadow.

Rescue pups have a great appreciation for life in general. Thank God we were able to get past the mourning process and save another. We save them, they save us. If you have have the opportunity. Save a rescue pup.

Forever Grateful

Farmington, NH
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