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Batman was born to a feral mommy in Mississippi. The back half of his body wasn't able to fully develop in utero which led to him having a little nub of a tail, a hooked front paw, a back leg where the bones weren't connected, and the other back leg with a bone shaped like a boomerang. Because of this disability, he had a hard time with going potty on his own and keeping up with his siblings, but he never stopped trying.

His human mommy loved him very much, but unfortunately could not have pets in her home due to rental restrictions. Since the area she lived in had wild dogs roaming regularly, she knew it wasn't a safe place for little Batman. Because of this, she went to the internet to seek a home for this sweet kitty. I was lucky enough to see his picture on the internet and immediately contacted his mommy. Once I found out she lived in Mississippi, I became discouraged as I live in California and was not sure how I could adopt this little love without spending a whole lot of money. I told her to continue looking for a home for him closer to her, and if she couldn't, I would find a way to bring him to me.

Fast forward a few months, and she was still unable to find him a home. I began to get quotes from every animal transport company that Google could direct me to, and finally found one with a price I could afford that would still be able to give Batman the attention he deserved during the journey. In Feb 2014, I was finally able to hold Batman in my arms when the transport company brought him to my door. Because of his disability, there were a few accidents that required bath times (which he HATED), but he has since adapted and is my favorite cuddle buddy. I love him more and more every day and couldn't have asked for a better kitty.

Los Angeles, CA


Three years ago we took our weekly trip to Pet smart for the food for our then EIGHT cats. They were having a cat adoption day so even though we definitely didn't need another cat, I looked. I saw a black tortoiseshell female cat who immediately started pawing at the glass and talking to me. She had been picked up by the SPCA in another county after apparently being abandoned. I had to walk away, but the following week when she was still there, we decided to adopt her with the philosophy of "what's one more?" So "Trinity" came home with us. Her troubles started almost immediately. We thought that when you adopt from a place like this that the animals are healthy, but we were wrong. We discovered very shortly that she had mites. Oral medication took care of this and after about 6 months her skin had cleared up and her coat was healthy. A year later, we were battling with the fact that she always seemed to have some sort of upper respiratory or mouth problem. Again oral antibiotics cleared this up several times, but she always got sick again in a few months. We always knew when she was sick because she would hide under the bed. Then last year, the vet decided that her teeth needed to be cleaned. We took her in for that and not only were her teeth cleaned but the vet had to pull four teeth. This seemed to clear up her problems but within 6 months she was sick again, sneezing, gagging, coughing. So we took her in and the diagnosis was an autoimmune condition. Her body was treating her own teeth as foreign objects. Now she is toothless, but still eats dry food by swallowing it whole, plus mashed up wet food. That was 4 months ago and she's now a totally different cat. Even though she is close to 8 years old (we don't really know for sure), she jumps and plays like a kitten. Well worth the expense to finally give her the life she deserves.

Cheryl A Morgan
Fresno, CA

New Adventures of Kobi

I've had cats my entire life, until a year ago when my 19 year old rescue, Daisy, moved on to her next life. With a child, a dog, and going back to work full-time, I thought I'd be cat-free for a while. Until rodents started taking over my condo. I set traps to no avail. I finally decided to go the predator route, and started searching Craigslist for a cat. There was only one listed; his family was moving and couldn't take him. When I met Kobi, it wasn't quite love at first sight, as he was so attached to his first family and moving into a new home with a resident dog was not to his liking! Annie really wanted to play with him (she is a gentle old border collie mix), but he wanted none of that. It had been a long time since I'd had a young cat, so the antics of a 1 1/2 year old, getting into everything, being on the counter, running a parkour course using my bedroom furniture at 3 am, really took some getting used to! But soon, Kobi and Annie settled into their respective territories, and Kobi comes running to curl up on my lap whenever I sit down, and sleeps with me at night. A recent bout of illness had me in bed for a couple days, and he was my faithful companion every minute, sleeping - or attacking my feet. Now that the New Year has me resolved to hit the gym every morning, he wakes me up at 4:04 a.m. to make sure I get there on time! I amuse my friends with stories and pictures of his antics, and can't imagine life without him. Oh - and no more mice!!

Linda Gowan
Thousand Oaks, CA

Welcome Home, Chippy!

A year after adopting Fox (a papillon mix) from a rescue group, my husband and I were having severe dog fever and we both knew we want and need another dog in our little family. We started frequenting shelters and adoption events but could not find “the one.” One Saturday, we visited the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society where my husband saw this shy, quiet, speckled dog named Howie. The following day, we went back to see if he was still up for adoption and asked the shelter staff if we could meet him. As you may have already guessed, we fell in love with Howie. He was a little shy at first but once we started petting him, he became more relaxed. I saw him bond with my husband right away so we went back home to pick up Fox (our first dog) to see if they’re a good fit and thank heavens, their meeting was perfect! An hour later, we’ve decided on what we’ll be calling him and within a week, he started responding to his new name, Chippy! He now gets endless belly rubs (as he always "submits" every time we walk by him) and like his brother, knows a few tricks and would do anything for a treat!


All we know about his background was that he was a stray dog—this was confirmed after the girl who picked up Chippy from the street found us at a Farmer’s Market. She said she was so happy to see that he has been adopted!

Los Angeles, CA

Happy Girl

I wanted to share how wonderful our little chihuahua mix that we rescued from our local shelter is, she is happy, playful, and loves people and other dogs. I asked how she ended up at the shelter and they didn't know but if more people would go on line and see pictures of the dogs they will find how blessed they will be by rescuing a

sheltered animal.

Los Alamitos, CA

How Bella & Chloe rescued me!

Feeling depressed and overwhelmed by the many losses of friends and family members during the previous few months including our 10 year old Golden Miss Abby….I felt myself heading down that dark place when one morning I opened up my Facebook page and saw two beautiful but sad looking faces staring back at me….Bella and Chloe were sisters and their Grand Mom had posted an ad for adoption…..She no longer had the physical stamina or financial means to care for them any longer….I knew immediately that our beloved Abby had sent them to us to care for…. My husband and I went to visit them and saw that their home was less than desirable for these two beautiful senior ladies…. Unfortunately we had to wait a week before we could bring them home with us as we were leaving town for Christmas and did not want to put them in a kennel while we were away… Chloe 10 had several health issues including foot fungus, ear infections and a tumor that needed to be addressed immediately...Her older sister Bella 11 is in great health for her age other than being a bit on the thin side….Both are thriving now and are a part of our family along with their brother KC our other Golden who we adopted 4 years ago from a shelter….I thank Abby everyday for sending these two sweet Furbabies to us. They have brought us total love and put me back in that sunny, happy place again!

Deborah LaCroix

Sweet Kitty Dub

Hi - my name is Dub. I was left behind when my family moved away. I found my mom and dad's house nearby and they started feeding me. I was very scared and wouldn't let them come near me, but finally just before hurricane Sandy hit in late October 2012 I let my dad catch me. After a trip to the vet (no microchip), I was checked out - given a clean bill of health and I was ready to go home. I had two + great years with my new family -- they treated me very well and I never went hungry again. My mom always said that I was her big white purr machine. When my purr motor started it was loud :). I was always a bit skittish, but I learned that I was in a good place and very loved. Suddenly, on January 15, 2015 I couldn't use my back legs. My mom and dad rushed me to the vet, but I had a clot that had cut off circulation to my back legs. My mom and dad didn't want to see me suffer, so they let me cross over the rainbow bridge. My mom and dad will always love and miss their Dub kitty.

Annapolis, MD

Iris the one eyed cat

Iris was born under an abandoned trailer in Stuarts Draft, VA in the late summer. The trailer was removed, leaving no shelter. Her feral mother was killed by some kids who shot her with BBs. A kind soul found Iris and her brother, only about 3 weeks old, and brought them to the local vet. Both suffered from sunburn. Iris's brother seemed fine, but he died over night.

Iris had badly infected eyes. The vet had to remove one eye; she saved the other, but there was a large scar on the cornea. Iris was too young to be adopted, so she spent her time riding on a vet tech's shoulder while they did their rounds. They named her "Iris."

When she was old enough the vet asked my wife and I to adopt her. The vet was worried no one would want her because she was almost blind. Being suckers, my wife and I adopted her.

After we got home she loved to ride on my shoulder and chirp. After she grew too big to ride on my shoulder, she wanted me to hold her in my arms.

She is now over 3 years old, and rarely chirps. She can see well enough to get around, and has an active life and kitty friends. Her favorite place to sleep is still in my arms, and craves attention. My wife says she is spoiled, but I don't care!

Charles Cone

She chose me

Jack first came to my house about 6 years ago. She was scared and hungry and wouldn't let me near her. I started feeding her and after several months she was brave enough to show me her 5 4-week old kittens in the back yard. She still wouldn't let me touch her. I live-trapped her and the kittens and took her to a local rescue for TNR. I found homes for her kittens and returned her to my back yard. She suddenly decided to let me pet her, and quickly started a daily routine with me. She would run to greet me when I came home from work in the morning and we would have several minutes of together time before she left to go about her day.

One day, Jack didn't come greet me in the morning. I was so worried about her!!! I left her favorite foods out for her and walked all over the neighborhood looking for her. I eventually gave up looking and decided something awful had happened to her.

6 months later, I looked out the kitchen window and saw Jack staring at me from the top of the trashcan. I screamed and ran out to her. She was as happy to see me as I was to see her. I don't know where she had been for 6 months, but I truly believe that she was trying the whole time to get back to me. We quickly fell back into our old routine.

A couple of months later, Jack showed up in the morning with a limp. She had hurt her paw. This once feral cat allowed me to pick her up and place her in a cat carrier to take to the vet. On the ride there, I decided it was time to try to integrate Jack into my household of 6 other cats. I had her tested for FIV (negative!!) and brought her into the house.

She has finally decided that I can be her human and loves living in the house. We were meant to be together!!!

Becky Bursley
Wyoming, MI

Hank The Wondercat

Hank's story with me started on November 14th 2014. I was driving on a busy road, and I saw what I thought was a dead orange cat in the opposite lane as people were straddling driving over him. I slowed down, then I saw him move. I slammed on the breaks, put on my flashers and positioned my car to protect him while I got out of the car to get him. He tried to run away when he saw me coming, I took off my shirt to throw over him to protect him and me. I loaded him in the car with some help from some construction guys who stopped and helped with traffic. I loaded him up and brought him to the closest vet, expecting to put him down. The vet took xrays, and it was not pretty, a very messed up smashed pelvis and tail. They said they couldn't help him and recommended a specialist. 3 Vets later, on the same day, I found a vet that could help us. He is about 10 months old and was obviously a stray, just in case he wasn't I did put up signs, no one responded. He is a fighter, and I am his now. 2 months later, he can walk! He hangs out with my other cats who are very accepting of him and his condition. He is one happy cat. Here's to living another day with Hank the WonderCat!


barto, PA
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