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My little baby dog

It was in November of 2006 and my family had just relocated to Idaho from California. I wasn't really taking the move all that well and I felt lonely and out of place. One evening my dad was reading the paper, and there was an ad from the local animal shelter, and there were two little fuzz balls in the picture. The ad said they were Australian Sheppard's and they were only 6 weeks old.

The next morning I went down to look at them. The male of the two was so hyper and running around for being so little, but my Cindra was scared and quiet and she ran to me, and sat with me. I knew then I would take her home. I paid for her, and they gave her a bath and put a yellow bandanna around her neck, which was so big it covered her whole body.

That was almost 9 years ago. And in those nine years we were inseparable, she went everywhere I went (as long as it wasn't work) I bottle fed her some, but she took to puppy food quickly, and she became my little baby dog. She moved into my first house with me, she was there at my wedding (someone left the gate open, and she came running into the church as the ceremony was going on) She was my world.

Sadly, yesterday I had to say goodbye to my baby dog. She had a massive tumor in her abdomen and I had to make the hardest decision of my life. As we waited for the vet to get everything ready, I looked into her eyes and told her she was a good dog, and that I loved her very very much. I told her that we would see each other again, we just had to be apart for a little while. As she let go, I felt her leave and my heart broke into a million pieces. I wouldn't change any of our 9 years together. She will always be my little baby dog.

Burley, ID

Cat Found

One night, I took the kids out to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. My daughter, Sarah, who was 16 at the time, finished her meal, and went outside to talk to her friends on the phone. My son, Reilly and I, finished our meals, and met Sarah outside. She came running to me, and told me that she heard a kitten crying. We searched under the Chick-Fil-A sign, and sure enough, there was a little black kitten.

Of course, being animal lovers, we could not leave this little baby to fend for itself. So began a one and a half hour chase. The kitten flew out from under the sign, and got lost in the low evergreen bushes planted nearby. Every time we located her, by meowing, and waiting the kitten to answer, she would sprint off. She climbed up into two wheel wells of parked cars, almost made it into the engine of a car, and sprinted across two parking lots. Every time I got close, the kitten either hissed and spat at me in fear, or managed to escape.

Finally, two parking lots over, she scrambled up into a wheel well of a SUV. There was enough space for me to grab the kitten by the scruff.

We brought her home, and on the way named her Ruby, since when we finally caught her, we were in the Ruby Tuesday parking lot. I stopped in at Petco, where there was a cat rescue holding an adoption event. The worker there told us that she didn't have any more room for a kitten, and since she was so tiny, if we brought her to a shelter, they would probably euthanize her. We tried several other rescues, with the same result.

Ruby has now become a very loved part of our family. She was probably very young when we found her, no more than a week or two old. She is now a year old, and continues to make us laugh every day. Ruby and our dog Simba are particularly close, and the two of them will sleep, wrestle, and play together.

Amy Maza
Orlando, FL

My Bubba

Several years ago, I was renting a 250-year old farmhouse on a working farm. There were quite a few cats in the barn, and while my lease didn't allow me to have any of them in the house, they became my little outside friends. One of the barn cats, a relatively tame beautiful calico (barn cats tend to be feral), had a litter of kittens. One of them was a runt -- very tiny and sickly. I didn't think the little one would live, and while her mother took good care of her, I kept a close watch, figuring that she'd die any day. Although I named all of the barn cats, I didn't give the little runt a name at first. I just didn't want to get that attached. But while she remained small, she started to thrive! And she took to sneaking into the house where it was warmer. She was so adorable that I let her stay -- as long as the landlord didn't notice!

But I still hadn't named her. One day, I was sitting on the porch with a bunch of the barn cats gathered around. The little runt (who was so tiny she fit in the palm of my hand, but who looked quite tubby -- just a little round ball of fluff) wanted to join us on the porch. So she backed up, got a running start, took a flying leap at the porch steps -- and went head-first into the concrete steps! Ouch! She was fine, but I picked her up and said, "Oh, wow! You are fat and not too bright. You're just a little Bubba." And Bubba she remained.

Fourteen years and three moves later, Bubba is still my little pal. She's been a completely indoor cat since the day I moved away from the farm. She's still tiny (just six pounds), but she has proven to be very intelligent -- and very mischevious! I just adore my little Bubba.

Karla Rosenbusch
Douglassville, PA

My Bama and Jasper

We weren't really looking for a dog, let alone two. A friend of mine shared this flier on Facebook, from the local animal shelter about pure bread Husky puppies. In the description, it said that they had husky puppies for adoption and would be put down if not adopted. So, between my brother and I we talked our Mom into going to look and possibly adopt a puppy. I had called the shelter right before closing to make sure the flier was correct. The volunteer I talked with said that is was true and gave me the time they opened the next morning. We planned to go look at the Husky puppies as soon after they opened as possible. Little did we know that the Husky Society had heard about the puppies and had already came and gotten them. But, we still wanted to go look at the puppies. When we got there, they took us back to look. They had husky/chocolate lab mixes. There were about 4 maybe 5 puppies in the same kennel. One of the ones we were interested in was this little fuz ball. Honestly, he looked like a little bear. He looked more like the husky. The other we were interested in looked more like the lab. With the help of a volunteer we took them outside to see which one fit best. But, like most things we couldn't decide between the two. So, between my brother, the volunteer, and myself we talked my Mom into adopting both boys.

Now known as Bama and Jasper, we couldn't have gotten better dogs.They were 3 months old when we got them and they will be 3 in December. Jasper is still skiddish, and terrified of thunder and lightning. Bama, is the protector. He's not too fond of men, but once he gets to know them he just wants to be petted and get belly rubs. I honestly, don't know what I would do without either of my boys. They are my fur-babies and can't imagine life without them.

Kayla Gartman
Theodore, AL

Kit, the bag lady

I live in an apartment complex, and have rescued ten cats so far. Kit is one of two we kept. Here's her story.

It was summer, and everyday I'd see this black and white cat with a half smile on her face come to my flower beds. As I began talking to her and leaving food and water out each day, she eventually allowed me to pet her. After she reached the point where she would come on my lap, I made arrangements for her to be spayed.

The next day when I went outside to work in my flower bed, I saw the cat lying in the shade of one of my rose bushes, she was panting, and not looking well, so I picked her up to bring her inside. Her appointment to be spayed was the next morning, so I needed to keep her inside at that point anyway. I set her down in the kitchen to get her some water, and she immediately began dropping kittens on my kitchen floor; a total of four. Yikes, we live in a small apartment, and we don't want any pets! Now what are we going to do?

Well, there was only one thing to do; help her raise her kittens til they're weaned and find homes for all of them.

Harder said than done, we were falling in love with all of them!

Well, after they were weaned, we found homes for the kittens, but kept the mother we named Kit. Letting go of the babies we had come to love was not an easy thing to do!

Kits a bag lady! She loves bags, boxes, even large purses!

JoiLin Johnson
Kannapolis, NC

Paralyzed Stray Walks Again

We found Daisy on the side of the road, dumped. The vet said she was paralyzed and would need to be put to sleep. We wanted to give her another chance, so we took her home, started giving her P.T., and in three weeks she was walking. After 4 years you can not tell she was ever hurt

Lawana Baker
Patterson, MO




She has adopted abandoned and stray dogs more than 10 of them.

She does not have a job she lives in a shade in front of a temple. But she helps dogs ... dogs love her they do not even let her cry .... view this heartwarming video .. please spread this video so she can get some help and make her and the dogs life better ..


Bijayendra Chapagain

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Dog's Mother Official Movie (Gyanu Deula)


Bijayendra Chapagain
Kathmandu, Nepal

The Chinese Rescue Empress

About a year and a half ago I was living overseas, teaching English at an elementary school in a busy, rapidly-developing city in the south of China.

One hot August day I was out wandering around one of my neighborhood's shopping centers when I came across a dirty, dodgy outdoor pet shop--nothing but stacks of tiny cages piled on top of each other, with some fish tanks and supplies under an awning. In the cages were rabbits, gerbils, lizards, birds... and kittens. The saddest, sickest kittens I'd ever seen, three of them together in a cage no bigger than a shoebox, slumped on top of one another with their eyes glued shut by mucus. They wouldn't even move if I tried to stick my finger through the cage's holes to pet them.

About a week later I spoke to a friend who owned a restaurant around the corner. She said that at most pet shops I'd find around there, the kittens would be local feral cats the shop owner would pay friends to bring to him if found around town, and that they didn't last long, passing on diseases and infections to each other.

She also said that she had seen a new kitten arrive just that day, and that if I wanted to save it I had to act fast.

And of course I didn't hesitate to do just that! I walked briskly back to the pet store and saw my little Xiao Yu. She was the only one still lively enough to be jumping around in her little cage, adorably demanding to be let out--and I knew then that I just had to save her. The shopkeeper and I haggled over the price, as was customary, and soon enough I had my new best friend.

A few vaccinations, a microchip, and some immigration customs later, my Chinese kitty Xiao Yu (Chinese for "little fish") is lively, spritely and mischievous as ever! She loves finding high-up places from which to rule her Chinese empire and playing with her adopted sister, Tali, also a rescue (but from a shelter).

Brooklyn, NY

Skywalker & Fozzie

I took Fozzie (our fluffy furbaby) from this lady who had a lot of cats when my boyfriend and I first moved in together. It was right before I got pregnant with Rylee. She was there throughout the whole pregnancy, even slept on top of my pregnant belly. Once I delivered Rylee, we decided we weren't going to get another cat until Rylee had gotten older. A few weeks after Rylee came home from the NICU (she was born 6 weeks early), Johnathan was letting me catch up on some sleep and was taking care of her. It was 6 AM in the morning. I heard Johnathan yell for me to come in the living room, that we had a visitor. I walked into complete and total chaos! Fozzie was hissing and chasing something around the couch. I finally got a glimpse of another cat!

Johnathan said he had heard a cat crying at the door. He went to check on it and when he opened it, nothing was there, but something had brushed past his leg. This cat went over to Fozzie's litter box, took a crap, drank her water, ate her food, and sat on the couch like he was right at home. Johnathan decided right then and there that he wanted to keep him. Fozzie wasn't too happy about it at first, but now they are best friends. We named him Skywalker. We were really skeptical about letting him around Rylee at first. We didn't know how he would treat her. Honestly, he has been the most gentle/sweetest cat ever to, Rylee. Everywhere Rylee goes, Skywalker is like her shadow. He even lets her cuddle with him. Our then 1 month old is now 1 years old and she loves both of her kitties! We have taught her to be gentle with the kitties and she has learned the word, "cat". I love my little family!

Alisha Flannery
Lexington, KY

Play ball

After softball practice in Phoenix over 5 years ago, I was driving away and I noticed a teammate standing in the street and not getting into her car. I turned around to see what was wrong and when I got back to her, she looked at me and then looked toward the curb. There I saw this little puppy sitting curbside and she was sitting next to another puppy that was lying in the street, lifeless. The little puppy allowed me pick her up. So I held and comforted her and then put her in my truck and then I picked up the lifeless puppy and placed her into my truck as well. I drove them both to the vet. My teammate was not a dog person and after what the puppy had been through, there was no way I was going to leave her by herself, so I kept her and named her Maya.

Domenica Cesare
Islip, NY
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