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My Moo

On the way to get dinner one night, I came across a kitty walking on the side of a busy road. I immediately pulled over, in fear the cat would get hit. When I pulled over, the kitty turned and walked away. I had nothing in my car, at the time, to lure him towards me and I did not want to frighten him towards the road. I went to the next town over, I picked up food, for foster cats my rescue has. On my way back I looked for this cat, hoping I could find him,I drove slowly and came to an empty house and there he was, all curled up. I pulled in, and he tried to move away from me , but he couldn't move fast. His balance was off, he was so skinny. A woman pulled up behind me, and told me that he had been hit by a car, turns out she had been trying to get more involved to help the kitty. She thanked me, and gave my rescue a donation! I brought him to the vets, 50 ticks were pulled off of him, and it turned out that he is FIV+. That doesn't bother me, I love him so much. He was originally a foster kitty, but I fell In love and now his forever home, is with me! Moo is now 15lbs, and is the biggest baby ever. Love my Moo. Thankfully I drove on that busy road that day.

Erica Marie
Little Falls, NY

I Wish There Were A Million Like Him

Back in 2013 when Mohamed Morsi was ousted as president of Egypt, the country was in chaos. While the Egyptian people were fighting for democracy, the many abandoned animals began to roam unchecked and became neglected by a society who was too preoccupied with their own problems to worry about them. Disease, starvation and abuse have consumed these animals and there is little hope for a stray animal in the city.

Animal rights activist Ayman Selyme is their ray or hope. He has dedicated his life to rescuing the displaced, hungry, abandoned and abused animals in the city of Alexandria. He purchases food and medical care for them out of his own pocket with only small donations from friends and fellow animal rights activists. He gives selflessly without any thought of reward. On his Facebook page he posts photos and videos of the animals he helps, their visits to the veterinarians and he writes about the pain he is endures watching the animals suffer. At times all he can do for a dying animal is show them some kindness, love and compassion which is more than they would have had if he had not intervened. Even though he has not been able to save all of the animals, he has managed to save many and has found homes for them all over the world. This man has a heart of gold and everyone who knows him loves and appreciates him. We his friends give him moral support and encourage him to keep him going. As one of his friends I want to thank him for all that he does and I wish there were a million more like him.

We love you Ayman!

Nadine Hull
Havelock, NC

Long time shelter cat starts the new year right

We had just finished fostering a puppy for a rescue group when I wanted to actually rescue an animal. Fostering the puppy was very hard on me since only 2 months prior I had to let go of my beloved Chloe, my samoyed. Naturally, I wasn't really in the market for a dog. We had 3 cats and I was more looking in that direction. I met the cats in my rescue group but noone really spoke to me, so I went to a shelter I help with occasionally.

It was the first time I had seen this cute little girl named Lady Jane. To my surprise she had been with the shelter since 2011. It was Jan 1 2015. Of all the cats, she took to me the best and knowing how long she had been without a home she was getting one for New Years. When I got to the counter to fill out the paperwork, I found out why. She had an intestinal disorder that made her diarrheal. When asked if I could accept that and be ok with the occasional clean up outside the box I said yes. I can only think she knew she was meant to be with me because I have Ulcerative Cholitis, which gives me some similar symptoms. She had almost been adopted several times but everyone backed out when they heard about her problems.

It's been a month and a half, and she fits in well. She has a bit of a strong "I'm going to do what I am going to do so better deal with it" attitude which resulted in 2 of our previous cats accepting her fairly quickly. The other kitty is coming along thanks to Jackson Galaxy's Spirit Essences, Nature's Miracle Calming Spray, and some Feliway plug-ins.

Little Lady Jane loves to get pets, brushed, and overall is just glad to have a nice warm home she can call her own. I'm glad my little furball picked me.

Crystal Lake, IL

the perfect couple

I inherited Sammy when he was 2 months old. Friends could not keep him, so he came home with me. He was a tiny kitten that turned into a 20 pound absolutely beautiful Tonkenese, with the heart of a playful kitten. At that time, I had two older cats who wanted nothing to do with this little guy. So, one year later, he found a friend. I have no idea where he found her, but he hauled her over the wall in my backyard and she was here to stay. We named her Ginger. Our vet thought Ginger to be about 6 weeks old when she appeared with Sam on our back patio - coal black with gold eyes. She has long fur, very short legs (may be part Munchkin) and when she walks in front of me, she looks like a moving dust mop. Sammy taught Ginger how to be a cat - what the litter box was all about, how to groom yourself, and I stepped in and taught them both the need for nail clipping and teeth brushing (neither was overjoyed, but they both tolerated the process). For 12 years, these two were almost attached. If one moved to another room, the other followed; where one was, you always knew the other was not far away. Last May, Sammy was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and we had to say goodbye. It was a very sad day when that happened. The continuing saga is called, My Sweet Jasmine. Also published here. We still miss Sammy every day, but at least Ginger is not alone.

Chandler, AZ

My Sweet Jasmine

Ginger and Sam were long time partners and nearly inseparable. In May 2014, Sam was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and we had to say goodbye. Ginger was grieving - wandering through the house crying and searching for him - any my heart was breaking. Although I had not planned to adopt another cat so soon, about a month later I was shopping for kitty food and passed the adoption area. There were several really cute kittens, but only one spoke to me - an older tortie named Jasmine. She looked so sad, as if to say "everyone wants the cute babies, but no one wants me." That's all it took - she came home with me that day. The adoption people said she was 18 months old - not so as the vet confirmed later. She's closer to 5, but that's okay; Ginger is 12. I was also told she had never been in a shelter, foster homes only. Once again, not true, or at least not well taken care of. It took a couple of months for her to understand why Ginger spent so much time looking out the windows. I don't think she understood the world outside. She's coming around now and while she and Ginger will never be really close, they've never fought and Ginger has company. My two girls and I are happily residing in a house too big for us, so I am considering a couple more adoptees, maybe special needs kitties. My girls keep me company and since I work from home, one or the other is almost always sprauled out on my desk. I couldn't live without my girls.

Chandler, AZ

Meet My Smokey

I found this precious little big girl (she was 16 pounds) at the shelter where I was volunteering. She came in with her brother, both were abandoned. They initially shared a cage, but eventually were separated to increase the chance of them being adopted. Whenever I worked at the shelter, Smokey would always be my working buddy--I think I followed her around more than she did me and always tried to showcase her when people came in. For being such a big cat, she had the tiniest voice. It happened that her brother got adopted, and I mentioned to my shift leader that if she was still at the shelter at the end of the month, she was mine. I brought my Smokey home at the end of August, 2012. She took immediately to my older feline Peanuts, who I lost to lymphoma just 4 months later. Smokey was my bed buddy, my couch potato buddy, and the love of my life. In May, 2014, I found a lump on her tummy, which turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer. She had surgery, but the prognosis was not good. I brought her home and loved the heck out her until I had to say goodbye just 2 weeks later. She was and always will be my Smokey. Smokey, wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge--can't wait to see you again.

Nancy Valente
Parma, OH

My Sally Cat

I first met my cat, Sally, at work. I work in a big box home improvement store, and somehow this little kitty wandered into the store. There are a lot of stray cats in the area, especially in the woods behind the building. This kitten was spotted hiding under racking, making her way through the aisles. She ended up in our receiving area. I was worried about her getting run over by a tow motor so my coworkers and I all tried to catch her. Finally we did, and I put her in a box, ready to take her home.

We already had one cat and I was pregnant, so I was worried what my fiance would say when I brought her home. The plan was to take her to a shelter, but I fell in love. We took her to the vet to get checked out. Her tail had puncture wounds which had gotten infected. When antibiotics did not help, necrosis set into her tail. We were given the option to have it amputated. She was only 12 weeks old so putting her down was not an option for me. We had the surgery done and had her spayed at the same time.

At first, she did not get along with our other cat, Jack. We kept them in separate rooms for while, and she hid whenever we brought her out. That soon changed, though, and now they are the best of friends! Jack is named after Jack Skellington because of his black and white fur, so Sally was the perfect name for our new addition to the family! When I first brought Sally home, she was timid and uneasy. Now she is fearless and very outgoing. Her tail is only about an inch long, so she doesn't have the best balance, but she makes due. She is a wonderful kitty and I am so happy to have taken her home with me that night!

Lorain, OH

Kolache Kitty

Seven years ago, I had started working at a call center. A bunch of us would go to the Shipley's Donuts next door and get kolaches and eat them in the parking lot. There was always this young cat that would hang around and we would give her pieces of our kolaches. After a few weeks, I started to wonder if she needed a home. She never left the parking lot and would sleep under the cars. I had just moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) and his parents and they seemed fine with me bringing the cat home. If I could catch her. His mom gave me a small kennel and I brought it with me to work the next day. I had planned on searching for her as soon as I got off of work. When I got out and headed towards my car, that little cat was sitting underneath my car waiting for me. It's like she knew I wanted to take her home! She was a little wary of the kennel at first, but was easily lured in with some leftover lunch meat from my sandwich. After I got her home, she made herself comfortable without any trouble at all! We named her Zoey.

Shortly after, I took her to the vet to get her checked out. The vet told me she was about a year old and had no surprises. Oh, except that she was PREGNANT! She gave birth to three little girls. I named them Ariel, Belle and Jasmine. We kept Ariel and gave Belle to a friend. Jasmine went to my sister in law and turned out to be a male! He is now called Jazz Man, haha! Today, Zoey is still doing great. We call her Mama Kitty now. She has developed cat asthma, but is otherwise a happy cat!

Emily Rounding
Santa Fe, TX

From Dog Sitting to Adopted

A neighbor asked my daughter if she knew of anyone who would dog-sit her recently adopted, 7 year old female Miniature Pinscher while the family was out and she volunteered me. The oldest son of this neighbor showed up with a small black and tan dog in a crate that reeked of urine and feces. The neighbor had told us she got the dog because her kids asked her to and then found they were not home enough to spend time with her so the dog, Lily, ended up living in her crate for up to 18 hours a day! When she started barking constantly, they put her, still in her crate, out in the garage.

Three days later one of the sons came by to pick her up. I had discovered she needed a nail trim, dental cleaning and treatment for her infected eyes. So when they came to pick her up I talked with the Mom and told her of the dog's needs. She immediately asked if I wanted her otherwise she would be returned to the shelter. I already had a dog, a cat and a limited budget, but I agreed to take Lily. With monetary assistance from the Dog Therapy group my puggle, Georgie and I worked with, Lily got the veterinary care she needed and became a great friend to Georgie although the cat was beneath her attention. Within a year, Georgie was diagnosed with mast cell cancer and had to be euthanized just 2 months later. Lily became my constant companion, even sleeping under the covers with me and likes nothing better than to go everywhere with me.

Pat A.
Manchester, MO

Third Time's a Charm

** This saying is thought to come from the belief that, under English law, anyone who survived three attempts at hanging would be set free. **

My husband and I found Charlotte's picture and immediately fell in love with the five-year old cat. Once we read her story, we knew she was The One for us.

We came to the shelter with the pre-adoption paperwork filled out and our hopes set high that she was still available to us. When we said Charlotte's name with huge smiles on our faces, it seemed the volunteers collectively turned their heads to the director and suddenly became busy. The director seemed nervous and asked that we look at the other ones while she verified our information. We looked at other cats, like she offered, but we didn't feel a connection with them. We patiently waited by the main desk until we could (finally!) see her.

"We have her in this locked room because this is her second time here and she bit her previous owner. She also scratched one of our volunteers pretty bad." This news made me sad.

We cautiously walked into her space and let her come to us. After the 10-minute "interview", it was very apparent the three of us were going to get along extremely well. Her previous owner brought her to the No-Kill shelter with ALL of her belongings, so we were able to take her home immediately that night.

We left her in her cage while we set up the house, then let her roam around. In the time it took to prepare dinner she found "her spot" in the living room, where the three of us watched tv.

All she needed was a quiet home where she is the only attention seeker. Though she isn't a 'lap cat' she loves to follow us around in each room and is very content just BEING there with us. She has been a part of our family for nearly two years now!

Mary and Sean
Salem, MA
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