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Tiny and Bruiser

I was very late getting to the feed store, and then delayed in leaving for a while talking to the store employee. A man came into the store carrying a very small box and asked if anyone wanted a couple of kittens. The box was so small, I couldn't imagine what he had in there. Well, it was 2 tiny kittens about 10 days old. Their eyes were open but still gray. We asked what their story was. He said he was at the dump that morning and heard a baby crying. He looked around, but there were no other cars, so he followed the sound to its source and found the 2 tiny kittens tied in a plastic trash bag and thrown out at the dump. He brought them into the feed store hoping an animal person would take them as they had to be bottle fed. I had just lost the last of my 3 cats and had just retired, so I said I'd take them. We weighed them on the store's small feed scale. The little girl weighed 6.5 ounces and fit in the palm of my hand. The little boy weighed 11 ounces and fit in my palm and fingers, so I named them Tiny and Bruiser. I bought some KMR and a couple of little bottles to feed them. Tiny was as cold as a stone and I knew if we didn't get her warmed up quickly, she wouldn't make it. She was so cold she couldn't drink. My friend put her inside her polar fleece vest to warm her up and fed Bruiser while I drove. When Bruiser was full, Tiny was finally warm enough to drink. They went everywhere with us, along with their bottles, for their first couple of months and everyone fell in love with them. When they started a little bit of solid food, Tiny used to steal bits of egg from our bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. I've had them for 2 years now and they are absolutely the loves of my life.

Sheila OKeefe
Charles Town, WV

World's Coolest Cat

I had always had dogs growing up but in 1997 I moved into an apartment in southern California and wanted a cat. At the shelter I looked at every single kitten but before choosing I wanted to see the adult cats too. When I came to Buddy’s cage he was sleeping facing away from the door and he rolled over and hissed at me and then went back to sleep like he couldn't be bothered with dealing with me. I was instantly smitten. I don't know why, but I just knew he was the cat for me.

A comedy of errors ensued when I tried to adopt him. The number on his cage didn’t match his profile so they didn’t know who he was, then they couldn’t reach my landlord to get permission for me to have a pet, and then they wouldn’t let me take him because he had to be neutered and I couldn’t pick him up the day he would be ready because I couldn't take off from my new job during the week so they turned me away. This went on for 3 Saturdays and I left the shelter in tears twice. The final weekend I went back and found out he had been sent to a pet store for adoption but they didn’t know which one. I called all of them until I found him and was finally able to take him home.

He walked in like he owned the place and went straight to the refrigerator. Buddy was the coolest cat I’ve ever known. He walked on a leash, loved to ride in the car, and once tried climbing into a restaurant through the drive thru window. Neighbor kids would come over to ask if he could play and he flew with me more times than I can count. After nine years he was diagnosed with cancer but we had five more great years together before I lost him in 2012 at the age of 16. I still miss him and am so glad I was persistent in bringing him home with me.

Beth Smith
Seattle, WA

For Nova, Love Is Blind

When I decided it was time to add another dog to our family, I never expected to adopt a blind husky. I had seen a picture online of a beautiful blue & white pit bull that needed out of the shelter and I instantly fell in love with Bonnie. When the volunteer went to the shelter to rescue her, they discovered she had given birth to a littler of pups. I could no longer adopt her directly so a rescue organization, Best Friends Animal Society stepped in and a wonderful foster took Bonnie and her babies in. I visited often and bonded with Bonnie but unfortunately when we introduced her to our current dog, Leila, the two did not get along. After discussions with BFAS staff member and friend Colleen, we decided it was best for us not to take Bonnie home with us.

I was devastated and broken hearted that I had to leave Bonnie and wasn't bringing her home. I told Colleen what I was looking for in my next rescue and she said she had a special dog she wanted me to meet. She lead me to a back room where a beautiful red & white husky mix calmly lay. Nova had a cone on and we noticed immediately that she was blind. She had recently had her eyes removed due to severe glaucoma which was causing her great pain. Nova gently climbed into our laps to say Hi and seeking love & comfort. I agreed to foster her and see how it went from there. After having her for only one day, I knew I would be keeping her as my next fur baby. She is incredible and so high functioning. If her eyes weren't removed, you'd never know she was blind. She is a normal active, intelligent husky who loves to snuggle and be with us. She and Leila are true sisters; loving and arguing from one minute to the next! Nova and her amazing spirit inspire me every day!

Robyn S.
Valencia, CA

A Spooky Kitty

October 16, 2001 was the day my life changed. I was 11 and I thought I heard a kitty yowling in the trees. It turned out a baby kitten had climbed our 40 foot walnut tree and was swaying in the wind at the top. I tried to climb the tree to rescue him before my mom brought out canned cat food, which ended up coaxing him down. My mom was ready to surrender him to a shelter, but I begged and pleaded to keep him, I did rescue him after all! My mom agreed, and it was the start to the best of friendships. I named him Spooke; it seemed the most appropriate with the upcoming holiday.

He was my best buddy, he always followed me around the house, sat in my lap and purred, was in tune with how I was feeling, and always knew exactly what to do to cheer me up. He moved to Seattle with me when I started college, moved from apartment to apartment, and finally to my house when I married my husband. My husband was just as smitten, calling him his buddy. He gave the best head buts, and body slams. He was always so excited to see either of us.

A couple of weeks ago we noticed he wasn't his usual self. We took him to the vet right away to find out he was dying from severe kidney failure. We tried everything to save my precious kitty, my best friend in the world, but we were too late to help him. Last Wednesday, we did the most humane thing we could and I said good bye to my beautiful, thirteen year old boy. There will never be another kitty like him, he was something special.

I love you Spooke, I hope in kitty heaven there is a stuffed mouse filled with catnip and a laser pointer for you.

Marissa Lock
Renton, WA

Bob-O's and Bobettes

I originally rescued Bob (the bigger one) after receiving a call from a family member saying a friend had him but was taking him to the pound. Bob-O's was found on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. He had a severe URI and one of his eyes had not opened all the way yet, I didn't wait I took him right then. Bob-O's saw my vet got on medication and had his genetics ran. He is now an 8 pound healthy Mokave jag kitten. We then found Bobettes (the tiny one) on Craigslist. She was free and had to leave that day or go to the pound. She has also seen the vet and has been found to be a month old and a Mokave Lynx kitten. Bob fell in-love with her right away and her with him. These two were brought into our lives and have helped us deal with death, diseases (me), and emotion trauma. I love both of these babies and I can not imagine our lives without them. They have brought light and happiness to our dark times and humor to the hard times, (Bob-O's is not so graceful). They are amazing and I love them to pieces.

Mesa, AZ

Zigzag The FIV+ Orange Boy

8 years ago as a volunteer for a local rescue, I was asked to trap 2 cats in an industrial complex.

As I drove up in the parking lot, I saw them. A lovely calico and the other kitty was a fiery red tabby boy. The boy was at the corner of the office building, sniffing the cold air as if to say ' hey, ya got any food with you?'.

I named the calico Radisson and the red boy Zigzag - from a very broken tail that made a 'Z' shape.

Zigzag was very street smart, and it took 2 weeks to finally get him to venture inside a dog crate where I could slam the door shut (tied with a rope) to trap him. Radisson was much more trusting and climbed into the cage with no problems. After the rescue checked them out, they found Zigzag to be FIV+, feral, and not 'adoptable'. Radisson was aggressive and would bite anyone who tried to touch her.

The rescue wanted to put them down. But, I adopted them instead. It took over 6 months of working with them to get them to trust humans. Luckily Zigzag loved turkey and would let me give him a pat while gobbling it down. Add it turned out that Radisson was just cage aggressive, once out of the cage, she was the most loving kitty ever.

In the coming months I read and talked to veterinarians to learn about FIV. Zigzag had a higher risk of immune issues, but as an indoor only, living in a healthy, calm, good food household FIVs can thrive. And Zigzag has!

I couldn't imagine a life without them. Always give a kitty a chance, you will never know how they could enrich your life!

Viv, Zigzag and Radisson

cary, NC

The best dog ever for me and my mom

After we lost our dog of 12 years I was devastated. Buddy was a great dog and I lost my best friend when he died. But Mom and I both knew that his time with us was slowly coming to an end. I cried my heart out when he died in September last year. Mom and I immediately began looking for another dog. I told her that I couldn't last another month without a dog in the house. We looked on Craigslist for a dog and Petfinder.com for almost a month before we finally came across Leah. It was a Thursday in October that I came across after falling flat with Craigslist and Petfinder.com before. We knew what we were looking for. We wanted a dog who was people friendly and good with cats since we had two cats. I kept looking at her picture until I finally decided that I didn't want anyone else to have her but Mom and me. So that Friday I downloaded the paperwork for adopting her and faxed the completed paperwork to the shelter in Oconto. The following Monday we went to get her. A friend of the family brought us to the Oconto Humane Society. When the worker brought her in it was as if Leah knew I needed to be cheered up by her. She zeroed in on me and licked my face from top to bottom. When I found out that the paper work was being finalized I was ecstatic. I have to say that Leah has brought back the joy to my life that I lost upon losing Buddy. However all the neighbors love her and really like petting her. She is a barrel of laughs when she is playful with us. I can't be happier with her as my dog.

Jennifer S

Presidential Kitty

The winter of 2014 was a bad one here in Philadelphia. The snow mounds were at least 3 ft. high for months and it was very very cold. On President's Day Weekend my boyfriend and I were backing out of the driveway and looking left and right over the snow mounds.... buried in the snow, something caught my eye ... I looked more closely and discovered that it was a kitten.... huddled trying to get warm in some sunshine. I screamed so loud to stop the car that I scared my boyfriend half to death! Of course, not knowing if the cat was injured, I pleaded with Ralf to check ... I could not bare to see... he jumped out of the car like it was a police chase and scooped up the kitty... he was OK ! We were so frantic, that we left the car running in the middle of the street and rushed the kitty into our basement and dried him off, warmed him up, fed him, watered him and got him set up with a litter box. We then returned to the car to finish the errand we started. The entire way, I am thinking to myself - how are we going to find the kitty's family ... or a new family ...we had just adopted a second cat, and a third seemed crazy to me at the time. As we drove ... my boyfriend said ...Since it's President's Day, we should name him George... I thought OK I guess he is ours. We did all the due diligence to try to find his family ... but after a week ... George officially became our third baby... He is a sweet little boy... still a little timid .. but full of curiosity and love. He has quite the personality and we love him dearly. This is him on the day we found him. My friends call him the luckiest kitty in the world... but I think I am the lucky one. We love Baby Georgie!

Tione Cohen
Philadelphia, PA

The Karate Cat.

I had returned to studying the Martial Arts after a long hiatus. One day, while emailing a question to one of my Senseis (teachers) about material, he surprised me by asking if I knew of anyone that was looking to adopt a cat. He and his wife were expecting their third child and they felt that the cat wasn't getting the love and attention it needed and deserved. Not wanting to send it to a shelter, they were hoping they could find it a good home. I jumped at the opportunity.

I hadn't had a pet in years. My first pet Spot was a beautiful, all black Cat who lived to be 19. Losing her was like losing a Sister. Years later my sister bought a Dog, a hilarious Pug named Stockwell who filled our house with so much joy and laughter but my sister had moved away from home and taken him with her. He came back to visit occasionally but only for a few days at a time. So now we were pet less, once more. The idea of getting another Cat was exhilarating and once I explained the situation to my parents and promised that she would be my sole responsibility, they agreed and she came to live with us.

It took her only a few days to get acclimated to our house. Now she's the queen. Sleeping in my parents bed, roaming from room to room talking up a storm, snuggling with me when I get home from work. She is the most affectionate, curious, playful, amusing little Cat I have ever had the pleasure to know.

Bringing her into my life was the best decision I've ever made :). Me and the Tabby girl are going to be besties for a long time to come.

Boston, MA

A farewell to Mr. Scrappie Doo

My son found Scrappie Doo on the front door step Feb 2012. He looked to be about 6 weeks old barely old enough to be away from his fur mommy. He had a severe cold that had covered him in snot. We had to basically pull all the fur on his neck away so he could move his head.

He was a Jackson Galaxy Mojito Kitty. He always was there to welcome anyone to our home. He loved to play fetch and would chase a ball anytime someone was willing to throw it. He was a terror to anything green. He would follow me from room to room and had to taste test all my food. He loved to go for walks (or smellies as we did more sniffing than walking) on a leash.

I rewrote the”LlittleTeapot” for him: I am a little Doo cat, short and stout here is my tail and here is my snout. When I get all steamed up hear me hiss, flip me over and rub my belly!

Besides growing into the best playful cuddly kitty ever. He was my rock as he helped me through two of the most difficult years of my life.

Now way too soon, I have to say good bye as he stopped eating about a month ago Aug 2014. We found out he has cancer and had to make the journey over the rainbow bridge. Mr Doo you will be missed. I love you my big boy kitty.

Nickie Bell
Nampa, ID
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