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3rd Time's the Charm.

Our first adopted cat had a fatal accident. Our second ended up having a chip that was missed by animal control so we had to return him to his original owners... We thought we were done at that point. No more cats. Well I'm a sucker for the local animal shelter and went for a visit not too long after we had to give up our second cat. There was the most pathetic looking Maine Coon laying by himself on a bed under the cages. I felt that he was just skin and bones. He barely reacted to my pets and just lay there as if he had given up on life. I felt for him, I was at that point in my life not too long ago. I asked the attendant about his history. He was brought in as a stray so they knew nothing of his past. However, they said as long as he's been in the shelter he had hardly eaten and didn't move around much. He was mine! I had to give him a chance to want to keep living. He came with the name Smokey because he's all grey, so we stuck with that name. We took Smokey to the vet and he received a good health check, other than his serious need to gain weight. His weight at the vet was 8lbs, Maine Coons should be 13-15lbs, at least. We brought him into our home and it took him a few days but eventually he started eating slowly, now he eats like a little pig. He wakes us up in the morning for his breakfast. He is still a little antisocial and skittish. We are working with him as best we can and thinking of buying some anxiety soothing oils for cats to help him become more social. He found his forever home as far as we are concerned, hopefully he feels the same way.

Ashland, WI

My life with Cheeky

My lovely angel, Cheeky, came into the life of my family in August 1993 when I was just a baby myself. Unfortunately she left our lives 11/05/2015, a month shy of her 22nd birthday, due to renal failure. Every day she filled my life with joy, with laughter and with comfort, greeting me every time I came home as a faithful friend and family member (and as the food bringer). Famous on my social media, she was known for her charming face and the love I had for her. She'll be forever missed and her name forever tattooed on my heart, at least I know she's no longer suffering and had a long life filled with love and brought me more love than I could ever explain.

Perth, Australia

My beautiful old lady

This is my cat, Regan. She is 15 years young. She chose me at the pet store so long ago. She still goes wild over catnip and treats, and when she wants to be petted, there is no telling her no. She grabs my hand and pulls it to her face until she has had her fill.

Greenville, SC


Marble is an 18 yr old toriseshell. She will be 19 in September. As a 5 month old kitten her previous owner drugged her and tried to cut her tail off. I have owned her since she was 1 yr old. Marble has been a very "busy" and "nosy" cat. You never knew what she would do or get into. Her health is good but she does have the early stage of kidney failure but shows no major signs of it. I have truly enjoyed all the years with Marble and hope there will be several more.

New Glasgow, NS, Canada

Sweet Bea

My sweet Bea lived to the age of 19. She was not afraid of anything and was always loving. I will never forget her.

Seattle, WA

No Longer Homeless

In early January 2015, I was volunteering for my local shelter with my shelter trainer and Humane Society board member. The few times we volunteered together we chatted and I mentioned I had a small piece of land with a barn. This information obviously stuck with her, because this particular day she asked me if I would be able to take "a few cats" in our county that were homeless.


We spent many hours discussing their needs and their special care with our vets and a rescue friend. They came from a colony that was in danger. The city no longer wanted them living in their "home" and the animal control was going to trap and euthanize all of them unless they could be trapped and relocated. This was a huge undertaking but I was ready for the 12-14 cats....hahaha...In total, 41 cats were trapped. Some unfortunately never made it to their new home due to severe illnesses or injuries. I am happy to say that 28 have been successfully relocated and 4 months later they are all doing well !!

They now all live on a 1/4 acre that belongs to just them with their own 800 sq.ft barn, pond and a kitty proof fence for their safety!

I just signed the papers for my very own 501c3 and it should be up and running very soon.

I will be forever thankful for that one day the Humane Society asked ME...to help them. These cats are amazing. There are a few friendlies and they greet me each time I come to the gate. They love belly rubs and head bumps. There are some that are still very feral and that is ok too. They are all loved as much as they desire and they return that love each and every day !!

"Never underestimate the love of a feral!!" ~Me

Chocowinity, NC

Mocha Chip

My cat Mocha Chip, a tortoise shell cat who looked much like Tiffany Two lived to be 20 years old. She was the sweetest cat I'd ever had and it just about killed me to have to put her down, but she was going into kidney failure, was starting to lose control of her bladder and bowels, and was chewing all of her fur off. That was in 2004 and I still miss her to this day, even though I've had several cats since her.

Southington, CT

Mr. Bernstein

Weirdly enough, I found my rescue cat on Facebook. A friend posted a picture of Bernie, who was about to become homeless after the death of his person. He had already been on his own for about two months, with a couple of kind people coming around to leave food and water for him in the garage of his person's home, but now the house was on the market and he had to find a new home or just become a homeless cat or get taken to a shelter. His caretakers didn't think this was a good option for him as he was an older guy at about 8 years old and not at all sociable. I had lost my beloved 15 year old cat to lymphoma last summer and was ready to share my home with a new cat, and I thought a mature cat would be preferable to a kitten, since I'm out most of the day and have plenty of stuff for a kitten to destroy. Cats have always found me, rather than the reverse, and it seemed like fate placed his picture where I could see it.

Little did I realize how feral Bernie was. I thought he was just ultra shy or traumatized, but after two months of living in my bedroom closet and not responding to laser toys, fishing pole toys, wand toys, roast chicken, lox and other tasty treats, I'm beginning to think that maybe he is truly a miniature wild cat who does not want to associate with humans. At night he comes out of hiding and goes wilding around the house, which he seems to enjoy.

Even though I have lived with cats for most of my life, I think Bernie is truly my challenge cat of a lifetime.

Port Townsend, WA

A Street Cat Named Artemis

In October 2014, I started working as an Esthetician at a salon in Downtown, Denver. One day, I heard my name being called to come see "the cat". I rushed out to the private parking lot for employees and saw a very small, very pretty, little kitty. She wouldn't let anyone near her, but I rushed to the convenience store on the corner and bought her some packaged salmon and a bag of dry food, and she ate right next to me.

As the winter went on, she became pregnant. Desperate to save her and the babies from the below freezing weather, I contacted a shelter and got a trap. I collected the babies, but momma pushed through the trap and disappeared into the salon over the weekend. I bottle-fed each of the five, day-old babies every until the shelter could take them in. I managed to trap momma cat and take her for TNR.

As she was recovering I realized she was very sweet. Suffering from pretty severe anxiety and mental illness, I find it hard to connect with humans, but I would sit with her for hours just talking to her, and she would purr and make all the biscuits her huge paws could manage (I think she’s Maine Coon). I haven’t had an anxiety attack since spending time rehabilitating her, and that’s huge for me.

I knew I had to find her a home. After socializing her and seeing her blossom from a skinny, shy stray, I knew she would make someone really happy— I just didn’t realize immediately that person would be me. After two months, she meowed for the first time when I came into the room and I just started crying. I know it sounds silly, but that little peep told me: “You saved me. I love you.” I knew I couldn’t abandon her. I named her Artemis after the Greek goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and protector of women. I didn’t just save her, she saved me, and now she'll never have to sleep on a cold street again.

Denver, CO

To the Rescue

After losing our beloved dog Cody to heart problems, our ailing 12 year old Lab Jack wasn't doing well. He could barely walk and didn't have much zest for life. We couldn't replace Cody, but we thought we could make something good happen out of our loss and we could save another life. Plus we could possibly help Jack as well. Both Jack and Cody were rescue dogs so we went to PetFinder.com where we found and adopted Ashley.

Ashley came to the rescue. She helped old arthritic Jack physically and spiritually as well. We still miss Cody to this day, but Ashley helped fill the hollow space left by Cody's passing. She brought joy and energy to our home. Jack passed away 8 months later. We have no doubt that Ashley helped give Jack extra quality time. With the passing of "Couch potato" Jack our home and couch seemed empty so we went back to PetFinder.com. Each picture tugged at our heart and we couldn't make up our minds so we decided to adopt 2 dogs. We welcomed Muffin and Princess in to our home. This time it was Muffin and Princess to the rescue. They helped fill that hollow space left by Jack. Now as you can see from the picture we don't have any empty couch.

Losing Jack and Cody was heartbreaking but Ashley, Muffin and Princess all came to the rescue and helped our hearts heal.

Misty & Mark
Anaheim, CA
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