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A big name for a little dog...

I already had 2 dogs, brother and sister Border Collies, who were getting up there in age, and never considered another dog. Until a knock on the door one summer afternoon. Two neighborhood boys were standing there with a small, whitish dog in their arms, asking if I knew who he belonged to to. I took a closer look and saw that he was a Maltipoo, but so small and undernourished, black tar and oil stuck to his fur which was close cropped, shaved, almost. I told the boys that this dog wasn't from the neighborhood and could have come from anywhere. One of the boys said that they wanted to keep him, but I told him that his parents would probably say no and if they did, they were to bring the dog back to me and I would take care of him. An hour later, the bell rang and with a sad face, the boy handed the dog to me. That was the beginning of my small dog experience. It was obvious that this 5lb. dog had a huge personality and was very smart, but in a calculated, thoughtful way. So I thought of a big name for him and William F. Buckley came to mind. He was older than I thought, probably around 5 at the time, and he was sick. We feared parvo, since he suffered from bloody diarrhea, but the test was negative. Then he developed a cough and we thought bordatella. Again, a negative test. We got him healthy, got him vaccinated and neutered. So much for a free dog, I thought!! He has become my constant companion and has kept my remaining old dog on his toes (he's almost 17). Buckley is slowing down a little himself, but with the addition of another stray (a mini poodle, Possum), he still is going strong.

I'm now down to 3 dogs and may soon be down to these 2 little ones, so my lap and my life is always full!

Lakewood, CA


9My story with Eilish (who was unnamed at that time) in December 2014, through no fault of anyone, the home she was meant to go to fell through. Her future looked bleak, a kitten with no tail, no eyes..and no home. I was uncertain about keeping a kitten with 'special' needs, and how she would cope in a multi cat home. Turns out I need not of worried, on her first day at home, she sniffed her way around the living room - followed closely by two curious dogs, and observed from a safe distance and various perching spots, by eight pairs of eyes, when she thought she was lost, she would cry out, as soon as we spoke she would come running. Over the following few days, I fell in love, if she could overcome her challenges, I could overcome mine - my husband who really was not keen on cat number 9 - he was eventually won over, mostly by Eilish, he has become immune to my charms over the years. Eilish now zooms around the house, has found her way to the bedroom, hauls herself up on the coffee table (normally frowned upon) shimmys up the curtains (definitely frowned upon) plays with the dogs who think she is just wonderful. She was so easy to litter train - we have had no accidents at all, can't say that for the rest of the crew. She has thrived and continues to grow, she doesn't have bowel issues (another concern since she has no tail). She will be desexed when she is old enough, and she will live out her many years of life with us. I can honestly say, it is true, LOVE is blind

greymouth, New Zealand

This story is about Lala, who unknowingly rescued me.

It all started about 5 years ago shortly after my beloved family cat Mimi passed at age 21.My mom and I couldn’t help but visit the Anti-Cruelty Society one day, I promised to “just look” since I wasn’t sure if it was the best time to get another cat.I happened to glace in the corner at a cage I THOUGHT was empty with a name plate that said Mimi.What are the odds right?!When I asked to see the cat I was told she was very shy and anti-social and wouldn’t want to be disturbed.I pleaded and when they opened her cage it was the opposite.She was a little tabby tortoise mix, big eyed cutie who just wanted to play.They looked amazed as she played on my lap and cried when they attempted to take her from me.That was it…that cliché thing people say about cats choosing their owners.Since that day I brought her home, life has thrown me a lot of curve balls.From my core family moving away, having to jump into a career and putting school on hold, to losing my job, to passing family members, breakups and everything in between.It can be rough for a then 19 yr. old to deal with.In these past years there have been times that I’ve never felt more alone, to the point that I learned to shut everyone out.Yet there…through all my pain and barriers I built, was my unconditionally loving Lala; by my side all those nights I cried myself to sleep.People can say what they want, but they don’t understand; Lala rescued me from lonliness.Little did I know 5 years ago, this kitty that I believed I was saving would in turn save me from a sad dark place in the years to come.

Westchester, IL

Shadow the hybrid

One day I greeted a neighbor as every morning when he calls me over saying he had a new kitten and it was very special. I came near and I saw the cutest pair of wide wild eyes, grey pale fur with black marks. My neighbor told me a truck driver friend with his son had found it on the side of the road and he adopted it. So it became a custom I will greet my neighbor and pet his cat.

Then one afternoon I was on my back yard pulling dry laundry out of the cloth line, when there was an explosion in my neighbor's home. I run over and the police told me it was a gas explosion and my neighbor had died. I asked the officer for the cat, but they haven't seen any. I was heartbroken.

I kept walking around the block every day to find it but it was no use. A few days later, I see one of my cats, Michifus standing on the edge of my garden meowing to the empty lot behind my home and pushing his food bowl towards the grass and weeds. Something told me he had a reason to do that. So from that day on, i will get food and water to the edge of my garden.

Then one day i woke up on Sunday morning,I see the kitten standing on my opened bedroom window. He came down into my arms and in that moment I knew he had adopted me.

Months went by and we grew closer and closer, when one afternoon I received a visit from the truck driver who had rescued the kitten from the side of the country road. He mention he stopped to check the air on his tires when he heard a growl, its was a kitten delivering a baby to big for her body, when the cat mom died he cut its belly and pulled my kitten out for it to live. That was My kitten, a wildcat/farm cat hybrid that earned my heart and everybody's with the first meouuww.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Blues Girl-The little 3 legged Russian Blue

I have rescued cats in need for a few years now, but however I was not prepared or ready for awaited for me with one of my littlest rescues last year. One warm summer night while my brother was working at an apartment complex he heard some mournful cries coming from an area of shrubs out in front of one of the complexes. In the middle of the shrub was a little 3 month old Russian blue grey looking up. When it didn't really move around a lot my brother got a closer look and to his surprise the poor little girl had a large wound to her right front paw and she was dragging the paw on the ground. He scooped her up after confirming that it did not belong to anyone and brought her home to me. I rushed her to the vet and after further investigation it was confirmed that she had been shot with some sort of rifle. We tried to save her little arm but after the specialist looked at her ex rays the best thing would be an amputee of the paw. I was forewarned that she may not survive through the surgery and her life would be rough because of where the amputation had to be done. It has now been 6 months since I was Blessed with her presence and she is doing great. Sometimes I watch her run through the house with the other rescues and she plays and runs like she has 20 arms not 3. I named her Blues Girl-The 3 legged kitty! Every so often as the photo shows I catch her smiling because I feel as though she is so happy to be loved and alive and that makes me SMILE!!

Tricia Carie
Vincennes, IN


There's an X-files episode where actor Peter Boyle plays a psychic & gives a monologue about all the strange cosmic choreography that has to happen for people to be in certain places at certain points in time & for lives to be saved or lost. I often think of that episode when I think of finding little Peaches.

In October of 2014, my boy kitty vomited several times over 2 days. He's never sick, and it appeared to be mostly food, so thought maybe something didn't settle right. I ran out of paper towels to clean up the mess, so I walked down to the bodega on the corner to buy more. I never made it there. Halfway down the block I spotted little Peaches sitting on some steps that led upward to a narrow alley between 2 buildings. She was a super tiny little calico kitten. Her face was completely crusted over with eye gunk, & one little eye was bulging. I couldn't figure out how she'd gotten there. Those steps were bigger than she was & I knew she couldn't see. She'd most likely been dumped because of her sickness.

I grabbed her & cuddled her up against my heart & whispered "its okay, its okay" as I took her back up to my apt. I took her to my vet to get her cleaned up. She tested negative for feline leukemia/HIV but her eye infection was severe, she had an ear infection & lots of flea dirt. She needed a lot of followup care that I knew I couldn't give. The vet advised against me fostering her because of risk of contagion to my 2 cats. I took her home & waited for the Newark humane society to pick her up. And sick as she was, she wanted to play. She climbed all over me & purred. I was in love.

I hope that whoever has little Peaches now loves her as much as I do. And I hope she's healthy & safe, if not in a furever home, then with the people at the humane society.

Selena Kyle
Newark, NJ

Our little black panthers

My boyfriend and I had been talking about getting a couple of kittens for awhile and we already had two nine year old cats. I had also lost my cat Howie suddenly almost two years ago so I was really wanting to add to our family of cats. The two older cats were my boyfriends and he was their person not me not that they didn't love me just they wanted to be around him more. So in June we decided to adopt two black sisters from our vets adoption program. We got the kittens and our older two didn't like them one bit so I spent my time off from work bonding with the kittens who we named Salem and Zoe. They are truly what I needed. They are typical kittens getting into everything, bugging the older cats and just wanting love. I have become their human and they never let me forget it. Black cat truly have a bad rap but if you are considering adopting please think about adopting a black cat they will love you forever and they are less likely to be adopted. These two have also filled that hole in my heart from having to put Howie down.

Amy McPhee
Hamilton, ON, Canada

Rescuing Teddy

We had just had to put our previous dog, a Pekingese named Dumplin', to sleep due to an inoperable tumor. I was so sad and the house was so empty, so I thought the best way to honor her memory, since she had brought me so much joy, was to get another dog right away. This time I decided to rescue a Pomeranian.

I found one little face that I was interested in, and I knew I wanted a full-grown female, so that's what we went to see about. When we got there, she wanted nothing to do with me; there just was no chemistry between us. The lady who had the rescue had several little ones, and there was no way I could decide, so I told my husband I was just going to sit on the floor and see what would happen. All of a sudden, there was a little fellow in my lap! He just sat there looking at me with his front paws on my chest. After awhile it became clear that he had chosen me, and my desire for a full-grown female dog just went out the window because this was a 10-month-old male puppy.

The following day we Skyped with our son whose little boy at that time was two years old, and when he saw our puppy, he immediately exclaimed, "Teddy Bear!", and that is how we got Teddy and how Teddy got his name. He is now nearly five, and everybody tells me he is spoiled, but I don't understand why they say that! ;-) He is an absolute joy and delight, and he makes me laugh every day. Happily for me, he's most content when he's either beside me or in my lap. We make a great pair!

Indianapolis, IN


Meet the gorgeous Kittenkaboodle, aka Boodle, aka Boo. She arrived on our step in May, a half-grown kitten, and quickly warmed up to my husband (although I was usually the one with the food, the little ingrate). Turned out, though, she had plenty of affection to go around, a really loud purr for such a little cat, and a tiny squeaky rusty meow.

She came around all summer, and when it began to get cold in November, we made a place for her in our basement. I would have loved to have added her to the household, but no matter what we tried, she couldn't abide our two neutered males. Poor Harry (who outweighed her by about 7 pounds) was scared to death of her. So she needed a home of her own, and we decided she would have a better shot at adoption if she was spayed and had her shots. With that taken care of, we took to Facebook. There are any number of local animal organizations, and we showed her picture and story on them all. A woman who had recently lost her cat to age-related illness fell in love with her, and off went Boo to her new home. Her owner sends pictures sometimes and Miss Boo has a truly wonderful life.

Jeanne MacDonald
New Waterford, NS, Canada

my mother the cat lady

Hi I am bill I need help. My mother Gertie is 80 years old and has gotten very sick. She has always had a lot of cats and at one time we had 14 but now she has seven cats which are 3 fixed males and 4 females. The doctors have told her she has got to get rid of them cause of her lungs. My mother loves them and wishes to find them homes. I am asking for help. I wish to fulfill this wish for her. I have seen you and thought maybe you might be able to help me do this for her. They are all different ages. But no baby's. Like I have said they all are house cats. They have never been out side. They all are lovers and need someone to love. Right now they all are in a large shed in my yard they all have been together since she got them. So they are OK with others and a dog as well. Witch she has one. But being out side in the shed they are scared stiff. I am in need of help. I hope you read this and contact me with an idea. She does not want to have to put down, or give them to bad cat people. They are her baby's you see. So I know it’s a lot to ask more so as there are seven of them. But you being the cat man I hope and pray you this and can help us soon I have sisters but they have lots of cats as well I no know one else to ask for homes for them. So I close with this I've watched and seen that you care about them and have helped lots of people with their cats. i am hoping you can help a 80 year old lady be happy in knowing her baby's are taken care of in a good way sincerely Bill Neal.

William Neal
Hesperia, CA
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