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Cutest Dog Ever!

This is Pippin. Pippin comes from Louisiana and now lives with me in Southern Ontario Canada. His parents were Huricane Katrina survivors and he was born at the rescue centre. I do a lot of volunteer work for our local Humane Society and went out to help walk the dogs brought up from Louisiana. I had no intention of going home with one that day, and when my shift was over, I even got in my car and started to pull out of the parking lot. I shut off my engine and went back to get him. How could I resist that adorable face and those huge ears. He's been a great addition to my family and I am forever grateful to all of the wonderful rescue organizations out there. If you're looking for a pet, please go check out some shelters. There are many great dogs looking for a great home!

Welland, ON, Canada

Life is a Highway

I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch on a workday, and after driving the 405 in Orange Co, CA, I stopped at a light at a busy intersection. The car next to me alerted me there was a cat on my back tire. I got out of the car and there perched on my tire was a 6 month old kitten, who just had the ride of her life, and if I wasn't notified, wouldn't have seen lives 2 through 9. I immediately met my friend at the restaurant, who accompanied me to her vet down the street, where I dropped her off for the weekend to get examined, tested, and spayed. That was in September of 1996 and I am happy to report...10 moves, several relationships, 2 marriages, 1 divorce and 4 jobs later, she is still with me. I of course christened her....Axl!

Lincoln, CA

Our Tiger Cat

I am a morning walker and live in a neighborhood of stray cats mostly left behind in and around foreclosed homes in Las Vegas, NV. While walking one morning, I heard a noise from one of the foreclosed homes and found that there was a cat - a very large skinny scruffy cat - stuck in the house. I coaxed it out of one of the broken windows and gave him some food and water. This cat had stripes on his head and legs, swirls on each of his sides like a cinnamon bun, and spots on his stomach. He wouldn't follow me home and greeted me daily for food, petting and a tummy rub while "talking" the whole time. My husband wanted a big male cat and I told him that I have the cat for him! I took one of our cat carriers down the street, picked up this big cat, and brought him home. My husband took one look and said no. As I went to put the cat back into the carrier, my husband came over to look again. This large skinny cat jumped into his arms and that is where he is most happy. The vet said he was malnourished and dehydrated but healthy considering the circumstances. Cinnabon rules the house, is a great big lover boy, and keeps us very entertained.

Robin Suo
Las Vegas, NV

Nico & Wanda

Nico and Wanda are both Maltese rescues and everybody thinks they are brother and sister. But Nico came first and was king of the house. Then 3 months later I was the foster home for Wanda. Well, Nico fell madly in love with her and I did, too! Wanda's foster home became her forever home and now we are one big happy family. Adopt a pet and you will have the best pet ever! You will save a life and be paid back in love a million times over. Every time I look at their little faces I fall in love again!

Mary Fran
Naples, FL

Jasmine and Junior

I saw Jasmine and Junior on Facebook. They were eight month old feral kittens. I drove 200 miles to get them and for the first two weeks they were very scared and hid. Jasmine found a place to hide and I didn't even know where she was. I talked to them constantly and took their food to them and eventually they began to purr and then to come out of their hiding places. Now they are big old sillies aged one year old. They love cuddles and are now very tame. They come in and out of the cat flap and are the loves of my life. I have nine other rescue cats and Jasmine and Junior get on very well with all of them. I am so glad that I adopted them.

Lorraine Duncan
Hayes, United Kingdom

Isaac Newton, the Snuggler

I saw Isaac on Petfinder and looked at his picture every night for 3 months before finally deciding to make the 3-hour journey to meet him. He had been at the Heart of Jackson Humane Society for six months because he was so shy and didn't "show" well. He was shy with me too, but I took a chance and brought him home. Once in the door, he looked around and started to dance and hop on his back legs with delight that he was in a real home. He got into bed with me and burrowed under the covers to snuggle up with me the very first night. In the photo, I had just mentioned going for a walk--hence the big smile!

Omaha, NE

The tale of a feral kitty

Mariko was a lonely and frightened kitten at the Humane Society. She was feral/wild, and her siblings were considered too wild to be adopted. She alone was left alive. Mariko hid in the back of her cage whenever anyone came near and froze when anyone tried to pet her.

One day, a compassionate volunteer saw my dad looking for a cat and pulled her out of the cage as he walked by. He was not intending on getting one for me, and had in fact already found the one he was going to adopt, but something about her made him stop. He thought of how much I adored cats and decided to bring her home, too. She warmed up to me instantly, and cuddled close that same night to sleep. Mariko is such a sweet, gentle cat. She's 9 years old now, and lives with me and my husband. She gets tons of pets and love.

Salt Lake City, UT

Renee, the tree bark dog

All my animals found me, I never had to go looking for a rescue, they showed up at my house.

November ten years ago, my ex-wife showed up at my house with this sad

story of this starving dog she saw a few blocks from my house that was trying to eat tree bark.

We went out that evening and when we came back to my house, she cried

"look, there on your front lawn, there's the tree-bark dog".

This sad looking large puppy (approx 6 months old) was in front of my house

just waiting. She was a fair sized dog but you could see every bone in her body. I took her to the vet, she weighed only 26 lbs and she had worms and fleas. She's a mix, mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback but also probably a bit of Pit Bull.

Ten years later Renee is a member of the family, I can't imagine life without

her. She gives so much love and is so grateful that we added her to the family. Today she's very fit and trim and weighs almost 60 lbs.

She loves Nick the cat (another front of the house rescue) but Nick is uneasy

around Renee.

Animals give you so much, they are so rewarding and seem to know that you rescued them. Please adopt a stray that needs a home, particularly a mixed breed dog or cat.

newark, NJ


I already had a Dog, named Mel that I got as a birthday present from my mom. One day I was going through some pictures from a shelter just to see if I could find a dog for my uncle, and a girl sent me an e-mail and said she had 3 puppies and their mom living near a garbage can on the street, and she needed help. I wasn't gonna get another dog but I fell in love with the smallest one and I couldn't resist!

I brought him home and he was sick and needed a drastic weight gain, so I spent weeks taking care of him and now he's big, healthy and happy! He's my "son", my best friend, and he ALWAYS put a huge smile on my face no matter what. <3

Santos, Brazil

My ticked tabby sweetheart

Purdie was found with her 6 little babies after being abandoned by a group of students. I saw her kittens and heard her story at the veterinary clinic where we had taken our old dogs for a checkup. Because of the dogs my daughter and I thought an older cat a better choice to take home, so sight unseen, this beautiful little tabby came home. Our 12yr old Shiba Inu and Purdie became great friends and when he was sent home she missed him for a few days. She is my sweetheart and loves umconditionally, so long as her food keeps coming. Loves playing with paper balls, rips them to bits, tears around my tidy garden, so I have lots to do now, keeping this house tidy. Our dogs are gone so now she has complete control of this house.

Dawn McIntosh
Christchurch, New Zealand
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