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As soon as we walked up to her cage at the adoption center, Freckles stuck her feet out of her cage and grabbed my leg. We asked about her, but the adoption coordinator said she had already been adopted. We came back a couple of weeks later, and Freckles was back. Whoever had adopted her had decided they didn't want her. She's been with us ever since, 7 years next month!!

Becky G.
Beavercreek, OH


Presley showed up in our driveway one day. We had just adopted another dog from a rescue group, and didn't think we needed 3 dogs so I agreed to foster him until they could find him a home. He stole our hearts and on Mother's Day my husband gave me a card that said he was ours now. He is the sweetest dog and I am so thankful that he came into our lives.

Teresa McDougal
Lonoke, AR

Louie in Washington State

We adopted Louie from the Sacramento Animal Shelter in 2002 when he was 7. He had been there for 4 months and his "number" was almost up. Thankfully we found him before it was too late on petfinders.org because he is the most wonderful boy.

This picture is at a restaurant that Louie likes in Portland, Oregon where they have a doggie menu and they bring him his water when they bring ours. For his adoption party we had 7 adults and 5 dogs at dinner, what fun!

Karen Hiller
Kelso, WA


My family and I volunteer with Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue to foster dogs that are rescued or are surrendered. Dudley was our first foster dog. He had been abandoned in NW Florida and had been brought to a high-kill shelter in Chipley where he was set to be put down in a few days. The folks at ECGRR saw him and picked him up and brought him to us to foster. We had two dogs already and my husband was adamantly against getting a third dog so we compromised by becoming a foster family. We had Dudley for 10 days and he fit seamlessley into our family, but I knew the time would come when we would have to give him to another family. I mentioned to my husband one night how lucky Dudley would make another family and my husband looked at me and said "we can keep him if you want." I was shocked and he quickly followed up with "well, he is an amazing dog." And he truly is, we are so blessed that he found his way to us and his new forever home!

Jennifer Aldrich
Navarre, FL


We adopted Bettee from Last Hope Animal Rescue. She is a doll. She joins her dog sister Geenee found wandering through a parking lot at 3 months old and cat brothers Bo and Ty turned into a shelter at 5 months. Our hearts are filled with joy from these wonderful pets. Visit a shelter!

Karen Lee-Archer
Amityville, NY

Buffy the Black Tag Dog

We found Buffy (on the right) whilst looking online at our local shelter. Buffy was a "Black Tag Dog" - he had been taken from his previous owners due to abuse or neglect. We were told he was 8 years old, and as a 'senior dog', he was reduced to half price. We felt so sorry for him, we went the next day and adopted him. Here he is with Lucky, our other 8-year old dog. They are best mates and Buffy now has a 'forever home'. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful loving addition to our family.

Michael & Sarah Bull
Brisbane, Australia

Hombre the Brave

I was at work one day when I heard a pitiful mewing. I followed the sound & finally coaxed a young tabby cat out into the open. He was starving & had a bad leg that he held up against his chest. We have cats at work so I grabbed some cat food for him & he dug right in! While he ate he let me pet him & I checked him over a bit. He seemed OK except for his thinness & his leg that was useless & clearly infected. I took him to the vet & she said he'd been swung by that front leg when he was younger. The leg had been ripped out of the joint & had deteriorated & gotten infected. It was past saving & would have to be removed! Today he is a happy, frisky, very talkative & loving three-legged kitty. I called him Hombre the Brave because he was tough enough to survive his kittenhood with only 3 good legs & a raging infection. And he was brave enough to trust humans to treat him kindly & help him when he needed it most. Hombre gets around just fine now & is a cat lover's kitty cat! He brings laughter, warmth & love into our lives every day & I thank my lucky stars that he found me!

Richmond, TX

Star & Shadow

After having dogs for many years, when my big beautiful girls both passed away I decided a cat might be better since I work full time. I was planning on starting the search for a kitty in a few weeks, but then I went with a friend to Petco to pick up treats for the dog she had just adopted the week before & saw 2 kittens at the adoption center. I couldn’t decide between the 2 little girls so brought Star home that day & Shadow a few days later. They snuggle with me every night and I hope will be my family for a long time.

Janice Walden
Prescott Valley, AZ

Albert becomes King of his castle

A newspaper ad for Delaware Humane Association showed an ugly white dog that was adopted,then returned because of a disease. I tried to avert my eyes, but they kept wandering back. I'll just go and look at him.

"Wow, that dog is miserable looking. He's bald and has the bloated Cushings belly. Plus skin infections, an eye infection, and bad breath. He's not even friendly."

"Go away, lady, I've had enough heartbreak. Don't make me fall in love with you, only to be rejected again."

Adoption coordinator Karen said that Albert is very sweet, that everyone at DHA loves him. She's sure I'll love him, too.

I said I'd think about it. Albert stayed on my mind all the next day, like the siren calling the sailors to their doom in Greek mythology.

Albert had come "this close" to being euthanized because he was so sick and weak. But instead, DHA gave him tons of medical care, chicken dinners, plenty of short walks, and love.

He came home with me.

"Hey, Mom, is it breakfast time? Let's go outside! Can I play with my brothers? Can we go to the dog park today? Can I sit on your lap? Can I share your ice cream?"

Albert now is a beloved member of the pack. The meds control his Cushings, his eye and skin infections are gone, and he has regained his strength and joie de vivre!

I commend DHA for their skill and perseverence to heal a very sick dog.

They barely recognize him now, with his fluffy white poodle hair and bright eyes. He takes long walks, gives kisses, loves his brothers and is velcroed to my side. It's a mutual love fest around here.

Delaware Humane Association went above-and-beyond for Albert. And he and I thank them daily.

Wilmington, DE

Our Lucky Day!

We noticed this tiny, dirty, matted, smelly dog wandering our neighborhood for a while this fall. A neighbor saw us trying to befriend the scared little boy and she told us that he was abandoned. She saw a car stop and put him out of the car and drive away. The Tennessee winter was coming and we were very concerned for the dogs' safety and health. The vet said he didn't have a chip so we decided he was ours! When we got him cleaned the vet told us he is a shih-tsu with one eye removed and the other eye scarred. We believe he was not only neglected but abused as well. It's taken a while with patience and love for him to understand that we won't ever hurt him. We named him Lucky because we hit the doggie lottery when he found us! He's a playful, happy little guy. He has made fast friends with our 15 year old terrier mix, Cocoa, and now they're the cutest team. Lucky brings us joy every day and we are so glad that he is part of our forever family.

Angela Brown
Louisville, TN
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