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Woofie and his sister were at the local shelter and by the time I got there on a Saturday morning he was the only one left. When he kissed me as I first held him I knew he was the one for me. His expressive eyes sparkle with love. Indeed, Woofie is a special blessing!

Dorothy Chambliss
North Ogden, UT

From the midwest with Love

I had to put my beloved Murphy down on Easter morning 2006. I said to myself never again am I going to have an animal I will lose. Then I went onto Petfinders.com! Now I was just looking, you understand. That is where I saw Skylar. Her picture was pitiful and I knew right then and there I HAD to have her. Well, I was told by the adoption intermediate that someone was to look at her that night (she was from another state). I was heartbroken. But I received a call from the individual and she said the man never showed up so she was MINE! I think the adoption intermediate was as happy as I was. It took a week of her coming cross-country for me to get her. She came out of the car ran up to me and literally hugged me. We fell in love with one another immediately. But she was in rugged shape. She was about a year old with hardly any hair and afraid of the world. Well with a lot of love and much work she is now fearless. She is the love of my life and my greatest joy. She sits on the back of this chair looking for my car at the end of the day. I can't wait to get home at night to see her smiling at me!

Southington, CT

Our girl, Sissy

My husband and I already had a male Great Dane, Boogey, that we had gotten as a puppy one year earlier. When I read an ad in the paper that a female Dane needed a good home, we made an appointment to see her.

I was overwhelmed with compassion when I saw Maggie. She was extremely malnourished and very nervous. We agreed to take her home on a trial basis to see if she felt comfortable with us. Sixty pounds, countless Jolly balls, two intestinal surgeries, and lots of loving later, Maggie (Sissy) is now a part of the family. We joke that she is my husband's pocket pal, never leaving him out of her sight. She even walks alongside him when he is mowing the lawn, carrying her ball, patiently waiting for playtime. We started calling her Sissy after hearing Boogey call her by that nickname!

Cheryl Stubbs
Herminie, PA

Our Special Boy Buster

After being married for a year, my husband and I decided in 1995 to adopt a dog, something we had talked about doing for some time. We found a cute little black and white dog at our local shelter and decided to make him part of our family. We found out that he was a stray, that he was about one year old, and that he had been found by the river. He was still covered with ticks when we brought him home. The first time my husband saw him, he thought he looked like a Buster, so that is what we named him. It was pretty obvious from his behavior that he had been abused, so it took some time to earn his trust, but once he knew we loved him and he could trust us, he embraced his new life. After being an only child for 10 years, we brought a sister named Cleo home for Buster. Though he was not too sure about her at first, he ended up being a great big brother. Buster brought more joy to our lives over 13 1/2 years than I thought was possible. We lost Buster due to a tumor on Thanksgiving night 2008. We still miss him, but we are grateful for the many wonderful years we had with our very special boy.

Kelly Stoner
East Helena, MT

Don't bring me back to the pound...

She was tied to a shopping cart at a local pet store. The employees found her in the morning with a note pinned to her collar. "Please don't bring me back to the pound. My owner can no longer keep me and knows if I go back to the pound no one will want me."

We just happened to be stopping in for our weekly visit to view the puppies up for adoption. The employees of the store knew we had taken in several dogs who, through no fault of their own, needed a new home.

We named her Dublin because she looked great with a green collar. But, any dog looks great when they have someone who is willing to take on the responsibility of ensuring they have a safe place to live.

I hope the person who left our sweet Dublin in that parking lot reads this and knows she is safe and being well taken care of. She had her annual visit to our wonderful vet this week. He asked her if she knew how lucky she was..

she barked, wagged her tail. We all know her answer.

Bath, OH

Found in the trash

A friend was leaving a local park when she watched a van stop by the trash and throw something "unusual" in the can. Thank goodness she stopped. The next day, Heidi joined our home. She was 6 weeks old at the time and a copy of the Energizer Bunny. She hasn't stopped moving since.

Heidi lives with several siblings, much larger than she. She is a little girl with a giant heart. Whether it's looking for frogs in the pond; telling the Great Dane that the treat belongs to her; or wrapped on a lap, she is proof that recycling trash is a great idea.

Bath, OH

Pasiley-The Smile Back in Our Hearts

My husband and I lost 3 of our "babies" last year and left us with such aching hearts. We never planned on adding to our family, of which we have Salem the cat and Neika the dog. But, I couldn't help myself and I was just 'looking' on one of our local SPCA sights. I asked my husband to just go with me and if he really didn't want another cat that was fine. Who could resist that cute little face looking through the pen at you? She has brought back so much laughter and unconditional love that it eases (not forgotten) the ache of lost ones. We're glad she's joined our family - you just never know what the 3 are going to get into.

Karen Falotico
Lock Haven, PA

Blue-eyed Blessings

Three months after losing my beloved elderly rescue cat to kidney failure, I was ready to visit the Albuquerque Humane Society to adopt another and start to mend my broken heart. I first saw the bright blue eyes of Sage, my now 2.5 yr. old tortie point Himalayan mix, peering at me from inside the parka of a homeless man who had come to surrender her. I won the lottery that day (and so did Sage)!

I wanted a friend for her (and another "fur child" for myself) and returned to the shelter a month later, where JJ, my Blue Point Siamese, picked me out and captured my heart. My two precious ones are the very best of friends. They are always together, and love to help with office chores and laundry! I can't imagine life without them...

Gail Rossi
Edgewood, NM

Peanut on Surrey St.

Leaving our apartment complex a red suv was racing to beat the gate, behind that a tiny little dog running as fast as his little legs could carry him. We figured they didnt close the door properly and he got out. So off I went running after him in my heels, while my husband in the car. After a month of flyers, and asking around, and trying to figure out what a dog needs, we kept him. He spend his first 3 months under our bed, and hidding everytime he would reilve himself on the carpet. He hardly ate, and new what a toy was. But now, 7 months later, he is spunky, goes to day care, and enjoys spending time with us on the couch. Sure it took him 5 months to learn how to pee on the pee pads, and 6 months to understand a toy is fun and a leash is not dangerous, but he taught us patiance, love, and caring for another life. We just got married and Peanut is our child now. We didnt adopt him, he adopted us. We still have alot more to learn from him of course. But slowly and steadly he is learning to be a dog, and to trust humans. He has gained 1lb and growing, he will never be afraid of being hurt or left alone.The reasons why they left him behind we will never know.

His Peanut the Chihuaha who we found on surrey Street.

Jenny AJ Zepeda
Las Vegas, NV

Blessings Every Day

Lily wasn't gotten from a shelter...in fact, she likely wouldn't have lived long enough to get into one. We found her running up the road chasing cars and looking for her family on the Fourth of July weekend at a friend's house. Someone had obviously dumped her on their way out, but she was still trying to find them and go home. We couldn't stand it and picked her up to make her a permanent part of our family of a dog, three cats, a horse, and us. She lived with us for almost thirteen years and made our lives joyful every day of that life. We miss her every day since she was forced to leave us, but there's a spot in our hearts that says she was always meant to touch our lives.

Elizabeth W.
Central, LA
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