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Kitten falls from truck on freeway

This is my cat Lokey. She fell out of the back of a truck on the freeway. A friend saw this, stopped, and was able to catch her. The friend called and asked if I could take her. Lokey's condition was poor at best. Although the fall from the truck did no damage, she obviously had been severely neglected or was a stray. She had worms, she was covered from head to toe with fleas, and extremely mal-nourished. Now she is happy, healthy, and a welcome addition to my home. My life would not be the same without her.

Danielle Vukonich
Kirkland, WA

Dakota - My Southern Belle

I decided I wanted a puppy. After going so many places, I went to my last resort, the county shelter. Every puppy there was cute! After looking at them and wanting every one of them, I stopped at a cage with 2 puppies in it. They looked like puffballs! The cage said Lab/Chow mix. One of them walked up to the front of the cage and promptly bit my finger! I noticed that they were both females.

Since I didn't want a female, I ended up leaving empty handed. The next day, after looking in a few more places, I decided I wanted to go back to the county shelter and look again. When I got there, all the cages were empty!! I thought about that feisty little pup who nipped me the day before and wished I would've taken her. Just as I turned to go, a woman came walking in with a puppy in her arms. She came up to the counter and said she adopted it yesterday and that she didn't want it because her son didn't like the color! I looked and it was the puppy who bit me!!! I walked over to the counter and said, I want her! I took her straight from the lady's arms. When I got her home, I found out that the dark spot on her head was a huge patch of fleas, and that after a bath, she was actually blond! When I called the shelter to speak to the vet about Dakota having constant diarrhea, she told me (without examining Dakota), to bring her back in and they would put her down and give me another puppy!! I kept Dakota, took her to a vet, and now she is happy, healthy, and spoiled!

Diana Lesizza
Collierville, TN

Cinderella's Trip Home

I was at the Broward County Animal Care & Regulation shelter looking for a male kitten to add to my furry troop. Unexpectedly, I saw a very injured adult female that only wanted to be scratched through the cage, despite her horrific injuries. I knew immediately that this was to be my new cat. Cinder had four puncture wounds in her hind quarters and we never knew what they were from - human abuse or a really big dog that bit her. I took her to my vet and somehow, Cinder made a full recovery with no long term damage. The only evidence of this girl's terrible history are a couple of scar tissue markings on her coat. Cinder has turned out to be the sweetest, most playful, most interesting addition to our family. Her personality is out of this world and I'm thankful for her every day.

Nancy Popovski
Plantation, FL

I'll miss you Pumpkin.

12 years ago my family and I took in a 1 year old cat we named Pumpkin from the Humane Soceity. She now has her appointment to be put down next week. She has been a wonderful addition to my family for 12 years and I'm heartbroken right now that she's leaving us but we have to celebrate the life she has lived. She was an amazing cat that will always be in my heart. Love you baby.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Connor Bambi Dennis

It was a cold, dark night on the back roads of Ohio when this baby boy, his brother, and three adult females left the puppy mill behind forever. CRASH! -- the van in which they were traveling collided with a deer! The van was totaled, but all inside were only shaken and bruised. Not the best introduction to freedom, but Bambi (so named by Col. Potter Cairn Rescue in memory of the encounter) took all this in stride and greeted every new person he met with kisses and a wagging tail.

Two weeks later I made the five hour drive to Ohio to adopt him and it was love a first sight! His foster mom was very sad to see him go. On the ride to his forever home he told me that his name was really Connor, so Bambi became his middle name.

Connor has such a joy for life, and he has healed my heart that was broken when my furboy, Murdoch, died of cancer two years ago. I am so lucky to have this little sweetheart.

PK Dennis
Newberrytown, PA

Amber moves in!

On moving day, my family and I were warmly welcomed to the new neighbourhood by a handsome but skinny orange and white kitty. Within a few days, it became apparent that he was homeless and his strong intention was to move in with us! Meowing at our daughter's bedroom window every night until we agreed to adopt him, we soon gave in and then had no idea how we had ever lived without him - I think the rescue was quite mutual. He is the cuddliest cat ever!

Anna Gutmanis
Toronto, ON, Canada

Holiday Kitty

My husband and I were spending the Christmas holidays at a log cabin. It was the middle of winter in a freezing ice storm. Upon leaving a restaurant this little kitten jumped in the car when my husband opened his door. She was sickly thin, soaking wet and starving. We brought her back to the cabin to give her food and warm her up in front of the fireplace. After one night with her we couldn't let her go. We felt like she had chosen us. She road the entire way home (all 4 hours) on my husbands lap looking out the window. Now 4 years later Toni and all 17 pounds of her, has become the love of our lives. It seems that Christmas has become her favorite time of year.

Michelle Moore
Painesville, OH

Fergus Andersen Dulong

This sweet boy started life in a puppy mill, then a pet store, then spent time in three different homes that didn't work out -- all before he was 6 months old! The last of those three homes realized that this gentle boy needed someone that loved and understood terriers, so he was given to me. It was love at first sight for both of us. Fergus has been with me six years now, and has grown from a sweet little wildman into the benevolent alpha of my terrier pack in his forever home.

PK Dennis
Newberrytown, PA

The most beautiful Blossom in a garden of felines...

Blossom wandered our neighborhood with a Border Collie, begging door-to-door for food, medical attention or just a kind gesture. She stalked my husband until we invited her to live with us forever. She is the Diva who rules our home of 8 rescued cats, most of whom were feral, all from our neighborhood. Although she is now a senior citizen, she still looks like a beautiful little kitten to us. We are one big happy family and Blossom is our matriarch. We all love her beyone measure.

Moodus, CT

Unexpected Adoption

Beni came into our lives unexpectedly when my daughter's friend rescued him from Animal Control without parental permission. We already had 3 cats but at first, we tried to find him a home. His previous owners left notes that he was the "most horrible cat in the world." Well, we discovered he was the most wonderful cat in the world! We named him "Benito Mussolini" because we thought it was funny he was so "horrible" and his tag says, "I'm Benito Mussolini and I'm going to take over the world!" Beni now has a new girlfriend named "Hope" that we recently adopted from Petsmart, she was there for 8 months and actually picked me!

Sandy Mester
Virginia Beach, VA
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