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Frankie Finds Fur-ever Home

I saw Frankie for the first time when he came into the veterinary practice where I work. He had been found on the street a year before by a woman who eventually had to give him up to a rescue organization for her own reasons, so he'd never truly had his very own home. He won our hearts with his sweet demeanor and his high spirits - nothing seems to get him down, he can't see very well and has to have daily eye drops but that doesn't slow him down at all. He's really an inspiration to my fiancee and I - we couldn't ask for a better addition to our family!

Sue Harriss
Palatka, FL

Adopt a Rescue

Meet Chica, she is on the left. We adopted her from Carolina Boxer Rescue several years ago. We wanted a companion for our sweet "baby" boy Charlie, on the right. My husband and I have hectic work schedules so a puppy would not have been practical for us. Chica was the perfect fit!!! She and Charlie bonded instantly and now are inseparable. They play, eat, play, sleep and play some more together. Where one is, the other is not far behind. Chica came to us housebroken and knowing all the basic commands. A precious girl with an equally precious personality - despite whatever hardships she had experienced in her previous life.

Rescue organizations do an amazing job! No matter what breed you are looking for, consider adopting. Your perfect companion is waiting for you!

Dr. & Mrs. Cummings
Wilson, NC

We Love Larry

We took a little stay kitty to our local pound because my mom and me were allergic and couldn't keep him. We Found This Kitty in our driveway Yowling and with a hurt paw. When we took him to the pound, we walked in and saw this cute Jack Russell Terrier x. We went over to see the dog, named Aries. We knew he was meant to be with us! Then we noticed he only had three Legs!! We Fell in love and took him home in a kitty carrier! We Re-named him Larry (From The Three Stooges!)

Dauphin, MB, Canada

A Gift from Above

I saw Hiedi on a shelter web site. The day she was available I talked myself out of going to get her. I asked for a sign, as I already had three dogs. I went into a store and a magazine article said "Adopt a Pet." I knew that was my sign. I went the next day and adopted Hiedi (means Little Miss). The shelter was so busy with spays and neuters, it took three days before she could come home. She has been such as joy. She just wants to snuggle and be loved. She gets along with my other dogs and loves everyone she meets. She is cute and funny and really brightens my day!! She truly was a gift from Above.

Lisa Porter
Norco, CA

Homeless to Healthy

My son rescued Romo off the street weighing only 80 pounds with fleas, ticks, barely any of his coat left, porcupine quills imbedded in his legs, and heartworms. After getting evicted from his apartment for having him, he called "Mom" to help find a home for him.

Well, Romo lives with us now, heartworm free (thanks to our wonderful San Antonio Animal Defense League), and a beautiful, healthy coat on our 130 pound healthy angel with 4 paws. He lays his big head in our laps for pets, walks on the leash like a dream, and keeps my disabled husband company during the day along with Sadie, our Golden. We are blessed to have him.

Charley Dower
Bulverde, TX


Sophie was rescued from the Humane Society of Long Island. She is so playful and has brought happiness to our home and our other cat, Taylor. She cuddles, plays and loves to sleep on my head at night.

Holbrook, NY

My Adopted Children

All 3 of my cats are rescued in one way or another. Starting from left to right. Pachantz was found in a shelter in Orlando at the age of 9 months. 2 years later I fostered Sprinkles who was the only survivor in an ac vent at about 1 week old. I could not let her leave our family when it came time to adopt. She adopted us. Then China I found under my house one day. I fed him for months thinking he was a stray mama because of his big size. When we moved and I took him with me. That's when I found out he wasa Big Boy! The vet guessed him to be 26 lbs about 10 years old. All are spoiled house cats and I'm so Happy to have them in our life more everyday.

Kelly Green
ST.Petersburg, FL

Our Dog Carter

After 14 years our beloved dog Mocha passed away. Our 3 1/2 year old daughter was so sad, she kept asking when Mocha was coming home and if we could get another Mocha. A few months later we went to an adoption site for Pryor's Pets and we asked them which dog was good with kids. Unanimously they all said CARTER! We brought him home the next day and he has added such happiness to our lives.

Laura Thomas Mullen
Los Angeles, CA

Jinx and Gizmo

We adopted Jinx and Gizmo from a rescue program near our house in Northern Virginia. They were apparently born to barn cats, had every parasite possible and were very skinny when we saw them. We went there for one cat to keep our older cat company. The lady with the rescue program talked us into two for some very good reasons. First, the kitten and the existing cat (also a rescue!) were too different in age to be able to keep the kitten entertained. Next, they could keep each other company once the older cat was gone. I had not thought of these reasons but they made sense. So we brought home two sibling kittens. The existing cat ended up passing away very quickly so, as predicted, the kittens were alone but had each other (and us of course!). They play with each other and groom each other all the time. I have also not had any behavioral issues like you sometimes can get with only one cat or two cats that are newly introduced. They have been an endless source of love and entertainment for my husband and I. I am so glad she talked us into taking two!

In the photo: Gizmo on the top and Jinx on the bottom caught midway through a wrestling match. They look so loving but were actually being quite fierce! Well, at least they think they are fierce.

Karen Hoff
Gainesville, VA

Sweeter Than Honey

She was left at the pound at 6 weeks of age along with her 4 brothers.Our county Humane Society rescued her and put her in a foster home.I was browsing your website and reading the rescue stories and decided it was time to add to our family.I had seen PetFinders in multiple stories so went to their site to see what I could find.I wanted a doxie to keep my mini doxie company.I found 4 at my county Humane Society.I didn't even know we had a Society here. Honey looked the most like a doxie.All of them were mixed but I don't care.I filled out the application and they called me to come and meet Honey.I loaded up Ozzy, my doxie, and headed to the pet store for the meeting. She was so sad looking, I fell in love at first site.Ozzy was a gentleman so the lady said take her home and see how they do.There was an adoption event in a few days and I could either bring her back or come finish the paperwork and pay the fee.I should have just payed for her right then and there.I knew in my heart she would be staying in my home forever.She is a challenge, not potty trained but she is crate trained.This is good because my hubby said NO more dogs in the bed.She is learning how to play, at first she would just stare at the toys.She now realizes she likes treats! She picked up that if she goes to the door with Ozzy she will get to go outside! She loves it out in the fence with our golden/lab mix Duke.We now have a complete family and Honey has a good home for life.She is even learning to give kisses.

Amy Davis
Albemarle, NC
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