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Misty protecting her toys

We adopted Misty (6 weeks old) from the SpokAnimalCARE shelter in Spokane, WA. We had wandered around looking at all the kittens in the shelter. It was hard to decide which one to adopt. Most of them were scratching, climbing & making lots of noise. But then Misty caught our eye. She was a very quiet kitten & looked so lonely in a cage by herself. She looked up at us with her great big beautiful eyes & she gently reached out & touched my hand as if to say "Please take me home with you". At that moment she stole my heart. We took her home to be with our 15 Lb. Rag Doll kitty (Corky) who was 10 yrs. old at the time. We had lost his companion Siri who was an 18 yr. old kitty and he missed her terribly. So when we brought Misty home we weren't sure if he'd take to her. I might add we had tried several others (kittens & puppies) that he didn't take to. But when Misty went up to him he sniffed & kissed her & took to her right away. I think he sensed her gentleness too. They have been companions for the past 3 yrs. now. They sleep & play together & are best friends. As you can see in the photo Misty loves her toys & her new home. We're so glad we adopted her. She's a beautiful girl. We love both our kitty's ! They're the joy of our lives !

Kathleen Carlton
Spokane, WA

Brandy, The Best Dog Ever

Brandy, a pitbull-mix, and I found each other on an icy January day in a parking lot along the Bronx reservoir. She had just been abandonned by her people and was running around frantically looking for them and ignoring my calls. I followed her for 20 minutes until she gave up and curled up chewing her foot in distress. Having only lived with cats, I didn't know what to expect. We approached each other apprehensively, and when she licked my hand I knew all would be ok. I opened my car door, and without needing an invitation she jumped into the back seat. Unbeknownst to me, she was pregnant at the time; 2 months later, she had 7 beautiful babies. Brandy is 11+ now and still going strong. She and her daughter (yes, I kept one) love playing off-leash with their friends in the park, and because of her, I have become more social. Look into her eyes: she is intelligent, sensitive, fiercely loyal, and so loving. She is the special light in my life.

Czerny A.
Brooklyn, NY

Goofy Girl

We had been thinking about getting a rescue dog for a while but with home renovations going on, we figured we'd wait until they were completed. Then I got a link to Petfinder and saw Cassie's sad face. That was it. My husband and I were hooked. We had to wait nearly a month before we could go to the adoption event to meet her, and then when we arrived it turned out they had decided not to bring her to the event. But we were so taken with her sweet face and oversize paws that we said we'd go to wherever she was being kenneled. So we ended up travelling back and forth for several hours to the kennel and the SPCA before we were finally able to adopt her. But Cassie was definitely worth the wait. She's the best doggie--she rarely barks, doesn't shed much, was already housebroken and loves to give and get kisses. She loves to meet and play with other dogs and people. And once we got her home, her happy spirit was revived and now she plays with us like a puppy; she is such a goofy girl.

Donna D
Long Branch, NJ

My Simon Baby

On January 1st, 2000, while everyone was celebrating the new millennium, a young Shepard was giving birth to a litter of eleven pups. Just ten short days later her owner decided he/she didn't want to deal with a dog and pups. They were all dumped at a local kill shelter as she was losing her life to antifreeze poisoning. A local rescue organization agreed to take the puppies so they could be bottle-fed. We took two of the babies and at three months old, the female was adopted to her forever home. Today, just over ten years later, one of those pups is fighting his own battle for life, against cancer. He has maxillary fibro sarcoma; a tumor is growing at the front of his snout and most of his front teeth have had to be pulled and it has worked it's way to his sinuses. I am once-again hand-feeding my baby. Soon, he too will lose his battle but he is happy and you can hardly tell that he is sick. He believes that every time we leave the house, he should be able to go also; and he usually does. We are enjoying every minute of every day that he is with us.

Sallyann Humphrey
Dandridge, TN

Miss Daisy of Long Beach

My 4 yr. old daughter wanted a cat. I love cats but my husband said he didn't much care for them, so we went to the cat shelter in Long Beach 'just to look'. As we were leaving, a girl came in with a box and asked the man at the desk if the shelter would take her cat. She was crying, she explained that her family was moving and told her she couldn't bring her cat. We paused to watch her open the box and out jumped the 1 1/2 year old half ragdoll half tabby Miss Daisy. My husband fell in love instantly and blurted out, "we'll take her." We have loved Miss Daisy with all our hearts ever since. She'll be 18 years old on 4th of July; my daughter will be home from college to celebrate.

Peggy Bacon, Palos Verdes, California

Peggy Bacon
Palos Verdes, CA

Just part of the pack now!

Scooter was found wandering the streets of downtown Atlanta. An angel saved him but was allergic and couldn't keep him. I was only going to foster him until I could find him a home. He was skinny, malnourished and had bald patches all over his little body. Once he recuperated, his true personality came out and he happily joined my 4 other dogs - proudly known as the "pack o' five". He's often referred to as "my shadow" as he never lets me out of his sight. He's a serious cuddler and as long as someone is touching him, he couldn't be happier! Just look at that smile on his face!

Denae Taylor
Dunwoody, GA

Our poor baby Tyler lost his battle with FeLV

I had submitted our rescue story about Tyler coming to live with us and how he at 8 lbs and my pit-weiler Dozer at 146 lbs became FAST best friends/brothers and were INSEPARABLE.

Well our little Tyler lost his battle with FeLV/ocular lymphoma last week on 4.22.10. It is very sad, as I miss him immensely. Dozer hadn't eaten or moved from lying next to the cat bed for four days. I practically had to break my back and lift him to get him to go outside.

I can attest to the fact that sibling pets DO GRIEVE and MOURN! So RIP Tyler we miss you!

Barbara Blackman & Dozer
Voorhees, NJ

He Adopted Us

"Jazz Cat The King of Cats" was quite popular in our old neighborhood, but he choose us. We didn't feed him at first because cats weren't not allowed in our complex. One day he came to me with an injury. I needed to keep him in to treat it and the rest is history. That was our lucky day! He was a best friend for 14 more years. Jazz passed away earlier this year and we still miss him. He was elegant to the end, graceful, joyful and peaceful; and that is how he made us feel. The joy that he brought to our lives can not be measured.

Tracie Livermore
San Diego, CA

Sent to Comfort a Broken Heart

For 14 years, I had a Siamese named Khuma that I loved dearly but he was not in good health. I knew my time with him was limited. One day at work a sweet tiger cat showed up at our doors. You could tell he was hungry and had been outside for some time. He was rather thin for his build. For a stray he was just as happy and friendly as any cat I'd ever seen. I decided to take him home but leave him outside until I could get him to a vet. We already had 3 cats in the house at the time. About a month later, my beloved Siamese passed away and I was devestated. Since we'd taken the tiger to the vet for his shots and a check up, he was able to come inside. Now the cat we've lovingly named Priest is a very special part of our family who happens to have an odd affection for shoes. Yes, he cuddles and sleeps on any shoes left on the floor. He is the happiest, most grateful guy and after a few vet visits, although he has genetic respiratory issues, he is very healthy. I truly believe my beloved Khuma sent Priest to be with me to take care of me when he was gone. I miss Khuma very much but the love I get from Priest helps ease the pain. Khuma knew I was going to need Priest as much as Priest needed me. Thanks Khuma for sending him to me. I miss you and I love you.

Heidi Davies
Millersburg, IN


6 months ago i woke up to hear what i thought was a baby crying, it went on for some time and i went to investigate, it was coming from the dumpsters just down the road. As i approached i saw a terrified tiny ginger ball of fluff. I took him home and had to syringe feed him as he was too young to eat by himself, we treated him for worms got rid of his fleas and he is now part of the family along with his 3 chihuahua and 1 golden retriever brothers.

shelley cooper
costa del sol, Spain
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