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On Love...

Do animals know how much they are loved? That's something I wondered after my first cat, Tink, adopted me when I was only six. And when Tink died thirteen years later, I lost more than just a pet, I lost my best friend. I never thought I could love any other animal as much as I had loved Tink, and I wondered if he went knowing that.

My answers came three years after Tink's passing, when my fiance, RJ, and I, having just moved into a new apartment, decided to pay the local shelter a visit. "Just to play," he told me. That's where I first saw him; a skinny, quiet little Bombay with a torn ear, he sat in the back of his cage. We were told that people often chose other cats over him because he was all black, but immediately, he had my heart. The next day, we walked out of that shelter with him, the perfect little "child." We named him Nox, and since that day, Nox has left pawprints all over our lives. He isn't so skinny anymore, and he's spoiled to boot. He waits for RJ and I to get home from class, meeting us at the door with nuzzles and flopping on his back, belly exposed and paws tucked against his chest. He sleeps at my feet or on RJ's chest, waking first with me, then after I leave, he makes his way back to bed to wake with RJ.

I never thought I could love another animal so much again after Tink, but Nox has taught me that I can, and I do. And I understand now that animals do know when they are loved, because they feel it too.

Kylee B.
Ames, IA

Babette "Babs"

Babette was adopted from the Elizabeth NJ Animal Shelter on May 2009. Her hair was so matted that the groomer had to completely shave her down. She was also severely infected with ticks. Eight months later, her fur has grown in and her tail has been wagging ever since! She is a sweet addition to our family and we can’t image life without her.

Elizabeth, AB, Canada


After renting my very first apartment, I was feeling a bit lonely. I have a pretty decent size family and it felt strange to be all alone and on my own for the first time. My mother suggested to me that I adopt a cute little companion so that I wouldn't feel so alone in my new place. I thought that was a wonderful idea and discovered that there was a small shelter across the way from my apartment. When I walked in, there was kittens galore! However, there was one older cat locked up in a cage away from all the others. He had been diagnosed with FeLV and could not be out with the other cats. I noticed that he had the most beautiful eyes and when I approached the cage he purred so loud. I could tell that he was lonely like me and perhaps we could both fill that void for each other. I adopted Mario that very day. It took Mario some time to get used to the new place and in building his trust with me. He used to struggle with me leaving for work or even with me being on the opposite side of the room as him. I think that now he realizes that he is part of my little family and that I am not going to abandon him. Mario has settled down much over the years and has become such an amazing cat and companion. He is such a little love bug! Our favorite thing to do is cuddle up together every night and watch a bit of TV before heading to bed.

Berwyn, IL

Phoebe Jones

This is little Phoebe. She came to the back door of my office scratching to be let in a year ago. I contacted all of the area shelters, websites, and looked for signs from anyone that might be looking for her. Nobody appeared to be looking for her. She was very sick when she found me. She had ear mites, worms, giardia, and fleas. It took 3 baths to see what color she really was. I don't know who had her before me, but I don't think it was a good situation. She is terrified of other people and won't even get near any door that leads out to the front of our house. After many vet visits and medications she is finally healthy and the sweetest little girl ever. She joins our two other dogs that we also rescued. She gave our 12 year old Buster new life, and our 5 year old Toby is her best friend. She's our angel and we are so glad she found us!

Heather Jones
Las Vegas, NV

Daddy's Girl Goldie!

Goldie has been the last of our rescues. (so far). We believe she is a litter mate of Catue's. Goldie is not very people friendly at all. She is not mean and has never bit or scratched, she just makes herself disappear when people are around. Her favorite thing to do, as you can see from her picture, is to snuggle with her daddy. She is definitely a "daddy's girl". She only tolerates me because I live here!

Goldie may have the best personality of all three of our "cat children". She was born with some abnormalities. One eye is discolored and the vet is not sure how much vision she has in it. Her hearing is slightly impaired and she can't meow very well. Her voice is a very high-pitched short squeal. It doesn't matter to us, we think she is perfect.

I am home with her now since I am laid off. She and I are bonding more each day. But she will always be a "daddy's girl".

Conway, SC

My Capone

In Capone's "other life" he was used as a bait dog and was beaten. His physical injuries were horrifying. I adopted him about 3 years ago and worked on his leg injuries for the first year. He's went from 40 lbs. to 105 now. He is such an amazing dog. I believe he has helped me as much as I have him. He is just like a big Teddy Bear and loves to cuddle. He has brought so much joy to my life and I can't imagine life without him. He is very attached to me and such a loving gentle dog. He's now able to live out the remainder of his life like a dog should with love and stability. I don't understand how anyone could mistreat an animal and my dream is to be able to open a rescue for pits. Please join the fight! Animals feel, they feel pain just like a human, and they don't understand and are helpless to this abuse. And most of all people should JUDGE THE DEED NOT THE BREED!

Dry Ridge, KY

My little angel

This is Cooper. My son and I were taking out the trash when we heard this small cry from a hole that formally housed a groundhog family next to the back door at the church I clean part time.! He was freezing, filthy and starving. The vet said he was only 3 maybe 4 weeks old and lucky to be alive. His mother had been killed by a car in the busy intersection out front of the church. We scooped him up and brought him home to the rest of our rescue family consisting of 2 dogs and 3 cats. Our cats are all female and wanted nothing to do with Cooper, so Mr.O'mallie and Chewie dove right in to babysitting duty. It wasn't long untill Cooper realized that he indeed was a dog!! They were the three amigos and he was truly my "baby". We enjoyed 4 wonderful months and then Cooper fell ill one morning and just as suddenly as he entered our lives, he left and went to that kitty place(or doggie place for him probably) in the sky. It was a very sad Christmas for me, O'mallie and Chewie but we have great memories and Cooper had a warm, cozy place to lay his head and a full little belly untill he went home. Even as sad as I am that he is gone, given the chance, I'd do it again. Every little fuzzy creature should have a home and rescue animals are the best, it's like they really know that they were rescued and they apprceciate you for it!! Keep on rescueing until they all have a home!

Missie Bailey
Fairfield, OH

My Pretty Girl

I fell in love with "Mia" the first time I saw her even though she was starving and mangy looking. There was just something about her that tugged at my heart. Another family owned her but they weren't taking care of her and didn't want her. When I went to pick her up, huge handfuls of fur were coming out and I could see her hip bones. I immediately took her to the vet who said she was suffering from malnutrition and had whipworms. He also stated that she wouldn't have lived much longer if I had not rescued her. Mia now looks like a healthy and beautiful husky should. She follows me everywhere I go, and loves to go walking with me. As you can see on her fur, she loves playing in the snow too. She also blesses me with kisses every morning when I leave for work. She has truly enriched my life and I'm very thankful for her.

L. Zornes
Emerson, KY


I rescued Milton from an animal shelter. The shelter named him "Milton" because he had on an orange collar on when he was found and was probably used as a hunting dog, so we decided to keep the name. I'm so glad Milton escaped. He has brought so much joy to my life. I couldn't have ask for a better dog. He's intelligent, sensitive, and beautiful. No more hunting for Milton! He's my 50-pound lap-dog now.

Colonial Heights, VA

Maggie and the Beamer

Maggie was dropped off at The Hotel 4 Dogs and Cats in Pensacola FL, by her owners whose young toddler was not being nice to her. Maggie is blind as a result of Glaucoma that wasn't treated in a timely fashion. She is purebred Bassett Hound and the most loving girl at 7 years old. When she checked into the Hotel, she was sad and confused, she didn't know where she was and didn't recognize any smells or sounds that she was used to.

Luckily for beautiful Maggie, a friend of the Hotel who already had a very elderly Bassett was in search of an addition to her family and came to meet Maggie, who crawled into her lap and just loved being loved on.

One week after arriving at the Hotel, Maggie was adopted by this wonderful woman and her elderly Bassett and jumped up into the passenger seat of this beautiful BMW, picked her head up as proud as can be, and rode shotgun to her new home with the biggest smile on her face. Way to go Maggie.

Pensacola, FL
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