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This is Rusty. We adopted her from the local county animal shelter eight years ago, she was eight weeks old. She is the best watch dog. She keeps an eye out for any life forms. No people or animals approach the house unannounced. She does not play with toys or balls but she does have an interesting habit of greeting you at the door with a present. Upon arriving home from work, Rusty will greet you with something in her mouth; sock, slipper, cat toy, tennis ball. I am not sure what that ritual is about but it makes us laugh. She is very good with children, cats and dogs, has learned many tricks and is still high strung after all these years. The great thing about adopting is that you never know what you are going to get.

Myrtle Beach, SC

A paw through the cage.

10 years ago I was looking for a cat at the local shelter and saw all the cute kittens, which normally I would have gravitated to first; however, something drew me to walk all the way down to the "last chance room".

There in a cage was this bedraggled and slightly muddy baby cowering in the cage, I walked by and this little white paw shot out and held onto my finger and would not let go...and he still has a hold on my finger and heart.

Ellyn M.
Burlington, NJ

roxie and darwin

well i have always wanted a healthy kitten i was just waiting for the right opportunity.well a couple of weeks ago while walking to my car from work me and my friend heard a noise so when we looked around a kitten popped out from under a car we tried to grab it but it was faster then we were, so i put out food and water over the next couple days and tried to see if i could catch it to take it home.when i came back to work after the weekend i realized there was 2 kittens so when i got out of work that night we all tried to catch them one of my friends was able to grab both the kittens and we even saw the mother and tried to save her but she was too quick for us.i took the kittens to the vet the next day to see if they were healthy and after we found out they were sick after a lot of money and medicine later they both are acting like kittens should be and i am so proud that i rescued them and gave them a home. they are brother and sister the boy's name is darwin and the girl's name is roxie. the vet told me most people would've given up after the first couple visits but i was persistant and wanted them to get better and enjoy their life being "our kids with fur". :)

keara schwartz
baldwinsville, NY

Kaylee and Liam

My husband and I adopted Kaylee, a shephard mix, as a puppy when she was 2 months old after she had been found on the street. When she was 11 months old, we decided she needed a sibling to keep her company. She choose Liam, a 6 month old pup who had been neglected and abandoned by his former owners. He was really skinny and scared, and didn't even know how to play with toys. But, she patiently taught him and now they are the best of friends. Both bring such love and laughter to our lives and, even though they are big dogs, we love when they snuggle on our laps with us.

St. Louis, MO

Puppy Mill Rescue

Our puppy, Sir Lancelot (Lance) was rescued from an Amish Puppy Mill in southern Ohio. The family that rescued him and his litter mates at 4 months old did so because the dogs were scheduled to be euthanized because they had outgrown "puppy status".

The family spent 2 months socializing him because he had spent the first 4 months of his life in a cage with no human interaction. He would not even look at a human.

We adopted him at 6 months and he is a lovable, happy puppy. I think he truly knows that he is now loved and spoiled rotten.

He has certainly added some charm to our animal family, which includes three cats.

Sue Hess
Garrettsville, OH

Buddy's new home

Buddy, a black cocker spaniel, had been abandoned at the city animal shelter twice within four years. I had just become a foster home and Buddy was my first foster pooch. After several weeks, I was able to find a home for him but a month later the family called and said they could not keep him. Of course, I took him back and promised him he wouldn't be abandoned again! Buddy gets along wonderfully with my two miniature dachsies like the three musketeers!

Marla Hirokawa
Brooklyn, NY

Minnie lives on in her namesake

We were heart-broken when we lost our beloved Minnie, an abandoned mama dog we adopted 8 years ago from our local shelter. She was skin and bones when she came to live with us having been found homeless with 9 newborn pups to feed. We fostered Minnie and her pups and kept her when the puppies were adopted out by the shelter. She gladly took on the role of surrogate mama when we brought home a rowdy golden retriever puppy and she saved us all one night waking me up when our furnace caught on fire and filled our house with deadly smoke while we were sleeping. Last December, she developed kidney failure and before we knew it she was gone. After searching PetFinder.com for months and I spotted this puppy and knew I'd found her successor. We named her Minnie II and when the vet said she was probably born in December we were sure old Minnie sent this sweet puppy down as her replacement when she reached her forever home in Heaven. Minnie II is pictured here with a photo of our first Minnie.

Jane Hall
Vincennes, IN

A Very Special Bond

Roxy was adopted from the Aisle of Wight, VA. dog shelter, by a very nice military couple. He was re-assigned to Japan and Roxy couldn't go with them. We adopted her before she ended up having to go back to the dog shelter and start over again . She was 9 months old and has been with us for almost 2 years now. She is a prescious little girl and has a very special bond with her adopted brother, Duncan.

Duncan was adopted from the Portsmouth, VA. Humane Society. His previous owner badly abused him, beating and kicking him. Duncan was kept tied outside, for just about the first 2 years of his life. He was kept in a yard with no shelter and with 2 large dogs. Duncan had to fight for his food every day and only weighed 27 pounds when we adopted him. He had the scars on his head and ears to show how he had to fight. We saw this cute little guy and fell in love with him right away. We took him home that day.

Duncan didn't even know how to walk up steps to get into the house. He couldn't get up into a car. He was so scared to walk into the house. We had to carry him all around for the first few days. His adopted sister Roxy helped him more than we could have ever imagined. She showed him how to walk up the stairs and that it was ok to come into the house. She even taught him how to get into the car. They love each other and have the strongest bond you could ever imagine. Duncan is still timid of men, but he loves to go to the dog park and to play with his sister.

Bill & Deb Lawton
Chesapeake, VA

Nikki and Abby

After losing my two precious babies suddenly one month apart at the age of 14, I thought I would never recover. My husband and I decided after 4 months that is was time to adopt two more kitties. Our hearts were broken and needed new babies to help our grieving. We have so much love to give, not having human children of our own. So we went to our local county animal shelter looking for our new loves. As my husband passed one cage, a paw came out and grabbed him by the shirt sleeve. The volunteer opened the cage so we could hold her and her sister. They were four months old, very tiny, and very sick. As we held them, the baby my husband was holding gave him a kiss, and the one I was holding licked the tears off my cheek. We looked at the card on their cage, which said they would be "put down" THAT DAY if not adopted. Our minds were made up instantly! A week later we picked them up from the vet. It took a while to nurse them back to health, but love is very powerful. Today we are one big happy family, and they are healthy and oh so spoiled.

Linda Warring
North Beach, MD

Oliver, aka "Cubby Cheekers"

I found Oliver on Kijiji... his first Mum and Dad had to find a new home for him because they were moving to a place which did not allow pets. Next stop: Animal Services. They had a 1 bedroom apartment, and I took him home to my 2 storey semi, where he promptly hid in the basement for almost a month. Eventually he came out and got to know our Golden, Molson and our other cat, Courtney. He loves to doze on the back of the sofa, or keep me company purring beside my pillow at night.

Torry H.
OSHAWA, ON, Canada
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