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Ferret Love

I had to submit a story about my ferret "Big ol' boy" as I like to call him.

His official name is Yatzhee. The woman I got him didn't want him any more because he had gotten so big.

He weighs about 3-4 pounds in the summer. His buddy is "my little girl" Dibbs. I got her from a local pet shop. She followed me around the store the best she could from her cage. I thought she was a Houdini before but when I brought some "muscle" home, they found new and exciting ways to get into trouble. Including the 10 ft bookcase!

Ferrets are extremely intelligent and make great friends! Don't worry if they bigger than normal, it just makes ferret proofing easier!

Evergreen, AL

Butters, the little kitty that could

One morning, my boyfriend and I heard crying outside of our home. Imagine our surprise to find a very tiny kitten crying for help and attention near our steps. We looked around for the mother and found that she had abandoned the kitten. He was so friendly and eager to be loved, he cuddled in my hand and started purring as soon as I picked him up!

We tried to place him in local shelters but could find no place that would not euthanize the little one for being a stray. Although my boyfriends house didn't allow cats, we took him in because he was too irresistible and loving to let go! We didn't know if he would make it at first due to his tiny size. He didn't even know how to use the litter box and was covered in fleas!

Now Butters, who was greatly malnourished and on the verge of starvation when we found him ( he was just the size of my hand at 3 months old!), is now a big healthy flea-free cat. He is so well behaved and beautiful and he loves people! Every day my boyfriend and I are grateful to have such a fun and crazy friend at our side. Butters is the best kitty in the world. He may have been lucky to have found us but we are lucky to have found him too!!

Nadia Hussain
Oakland, CA

Freeway's Story - Final Update

This is Freeway's final update. Freeway is a German Shepard pup that was rescued off of a Los Angeles freeway on July 14, 2009. She was severly emaciated, dehydrated, severe broken leg, complete with flies. She had laid down to die. Freeway spent 5 months in the hospital (vets) and now has been adopted out. Freeway was adopted out the week before Christmas by a 20 acre horse ranch and sleeps on the end of her new owners bed. Happy Holidays Freeway.

I would like to thank the Animal Rescue Site and each and every one of you that have read, prayed, kept up with, offered homes and well wishes, and assisted in Freeway's recovery. I couldn't have done it without you. The responses I had received were overwhelming and has restored my faith in humanity. It's amazing what we can do when we come together. Freeway deserved a chance at life and each and every one of you made that possible for her, thank you.

It's been a long journey. Would I do it again? Of course I would! This is what we do for the animals.

Thank you again

Dana Rose
Wrightwood, CA

Jake & Spook

These two beautiful boys came to me 2 weeks apart. I saw Jake (orange & white long hair) on the web site for Fresno SPCA and fell in love. When I went to the shelter to find him, he wasn't there and nobody had any information. I hoped he had been adopted. So, believing that events happen for a reason, and wanting to give a home to an animal in need, I adopted Spook (dark grey, with a pink nose and green eyes). His file branded him a floor wetter, a sure death sentence for a shelter animal.

Two weeks later, Jake showed up on the SPCA web site again. He was being housed at a local pet store and had been neutered 4 days earlier. I went the same day and brought him home.

Spook, who is an absolute love muffin, has shown no signs of any behavioral urinary problems and gets along fine with Smitty and Angel, two elder ladies, also rescues. Jake is a bit dog-shy but is coming along fine.

The two boys are great friends. They wrestle and play, and when they get ready for a nap, Spook grooms Jake before they settle down.

I feel truly blessed and I thank God everyday for the companions I have been sent.

Mary Patrick
Coarsegold, CA

My Oscar

My family and i had just moved into our current neighborhood since May 2009 and over the midsummer and out of no where,this beautiful black cat appeared by my mobile home.We just kept feeding him because he was starving.Everyday we waited for someome to claim him,but no one did.As the months flew by and Christmas was near,this beautiful cat would stay on our front porch,curled up in a ball trying to stay warm.He is a very sweet boy and loves people,so it makes me wonder why someone would just abandon him.As winter was here,and the temperatures outside dipped below 29 degrees,i couldn't stand seeing him freeze to death,so i opened my front door and brought him in.He now has a name,which is Oscar.He knows that he will never have to ever live outdoors where he would become another sad,feral cat.

Dianne Kurtz
Davenport, FL

We Don't Pick Them, They Pick Us!

Throughout my life I have had many "rescued" animals. Mostly dogs but there were rabbits, budgies, 2 sheep, a few cats, and a few more were in there, too. I never felt we picked them, but rather they picked us!

Brandy, (AKA Snoopy, Princess, Cinderella, etc) our current rescue from the Cleveland APL was no different. We walked in and she ran to us ready to go to a home where she quickly became the joy and inspiration we all needed!

She has "raised" 2 human children and sent them off to college. Now she fills the "empty nest" with love, joy, and playfullness. I miss my human children, but thanks to Brandy (and whoever picks us when she is gone), the nest will never be empty, but overflowing!

Brunswick, OH

He Chose Us

We saw a plea on the local TV station that Wyoming Co. No-Kill SPCA in Attica, NY, was overrun with cats that needed homes desperately. A year and a half ago, we lost our beloved black kitty named Jacques at age 9. He was a loving cat with a big personality. Even though hubby said "No more cats!", I convinced him to drive the hour and a half to bring donations of towels and blankets to the SPCA, and just to look. The cats there are allowed to roam in a big room, so we were surrounded by friendly kitties. As I was petting a few, out of nowhere, a ball of black fur jumped into my arms, climbed onto my shoulder and started purring and head-butting. I handed him to hubby, and he curled up on hubby's shoulder, purring loudly. Hubby shouted, "OK! OK! We can take this one, but no more!" Our new family member "Jack" is so much like our Jacques, we can't believe it. He snuggles, loves to be held, and follows hubby around like a puppy. He even retrieves. He joins our 2 older female cats as a spoiled indoor kitty. We are so glad he chose us.

Lake View, NY


Seamus and his littlemates were born in a shelter in Kentucky and were scheduled to be euthanized when they were rescued and brought to a rescue group Cincinnati. We found his sister's picture on Petfinder and went to meet her, she was too skittish. The rescuer brought out Seamus (then named Pavorotti) and his brother and we immediatly fell in love. He is the sweetest, funniest, most loving dog and is best friends with our newly rescued kitten.

Cincinnati, OH

The Collective

First came "Chance"- a shep/ husky/wolf that my kids fell in love with from a backyard breeder. The last of the litter and we wanted to give her a chance!! Then came "Suka", a 14 week old Westie that according to the owners was untrainable. We took her in to train her , then find her a new home. That was 3 years ago. Next came "Guinness", a cairn terrier at our local shelter who was initially found as a stray, went through two homes and because of his attitude and "wandering"- was sent back. His attitude has adjusted over the last few months and he can be the life of the party. He has taken a lot of work and we have had words but he has really come around. He will NOT be going back to the shelter. And our latest-"Lady", a purebred shepherd that ended up at the shelter as a stray. We stopped in to drop off cat food and saw an animal is such distress it was heartbreaking. Skinny, covered in feces and stressed beyond belief. She had been at the shelter for nearly 4 weeks and why no one wanted her is a mystery to me. The shelter lady -Lynn- asked if we would foster her to try and get some weight onto her and to try to get her calmed down, even though she knew we had 3 other dogs. The fostering lasted 1 day . She was abused and has some self esteem issues that we are working with but is sweet-natured,loyal and a great companion for Chance. While shelter dogs make take a bit longer to train, the payback of unconditional love makes it all worthwhile. It is heartwrenching to think that so many people think of companion animals as disposable.

June Johnston
Carleton Place, ON, Canada

Harley finds a home

A dog came trotting out of the woods next to where I park my car. I hadn't taken the food out of the car. The dog just looked at me. How did he know I had food? I put food down on the ground and when I went away, he ate it up. He was very malnourished and looked like he had been in a dog fight. After work I came out to my car and looked over my shoulder and here he was coming out of the woods again. I put some food on the ground, sat next to it with my back to him. When he started to eat, I talked to him, told him what a good home I'd give him. I squatted down and he let me pet him after about 1/2 hr. I asked him if he wanted to come with me, patted on the back seat and said, "Come on". He put his paws up and I lifted his back end into the car. I talked to him the whole way home, it was dark by now. I turned on the inside car light so he wouldn't be scared and discussed what I would name him. I decided on Harley. He sat perfect in the car (he's done it before I could tell). When we got home, I walked him around the perimeter of the yard, coached him through the dog door 3 times till he got the hang of it. I let him sleep in his big 12 x 24 laundry room with the door closed and a night light on. He didn't make a peep, he didn't go potty in the house and he's been my best buddy ever since.

Laura Novak
Rutherfordton, NC
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