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The Story of Gizmo

The day after a torrential rain, I decided to take a side street on my way to the shop. As I made the block & turned the corner, I spotted this little thing sitting in the road. At first I wasn't sure exactly what it was. It was soaking wet & looked like a wet rat. I got out of my truck & saw it was a kitten. Just a few weeks old. I suppose it got out during the storm & lost it's way. I already had 4 cats at home & certainly didn't need a 5th but I couldn't leave it there for it would not have lasted very long in its weakened condition. I took it home & we gave it several baths as it was covered in fleas. That was on June 10th. The kitten has recovered & is now in good shape. He likes to attack my shoes as entertainment. Sadly, on June 22, we lost one of our oldest cats, Mr. Grey. But little Gizmo has helped ease the pain of this great loss of one of our dearest friends & companion of 16 years. God either sent Gizmo to me or me to Gizmo. Either way, we needed each other.

Ricky Armstrong
Malakoff, TX

My Sweet Goldie

My husband & I adopted Goldie from the local shelter in June 2009. We already had a yellow Lab from the same shelter, and we wanted to add to our family. On the shelter's website, we read that Goldie had been there the longest. When we arrived at the shelter, the staff told us that she had been there at least 1.5 years. She had been adopted before, but the people didn't provide her any leadership (not good with a headstrong dog), so they returned her to the shelter. Nobody wanted to adopt her because she's big, had an intimidating look, and barked when people came around.

We took her for a walk and fell immediately in love with her. We adopted her that day. After a few weeks, her looks completely softened, and she isn't anywhere near as intimidating-looking as she was before. She's a big girl, but she is so sweet, loving and playful, and she became our Lab's best friend. And she is a great big snuggler who constantly gives kisses!

Beth Korsmit
Masontown, PA

Ex-puppymill prisioner Wally goes over the road trucking

Wally came into Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue in Cortland Nebraska from a 500 dog puppymill in Missouri. On arrival here he was very sick with upper respiratory infection and just terrified of people. He was here 2 weeks when a nice lady named Carol called me for a trucking buddy. This was just what he needed , constant one on one in the truck to get over his fears. Wally has gone from sitting in a filthy cage in a puppymill with no human interaction to traveling the USA from coast to coast and constant love and attention..

Mary Stickney
Cortland, NE

Meet Zoe

I adopted Zoe from a local shelter 3 years ago. She was very shy and timid, but now she rules the house! She is an adorable Russian Blue with a wonderful personality. She loves to "peek" around corners, run up and down the stairs and lay in the warmth of the sun or near the fireplace. She even stops and stands with one leg slightly lifted which is very cute. We often play "fetch" with her catnip mouse. Zoe is quite the "talker" and enjoys her tuna treats! We are very blessed to have Zoe in our family.

Linda Hansen
Aliso Viejo, CA

Sweet as Sugar

Hi, My name is Sugar cause they say I'm so sweet! In April, I was lost behind a battery shop lookng for my mom and siblings. I cuoldn't see or smell cause my eyes were infected and my nose was full of dirt so I never did find them. I was about 5 weeks old and very scared. The nice shop owner called Angel Cat Pet Adoptions and Marilyn came over to pick me up. It was Friday, and we went to the vet right away and the Doctor didn't think I'd make it through the weekend (I could HEAR just fine, thank you), but Marilyn sent me to Foster Mom Robin's house with medicine and an appointment for Monday. All of a sudden - FOOD came into my mouth! Robin put it in with a syringe and boy was it good.... I didn't realize how hungry I was. By the next week, the swelling was gone from my eyes and in a couple more weeks, I regained some limited vision in the eye that was the worst. My other eye is just fine. I see great and am a happy, fun little 12 week old kitten now! Thank you Angel Cat and Robin for giving me a chance to live! I'm just a normal kitten waiting for a forever home. You can see me at Petfinder under Angel Cat Pet Adoptions and I am forever grateful to be here!

Robin Hill
Westminster, CA

Our Sylvester

We lived on the river and I TNR'd several cats that lived off the river. There was a very mean Tuxedo cat we named Sylvester that I could never get closed to. We moved from the River to a busy neighborhood in a nearby town. I had to leave all my precious kitties in the good hands of friends that I knew would feed them and care for them. All the ferals eventually relocated to their house but one. Sylvester was determined to stay at the house by the river. The people who moved into our place WERE NOT pet friendly. We found out later that they had poisoned several of my friendlier ferals and threw rocks at Sylvester and was throwing his food away I put out. Sylvester was getting skinnier and skinnier, he had sores all over and his fur was falling out. My friends kept trying to get me to take him to the city. I was afraid to because of the traffic and the dogs in the neighborhood. I finally relented when it looked like he was dieing, but I didn't know how long he would last in the city. They took him to the vet and then to my house. When he saw my Pit Bull, Dozier, that we had when we lived on the river, it was love at first sight. They are inseperable. He stays in my backyard protected by Dozier and he and Dozier are now happy, fat, furry backyard buddies. They lounge on the patio furniture and enjoy the shade of the patio cover. He has no interest in wandering. He is a great mouser and plays with my indoor cats through the glass door. He's my outdoor child! I'm so glad I made him a city cat!

Laurie Barcus-Marshall
Stockton, CA

My First Kitty

When Butch showed up at a friend's home he was not unlike any other stray kitten. Hungry, crying and frightened. The choice was to take him to the pound or take him in. I doubted my ability to be a good guardian as I am a dog man and have never owned a cat. I could not imagine taking him to the pound, so after feeding him a day or so, I relented and took him to the vet and then home. He had his space and I had mine. It took a while but he finally came out of hiding and one day I realized he was laying in my lap. We have had a special relationship ever since and he has trained me well.

For a time no one believed I even had him, as he is as elusive as ever, but those who visit a few days have the priviledge of seeing him and he even allows belly rubs. He is a great boy.

R. Hodges

Rodney Hodges
Thibodaux, LA

Alley Cats

I live in an apratment off of an alley and put out food every night for whatever hungry lost soul happens by. I have aquired four kitties by trying to help the lonely or sick little things that lingered by my door waiting to be rescued. I may have saved them, but in return they have saved me. They made me realize that my calling in life was to help animals, any animal that needs me. These four needed me, and now they are the most beautiful and healthy bunch around. Harley, Arai, Sprocket and Lola are now my family, and if I had room I would save many more. Now I dedicate my time to helping my local animal shelter, so that hopefully all of the strays will find a loving home like mine.

Jefferson City, MO

Madison and Me

I had been wanting a cat for a long time but suddenly I knew I needed one. I knew nothing about rescues, adoption, or even cats really. I had several cats when I was growing up. They all lived long happy lives and I loved them but I certainly didn't spend much time thinking about them.

I walked into a store that was having a adoption fair. We had always had black cats and that is what I was looking for. I walked around the cages slowly most of the cats were hiding in the back of their cages. I was looking in the other direction when a cat jumped out of the top cage and into my arms. There was Madison looking up at me with those beautiful green eyes.It didn't matter to me that Madison had been ill most of her 8 months. I was her human from that moment on.

Madison was born a feral kitten and was fostered at a no kill shelter which was a blessing or I might have never met her. She was born with severe diarrhea and intestinal scaring. After trying many options we found weekly B12 shots worked.

Madison is outdoor motivated and I had thought I adopted a indoor cat. To come to some compromise we worked on leash training. After a year of practice Madison and I now go on daily 45 min walks and our goal is to visit every park in our city.

Madison has opened my eyes to rescue work. I now volunteer at the shelter that I adopted her from and foster for our local Humane Society. She has taught me more then any other human in my life. I am blessed to be her human and have her as my teacher.

Cheri Linehan
Madison, WI

"Izzie" Three Paws of Steel

Izzabella Cinderella is a three legged Shih Tzu I thought I rescued for my blind Bugg (Pug/Boston Terrier) but realized she really rescued me!

June 27th 2009 a coyote jumped in our backyard and took our baby girl Kassie (12 yr Lhasa), my life stopped and her buddy Corky (8 yr Bugg) depended on her since he had SARDS. After a month of sadness I decided to look on line for a rescue similar to Kassie. This little big eyed girl jumped out of the computer and into my heart. I contacted her rescue Mom at Holly's Garden to see if she was available and she said yes but she could only go to a home without stairs because she only had three legs, thank goodness we had none. I decided it was Corky's decision weather she was to join our family or not. The next day she visited our home which would be the big test! When she arrived, Corky smelt her then found his way to his toy box and brought her his favorite toy, I knew than SHE was the one! She stayed closed to Corky and even would pull him around by his lease, now that was a funny sight; the three legged Shih Tzu leading the blind Pug. Five months later Corky became ill with kidney failure and joined his sister Kassie! I realized then that Corky had selected Izzie to take over the job of caring for me, I was a MESS! She had to be extra special to take over for two dogs that were my children and she has done just that! She goes everywhere with me, exercise classes, tennis, meetings, flights, movies and work! She truly rescued me and I'm grateful for this Angel Dog with three paws of steel!

Tamilee Webb
San Diego,, CA
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