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Meet Popeye

Popeye is a one eyed Boston Terrier that my husband and I rescued from a shelter. When we got to the animal shelter, my husband told them to take us to the most pitiful dog that they had there. Of course they pointed to Popeye who they said only had 1 day to live since he had been there so long and no one seemed to want him. He was flea and dandruff infested, very dirty and quite thin with a very sad look on his face. My husband then said he's the dog for us and I fully agreed. He is now extremely healthy and loves to sleep under the covers in our bed and snore all night. He loves to carry toys around the house and play. We can't imagine what our life would be without him.

Wendy McKinney
Russellville, AR

Rasta Ziggy Stardust

My Ziggy started out owned by an elderly woman who whacked him on the muzzle with a cane causing a horrible deviated septum. (As a result he has a horrible fear of canes and struggles to breathe.) From there he went to her daughter, then a friend, another friend and finally ended up at the pound in the small town of Johnson City, Texas where he was born. I was looking for a playmate for our first pup, Mr. Mocha Java (Mojo) who was now a year old.

We met him as his obnoxious poodle cut was so grown out he had dreadlocks and looked like a rasta the name stuck.

Once a timid pooch, Ziggy has recently come into his own. Although his beard has gotten rather grey this year you'd never guess his age by his demeanor. He insists on a rigorous wrestle atop the bed each morning and has a wide and varied vocabulary....(just "woofing" is for dogs).

Our Mojo passed away last December and Ziggy and I are clinging tight to one another in fellowship. He's my loyal companion, faithful protector and one cute pooch!! Life just wouldn't be the same without him!!

Kansas City, MO


Molly lived for 5 years in a puppy mill inside of a cage. She had no hair on her back side area. We rescued her from an animal rescue shelter. At first she was afraid of my husband and myself, did not trust us, afraid of all normal sounds in a home, but now she is finally coming out of her shell and follows me everywhere I go. My husband is blind and she knows that and stays by his side whenever I am away from the house. Finding Molly has been such a precious gift for us. We spoil her very, very much and she loves her new home.

June V.
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Who rescued who?

My husband is gone most weekends fishing or hunting. My daughter is grown & on her own. I decided I wanted a dog for companionship. My husband believed dogs were for hunting or for protection. After some talk my husband agreed to allowing a dog in the house.

I asked my daughter to go with me to the Cedar Bend Humane Society. We took a couple different dogs out into the yard. None seemed to be quite what I was looking for. We were about to leave when my daughter noticed a 9 month black lab/border collie mix named Phillip. He had been at the shelter for a couple of months. We took him outside. He certainly didn't look like a "Phillip" so I asked him if he wanted to be a "Avery" and come live with me. I got a big kiss. He melted my heart and I had to bring him home. That was 2 years ago.

It didn't take long for him to melt my macho tough guys heart. If my husband falls asleep on the couch, this 50 lb dog has to lay with him. In the morning after my husband kisses me good bye, Avery has to get his love from papa. Avery loves to spend time with his papa, they go fishing and walking thru the woods. Every night Avery needs a banana. He will sit in the kitchen and whine until you get him one. The other night, we were out of bananas, I was going to give him a cookie instead, but papa went to went to the store & got Avery a banana.

Today I'm not sure who's dog he is, a papa pup or a momma dog, but that's ok, both of the guys in my life needed each other.

Waterloo, IA

My Beloved Jasper

I found Jasper on a cold Minnesota day 18 years ago. It was 15 below zero and he was sick with an upper respiratory infection. I brought him home and once he got a clean bill of health from the vet and was neutered, he joined my two other rescued cats Cyndi and Kahlie. It took Jasper 5 months to realize he would have food on a consistent basis. He was forever grateful for a warm place to live, food to eat, and lots of love and never let me forget it. His purr was as loud as a motorboat and he touched the hearts of everyone who met him. Jasper was my constant companion through some really difficult health problems and gave me a reason to keep on fighting. The last seven years of his life, it was just the two of us and we formed a bond that I am not sure I will ever have again with another cat. I lost Jasper about a month ago at 18 years of age. Although I miss him more then I can say, he will always be in my memories and in my heart!

Elizabeth Javinsky
Minneapolis, MN

Our Max-a-saurus

After moving to NC with our puggle, Rex, he became depressed and missed his buddies back home so we decided to adopt a friend for him. We searched petfinder and went to local shelters. At the third one we found a shy Pitt-Shepherd mix and knew he was the one. Now Max is not so small or shy, loves to play hide and seek, and lay on "his" bed with Rex.

Emily Johnston
Surf City, NC

Pregnant and abandoned in Texas

I read a posting about a sweet dog that was pregnant and was abandoned in a rural area near Dallas. This particular area is a known dumping ground for dogs. The nice ladies that go out and feed these abandoned dogs told of how she tried to follow one of them and even put her paws around her leg as if to say "Please do not leave me". I could not shake this image out of my head, so I called them and told them to bring her to me. She came to stay with me and my husband on July 4th and we named her Sadie. On July 26th she blessed us with 9 puppies. She is a very good mother making sure each puppy gets to eat and is clean. I am going to cherish this next 6-8 weeks. Then we hope to adopt everyone out to good homes. I wish I could keep Sadie but I have 2 Rottweillers already and have committed to taking in a senior Rottweiller once I have placed Sadie and her puppies. If you would like to follow them over the next 6 weeks or are interested in adopting, please visit their Facebook page. It is under the name Sadie Puppies.

Dawna Carabajal
Rowlett, TX

The Dog in a Cat's Body

I adopted a Flame-point Himalyan cat in 1997 and named him Romeo because he is so loving. I discovered that he is actually a dog in a cat's body. He follows me around like a dog and loves to play fetch. You can't crumple up a piece of paper in my house without Romeo appearing. He chases the paper, bats it around like a soccer player, and actually brings it back and drops it near me. Unfortunately, he sometimes decides he wants to play in the wee hours of the morning and will wander through the entire house with a paper ball in his mouth, meowing loudly for someone to wake up and play with him. He also purrs so loudly he can be heard across a room. Sometimes he purrs so loudly he squeeks! Now that he is 15 years old and has beeen diagnosed with kidney disease, I'm afraid I'm going to have to let him go peacefully before he suffers. I will miss him terribly and will always hear that loud meowing and constant purring in my heart. I had no idea I was a cat person, but Romeo taught me a lot about love.

Laine Sweezey
Atlanta, GA


Tinkerbell was a 1.5 yr old female tabby when I adopted her from the Montreal SPCA. Her previous owners decided "they couldn't be bothered with her anymore". I could'nt believe how anyone could do that! She has very expressive eyes and has 5 toes on each of her front paws. As soon as I saw her sparkling green eyes I fell in love with her instantly. Today Tinkerbell is 7 yrs old and she's truly healthy, happy and bouncy. She has changed my life so much I adore her so much and I know she loves me just as much . She feels safe and knows I will always be there for her. She loves to lie in the sun, sit on my hands while I use my laptop, play with her toys and gives lots of kisses :) My life has truly changed because of her xox.

N. Senecal
montreal, QC, Canada


One of my mom's coworkers found a "yellow lab puppy" wandering in her neighborhood two years ago, so we decided to take her into our home since we have had labs all our lives. After realizing she was definitely NOT a lab, we ordered a DNA test to see what breeds were in her. The results included Siberian Husky, Australian Shepard, Newfoundland, Cocker Spaniel, and many more. Even though Mandy was not what we expected and has her many quirks, she could never be more perfect for us and we love her more than anything! She is everything we could ask for in a dog and more.

Sara Glasbrenner
Frostburg, MD
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