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Dukes Dream Comes True

When we saw Duke at the CARE shelter he was 74 pounds and had heartworms so bad they didn't know if he would make it. After 3 rounds of treatments he was ready for his forever home and ready he was. The vet thought he'd been a breeder/kennel dog so he never knew the comforts of a soft bed in a home. He learned really fast what a wonderful thing a family could be and in the short time he was with us he took FULL advantage of his home and yard. Duke was with us only a little over a year but during that time we tried to make all his dreams come true. Even though he is no longer with us he will forever be in my heart and in his forever home thanks to Friends of the Family.

Sandy G
Springfield, MO

Neo's second chance

Neo came to us at nine months old weighing 76 pounds already! He started out life living in a big city with a family of five, including three little girls. He grew so big, so fast that he began knocking the little girls over with his big brute size (not intentionally of course). They decided to keep him in the basement to avoid the drama he was causing. Luckily, the next door neighbor (my ex-husband) soon learned of Neo's captivity and offered to find him a new home. He surprised me with this giant black Lab/Newfoundland mix, but he knew I couldn't say no. Neo is now almost 140 pounds and is the same height as my kitchen table. He forgets he isn't little and still tries to sit on my lap. In this picture he is waiting patiently for permission to take the cheese on the table!

Nancy Titus
Honeoye, NY

My Sweet kitty angel Athena (Thingy)

I adopted Athena from a local animal shelter as a companion to my cat Xena who I felt needed a pal to play with. Athena, nicknamed Thingy quickly became my baby. I've had cats around for most of my life, but never bonded with one as much as I did with Thingy. She met me at the door and refused to leave me alone until I gave her some love. She'd follow me around and even jumped in the bathtub once as a small kitten (running jump) just to be with me. I adored my sweet kitten that would sleep on her back on my arm like a baby. Then the foster mom called me and told me to have her tested for feline leukemia since a couple of her litter mates had tested positive and one had already died. The mom had been tested three times by them all negative so even the vets were baffled how now all six kittens from the litter tested positive. At year and half she started getting sick. I took her to the vet but there was little they could do, she couldn't breathe. On a beautiful September day I had her put to rest. It's been over three years and I still miss her so. The one bright spot is the shelter feeling bad for me, let me have Thingy's mom which Thingy resembled and even has some of Thingy's habits such as meeting me at the door and always wanting to be near me. She is my cuddle bug. The lesson learned here since so many people adopt feral or stay cats, be sure to have them tested for this horrible disease and read up on it. Since then I have found many things that could've helped Thingy.

Hastings, MN

Roxy Girl

We were looking for a puppy to help keep our 2 year old Min-Pin company. We decided to resue a puppy and began to search Petfinder. Roxy had been in 4 different homes in less than a year. She is supposed to have some Min-Pin in her so we decided she was the one. Nearly 2 years later, we're unsure if she has any Min-Pin in her, but we're sure she has found her forever home. The love and laughter she gives us far outweighs any mischief she gets into!

Rhonda & Julian
Lynn Haven, FL

Captain Robbie

As a free lancer with the local Animal Rescue Ambulance, I came across a beautiful young red taby cat, left alone by the owner.The neighbor called me at the rescue alarm number. The cat did not move from the front door of his house, while there was no one inside for days. He had no food or water in days. I took him to the vet and the cat suffered from inflammation of the urinary bladder. He had to undergo surgery and after that I took him to his new home; our home.

And we re-named him Robbie. After a year, 3 years ago, Robbie had a car accident and broke his jawbone, lost some teeth and lost sight in 1 eye. Robbie healed, so fortunately, and is the sweetest you can imagine. He sleeps with us, follows me everywhere....he made us complete.

It is true that a cat has fortunately more lifes.

Baarn, Netherlands

Meet Mr. Stewart

After reading the articles about the Chihuahuas that were shipped from CA to NY, we decided that it was time to save another animal. We already have 3 saves in the house but isn't there always room for just one more? We found this bundle of joy at the Main Line Animal Rescue. We have only had Stewart for a short time but he is learning good dog behavior every day and the "crew" is accepting him as part of the family. Life is good for Stewie!

Paula Reed
West Chester, PA

The Unsinkable Cookie

I heard about Cookie from Corgi Rescue, and since she was at a local shelter, I went to see her. She was such a tiny thing and looked even smaller in the large cage they had her in. Her age was listed as 15. That was in November of 2005. I think she was younger than 15. Today, however, she is still with me. She is blind and deaf, has diabetes and arthritis, but she is still there when the food is cooking. I think I love her for all her problems. She has, also, fit in quite well with my young, male Corgi, Scyter. She can no longer walk with Scyter and I, but I put her in a back pack designed for carrying small dogs, and she loves it! She hates being left behind. I call her my tough little Cookie.

John Thomas,
Newburgh, NY

Worth the Nip!

I first saw Miss Kitty at Luv-A-Pet in PetSmart, a beautiful, long-haired grey kitty. I reached in to pet her and she turned and gave me a little nip. But I was not deterred. I was leaving town for a few days, but told my friend if she was still there when I returned, I was going to get her anyway. Sure enough, she was still there, grouchy at the thought that someone of her beauty had been left in a cage for so long. I took her home that day, and now 5 years later, you can find this little beauty perched on my coffee table, patiently waiting for her snacks. Miss Kitty has brought me so much joy and I have never regretted that little nip on the day we met.

Kay Fontenot
Lafayette, LA

Kohlson - Mommy's Miracle

I stumbled across Kohlson's story on a local no kill shelter's website not by accident, but by fate. He was found only weeks old trying to cross a busy street, what the rescuer soon discovered was that he was blind, so it was next to impossible for him to hop up onto the curb. They took him to a shelter where volunteers gave him eye drops and constant doctor care but his vision was not salvageable. I knew just from the website I had to have him, what sealed the deal was my first visit. I held him, played and instantly fell in love with everything that he was. I visited numerous times because he was not old enough yet to be neutered and could not come home with me until then. Finally I got to bring him home, I got to watch him learn the new layout of my apartment in a hunched over army like crawl keeping low to the ground at all times and running into the occasional furniture object or wall that just seemed to pop out of nowhere! I slept with him on the floor for the first week of our new life, because my bed was just too high and scary for my blind little Kohlsie. I was hesitant to force him into anything so everything he does he did in his own time. Now we sleep in the big bed and he knows just exactly how to get up, and where to stand when he jumps. He, also, now knows just how long he can run down the hall until he needs to slow down for anticipation of the kitchen table, when to turn corners and how little he has to beg to get his way. What can I say, he's my angel!

Elizabeth Dorr
Clive, IA


Bronwen never made it to a shelter. She and her siblings were found outside my office. "Bron" was a fiesty little calico who hid behind a file cabinet the minute she was inside and spit at everyone until I came in the room. Then she was out and crawling up my pant leg. My boss said "You can't turn down an offer like that" and I couldn't. We've been together 8 years now and seen each other through many great adventures.

Stoney Creek, TN
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