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Healing Pit Bull Love

I'd lost my Pit Bull and best friend Jamie in early January this year, and knew I needed some time to heal before adopting another dog. As the month's passed, I realized that my life was so much happier with a dog in it and it was time to start looking for a new friend. I went onto Petfinder.com and saw hundreds of beautiful dogs that needed homes, but one special guy caught my eye and was at my local shelter. I drove right down and there he was, just waiting for me to take him home. After a short time in the play yard, it was obvious that Mack was the right dog for me. I adopted him on the spot and he's fit in perfectly at our house. He's learned what horses and cats are, and loves to be my 70 lb lap dog! The dog that didn't know what toys were, now loves to carry his bone or ball around the house, just waiting for a quick game of fetch. Consider adopting a grown dog - they bring so much love into your home, and really adapt well to a new environment quickly.

San Martin, CA

Ya never know what you'll find.........

Strolling through the local Humane Society one Sunday afternoon, (just looking), I spied this most unique canine just sitting in the middle of his cage, while all the other dogs around were jumping, and barking. We made eye-contact as I strolled by.....and I had to get a closer look. As I walked up to his cage, he picked up a tennis ball...brought it to the fencd and dropped it. When I said, "I can't reach that" he pushed the ball with his paw through a hole in the sideways concrete block that was under the gate!!! I picked up the ball....threw it into the cage....he caught it on the first bounce...pushed it back through the hole.....and he took me home immediatly. We've been together for five years, now....and I can't imagine my life without him. I've been around dogs for more than 50 years, and I have NEVER bonded with one like we have. He gets so sad when I have to go to work...he knows by the clothes I'm wearing.....and is SO happy when I get home. He has made me laugh every single day, and I thank God we were brought together. He'll chase ANYTHING thrown...and consistently wears ME out. At 7 years old....he still has a lot of puppy in him. He will "herd" me to where the treats are....and is always by my side. To the people who turned him into the Humane Society......I'll never understand why......but I owe you an enormous debt of grattitude!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Patrick Linn
Bozeman, MT

My Sweet Hanava

I had lost my 16yr old (Sammie) and my 14yr old (Lukie) within 6 months of each other, so I wasn't really looking to replace them just yet. However my co-worker was looking at the Norman dog pound pictures one day and I saw this one. After about 2 weeks of looking at her picture I decided to call and ask about her. The lady told me her name was Havana and her time was about up. I took off work early that day just to meet her. I fell in love with her even before they got her out of her cage. They told me they thought she was housebroken because she never went in her cage (they were correct) that she was very quiet (they were correct) and that she was very laid back (boy, they were incorrect on that one). Everyone who saw her kept saying how pretty she is and what kind of dog is she. Well, I had a DNA test run and found out she is Siberian Husky and Rottweiler.

So to the person who dumped this precious animal out on the Norman streets, I say Thank You. You have given me a gift of joy, laughter and companionship for many years to come.

Anne B. Jones

Anne B. Jones
Norman, OK

George and Fred

Brothers George and Fred were rescued at only a few days old. We adopted them at 8 weeks and our lives are so filled with joy and laughter at their antics.

Molly Drummond
San Diego, CA


I volunteer for the local chapter of the Humane Society and that is where I met Bing. He is the most incredible cat and for some reason got stuck in the system. With his solid white body, almond eyes and jet black tail, he is quite unique. My husband surprised me on my birthday a few years ago by secretly adopting him. Now my Bing uses his energy to calm and socialize some of our skittish rescues. Cannot imagine a day without Bing!

Peggy Durbin
Flower Mound, TX

Elderly lady finds home..

My daughter has wanted a cat for years. Last year she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease (age 21) and her life expectancy is about 20 more years. We decided we would no longer put off doing anything we really wanted, and having a cat was top priority. We wanted a cat nobody wanted, and took time scouring local shelters and pet shop window adverts. Finally, we saw a photo of a ten year old cat but she had been homed. However, they had two senior cats they had almost given up homing.

Foxx (previously known as Socks) is an 18 year old tabby, has never been allowed to live in a house. She has hunted her own food, found her own shelter, and fought her own fights, and has plenty of scars to prove it. She was finally taken in by the centre, who despaired of anyone homing her, as she has IBS (surgery last year) and does not look very presentable. The other was Zinnia, an 11 year old white and black lady, who is blind in one eye. We went to see them both, expecting to take one home.

While we were deciding, a black 3 year old called Evie (now Maulberry) crawled into my daughter's lap and fell asleep. She is not fat (the cat), but very heavily built, and had been passed over for six months. Naturally, we ended up taking all three home. Our lives have been wonderfully changed and it is definitely the best decision we ever made. All three are settling in well and aside from one or two hissy fits they get on well. Maulberry sleeps on my bed, Zinnia is my daughter's shadow, and Foxx seems pleased to have a warm home and is even getting used to being cuddled.

Carlisle, United Kingdom

Dogs can be so perceptive!

I am a retired teacher and live alone. 5 weeks ago, I rescued Rufus from a kill shelter because I saw his comical face on Petfinders. My vet says Rufus might be a Golden Retriever/Airedale mix. His back end is higher than his front! (Go figure!) I don't think he had ever ridden in a car before I got him and you should have seen me on my knees in the back of my VW Beetle hatchback when we left the shelter, trying to coax him into my car. He refused to get in the car through the passenger door. Rufus now loves car rides and sticking his nose out of the sunroof! Rufus had no house manners when I got him and there was an adjustment period but in the short time I have had him, he lets me know when he wants to go out, can sit, stay and come. Rufus is about a year old and very playful! He always jumps up and down when I try to put his leash on him to go outside. I had a few things go wrong in my life recently and was feeling particularly sorry for myself when I was about to take Rufus outside. I bent down to put the leash on him and instead of bouncing up and down like a yo-yo, he blocked my path and lay down in front of the door. He just looked up at me with those big brown eyes as if to say, "Are you having a bad day?" I just hugged him and hugged him for being in my life. I think we are a comfort to each other. I gave him a loving home and he is so comical, he makes me laugh 10 times a day!

Priscilla Fontechia
cadiz, KY

Lily and Frosty

Our Peke-a mutts, Lily Peaches and Frosty Jones, were picked up together as strays, and taken to a shelter that separates dogs by gender. When we got them five days later, it was a most joyful reunion! I don't think they've been apart for more than an hour in the 6 1/2 years they have been livening up our home. They love everyone with whom they come in contact, and the feeling is usually reciprocated!

Bonita Sellstrom
Denver, CO

Jesse & King Louis

I love cats. And I love pets, but all my life I had been desperately allergic to pretty much anything with fur. My friend at the time was moving out of the country and was going to give me his two cats for safekeeping for a few years and I was very excited. When he decided to give them to his wife's aunt instead, I decided to look online to see if there were any cats that needed a home. I had purchased all the food and toys, all I was missing were two furballs.

I started searching on my local Craigslist page and the 3rd ad I saw was for two male, 3 year old black cats named Jesse and Loopy. They were adorable and I sent an email to their current owner. I went to meet them the next day after work.

Jesse was instantly all over me, and he is with almost everyone! I fell in love instantly. Loopy was harder to find. After searching for almost an hour we finally found him and I crouched down and introduced myself. He let me pet him and then put his butt in my face, Ha.

I got them home and it has been True Love ever since. And it turns out, I'm no longer allergic to cats! I renamed Loopy to King Louis, as I like French history, and this guy is 22.5 lbs! He's royalty in my book. I've had them for over a year now and can't imagine my life without them. They are a joy and the best thing to happen to me. Seeing them at the door when I come home each day is the Best. They are both happy, healthy and loved by everyone they meet. I hope they live Forever.

Rachel O'Neil
Pontiac, MI


After having 2 other Borders for approximately 16 years, I didn't know if I'd be able to love another dog as much as I had them, Sydney and Sammy. Then along came Cleo from the Blueridge Border Collie Rescue. So full of energy and just as much snuggley/cuddley love! She loves to run with me, will go after a tennis ball or stuffed animals till she drops and is the official neighborhood greeter to everyone who walks, runs or bikes past our yard. I just cauldn't imagine not waking up and having her lying next to my bed each morning. Thank you for your unwavering love Cleo!

Stacey Wooden
Shawnee, KS
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