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We hadn't been considering acquiring another dog in our house. Our oldest dog passed last year at 15 and we have two dogs, Mr. Kirby a three year old pom/poo mix with a real attitude and Ziggy, a terripoo who is 10. Ziggy is a special needs dog we got from a puppy mill as a baby before we knew what puppy mills were all about. He had horrible ear infections, bad teeth from birth and he is diabetic. One Saturday two months ago I went with my daughter to Petco. They have a rescue agency with dogs there every week. We had brought Mr. Kirby with us and walked back to look at the dogs they had. We spotted a little toy poodle in one of the crates. Her name was Tiny, a 7 lb, 2-3 year old poodle recently found in a high kill shelter in North Carolina. They said she's sweet, loving and looking for a forever home. She had recently given birth and from what we could figure, her owners kicked her out because she had become pregnant! Wasn't it their responsibility to have her spayed so that wouldn't happen. Anyhow I picked her up and that was that! I knew she belonged with our family. Mr. Kirby seemed to like her too so we immediately filled out the adoption papers and the agency came out that same week for a house/yard check. They left her that same day with us and we renamed her Capri. She is the most fantastic dog. She is sweet, loving and extremely smart. Definitely the past owners loss - can't even figure what they were thinking. We are so lucky to have her and so glad that we decided to go into Petco that day.

Pittsford, NY

Mister and Miss Snuggles

I work on a farm and last year a cat showed up she was looking a little fat so we assumed she was pregnant and lo and behold she gave birth to 4 kittens. About 8 weeks later her and one of her kittens disappeared. Luckily they were weaned off her and I had started giving them cat food. In the year previous, I had lost my 6 year old cat Gizmo, 2 months later a 6 month old kitten I had adopted from the humane society and just 2 months prior to finding the kittens my 12 year old had passed away. It was a painful year and I swore I would have no more cats but one of the kittens started coming in to the office and won my heart so I brought him home. About 2 weeks later, a lady I work with took home one and then there was just the one left. She was very skiddish and wouldn't let me near her but I could not leave her for fear of another animal getting at her. I caught her and took her home. They had worms and the white one had calicivirus but they were well worth the money to make them healthy. 8 months later mister(white kitty) and miss snuggles (grey kitty) have made our home so happy and full of life. They are so affectionate and very playful.

Danielle Taylor
Lindsay, ON, Canada

Boomer and CJ

Our two dogs, Boomer and CJ, came to us through adoption. CJ joined us 4 years after Boomer and the two have been inseparable over the past 8 years. They have lived a wonderful life of play, walks, trips to the dog park, and warm companionship. They were so lucky to have each other! We just lost Boomer to cancer and now CJ is our solo dog and trying to adapt to the change in balance in our household. Luckily our two "rescue" kitties are friends to him and he is getting double the attention from his two human "parents". We are so glad that we rescued these dogs because they have enriched our lives in so many ways. I'm certain that we will rescue another dog at some point in the future. Another dog will choose us!

Karen Driessen
Apple Valley, MN

From Cowboy to Poncho.

Cowboy had a life well beyond my scope of imagination. I remember the first day I met him, it was as if the water on his nose were the tears of his experiences. His little face melted me. Cowboy was the only dog not barking at the top of his kennel for my attention, which surely enough got my attention. He was brought in by a woman who saw him going through garbage cans to eat so she began to feed him for several days. When several days turned into a week, she brought him to the shelter where they named him Cowboy and immediately noticed his quiet and calm nature. His good behavior indicated he may have had a previous owner. He was very responsive to "NO." The minute you said a stern "NO," he'd huddle down into a ball and hide his face under his paws. This very submissive behavior and the cigarette burn on his left ear made me want to give him the home he never had. His little face could stop anyone. When I came to adopt him, the shelter workers told me a woman had come in two days before asking if she could pay the adoption fee for an animal of her choice, and she chose Cowboy. In return, I paid the adoption fee for another dog in hopes that they could find a loving home too. I came to find a dog to rescue, and came out with a dog who rescued me too. Cowboy came to be Poncho, my best friend. Poncho always wants to be right by my side. After a few months, the real parts of his personality came out because he finally knows it's okay. He's a happy dog with a happy spirit that I love indefinitely.

Indianapolis, IN

Not Adoptable

Almost a year after my precious Black Lab passed away, I was surfing the CCLR (Central California Lab Rescue) site and rolled through the "Senior" section. And there he was... Leo. He was considered a hard-to-place adoption because of his age, estimated at 10-11, plus he had medical issues. He was arthritic, couldn't climb stairs, and was recovering from heart worms. He was found by Animal Control wandering in Yolo County, CA and because of his age and disease, his profile picture was stamped in big letters, "NOT ADOPTABLE." The Rescue stepped in and gave him treatment for worms and later he was put in foster care. When I met Leo in Sacramento, he was living with 4 lab puppies and another large dog in foster care, The puppies were rolling all over him, and he was just laying there like a Grandpa with his grandkids. I took him home for a trial weekend and found he was just what I needed, house trained, low maintenance, and loveable - and he needed me in return. September 2010 will be three years my Old Yellow Man will be with us - we've since driven cross country and moved to NJ. Leo has been to the Grand Canyon, the California Coast, and is comfortably living in NJ. My loving boyfriend (Leo's Dad) built custom ramps so Old Yeller can get from teh deck to the yard. He has a bed every 20 feet or so in the house, and although it seems his clock is winding down, he greets us every day with a thumping tail and a sweet disposition, despite his mobility difficulties. I recommend rescue dogs to everyone, especially the senior citizens. You may not get 10 years, but the time you do get will be worth the endeavor.

Medford, NJ

The rescued Odd Couple

Isaiah was adopted when someone dumped him at a friend's house 15 years ago. At 19, he was slowing down and I worried my sweet boy would soon leave me. I adopted Prudence, the Great Dane, who was a chain dog, from a rescue 1 year ago.It has been rough at times, teaching her how to live in a house and the rules that go with it, but she tries so hard. It has given Isaiah a new lease on life. He is in love with "his dog" and she is in love with "her cat". My other 2 rescued cats don't mind, and even though I feel like I now come second, I'm thankful they have such a close relationship. Isaiah now acts like a young cat again and Prudence always knows where he is, as they take turns following each other around the house. Love crosses all boundaries.

Michele Hurd
Port Richey, FL

"Brooklyn" from Brooklyn, comes to a happy home!

My story starts in New York City, where a starved, scrawny pit bull mix was found wandering the streets, very confused. A rescue picked her up, I read about her on a "death row" type posting (her name was "Pink", and my two daughters went from CT to NY to meet her...love at first sight! She came into our home weighing 24 pounds, and is now 57 pounds! She is gentle, loving, loyal, and my true friend. The house is so much different with her in our lives, even the kitties love her!

granby, CT

Topaz, Vakyrie,

Topaz's owner was moving into a new apartment that didn't allow pets. We were visiting her at her old place and were warned to watch out for the cat because he didn't like people. He was 1 day away from becoming a shelter kitty, which at 7 years old would make him hard to place, and his attitude was strike two against him! A few minutes later, he came into the room and crawled right up onto my 11 year old daughter's lap and started purring up a storm. Understandably, he was in our car on the way home.

Topaz was her constant companion for the next 9 years, even though he eventually found it in his heart to share her with Valkyrie, the female puppy we rescued from the highway. When Topaz died, my daughter, now a grownup graphic artist, made the picture attached to his story in memory of her first furry friend.

Charline Ahlgreen
Merritt Island, FL

Rumba is a Jazzy Kitty

Last June I attended a concert by the Airmen of Note and up onto the stage wandered a tiny kitten. The Sergeant scooped up the little bundle and sang "who will take this kitty home". The kitten followed her around the rest of the show. Afterwards I went up to the stage as no one else was going to and brought the little tabby bundle home. The Sergeant had named her Rumba and it stuck.

She's a wonderful young cat now, very affectionate and extremely playful. She joins a family of rescued kitties and after a few hissy moments early on fits right in. Rumba is talkative and inquisitive. The funny thing is she has to touch everything. Not just sniff it, she actually has to touch it. She will pat your face when you pick her up to talk to her. And put her paws over your mouth if she doesn't like what you're saying.

She is a real joy! The Sergeant and I stay in touch and she gets a kick out of Rumba's antics too. I'll never know why someone would abandon kittens in the park but I'm glad this one danced her way into my heart.

Cat Kouns Born
Lima, OH

From trash to treasures!!!

on july 2nd, 2010, 1 was walking along a path next to some woods, near a creek, at christian park (indianapolis, indiana), when i noticed two eyes looking up at me. it was a small kitten. i thought it had strolled there from some nearby houses. then i noticed three more sets of eyes, next to a trash bag. someone had thrown these precious babies into the woods, in the trash bag. knowing that they wouldn't survive the night, i took the four kittens home.

the kittens were a mess, but all in all, they were in great shape! they had not been hurt, or abused. i shaved them, to remove fleas, took them to the vet, got their shots, & now the kittens are ready to live long happy lives!

i plan to have them spayed/neutered, & then give them to my friends. that way, i'll be able to keep tabs on these precious little treasures! :-)

finding 4 kittens, & taking care of them: $600, so far.

saving 4 kittens lives, priceless!!! :-)=)

mike moore
indianapolis, IN
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