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Dapper old fellow gets a new leash on life....

Charleigh was a happy and well loved southern gent who had no reason to think his life would ever change. However when his family lost their home, Charleigh also lost his. He was turned down by one rescue after another because "He's too old and no one will adopt him". Enter Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. Upon meeting this sweet guy and hearing his story he quickly became a Col. Potter kid in spite of his "senior" status.

He arrived at his foster family's home with a friendly attitude, impeccable manners, and a spring in his step. Watching him play with the resident dogs it was hard to imagine this dapper fellow was 10 years old. His charming demeanor and rakish good looks quickly endeared him to his foster family who fully expected to be hosting this little man for a long time. After all....who on earth wants to adopt an old dog?

About this time a wonderful family who had recently lost their own beloved cairn boy had begun the search for a dog in need of a home. When they came across Charleigh's picture with his rakish grin and that snappy tartan plaid tam how could they possibly resist? His moms quickly decided their family needed this darling older gent. In short order everything was arranged and Charleigh's new family flew down to pick him up.

He is now living the good life once more. Not only does he have a roof over his head but he has two moms, a sweet cairn sister and his very own nanny! Wooohoo! Charleigh O'Doyle has a new leash on life!.

Bobbie Binns (foster mom)
Hamilton, GA

My Savannah rescued me!

I had a dog for almost 9 years, he was my child, my best friend and my most loyal companion. Dozer was a pit-weiler (pitbull/rottweiler mix), and at 8.5 years old he passed away June 3rd, 2010 from cancer. This was just 6 weeks after his kitty cat foster brother, Tyler (from The Animal Orphanage of Voorhees), passed away from FeLV on April 22. Needless to say, I had a rough few months.

Before Dozer passed I had gotten a new rescue kitty, Bianca, (from the Camden County Animal Shelter) and after Dozer died, I knew that I'd "eventually" get another dog I just didn't know when. I just spent extra time loving Bianca, but all of my friends and family thought I should go look for another dog right away, I wasn't so sure, but a few weeks later I agreed to go and JUST LOOK one day. I went and met 6 dogs on a random Sunday.

"Savannah" was the 5th dog I met and the only one in PA (I live in NJ). Literally, 5 seconds after meeting her, I knew she was the one. She was at a foster home through PAWS, Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. I went back the next night with my application & check for the adoption fee. I spoke to the foster mom every day and finally picked up Savannah the following weekend.

I truly believe Dozer sent her to me, to RESCUE me, she is a perfect angel who needed NO training, except not to try to pick up Bianca with her mouth, LOL.

Savannah rescued me and I can't thank her or love her enough!

Barbara "Mommy" Blackman
Voorhees, NJ

Our Girl,George

One morning as my husband was getting ready to leave for work,he called me from the bedroom and asked me to come into the living room.As he opened the front door,there stood a tiny,9 week old grey tiger kitten,meowing as loud as she could as if she were saying"please feed me".We fed her some tuna,as we didn't have any cat food available,then shooed her on her way,only to find her sitting on our front porch looking through the storm door waiting to come in.Being an animal lover,my heart melted and I scooped her up and brought her in .We guessed that someone had a litter of unwanted kittens and drove around just opening their car door and throwing them out like unwanted trash.George is now a year and a half old and lives the comfortable life with two dogs,a guinea pig and a senior parakeet.

Dianne Kurtz
Davenport, FL

We rescued each other!

Meet Wiley. My husband and I had gone 5 years without a pet, and I finally put my foot down--"No more!"--I just couldn't stand another minute without a little furry someone to love. And thus began the hunt for the "right" addition to our little family.

When I saw him at the street fair, Wiley had just been liberated from Animal Control by SAFE, an animal rescue organization in Florida. He was due for euthanasia--incredible to us, but his papers claimed he was acting like a "nasty Rottweiler." (I suspect no one could see beyond his completely traumatized behavior and this taught me a lot about the importance of taking a potential new 4-legged friend for a walk, away from the kennel or stressful environment I find them in.) He was an angel with us from the minute he hopped in the car (although small children and big men in hats will probably never be on his favorites list) and he has been our best little buddy for the past year.

These rescued animals have so much love to give. And, like all of us, they have issues and need patience and time. There are no guarantees of the "perfect" dog (or child, or marriage, for that matter). What great opportunites for us to strengthen our love and compassion muscles and the animals give back so much more than they get.

In our newly expanded family, we enjoy a healthy dose of FUN thrown in too--we howl together every morning for entertainment and self-expression, and Wiley is always ready to cuddle all day long, go for a ride in his bicycle carrier or hike 'til we drop! Our lives are so much happier now that we share everything with him..

Renge' Lee Grace
Bend, OR


While staying with a friend in Glen Allen, VA, I discovered two tiny kittens barely a week old abandoned in the woods behind my friend's apt. One of these cuties was crying so loudly for so long that I knew something was wrong. So we tramped through the underbrush and found these two darlings curled up in a ditch. They were dehydrated, starving, covered in fleas and apparently abandoned by their feral mother. One seemed to have been the runt...the smaller of the two~but it was her loud cries that drew us to them!

I wrapped them up and brought them home. I cleaned them up, fed them kitten formula with a bottle & took them to a vet to be examined. My intention was to wean them and find them a home. They were so tiny! This was my very first time dealing with such young kittens, but with the help of some friends and the internet we did it. They would greedily suck at the bottle...one in particular would wag his little tiny tail furiously while sucking....her little ears going back and forth with her tail wagging at the same time....it was hilariously sweet!

Tried as I might I could not find a home for them. I did not want to separate them~they were very close~constantly grooming one another & comforting on another. I just didn't have the heart to separate them. However finding someone to take BOTH kittens was proving to be a challenge (and deep down I had become so attached I really didn't want to give them up). So at 10 weeks I decided they would stay with me.

This week they turned ONE YEAR OLD! My little fur babies are affectionate, playful and most importantly HEALTHY. Micah & Sadu have become family!

Nhare Payson
Norfolk, VA

Bat Girl is Home!

On a snowy January day, we saw tiny tracks around the open back door to our garage. Sitting inside was a very bedraggled, black miniature poodle with one eye. We took her to the vet and bought her food, which she proceeded to hide in corners and behind bookcases in case we decided to stop filling her bowl. While preparing her for a poodle rescue ad,she became our lap dog and we became her forever people. Bat Girl is also known as The Boss (for good reason!) and Roseanne Rosannadana.

Joyce & Mack Honaker
Frankfort, KY


Tuffy's Mother lived in a field. She deposited Tuffy and his little sister at a neighbor's house several times when they were about 4 weeks old. The lady returned them to the woods until she finally got the hint and took them in. I adoped Tuffy when he was 5 or 6 weeks old. He was infested with fleas, parasites, and ear mites. After weekly visits to the vet and lots of medicine and immunizations, he was pronounced healthy at about 3 months of age. Now he is a big bouncy, fluffy 15 pounds of love and affection! He contributes so much to my family life, I just love him!

Feral cats living in the woods are not healthy nor happy as many would believe. We need more programs to sterilize these cats.

Roxanne J. Snyder
Titusville, FL

Ziva our new grandkitty

My son's friend is a vet tech. Someone had dumped off a litter of kittens on the street near her house. They didn't even have their eyes open yet, they were only one week old!

She nursed the ones who survived back to health and got a home for another one. Our son got Ziva, the last one. She is now in her forever home with my son and his older cat Sly. Sly is not amused yet but in time they will be best buddies because Ziva has such a sweet disposition. Please don't dump animals. They're not things ... they're living creatures who deserve love.

sherry mcginnis
Palm Bay, FL

Mamacita & Grayfus

Mamacita is our mama cat and Grayfus is her kitten. Mamacita came to us as a stray feral who had kittens under our home. She first had four kittens, two of which we found homes. Later, she had six more. We found homes for two of them and kept one male. Mamacita has been spayed and Grayfus has been neutered. It took months to tame them enough to be able to catch them. They now live inside with us.

Ann Freeman
Clinton, MS

And then there was Bondo

I have been rescued by every dog that has entered my home, and Bondo is no different. He may not be the cutest, smartest, or most well behaved but he provides more comic relief than I ever thought possible.

Laine Tarter
Fairfield, OH
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