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Puppy Mill Mom

Holly was a breeder dog at a puppy mill for several years and almost died in childbirth, but the breeder at the last minute surprisingly took pity and called a Pug Rescue group that saved her life by getting her to a vet. Now she has a forever home and is a happy girl as you can see. Adopt from a rescue organization, you and the pet both win!

Roeland Park, KS

Rescued alley cat turns out to be part purebred

My dogs and I were in the car near my house when I saw a cream-colored cat that looked like he had a mohawk haircut darting across a pretty busy street. He wouldn't make it long living dangerously like that so we followed him to investigate. He was going to a nice neighbor's house who put food out for him. With the neighbor's help and after a couple of scratches (although he had been declawed in front), the neighbor and I got him into a carrier, I got him to a vet, and a terrible infected cut he had was treated. He became the nicest, sweetest boy you'd ever want to meet. His wandering days were over and he only goes out in his own backyard through the dog door. The vet said he's part Flame Point Himalayan. Give rescue pets a chance!

Roeland Park, KS


I found this monster on our back patio and he still loves his naps, OK he was a 9 pound weakling, and I think the foxes might have had at him. I gave him a bit of of our horses meal with warm milk. Well, he's 18 pounds of pure Maine Coon and has been our main ratter in the barn since. I have never found who lost him but the horses and I agree, he is now family We tagged him so If he goes wandering again, my wife and and I can find him. All our other barn cats are grand children of our first 6 rescue's but we have had some ferals that have stuck around and become family. LoL

Winchester, VA

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

Two dogs were dumped in Georgia pound at Christmas, the cocker was deaf/blind and the hound was his eyes and ears. I read about them on the Yahoo Blind Dogs group and my husband and I actually bought a house so we could save them. With the help of a number of rescue angels we got them out 45 minutes before they were to be gassed and then on the road up North. We named them Butch Cassidy (the hound) and The Sundance Kid (cocker) because they were a team. Sundance passed on from cancer, but Cassie is my heart and when she's not digging up the garden hunting moles, is always by my side. She's my partner and I can't say it often enough - second-hand dogs -- give first-hand love!

Jane Walbridge
New Haven, CT

He Stumbled Right Into Our Hearts

Our initial intention was merely to foster Marleau, a 3wk whippet/mix who was dropped off at the local humane society. Marleau was on death's doorstep; a week prior his mom refused to feed him and his owners were feeding him cooked rice in attempt to keep him alive. He was so weak he couldn't walk or hold his head up. We didn't expect him to make it through the night.

But Marleau is a fighter! With milk replacement and lots of TLC, he pulled through and seemed to be growing stronger every day. Except for one thing: he stumbled when he walked. Initially we assumed his muscles were not fully formed because he was so malnourished, but when he was about two months old we knew something was wrong.

The vet diagnosed him with Cerebral Hypoplasia, a disease in which the cerebellum is not fully formed, resulting in difficulty walking. The second we got the diagnosis, we decided he wasn't just foster dog; he was going to be our dog.

Marleau stumbles, falls, and wobbles but he loves more than any dog I have met. Despite his disability, he still loves to run, play, and cuddle! He has opened our eyes to what makes a perfect pet. Marleau's sweet disposition and goofy gait always attracts a crowd, and he has yet to meet a human he could not charm. Some say Marleau is blessed to have us as parents, but we know the truth! We are the ones that are blessed that this little pup stumbled into our lives!

Steph Waite
Reno, NV

In A Pinch!

On a hot summer night in South Louisiana, a few friends and I decided to take a joy ride down a long dark, desolate road, surrounded with marsh and dense woods, known as Bayou Salle Rd (pronounced like Sally). About a mile into the ride, we noticed what appeared to be a small animal crawling slowly on it's belly into the road. Pulling over, we all got out of the truck to see what "it" was. Looking up at us, covered in fleas, insects, and wet mud, was this tiny dog almost mistaken as a rat. She hardly moved or made a sound. Her eyes were nearly crusted shut, so covered in fleas it was difficult to see fur, her ribs were practically visable through fur. I picked her up as she fit perfectly in one hand. We looked carefully near the marshy area for any sign of other dogs, but it was just her. We took her home, bathed and feed her. The next day, the veterinarian shocked us by saying she was approximately a 4 week old miniature pinscher. Now, she is a completely healthy dog, full of energy, love, and gives constant laughs. Her name is Sally.

Montegut, LA

She rescued me back!

I had every intention of getting a kitten when I went into the shelter to adopt, but Bailey was just the one for me. I could tell right off, even though she was older than I planned. She had just had kittens of her own recently, and her owners decided they didn't have room for her anymore. She was skittish and scared of everyone at first (she still runs from the room if you spray ANYTHING anywhere for some reason) and it took awhile to really earn her trust, but she settled in little by little and now is so sweet and friendly you can't help but love her. She will climb into your lap and cuddle if you deserve it! 7 years later she is my best friend and still makes me laugh and keeps me company every day! I am so glad I found her and she found me.

Seattle, WA

Maxi Doodle...My Precious Baby Boy...

I was the proud owner of one beautiful baby boy when I decided that I wanted another furbaby because it seemed my resident cat Derek was lonely when I went to work. I found my Maxi ( aka Doodle baby )on Petfinder. He was dropped off at a local animal hospital because his first owners had been abusing him and their neighbors stole him away from them. My Maxi has a scar, a patch of hair by his shoulder blade that will never grow back due to their abuse...The girl at the animal hospital told me of the scar and I told her that I was not interested in aesthetics but in giving another baby a home. I wanted a wonderful brother for Derek and a new baby for me to love, which is what I got in spades!!! Derek and Maxi were grooming each other and sleeping together within 3 days of Maxi coming home with me. I feel he was exactly what we were missing in our family... Maxi is a true Mama's boy and my sweet baby, he even lets me cuddle him in my arms like a baby! I thank God everyday that I have my furbabies...PLEASE consider adopting an abused animal, they will love you endlessly and appreciate your love so much because they did not have it in their past. Please help them make a NEW beginning....you'll be glad you did.

Nina Pajonas
Babylon, NY, NY


Meet Max - the love of my life! He showed up on my doorstep looking for food and affection wearing an old collar and useless tag info. I tried looking for the owner without luck. 10+ years later he has grown into the most affectionate and sweetest gentle giant who goes everywhere I go around the house. Please consider rescuing older pets!

---, CA

The Cancun 7

The first time I met the Cancun Seven, I was struck by the absolute silence. They had arrived at Pet Harmony at 3:30 am and been greeted with blanket-filled crates, fresh water, and a big meal. When, seven hours later, I peeked into each of the crates, my blue eyes met with pairs of searching brown ones. These dogs weren't just sleeping off an overwhelming journey from Mexico. No, this was something I hadn't encountered before. These dogs were absolutely still. Quiet. Waiting. They were survivors, and in survival mode they accepted their lack of control and listened for cues. Esteban watched Uva get her breakfast. Juanita panted quietly as we coaxed Manuel out from his crate to use the bathroom. More watching. More waiting.

This strange and mish-mash family came to our outstretched arms by one very long and remarkable route from Cancun, each dog with his or her own brave story. Unbeknownst to them, their journey had actually begun three years ago when Animal Compassion Network adopted their tiny animal shelter, RAP Cancun (Respeta Ayuda y Protege A.C. or Respect, Help and Protect Animals of Cancun) as their sister agency. Over the years, ACN has offered them advice on public education, fundraising, and medical care. But when their shelter was broken into and everything, including the dog food, was stolen, RAP Cancun decided to refocus their efforts onto partnering with CANDi (Cats and Dogs International) on free spay/neuter clinics. We know that this is a far more effective means, but what about the dogs still living at the now-defunct shelter with no potential adopters in sight? We had to help.

Because at the end of the day, no matter if they "sit" or "sentarse," they are all just dogs who need us.

Emily Sepik
Asheville, NC
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