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Two Gals needing one another

I was going through a bad time in life and looking for a companion when I wandered across my Desi at the local Animal Control facility. She had been dropped off by her previous family who said they couldn't take care of her anymore. Well they never really had, she was 2 years old and had never been groomed and the shelter techs had shaved her bald. We went into the get acquainted room and I started crying, she jumped in my lap and licked away my tears. I promised her no more bad hair days and she promised to fill my heart. That was it, we have been a partnership since that day.

Dianna Hillers
Rockford, IL

Brikkit, Rokkit, Bukkit, and Kahne

Brikkit, the orange tabby, came to us from a friend who found him near her mailbox along a highway. Rokkit, Bukkit, and Kahne were eating popcorn and birdseed in our backyard until they were coaxed into joining our family. They are now six years old, beautiful and healthy, and we are blessed to have them in our lives.

Janice and Steve
Minot, ND

Dodger & Bella

Dodger came to our neighborhood via the engine of a Dodge Ram in June of 2009. The driver heard him screaming while she was on the highway coming home. When she arrived at our building she told the doorman that she heard something in her engine. When she popped the hood, there he was; soaked, frightened and hungry. He jumped out of her engine and ran up into the engine of a parked car. It took two days for my daughter to coax him out while in the mean time leaving food, water and notes in plastic bags on wipers saying "there's a cat in your engine - please check before starting your car". It's a miracle that he didn't fall out on to the highway or get burned in the engine or cut by the fan belt.

Bella was found in a dumpster in November of 2009 by someone on his way to work who heard the faintest mew. She was in box covered with garbage; thrown away like some piece of trash. Once he dug her out, he tried to give her to passers by (not being a "cat person"). As he did so, a sanitation truck came and emptied the dumpster. It's a miracle that he heard her when he did and got her out just in time. He brought her to one of my neighbors who calculatingly invited my daughter over saying she had something to show her. The rest is history...

They now allow us to share the apartment with them (it's theirs of course) and because they've each used up eight of their nine lives, needless to say they get whatever they want. Dodger has taught Bella all of his naughty, adorable ways. We love them to pieces and they love each other...

Bronx, NY

Binky's New Home

After my Dad passed away my Mom mentioned that she would like to have a Chihuahua to keep her company. One rainy cold day in December 2008, I asked her if she would like to go to the SPCA to look. When we arrived one cage had a sign that said "Ask for assistance, I'm under my blanket". We asked to see what was there and it was a male Chihuahua. He was very frightened of the barking and noise. We held him and Mom decided he was going home with her. He now has a great home and she couldn't be happier with her little pal. He has 4 different beds so he can lay in whatever room she is in. He doesn't like for her to get out of his sight. He and my Golden Retriever are great friends. Binky is so loving. The vet says Binky has a wonderful personality!

Rhonda Payne
Smithfield, VA

My Garfield

After Hurricane Charley went through Florida, I was outside checking out the damage (luckily we had none) and this beautiful, very friendly fluffy cat came up to me and rolled on the ground to have his belly rubbed. I immediately scooped him up and took him inside. I fell in love with his wonderful personality. I posted flyers up all over the neighborhood to see who may have lost him. We waited a couple weeks, then took him to the vet and had him spayed and all his vaccinations. After his trip to the vet I did get a call about him. Another family had found him, and were taking care of him, but unfortunately they were allergic to him so he was living in the garage. They were so glad he was safe and had found a loving forever home! He is such a funny little boy, he loves to get in the shower in the morning with me, then wants to be blown dry when I dry my hair. He brings me such joy and laughter! I am so grateful he found me!

Cincinnati, OH

The Neighborhood Mascot

Buddy was approximately 16 weeks old, abandoned and starving, when he wandered onto a Tennessee campus in October 2008. He was 1 of 3 abandoned animals I rescued during my 3 month campus stay. Locals threw out their pets by dumping them on the side of the highway road right near the 50 acre campus.The vet didn't think he would survive the night, since he was so emaciated and his core temperature was 98 degrees. I could not accept that and prayed he would recover over the next 3 days of emergency vet care. He stabilized and my husband and I brought him back to Georgia where he thrived and grew into a whopping 95 lb mixed Lab/Mastiff /Pit bull breed. He is now the happy neighborhood mascot who romps with all the neighborhood children and watches over us protectively. Such a blessing!

Note: My friend adopted the black kitten and a vet tech adopted the other puppy which was found in Tennessee. All 3 rescues are happy , healthy lovingly dear pets.

Elizabeth Martyn-Gray
Powder Springs, GA

Our Boys

Here are our boys. They are both rescues, Rosco the bigger boy has been with us for 8 years and Howie joined us last year. It was love at first sight for all of us. We have had other rescues over the years, but these 2 are the best buddies ever and provide us with so much love and entertainment. Rosco fit right in when he arrived but Howie was a bit more nervous although he has overcome most of his anxiety now. They are perfect.

The Campbell
Ajax, ON, Canada

Couch Potato looking for love!

I was looking for a companion when I first moved out on my own and found Dottie at a local shelter. She had been found wandering the streets and was very thin. When I met her, she just looked at me in her quiet way and I knew she was the friend for me. Now she enjoys daily walks and lounging on the couch! We've been together for 4 years now and I can't imagine life without her!

Columbia, SC

How Many Is Too Many?

Who would have thought that 4 male dogs could live under one roof? Over time 4 sharpeis have come together to be our family. Gus (red) was rescued in February of 2002. He was sitting in the crate at Operation Scarlet calling out for someone to pick him. He had no hair and was all skin and bones. But to us he was beautiful. 8 years later Gus is one handsome guy! Flash (cream) came home to us in February 2005 after we lost our first rescued Sharpei Storm. We believe Storm is reincarnated as Flash. Flash came right into our house and started licking the silverware in the dishwasher (a Storm trait) and he would hang out on the back of our couch (another Storm trait). In December of 2005 we lost another sharpei Thunder. Flash went into mourning so we went right to OS to get Flash a buddy. Enter Divot (black)-part sharpei part lab who came from Mississippi. Divot and Flash bonded instantly and are play mates. In April 08 we got a call that a minipei (gray) was in need of a home. So home he came to a house with 3 other rescued dogs. Thanks to Operation Scarlet for giving the Sharpeis a second chance at life. Our life is more fulfilled with our boys.

Robin Moyer
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Love At First Sight

I was looking to adopt a rabbit and happened to come across the cutest bunny I have ever seen on petfinder.com . It was love at first sight!!!! Edgar was adopted through the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society in the Twin Cities last October. This little guy has enriched my life so much that I just can't imagine what I ever did without him. He completes my heart!

St. Charles, MN
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