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It was a lovely Sunday afternoon when a female dog of Italian hound breed showed up in our garden. She seemed like just gave birth and looked very skinny and scared. I felt so sorry for her and started feeding her every day but the dog still was a bit afraid to trust me. She had been living with us for about a month and then we decided to give her to a new owner as we already had two dogs of our own. I was crying the day when my husband took her away to her new owner. I felt that I already was so attached to her! And... you know, sometimes miracles do happen! The dog came back to me on the same day regardless the distance of more that 10 miles!! I named her Rosie and love her so much and she is very faithful and became a very happy, playful and healthy dog with shiny hair!

Nicosia, Cyprus

Chloe's First Christmas

Chloe is my 4th rescued Cocker. Her litter was abandoned at a store parking lot, sick with parvo. Two of her litter mates didn't survive, but the wonderful rescue group that took them in managed to save the rest. I found them on Petfinder and fell in love. It's been three months and Chloe is healthy, smart and brings me joy every day.

Aliso Viejo, CA

Our Real Angel on Earth

My parents and I flew to South Korea to visit our relatives about seven years ago. My aunt's maltese, Coco was pregnant and was due any day. On May 22nd, 2002 Coco had given birth to five puppies; four males and one female. The males of the litter were strong and active but the one female was underweight, extremely small in size and wasn't eating well.

I sat awake for nights just watching the little ones sleep and I often made way for the female to get to her mother's nipples so she could have some milk without the rest of her brothers pushing her out of the way. We fed her through a babies bottle, kept her warm in separate blankets, and held her close to our hearts anticipating that she would get stronger and healthier. As the days past, it looked as if she was getting better and our efforts had paid off, but when we took her to the vet she was dianosed with a kidney disease and we found out that she had a life expectancy of only a year or two. This was devastating news because we loved her and we came to a decision that we would take care of her, giving her the extra care and dedication that was needed to keep her alive for at least the remainder of years she was expected to live.

We named her Angel and took her back to Canada, fed her a special diet and kept her alive for seven and a half years. She became the center of our family and brought us endless joy and laughter. But unfortunately in October 2009, her kidneys shut down and she died in my mother's arms.

She will never be forgotten; She was Our Real Angel on Earth.

Julie Y.
Toronto, ON, Canada

Hank Williams

Since moving to 5 acres, we wanted to give a rescue dog a forever home. Searching Petfinder, we found a baby we were interested in at Animal Control. Afraid I would be too upset to look at all those furry faces, I sent my nephew to look at the puppy. Although that one had been adopted, my nephew called to say that he had found "the one". The 8-month old retriever mix was incarcerated after his owner was arrested. Noone came to claim him and his time was growing very short. I, too, fell in love at first glance. This boy just wanted to put his head in my lap and get some long overdue attention. Hank has been with us for two months now. He is sweet and affectionate and a bundle of puppy energy. Looking forward to many years with all our 4-legged rescues, Hank and his two kitty siblings!

Carla and John
Cumming, GA

Jackson and Clancy

We answered an ad in the newspaper for an independent rescue group when we were looking to adopt our kittens. Although the woman had noble intentions, the house was overcrowded and unsanitary with cages upon cages of kittens and puppies. Jackson (named after country singer Alan Jackson) , our big blonde boy, was an easy choice. Our beloved cat of 14 years had recently passed from cancer and Jackson had Huxley's look and temperment. As we searched the cages for number two, one tiny kitten kept reaching out to us. Looking too frail and too young to be adopted, we questioned the woman, but she assured us that this baby girl was ready to go. Clancy (after author Tom Clancy) grew to a 12 pound companion that enjoys sleeping on my chest and offering the top of her head for kisses. These two have helped me through the loss of a spouse and moves to three different houses. They bring me comfort and joy on a daily basis and I am blessed to share my life with them. Please, please rescue.

Cumming, GA

The Disney Dog

I orginally began volunteering at the Placer SPCA because I loved dogs so much but couldn't have one of my own at the current time. Six months later on my birthday, I adopted the Disney Dog, better known as Petrie. He was a resident of the Placer SPCA for almost 5 months with many people stopping by and curiously looking at him, some commenting that he was the ugliest dog they had ever seen. It broke my heart that he hadn't found his forever home until I realized I was supposed to be his forever him. He was found wandering the streets, alone and starving and very timid of people. Today he is the exact opposite. He is my walking buddy, loves to be around people, and full of energy. When people ask what breed he is, I respond with "the best breed, a mutt"! I will be forever grateful to the Placer SPCA for rescuing Petrie and bringing him into my life.

Abigail Becker
Roseville, CA

From Abandoned Runt to Spoiled Princess

My friend told me he saw three kittens without a mother behind a drugstore during his early morning jog. I can’t understand how anyone could be so heartless as to abandon helpless animals to starve on the streets. I was an hour away by train, so I asked him to rescue the litter and bring them to a shelter. He and his girlfriend, who already had four cats, went to rescue the kittens, but another kind man was already there and had put two of the kittens in carriers, ready to go to their new home. He didn’t know what to do about the third one, the runt of the litter. My friend scooped her up and brought her to a vet, where she was given a checkup and a good meal. I thought my 350 sq. ft. apartment was too small for a cat, but I knew it was better than a cage at the shelter, so they brought her to my place, where she stole my heart. Ten years later, Josie is my spoiled princess. She loves to be brushed and have her tummy rubbed, and spends her days napping in the sun and looking out the windows.

New York, NY

Lily's rough start

A woman showed up at our local shelter one morning and shoved a small cat carrier at the staff member. It contained a puppy that was clearly too big for the carrier. She said that she just didn't want the puppy any more nd just walked away. The staff member took the pup inside and began immediately to set up a kennel and care for the pup, who showed signs of being timid and would rather cower in a corner than to have human interaction. When we saw her, she reminded us of the dog we had lost in July of that year. Unfortunately for us she had already been adopted by someone else so we assumed that it just wasn't meant to be. But the day that she was to go home one of the staff members called me to say that the adoption fell through and that she was ours if we wanted her. I quickly jumped in our vehicle and drove up to get our new pup. She is actually my Christmas present from my husband but she belongs to our whole family. She is starting to very slowly come out of her shell and be a normal pup but it will take a while before she can trust completely. And who can blame her. We've only had her for a little over a week but we love her as if she's been here forever, and she will be here forever.

Deborah Kirkland
Brockville, ON, Canada

The Perfect Match For Me!

When our local radio station ran their Adopt-a-Pet announcement about two dachshunds who were just put up for adoption we hurried to the Humane Society to get "first dibs". They were both tweener (mix of standard and mini) black and tans; one "perfect" and one sickly, neglected, and obviously abused. My husband liked Mr. Perfect the most. Yes, he WAS beautiful but he and I just didn't connect. I immediately fell in love with the other. Since I was going to be the one to care for the new addition to our family, I chose this one to bring home to love.

Noone at the Society knew exactly where he came from -- the smaller dogs got traded from place to place until homes are found. The little guy was missing several inches of his tail; he was skinny and malnourished; his mouth reeked of infection and dead gum tissue, and he had scars and scabs on his face. He also needed to be neutered. It took a year to get his mouth healed even though he lost much gum tissue and more than a few teeth in the process.

Schatzie has been with us for 5 years now. He is most loving and attentive and is the sweetest 12 pounds of dachshund I could've asked for. Plus, he is just the right size for snuggling. His scars, half-tail, and missing teeth make him rather goofy-looking but he's gorgeous to me! I can only imagine what he when through for the first few years of his life, but I know he knows the rest of it will be GREAT!

Brookville, PA

Elvis, our shelter boy

We weren't looking for another dog. We were at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center looking at Sea Lions. The Laguna Beach Animal Shelter was right next door, so we had to go "look". Well, one look at Elvis and we became a 2 dog, 1 horse family! He's been the best little addition. He and our other dog, Shelby, hit it off from the start. We can't help but laugh at his antics!

Ginny Williams
Irvine, CA
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