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One night, on my drive home from work, I noticed a dog standing on the side of the road. I quickly flipped a u turn and picked him up. To my surprise it was a purebred German Shepherd intact male. He was skinny, stinky, and suffering from a complete fracture of his left hind leg. I quickly transported him to the nearest ER vet where I was certain his owner would pick him up. No one claimed him there, nor after he was transported to the shelter, still with no treatment for his leg. When his 7 day hold was up, the shelter staff called to tell me he would be euthanized that evening. I was not letting that happen, so we rushed down to pick him up. After 2 leg surgeries, a neuter surgery and a year of swim therapy he is as good as new, and the most loyal, wonderful dog you could ask for. I sometimes wonder who would have let this great dog go, but I'm very grateful that he ended up with us!

Maple Valley, WA

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Everyone loved Yoda at the Cabo San Lucas shelter. People came to take her for walks but no one came to take her home. They all wanted big dogs to protect their homes not this little one who would gladly welcome everyone, even a burglar, into her home. Her big eyes hold so much expression that her doctor roared with laughter when she gave him "the look" in response to an injection. We have been together for ten wonderful years and we were both blessed to find each other.

Judi Vance
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

My little Zo-Zo

It had been almost two years since I had put my best pal Murphy to rest and thought there was no way that I could find another dog just like him. When I finally made the decision to get another dog, I searched the Milwaukee Humane Society web page daily. That is where I saw Zoe and she was just too cute to pass up. She was 3 months old when I got her. I was told she is a terrier mix, but who knows what she really is and who cares! In her first year of life, she won a blue ribbon in her agility relay team, passed the Canine Good Citizen course and has found her forever home with me! I never found a Murphy, but I found this young, wild and absolutely loving puppy named Zoe! I think I will keep her forever!

Amy Wirth
Grafton, WI

Herbie the Love Bug

I was driving down Herbertsville Rd., on a saturday afternoon,. when I saw this kitty try and run across the road and he was dragging his back legs. I stopped my truck in the middle of the road and jumped out and grabbed him and put him on the front seat. Thank god my vet. was still at her office. I rushed him there and she took x-rays and said she would have to keep him because she didn't know if he was able to go to the bathroom because both hips were broken. Well he is A OK and lives happily with other rescues that I have. He is a little lover and he is named after the road I found him on. It started out as Herbert but didn't really like it so I shortened it to Herbie. The cats have their own house in my backyard and their own 10x28 ft. run.

Coralie Peary
Howell, NJ

Our Furry Family Members

First came, Sir Henry (tabby cat - 15yrs). He came to us from the Denver Dumb Friends League on June 3, 1997. He had the beefy barncat look that would fit perfectly in our home. He is the royalty in the house!

Next came, Mickey Bear (Australian Cattle Dog - 10yrs). He had bounced from shelter to shelter after being abused. In January 2003 he came to his forever home. He's our little polar bear!

Last, but definitely not least, came Stryker Ace (Golden Retriever - 2yrs). After losing our golden girl, Aspen Star to cancer, right before her 9th birthday, the emptiness was immeasurable. Thanks to Golden Retriever of the Rockies we were able to bring Stryker to a real forever home on May 22, 2010. He had been a puppy mill stud with no human attention, no health care and no name. He has the most bounce-backability and amazing personality! He's our comic relief!

We've saved each other! They are our Furry Family!

Sandi & Kevin Brantley
Dillon, CO

Black & White Brigade

I already had two little black-and-white terriers when I spotted a similar dog at the local animal shelter. Staff told me he had been found wandering the streets, dragging a long metal chain. I promised that would never happen again, and Geddy Lee "Snouty" Vedder has enjoyed two years now as a beloved member of our pet family! People often ask if the dogs are related, and I explain how each member of my "Black & White Brigade" was rescued separately. It's amazing how each dog has its own interests, expressions and ways of filling my heart with joy.

Natalie Thoreau
Ames, IA

Bear (the german shepherd mix shown)

Bear came to us severely injured. The vet thought a coyote had attacked him. We eventually had to have one of his back legs and tail removed to save his life. He had been through so much in his life but he was never mean, aggressive or unhappy. He could run like the wind, play, bark and do everything other dogs did. When I felt sorrow for myself, all I had to do was look at this three legged happy boy and I knew I didn't have it so bad. We loved and adored Bear for nine years before we lost him a few weeks ago to lymphoma. Bear was my inspiration and my life will not be the same without him. He was truly amazing.

Cherry McKimmey
Torrington, WY

Princess Casey

After we lost our sweet Brittany my husband vowed we would never have another pet--other than the occasional reptile we've been known to enjoy! About a year later he suggested we go into a local pet store just to look around, and they happened to have cats there who were up for adoption. When we saw Casey she was so sweet I knew she would make the perfect pet. After thinking on it for 24 hours we went back to the store and she was still there. She ended up being a VERY sick kitty, but after ear surgery and rounds of meds to cure a bad case of ear mites, an eye infection and worms from fleas, she is as good as gold. She had a rough start, but 2 1/2 years later is as happy as a clam, and she makes us feel that way, too! Who knew my husband would go from being a "dog person" to being a cat lover!!

Laura Robinson
Ellettsville, IN

She rescued me too

Keke Sophia was one of 84 cats in the animal shelter I was visiting. She was so sickly with a upper respiratory infection and had been started on antibiotic treatment. Her eyes and nose were runny and she had just been spade. She obviously didnt feel so well, but had a buzz saw purr and a little squeaky meow that I just fell in love with. I had to take her home and get her healthy. She loves her humans and is my snuggle buddy. What a joy she is.

L. Neubert

Carthage, MO.

Lorie Neubert
Carthage, MO


My husband made a delivery at the local vet and was greeted by a bucket full of kittens that someone had dropped off since their mother had been hit by a car. One little orange ball of fur really caught his eye since it resembled an orange cat we had for many years. So “Bucket” found a new home and has charmed both me and my husband and the other cats that live with us. What a special lovable addition to our family.

Gloria Morris
Buckingham County, VA
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