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This is Spicey's Story

This is Spicey, she is 12 weeks old in this picture. Myself and a friend rescued her from the street at 7 weeks old. She and her brother were running around in filthy conditions where there were rats the size of big cats. Some of the people in the auto body shop next to where the kittens were living had been trying to catch them after the third kitten had disappeared. We can only assume the third kitten met with foul play with all the rats that were there. We were in the rain for an half an hour before we could catch this one and even more time went by trying to catch the other one. Unfortunately, even with the help of a couple of other people, we could not catch the other one. With heavy hearts we left to get this one cleaned up and fed. We left food and a phone number where the other people could reach us if they could catch the other kitten. They promised us that they would keep trying. One week later my friend got the call that they caught the male kitten and she went to get him. She took him home cleaned him up and fed him, but she could not keep him because she already had three cats. The next day she gave him to the Vet. for shots and to put up for adoption. A week later he was adopted. We were very happy to have saved these two from a life on the streets for however long they could have survived.

Thanks for letting me tell the story of Spicey and her brother who are now

happy, healthy kittens with good homes.

And Thank You to The Animal Rescue Site for all their good work.


The Bronx, NY

A trip to survival

I found kitty in Morgan Town WV on May 10th of 2008. My sister and I were pulling over to a car wash to vacuum out her car. I let her dog out and I come to find the dog missing, I turn around and she had found something in a pile of junk behind a bridge. I walked over to see what she had found and before i got all the way there a small kitten came running out. As soon as she saw me she came running over to me. It must have been a sign because that was the same day as my Grandma's funeral. So it had already been a sad day, until this little kitten came out to me begging for help. She was so thin I could feel every bone in her body. My sister and i bought her some soft food and brought her back to my Grandma's house. We drove her all the way back to Indiana. She was very sweet but scared. She slept all the way home. She finally started eating well when we brought her home. We all say she came to us when we needed some one.

Erin O'Neill
Shelbyville, IN

Daddy's Girl

A few months after our German Shepherd, Heidi Benson, crossed the Rainbow Bridge I found Shelly Benson on the Miller, IN Humane Society's website. My husband felt he wasn't sure if he was ready for another dog so soon after Heidi's passing, but as soon as he met Shelly (she ran right up to him and started kissing him) he fell in love with her, too. She was 7 when we adopted her and now at 13, deaf and a lot slower, she is still Daddy's little girl.

D.J. Benson
Fort Worth, TX

A 'Tail' of Two Dogs

All of our animals are rescues. Our cat, Chipper, was adopted 6 years ago (I went to our local shelter for a dog, and came home with a cat!). We adopted our terrier/whippet mix Buddy (the white dog in the picture) from a rescue group 1 1/2 years ago, and then adopted our spitz mix (the golden dog in the picture) from our local shelter this past weekend. These animals provide more love and devotion that I thought possible. I do believe they understand what position they were in, and the second chance they've been given. Of course, what they give to me each day is so much more than I could ever give to them! I encourage everyone I can to rescue animals from shelters, instead of enabling the continuation of puppy mills. These animals deserve so much more than the fate they have been dealt.

Karen Webster
Conyers, GA

Our Furry Children

Crush came from a friend who had to give him away and didn't trust shelters. Mao, the calico cutie, came from our friends, who'd found her starving outside. Crush liked her instantly; she hated him. Three weeks later, we came back from vacation to find the two best friends. Crush loves when we toss him over our shoulder and push him over, while Mao, an excellent conversationalist, lets us know all the trouble Crush does on a daily basis.

Andrew and Jill Kadtke
Newark, DE


About seven years ago I went on a float trip in southeastern Missouri. We spent the night in a cabin in a pretty remote area, just off the highway. There weren't any other houses for several miles.

In the morning when we went out to take a walk in the woods we heard loud meows coming from our truck. I lifted the hood and saw a tiny, scared kitten nestled in the engine. I was able to coax him out with food. We didn't have any cat food with us, of course, but he was so hungry that he wasn't picky. Then he was my pal, and wouldn't leave my side. I put him down and followed him to see if he lived nearby and might return home, but he just stayed close to me. I picked him up and looked him over. The little kitten was obviously used to humans, very comfortable and affectionate. He looked a bit dirty and disheveled, and he only had three-quarters of a tail. I began to suspect that someone had dumped him there during the night. Since he was so sweet and we didn't know what else to do, we took him with us when we left, even though we already had three other cats at home. We made him a makeshift litter box and picked up a bag of cat food at our first stop, but he just wanted to sleep. He slept on my shoulder for the entire five hour drive home. Jackie has been a wonderful addition to our family, still sweet and affectionate and still not wanting to be very far away from me when I'm home.

Jody Biesche
Kansas City, MO

One Eyed Jack

This picture is of the infamous one-eyed Jack! He is a very charming and talkative cat! Jack was found in a garbage dumpster at around 8 months old. Although his eye has never formed and is still hollow, he chases and plays and jumps as good as any cat! Jack is now almost 4 years old and has grown from a messy, sickly, abandoned kitty to an amazingly beautiful, proud (and occasionally arrogant!) cat! All the neighbors know him and love him because he sits in his windowsill and chatters to them when they come home......he is such a flirt!!!

He is such a huge part of my life......I'm not sure who rescued who!!

Salt Lake City, UT

A Violet For My Garden

I call my furry brood "my garden" because all the girls are named after flowers. I have a Daisy, a Lily and a Pepper. In December 2008, my husband and I came upon Misty at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. She came in 9 mos earlier and her owners never bothered to come pick her up. Their loss was our gain! We found out she was 13 years old and that only made us want her more! She came home just in time for Christmas and we named her Violet. She's beautiful and I can't imagine our life without her. Adopt a senior dog - you won't regret it.

Christine and Nelson Saenz
Centereach, NY


I have never been without a dog since I've been 6 years old. My previous dog died of heart failure at 16 years old, but after 3 months of coming home to an empty house, I just HAD to get another dog. I drove to an animal shelter 30 miles from my house. I was thinking of getting a puppy, but didn't see any that I liked. Just as I was going to my car to leave the shelter, a couple came out with a young dog (there wasn't enough room in the shelter to leave her). Instead of having to take her back to their home & return a week later when more cages freed up, they asked me if I wanted her. Well...as soon as they put Nellie in my arms, that was IT (I would have taken her no matter how old she was). I even had my friend drive my car so I could "bond" with Nellie on the way home. Now, I tell everyone..."Instead of making a drug deal in a parking lot, I made a DOG deal"! She is such a joy in my life. Whenever I am having a bad day, as soon as I see how excited she is to see me, I just forget about everything else. I just can't imagine what my life would be like without her. That was 13 years ago & I love her more than life itself! In case you can't tell, she is a Vizsla/Dachshund/Beagle mix. I took this picture of us on my cell phone (notice her "smooshed" face next to mine).

Sue Brammerlo
DeKalb, IL

Shy Shelter Cats Can Blossom!

When I moved to Austin, Texas, for graduate school, the first thing I did was adopt a cat from the city shelter.

Upon entering the shelter's cat area, there were the usual array of friendly felines sticking eager paws out of cages as if to say, "Please adopt me!" Then I saw my future adoptee sitting forlornly at the back of his cage as if he'd given up on the adoption option. I took him out to play in an adjacent room where he continued to act as if he had no spirit or personality. Despite his apparent lack of charisma, I took him home where he sat quietly in corners for a week. At the end of that week he suddenly decided he was safe and his personality blossomed ... more like exploded. He would climb into my lap, put his paws around my neck and give "hugs." He followed me around the house and would watch whatever I did. Now when I have guests over he is the official welcoming committee - meowing into people's faces and blinking sweetly at them as he sits on their lap. I'm glad I didn't get a cat based on initial charm, but chose to see the diamond in the rough!

Austin, TX
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