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Lady the dog who rescued me

At 6 years old I was bitten by a dog and stayed away from them, so when my husband wanted to adopt a dog I was very unsure about what this meant. We adopted Lady almost 6 years ago as a puppy from a local vet. It was love at first sight. Any and all fears I had of dogs disappeared with the first kiss she gave me. Lady was our first baby and we spoil her with tons of love, play and daily walks. I knew Lady needed a four legged friend. It took me two years to convince my husband that a second dog would be a great addition to our family. So we adopted our golden from a local rescue group. She is another perfect addition to our family. She and Lady bonded immediately. Lady has the perfect snuggle partner and play buddy. And I have two wonderful dogs that love their daily walks with their rescue mommy.

Cincinnati, OH

Our Sampson The Great

My husband and I love animals, and have only ever adopted dogs that were rescues, saved from certain death. Our most recent adoption happened in February of 2010 with our new boy Sampson, found with 17 other dogs in a hoarding situation in which dogs were kenneled and abandoned, abused and neglected, standing in many inches of their own waste, Sadly, there was also a houseful of cats that were left to cannibalize each other. Sampson was fostered first yet remained quite fearful by the time we adopted him. With his two doggy sisters to show him the ropes, lots of patience and love, and constant encouragement to adapt to his new surroundings, he slowly learned to simply become a dog. He is intensely interested in lizards that run across our fence, he patiently sits for his snack, he gallops around us in joy when we return home from any outing without him. He loves his morning walks, belly rubs, and any indulgence we allow in human food. He still hates small enclosed places and will flatten down on the ground to avoid entering them, however his comfort level has exponentially grown with each passing day. We adore our boy and see him as such a gift, free entertainment, and an endless supply of love. Our girly dogs have learned to enjoy their new brother as well. With the lack of good permanent homes in our country and an oversupply of animals due to overbreeding, saving these animals that truly need a home and simply a chance to blossom is what all animal lovers should do. We are not buying a thing, but making a home for a living creature... our new family member :)

Barbara L.
Phoenix, AZ

Our Belle

This is our kitty Belle. We adopted her from the Oakdale pound in December 2008. I walked in the animal shelter looking for someones missing cat and I kept hearing a loud meowing. There was a cage way in the back of all the other cages and there she was. She was turning over and sticking her paws out at us, begging us to take her home. We adopted her and she LOVES men. She has been a wonderful addition to the family!!! We love you Belle!

Tammy B.
Oakdale, CA


While we are all enjoying Mothers day with our Human Moms/Grandmothers/Wives/ lets NOT forget the TRUE meaning of Mothers Day in the animal world, and Mothers Day for these dogs mean another litter-another day of confinement-another day of hunger-another day of being out in the elements- another day of being sick with NO hope of vet care-and another day of giving birth to puppies for pet stores-and for profit....

But for the advocates-the voices of Puppy Mill/Irresponsible backyard breeder dogs Mothers Day means trying to RESCUE-FOSTER-REHABILITATE-ADOPT-

EDUCATE....AND SPAY so they NEVER have to have another litter for the rest of their lives

SO NEXT TIME YOU THINK OF BUYING A PUPPY IN A PET STORE-CLASSIFIED AD-INTERNET WEBSITE-BACKYARD BREEDER...Remember that there is an abused/neglected mommy (and daddy) dog making it possible for the un-eduacated folks to fullfill their need of having a very overpriced/sickly puppy dog





IN MEMORY OF BETTY( puppy mill breeder for 8 yrs)

and DARCY ( backyard breeder for 12 yrs)

Mesa, AZ

Birthday rescue

We had been looking on line at local shelters for months. On my birthday we saw this adorable fuzzy kitten just waiting for a new home. When we visited him in the shelter the first thing he did was climb on my shoulder and purr. We fell in love with him then and there and brought Murphy home that same afternoon. He loves, loves, loves to play and then to curl up in a lap and fall asleep. He's growing fast and seems to be very happy in his new home. We're so glad he's come to live with us.

Gena Merrill
Los Angeles, CA

Left with no mother-Amelia's story

My sister's friend found a litter of 6 kittens in her storage unit . There was no sign of a mother cat for days so she knew she had to take matters into

her own hands, She and my sister were both registered nurses in our local emergency room but they would take turns feeding and caring for the kittens every 2 hours. I visited them one day and fell in love with the little pastel calico they had named Amelia. She was the only one that had any health problems. She once had to be rushed liveless to the vet but recovered with no problems. Once they were around 6 weeks old I received a call from my sister. She said "we voted and you get Amelia".

That was almost 4 years ago and Amelia has taught me that when she

bows, she wants extra attention. This happens very often!

God bless all the little animals that need homes-you are likely to find them anywhere.


Home Sweet Home

After being rescued from a shelter at 3 months old Herbert's fate was again in question when at the age of 5, after a violent tragedy in his home, he was once again left homeless. We had just lost our dear cat of 18 years and were not ready for another cat yet but we felt we needed to adopt Herb as no one else wanted him. He is a gorgeous Maine Coon with the most handsome mane and green eyes. Six years later, at the age of 11, he still plays like a kitten and definitely knows what he wants now to get it. He has his forever home and we love him to death, which he does not always appreicate as it cramps his macho style! "Mr. Tude" rules! We are so glad he ours! Adopting senior pets is a win-win proposition!

David & Deb
Orem, UT

A Place to Call Home

On my way to work, early morning, September of 2006 I was surprised to see a tiny, blonde chihuahua sleeping at the

end of a driveway near my house. Living in the country as I do, this was odd. This continued for several mornings and afternoons. This must have been where someone had left her during the night and she was waiting for their return. After talking to neighbors, it seemed that everyone on the street was trying to catch the elusive little dog but she would run away and not let anyone close. Finally, after about a week of this, I came home from work and saw the precious pup walking up the street, head down, dejected. I ran outside and started calling and talking to her. She stood still, looked up and down the road, then started running toward me. I was hoping it was a good thing. She jumped into my arms and three and a half years later, has never left. I took her in and fed her, took her to the vet the next day, bought her a little pink bed and food bowls. It took her a while to overcome whatever she had endured in her past life. Her name is Chula. She now reigns as queen of the house and yard, daring other dogs to come close (from the safety of the arm of the love seat near the door), bossing around her older brother (a 13 year old boxer mix), and choosing from her vast wardrobe of clothes, what to wear each day. She has been a joy and I am so happy she decided to make my house a place to call home.

Blackstock, SC

The happiest dog on the block!

When I adopted Connor from a local shelter he was recovering from serious neglect. He was missing hair on half of his body due to a flea infestation and he was extremely shy. The shelter did a wonderful job helping him before I was able to take him home. Three and a half years later he's a bright and energetic little guy who loves going on walks and hanging out with his step brother Atti.

Rob Mallinger
Ankeny, IA

My Sweet Boy

I wanted to adopt a small female kitten when I made the rounds at the shelters 5 years ago. While all the others kittens were meowing and jumping for attention, my eyes fell on a very quiet, barely 12 week old orange kitten who was flea-ridden and so skinny that his bones were protruding. I knew right then that he deserved all the love and the best life I could give him. I was so worried the he might not live through that night or the required neutering the next day. Today he’s a long, sleek, very healthy 20 pound kitty. This is my sweet boy, Gringo - the love of my life. (He & I were the only two 'blondes' that day at the San Diego shelter... hence, his name.)

Mission Viejo, CA
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