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She adopted us

Cookie was a stray kitten that just starting coming into our garage & crying. I figured she was either hungry or sick. We would feed her & then she would jump on my husband's lap & go to sleep. We decided to find her a home, since we already had 2 cats of our own. 2x we gave her away & both times she jump out of their car & took off, only to return later to us.

After 3 weeks of keeping her quarantined in the garage my husband, who was already attached, slowly each day introduced her more & more to Tink & Charlie. Then one day I came home from work & she had already made herself comfortable in our home. Up until that point I avoided spending too much time with her so as not to get attached but within moments of being in our home she melted my heart. Now she follows me everywhere & has become the perfect little sister for Tink & Charlie.

So strangely enough she had chosen us for her family instead of us choosing her. Even when you are not looking to increase the size of your furbaby family, sometimes you can't help to make room in your heart for one more.

Norwalk, CA

My Talking Schnauzer

I was living in Denver, CO when I found out I suffered from Bi-Polar. The Dr. gave me a RX so I could get a dog, since I had no family in Denver area.

I checked the internet and found a silver Schnauzer at the Adams County Animal Control. He had been returned by a family who had him fixed and all shots.

I went in that afternoon and met him. Dogs barking everywhere, but when I got to the purebreds cages, there he stood proud and the only silent dog.

We went into the room and spent time together. He was a few pounds bigger than I wanted, but when I looked in his soulful eyes, I was his.

My dad named him Fritz.. Fritz was a retired Stud. He is mostly gray/silver with white belly, legs and on face. Black around his eyes and down his snout to his nose. Kinda looks like a dog version of Groucho Marx.

Fritz is a talker. He only barks at squirrels and he barks at me when I return after being gone. He loved the 10 hr trips from Denver to my Folks In Gt. Bend , Ks. I am in Council Grove, Ks and he loves going to my folks to play with their dogs in the big yard 3 hours away.

He is the best buddy I could ever have, even if I loose my pillow on a regular basis, but I really don't mind.. Now if I could find a man with his qualities I would be in heaven. As you can see by the picture, He is not spoiled at all.

Jennifer Maneth
Council Grove, KS

My Molly Girl!

I had a heart attack in '03. Part of my rehabilitation was exercise that was to continue the rest of my life. I started visiting the local shelters to look for a compatible walking companion. I searched for several weeks and finally found my girl. She was supposed to be part dachshund and part pit bull. The dachshund part may be right, but I think she has chesapeake retriever in her. She was 4 months old and had been returned once to the shelter. We attended several doggie obedience classes and she did very well, though she has her own mind at times.

Molly is now 7 years old. She has had allergy issues and is on thyroid medicine for life. She loves television and is an avid Animal Planet fan. Molly is such a good sport. She let me dress her up for her walk for one of the shelters. She has a great sense of humor; has been my constant companion, and I can't imagine life without her.

Marie Velong
Berlin, MD

A Win Win 4 Us All

I lost my Lhasa Apso 10 /1/2 years ago and following a year of grieving, I knew it was time to bring the love and affection of a dog back in to my life and my home. I knew I wanted a rescue beagle and when I heard about a little girl that had recently been released from a pharmaceutical lab used for testing, I immediately went to see her. Once her foster mom placed her in my arms, I knew I wasn't leaving empty handed. Mandy is an angel, stubborn as a mule and the best couch potato to snuggle up with.

1 1/2 years ago, I had a strong desire to adopt a dog that would enjoy running with me while Mandy relaxed at home. In searching the web sites, I came across an adorable yellow lab that needed a home. I drove two hours to see her and boy was it worth it. Sadie is an absolute sweetheart. She adapted to our lifestyle without hesitation, adores her l'il beagle sister, Mandy, and I couldn't ask for a better running partner.

Rescue pets make the best companions!

Santa Clara, CA

Adopt or Rescue Please!

This is my Punkinpuss! Punky for short. Although he was not adopted or rescued, I have to state here that you will never go wrong opening your home to an unfortunate aimal. Over the years, I've done so with many dogs, some terribly abused who were never quite the same due to mental or distrust issues. But the love and total appreciation that came from them was so very rewarding!! Although not a cat person, Punky is so unique, totally laid back that my twin great grand girls handle him any which way and he would never even think of biting or scratching them. He just LOVES tummy rubs, unusual for a male cat, and will flip over anytime to get one!!!

Ardmore, AL


I went to a shelter with the mission to get a dog in the worse condition to give a second chance. I looked up at the top cage and seen this little frail Chihuahua.Just laying there. I took him. Took him straight to vet. Told he was in bad shape. Hardly no hair , infection in jaw that the cartlige was gone, Male parts badly infected. Needed surgery Asap! Almost died 3 times during surgery. What a "Trooper" . to pull through at 12 yrs of age . Fur is back, gained 2 lbs,runs and plays, so loving! It is great to watch him expierence new things everyday. He's taken every ones heart . Especially mine!!!

Lafayette, IN


I found Joey at the Smith County Animal Shelter. He had been adopted two times , returned both times for "behavioral issues" and was fixing to be put down. He was only 9 months old and scared to death of the sound of chains. I can only imagine what he had suffered during his short life. I fell in love with him instantly and brought him home with me. I took Joey to the Vet and found out he did not have behavioral issues....he had no peripheral vision and tended to sling his head in your direction when you talked. Joey was the sweetest, most lovable baby and everyone that met him fell in love with him. I am so glad I rescued him. My Joey went to the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago and it was one of the saddest days in my life but I am so glad he allowed me to share his life for 9 years.

Moni King
Texarkana, TX

Goliath found

My story is a little different; Goliath (GoGo) and Bishop a pound puppy were stolen out of my house. The dog pound (Lancaster animal shelter) found GoGo on the railroad tracks. He was lost for 2 weeks. I went to the pound twice a day looking for them. Bishop was lost for 2 and a half weeks and some how found his way home. GoGo has an ID injected in his neck, but the dog pound forgot to scan him. It was a Saturday and I had just left the pound an hour ago when I decided to look on their web site. I knew it was him the moment I clicked on the mug shot. I rushed back over and they had just closed. I fell on the ground crying, because I couldn't believe I had to wait until Monday. Thankfully the officer had pity for me and asks for my ID. I showed him the mug shot and he went and scanned GoGo. I took him straight to the Vet and he had bite holes in his neck and on his tail, his tail was also broken. The Vet said that he probably got caught by Coyotes. The Vet said Bishop was unharmed, but very under weight. Now Goliath and Bishop are doing great and I have an alarm on my house.

Palmdale, CA

Sparky-doodle dandy

My brother and his wife heard a loud wailing coming from the tall grass near a highway gas station. They thought it was a bird, but soon saw it was a small kitten, hungry and scared. They took it in and watched it devour some canned tuna. Having too many cats themselves, they brought it to my cat-less home and said "you need this!" They were so right! Sparky-doodle, now a 22-pound wonder, has enhanced our lives in countless ways. He's a 'sweet potato' who still loves his tuna! He is regal, yet affectionate; his magnificent cat mass often weighing down our bedcovers at night. He was such a good cat (only scratching an outside fence, never spraying, no accidents or broken things), that we decided he needed a brother from the shelter. So, now we have two black-and-whites -- Sparky and Crazy Chester -- who walk on leashes and keep each other, and us, in good company.

Pittsburgh, PA

Finally home!

In October 2007, we adopted our first dog from Brooke County Animal Shelter in Follansbee, WV. I'd occasionally check their adoptable dogs, and in October 2008, I noticed Geno. He'd been at the shelter for almost two years at that point, and my heart melted at the sight of his photos. He looked so unsure and timid, like he was trying to hide from the camera. I tried to convince friends and relatives that they should rescue him, all with no success. Eventually, after Geno had been at the shelter for over 2 years, I managed to convince my husband to foster Geno.

At that time, Geno was being fostered by a very loving mom, but she wasn't going to be able to keep fostering him. Rather than insist she drop Geno off at the shelter, they allowed us to pick him up directly from her.

I spent the first few hours with our "foster" dog driving him to our house. On the car ride, I talked to him quite a bit, and he made himself at home in the back of our Jeep. When we introduced him to our other dog, after a few minutes, she accepted that he'd be staying with us until he found a fur-ever home. They very quickly became great friends, and demonstrated this when I accidentally left a bag of treats open, and saw each of them sneak a treat from the bag!

After they adjusted to each other, it was amazing to see how much Cobaka calmed down now that she had a playmate. Seeing how loving Geno was, we couldn't let someone else adopt him. We call Geno my shadow, because when I'm with him, it seems like he's always right next to me.

Wendy Lunko
Dover, PA
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