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The Luckiest Cat Ever

Lucky was just a skinny sick looking cat that would eat off our porch at night. If he saw you looking he would run away so fast you weren't sure if you imagined the whole thing. One evening, as my husband, who was leaving to attend his own employee going away party, was getting into his truck during a bad rain storm and he saw the cat jump up into the drive train. He crawled under the truck and grabbed the cat and I stuffed him into a cat carrier. My husband left and I took the kitty into the bathroom to bath all the dirt off him. I put him in our rescue room and gave him food and water. It turned out that this kitty was 4 years old, weighed 6 lbs, was in renal failure, had stomatitis, had rotting teeth and the list goes on. But he was FIV and FeLV negative so we decided to try to save him. After a few years, several surgeries and about $8000 of our own money he is a happy 12 lb cat that is very sweet and loving. He is best buddies with another of our rescues and spends most of his day cuddling up to him. We will never forget how grateful an animal can be when you save him. They become the best pet and family member ever.

Susan Thibault
League City, TX

My Therapy Dog

While camping in the local pound, Jasmine picked me after my previous dog had to be put down for cancer. She has helped me tremendously to get over my loss, so I refer to her as my “therapy dog”. She has a happy enthusiasm for almost everything, except holding still for cameras. Like most labs, she loves to swim, and usually enters the water with a four-legged bound. She really has been a perfect black pearl.

Akron, OH

Zena The Warrior Cat

In 1996 bought my first house with my fiance and there was a cat black and white that always hung around so I fed her. I got was married at the time and was not allowed to bring her inside. January 1, 2009, as always went outside to feed Zena and she was not her usual self the tempature outside and her age got the best of her. I asked a girlfriend of mine to help me get her to the emerency animal hospital my vet was closed it was New Years Day( I also just had a total knee replacement 2 months ago). My friend used this vet on a regular basis and she has rescued 5 dogs and 4 cats so they knew her as an animal lover as well as myself. The vet said to give them an hour to check her out. We went to Dunkin Donuts got back and they said she is a senior citizen and isnt able to fight the cold can you bring her inside. I said I'd give her the spare bedroom because I have 2 large French Mastiff's and wasnt sure how this would work. Ten months later Zena stoled the show and would jump the gate (to protect her from the dogs) and now she is a true member of my family. I'm going to be divorced in 3 days but the unconditional love I get from Zena and Marley & Presley (French Mastiff's) has truly filled my heart with love that I lost with my soon to be X and now filled 3 fold with 3 wonderful pets. Thank you God and Saint Francis for giving me a family that I've always wanted.

East Hartford, CT

The Best Birthday Present Ever

Mischief was my 40th birthday present to myself. I had seen his picture in The Beacon, an insert in our local Virginian Pilot newspaper. He was the only animal (of the 4 pictures) NOT looking at the camera! I went down to Animal Control to meet him. I found out that he was almost 4 months old and had been abandoned in an Oceanfront hotel. I wasn't allowed to hold him as he was still under quarantine from his checkup & shots, but as soon as I walked in the door to the room where his cage was, he reached out his paw through the wire and touched me as if to say 'Over here, don't miss looking at me.' Even after holding other cats & kittens, he had already captured my heart! There were 3 other people ahead of me waiting to adopt him on the day he was available. On that day, I was there when Animal Control opened, with cash in hand. Only after the receptionist called all 3 other candidates (which seemed to take FOREVER), assured them that someone WAS already there to adopted him, did they all agree to give him up to me! For my trouble, I received several scratches, on the way to the store to get a carrier and the rest of his necessities.

I waited 24 hours to name him and check out his personality. He has lived up to his name ever since.

Dawn Emde
Virginia Beach, VA

Here's Pumpkin

I found Pumpkin on Petfinder.com 5 years ago. She was in a kill shelter and scheduled to be put down the next day. We had her boarded and picked her up several days later, it was a three hour drive. She had been taken back to the shelter three times. She is very lively and has adjusted well and now even loves to go for rides in the car because she knows she will always go home. She is playing in the snow with her brother Buddy the beagle who showed up at my door 8 years ago starving. Shelter dogs are such wonderful pets. Please give all shelter animals a chance. They will return your love tenfold!

Joyce Fluharty
Elkton, VA

Cat & Kitten Fosters Bring Fun, Love & Joy Over & Over Again!

...A'roara was one of over 100 kittens we have fostered for Animal Rescue League of Western PA, an amazing organization that placed over 5,000 pets in loving homes last year.

The antics, love, and fun more than make up for the time and care we give these kittens in our home. Shelters are in desperate need of cat, kitten, dog & puppy foster homes - your laundry room, powder room or extra bedroom is space enough. Most shelters provide the food, medical care & supplies for fosters pets.

I doubt I can ever do laundry correctly again without a kitten pouncing on my toes. What a wonderful feelings -- 4 tiny kittens, who had been abandoned at the shelter door or brought in by animal control, crawling up in your lap, snuggling close, needing simple love, care & tenderness.

Not interested in adopting a pet?-- Then grab the love a foster animal has to give - a few weeks, a month can make the difference in live or death for animals like A'roara - call your local shelter today to help the 1,000's of animals in needing a temporary home and YOU!

Alice Nadin
Pittsburgh, PA

A long journey to a happy end !

With the help of a dear friend, Lilly arrived on a flight from Arkansas in july 2009. I had hoped, to have found a sister for our rescued Jack Russell Terrier Luke. Sadly, Luke did not accept Lilly in his sanctuary, and after three month, we made the heart wrenching decision, to find a new home for Lilly. My sister in germany, had followed the developments from the exciting beginning, to the sad ending.

I got a call from her in the middle of the night..., she could barely contain herself, as she was telling me, that her family had decided to adopt Lilly ! Getting Lilly ready for her long journey was exhausting and exciting at the same time, until her vet check revealed, that she was heart worm positive. Despite the devastating news, my sister was determined, to adopt Lilly ! Lilly and I flew to germany in october 2009, she in the cargo hold, and I above in the cabin, worrying and wondering for eight long hours. She did marvelous, and our reunion was filled with tears of joy and relief. I stayed for a week, watching Lilly become part of my sisters family. She now has a family, that loves and adores her, and a Jack Russell Terrier brother, that was crazy for her, the minute they met. Finn and Lilly are best buddies, and managed to run grooves through my sisters yard in just a matter of weeks, chasing each other, or an occasional critter running around. Not a day goes by, without an email from my sister, with new tails of Lilly bringing even more joy and laughter to their life !

From Arkansas to Chicago, to a little town in germany......a journey half way around the world, for such a happy end !

Sabine Mohrmann-Sabec
Chicago, IL

Take me home; I'll drive!

When Tom adopted me, I was not looking for another cat; I already had two wonderful shelter cats, and didn't think that I had sufficient resources for a third. But Tom, who was living in the parking lot of an old job site, had other plans. Every day, he would jump into my car with me as I went to get lunch. One day, he wasn't there, and I feared the worst; cars and trucks were constantly rolling through, and a railroad track ran just behind the building. When he reappeared the next day, I decided that I wasn't going to lose another night's sleep over him, and took him directly to my vet's before bringing him home. He immediately bonded with my girls like they had been raised together, and has charmed every person he's ever met. Recently, he had a health scare requiring bladder surgery, but came through it like the champ he is. He has the healthiest appetite I've ever seen, and enjoys long sessions of cuddling and petting. His only apparent fear is of going outside; he's a house cat now, and has every intention of staying one!

Joann D'Alessandro
Deer Park, NY


Our Cocker, Maggie, was saved from a puppy mill at the age of 8. Our vet told us she had probably had 9 litters. She had been let out of her cage twice a day for 8 years. Minnie, the Basset Hound, was skin and bones when she was brought to the pound from a puppy mill to be put down. With multiple infections, she needed medication and love to help her be the sweet girl she is today. She was also the mother of several litters at the age of three. We were so lucky when we found them with our local foster team. Paws with Pride in Ohio. Both came with papers, proving they are pure bred. The only papers we needed were the ones showing they would live with us for the rest of their lives! It didn't take long for them to realize their new home included naps on the couch, treats, laps and freedom.

Bath, OH

Smokey catching some November rays

Smokey started his life on a big farm but the owners died and he and his brother ended up caged for 2 years in a shelter. The shelter asked Cat's Peak Rescue who fosters cats to take them since being caged up was breaking their spirits.

Two years later I had lost one of my favorite cats and the Universe was nudging me to get another. I walked into a strip mall pet store hosting a Sunday cat adoption by Cat's Peak and there was big boy Smokey who she didn't usually bring to adoptions since he was older. I looked at him, talked to him, petted him, and she said, "You can have him, I'll waive the fees so he can have a good home."

He's a good sweet companion and very talkative.I love mature animals - they are usually grateful to have a new home.

Bethlehem, PA
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