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Odie's Rescue

We adopted Odie (formerly Quincey) from Whimsical Animal Rescue in Seaford, DE. He was very underweight, heart worm positive and had been abused. He was absolutely afraid of his shadow! He became comfortable with us very quickly. And his personality started to shine through. He is such a silly little dog. Before long, we changed his name to Odie, simply because it suits - he reminded us so much from the goofy dog on the Garfield comic! He has tested negative for heart worms now and his Dr. doesn't think there was much damage to his heart from them. He has gained weight (a little too much). He is still afraid of a lot but he is better. At least now, after he runs away, he will sneak back in to see what it was. He has brought so much joy to our lives over the last two years. I definitely will adopt a rescue again! They have so much love to give! Thank you to all the rescues out there and to the rescue angels who adopt them! I love you all!

Starr Conaway

Starr Conaway
Laurel, DE


It was our first time to adopt from a shelter, and when I saw the picture of this bully/boxer mix, she immediately won me over. She had been stabbed, beaten, her jaw was broken, and she was left for dead at about 6 weeks. She was in intensive care for a month. Everyone said, "oh don't adopt her, she will have all kinds of problems." However, she is the most loving dog we've ever owned. At the shelter, one of the volunteers commented that she had "Cleopatra Eyes" as it appears she has eye-liner completely circling her eyes -- hence the name Cleo! What a joy she has been, and I'm thankful every day someone left her for us.

Jeanne Welch
Las Vegas, NV

Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor...

This is the newest addition to my family of 4 cats. I was fostering Sauron and his sister after a lady in the neighborhood abandoned them. His sister found a good home but little Sauron, being a black kitty, was having difficulty getting adopted.

I couldn't help but fall in love with him and his crazy kitten antics. I ended up adopting him and I am so happy I did. He is so adorable, cuddly and sweet. He nurses on my neck many times during the night as he thinks I'm his "real" mother (I certainly feel like it). I am so lucky to have him. I can't picture my life without him.

I hope that others will adopt black kitties as love shouldn't be based on the color of a cat's coat.

Mily Lopez
Rochester, NY

Baby - A Perfect Companion

We searched for a special friend and found that and more at the Jefferson Co. ASPCA! The day I founder her via PetFinder.com I took the afternoon off from work and we traveled over two hours to see this little Boston terrier mix named 'Kitty'. She was really anxious to get out the kennel to see my husband, trying to dig under the door. She couldn't take her eyes off him when we took her outside for a walk. Not much was know about her, she had been returned after a family with young children found her to be too small around their young children

It was instant love between the three of us. The name didn't work so we went with "Baby" and now everyone knows her name! Within two months I broke my leg and Baby stayed by my side for the 8+ weeks of convalescence. We are now 'joined at the hip'.

It has been 5 years now and we all couldn't be happier. She loves to travel, go shopping, kayak, go fishing, play ball, or just chill with a favorite toy. She wins over fellow campers where ever we go and is anxious to meet new people and learn new commands.

Sharon Lee
Franklin Springs, NY

Reuben finds his forever home

I was thinking of getting another cocker spaniel after losing my previous one. I came across Reuben. He was 8 years old and had been abandoned. The rescue facility that had been keeping him had lost their barn to a fire, so Reuben again had to adjust to another move to a foster home. Upon seeing him, I knew that we were meant to be together. He is now a part of the family, playing with his "nephew" and enjoying life.

Columbia, TN


I did a lot of searching before I finally found "my girl". She was at a rescue about 2 hours north of me. I made plans to drive up the next day to see her, but already knew in my heart I loved her! Yes, there is such a thing as "love at first sight". :)

I met Faith on a Saturday, took her for a walk and that was it! Her Foster Mom had fallen in love with her and didn't really want to lose her and considered adopting her. She even cried when I left, I understood though, as I had been there myself.

The sad part of this story, which ended up with a happy ending, was that the former owners of Faith took her to the Vet to be euthanized because THEY WERE TIRED OF HER. Well, being the good Vet that he is, he charged them for putting her to sleep and then gave her to the rescue group to adopt out. Thank you Mr. Vet!

I've had her almost two years now and could not imagine being without her...she's awesome.


Birmingham, AL

Adopted by Calley

Only a couple of days after my mom lost her cat, Honey, an extremely skinny calico cat was crying in the woods behind her house. Now a healthy Calley is a happy, friendly, very playful companion who runs out to greet her when she gets out of her car. She's also a very adequate bed warmer. Were still wondering who rescued whom.

Kennan, WI

Ernesto "CHE" Guevara

In a Saturday afternoon 10 years ago I drove to a place to get a drink and I saw a man selling a small animal in a box. I got curious and when I looked inside the box, I saw this little white cat. So kute, so fragile and so noise that I couldn't resist, I grabed him.

I asked the man how much he wanted for that cat and he told me he was asking $30.00 but if I really wanted he would let me have it for $20.00. I paid him and took my Che home. I knew nothing about cats at that time, and I had to learn it all by asking friends and reading books.

Che is the best pet I ever have. Lazy, spioled and a very demanding lap cat. I just don't know what I would do whithout him...

I got him toys, good health care, good food, love and even a sister called ZIta. But this one will be my next pet story. Just wait......

Love this site......

Ana and Che from San DIego, CA

Ana Luiza
San DIego, CA

My Cute Cat Goner

Goner was thrown from a car driving past my house as I sat on the porch with my niece. We could hear his cries after the car was gone. I ran to the street and found him under a cedar tree. He was approximately 4 months old at the time. That time was November 1990. He stayed small all his life and we nicknamed him "Baby G". He has all the good qualities in a cat, just kind of a laid back cool kitty and very cozy. He is one of 9 cats presently. I know that at 19 years old, we don't have much more time with him and he is feeling his age. No more of those jumping or running days for him. A lot of back and forth to the food bowl for 1 or 2 bites. We love him; he's always been a very special cat to us and is totally pampered!

Tracy Britton
Leander, TX

The Cats Who Own My Heart

My name is Beth. I live in a very rural area of Northern Arizona. It is not unusual to have feral cats come to your yard. I once had a female, black and white, "tuxedo" cat, come to my house for food and water.

She would not come close enough to pet, and made it clear that she only wanted the necessities. Soon after a few visits, she brought to my yard, a trio of beautifully marked male "tuxedo" kittens! In a few days, two remained, and she had disappeared. I thought her disappearance might be due to our wild coyote population, so I took the "Fred Astaire look-a-likes" into my home and bottle-fed them with kitten formula. Later I took my new kittens, "Big Brother", and "Puppy" to the veterinarian and had them neutered. They are 5 years old now, and play well an older male Tabby named Bob Hope, from a different feral litter. Big Brother doesn't feel that he has to do anything but look cute! All of them come when you call their names. I named the small one "Puppy" because he always followed me around like a puppy. Being a talented kitten he just began to sit up when he saw the treat container, and later began to wave excitedly as well. Bob Hope loves to play in water, and open cupboards. I believe that cats are extremely intelligent, and are loving animals. They are fun to be around, and the two are very "well-dressed". I don't really think I rescued them, but I know they rescued me. I know this for many reasons. Thank you for allowing me to share with your readers, my love for the three cats who own my heart.

Beth Wilson
Dolan Springs, AZ
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