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Found in the trash

A friend was leaving a local park when she watched a van stop by the trash and throw something "unusual" in the can. Thank goodness she stopped. The next day, Heidi joined our home. She was 6 weeks old at the time and a copy of the Energizer Bunny. She hasn't stopped moving since.

Heidi lives with several siblings, much larger than she. She is a little girl with a giant heart. Whether it's looking for frogs in the pond; telling the Great Dane that the treat belongs to her; or wrapped on a lap, she is proof that recycling trash is a great idea.

Bath, OH

Pasiley-The Smile Back in Our Hearts

My husband and I lost 3 of our "babies" last year and left us with such aching hearts. We never planned on adding to our family, of which we have Salem the cat and Neika the dog. But, I couldn't help myself and I was just 'looking' on one of our local SPCA sights. I asked my husband to just go with me and if he really didn't want another cat that was fine. Who could resist that cute little face looking through the pen at you? She has brought back so much laughter and unconditional love that it eases (not forgotten) the ache of lost ones. We're glad she's joined our family - you just never know what the 3 are going to get into.

Karen Falotico
Lock Haven, PA

Blue-eyed Blessings

Three months after losing my beloved elderly rescue cat to kidney failure, I was ready to visit the Albuquerque Humane Society to adopt another and start to mend my broken heart. I first saw the bright blue eyes of Sage, my now 2.5 yr. old tortie point Himalayan mix, peering at me from inside the parka of a homeless man who had come to surrender her. I won the lottery that day (and so did Sage)!

I wanted a friend for her (and another "fur child" for myself) and returned to the shelter a month later, where JJ, my Blue Point Siamese, picked me out and captured my heart. My two precious ones are the very best of friends. They are always together, and love to help with office chores and laundry! I can't imagine life without them...

Gail Rossi
Edgewood, NM

Peanut on Surrey St.

Leaving our apartment complex a red suv was racing to beat the gate, behind that a tiny little dog running as fast as his little legs could carry him. We figured they didnt close the door properly and he got out. So off I went running after him in my heels, while my husband in the car. After a month of flyers, and asking around, and trying to figure out what a dog needs, we kept him. He spend his first 3 months under our bed, and hidding everytime he would reilve himself on the carpet. He hardly ate, and new what a toy was. But now, 7 months later, he is spunky, goes to day care, and enjoys spending time with us on the couch. Sure it took him 5 months to learn how to pee on the pee pads, and 6 months to understand a toy is fun and a leash is not dangerous, but he taught us patiance, love, and caring for another life. We just got married and Peanut is our child now. We didnt adopt him, he adopted us. We still have alot more to learn from him of course. But slowly and steadly he is learning to be a dog, and to trust humans. He has gained 1lb and growing, he will never be afraid of being hurt or left alone.The reasons why they left him behind we will never know.

His Peanut the Chihuaha who we found on surrey Street.

Jenny AJ Zepeda
Las Vegas, NV

Blessings Every Day

Lily wasn't gotten from a shelter...in fact, she likely wouldn't have lived long enough to get into one. We found her running up the road chasing cars and looking for her family on the Fourth of July weekend at a friend's house. Someone had obviously dumped her on their way out, but she was still trying to find them and go home. We couldn't stand it and picked her up to make her a permanent part of our family of a dog, three cats, a horse, and us. She lived with us for almost thirteen years and made our lives joyful every day of that life. We miss her every day since she was forced to leave us, but there's a spot in our hearts that says she was always meant to touch our lives.

Elizabeth W.
Central, LA

Autumn Cat

I was so happy when my friend Laurie adopted a pregnant cat she found on the street looking homeless. The kittens came on an August day 7 years ago, and as soon as I saw them I knew I wanted the one who looked like her mother -- white bib, paws and belly on a gray and black background. I named her Autumn Grace because she has red and gold markings on her face. When she was a spirited kitten, my husband called her "Osama bin Mew-Mew" because of her mischievous ways and said she was a "holy terrorist." Now that she is all grown up and the most peaceful member of our family, he loves the cat he calls simply "Mew-Mew" more than anyone else in the family does -- with the possible exception of me.

Pamela Drake
Brooklyn, NY

Maggie, My Best Friend

I lost my dog, Zoe, in 2006 and couldn't believe how much I missed her. I had gotten Zoe right after my last child left for college, and it had been just the two of us since. When Zoe died, I wasn't sure I wanted to get another pet, afraid of experiencing that pain and loss again.

I couldn't stop myself, however, from occasionally surfing the Petfinder site. Then one day I saw Maggie! I was mysteriously drawn to her and had to find out more about her. Well long story short, I adopted Maggie and we have now been together almost four years. I love the way she greets me every morning and evening as if she hasn't seen me in 10 years! When I am sick, she quietly lays next to me as if to offer her warmth and comfort. And when it's playtime, she is up for anything. Whatever I want to do, she is ready and willing to be the companion I need. I would be very lonely without her unconditional love and trust.

Louisville, KY

The Love of His Life

This is Buster at an earlier age. He is a couple months past 20.

He was adopted from the Waterville(, Maine) Area Humane Society - WAHS

in 1990 along with a female cat companion who he dearly loved. She

departed this world with cancer a couple years ago. He demonstrated in

so many ways how he missed her. He is continually loved and returns his

love nonstop. At 20+ he is also quite spoiled.

Dick Finley
East Vassalboro, ME

My gorgeous daughter!!!

I was the proud mother of two human boys. I unexpectedly lost my older son when he was 19, it was a terrible blow. I cried every day, all day. Of course there were the "what ifs" and "how could I have prevented this". After awhile I began to believe I must be a bad mother. Why else would any higher power punish me by taking my child? I said a lot of angry prayers daring anyone or anything that heard them to prove me wrong.

That summer I returned to the work force, and left my 10 yr old with my mother when I worked. One day he greeted me with great excitement and said he had something to show me. I was tired, I just wanted to go home, but he insisted. We walked over to a container my mother had in the driveway. At first I thought my mother was allowing my son to play with a rat, then I realized it was a kitten that was so young its eyes werent even open.

My mother explained there was a feral cat living in the overgrown yard of the abandoned house next door. Because she was tired of looking at the mess she went over to mow. The cat moved her kittens, but left one behind. They left it out there and it cried all day long, but its mother never returned. She was going to have it put to sleep so it wouldnt die slowly. I took it home instead.

She lived. My gorgeous daughter is named Anusia...its Greek and means blessed by a god. It was a miracle she survived. It was like having a baby all over again. We needed each other, I know my oldest son sent her to me.

Wichita, KS

Grayson - My Barn Buddy

Since moving to our small farm, I have lost 4 wonderful cats to the highway. After my last cat was killed, I was crushed. I didn't want to bring another shelter kitty home in fear of it getting hit by a car.

Even though the highway is a large field away, it seems my cats end up on it. So I prayed and asked God to SEND me a kitty. Shortly after asking for this gift, my granddaughter and I saw something run down the driveway at dusk and disappear into the brush. We thought it was a raccoon. Later that week I saw it again, but it wasn't a raccoon, it was a beautiful young long haired gray cat. I knew he was my gift. Six months later he trusted me enough to pet him between his ears. From that moment on, we bonded. Grayson quickly claimed our barn and I haven't seen a mouse since. He is fascinated with our horses and donkeys and enjoys participating in daily barn duties. He watches me fill water buckets, throw hay from the loft, brush the horses and clean stalls. He sleeps in the hay rack, jumps on the 4 wheeler, lays on the tractor seat, and even leaps into the saddle while I'm on my horse. I told my husband he has the personality of all of our cats wrapped up in one and then some! I love my GRAYSON!

Thank you Lord, he is perfect.

Patty Iacone
Round Hill, VA
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