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Abby the Flabby Tabby

Abby Tabby was a surprise to me from my partner Kai. His mother had heard of a cat being fed by residents at a block of apartments near her home and went to check it out. Abby's original owners must have loved her once - she was vaccinated and spayed.

Apparently, her original owner's son brought home a very large dog, which killed their other cat. Shortly afterwards, they moved away and simply left Abby to fend for herself. Thank goodness for kind people who fed her and looked out for her until we were destined to meet her.

Her original owners lost out big time when they left her - she is the sweetest, funniest, quirkiest cat ever, and delights us every day. Her favourite game is chasing the water from the garden hose, until she is soaked. She also loves to sit out in the rain, and cram her rather plump frame into any kind of box, bag, container there is. She is wonderfully vocal, and keeps our younger kitten, Marvin (another rescue cat) in line!

Thanks Abs - you brighten every day for us!

Sandra Rees
Brisbane, Australia

Mr. Bohdacious

Brian rescued Bohdi where he worked finding him as a week old abandoned behind the building; he took Bohdi home and well he pretty much has the run of the house now. He's a sweet little guy with a big heart. My friends found a lap dog and I truelly believe he was meant to found by Brian and to be a part of this family. He loves his walks in the ark next door and we watch a movie with Bohdi going from lap to lap to lap where he'll finally settle down for the evening. This boy found his forever home in Santa Cruz, CA. What more could a dog want? =)

Joyse Huber
Santa Cruz, CA

Rescue Miniature Schnauzers

I have had schnauzers since 1973 and I really love the breed! I now live alone and these three are my kids. They came from the same rescue organization in Kansas: Kyoto (black male) is 12, Kobe (white male) is 8 and Kitami (little S&P female) is 4. One of the things I like most about them is NOTHING gets past a schnauzer: not dogs, cats, people, squirrels, bugs, leaves falling...well you get the idea. Love them or hate them, they are very vocal.

They sleep in their crates at night (Kobe & Kitami cuddled together in a larger crate and Kyoto in his own smaller crate. Schnauzers require frequest brushing and grooming; I do both myself. Both the boys are fairly laid back but the girl has a strong prey drive. I hope to get her entered an Earth Dog Trial someday. These dogs must be with me all the time when I am at home, including following me into the bathroom! They leave after checking things out but within minutes, they are back (I suppose to see if I have flushed myself or not.) They will always be the apple of my eye (or orange, mango, kiwi...)

Jim Blaine
Payne Springs, TX

Daddy's Little Girl

I adopted Natty from the Humane Society as a surprise engagement present for my soon-to-be-husband. Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

We found out a couple days later that she had parvo and had to be admitted to the hospital. She was a trooper though and is stronger and healthier than ever.

She loves to play fetch, especially in water, take long naps, cuddle and make friends with all the neighborhood kids. Any new toy she gets, she takes as a personal challange to see how quickly she can destroy it.

She is so full of personality, I can't imagine our lives without our Natty-butt!

Laura Dennis
Sikeston, MO

Our Rescue Baby... Shadow aka Bill

In july 2002 my mom found Bill at the humane society in springfield ohio. Exactly 1 month before I lost my female cocker Daisy and my heart was completely broken and I was devistated. My mom took me to look at him and I immediatley was in tears when I seen him and I just knew I had to have him. He has been a wonderful dog. He is very loving, and he he loves his tummy rubbed. If you stop petting him he will nudge your arm to tell you to pet him more. And if he hasn't seen you in a few hours he will greet you will a little howl and come over to you wanting to be petted. He was around 2 years old when we adopted him and now he is close to 10 years old. I just love him so much. I'm so thankful my mom found him that day at the pound. Life wouldn't be the same without him. We spoil him rotten. He knows he is loved. He was worth every penny. He is part of my family and always will be. Rescue animals make the best pets.

Jodie Ridenour
Dayton, OH

We rescued TWO puppies!

This is a picture of Boscoe (aka Boo Boo, before we adopted him). He was found under a bridge in Georgia by Lee from Nick-of-Time Rescue. Once we saw him, we knew we couldn't let anyone put him down! We also rescued Nola (aka Cutie Pie). We kept Nola and my daughter gladly took Boscoe. If she didn't, we would have kept both of them PLUS the dog we already have. Could you imagine anyone putting 10-12 week old puppies to sleep???!!!

Bloomfield, CT

Send Grover Right Over

We had been talking about phasing in another pure bred dalmatian as ours, Sodapop, is getting older however at the end of the day we knew adopting was the direction we needed to go in. Having visited the humane society every few weeks, we went to LOOK but alas fell in love with a big eyed floppy eared 6 month old Beagle mix.

When Grover arrived he definitely spiced up our lives, Soda became more active, Lucy our cat pretended she didn't like him but we've caught her playing nice and as for us, I tease him that there must have been an invisible adoption clause because about a month later we found out we were expecting our first child - someone out there knew that I wanted my child to be able to grow up with a pup.

As you can see in our pic, we are quite the blended family but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Cecilia Moreno
Eaton, CO

Our Sidney

Sid is an 11 year old Bichon Frise who spent 9 years in a puppy mill. We were so lucky to be able to rescue him after our 15 year old Charlie passed away in Dec of 2008. Even though Sid has apparently bonded with our 11 year old Amigo, (he allows Migo to clean his eyes and ears) he is still mostly afraid of us. I have to corner him to pick him up, and he does tight little circles until I can grab him. He has developed 1 cute habit - when his Dad tells him "let's go to bed" he gets out of his bed, goes down the hall, through the back bedroom and the doggy door to outside. When he's done, he comes in and stands at the foot of the bed until Jose picks him up. If he sees me during this whole operation, he hides under the bed, so I can be found lurking at the end of the hall waiting for the all clear signal. He is the sweetest little boy, and, afraid of being dropped we suspect, snuggles like crazy once you have picked him up.

kathy ponce
Albuquerque, NM

Gertie Gertie Snert Face

A friend of mine called me a few years ago and stated that her neighbor threw two cats and two dogs outside because they had another baby and the husband didn't want to take care of any animals anymore. Trixter was 17 years old and declawed. The neighbor found homes for one dog and they took the other back in. They took the younger cat back in the house but left Trixter outside. After four months neither my friend nor I could find a home for her, and it was getting cold outside and my friend didn't want to feed Trixter on her porch anymore, and she was getting too used to sitting in the road all day long. I finally relented and took her home to try to get her a new home. I had already shared my home with three cats. Well....Trixter became Gertie and she lived with me for another year and a half before she succumbed to face cancer this past January. She was the most loving and affectionate and entertaining cat I have ever had the opportunity to share my home with. Due to her antics she earned the nickname Snert, which is the dog from a comic strip. My great grandmother used to call any animal Snert that made her laugh, as the dog did from the strip. Due to Gertie's "snertitude" she kept me laughing. She is terribly missed. I only wish I brought her home sooner!

Middletown, CT

Our little buddy, Mango

We had lost our 18 year old cat, Willie, in July and weren't sure we were ready for another cat so soon. I was reading the paper in late August, and the King County Animal Shelter, conveniently located just down the street, was experiencing a glut of kittens and were encouraging people to adopt. I told my husband I was just going to look.

Mango was hiding under his blanket and I could just see one green eye peeking out of an orange face. I asked to see him and they told me there were 2 other women in the meet and greet room also waiting to see him. So I joined them, they brought Mango in and he went around the room sniffing at everything and then came and lay down, leaning against my leg and looking up at me with those gorgeous sea green eyes. The other ladies said, "It looks like you've been chosen." He was neutered, declawed, and microchipped and had been found wandering next to a local highway. He'd been in the shelter for two months, soon to be euthanized. No one came forward to claim him from the microchip information, and I can't imagine abandoning a cat like that, so of course, I took him home

He was scared of everything but after 5 years, Mango is a calm, happy 11 year old. He has his quirks just like all of us do, but he is our lovable, stubborn, sweet boy who loves us & his collection of 8 crocheted Octopus toys. He is safe and warm and loved and purrs like a little motor. He's only scared by thunderstorms now. It took a while to gain his complete trust, but I know now that he chose me for a reason,

Nancy Walker
Kent, WA
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