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Our "Last Chance" Rescue pup.

I, my newborn daughter, and my mother were at a horse&pet rescue show&adoption in Alpharetta Ga a few years ago when we came across a group showing 'last chance' dogs for adoption ('last chance' meaning they were on schedule to be humanely euthanized). They came from a pound in a nearby county and the woman was desperate to give these dogs another chance. Each and every dog was adopted that day, including our very loyal, loveable and energetic Samoyed mix, Hazel! We were her angel that day but she has also become ours.

erin moore
murphy, NC

Bird love

Sierra has had several homes before he came to his forever home with me. Umbrella Cockatoos are alot of work but hes completely worth it with all the cuddles and love he gives. He has alot of issues due to the previous homes but he gives me a reason to get out of bed everyday. Ive never had a pet who gives as much love as this bundle of feathers.

Edmonton, AB, Canada


We took in a pregnant kitty that gave birth to five healthy male kittens. We had never seen her in the neighborhood before the night she found us and I'm sure she was abandoned as soon as her humans realized she was going to have kittens. She has a sweet disposition, and is extremely affectionate. How could someone be so cruel and indifferent to her? She's only about six months and just a kitten herself. Kelly had a little trouble knowing what to do and when to do it for her babies. During and after the births, she did all the things she needed to do, except allow the kittens to nurse. She was jumpy and didn't want to stay in the basket with them.

I waited a few hours to give her time to adjust but placed a call to the vet and asked how long I should wait before offering bottle feedings. The vet said to not wait, so I began feedings immediately. Kelly soon caught on and seemed to know I was trying to help her. We took turns feeding the kittens and soon she was doing it all by herself. We've fostered more stray mama kitties and their litters than we can count and found homes for all but two of the mamas, who reside with us. We'd never had one that didn't know how to nurse her babies. Kelly raised her litter and is now spayed and waiting for a forever home, along with three of her kittens. Two have been adopted. They'll be safe here with me until their forever families find them.

Karen Danner
Miamisburg, OH

In Memory of my TK, 1988-2006

TK left my home but not my heart in June 2006 at 19 years old. Rescued as a tiny kitten, he was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2003. Weekly fluid treatments at home by our 'kitty nurse' Ellen kept him with us for a joyous three more years. During that time he lost his eyesight and a lot of his hearing but he was always so happy & loving; purring all the time. Such a good-natured guy, he'd happily greet anyone who came to visit. And everyone loved him.

Although each case is very individual I wanted folks to know that kidney failure isn't necessarily a hopeless situation. Fluid treatments are so important in treating kidney failure. The fluid is delivered in minutes, just under the skin & is practically painless. In fact TK usually purred during the treatments.

When it was time TK let me know. My vet, TK's nurse & I said goodbye to him at my home, in my arms one last time. My TK was an angel in life & beyond.

Linda P
Daphne, AL

My Best Buddy

Bob wandered up to our horse boarding facility as a kitten. He made his way into my heart with his friendliness, his companionship, his intelligence, and ultimately his spunkiness.

He came up missing suddenly, and I could not locate him for five days, in spite of my constant searching. One evening while calling his name, I heard a faint meow, and to my delight/horror, I found him trying to stagger weakly across a pile of building debris and weeds near the barn, to get to my side.

His right hind leg was broken in two places. We think that trespassers clubbed him as a prank, because of the evidence found at the barn.

I rushed Bob to our vet, and after multiple surgeries, he's home with me now for forever. I tell everyone that he's my "retired barn cat". What a delight he's been to have.

Jean Maxton
Pasadena, TX

A Wise Choice

I spotted Sam on a rescue Web site and there was just something about his face that intrigued me. I read his story: He had been brought to a veterinarian's office after being hit by a car. His left eye was virtually out of the socket, he sustained injuries to his teeth and mouth and was diagnosed with feline leukemia. He was nearly put down but rallied on Christmas Eve 2004 and began eating on his own. I made arrangements to see him and he practically jumped into my arms, looked up at me with that one good eye (the other was put back in the socket but he has no vision in it) and began purring. That was it. I decided to take a chance, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Sam is loving, funny, laid back ... and the best gift I ever received. Now I wonder who adopted whom ...

Richard LaChapelle
Norwich, CT


I found our girl on line finally after searching for the face of an ^Angel^.

There she was staring at me from a high kill shelter with days numbered.

She was located far away but with the help of transporters we were able to meet and bring our girl home where she belonged.

It took her time to adjust to the warmth of a real home but has grown to know , trust and depend on the love and care she so deserves.

Rochester, NY

Chained no more

This is a story about a dog, who's name is Iggy. This poor dog lived his life chained up in the lower backyard of a house on my street. This dog was hooked to a chain that was about 5 feet long and heavy enough to tow a car with. He could barely had enough chain to get inside his doghouse which was falling apart. He spent his entire life just sitting, and waiting for someone to at least give him some kind of attention. Everyday I would pass by and look down at him, sometimes stopping my car and talking to him and then throwing food to him. It eventually got to me so I decided enough was enough. I contacted a friend of mine who works for DDB (dogs deserve better) and she told me we needed to get him out of there. We left notes on the door and no response. So one day this dog was running loose so I stopped my car, called the dog over to me and he came right away. He was a friendly dog even though some people probably would've been afraid of him because of his looks. I think he had some pitbull in him. I love dogs so I didn't care. Long story short, we found a great home for Iggy and he now lives the life of luxury in a highrise apartment with a loving owner. Instead of sleeping outside in all the elements, he now sleeps in a nice bed and is always safe, warm, fed and loved! Melody Schultz Cold Spring, KY

Melody Schultz
Coldspring, KY

Sylvie and Willow

Our two cats of 15 years had passed away within 6 months of each other. We didn't know when we would be ready to adopt again but the house began to feel so quiet. The day after we decided to start "just looking" a friend called about kittens rescued with a feral mom who had to be put to sleep. Two of the kittens would have to be adopted together because they were very attached to one another. We took them and they have filled our house with joy and light and laughter and love.

Michelle and Tim
Los Angeles, CA


This is Isabelle, or Stay Tuned. We saved her from going to slaughter. She is an OTTB(off the track Thoroughbred). She raced up until she was six years old and was abused on the track. A person then bought her to be an embryo transfer horse for their show horse. While giving birth to the foal, she almost died because they never cut her open (female race horses have their vagina stiched closed) and the owner was shouting she only wanted the baby alive, not my mare. So after going through a lifetime of abuse, and being 100+ pounds underweight, she is now a full figured, muscular, Hunter Jumper and will -hopefully- be showing in Devon next year

Sellersville, PA
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