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My Lil Dude

Dude wandered onto my porch sun-burned and exhausted from living all 6 months of his little life on his own. The local shelter picked him up but I couldn't stop thinking that he chose my porch for a reason. I called the shelter to ask about him just in time. They had deemed him unadoptable due to his health from living on the streets and were about to put him down. I begged them to stop and I picked him up the next day where he has been a great addition to our family ever since.

Some people say he was lucky to find my porch that day but I think that I was the lucky one. Dude was anything but unadoptable, he is a survivor. He wakes me every morning with a kiss and cuddles with me every night. He is the most loving and gentle dog and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Penny Trant
Newark, CA

Suzie Q

Suzie Q is the best Cruzian Coconut Retriever in the world! We adopted her when she was a somewhat wild "bush dog" from the St. Croix-US Virgin Islands Animal Shelter, gave her lots of love, several sessions with a great trainer and plenty of coconuts to play with and now have the most loving, loyal, sweet, watch dog you could ever imagine. The shelter staff worked so hard to get her used to loving humans after a very rough start to her life. My 87 year old Mom has also made sure she knew the rules. Suzie knows that my Mom is the boss and must be watched constantly, sticking by her side with every move she makes.

Please consider adopting from your local animal shelter.

Mary Ann Mahoney
Christiansted, VI

Ms. Hegi Says HI!

We got "Meggie" from her foster home in southern Indiana. She was scared to death. She didn't know how to climb stairs and they said she didn't like other animals or to ride in cars. The cat under her is LeS, our ragdoll. They are best friends and are saying hi to Creaton. This was 1 day after we got her. She has become an awsome addition to our family. She shares her food with all the cats, helps feed the horses and rides with me and goes hiking everywhere. She is extremely smart and likes to herd the family into one room. Thats about the only time she will sleep when we are up. Not until the herd is safe...

One other thing, when we got her, she did not know how to play! Now she is a bundle of energy. Her favorite foods are Arby's and chicken jerky. She knows when I have both and will do all her tricks to get some. Meggie is very spoiled and her and I both like that...She definitly has become a loving part of our family and we can't imagine not having her around. Adopted animals seem to need us as much as we need them. To her foster mom, Bethany, Thanks so much for taking such good care of her. She's great!

Barry Taylor
Bloomington, IN


We found Romeo on Petfinder.org. His name was Ernie at the time of the adoption but we changed his name to Romeo after we brought him home. I fell in love with him before we met him. I think it was his beautiful green eyes! When we got to the shelter in Manchester, NH and saw him in person we still wanted to adopt him, but there was another couple looking at him as well. Because he was so stressed about his current situation, he wasn't the most lovable cat at the shelter and he even hissed at us and scratched us! We weren't sure what to do but we didn't want to leave without him and there was the possibility we would lose him to the other couple. So, we took a chance. He hid for the first six months we had him, but he eventually began to trust us and now he is sweet, lovable, and so adorable in more ways than I can write about. Take a chance on a shelter pet. It is so worth the effort.

Pam Powers
Bow, NH

Best Friends

Morgan the smaller dog a chow mix we rescued from a shelter in paw paw, Mi she has the same birthday i do, we didn't want another dog since a couple years before that we rescued Captain a Rot Mix from a dot truck stop in arizona he had been hanging out there for a week or so and they were going to have the dog catcher come and pick him up so my boyfriend who is a truck driver brought him home after finding him sitting under his truck! They are like best buddies now and i wouldn't give them up for the world they are our babies! Yes thier names are Captain and Morgan LOL!

kalamazoo, MI


My kids and I attended Bark in the Park, an annual doggy fair in Chesapeake, VA in 2007 and brought home a young German shepherd/hound mix. Chesapeake Humane Society volunteers had brought her from the city animal shelter. We named her Meg. She is sweet and happy and loves her home and family. In 2009 she was joined by an older spaniel, Murphy, from the Norfolk SPCA. Murphy is hard of hearing. Meg has become his ears, nudging him to wake him if he’s missing a significant event such as our coming home. She is a huge blessing to her humans and her little canine pal!

Linda Mendenhall
Chesapeake, VA

Me and my brother

My name is Dublin, the one on the left. I was left in a parking lot, hoping that someone would guess how much I had to offer. That is my adopted brother on the right, Captain. He was left at a local pound with Parvo virus. The people who saved me from the parking lot also treated my brother at home and miraculously saved his life. I'm glad they did. We have a game we play every night, even in the snow. Let's run after the same ball and see who gets there first. We do this until we can run no longer. We then sleep as close as we can next to each other, dreaming about chasing that same ball tomorrow.

We have grown up together, so what happened before we started our game is a distant memory.

Isn't it time you helped to turn a bad memory into a great one? Go adopt a dog. Today.

Bath, OH

Always together

Occasionally in life you get handed a wonderful gift and in my case I was lucky to get two. Sarah and Simon are the best of friends and are as close as can be. Most of my photographs are of the two of them, whether they are playing in the dog park or simply lying around. Usually when I get my camera to catch them in some photo-worthy act, they stop what they are doing to plant their noses right on my camera lens. They stayed long enough for me to catch this moment and I'm so glad they did as this photo is beautiful. It captures perfectly the bond between them. They are my greatest joys in life. Some people tell me that they were lucky to have a "Mom" like me rescue them and I always say that it is I who am lucky that they rescued me.

Victoria Hines
Deltona, FL

Carson Courageous

Carson was at least ten years old when he was rescued from a horrible hoarding situation in Texas. The old collie pulled through despite malnutrition, failing kidneys, and other internal problems. Southwest Collie Rescue placed him in a foster home where he was welcomed by a rescued kitty that lived there. A year or so later, a young expectant mother cat in Carson's foster home gave birth to three kittens. Sadly, only one kitten survived. Carson became its constant companion and protector. It was an amazing show of love from a dog that had once suffered nearly fatal neglect.

Kathy Wallis
Alamogordo, NM

Abandoned So Young

Ramesses was found abandoned on a busy street. Taken to the local SPCA it was determined she was only about four weeks old. Fostered until she was old enough to be adopted I found her while visiting the facility. I wasn't there to adopt. I'd stopped by to make a donation. But I took one look at this adorable little puppy with the "reset" button on the top of her head and was smitten! Today she lives on the beach and is a healthy 40 lbs. She is one of the sweetest, most loveable and snuggly dogs I've ever had. She brings endless joy to our lives and I am sure she feels the same.

Pismo Beach, CA
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