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My Littlest Man

I adopted my little man Jagger a little over a year ago from our local shelter. He was found severely underweight and emaciated, you could count every bone in his body. He lived at the shelter for 2 months before I came in and he chose me. I wanted a boy since I already had 2 female cats I had rescued years ago. He was the first one I saw and immediately I was in love. The worker opened his cage and he literally jumped out into my arms. I was in love.

When I took him home he was a little over 2 pounds and they estimated his age to be about 2 years old. We took him to the vet to get him checked out because his eyes are constantly dilated. The most they could tell us was because of being malnourished his optic nerves were damaged but as long as he wasn't walking into things or showing any other signs of vision impairment he should be just fine.

Now over a year later he's a healthy 8 pounds even though he's still on the small size for a male cat, I think that has to do with the malnourishment when he was so little but other than that he's a happy healthy boy. He always looks like a kitten and I'm okay with that. He is loved dearly and taken care of just like he's our child. I can't imagine my life without him.

Adrian Eckley
Lehighton, PA

Peter Punkin Eater

Peter's been with us a year now. How he came to find us is crazy. We were down to one cat after our beloved Bo passed and we weren't really looking for another (okay, I was; husband wasn't). I was at work and a woman I know through work came in with these horrifying pictures of a little red Persian who had just gone through surgery to have his eye removed. The poor thing was shaved down and his face was a criss cross of stitching. I took a pic of the pic and texted to my husband. Something just struck me about Peter and I knew that he somehow found his way to us. He had been left at a vet's office in a crate - matted fur and infected eye with a note. (You know, if you're reading this and you're the person who left him - he is in good hands and is spoiled beyond belief.)

Within a week or so of surgery we had our little Peter Punkin Eater at home with us. His fur is back and he's a beautiful little guy with personality plus and a great disposition. ♥

Wheaton, IL

Molly Moo AKA Snorty Girl

Molly Moo went to the Rainbow Bridge to play with Brandie and Kerry. The man we adopted her from had 8 Corgis and had to get rid of all but 2 because of his landlord. He cried when she left with us and called her his Snorty Girl. She was that. She was also demanding of attention and affection and incredibly loyal and loving as the queen of the house should be. She was part of our family for over 14 years and there will always be a place in our hearts where Molly Moo lives.

Jan Hadden
Margate, FL

Turtle cat

She somehow managed to drag her broken body up over my 6 foot fence and across my yard to the feeding station i had set up for feral cats in my yard. Being feral and hurt i could not get ahold of her, but luckily she dragged herself into my trap and i got her to the vet after x rays and being looked at my vet determined someone had taken a bat to her and broken her pelvic bone in two places. It was also found that she had kittens in her. She was skin and bones and very sick as well with severe upper respertory infection, worms, fleas etc

Since i am part american indian i gave her the power name of TURTLE which is an american indian totem for protection (turtles carry there homes everywhere they go so they are always protected) she needed it. she had to have emergency surgery to spay her and set her pelvic bone as best the vet could, unfortunatly to save her life the kittens were lost.

She spent the next 6 months in a small wire dog crate and i almost lost her several times because she was so sick, the infection blew one of her eyes but she still has some sight in that eye but not much, she has mobility issues and mega colon but she has become the sweetest most affectionate cat now and the long battle to regain her health was well worth it.

my little Turtle Cat is a light in my life i charish every day.

Christine Tucker
Ronkonkoma, NY

Our Fierce Protector

2 years ago I learned about some kittens that had been left on a local vet clinic's doorstep when they were 1 week old. One of the Vet Techs had been taking care of them and was trying to find homes for the now 6 week old kittens. I texted my husband at work and asked him what he thought about adopting one. After playing with both of them, we decided to take the male kitten home. Immediately, this little ball of fur took to all of us and insisted on snuggling right up under our chin at every opportunity.

We named him Tiberius after Captain James T. (Tiberius) Kirk. When he was 4 months old we took him in to be neutered. Imagine our surprise when we get a phone call from the vets office about an hour later informing us that our Tiberius was actually a girl! We kept the name although our young daughter called her "GiGi" because she couldn't say "kitty kitty". The nickname stuck and we find ourself calling her that more than we call her by her name. Although she started out being ok with "outsiders", that quickly changed and now she sees herself as our fierce and loyal protector. I swear she thinks she's the size of a giant Lion and not a cat that weighs less than 10 lbs! She sleeps with us every night usually snuggling up against one of us, sometimes around my head! She snuggles in our laps in the evenings and I swear she views us as her rescuers. Tiberius even likes to snuggle with our newest addition, a sweet baby boy. She also follows us everywhere we go in the house and comes when called. She is spoiled rotten and we couldn't imagine life without her!

Melissa, TX

Adopting Rhoda

My senior year of high school I started volunteering at my local no-kill shelter. I went as often as I could and loved every moment of it. It was my absolute favorite thing to do. A couple of weeks before I started volunteering, someone brought in three adorable black and white female puppies that had been abandoned. Two of them were adopted within a couple of days. The third one, however, wasn't very popular among visitors. Her name was Rhoda. She was at the shelter for weeks. And then months. And then a whole year had passed, and she still hadn't found a home. She quickly became my favorite shelter dog. She was the first dog I walked and always got a special treat before I left. I honestly think she knew she was my favorite, the way she acted when I was around.

The summer before I went off to college, I tried my best to find someone to adopt her. But I eventually realized that nothing would break my heart more than to never see her again. But with me going to live at college an hour away, I didn't think it was possible for me to have her. So I moved in at school, coming home every couple of weeks and going to the shelter to see her, but that wasn't working for me. I thought the situation over for weeks and I decided that I would just have to make it work. So I did. On October 5, 2013, after spending nearly 15 months at the shelter, Rhoda was home. Because she'd spent most of her life in a shelter, the transition wasn't easy -she is scared of literally everything; stairs and anything that makes noise- but she has come a long way and today she is healthy, happy, and loving life. I wouldn't trade my princess for the world, and she is a perfect example that shelter dogs, make the best dogs. The saying holds true; whoever said money can't by happiness, never paid an adoption fee. <3

cleveland, GA


Let us tell you the tale, the tale of Moxie Lilliecat Kennedy-Brunious , Defiler of counters, Scourge of ankles, Destroyer of Dingle Mice.

We moved into our new apartment and started discussing getting a new kitty since it would be just us and Orange, our older cat. We spent time searching the interwebs for a kitty that was just right. Fast forward several disappointing attempts with foster kitties and we decide to give the Humane society a try. We went in and had a look around. That’s when we found the glassed-in room full of kitties. Mer walked in and sat down and was immediately covered in cats. She started offering pets and then she saw one kitty that was smaller than the others and couldn’t get in on the action.

She picked up the littlest kitty and held her. The kitten curled up right away into her cleavage and purred her little heart out. Mer looked down and went “Awwww!!” and that was the moment it was decided that she was ours. We told the people there we had decided and filled out the paperwork. We had to wait since she wasn’t fixed yet. A few days later we got a call saying that when they did her blood work she tested positive for feline leukemia. We said we still wanted her and would take her anyway. Since then we have had a wonderful kitten that is a love but not always the best behaved. She gets on the kitchen counter even though she knows we don’t want her there, she attacks our feet and ankles if we haven’t played with her enough and chases the dingle mice that hang around and tempt her with the dingle bells on their tails. She gets into plenty of trouble but she makes up for it by being absolutely adorable. She loves to sleep under the covers, she loves her kitten tree Ian built for her, she loves to play and jump and hide and lick your fingers. She is sweet and the best kitten we could hope for.

Mer and Ian
New Orleans, LA

Our little Lilly

My fiance and i moved to North Carolina in 2011. One night while we were sitting out on our front porch of our new place and this little thing appeared in the driveway. My fiance said that it had been wandering around earlier that day but wouldn't come to him. We finally got her to come to us. She was thin and covered in fleas. My fiance told me to look for a no kill shelter but we had no luck. After many days of discussion and some guilt trip tears he agreed to let me keep her. We had to take her to the animal shelter and they had to keep her for 5 days while they ran an ad but after that we could come by and adopt her legally. We named her Lilly. My fiance didn't think he would ever warm up to her since he had never had animals and felt that to love an animal that much was stupid. We had many arguments over her because of her anxiety. She tunneled through a door, ripped up the carpets, ripped up 2 cages, scratched up the walls. We just didn't know how to deal with her at all.

Its been 3 years now that we have had her. She is now almost 5 years old. She isn't the most graceful dog but she has a personality that matches ours to a T. And all she wants to do is snuggle. As for the anxiety, all she wanted was to be outside. She also had my fiance wrapped around her little paw. We often think about those people who just tossed her out on the side of the road and think that they really missed out on someone special.

Southport, NC

My dear Squeak

I went to AWLA & adopted a wonderful cat, Pip, on 3/7/12. This June I decided we both needed another friend. I went back to the same shelter & found Squeak. She came from WVa to AWLA & already had kittens even though she was barely 1.

We worked the program for 2 1/2 months for Pip & Squeak to get used to each other. Everything was progressing. They were used to each other's scents, could eat opposite a barrier, & did site swapping, etc. The problem was face to face in the same room. I worked with them an hour at a time but Pip wanted to beat up Squeak. It got better, but not good enough. The situation wasn't fair to either cat.

I took the difficult decision to take Squeak back to the shelter. They were prepared for such situations & had me fill out forms about Squeak's personality & behavior.

They posted her profile on their website right away. I checked the site every day until her profile was missing. I called the shelter & they confirmed Squeak was adopted the day before!!! She was only back in the shelter for 4 days. I am so relieved.

I taught her about living in a condo with room to play & run. I got her up to a good weight. And, most of all I loved her. So I have to believe this was a successful rescue even though it wasn't.

Judy L
Arlington, VA

One rainy night.

Around Christmas time a skinny cat showed up on my back porch, I fed her. I already had a cat named Darla, I named the new kitty Jingles because of it being almost Christmas. I hadn't had the chance to get my kitty fixed because I had just got her a little bit before. About four months later both of the cats became pregnant. Darla had her kittens in a little insulated house my step dad built her, with plenty of clean blankets. We had an extra cat house that I fixed for Jingles to have her kittens in, but she didn't. I looked everywhere and they were no where to be found, she had given birth two days before Darla. Jingles was very skinny though I fed her twice a day and she only had four teeth so I assumned she was old. Her milk dried up about two weeks later so I had guessed her kittens hadn't made it. When Darla's kittens were weined I gave them away. It had been around a month and a half later and I was still caring for Jingles and my cat. One rainy night our neighbor that lived on top of a big hill knocked on our door and said that there was a kitten in his yard that he thought might be ours and he also said that its leg was caught on some belt line and that it needed to go to the vet. It was Jingles' kitten she must have only had one. My step dad went and got the tiny, skinny kitten. My mom and I bathed and fed him, we kept him inside. We took him to the vet and the only option was to amputate the leg, so we agreed. We decided to keep the kitten and name him Blue. We've had Blue for three months and he's perfect. His missing leg makes him so special. He loves to snuggle and be snuggled. Blue eats every piece of cheese he can get. We saved his life but in a lot of ways, Blue saved us.

Richlands, VA
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